Has Science Just Settled the “Low-Fat vs. Low-Carb” Debate for Weight Loss?

The Los Angeles Times says yes, and low-fat won—which will make some big advertisers happy. Unfortunately, the Times made a hash of the actual study. 
Here’s the headline: “For fat loss, low-fat diets beat low-carb diets handily, new research finds.” Unfortunately not a word of this is true. The article, which was published in the science section, should instead be under fiction. 
Let’s look more closely at the study, which was conducted by the National Institutes of Health. The researchers monitored two groups (one on a low-carb diet, one on a low-fat diet) under close clinical supervision for two weeks. This made it possible to know exactly what they ate. Both groups lost weight—and the low-carb group lost a pound more than the low-fat group.
What did the researchers do then? They decided to employ a much-abused technique, computer modeling, to estimate what would have happened if the experiment had continued for six months. They somehow concluded that the low-fat group, who lost less weight in the actual experiment, would have lost 6.5 pounds more body fat than the low-carb group. These rather bizarre (and openly manipulated) results led the study authors to conclude, “We can definitively reject the claim that carbohydrate restriction is required for body-fat loss.”
Note their statement: carbohydrate restriction is not required for weight loss. This is hardly news, and certainly doesn’t validate low-fat specifically over low-carb as a means of losing weight. Many diets can help people lose body fat, including extreme calorie restriction. But they made no mention of looking at which diets normalize insulin and blood sugar levels more quickly, lose body fat without the cravings associated with other approaches, or help people keep the weight off in the long-term—all of which lower-carb approaches do more effectively than other diets.
Moreover we have limited information about what the subjects actually ate. Somehow we doubt that the low-carb or low-fat meals they were given were comprised of the foods our integrative doctors or the most up-to-date nutritionists would advise.
The lack of any reference to “good” fats versus “bad” fats is a tip-off. All fats are far from the same. We need the good fats not only to thrive, but to burn off the bad fats. Today we know that even the fat deposits inside the body differ. Dr. David William’s last newsletter (Alternatives, August 2015) has a fascinating article about why we need more brown fat in order to control our white fat.
Even government bureaucrats are beginning to see that fat as a general category and cholesterol are not the problem. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recently admitted that “cholesterol is [no longer]  considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.” And, although the agency’s methods are deeply flawed, the FDA is looking into giving consumers more information about the sugar content of food. This is because Americans eat not only too much sugar and other sweeteners, but also high-glycemic carbohydrates that resemble sugar.
Our concern with the mainstream media is, as always, their desperate kowtowing to Big Food and Big Pharma—their big advertisers. Was this LA Times article inspired by the need to keep happy advertisers like Coke, a company whose attempts to muddy the scientific record we discussed recently? Or did the reporter simply not look at the study? We don’t know.


  1. Anyone with a brain knows carbs are the problem! If you lose the carbs in your diet, you lose weight!

    1. Not true. A lot of people these days are having a lot of trouble losing weight no matter what they do, because of the crap that the food industry hides in our food supply. Things that are meant to make us fat, unhealthy and desperate. They have made us the perfect consumers of the corporate food and drug industries. Addicted to the additives designed to keep them coming back for more and constantly being treated for made up illnesses that they will never get rid of because of the additives they are addicted to. If you can exercise at a level that could give you a heart attack and don’t eat enough to keep an anorexic going and still can shift any weight, there is something majorly wrong with this picture.

