Horrific Disease Creeping into the US

This is a kind of Halloween story, but it is a true one.
Chagas disease is the stuff of horror movies, but public health officials are doing very little to address it.
A rare and deadly tropical disease once thought to be limited to economically depressed regions of South America is now appearing in areas of the US Southeast—and the situation is worse than the government thinks. While the CDC estimates that just one in 300,000 Americans who donated blood was infected, a recent study predicted that one in 6,500 Americans who gave blood—fifty times more than the CDC’s estimate—were infected.
Chagas is the result of a parasitic infection, and how it is passed to humans will give you chills. Chagas is spread by insects known as “kissing bugs,” so named because they tend to bite near the mouth (like mosquitoes, kissing bugs drink the blood of humans and other vertebrates). After they finish feeding, the bugs sometimes defecate, leaving “parasitic-laden feces on their host’s skin.” Scratching the bitten area can create tiny tears in the skin that give the parasite entry into the body; touching the bite and then rubbing the eyes and nose can also spread the parasite.
How do these bugs get onto your lips? They crawl stealthily into the house, then hide out of sight until nightfall. Once you are in bed asleep, they leave their hiding places to crawl down walls and into beds and onto your body. They are very good at all this and rarely give themselves away.
Once the parasite is in the body, one’s experience may vary. Some people suffer flu-like symptoms for several days; others develop swelling near the eye; worse, others have no symptoms at all. Meanwhile the parasite can cause terrible damage, as it chews through cardiac muscle and, over time, causes heart failure in about one-third of victims.
One recent case of Chagas highlights how scary this disease is. A woman born in El Salvador had Chagas for decades without knowing it, until a blood donation was rejected after screening positive for the disease. She went to a Chagas specialist—which means navigating an ocean of red tape to get the proper medications, since these drugs are only available through a special CDC research protocol. But at this point it was too late: after thirty years, the drugs were ineffective against the vast number of parasites that riddled her body. The doctor could even see the holes and channels the parasites had eaten through her heart. She was told that the only remaining option available to her was to go on with the knowledge that she could suffer from a heart attack at any time.
Are there effective natural remedies for this disease? It is very likely there are, but reliable studies have not been done.
Cases of Chagas are appearing in parts of Texas and Louisiana, where the heat and humidity create ideal conditions for the kissing bugs. Poverty-stricken areas are particularly vulnerable, where stagnant water and poor ventilation provide fertile breeding grounds for the bugs.


    1. They are very distintive, with mothlike silvery skin, beetle build, a hooker elephant like piercing beak, and a spike crown on their back, like a ridge. They are about the size of a large bee, and are flying insects, but often walk.

        1. I have only seen a couple in Oklahoma, but I detest them. They are ugly and sneaky, and I am very glad I have never found one inside my house.

          1. I had never heard of them before now. Thanks to you, I hope I would recognize one if I saw one. I’m glad you never got one inside of your house.

  1. Wikipedia has more info, including a photo of the ‘bugs’ which look like this.. and are about an inch long and slender til they’ve gorged on blood.. they seem associated with ‘nesting vertebrates’… grinning halloween…

  2. Just great….and now we have all these undocumented illegals invading this country from south America bringing this disease. US Southeast where it is prevalent should give you a clue.

  3. This is what we have when our President facilitates 100s of thousands of third worlders into our country illegally from the bowels of third world ghettos….they come in full of parasites and disease…now, Obama is ready to import 250,000 muslim ISIS refugees that are riddled with diseases worse than South Americans…all arrive unvetted and dumped into society to plague the citizens…the media is hiding what germany is going through where the doctors are saying they have never seen such a nightmare scenario of multiple diseases. This is how we know our government hates us and views us with contempt..and does exactly what we the people do not want………we have millions coming in legally..
    These illegals bring every disease imaginable and many unimaginable. And yet, no one protests the infestation………….

    1. Um- please get more more information before expressing such xenophobic hatred. This disease is spread through INSECTS not person to person. The people don’t transport the bugs- they get infected with the parasites that the insects carry. The bugs exist in the US- they are in wild areas so have not impacted too many people. People get the disease when they are living in areas it’s prevalent, then move to other countries , where the disease is discovered. And no- there are not hundreds of thousand of “muslim isis refugees” coming here. And Obama deported more people than any other president. If you are worried about dying- you’re more at risk from crazy people with lots of guns who already live here.

