FDA Fires Direct Shot at Small, Local, Artisanal Food Producers

The FDA is proposing a new regulation that could shutter the doors of your favorite artisanal food producers. Action Alert!
When the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was originally proposed in 2010, we and many other organizations were troubled. Small-farm and organic food advocates warned that the legislation would destroy their industry under a mountain of paperwork and other onerous requirements.
Working with the natural health community, ANH-USA helped win the inclusion of an amendment from Sens. Jon Tester (D-MT) and Kay Hagan (D-NC), which exempted producers making less than $500,000 a year in sales who also sold most of their food locally. This wasn’t easy. Big farms and processed food companies and their allies at the USDA and FDA did not like it—they feel threatened by competition from natural food producers.
It is not surprising but it is disappointing that the FDA has simply ignored the intent of the Tester-Hagan amendment in a new rule it has proposed. In interpreting the amended FSMA, FDA determined that only food produced on a farm and then sold locally at a farmer’s market or roadside stand would qualify. This interpretation leaves out artisanal food producers who make bread, cheese, oils, or other prepared foods to be sold locally. These producers will now be responsible for complying with the complicated and burdensome FSMA rules, which could lead to many of them having to close down their business.
Action Alert! Submit a public comment to the FDA urging them to comply with the intent of the Tester-Hagan amendment and exempt ALL facilities that make less than $500,000 a year in sales who also sell most of their food locally. Please send your message immediately.


  1. The FDA does not like anyone to be able to eat real food that has not been contaminated with Genetic Engineering. No GMO food has undergone the tests that are required under US law. It has all been illegally approved by the FDA and other government regulators. See Steven Druker’s book “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth” which shows that the US Government was more interested in promoting the Biotech/Bioengineering industry than protecting the health of if its citizens, legal residents and visitors, and has used its influence to persuade other countries to accept that GMO’s have been proven safe which is not the case.
    This twisting of the intent of the Tester-Hagan amendment is sponsored by the Agrichemical and Industrial Farming Corporations who wish to completely take over the food supply and remove individual choice from the market.

    1. The Government is not interested in promoting biotec. They are interested in the money they are paid by the biotec industries. Vote for new senators and legislators. Spread the word on biotec hazards, I think you’re better informed than most. Start a BioDanger blog, get a following and spread the word.

  2. if you don’t want the cookies on your computer, copy the text and send it in a letter to your Senators and Representatives!

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  3. The government approves drugs that kill us, but not farmers who produce what we can eat to prevent pharmaceutical profits.

    1. No instead they won’t grow the spine to tell Monsanto to F off and switch to organic farming, so the farmers are also apart of the problem. Any farmer who buys Monsanto products should be euthanized for the greater good of the world. Anyone who disagrees should also be euthanized.

      1. You need to do some research. You really don’t know what you are talking about. People like YOU are just as guilty as Monsanto and the rest.

        1. Oh shut up, all you did was spew stipulation and conjecture in all of your replies to my posts. I don’t have to pleasure you with a response but I will just this one with a good ol’ “STFU!”. As if I am just as guilty as a corporation that poisons all of life, you must be stupid.

          1. What exactly, in your self proclaimed self righteous hate frenzy, are you doing to change anything? The India farmers? I’ve known of them for a long time. I have been in the fight to get the truth of Monsanto to the public for more than 8 years. I am an organic grower, and have been for 10+ years. You think you can teach me something? Yes, you struck a nerve with me. Spouting that people should be killed? This fight is about SAVING lives, not murdering people because they won’t fall into step with your idea of how things should be done and when. And small family farms are NOT corporations. People like you are not who we need in the fight against Monsanto, Bayer Crop Science, Dupont, Syngenta and all the others. The small family farms were lied to for years, and no, it isn’t that easy to get out from under those companies. They need information, and education, and help. You know nothing of their plight. These people are hard working. honorable people. They need to know the truth from people who care about them. They love the land that they have worked, some for many generations.

