1. I was hoping to hear a script without spin…. I don’t want more spin to counter the spin of “crony coverage”

    1. Can you state the spin in the script? I’ve had the opportunity to work in a drug study, on the data review team, where we submitted 53,000 pages to the FDA – and off it went, where no clinical site personnel had anything to do with what happened from there. And the FDA is unbelievably corrupt. They’ve been brought to court by their own staff for spying on their own offices and computers to prevent any internal information from leaking out of the agency. The place is run by industry executives. It’s a hierarchical, authoritarian structure. When polled – I think it was the EPA or FDA about 10 years ago, 2/3 of scientists at the agency said they had to change their data due to political pressure. That’s what happens in a hierarchical structure. Consider the fiasco at the CDC with the MMR-autism study (2004) and the whistleblower Thompson, and two others from Merck. Or consider this… HALF of many thousands of studies cannot be trusted. That’s an industry problem.

  2. I agree, the writing is in front of us. Why can’t we determine our own needs with adequate knowledge from competent sources. At best, we should be allowed access to the truth.
    Basically we are our own enemy when we can’t see what is destructive to our health. Especially since it can be clearly seen what is coming next.

  3. I’m falling more into this “sickness conspiracy theory”. We all know that our “healthcare” system is based on greed. The more sick people, the more money to the medical/drug industry. So, if they keep putting more chemicals into our water, food, and bodies and we can’t find/take anything to keep us healthy, we’re slaves to the system. It amazes me that most people can’t figure this out. Look around you. You’ll see maybe 1 out of 10 that has a CLUE about being healthy. Keep up the good work!
    Henry Thoreau had the answer-“Civil Disobedience”. I’m 100% for it!

    1. What can I do? I was thinking about fake state of California “cancer” warning stickers about fluoride that I would stick on water fountains, sinks, etc. to make people think twice.

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