      1. Did you miss this part It can be spread by this
        While the CDC estimates that just one in 300,000 Americans who donated blood was infected, a recent study predicted that one in 6,500 Americans who gave blood—fifty times more than the CDC’s estimate—were infected.
        And Obama deported more people than any other president. Wrong he counted people STOPPED at the border as deported, not cool !
        you’re more at risk from crazy people with lots of guns who already live here.
        Wrong again Chicago no guns allowed more killings than any place !
        Next .

        1. Love your rapid truths to combat the shills or perhaps the unknowing who just take the propaganda for truth.
          To improve his education on lunatics with guns, Gandhi should get his information from gun study research studies like Lott’s book More Guns, Less Crime which was done a few decades ago, Harvard’s study which was reported in 2007, which found exactly the same as Lott did. The last paragraph of Harvard’s report on their results was very interesting as it said they found themselves in the same position as another professor at Washington University at least a decade earlier, who begrudgingly admitted that as gun ownership increased, crimes decreased, which was not what they intentionally set out to prove.
          He would at least learn that although many federal agencies know the true statistics, they still spread the propaganda of the one world global government, aka the new world order, because it fits their AGENDA 21 plans.

          1. We just had a docu on dutch tv informing us how white board crimes, the real crimes, are hardly addressed by the police, who furthermore are not capable to do so. Although marihuana is condoned in the Netherlands. they seem to target mostly illegal weedplants. Furthermore there is such a small catchrisk, that crime really pays. That said we had a few incidents with crazy people owning guns, which in the Netherlands is only allowed when you have a special permit, for either sports or hunting. To judge whether crimes go up or down correlated with owning guns, should be done internationally as well as looking at ones nationality of origin. Else it has little meaning. Watching Louis Theroux on Philadelphia it is shocking how little value a life has and how guns and killing have become normal. Also the number of black people killed by the police is shocking. Here we are still shocked about one black man killed by the police by a stranglehold.

      2. The 290,000 illegals — so far — are exploiting legal loopholes that allow them to get temporary permits to stay in the United States.
        Experts say that President Barack Obama’s administration has failed to close the loopholes and is unlikely to deport more than a small percentage of the illegals, despite the high unemployment
        rates among American Latino, African-American and white youths, and the strapped budgets of many cities and towns.
        Then there are the Muslims he’s allowing in. He’s set on destroying America’s soverignty and disease is just the frosting on the cake. No president has ever allowed so many illegals in as this usurper.
        And another thing BO is doing is flooding the states so they turn to the commies favor. Under our Constitution all persons residing in a state are counted for the Electoral College purposes. Legal or not. Voters or not….all counted.
        The danger is NOT voting illegal, though bad enough, it’s packing the Electoral College!

        1. Sovereignty, right this week, is being voted on in Congress by Senators in suits and ties, and is being given away to rich multi-national corporations with Trillions of dollars involved in the giveaway. You are not being attacked by the poor. You are being robbed by the uber rich. Under the Trans-Pacific Partnership, if a corporation wants to drill a Fracking Well 50 yards from your house, if you don’t allow it, then you have to pay that corporation for “their lost profits”. That is a personal loss of your sovereignty, and the loss of your ground water, and the risk of the well blowing your house up, etc., etc. They will export more jobs — they the corporations will give your jobs to workers over seas being paid $.60 an hour. Sovereignty is being manipulated from you by the Conservatives who represent the corporations, and blamed on the Democrats but the President is in favor of this Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty …. mainly because he is giving it to the corporations … his donors. The Conservatives are blaming The People for taking too much from the budget. Meanwhile, the corporations are not paying taxes and are offshoring their profits, while accepting subsidies for corporate farming, munitions manufacturing, aircraft building, … a huge war machine. They are taking your money. Not the poor. The poor get a drop in the bucket if they are lucky, and they often are not. Please get it … the Uber Rich are the Robbers. The Poor are being Robbed by them, not the other way around.

          1. First, the statement about having to pay for lost profits is categorically and totally false. This is they typical small-minded hysteria that the dot-com generation hears and believes. Second, please find ONE, just one example of well fracking causing an explosion. Fracking has been performed for over 75 years and I have yet to hear of this devastation you speak of Of course, Michael Moore wasn’t born yet). I am an environmentalist who has worked in the industry for years and actually know what I’m speaking about. I’m not some anti-American lunatic fringe-nut looking for a reason to hate the working class. Speaking of jobs being taken over seas, you are only partially correct; however, it was B.J. Clinton (Bill Jefferson, of course – haha) who signed NAFTA into law, allowing and in fact paying U.S. companies to locate over seas. One should not only know HOW to read, but, should also learn WHAT to read in order to become well informed.