          2. You really are a trainwreck lady, you claim I need to learn but it is you who has a lot of learning to do. Yeah I taught you something with my last reply, the bee’s are being killed by neonicotinoid pesticides and YOU need to stop attempting to divide people when we are on the same side. Oh yeah we need people like you in this fight, those who won’t go the lengths needed to stop corporations from destroying all life on the planet while thinking they are immune to the consequences. You don’t know how bad it is, that is why you aren’t like me. I do know of their plight but I am not going to hold their hand, they must help themselves. Much like you must help yourself and NOT divide people over petty things. Perhaps you wouldn’t defend yourself from a murderer because that means you have to hurt them, but I for one, will obliterate anyone who crosses me and that isn’t a belief ~ that just is. There is a Ying and Yang to life and if you won’t support both sides you don’t deserve either.

          3. I’ve know about neonicotinoids probably before someone stopped wiping your nose. I’ve raised bee’s for more than 10 years. Boy, you are really a piece of immature work. Get off your butt, and get out into the world and see what is really going on and stop reading about life from your computer. Until you learn to talk to people, you will never make the changes that are so sorely needed. Like I said, you are part of the problem. Until people like you change, and help spread information to people who don’t know it, that change will never come. You have never been to farm country. You have never been to a farm. There is no information out here for the majority of farmers. There is no wi-fi, or satellite, or cable for the majority. Monsanto sponsors ag (agriculture) classes in the schools. YOU have all (really?) the information, and will do nothing but demonize people you don’t know anything about. The rest of us will be out there spreading the word, and slowly changing minds, and educating the small farms that have made this country great. With education, information, and the help they need to start the transition and freedom to go back to the way farming was done years ago. You can’t go screaming at people, call them stupid, and say they should die and expect anything but hate for the people doing it. There’s a better way. Maybe when you grow up you will see that. I suggest you start with anger management classes.

          4. Your pathetic attempt to equate me to some social networking user is just a perfect example of the provocative troll shill that you are. I’m done speaking with you, because I don’t care about shills. You will disregard my efforts while proclaiming yours to be superior even though we are fighting the same demon, which to me just makes you apart of that same demon. I have been to a farm, I live in farm country there is farmland just a few miles up the highway. Blah Blah Blah, if you support feeding people cancer food you deserve to die I don’t care who you are or what you say.

  4. Listen FDA, we know what you are and what your trying to do. Lay off. Stop messing with our food. We know your working with this Gov. to lower the population . You want to control our type of food to feed us. What are we to you rats to experiment on . Along with the Chemtrails that is sprayed on the fields of food, what so you can kill us slowly and see the affect. Then when we go to the doctors office they feed us more chemicals . So in the end we are giving money to the FDA isn’t that right you perverts. You all are nothing put attack dogs after the innocent who is trying to be good people in a crazy world. And I find you disgusting criminals.

          1. When are you going to rebel? Do you think we’re ready for an all out scuffle? You might try getting people who think like you, to vote for new representation. If would be a shame to bring back the guillotine prematurely.

    1. The goup as a whole are probably not “disgusting criminals” but more like people who need a job to pay the rent and feed the family. It’s the head of the snake that’s the dangerous part.

  5. Screw ’em. The US federal government will be extinct soon. Free and last, good God all mighty, free at last !

      1. The collapse won’t come at all with online chatter. We don’t want a collapse at all if it can be helped. We just want honest politicians. They are there now, principally, to line their pockets, and to help line the pockets of those in the 1%. There are some exceptions, I don’t know any from my state (some of the worst) but I’ve followed Al Frankin for years before and since his election to Senator in Minnesota. He’s one of only a few who are fighting Citizens United, which is one of the worst things, ever, that’s happened to the American voter.

        1. What is one of the worst things ever? Al Frankin or Citizens United? We citizens ought to unit in prayer to God Almighty because He promised us WORSE leaders, not better ones, like He said in Daniel 4:17, “The most High rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever He will, and sets up over it the basest of men.” Ask for God’s mercy that He will give us good leaders, not the worst.

