Grass-Fed Label For Meat—Gone!

The US Department of Agriculture is nixing its grass-fed standard, but they’re doing it for the most absurd reason imaginable. Action Alert!
Last week, the USDA announced it would be withdrawing its standard for the grass-fed meat label. The agency is giving producers who used the grass-fed label thirty days to (1) convert the current “grass-fed” standard, in which 99% of the animal’s feed must be from grass or forage, into their own private standard; (2) use some other “recognized grass-fed standard,” or else (3) develop a new, voluntary, grass-fed standard—whatever the company decides is fine with the USDA.
All of this is being implemented through the USDA’s Process Verified Program (PVP). As others have pointed out, PVP is not an inspection program intended to hold producers accountable to their claims, but rather a marketing program that allows producers to make their own claims about their products and slap a USDA logo on the label.
This is the same program that allows Perdue Foods, for example, to market their chicken as being “Humanely Raised,” “Raised Cage Free,” on an “All-Vegetarian Diet,” or with “No Animal By-Products.” The “Humanely Raised” label was such a sham that it drove a Perdue chicken farmer to start a campaign to stop the USDA from putting their stamp of approval on the company’s meat because consumers were, in the farmer’s words, being “hoodwinked.”
So if producers can create their own standard and call their product “grass-fed,” and if there are no labeling regulations, it could contain 80%, or even 50%, and the rest grain-fed. There is just no way to know.
How will all this play out? It would not surprise us if the USDA either made it too difficult for small producers to get approval of any label, or censored what they can say on the label. Remember that it wasn’t long ago that the USDA refused to allow meat producers to state that they had tested their cows for mad cow disease, even when they had. The USDA didn’t allow this because large meat producers did not want to test their cattle, and did not want to have to compete against those who did. Why have to compete when you can get the government to forbid competition? In the long run, competition is often an excellent regulator, but bought regulators all too often forbid it.
We have already seen the dilution of organic standards through industry influence. What if cows that are 50% grass-fed can use some kind of “grass-fed” label? We can only expect larger companies to abuse this system to the detriment of consumers and small farmers.
Why is this happening? The official reasoning offered by the USDA is rather bizarre: the agency claims that, since a different USDA department, the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS), must approve meat labels, there is no guarantee that a USDA-approved marketing claim such as “grass-fed” will be approved by FSIS.
In plain English: because two departments under the same agency cannot coordinate, the grass-fed standard is being eliminated!
This is also one step away from eliminating a grass-fed claim altogether, which would be great for Big Ag—when consumers have less information to differentiate good from bad products, all the better for the companies producing low quality products.
Action Alert! While the withdrawal of the grass-fed standard is a done deal—it is not going through any formal rulemaking process in which the public can comment and register their concerns—please contact the USDA immediately and raise your voice in protest. Send your message immediately.
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      1. Its under that kind of pretense that the conspiracy hides itself. It wants you to think its all based upon greed. Just like when Obama loves it when people think he is incompetent. He is deliberately doing what he does. By thinking he is merely incompetent gives him cover. They are all dumb like a fox.

        1. That’s about the stupidest thing I ever read, barring stuff coming out of Republican presidential candidates’ mouths.

        2. Or maybe he just *is* incompetent. If the system was so smart, they wouldn’t be poisoning and destroying themselves, all life on the planet and the contributors that facilitate their broken joke of a society. I mean, that doesn’t take into account that they are our enemy combatants, but the point remains the same. Even if you are enemies of a populous that you have integrated yourselves into, poisoning the entire planet has consequences for everything on it, including the idiots doing it. Thus, he is a moron whether he is merely acting like it or not.

