HHS Says Supplements Send 23,000 People to the Hospital ER! Each Year!

Balderdash. The agency’s own CDC data shows that supplements are overwhelmingly safe. Action Alert!
The mainstream media is using a new study funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), released last week, to renew the false charges that supplements are unregulated, unsafe, and require more federal oversight.
Even a cursory examination of the data provided in the study, however, demonstrates once again that the alarmist headlines and the calls for tighter regulations are completely unsupported by the evidence.
First, over 20% of the cases analyzed were the result of unsupervised children swallowing pills. 40% of cases among those 65 and older were caused by choking. Many other cases were heart palpitations from ingesting too many diet pills, sexual enhancement pills, and energy drinks. Undoubtedly some percentage of these so-called dietary supplements were simply illegal substances, but we aren’t told what the percentage is.
One of HHS’s agencies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reports that there were actually only 3,249 supplement-related adverse event reports submitted, either from doctors or hospitals, to the FDA in 2012—a far cry from the 23,000 being claimed in the study.
Part of the gross discrepancy in the numbers is likely due to the fact that eye drops, ear drops, and other over-the-counter products that are not dietary supplements were apparently included by the researchers. Why they chose to do this, they will have to explain.
The study also omits important details on the adverse events counted. For instance, it does not report which products caused the adverse events. This is important because many adverse reactions could be the result of a handful of “adulterated” (illegal) products. The FDA already has the authority to remove adulterated products from the market. Supplements are further regulated by the FTC and must also follow stringent good manufacturing practices to ensure that products are safe.
In fact, the study actually demonstrates something we have been saying for a long time: supplements have an exemplary track record of safety. Considering that about half of all Americans—about 150 million people—use dietary supplements, even the inflated 23,000 number represents only about 0.015% of dietary supplement users.
Pharmaceutical drugs, on the other hand, even when properly prescribed, cause an estimated 1.9 million hospitalizations and 128,000 hospital deaths each year. Deaths outside of hospitals would add considerably to this total if recorded. If public health were truly HHS’s concern, shouldn’t they be focusing on prescription drugs?
What explains the misleading focus on supplements? Not surprisingly, some of the authors of the study are FDA officials. For years the agency has been trying to increase its authority over supplements, attempting to institute a drug-like approval system for them. Because Big Pharma pays the FDA’s bills and provides cushy post-government jobs, we suspect that a lot of this is attempting to curry favor with drug companies.
A drug approval system for supplements, remember, would lead to the destruction of the industry. Unable to pay the exorbitant cost of the FDA approval process (because they sell unpatentable natural substances and could never charge enough to recoup their investment for even one of their products, never mind their entire product line), supplement producers would have to shutter their doors, eliminating thousands of products from the market. This removes competition for Big Pharma and allows them either to monopolize the supplement market or more often try to turn supplements into hugely expensive prescription drugs.
Don’t be fooled by the headlines. The overall strategy at play here has little to do with consumer safety and much, much more to do with bolstering the bottom line of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies. For more information on supplement safety, visit our SupplementFactCheck.org.
Action Alert! Send a message to HHS, urging them to stop their smear campaign against supplements and to fairly represent the facts. Please send your message immediately.


    1. There are obviously many more people going to the hospital or even dying due to prescription meds, but that doesn’t make me feel better about supplements which are completely untested and that are sending thousands to the hospital each year. All supplements should have to undergo testing to guarantee that they contain the ingredients listed on the label. Without that, the risk benefit ratio does not make sense because we have no idea what’s in supplements.

      1. Where are you getting your information? I’ve been taking supplements for 40 years and my health, as a result, is exceptional for a 66 year old. NO prescriptions, zero! Never had any! Are you buying supplements from an individual off the street? Reputable companies are very careful to monitor production and test and retest. Their reputation is at stake.

        1. I can identify with what you have said, Bruce. I’m 65 and have been taking supplements for as long as I can remember. I have many books on them and study everything I take as well as trying to buy organic. I even have my 90 year old mom on them. The only prescription I take is a thyroid pill. It’s a natural one so my insurance won’t cover it. I’m in great health as well. I believe that doctors are slowly coming around to supplements as they learn more about them. But I think the public has educated themselves more on them than the doctors have.

