Superbugs to Kill Millions Soon?

Just because Big Pharma can’t make big money from the potential solutions is not a reason for further delay. Action Alert!
Antibiotic-resistant illnesses currently kill an estimated 700,000 people a year globally. By 2050, these illnesses are expected to kill 10 million people. Based on recent research, it could be even worse—and coming even sooner.
We have had a taste of this over the winter, with an especially nasty Avian (or Type A) influenza bug hitting people, and in some cases being followed by secondary bacterial infection such as bronchitis or pneumonia. From what we hear, many of the people infected by the virus had the flu shot—which may have been more on target than last year, but which is never very protective, as we have pointed out before, and still contains mercury. Fortunately in most cases antibiotics still work against the secondary bacterial infections, which could otherwise be life-threatening.
That bacterial infections are becoming resistant to antibiotics is not exactly news. But a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now details the rise of a dangerous new superbug that scientists are calling the “phantom menace.” Separately, scientists recently announced the discovery of another deadly superbug in Chinese pigs.
The bug that is referenced in the CDC report is from the same family of bacteria that are infecting colonoscopes and endoscopes. In previous coverage we noted that in the past few years alone there have been four major Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE) outbreaks in US hospitals, killing dozens and sickening even more. We noted at the time that CRE is often completely untreatable by antibiotics and has a mortality rate of 40% or more.
This new strand of CRE could be even more dangerous. Many bacteria become resistant to antibiotics by evolving their own genome in ways that deactivate antibiotics. This resistance cannot be shared outside that bacterium’s biological family. But this new superbug is resistant because it carries a plasmid (a small circular DNA strand in the cytoplasm of a bacterium or protozoan) containing the DNA to break down antibiotics, and this plasmid can be transferred to normal bacteria that are already present in our bodies. This shortcut allows bacteria to develop antibiotic resistance without having to obtain it through evolution.
Because this new form of CRE is not as resistant as other forms of CRE, it went unnoticed by the medical community, leading scientists and researchers to dub it the “phantom menace.” The CDC has confirmed forty-three cases in the past five years of this particular strain of CRE, but scientists think that this is just the tip of the iceberg. The new strain of the resistant bacteria is difficult to detect using the standard test for CRE, so there could be many more cases than are currently reported.
This news coincides with a paper recently published in The Lancet describing a new strain of e. coli in Chinese pigs that has evolved to withstand colistin, a powerful antibiotic that is considered to be a last resort treatment for antibiotic-resistance diseases. Keep in mind that as more and more powerful antibiotics are developed in response to resistance, even if they work, they often bring serious side effects of their own.
Like the new strain of CRE, the colistin-resistant gene is easily transferable between bacterial species, and the authors of the paper warn that this superbug is likely to go global. Bacteria with the same resistance gene have already been found in Denmark.
Let’s also not forget that drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis (TB) are also spreading, with health experts saying that this bacterium is “virtually untreatable” and one of our “most significant global threats.” About one-third of the world’s population carry latent TB, and about 10% of these carriers will become sick.
So what has the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) done about this? Little or nothing. We know that one major source of antibiotic resistance is the misuse and overuse of antibiotic drugs on factory farms, where animals are routinely fed drugs to prevent the spread of disease amidst the squalid conditions that often prevail in CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations). In 2013 the FDA released a set of voluntary guidelines to try to curb this practice, but recent progress reports show how ineffective this has been. The sale and use of antibiotics for animals actually increased by 4% between 2013 and 2014. Animals also received more drugs important for human medicine, with those sales up 3% between 2013 and 2014.
Clearly a lot more needs to be done if we want to avoid the “post-antibiotic era” that the World Health Organization warns about. Most importantly, the FDA needs to reconsider its stance towards natural health alternatives like vitamin D to stay healthy; grapefruit seed extract and other herbs to fight bacterial illnesses; and silver, high-dose vitamin A, intravenous and lipospheric C, and olive leaf extract to fight viral and bacterial illness. It is very difficult, for example—perhaps impossible—for bacteria to become resistant to silver. It is safe enough to be commonly used to purify water in developing countries. It is approved by the EPA for use in consumer products as a sanitizing agent! If medical authorities think it is safe enough for people to drink routinely in their water and to use as a sanitizing agent, why does the FDA oppose its use in medicine? Presumably because it isn’t patentable and therefore won’t make big money for Big Pharma, the FDA’s partner and the source of its funding. The agency doesn’t even approve its use in hospitals! Must millions die because of this corruption?
Check out our new video, Rise of the Phantom Menace.
Action Alert! Write to the FDA and urge them to do more to combat antibiotic resistance and to approve the use of alternative remedies such as silver. Please send your message immediately.