        3. You can be considered both right and wrong ,but are welcomed here to comment as everyone is.

    1. Well, I dunno about the rest of the country, but what’s going on with the USDA is that they’ve been infiltrated by MONSANTO. In fact, the TOP THREE EXECUTIVES at the USDA are now ex-Monsanto peeps. How did this happen? Barack Obama appointed them to their positions, himself, a few years ago. I think Alice Cooper said it best, when he said, ‘welcome to my nightmare…’ And since Monsanto is all about GMO and has spent untold millions to keep American citizens in the dark about it, well, you see, it’s not hard to understand that they will stop at nothing to manipulate the system to their advantage. And a big part of that, obviously, is the controlling of packaging labels. You get the idea…
      One thing, certainly, we can all do, to put pressure on the Prez, is to call the White House Hotline. The number is: 1-202-456-1111. An operator will come on the line and ask you to make a brief statement. So go ahead, be proactive. Action’s where it’s at. In fact, it’s the only way anything is ever going to change. So get your cell phones out, folks, and tell the Prez how you feel about Monsanto…

      1. I still prefer turning D.C. into a crater, because, when it isn’t there — there won’t be the desire for criminals to go and take it over for their own gain! Let’s just get rid of the capitol and all U.S. monuments to boot, there is nothing to celebrate here.

    2. Enemy Combatants are actively destroying the fabric of your society while the slave masses are too busy texting each other emoji stories and sending junk shots over social networking. We live in a world of barbarians where the minority are the intellectuals that have functioning thought processes such as you or I.

      1. The Communists in Russia were a well organized minority. Same with the Nazis in Germany before and during WWll. Its always a power mad, ambitious minority of intellectual types who find normal life painfully boring. They must seek a higher glory.. even if its delusional and a lie. It gives them a “purpose driven life.”

  1. I ceased eating red meat when Mad cow disease came to light and haven’t looked back.The government stopped the country of origin labels so I have given up on anything that might come from another country and probably was not tested for prohibited chemicals and so I will rely upon my fruit trees and vegetable garden for healthy sustenance as that is the smart behavior. Besides most of the fruit at the grocery store is not ripe and lacks the sweetness of the real thing and it is much cheaper to grow ones own trees,vines or plants and pick the foods as they ripen and are tasty as they should be. I gave up on the “notional” tomato a very long time ago as they are hard,unsweet and have chemicals that make them too risky to eat and why bother as the government departments allow too many really harsh chemicals that kill us or make us sick anyway.Our USDA,EPA and FDA has been infiltrated by the enemy that sells the very chemicals that cause cancer in many forms along with birth defects so why even bother to buy anything in the produce section.Good luck big AG.

    1. I now live in SC and have gotten to know my farmers I get grass fed beef that is out of this world. Same with pork and chicken. Raw milk. Do some research and you may find them too

      1. Once I purchase a solar powered deep freeze I will go to the local livestock auction and connect with a farmer/rancher who does not feed GMO’s and take the animal and slaughter it myself as the majority of custom slaughter houses are closed up after providing a good service to its customers.A true loss to Texans who have forgotten about how healthy meat is grown or have never known.

  2. They figure in fifty years there will be very little ability to fight in us… Then they can take over. After all…. in WWll they tried, but failed, to get to Hitlers food supply to weaken him.

      1. That fifty year span did not begin just yesterday. I know.
        But… one never knows. Not all conspiracies work in the end.

        1. Yeah, totally makes sense if you’re talking about the past 50+ years. You’d be absolutely correct in that case! They debilitated and destroyed the U.S. from within. Destroying all those who came back from the war and destroying the very fabric of the U.S. itself to the mess we have today. Some practitioners of war could say that they won by proxy since basically we are conquered by them today. That is why I call for their obliteration because they put petty human nonsense like this before life on this planet which, when worshiped, aligned with, and utilized, can achieve much greater potential than humans can alone. But these fools don’t care, they are afraid of what they don’t understand and demand control over even the natural world (which is impossible) so they’ll poison each other and everything until it is all destroyed so if that is what they want, that is what they shall get. Little did they realize that, that also includes them, their wealth and all of the society that props their gimped bums up. Typical short sighted creatures, destroy what facilitates you for minor short term gains that you won’t even be able to utilize. Another sad story on another planet that has become sad by its inhabitants. We are lost. We are all lost and all should feel immense shame (if even half of the population could feel in the first place, no one has that capacity anymore).
          I do not belong in this type of existence, I am existential energy and being conformed to a physical vessel is torture, especially when the planet is inhabited by complete morons who don’t deserve to inhale the oxygen that they don’t respect. Don’t like trees? Don’t like Plants? Stop breathing and get off of my Planet! Thank you! Won’t leave? I will remove you by force.
          Worship Nature, not your man-made fabrications, or perish. Simple as that folks. Simple as that. If you actively choose to perish, you will be removed to cease the destruction of all of life. Once again, simple as that. You are not more important than life itself and none of your fiction is and never will be. Toxic chemicals will perish with its supporters and none shall stop the righteous rule over this world. None.