          2. Nope, it’s *YOU* who are *WRONG*, “apprin”….
            The TPP not only allows Corps. to sue for lost FUTURE income, but also sets up special, extra-judicial courts to do so…..
            And, *WHY* is the TPP *secret*…..
            personally, I think yur just a brain-washed sheeple, but prolly not a shill….
            Again, sorry, but we DO NOT NEED frackholes like *you*….

          3. If the TPP is that secret, why do you seem to know so much about it that I cannot find in it? Are you one of the Obamanites who pushed this thing in the first place? The TPP is a product of Obama and his multinational investor friends like George Soros, the middle-eastern Islamic oil barons and the Communists & Marxists of China and Russia. I see in part 12.12(1) of the TPP that investor groups are allowed to sue other groups for loss of production, but, that’s been a part of every contract stipulation for the past 300 years !! We are in agreement on one thing … Since the TPP is a product of Obama and his international manipulators, it is likely riddled with corruption and anti-American rhetoric.

          4. Dickheads like YOU WORSHIP Obama…. Who are you gonna *HATE* after 01/20/17….????….
            Obama is a PUPPET, but in YOUR twisted little mind, he’s a puppet-master…..
            I don’t believe that Russia is a signatory to the TPP….
            And, *what**type* of *court* will
            these “investor group lawsuits” occur in?
            What contract in 1713 included this provision?
            My *GOD* yur an ignorant f**k……
            (c)2015, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

          5. I am as anti-Obama as any creature ever created. Learn to appeal to the civilized population with elevated verbiage and one day, you will be able to communicate with others. As it is now, you write like an angry hate-mongering liberal with a filthy mouth. Grow up.

          6. You are NOT among the “civilized population”…..
            YOU are a brain-washed sheeple….
            What’s the point of “elevated verbiage”, if all you can do with it is
            spout your conserva-turd mantra of
            “I hate Obama, I hate liberals, I’m a Repub-turd”….????….
            You no better, and little different, from the so-called “liberals” you despise….
            And, no, I’m not really angry. I’m part of the “WRITE TRASH to White Trailer-trash Trolls”dot”org….
            And you ARE white trailer-trash, aren’t you?….
            You write like U R/
            (c)2015, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

          7. Actually, I earn a very nice income, own my own corporation and am hopefully among the civilized. Maybe this is what you refer to as trailer-trash, in your own high level and tolerant manner of communication. Perhaps I wasn’t clear … I do not wish to communicate further with you on this topic, or any other. “conserva-turd?” “UR/?” “Rupub-turd?” This? From a person who criticizes communication skills? Indeed, I do have far better things to do … Good day to you.

          8. It’s been stated categorically by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to be the language of the TPP on the issue of loss of profits. She is someone who will not let you or any other American citizen lose sovereignty because you don’t understand the complex issues. She is working to get the Banks and Wall Street to give back the money they gambled away after Glass Steagall was taken off the books and we were no longer protected from Banksters. We are being robbed, but it is by Corporations and Banks. Explosions of Fracking Gas wells started on Staten Island in 1973 and more than 40 people were killed. Google Fracking Accidents and read how many trains, storage areas, aquifers have been damaged/burned/polluted. Educate yourself. Elizabeth Warren and many others are working for you.