    2. I agree with Nerdworld Problems. It is just not that simple. Just like there are good fats and bad fats, there are good carbs and bad carbs. I just recently lowered the protein content and raised the carb content of my diet in recent months because I have been diagnosed with histaminosis. I have significant gene defects that cause me to not be able to break down the histamine content in foods, and part of the dietary approach to controlling this condition is to lower the protein content of the diet because high protein foods contain larger amounts of the amino acid histadine that gets converted to histamine, which I cannot properly break down. The rest of the diet approach is too complicated to go into here but includes avoiding all fermented foods (very high in histamine) and foods naturally high in histamine, and eating food extremely fresh.
      None the less, I have not gained weight and have actually lost more weight to my distress. As a result I have increased the fat content of my diet along with my carbohydrate intake, in the hopes of gaining back some of my lost weight. Needless to say I am not eating any refined carbs, nor wheat or gluten, but plenty of veggies but also more quinoa and buckwheat, and homemade quinoa/buckwheat zucchini muffins and the like. I do use extra eggs in the muffins though it does not amount to a lot of extra protein per muffin.
      As always, the best diet for any individual is one that is based on whole foods, but varies according to individual biochemistry. Sadly, the concept of biochemical individuality has yet to penetrate cookie-cutter mainstream medicine, and even many alternative practitioners don’t get it either. There are the low carb only proponents, the low fat only proponents, the vegan groups, the paleo groups, etc.
      Sometimes those of us in the alternative medicine community need to get our act together too.

      1. I don’t buy the good fats/bad fats, just like I don’t buy the good carbs/bad carbs. But I don’t have a health condition and you do, so you should understand the science and do what works for you. BTW, a low carb diet is not necessarily a high protein diet either.

        1. Agreed that a low carb diet does not necessarily have to translate into a high protein diet. But I do think that there are bad fats, one of which would definitely be manufactured trans fats. These, to me, are really bad. Maybe we should be talking about essential vs non essential fats as opposed to good fats and bad fats. I also think the type of rancid fats (as well as trans fats) found in a lot of commercial baked products can indeed be considered “bad fats”. Fats refined by by solvents and chemicals would also be categorized under “Bad fats” in my view as well. This might be a discussion for another time.

    3. Quite true, but…which carbs are we talking about? Green vegetables have carbs (and important vitamins and minerals you can’t get from animal protein and natural saturated fat sources). Put nearly anyone on a diet high in natural fat sources and animal protein (meat, fish, eggs, nuts), but restrict all carbohydrate sources to organic green vegetables (a little fruit, perhaps), and they will indeed lose excess pounds.
      Linda N, commenting here, cites a specific (I think unusual) genetic/metabolic problem as a reason not to eat a high protein diet. Not the case for the general population, fortunately.
      Nerdworld says carbs are not the problem (only partly true) but that junk food is. Well, THAT is certainly true.
      The real problem is an upside down food pyramid which includes grains (and legumes) as a staple–just what Big Food and Big Agri would love to have us believe. Native Americans and various Pacific islanders, various hunter-gatherer types the world over, lived on a diet high in natural fat, medium-high protein, and limited natural carbs, and they didn’t get “metabolic syndrome,” insulin insensitivity, or other “modern” diseases.
      Agrarian grain- and legume-based cultures (dating back only a few thousand years, but not pre-History) did have some occasional weight problems, but were eating far more natural grains (replanted grasses, rice, and maize). What we have now are new strains of hybridized high-gluten wheat, GMO corn and soybeans–traditionally unfermented soy was NOT a primary Asian food source–crops which could not survive (or even be found) in the wild. Most of these strains as we now grow them didn’t exist 50 years ago, and the human body has not adapted to the digestion and utilization of them.
      When talking about carbohydrates it’s vital to make the distinction between the produce aisle and the bread aisle. Just as it’s important with protein to distinguish between grass-fed meat and poultry, and bologna and hot dogs. Or with fats, natural butter, lard, and coconut oil, vs. margarine, Crisco, canola and GMO corn oil.
      The easiest way to determine what foods are good for the human body is go to a supermarket. Compare the people you see to what they have in their shopping carts. If you can’t rather quickly figure it out from there, read some lame-brained article citing the latest industry-funded meta-studies. Or worse, a two-week study on the relative dietary effects of one macro-nutrient over another. Like, huh? Two weeks?
      Okay, here’s two-week study: Take two groups of obese people of various ages. Put one on an all-you-can-eat diet of anything they want from the frozen breakfast, lunch, and dinner aisle, and from the bakery aisle (what they essentially live on anyway). Put the other on an all-you-can-eat diet of fresh ground meat, cage-free eggs, green vegetables, and all the butter or lard they like (no, they won’t die in only two weeks). Police them so no one cheats, weigh them naked after 14 days. Hell, check their blood pressure and glucose levels while you’re at it.
      As a follow-up study, reverse the groups and run the same test. I can tell you the results without getting up from my keyboard.