          1. You said, “I believe that doctors are slowly coming around to supplements as they learn more about them.”
            I say you have certainly had different experiences with doctors than I have.

          2. It’s rare, I know. For example my primary care MD recommends that I take a vitamin D supplement and yet my thyroid MD says “don’t waste your money on vitamins”.

          3. A lot depends on who the doctor works for. My primary physician was born in India. After I refused surgery and told him I use turmeric, he knew that would stop cancer as it does in India, but working for Veterans Administration he would be fired if he told me that.

          4. I too have had problems with the VA, not only because I take herbs etc not on their list but also about PRESCRIPTION medicines perscribed by non VA docs. When pressed, the VA doc said he couldn’t prescribe because it was against policy, I went up the ladder and found their head of Endrocology was in his late 80’s, he had graduated in 1957!, probably still used leeks for bleeding!

        2. If you believe that supplement manufacturers would never sell adulterated, counterfeit, contaminated, or unsafe products because they care too much about their reputations, then you must believe the same thing about big pharma corporations. Fact is, greed is everywhere – it’s not just a big pharma problem, it’s a problem in every corporation, including supplement manufacturers. And, most big pharma companies have their own brands of dietary supplements now, so you’re really talking about big pharma, too, when you talk about supplement manufacturers.

          1. Good description. It is hard to know which business to trust. The larger they are, the less I believe. But that includes government agencies. FDA allows and even promotes what I refuse and blocks what I need the most.

        3. Sometimes people want to lose weight. They buy a supplement. It says “take 2”. EVERYBODY take the medication in proportion to the desire to lose weight. NOBODY takes 2. I knew a college kid who took 10. Heart palpitations!! Emergency Room.

        4. Thank you Bruce…and may we at another 66 to top that!!!! Way to go buddy, if you’re an outdoor guy…just watch for them Ticks that have been let get out of control……wouldn’t want to see you have to add aditional supplements to your protocal due to lack of TickRid programs!

      2. Elizabetta- Prescription meds are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, right behind cancer (#2) and heart disease (#1). Prescription meds ARE tested, yet they kill almost as many people as cancer ever single year. Why? Because more often than not, the FDA allows the drug manufacturer to perform the studies and they simply trust and use the drug company’s data and findings. The FDA is a joke and makes NO MONEY, unless new drugs are patented and approved, so it’s literally in the FDA’s best interest to undermine the supplement industry with scare tactics. Read the report- most of the ER visits were due to elderly people choking on the supplements or children that took a mass dose, while unsupervised. Follow the money, and you’ll always know who’s telling the truth and who’s telling lies.

        1. The argument that prescription meds kill more really isn’t relevant. That’s like saying car crashes kill more people than motorcycle crashes, so lets not worry about motorcycle safety. Prescription meds DO cause way more serious health events than supplements, but that’s mainly because doctors write the wrong prescription, the pharmacy gives the patient the wrong prescription, patients had drug interactions nobody bothered to warn them about, the wrong dose was ordered or taken and, for the most part, prescription meds are more powerful, so small mistakes can have very bad consequences – but it’s hardly ever because the prescription drug label said it contained one thing when in fact, it contained something entirely different. This is the problem with supplements. Yes, they are much safer and have fewer side effects IF you purchase something that has the desired ingredients in it, and which does not have other undesired ingredients such as contaminants from unclean processing (mold, bacteria, glass, metal shavings) illegal drugs, steroids, or contaminants such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc…..