          9. Gas fracking was being done somewhat extensively in Louisiana in the 1940s and improved dramatically in the early 1950s. Louisiana continues to be known as the state highest in the productive capacity of clean, unadulterated water; indeed, enough fresh water to supply the entire U.S. The process has been improving over the years but remains basically identical in nature. You must understand, I am a professional environmentalist who looks for weaknesses in this system. I am not an angry, agenda-focused entity, enticed and influenced by political activists. Fracking is a totally sound process that has made it possible to extract resources with greatly improved efficiency than has ever been done in history. Fracking h;as minimized pollution immeasurably. Remember, I have no dog in this fight. My job is to find and exploit any weakness in the subterranean fracturing process (fracking) and it is the best thing for fighting pollution since the first petroleum extraction by native Americans. Yes, they used oil and even made products from it, including primitive plastics. Petroleum is a natural compound of our Earth that we have learned to use very efficiently. Incidentally, speaking of trains, George Soros (Obama’s chief financial supporter) holds the contract for shipping crude by rail from Canada. He is the main force behind fighting the Keystone pipeline. have you any idea how many rail disasters have taken place in the rail shipment of petroleum? It’s staggering, but, Obama’s pet news industry has kept it as quiet as possible. The best thing that could happen to the USA in terms of safe movement of oil is pipelines. Thousands have been operating safely without environmental harm for generations, but, they haven’t been funding a Commucrat president; thus, the reality is largely unreported. Obama seems to hate the petroleum industry, but in reality, he only hates the part that isn’t funding his agendas.

          10. Please explain your position. “You couldn’t be more wrong” is barely a complete sentence, much less an expression of posture on a topic. I am not one who simply repeats mindless hysteria. In fact, I’m in the business of objectively researching this industry. My research is thorough and isn’t based upon fearful hysteria or blind hatred. I await your response.

      3. As for actual comments regarding Chagas, the topic of this article, Ghandi’s is the most realistic. Our very big planet has become a small place. It is now plagued by overpopulation and ignorance. The spread of Chagas, like most disease, is ultimately caused by our disconnect with the real, living world we are completely dependent upon. Most people believe we are somehow separate from nature. Our leaders, if we ever elect the right one, will save us all. This lack of common sense becomes clear while reading the comments to this somewhat disturbing article. Most of which are so far off topic that it’s no wonder that the world is on the verge of collapse.

        1. I am sorry but I do not believe that we are going to have any leader save us, it is up to us the people to stay informed and know what’s going on in our world. Our leaders haven’t lead for a long time and only now are most people waking up to that fact. My last surgery I paid extra to have my own blood in supply, it’s a trust factor. I don’t trust those in DC and nor do I trust that our blood supply is monitered as well as it should be

          1. Larry, I like your idea about using your own blood for surgery if needed. I however, would not trust the medical system to carry out your wishes to actually use your own actual blood. And I did not say or imply our leaders will actually save us all. I did say that most people believe we are separate from nature and (sarcastically implied) that electing the right one will save us all’.. I then went on complaining how off topic (Chagas, remember?) and lacking common sense most of the responses are, except Ghandi’s; and that might be an indication as to why we have so many problems nowadays and the world is on the verge of collapse.

          2. I totally agree with you that many of these get off topic and I apologize for taking your comment wrong. And yes, it is part of the reason our world is falling apart, we are too busy arguing over small stuff while our so called leaders are selling us out. I for one don’t trust either party and believe we need to reduce the judges and lawyers who get into office. I’d vote for any one who showed they actually understand what John Q. Public has to deal with just to survive every day.

      4. The bugs may be already here, but the disease was not. The bugs don’t automatically have the disease they have to pick it up from the people coming in. So yes, we now have the disease here because of the illegals flooding in here, unwanted, uninvited and without any kind of quarantine protocols.

        1. There’s a lot of cheap air travel for holiday makers to go to far flung places, when they pack up their luggage to return home; who knows what little stowaways get into said luggage; this is how most of these creatures get int the country, maybe airport security should include bug squads too ….!

      5. I thoroughly agree with you. This is another”alert” just to get US citizens upset with immigrants and, those with this end in mind, will use anything to gain what they want. I agree with you that we have much more to be concerned about than another form of bug. Just consider the big thing made over ebola. Got a secret for you racists – it’s gone! Let’s worry more about the guns.

        1. Oh yes, the guns that go out and kill people without any human intervention. I guess my guns are just lazy. They sit there and never move. I have to yank on their trigger just to get them to shoot now and then. Bad guns.
          By the way, I thought this discussion was about Chagas. Now I’m guilty of getting off discussion too.

        2. It’s an anger towards govt. about illegals, NOT immigrants. Quit trying to change the wording of the problem. The anger comes from the entitlements they didn’t earn, the crime that they bring, the diseases they carry, all paid for out of the citizen’s pocket. To say “Ebola is gone, get over it”, is a blatant disregard as to why it was brought here in the first place. You have an administration who doesn’t give a hoot about the constituency. They just want to further their nasty agenda. And because we see all this happening and coming out of our pockets, and disagree with it, you label everyone racists. Only a progressive/commie would stoop to that rhetoric. So typical!

