URGENT—Bad GMO Bill on Fast Track

The plan appears to be to rush Sen. Pat Roberts’ voluntary GMO labeling legislation through Congress before opposition can form. We may only have days to stop it. Urgent Action Alert! 
Last week, we reported that another voluntary labeling bill in the Senate was in the works, introduced by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS). Last Friday the bill was released, and it has already been scheduled for a mark-up— the moment when a committee debates and amends a piece of legislation. This means the bill could be considered by the full Senate as early as this Friday.
The speed with which this bill is moving through Congress is a testament to the power of the biotech industry and Big Food lobby, which is desperate to pass voluntary labeling legislation before Vermont’s mandatory labeling law goes into effect. When crony forces push hard enough, Congress can move fast: it is rare for such a major bill to be in the mark-up phase just seven days after being introduced.
Sen. Roberts’ bill has some minor differences with the House-passed Pompeo bill, but the main points are the same: the bill would preempt mandatory labeling efforts by the states and institute instead a voluntary labeling standard, a standard which Big Food can ignore.
The alarming rate at which this bill is moving means we must act now to stop this attempt to thwart the will of a majority of voters to know what is in their food.
Urgent Action Alert! Write to your senators and urge them to vote NO on Sen. Roberts’ voluntary GMO labeling bill. Please send your message immediately.
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  1. The Obama administration has written regulations or made executive orders in areas where there is no law supporting his action or, in some cases, in outright contradiction of law. Here is an area where he could do some good: he should write a regulation requiring GMO labeling. Even if it is overturned, it will wake people up on our right to know and make our own informed choice.

    1. Obama made anti GMO promises when he ran in 2008, but as soon as he won, he turned out to be Monsanto shill. Hillary is pro GMO, pro biotech, and pro vaccine, and even, unfortunately, Cruz.

  2. It should not be too hard to ascertain which foods are the ones that contain GMOs and make a list available online for people interested in knowing. Then we can put that list on our refrigerators as a reference when making up our shopping lists, especially effective if we also have a list of non-GMO foods too. We don’t need the government to do this for us. Interested people who do not want pesticides on or in our food can be the ones who survive longer with less expensive health issues and over time the idiots who do not care enough to vote for politicians interested in protecting their health and welfare will die out, leading to better all-around government. This seems like the logical thing to do to me.

    1. Something like that will take place long after we’re dead; if ever.
      Also, ignorance =/= idiocy.
      The logically fallacy in this post is high.

  3. Pat Roberts belongs in Prison, support States Rights, the Federal Government does not have Constitutional authority over the states, the Commerce Clause is only to support ease of trade among the States, it has not provision to Trump States and support Corporate Profits.
    This is so maddening that this traitor (Roberts) would disguise a Un Constitutional act with another typical soft fluffy Title …..Voluntary, Listen you disgusting Moron, GMO labeling already is voluntary , no one needs a law to support that , and that is not what you’re bill is about anyway. I find GMO free labels every time I shop, and I support the companies that display GMO Free labels.

  4. I never know if my signature is processed or not, with med cookies, there is no confirmation , maybe it took, I filled it out again with cookies 100% enabled and the form just sits…:shrugs:

  5. FYI to the Alliance for natural health…if you live in Kentucky the process of taking action is more involved. You cannot use your form and submit. It will not go through. You have to use a special contact form for Mitch McConnell and for Rand Paul each. There are some places to fill in that could be confusing. Each one wants you to pick a topic from a drop down menu but none of the choices fit. One of the senators has an other but the other senator does not have that option. It is confusing for the average person just trying to make their voice heard. Then you have to put a subject which was not a problem for me but I can see where people would just give up. You also have to write and not just use your provided text. Again, not a problem for me but I know others who would give up at that point. Thanks for all you do!

  6. My Senators are Corker & Alexander. Both bought and paid for by big banks and corporations. Calling or writing to them is meaningless.

    1. I have the same problem in Ga. with Perdue and Isakson, but I bug them every freaking chance I get, don’t give up and give in to them !

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