          1. Your line of argumentation is spurious, misleading, illogical, and therefore dangerous.
            First, you state that ” The argument that prescription meds kill more really isn’t relevant. That’s like saying car crashes kill more people than motorcycle crashes, so lets not worry about motorcycle safety.” Your comparison is inadequate because the difference in serious harm between supplements and prescription drugs is astronomical. So it’s not as you falsely insinuate that car crashes kill more people than motorcycle crashes it’s more like car crashes kill THOUSANDS of times more people than motorcycle crashes (but your very analogy is also a false deceptive choice because there are much more cars than motorcycle on the street whereas the comparison between the number of people taking supplements and the number of people taking drugs is quite similar). The obvious conclusion, totally contrary to your empty claim, is that the argument that prescription meds kill more people really IS HIGHLY relevant.
            Then you go on with your false justification of the fact that the PROPER use of prescription drugs kills over a hundred thousand people in the US alone per year with such nonsense as “Prescription meds DO cause way more serious health events than supplements, but that’s mainly because doctors write the wrong prescription, the pharmacy gives the patient the wrong prescription, patients had drug interactions nobody bothered to warn them about, the wrong dose was ordered or taken [].”
            Untested supplements on the other hand, kills practically less than a handful of people per year on average in the US. This fact also debunks another one of your flimsy claims that supplements “are much safer and have fewer side effects IF you purchase something that has the desired ingredients in it, and which does not have other undesired ingredients such as contaminants from unclean processing (mold, bacteria, glass, metal shavings) illegal drugs, steroids, or contaminants such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc”
            It strongly appears that you either in deep denial about the real facts or like like someone (a hack?) who’s job is to do damage-control for the huge medical business and its allies in the government. Because this corrupt cartel has been engaging in this type of propaganda for decades, trying to mislead the public into thinking that dietary supplements pose a great threat to their health (do a search engine query for “Tougher Supplement Regulation: A Necessity Or Politics?” a rather thorough article by Rolf Hefti).

          2. Perhaps the answer is to regulate over-the-counter natural medicines more; nutritional and herbal supplements dispensed by naturopaths already have to comply with much more stringent oversight in some countries (not sure about the US).

          3. Actually the best answer is to ban 95% of pharmaceutical poisons and crush the pharm companies. The pharm industry is a criminal mafia with the intent to commit genocide.

          4. I’m with you on the sentiment but you can’t ban drugs if the sheeple are clamouring for them…. People prefer crutches to walking upright and independently.

          5. Folks, I’ve seen this elizabetta before she’a a FDA troll….don’t mind her words…..she’s clueless….I’ve asked in past articles for her proof….she’s bashed me personally…and never provided any good proof of the topic at hand……

          6. Prescriptions meds DO have ingredients that are not listed on labels. They often contain addictive ingredients. I’ve known numerous people who, after taking a prescription med, complain about side effects. And what does the doctor do? He prescribes additional meds that have no other reason except to combat the side effects. I know some people who are taking 6 to 7 pills a day – most prescribed for the side effects.

          7. Except, we actually DO know what’s in prescription meds. They are tested and verified by third parties. Studies have shown that almost 80% of supplements tested did NOT have ANY of the main ingredient in them. Testing found ornamental plants, asparagus, and other things. Multiple states have started testing supplements sold within their borders and have filed charges of fraud against the companies selling these supplements. Any medicine or supplement can cause adverse reactions or side effects, but with supplements you don’t even have any idea what you’re getting.

          8. Elizabetta, thank your for your POV. We use supplements in our home, but would like to see some kind of testing requirements in place. Why the supplement industry isn’t independently moving in this direction is a mystery and only serves to arouse suspicions.

      3. And who do you trust to do the testing? The FDA?? Remember, the FDA has first approved every drug that has been pulled off the market because they killed more people than they helped. Trust the FDA? No thank you!

        1. The FDA does not do testing. That would be the job of a third party lab that is not affiliated with the supplement company.