          1. Worship nature? That is one reason why we are losing. Worship God alone who created the very nature you deem worthy of worship. Who is greater? The creation that is awe inspiring? Or the Mind that is capable of creating it? Nature is God’s way of introducing Himself to you. “Look what I can do!”
            Now… this is no endorsement neither of the religious idiots and morons who are also bringing this nation down on its knees. Jesus warned that if believers stop being salt of the earth that they will be thrown out and trampled upon by men. Jesus does not respect the religious idiots who have his name on their lips and but far from their hearts. Love hates irrational stupidity, For, stupidity is the servant of the deeds of evil.

          2. All man made religion will be obliterated.
            You have been warned. Worship what you see before you, what actually provides your existence, or go extinct.
            Religion is no different than Biotech wanting to control you with poisoned food. Religion is a tool to control the mindless masses, made by man. The bible wasn’t delivered in gold from the heavens, it was made up by a bunch of fools. If you believe it, you are a fool too.

          3. Worship what can not speak… think… not guide. And, religion is all the things you speak of. Jesus came to give us a LIVING Spiritual relationship with God. Jesus hated religion. For, it was religion that nailed him to the Cross. The very cross he wanted to go to so your sins could be paid for, paving the way for you to have an intimate spiritual relationship with the God who created nature. You want to keep company with the painting? Or, the artist? Who could really comfort you?

          4. Who says we can’t all be this so called “Jesus”? Isn’t the god of creation and destruction really within yourself and your decisions? I believe in myself as the god and so should you. We should all hate religion, for it nails us all to the cross of deception!

          5. >Who says we can’t all be this so called “Jesus”?<
            What you just said proves you can not be. Proves you do not understand your own lie. How many realities of Truth are here?

          6. Go eat a bible. I’m not going to waste my time on meaningless religious lunatic barbarians who have no hope of making it. You are a lost cause, if you are going to be saved why do you have to be a zealot to people about your religion? Be the smug jerk you are and stop trying to indoctrinate people to believe the same nonsense that you believe. You are not intellectual enough to understand that we are all indeed the Gods of this world and it is unfortunate that everyone is choosing Destruction instead of Creation but I suppose that doesn’t matter when the natural world that sustains us is destroyed and your fictional world you made up is all that is left. Only then will you realize you have nothing left.
            Remember, without the natural world, there is no fruit, no veggies, no luxurious items like caviar or anything that the wealthy enjoy. Seems like you all forgot about that when you started trying to take over the world with toxic chemicals but once again, I’m not pointing out the fact that you don’t have thoughts and are actually paid not to think which is your problem.

    1. Maybe your tax dollars, but not mine! I absolutely refuse to pay federal or state taxes and SO SHOULD YOU! If everyone did that, the corrupt system full of pathetic spineless financial crooks wouldn’t have the funds to run and do the twisted demented things it does.
      But oh, I live on a world of cowards who will give away their rights for protection by the very same crooks who poison you and create the terror groups they want you to be afraid of. I live in a world of retards who are incapable of doing anything at all, the U.S. can’t even fail gracefully. It’s pathetic.

      1. I understand you are a very, very disturbed person…. just killing everything and everyone is your answer to the world’s problems, it must suck to be that bitter, to feel that much hate constantly. Forget the “toxic” whatever you fear, your seething hatred is going to kill you. I’d say go see a doctor RoT, but you’ve targeted them for death as well so I guess not.

  3. I heard the news last Friday, and I was surprised. It’s hard enough finding grass-fed options in grocery stores, and many stores don’t carry it at all. Most of the stuff that is in grocery stores comes from Australia. But I agree – their reasoning is bizarre. Why eliminate a label (that’s been in place for several years) simply because another department might not approve? If they weren’t going to approve it, it would’ve happened years ago. And why don’t they just implement a new and better label that the FSIS does approve of if this one is a problem?