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  1. One would do well to know that bacteria cannot mutate around elemental
    catalytic silver. This is a relatively new technology that has been
    available as a nutritional supplement for a few years. It is not a
    conventional ionic colloid. The Pennsylvania State University four year
    study of this technology named it a nano-catalytic silver hydrosol in
    their peer reviewed and published paper. You can google that term for
    more info.
    The nano-catalytic silver hydrosols have cured final stage
    malaria, which is a microbial parasite, in over 1100 Africans to date,
    in 5 days or less and for about $5.00 per patient. It has also been
    clinically successful against resistant gonorrhea and tuberculosis. It
    is showing great promise currently in two ongoing university studies in
    the US against AIDS/HIV.
    The link for the Silver Bullet tech
    mentioned in the video doesn’t work for me, but I’d wager it is a
    redirect to a private label marketer of this technology. All of the
    relevant published studies done on this technology can be accessed here,

    1. got that right, not much news about the 3 African countries that the only way the eliminated ebola was with collodial silver, THEY of course dont want the sheeples to know

  2. I’m glad you pointed your finger at the factory farms. Humans consume an astonishing amount of antibiotics daily via the grocery store and restaurants. To consume antibiotics is to destroy your intestinal flora along with your immunity to whatever’s goin around..
    I learned my lesson in many ways, but for one thing, back in the 70s I worked on a dairy farm upstate NY while I was in college there. My job was to load and pull the mixer feeder behind the tractor and feed the cows. It was nifty work because I got to exercise the farm’s Arabian horses. What I never could get used to though, was having to dump a 5 gallon pail of dry antibiotic powder into the cows feed daily! As a result I stopped drinking store bought milk in the 70s and commenced an organic diet.
    Today I can be in a room full of sick people and contract nothing. Nada. Nichts,Nichivo, Tipopta. So can my son, who in his day was breast fed and never ever vaccinated. He’s approaching his 11th year of not being sick once! No, not even a cold. And yes, he goes to public schools. I’ll be 60 this year and have not been to a doctor save 3 times in the last 30 years. We apply the axiom to – ‘not fix what isn’t broken’ vigorously. Here’s our system:
    For a basically HEALTHY individual the key to immunity from all threats is sensible sanitation (NOT antibiotic soaps – REGULAR soap), good nutrition and the avoidance of any and all medications outside of a medical emergency, (Meds age you anyway by deteriorating your liver AND tend to lead to other medical issues); BOTTOM LINE: Avoid vaccines like the plagues they spread, Eat organic or food from trusted farms, GIVE UP SNACKS – Most snack foods are loaded with GMOs, Aspertame Corn Syrup, Sugar and other such health destroying ingredients. (You’ll lose weight too!) and voila!,.. You too can feel great and have a ZERO sum annual medical bill.

        1. nevermind
          I understood you
          as I ranted all else is doubtful, IMHO
          Mikeyz 5 rants, whatever I get to leave again back to El Salvador and Guatemala ya’ll got serious problemos up here and myrtle beach is a joke hey good luck to you, I’m Buddhist, or are you one of those that think Jesus only{ he taught tolerance, unfortunately here things get perverted, the baul is tricky] i will delete this in a bit since, well you are writing about some things I knew 35-40 years ago, just saying Jesus for your health, ummm we are all responsible for our OWN health google ‘what is your only real wealth?” I should be #1 result good luck God Bless

          1. Hi Senor, I also practice Buddhism with a smattering of other philosophies thrown in because they work for me. The Buddha would have (probably did) celebrate Jesus Christ because he taught acceptance. So I say to you again, peace and good karma.

    1. I read about a woman who grew up with orgainc hippies for parents who didn’t vaccinate her. She got all the crappy childhood diseases others kids who were vaccinated for didn’t get. It’s very good to eat pure and healthy but it’s not perfect prevention. The Native Americans ate all organic food and they were decimated by the diseases of the Europeans

      1. You’re an awful liar and you will eat your words just like you eat poison that you subsidize. Clearly people who eat organic weren’t “decimated”, I eat it and I am here and so do many millions of others. You do, however, hear about all the children with Autism and everyone who is obese/etc. Those are all problems caused by your toxic fake food, so go lap it up and get sick!