      6. I don’t know where you get your information, but Obama has not deported more people than any other president. It must just be coincidence that diseases such as polio, that were formerly eliminated in this country, started showing up after tens of thousands of young people came across our border last year and were dispersed throughout the country by the Obama administration. Just coincidence!

        1. You are correct, kenmarx. The Oblamer administration dramatically skewed the numbers and claims to be deporting illegals. In reality, his admin has twisted our laws so that illegals are receiving more in benefits than low-to middle working classes earn at honest jobs. We have become a nation of ill-informed, gullible, liberal, Kool-Aide guzzling, prime-time-educated fools and are soon to become disarmed on top of it all !!!

      7. This is NOT a posting about “hatred” (we know that “hate” is the new anti-conservative buzz word of the gullible). One does not have to hate in order to love and preserve one’s own. Indeed, diseases of the body, the soul AND the mind are being imported from every Hell-hole on the planet since the anti-American doctrines of Hussein Oblamer have been blindly accepted by U.S. citizens. Funny how some speak of the risk from guns while the fact remains that those nations with the strictest gun control laws consistently encounter the highest violent gun crime rates. The fact is, in nations where gun laws are extremely lax (like Switzerland), the violent gun crime rate is the lowest on the planet. Failed liberal effort to discredit the truth. Try again.

        1. Calling the gun laws of *SWITZERLAND* “lax”, is like calling Disneyland a nightclub….
          I’d like to see ALL illegal immigrants, *AND* *ALL* liberals and conservatives rounded up and either deported, or sent to FEMA camps….
          Repubtards and Demo-crappers are BOTH DOMESTIC ENEMIES….
          (c)2015, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

          1. In Switzerland, every household is required to keep a firearm in good working order and the owner is required to attend shooter training updates. Switzerland has virtually NO gun violence; the lowest of developed nations. Honduras, on the other hand, has approximately the same population, forbids gun ownership outside of officers and military and has the highest gun violence on the planet. OK … You explain this in your best liber-spin verbiage.

          2. ….”liber-spin”….????….WTF?….. Are you assuming I’m a “liberal”?….
            For dickwads like YOU, anybody who doesn’t march in goose-step
            and SIEG HEIL to YOUR way of “thinking” must be a gun-grabber “liberal”….is that about right?….
            Around here, the leaves on the trees are NOT GREEN.
            They are orange, yellow, red and brown.
            Can YOU explain THAT?
            You must be a so-called “conservative” Repub-tard….
            Most of the Honduran population runs around in shorts and flip-flops….
            People in Switzerland bundle up. Can YOU explain THAT?…..
            Go *F* yourself, dickwad…..
            (c)2015, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
            Better yet, go down to your local high school, and body-slam some *GIRL*…..

          3. I am NOT gonna “clean up” my ‘language” for a POS like you, and I don’t give a f**k whether you take me seriously, or not.
            I don’t take *YOU* seriously. Go *F* yourself…..

          4. Well let all americans depart from the Americas and all other countries they invaded illegally. Give the lands back to native americans and others that were there long before europeans confiscated the lands. And by all means disown the british queen who owns most of the US land and Canadian land and land worldwide. Land should not be owned but stewarded.

        2. You have lost your right to speak long ago. The US invaded more then 72 countries after WW II, Committed countless warcrimes after WW II against civilian and POW germans. Operation Gladio, JSOC and illegal wars against Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria. You speak about Switzerland and low crimerate. You seem to be ignorant that Switzerland is the haven for criminal money from whiteboardcrime which is far bigger and more devastating to societies then petty crime. The latter mostly committed because poor people have no jobs, no income. In the US the highest income is 380 x as much as the lowest income. Research showed that the more equal incomes are in a country the more equal everything is in that country and the happier its people are.

          1. Hello Gertrude, what you are forgetting is that your government and all others are feeding you the propaganda the one world global government, aka the new world order, desires to fit their plans. This is being done to cause division among all citizens against foreign governments because together we stand, and divided it is easier to take over all citizens on the planet. Our government is doing the same and has been for decades – all according to their plan of forcing us under the one world global government, aka the new world order – living according to the dictates of the elitists behind this criminally insane organization, who have been deluding or misleading us all for decades in order to gain total control of all the natural resources of the planet, all the wealth and all the power – living under slavery conditions as outlined in their AGENDA 21 and Codex Alimentarius, and the dictatorship of the UN – their front organization.