          1. but is related to big parms interests including the FDA….you know “third parties” is a scary thing….I’ve gotten notices from a college, my electric company, cable company and even a credit card company that my idenity was stolen due to a “third party”……wow…easy route to go to put blame

        1. I know a little bit about how supplements are made. A friend who used to work with me in a nutrition research lab started his own company after selling his line of protein supplements through GNC. I asked him the source of the ingredients and he said mostly China – that he’d found several Chinese companies that were a fraction of the cost of any others. I asked how he knew that the ingredients were what they were supposed to be and he replied, much like many on this comment page, that companies wouldn’t sell them if they weren’t the real thing. I asked about impurities and testing – he said pharmaceutical grade ingredients would be way more expensive, and that if there were trace amounts of contaminants, they would not do any “real” harm. I was obviously looking judgmental because he doesn’t want to talk to me about his supplements anymore. This friend is a nice guy, but greed always creeps into the picture when there is no oversight. China – where milk was adulterated with melamine to boost protein levels – is the last country I would trust for ingredients – especially ingredients for protein supplements. Yet, this is where many supplement ingredients come from because they are by far the cheapest source.

      4. The supplements have been extensively tested, just not by the pharmaceutical industries and the FDA, which is fine by me. Most of the supplements are supplements because lab research has shown their need and effectiveness, or old, traditional pre-pharmaceutical medicine for possibly hundreds of years has determined them to be effective and has recorded any side effects. You just need to do your research before you take them. If you want to be controlled by a compromised doctor and have to spend many times what you would ordinarily spend, or be in fear of a police raid, that’s your problem. Don’t make it mine. The FDA already has the ability to take them down, if they don’t match the label, and there are private labs that are often used to certify them. Many of the supplements are herbs that you can grow yourself.

      5. I agree that all supplements should be tested to prove they contain the ingredients listed on the label, but the number of people harmed by supplements dwarf those that are harmed by pharmaceuticals.

      6. I’ve been taking supplements my whole life and have never had an adverse event.I can’t say the same thing about prescription drugs that have allegedly gone through rigorous testing.Most manufacturers of supplements do put their products through better,more honest and reliable testing than big pharma puts their drugs through.

      7. Join Consumer Lab dot com, they test Vitamins & supplements. They also have a lot of research you can read.

      8. too late to see what’s in them…..NEED Them for the new AIDS thing called Lyme+ cuz they don’t have a cure…..and the MILLIONS OF VICTIMS only salvation is Supplements….OHH and for you my dear clueless…I’ve been on them for close to 10 years due to Doctors not following their oath to treat me properly getting Lyme, I’m still alive…..so bite on that pill……..LMAO

  1. Medical industry kills about 200,000 yearly; doctors third leading cause of death – what should we regulate?

    1. I would require each individual to be responsible for their own health instead of believing doctors. The the cost of medical malpractice would drop, and more options to prevent and correct disease would be available. (If I believed doctors I would have been already dead four times.)

  2. Just so you guys know, there was a typo in the message for us to send. It says “I was distressed to LEARN TO READ… ” I’m sure you meant either “to learn” or “to read” by themselves. I edited it myself, of course, but just thought you guys should know, it sounds like they’re saying they’re learning to read. Haha. I also think the word distressed sounded silly, so I changed mine to “exaspertated”. 🙂

  3. Thanks for finally telling us what you mean by ‘HHS’. It should have been spelled out in the headline.
    As supervising Editor, I would have had the author of this article in my office for a good talking.
    You reveal what you mean by the initials the VERY FIRST TIME it is used.
    You didn’t.
    Not cool.
    Wake up and do it right, or find a different hobby.
    Thanks, oh so much.

  4. Please change the headline for this article! It’s not good to share it since people don’t tend to read content, but do read headlines. From the one that you have now, they will draw the conclusion that supplements are generally dangerous.

  5. I ended up in the ER one night due to a severe migraine from lipitor. The ER dr thought I was having a stroke. I had bad migraines for 5 years almost and hypothyroidism. One day I decided to ditch the medication and the headaches and hypothyroidism went away on their own. When I told my dr she said she never would have guessed the migraines were from the lipitor. Needless to say that was my last visit with her.

  6. Many so-called supplements are really just food; e.g. protein powders that are extracted from milk, eggs, some vegetables. Even BCAAs are extracted from food. But they could be called supplements.

    1. Yes, and milk is a natural food, too, but remember when milk from China was killing people due to the deliberate addition of melamine to boost protein levels? Many protein powder ingredients come from China today – that doesn’t seem a very trustworthy place to get ingredients, but it IS the cheapest.