      2. Europeans were also decimated by diseases of the Europeans. Imagine a culture with zero exposure to such foreign diseases, no anti-bodies to speak of.
        The Europeans you are referring to also ate pure organic food, there were no pesticides several hundred years ago. 🙂
        As for the woman who did not get vaccines, she may have gotten all the “crappy” childhood diseases, but she survived them. In fact her immune system was most likely very powerful, as she never had foreign chemicals introduced through food or (what some would call) questionable modern medicine. This reply is by no means an attack, just a response to a posting.

    2. Hi VJ, I agree with most of what you’re saying and congratulate you on your personal health success. I, on the other hand, am genetically predisposed to several degenerative diseases. Hypertension is a bugaboo for me. I’ve tried controlling it without meds and it just won’t cooperate. Some of us aren’t as fortunate as those, who like you, obviously have a strong natural constitution. God bless. For myself, I’ve lived about 15 years longer than any of my forbears even though the same killers showed up in my body. It’s an individual thing and not always a choice. Peace and good karma.

    3. You don’t have to give up snacks or other junk food; just read the ingredients and never eat anything that’s not up to standard.
      No, a lot of snacks still aren’t healthy (like icecream), but hey, we all gotta indulge once in a while. Moderating healthy unhealthy (ie; organic without bad ingredients) snacks isn’t going to harm you.
      Also, yes, my family switched to an all organic diet in 2004; the only time I ever got sick was when I ate the same thing every day for months. Diversity in your diet is very important.. learned that lesson and haven’t been sick for a decade, even when people around me are.

    4. Woops. I keep forgetting that sites don’t like people to post ‘non-vetted’ links. – Life in Syntropy is a short video about decent treatment of the land that turns deforested, drought-ridden areas into healthful food-producing, rain-producing areas. They make people happy!
      youtube DOT com/watch?v=gSPNRu4ZpvE

  3. We just may be about to inter earth’s balancing act…of far too many humans…doing ridiclus things to and with nature.

  4. Let me correct your headline: “U.S. to intentionally utilize lab created viruses to sicken people on purpose”. They already do it with Vaccines, they already do it with the toxic herbicide laced food, they already do it with their chemical “medicine”. Since the U.S. is a business and not a nation, why wouldn’t they intentionally make people sick and harvest their organs to keep the worthless crooks who run the show alive while the rest of us die, all so the old crooks can live longer on a destroyed planet than we do. Yeah, the U.S. just has the most peaceful and acceptable agenda ever! SYKE!

  5. From Pubmed 25561178 ‘A new antibiotic kills pathogens without detectable resistance’ and there are a number in trials by pharma, like Brilacidin

  6. Please stop touting grapefruit seed extract as an antimicrobial. It’s been debunked by multiple studies which showed most commercial GSE’s are contaminated with benzethonium chloride (and sometimes triclosan and other preservatives), and without these preservatives GSE has no antimicrobial properties.

  7. I mean from sites like pubmed or sciencedirect?. It comes across as an add for something that has never been proven

    1. PubMed, and the like, are pro orthodox medicine. They wouldn’t touch this pharmaceutical alternative with a stick, and would actively resist any endorsement, no matter the credible, peer reviewed science available. Speaking of which, did you even bother to look at the credible published and peer reviewed material at the links provided? To state that the efficacy of this technology has never been proven is simply stubborn ignorance, in light of the material offered for you to examine. This technology is in medical use all over the world today. It is licensed in Singapore, India and several African countries. It has certainly been beneficial in my life, as I have not had an infection of any sort in the 15 years since I discovered it. You are free to believe whatever you wish, but do not say that you weren’t offered credible evidence.

      1. Try Pubmed 23381814, 25284545 and/or 16484716 for a start. If the research is credible and peer reviewed then why hasn’t it been published in any journals and then added to sites like Pubmed?. Do you have any independent links which prove it has been licensed in Singapore, India and several African countries?. I fail to see how a site selling this and making unverifiable claims about it isn’t a conflict of interest for a start

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