      8. Gandhi, Chagas disease is one of five Targeted Neglected Tropical Diseases Occurring in the United States. The CDC provided a mere mention of these diseases in January, 2012 without any provisions to notify the State’s Departments of Health. The CDC has “cooked the books” on the numbers of infected people. Chagas is infecting American because of climate warming and migrants. Furthermore. Chagas is spread through the donor blood system, as are many vector borne diseases, also due to the deliberate lack of tax payer accountability by the Center for Disease Control. The tests for NTD’s are highly unreliable! Doctors have no training with these NTD’s and the US government is very aware of the numbers of people suffering for long periods and dying. The 21st Century Cures Act with provisions for Lyme bill was recently introduced, as high morbidity and mortality is not reported to Health Departments. The witch hunt of doctors has required legislation by Senator Blumenthal and other states, as these doctors attempt to save lives. The CDC numbers look absolutely ridiculous. For instance, their most recent admission was an error of 30,000 people with Lyme and Tick borne diseases which was revised to 300,000 cases. This blaring error is nothing but politics at it’s best. The fact is the CDC has no idea and doesn’t want to know. …as in “cooking the books”….forgive me for repeating this FACT!
        Please tell me….How many doctors do you know are able to diagnose these vector-borne diseases? I will not bother to give you my response to that question.
        The discrimination and denial by most doctors is reprehensible, all with backing from the insurance companies. The person writing this article is a clinical researcher who is not xenophobic.

      9. Just so you now, Ghandi, there ARE a lot more cases of resistant TB, for example, due to illegals coming into this country without being medically vetted. My husband had to get multiple medical tests before being allowed into this country as a LEGAL, non-refugee, immigrant. Insects are merely vectors; the disease is carried by humans. In other words, if no people are infected to pass on their disease to you, you will not get sick even if bitten by a (non-infected) bug. Emily RN

    2. Right on, Dalton. First Ebola, now this. This is why, in the old days, there was quarantine on Ellis Isl.

      1. RIght KDC … We used to quarantine diseased immigrants. Now, we drive them to the inner city and give them a cell phone, food stamps and medical/recreational weed.

    3. Dalton you are so mentally unbalanced. Do you not read. The entire world is full of refugees both economic and war related that it is a miracle if any nation does not have a full house. They are everywhere looking for shelter. Looking to live a decent life. If you want to really help start by eliminating the corporate parasites who benefit from war and economic deprivation. Close off their bonuses by law and close down the shops that sell to rogue nations weapons of any type.

    4. Let’s keep in mind what nation is actually responsible for all those refugees and the wars they flee from……….the United States (and it’s allies Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, and Israel). Our government started those wars, supplies ISIS (via Saudi Arabia), and creates terrorists on a regular basis via our “interventions”. Don’t blame the refugees, blame the wealthy elites who treat the world as a chessboard with no regard to the lives, cultures, and societies they destroy and disrupt. This is all blow back from decades of US imperialism driven by corporate elites.

      1. Ahhh, once again, it is the civilized, developed world that is to blame for all evils and not the uncivilized, disease-ridden, starving, jungle Hell-holes who beg for our involvement and intervention in all matters. I’ll try to put it into perspective that even a gullible, hypnotized liberal MIGHT understand. When you shop for a watch, do you search for the Swiss movement or the Nigerian movement in the mechanism? Who is to blame for civilizations that have not evolved for thousands of years? Perhaps a 200 year-old nation like the USA? Is it the fault of those that have elevated themselves like we in the western world? Do we owe these cultures a debt other than the debt that we have been paying? We hear of the evils of slavery in the U.S.; however, slavery is still practiced in Africa – No complaints? No demonizing? We hear of the evils of capitalists who produce products in foreign nations and pay wages lower than ours. The foreign employees can always go back to catching wild pigs from their burrow if they choose. Perhaps you should go and encourage them to give up their chance at elevation and education.