  7. This study was actually done by the CDC. More than 150 million people in the United States take dietary supplements every year according to JAMA. This article in the New England Journal of Medicine calculated that approximately 23,000 emergency room (ER) visits every year are related to adverse reaction to dietary supplements. The medical products that caused the adverse reactions are listed in the appendix of the article; in many cases they were not dietary supplements. Of those that were dietary supplement about half were products related to “energy enhancement” or weight loss. When all of this is taken into account it is reasonable to conclude that around 2% of the approximately 700,000 annual ER visits for adverse reactions to medications are related to dietary supplements.

    1. Good lord….the CDC is more corrupt than the FDA…..then we have the IDSA…ohh boy lets not even go there…..OUCH……!!!!!!!

  8. The Jewish funded Pharmaceutical Corporations do not want people using supplements to enhance the quality of life. It is contrary to their goal of culling the population via pharmaceuticals. It is also not profitable for the corporations. This is the same reason they don’t cure cancer in spite of many successful alternative solutions. Like Hillary said, they are losing the information war thanks to the internet.The self chosen will finance their own medical solutions to the exclusion of the gentiles. it is their Talmudic belief. The rest of us are animals & not worth bothering with according to their holy book. Fundraising programs collect money but real research & available solutions are stifled. Remember that a quarter of a million people die each year due to iatrogenic (doctor induced) causes. All you have to do is read the side effect of most pharmaceuticals when you receive a prescription. Companies like Walgreens print them for you. Read them & see.

      1. ///
        You’re so right, Linda. The Kazar Jews only have about 27% Jewish blood due to being converted to Judaism from previously not being Jewish, and never being Jewish by blood except by intermarriage with blood-Jews (unless they didn’t know their ancestral line(s) had a little bit of Jewish blood in them); but most of the people here reading this don’t know anything about this, so they falsely assume that we’re “anti-Semitic because of our bringing it up and/or “speaking” about it. These “Jews” are the “right-wing” ones who run things in Israel, the U.S. and the world now. They’re very close and very closely working with the Vatican and Catholicism, which is the ultimate power that is in charge of and behind (the) diabolical globalism(/ists) that is bringing about a collectivist (totalitarian socialist) global, one-world society, government and religion; aka, global imprisonment, enslavement and mass-extermination of most of humanity through the eugenic mass-murder they have planned.

  9. Most Americans are unaware that designer steroids and other dangerous drugs are intentionally being sold as dietary supplements and that current law makes it too easy for these products to get to the market. Best estimates suggest that there are hundreds of supplement products currently available that contain one or more of approximately 20 to 25 designer steroids alone. For example, in a 2004 study funded by the International Olympic Committee, 18.8 percent of the 245 supplements analyzed from the United States were found positive for steroids. In a 2007 HFL study, of the 54 supplements that were analyzed for stimulants, 6 were positive (11.1 percent); of the 52 supplements analyzed for steroids, 13 were positive (25 percent).

  10. Oh no!
    Now let’s compare that to the drugs on TV that come with warnings that they might CAUSE DEATH!

  11. To suggest that the FDA and major pharmaceutical companies are in cahoots against supplements is flat out wrong. First of all, big pharma and the FDA are not best buddies – they have an adversarial relationship. Second of all, most big pharma companies have their own brands of dietary supplements, so they certainly are not trying to have these products scrutinized by the FDA, since the lack of scrutiny is why they started making them to start with. Disputing the number of people hurt by supplements, or pointing out how many more people are hurt by prescription medication, really misses the point. The point is that an increasing number of unscrupulous companies are getting into the supplement business because it is so enormously profitable and totally unregulated. The FDA would not want to start new drug testing for vitamins and other products that have been around forever, but they SHOULD make supplement manufacturers submit their products for testing, to guarantee they contain the ingredients listed on the label. They should also make sure that they do NOT contain ingredients such as cadmium, lead, or arsenic, which many supplements tested were found to contain.