    1. Because “Better” or “Improvement” is not a word or a functioning faculty of the U.S. incorporated “governments” or their corrupted agencies vocab/thought process.
      They are literally bags of feces who have the opposite of midas touch. They ruin everything they interact with and they do so intentionally until we get rid of them off of this planet. The U.S. govt is an enemy to all of life and it needs to be dealt with as such and anyone or anything that works within it or defends it needs to be exterminated with righteous indignation and indifference to their plight of fiction.

      1. ….are you seriously suggesting callous murder of anybody who happens to have a government job? All the postal workers? All the national park rangers? Even the government scientists who oppose the conclusions their corrupted bosses come up with? I sure hope that’s not your opinion.

        1. Well, it may seem that might be from my broad statement but no I mean, as I have pointed out, anyone who chooses to side AGAINST life and poison others for their own gain. They are justifiably destroyable for being an enemy of life itself and a detriment to this existence. If they are actually willing to learn and understand their mistakes and change that is different, but I am not going to accept some fraudulent crooks lying to keep their petty lives they don’t deserve. Anyone who has already facilitated the system can justifiably be destroyed. It’s your own fault for giving other people cancer with your contributions and not fighting it like me. You think I care? I don’t, you poison children and all of life.

          1. Look, Reality of Truth, I believe everyone’s life has value, even the lives of those I seriously disagree with. I will fight against the system, against the corrupt institutions, but I will not fight against individuals. I do not believe anyone is evil. Many people are blind and deaf to the horrors they support, but it’s all the more reason to calmly present the truth to them so they may begin to see. Threatening to kill does no good and will not change anyone’s point of view. I see this is something the two of us fundamentally disagree upon, and we should not waste our time arguing in this thread any further.

          2. Which is exactly why you will keep eating poison until you get health problems and croak, all because you wouldn’t fight the “individuals” who are doing it to you. Don’t know why you’re trying to protect the humanity they gave up long ago!

        2. She (he?) has suggested this in multiple posts, in fact called for someone to come forward and kill all news casters with a “mp5”.

          1. Yes, I’ve seen many of their posts. I try to respond fairly and give them a chance to rephrase things though. Overly violent comments will never lead to them being taken seriously, and I have no more patience today. I’ve ended my thread with them.

          2. Nobody cares what you say. If you don’t heed the warning, you go extinct. Matters not to me! No reason to be here anyway!

    1. Like Soylent green produced from all of the pathetic politicians and criminals of the world? I wouldn’t want to eat that, but it’s putting those useless corpses to good use! We can feed the afrikans or rural chinese with them. 🙂

  4. Simple solution is to make friends with local farmers. With few exceptions, most people in the US are still only a couple of hours from most farmers, and many of the ones who are doing grass-fed & finished are coming into town for farmer’s markets. As noted below, get to know your local farmers and stop shopping at the supermarket for your meats. I’m blessed to be 30 minutes from one of my rancher’s, and often visit the Amish community where I get my chicken. But even then, its best to know your farmers, and maybe even get to see the animals you’ll get to eat. While you don’t have to raise them, visiting with them once or twice will give you a peace of mind that will pay off in the long run!!

  5. The only way we can know what we are buying is ask the manager at the store what is the source and proess of the product. If they refuse due to “policy”. Say , Well my policy is not buying any product from a store I don’t know what I,am eating.
    If enough people do this it will get back to the owners they will realize they have to have full disclosure or thier will lose to the competition that has transparency and has all ingredients labeled.
    Get use to paying more .The way the cost has gone up a cross the broard for any food there is little difference in paying for wholesome food you can eat with confidence.

    1. I’m in no way affiliated with Trader Joe’s, except to say that I’m a customer. And I shop their stores for the simple reason that no genetically-modified food can be purchased there. That said, I always prefer organic. But whether organic or conventionally grown, no food or food products at Trader Joe’s are genetically modified. I’ve checked again and again, and it’s always the same: No GMOs. Third-party verified.
      To boot, one CANNOT purchase Coke or Pepsi or 7-Up, or any of that other crap they sell at Ralf’s or Albertson’s or whoever. The long short is one CANNOT purchase rotten food at Trader Joe’s, because they don’t SELL it. But why would anyone WANT to purchase rotten food anyway? If we buy that stuff, we’re only hurting the planet, because we’re SUPPORTING the companies that are DESTROYING the planet. Please DO NOT SUPPORT the companies that are DESTROYING the planet. If we do, our purchases will only bring more DESTRUCTION. So, in a sense, it’s all up to US to decide. Pointing fingers will do us not ONE bit of good.
      The name of the game is BOYCOTT. BOYCOTT ALL BAD FOOD EVERYWHERE, and I GUARANTEE you this: It’ll soon go away. Why? Because a company that’s not making money will dissolve. It’ll simply cease to exist. Either that, or it’ll change its wanton ways in order to survive. Whichever way it goes, we win.
      In closing, if you want ANY bad product to disappear, BOYCOTT that product. Again, I GUARANTEE it will go away. But here’s the catch: EVERYBODY HAS TO PLAY!!! Have you got the cojones for it??? Because until you do, nothing will change. Absolutely, positively 100% nothing…