        1. Right, let’s read things in my post that aren’t there; “it is the civilized, developed world that is to blame for all evils”. Hmm, I just can’t seem to find that in my post, perhaps I’ve misread it? I was talking about refugees, and the quite plain and obvious reason why they exist. Are they all wonderful people who would be living productive, innovative lives if we in the west hadn’t created the conflicts in the world they are running from? Of course not, and I never suggested such a thing. However, we in the west are equally not as moral, noble and perfect as they are. You obviously need to learn about the history of world, because your knowledge is truly lacking. Lastly, I’m not a liberal, nor am I “hypnotized”. I do, however, have an open mind and don’t believe that western civilization is the only viable one. Though we have certainly shown we can sow death and destruction far more efficiently than any other civilization ever has.

    5. How about all those americans travelling and hiking and making war worldwide. And if you make such a statement about Germany at least place a link as reference, for here in the Netherlands it was concluded that refugees/asylumseekers had no more diseases among them then the general dutch population. Also bear in mind the biological warfare the USA waged on Korea in the Korean war. Possibly the US are flying planes full of infected insects, genetically engineered on Plum Island or elsewhere, just as they did with ticks. That said i wish americans had stayed home and not invaded more then 72 countries after WW II, according to a docu by John Pilger, one of the few nonembedded journalist left in the world. It reminds me about blankets infested with chickenpox and possibly other diseases, which killed thousands of indigenous people in america, now called native americans. One reaps what one sows.

    1. Hey Bill K, it does but it tastes a whole lot more palatable if you gas it off into chlorine dioxide. Just make sure your have plenty of good ventilation.

    2. MMS is a complete fraud – look it up for yourself. Use the diatomaceous earth mentioned earlier, but BE SURE to use organic AMORPHOUS DE (it’s cheap as dirt, pun intended), not crystalline, which is what is used in swimming pool filters and can cause severe respiratory fibrosis similar to black lung or asbestosis.

      1. Where is Amorphous DE sold? I can use it on my cat without worrying that it is causing him respiratory disease? This is great! I have the DE that is for human use but it is still crystalline and bad for lungs.

        1. If you have food grade DE (made for human use), it is amorphous, not crystalline. No DE for human use is crystalline. Just be sure you have organic food grade DE. You can buy it on Amazon or many other places. Yes, you can use it on your cat, but even though it’s only a fraction as toxic as crystalline DE when inhaled (crystalline DE is amorphous DE subjected to high heat which crystallizes it and creates many sharp edges), I would suggest you dust your pet outside in a well ventilated area as an added precaution and don’t inhale it yourself. Once it’s in place, no problem. You just should avoid inhaling it. You can also give it internally and dust carpets, etc. with it.

          1. Just so you all know, “food grade” does NOT mean it is safe to ingest. It means only that it has tested out pure with no other substances in it. It is NOT safe to ingest in any form.

          2. Wendy, where did you get this ignorant, ridiculous information? FG DE has been ingested on a daily basis by millions of people for many decades with great benefits, and few if any side effects. I myself would have been injured or dead many years ago if what you say is valid, as I have taken it everyday for many years. If you’re going to make erroneous statements, back it up with at least one valid study showing why your information is credible. But even if you can come up with a couple of sources (you can find any position on any subject you want somewhere on the internet – but that doesn’t mean it’s credible), be aware that there are hundreds if not thousands of studies showing it is not harmful in animals and humans, not to mention many millions of satisfied users who would whole-heartedly disagree with what you just said.

          3. Realist, how you could get anything conservative, liberal, or otherwise from my statement is mind boggling to say the least. You don’t know me or my political/social leaning from Adam! People like you contribute nothing to a meaningful conversation that educates people, myself included. In the future, you might want to try harder to hide your ad hominen stupidity, b/c right now, it is on full display for all to see.

          4. I could ask you the same. I don’t remember the source but it was reliable. If you want to ingest DE, do so at your own peril. And so you know personally these “millions of people” who have ingested this stuff daily? I thought not.