  12. How many people would like to know what’s in their food? Want your food labeled as to whether it came from the US or some other country? Want to know if it contains GMO crops? Want to know if it’s really organic or not? I insist upon knowing these things, too. The reason I do not take supplements is because they do not undergo testing to guarantee that they contain the ingredients listed on the label, or that the dosage of ingredients is accurate, or that they are free from illegal drugs or contaminants. The facilities where they are made are not tested for cleanliness, so we have no idea where or how they were made, or what’s in them. The way things are now, someone at the local crack house can make up a cool label, put together pills in their garage made from concrete sweepings, talc and paint, and they can sell these to you as dietary supplements. This is why I want supplements to be regulated. If you think supplement manufacturers are somehow different than other big corporations, that care only about their bottom line and absolutely not at all about the health and well being of their customers, then you are naive. Supplement manufacturers should be regulated and and their products tested by third parties.

    1. ///
      You don’t take ANY supplements?! Then you’re going to find that you have (severe?) health problems (if you don’t already), and will likely end up dying from cancer(s) and/or some other disease(s)!! I’m so tired of the majority of people who blindly believe the lying government and corporate-fascist propaganda, and prolifically regurgitate it!! Everyone I know who doesn’t believe in natural, healthy substances and food(s), particularly supplements and organic food(s), has health problems, etc.!! What idiots!! It is getting increasingly difficult to be patient with these willful fools, especially those of them, like yourself, who extensively down-talk healthy eating and/or supplements when brought up!!
      GET TRULY REAL (remember, particularly if you’re a “Bible-believer” as I am, THE TRUTH sets you free (John 8:32), NOT LIES AND FALSE PROPAGANDA!! It is time to finally wake up and TRULY, FULLY AND COMPLETELY face what’s really going on!!

      1. Sorry, but my experience with bible thumpers is that they’re prone to believe fairy tales. I am 60 years old, have no health problems, am height weight proportionate, and take no prescription medications of any kind. Having worked in nutrition research for many years, I can tell you that the best way to get vitamins and minerals is from fresh, organic food. Taking a pill does not make one healthy. Taking a pill which has not been tested for content is not going to keep someone from getting cancer or other diseases. The best way to stay in good health is to eat right, exercise regularly, not smoke or drink, and not take ANY pills (supplements or prescription).

        1. ///
          B.S. I agree about organic food, of course; but there is really no such thing as organic anymore because it is being inundated with radioactive dust fallout from Fukushima [yes, contrary to all of the false government and other propaganda, it is an active and extremely detrimental problem almost five years after the disaster originally occurred—I’ve been monitoring the background radiation levels, and they are two to three times higher all across the U.S. now, than they were before the disaster began and reached the U.S. (about a week to ten days after it began)] and from the extremely harmful chemicals (barium, aluminum, etc.), and the proven biological components of them as well, from the chemtrail fallout that have been being sprayed for twenty-five years now and continue to be (no, they have definitely been categorically proven to be a reality and NOT a “conspiracy theory”). So, unless the “organic” food is grown indoors in greenhouses, hothouses, etc., and is not watered with water that is inundated with all of the foregoing fallout (well-nigh impossible), it is not really organic.Thus, we all need supplements to seek to counteract these poisonings from the air, food and water. Also, as you’ve no doubt heard, due to detrimental many-decades-long agricultural practices, the food, including “organic”, is depleted of vitamins and minerals and doesn’t supply enough of them, and therefore most of us have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, leaving us greatly open to disease due to compromised immunity and refusal to take supplements.
          You are extremely lucky that you are in “good health” (as far as you know so far) without supplements. It must run in your genetic and/or ancestral background/heritage, and your body must be putting up a good fight against all of the foregoing. But, with the level of the poisons that we are inundated with today, without supplementation to counteract it you are very likely to contract fatal cancer(s) and/or opportunistic diseases and/or infections; and without that intervention, you are playing “Russian roulette” with your health and life. You may pass away from “‘natural’ causes” before that occurs, of course, but it remains to be seen.
          I will be sixty this coming April, and I don’t believe in ANY fairy tales or conspiracy theories. I am a highly intelligent (over 150 I.Q., though that does not AT ALL make me to superior to or better than ANYONE else) individual who is highly educated, studied and discerning. I don’t believe in or have anything to do with ANY lies, and NOTHING BUT face entirely, without ANY avoidance and denial of true reality, what is really going on. I am no longer part of the mass-insanity, and no longer live in the fantasy world, that most people, particularly “Amerikans” live in and are part of. I admit that I can’t prove it of course, but I believe that without supplementation, due to my three autoimmune and/or immunocompromising diseases (I’m totally physically disabled), I very likely would have died from cancer(s), etc., long before now. As a result of taking the very best care of myself as I possibly can, though I don’t get enough exercise anymore, I am doing relatively well considering the level of my physical disease(s) and the deficiencies that eating would otherwise cause without supplementation. Many if not most people with one or more of my diseases, who don’t use supplements and take as best care of themselves as they can, are either already dead or are much worse than I am, and are bedridden which I am not (yet anyway).
          Anyway, as brainwashed and willfully-ignorant as you sound, I don’t believe that it is likely that you can be reasoned with at all, and I have probably just (completely?) wasted my time writing this reply. You are very likely living in the fantasy world and/or are part of the mass-insanity which most people are, and are very clearly living by lies and in deep avoidance and denial of what is really happening, also like most people are; so, with that being the case you are probably unreachable and beyond the point of no return (but I, of course, hope I’m wrong). So, please don’t bother to reply anymore. I don’t want to go ’round and ’round with you or any other such willfully- blind, moronic and deceived people.