  6. those who control the food, control the people.
    I followed GMO for years and if you look back this is the same company that created agent orange and DDT! hows that working for us?
    additionally, GMO food has proven to make animals steril in a few short generations. The one world govt does not want the population we have today. They don’t want it because too many don’t contribute to the regime and have no purpose. So what better way to eliminate their species?
    mandatory vaccinations!
    GMO food!
    control all aspects of food!
    the Marxists believe everyone has to contribute more to the regime and world or they have no purpose. So who do you think they are targeting? George Bernard Shaw said this on reel to reel tape, he exposed the Marxist agenda!
    Look around, many communist nations starve people because they can, North Korea starved over a million and no one noticed (this is recent). Yes, they starved their own people on purpose, because they can.
    take away freedoms, the laws and the ability to protect yourself they will take you out!
    divide the people is another method, its keeps the eye off the ball. if you have major infighting by race, religion and other issues then you don’t notice what the regime is doing to you.

    1. The only thing they are netting themselves is their obliteration off of this world. All life will unite and STRIKE DOWN the wicked that stands against it. Any and all shall fall who fight against life itself.

  7. Just as the biotech goons should have to drink ready roundup to show their support, those who push vaccinations should also have to show their support by being vaccinated. The doctors, the politicians, the crooks, etc.
    This is what happens when you let old people live too long. They turn sour and start to poison children and ruin all life on the planet because they are spiteful!

    1. We get it, you hate, hate, hate. You hate old people, you hate government, you hate news casters, you hate it would seem even yourself. Get help for your debilitating anger issues, BEFORE YOU KILL as you have called for someone to do to all news casters with a “mp5”.

          1. Some more wasted efforts of yours. Seems like that will be your entire existence, a waste of time, resources and efforts all for naught when it is all destroyed because apparently humans don’t understand how to build an empire.
            This is you: “Poisoning children is great! Ruining all life on the planet is wonderful! I love destroying its ability to provide our existence! I’m going to look at someone poisoning me as a friend! I won’t defend myself at all, even if someone is attacking me! I’m completely useless and would serve the world better as the carcass I already 50% am!”
            It should be me pitying you, but unfortunately for you I know better.

  8. We are all at fault as it was our supreme court that passed “CITIZENS UNITED” and that was what has almost destroyed the country and has destroyed the GOP’s credibility forever as the money has made them servants to the weaalthy who have special interest in plundering America for what is left after the last robbery in 2007-08 that they were rewarded for as long as the GOP got the money in the form of campaign contributions as that was legal robbery for them.

  9. Not all of the governments scientists are among the criminals and those with a sense of honor and dedication to the health of the people do speak out , but are made to keep quiet and not make any noise as they will become unemployed if they do not obey.So, we are stuck with a system that does not function efficiently enough from the health of the people and only advances the HMO lies because the government is promoting them exclusively. Senator Bernie Sanders is anti-GMO and will do his best to require labeling if the government does not sign the TPP ot TTIP as that will be a death sentence to being able to find anything about anything we eat anymore. These two treaties along with NAFTA has practically ruined agriculture in he parts of the world that has signed onto them.

    1. If you choose to be a slave because you value your paycheck and knowing full well the health of the people is being compromised then you are just as responsible as the scum who promote this disastrous agenda. Sanders is a complete moron who changes his position to suit his supporters. He is a socialist azzhole. As for NAFTA Bill Clinton signed that and His dipshyt wife wants to cause further damage to the county and it’s people.

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