          5. There are numerous sources on the use of amorphous DE, its benefits and safety. It’s used extensively in animal feed and by humans. Furthermore, a huge amount of empirical/anecdotal data from users show just the opposite of what you’re saying. However, you’re making an assertion that goes against every source I’ve ever seen on DE. If you want to do that, which you have every right to do, I think the burden of proof is on your shoulders, whereas, you can find more than you can read upholding my position with a simple search (but you can’t remember the ONE ‘credible’ source that you had, but I’m supposed to find it??).
            Ingest it at my own peril? What peril? No adverse effects and only benefits in the last ten-twelve years of daily use; I suppose I’ll keel over any minute now. Having said that, there ARE several areas where widespread acceptance does not equate to proof, just successful marketing propaganda by people with a financial stake.
            BTW, according to your logic, the Holocaust or Killing Fields of Cambodia probably didn’t happen b/c I don’t personally know the millions who died.
            Safety considerations (from Wikipedia)
            Inhalation of crystalline silica is harmful to the lungs, causing silicosis. Amorphous silica is considered to have low toxicity, but prolonged inhalation causes changes to the lungs (thus my suggestion to use it in a ventilated area).[22] Diatomaceous earth is mostly amorphous silica, but contains some crystalline silica, especially in the saltwater forms.[23]
            In a study of workers, those exposed to natural (amorphous) DE for over 5 years had no significant lung changes, while 40% of those exposed to the calcined (crystalline) form had developed pneumoconiosis.[24]
            Today’s common D.E. formulations are safer to use as they are
            predominantly made up of amorphous silica and contain little or no
            crystalline silica.[25]
            The crystalline silica content of D.E. is regulated in the United States by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
            (OSHA), and there are guidelines for the maximum amounts allowable in
            the product (1%) and in the air near the breathing zone of workers
            (6 mg/m3).[25]
            In the 1930s, long term occupational exposure among workers in the
            cristobalite D.E. industry who were exposed to high levels of airborne
            crystalline silica over decades were found to have an increased risk of silicosis.[26]
            Today, workers are required to use respiratory-protection measures when concentrations of silica exceed allowable levels.
            Diatomite produced for pool filters is treated with high heat (calcination) and a fluxing agent (soda ash), causing the formerly harmless amorphous silicon dioxide to assume its crystalline form.[25] (crystallization forms sharp edges on the previously amorphous DE, which injures the lungs)

          6. Thank you very much Michael E. I really love it when I learn something new and so useful!

  4. This is wonderful news…for Mr. Obama. He’s working on getting over one-million Muslim “REFUGEES” into our country right now. What wonderful diseases can we expect to get from them? In addition to their rapes and beheadings, I mean. You know, the rapes and beheadings that are really OUR fault for not wearing Burkas or something. No, I don’t know why the Burkas don’t prevent rapes in their native countries…but the Muslims swear it works! We already have the worst disease imaginable in this country. It’s called LIBERALISM or PROGRESSIVISM. It’s a terrible thing to behold. When you look at poor Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, you can see the slack look in their eyes that (eye for Harry) telegraphs their happy stupor, but the real victims are the rest of us. We’re expected to pay for their stupidity. Soon, they’ll expect us to embrace their disease…or be shot.

  5. Diatomacios Earth kills internal parasites and bugs in your home and environment! It works! It’s cheap and 100% natural

  6. Thanks to all the illegals and the govt’s carelessness in allowing these kinds of diseases into the country without quarantines. It shows a total disregard to the population. But, I suppose when there’s an alterer motive of depopulation, at some point, it will fit the bill. Thank BO and the Dems. for all of this under their watch.

    1. Unending amounts of illegals – coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Brought to you by Obeyme and his Democratic politicos. But wait, there’s more – elect Hitlery and get her husband, Bill, for free! That’s right – you can extend Hussein’s reign by electing his secretary-of-state! Bring back those good old pre-renaissance days of exotic diseases, beheadings, and widespread poverty. (Limited time only -not valid in red-state or gun-friendly areas)

  7. It’s carried by the assassin bug which looks somewhat like a stink bug only thinner and longer, with that huge proboscis. I’ve already seen a few of them this year, so watch out!

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  9. According to an intelligent person know well, the description of your “bug” definitely fits that of the bed bug. There has been an increase in those too. Ask hoteliers! To my knowledge this country has always had bed bugs. Got an idea: let’s see if we can get rid of all blood-sucking bugs such as fleas, mosquitos, lice (all types)! Just remember, you’re highly outnumbered and they have been on this earth as long as there have been warm-blooded creatures. I would imagine that this country was initially infected by the European settlers. Perhaps we should get rid of all of them as well as their ancestors in this country. After all “they started it!” I still maintain that this induced “fear” is being propagated by the biased with no other reason except to further and spread their bigotry.

  10. Barack made this. His lack of enforcing American immigration laws is to blame. His inaction regarding the deportion of illegal alein invaders is endangering real law abiding American citizens.

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