        2. You are correct in most cases. Eating junk cannot be overcome with supplements. But for me (never eating any junk) I could not afford all the food with nutrition and corrections I needed, so supplement I used a vitamin and mineral for balance, plus minor disease problems. Yes, the supplements were less cost. Then for Cancer I refused surgery and radiation, but much cheaper herbs worked!

    2. I agree there should be tests, but the risk of supplement remains a lot less than for drugs and food ingredients to which chemicals are added.

      1. What makes you think there are no chemicals in supplements? Problem is, we don’t really know what’s in the supplements we buy.

        1. As with everything else in life, we have to figure out who we can trust. All of these are tested, but that does not make the reports valid. More lies make more money. Anyway, I know from many years of personal experience that organic food and supplements I need are a lot better than ignoring them.

  13. On the face 23,000 sounds like a large number, but actually it’s quite small, when you figure there are 6000 hospitals in the US, that is just one emergency room visit every four months per hospital! FOUR emergency room visits per hospital yearly, that’s it. If we could keep all the reasons to go to the emergency down to just four visits each……. emergency rooms would go out of business!

  14. Adverse reactions to FDA approved drugs, in hospitals (not in the community), alone, is the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S., over 100,000 deaths annually. This does not include the 2 million non-lethal adverse drug reactions in the U.S. annually.

  15. The FDA is absolutely in bed with big pharma. The ‘adversarial relationship’ is just theater. It’s obvious in so many ways, and most appallingly imo from their actions against doctors like Stanislaw Burzynski MD, who’s curing cancer. After over 30 years of trying, the FDA has finally managed to stop him. Eugenics by any other name is still murder!

  16. This is Codex Alimentarius. And it’s picking up frightening speed because it’s now functioning nearly in the dark. There used to be brochures on Codex at Wholefoods/Bread & Circus and citizens were aware and active. Not anymore. If some serious light doesn’t shine on this dark agenda soon our most basic rights will be stolen right in front of our noses by our ‘trusted government agencies’. “Evil thrives when good men do nothing.”

    1. We still have books, the Internet and the right of free speech to spread the truth about specific supplements, if you don’t mind the NSA listening and avoid classified documents. The rest depends on your ability to see through lies and deception and avoid trusting authority. My only worry is that the pharmaceutical industry will have their Congressmen make our supplements illegal, like they seem to have done in Australia. Then I will have to grow any herbs myself, which are not too hard with grow lights, but takes a bit of time. And any more complicated supplements will require a chemistry set, but can be done. Fortunately, with governments starting to remove laws against hemp, I think things are freeing up, and am not so worried.