    4. Carbs are necessary nutrients! They provide energy for the body and metabolism of fats, essential fiber, vitamins and minerals. The human body cannot function properly without them. BAD Carbs are the problem …. processed foods, white flour products, junk/sweet foods, etc. If you eat a clean, mostly organic diet, stay away from GMOs, food additives, and all the other bad stuff (become a critical label reader), and be mindful of food intake vs. caloric expenditure, you will have built the foundation for losing weight almost effortlessly.

        1. THERE’S NO NEED TO GET NASTY …. not everyone knows that information and I was trying to educate. Chill out – understanding and kindness will get you more respect.

      1. Everyone is different and, no, people don’t need a lot of carbs. You don’t either. My flour these days is coconut or almond flour. Minimal starches or sugars for me. I don’t have a problem with you eating what works for you, but you need to back off telling people they need carbs, because they don’t.

        1. I never said people need a “lot of carbs”; but they are a necessary macronutrient (vegetables are carbs too). If you don’t get enough carbs in your diet, your body will go into a ketogenic state which is okay temporarily to lose weight, etc. , but not healthy and sustainable long-term IMO. I use coconut flour as well, and keep my starchy carb intake to a minimum.

    5. I eliminated ALL animal products and lost nearly 40 pounds in three months, I started at a weight of 188 and now weigh 148…..I didn’t even do it to lose weight, it just came off.

  2. The food industry CEO’s are worst than drug dealers and that’s no lie since they must make profit as well as focus on his golden parachute.
    Not only that they bribe our lawmakers at every turn to insure they keep the gravy train rolling on schedule.
    I can guarantee you this is happening!
    In the trucking industry the lawmakers suggested weight limits on drivers and almost immediately one of the mega chains built gyms then turned right around and jacked up the carbs etc right after that so they could turn a huge profit from the gyms.
    Another tried it but shutdown the gyms because they expected immediate profit.
    This country has been flushed down the toilet and it’s so sad to see America going down so fast till it gives me cry at times because everyone else has been fooled into believing that their are only two doors instead of three.

  3. Our hidden rulers, who are the secret owners of the Fed, are
    the European Black Nobility. They control us through their army of
    Masonic, Zionist and Jesuit agents. They are conducting a handicapping
    campaign through deliberately placing poisons in our air, water, food and
    medicine. Their aim is to control and enslave the world forever.
    They are also adamant about preventing us from receiving and absorbing
    nutrients from our food and supplements – that detoxify these poisons they give us
    These selfish and callous criminals don’t want us to find out about and use fats in our diet because fats greatly help the absorption of nutrients into our bodies.
    They are conducting a dis-information campaign to vilify beneficial fats.
    The same goes for another fat called cholesterol and whole unprocessed salt.
    Someday the public is going to catch on that nearly everything coming out of
    the establishment is the opposite of the truth and that the establishment,
    controlled by the criminal Black Nobility, is our mortal enemy and not the safe
    haven and savior that most toxically injured sheeple believe in and desperately
    count on. It’s all a deadly colossal hoax.

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  5. I’ve tried both a low fat diet and a low carb diet before and the only one to ever work for me was the low carb one. I lost over 60 pounds on it. When I had tried a low fat diet with calorie counting involved and feeling like I was always hungry I had lost only 10 pounds but quickly gained it all back. I’d rather cut out the carbs and live a lifestyle diet where I don’t feel hungry all the time anyway.

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