  17. I have taken supplements most of my life, primarily to balance my diet and correct small health problems. If you include herbs, I use graviola and turmeric to stop prostate cancer. Symptoms disappeared in three weeks, but with a lot of tests I know to avoid dairy products and too much sugar or the herbs would fail. (That was the fourth time doctors expected me dead.)

  18. What a joke that so many people die from supplements a year….Way more people die everyday from prescription drugs then any supplement. We have known this for a long time that the medical doctors along with the big pharm co’s want all supplements off the shelves of stores as well as on line buying of food based supplements as well as supplements in general….supplements saved my life…drugs failed. Sure, if your buying your supplements in a drug store well then they are junky. Several of my immediate family have died from pharmaceuticls. We better start thinking for ourselves and not allow our doctors to think for us

  19. Then again your body may be completely depleted of micronutrients and large quantities of vitamins, many herbs, etc. could cure you. Personally i believe one’s body will inform with truth, If you feel better taking something, continue, if you don’t stop. And with herbs be careful they are the real medicine and should be taken seriously.

    1. Remember when Bush Jr. made Ephedra Illegal? That pitcher for the St; Louis Cardinals took over a 200% DAILY dose of it all at once, and died, in the heat. It’s known as a thermogenic fat burner, and he used it in the heat of Florida, plus he was at least 60# overweight. You guessed it, Cardiac Arrest! So they made a SAFE Supplement illegal, just because some dumb fat a$$ OD’ed on it.
      FDA had guidelines of 100mg a DAY, spaced out over 24 hours. He took 225mg at once. 🙁

  20. I never trust anything made in China either. I gladly pay double than support business like China operating with slaves. But the real cause of damage is customers who want thing cheap and give no thought to real quality and respect.

  21. Yes, we should take what is missing from food, or correcting a problem. That means individual research both for produces and the company that produces them. For myself, I do a lot of trials. With graviola and turmeric I was able to stop cancer in three weeks, but with any dairy product or too much sugar the herbs would fail. I proved that four times to confirm. But it does not mean everyone will have the same results with the same thing, it is just a possibility and a warning. (My doctor was born in India, so he understands turmeric will work.)

  22. It may lead to certain supplement suppliers closing their doors, but it doesn’t mean the regular guy/gal can’t educate ourselves on certain plants that grow right outside our doors in some cases, like plantain and dandelion. Looked at as “nuisance” weeds to the uneducated, these and other plants that God gave us have a variety of beneficial uses. Just as many Hawaiians told me during my military tour in the late 70’s, “You’ll never be able to get rid of anything God brings out of the ground” (they were referring specifically to growing “pokalolo”, though I’m not). Any God fearing person will not be abandoned by God(Deut. 31:6; Heb. 13:5), no matter what the feds try.

  23. Geee bone heads….. How come I’m doing better with supplements vs all those pharmaceuticals for symptoms only and the cause is Lyme Disease + Co-infections? Even when the Doctor’s give Doxy they only give it for a few days…they got the right med….but they got the wrong dose and the legnth of time it really needs to be given…..What do you think a person uses to help with keeping the good bacteria while takin’ the Doxy to kill the demons(lyme+)??? yes that’s right a supplement-herb thing, are they gonna ban yogart soon too????? Dumb heads is more like it…You worried about supplements when we have an endemic going into a pandemic due to Lyme+ is infecting people by the MILLIONS….sexual transmition, mom’s to babies…blood and organs supply, other insects as well as Ticks……Time to get your thinkin’ caps on boys and girls…..perhaps grab some of that Co Q and Zinc and Mag L-thre….and a little Ginko??? Cuz you got alot of thinkin’ and research of facts if ya gonna tackle a no cure endemic like the new AIDS called Lyme+…

  24. Since Big Pharma is supporting many of the medical schools, they are now training those students, not to be doctors, but to become what is known as Cook Book Doctors. These doctors(?) do nothing besides looking through their prescription cook books rather than investigating into individual health problems.

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