          1. I just doubt that he’d interested in getting involved in the mess we’ve created. But go on praying just in case.

          2. What do you mean He’s interested? He predicted it. He said if the mess is not stopped, we will all be dead. And He’s coming the second time to put a stop to it and save what is left of us, and to rule the earth forever.

          3. I suggested you pray, quietly, in your closet, like the book says. Not preach.

          4. If you think prayer and preaching will get you further in the eyes of God, than actually trying to solve a problem, I think you may have missed His point in putting you here.

          5. Jesus commanded us to pray. Paul told us to pray constantly. We are commanded to love God with all our being. We do that by praying and giving thanks to Him. It’s true that faith without works is dead, but Jesus said without Him we can do nothing.

          6. Thanks for your thoughts. They’ve been shared with me since before you were born. But this is not the church hotline. We have concerns set out at he the top of this discussion which you have suggested can be helped by prayer. I would suggest that, with your background, you should follow that inclination.

          7. And just how old are you, Grampa? Not as old as me, I bet. I stated that God is going to give us crappy leaders as He said He would in the Bible. I suggested we pray to Him for His mercy that He will give us godly leaders instead. What do you want to do? Shoot them?

          8. If you really think Creation has no bargaining chips in this existence, you really are a fool. Please get your head out of the bible for one day and realize that the PLANET EARTH and NATURE are the ONLY reason you are alive today.

          9. Until its proven and stands in front of me in the flesh yes i doubt .
            And if there is a god he is a horrible being all the suffering in the world,to sit around and watch it . So know i dont believe in god.

          10. Right now, the proof of the existence of God is fulfilled prophecies. All the evil that is going on which you say disproves God is what he predicted. He said there would be religious deception, martyrdom, famines, earthquakes, pestilence. He said these things would get worse and worse. He said the world would become more violent and sexually immoral. He said men would lose their faith, and their love will grow cold. All these things are happening today. He is allowing these to happen for only a short while. Then he will return again as God Almighty to put a stop to all this before we put a stop to ourselves and destroy ourselves.

          11. It is the Electoral College that decides what crooked “leaders” get in, not some human fabricated ‘god”. I understand that people love to quote the bible but it really just makes you look like a brain-washed zealot. Religion was made by man, get your head out of the clouds and help us fight the real problems without just referring to some script! Ah, why am I even bothering responding to a religious lunatic.

          12. I am no “God-Hater” as you would say: I merely perceive a different God than you. The same “Gods” that you humans genocided hundreds of thousands of Pagans for. Believing in and Worshiping NATURE as your god, for providing your very existence and ability to live instead of your fabricated storytale of falsehoods that is merely a list of weak principles to attempt to live by; That of which you religious nut-bags couldn’t even accomplish as you shouted “Thou Shall Not Kill!” while you slayed women and children in the medieval streets simply for not believing the same dribble as you. How Dare you even take the nerve to call me anything, you plebeian.

          13. It looks like you’re a girl. What’s wrong, baby?
            It’s hard to make sense of your lovely composition. You are accusing me of worshipping nature? I do no such thing. Then you talk about medieval streets. Are we in the same century?
            You call yourself “Reality of Truth.” What is your truth? I’m afraid you are just a label hanger. You hang labels on everybody. You don’t try to reason with anyone.

          14. I am no “God-Hater”, as you would say: I merely perceive a different “God” than you. The same “Gods” that you religious genocided hundreds of thousands of Pagans for. Believing in and Worshiping Nature (which is what I do) as your “God”; For providing your very existence and ability to live instead of your fabricated storytale of falsehoods that is merely a list of weak principles set forth to attempt to live by. That of which you religious people couldn’t even adhere too as you shouted “Thou Shall Not Kill!” and slayed hundreds of thousands of women and children in the medieval streets simply for not believing in the same fairy-tale as you. How Dare you even take the nerve to call me anything with a track record such as what you believe in. Don’t try to delete this post either, I have it saved and will simply put it up again.

        2. Word of mouth is the fastest form of information sharing, so once again, you clearly have no clue what you are saying and it would be best if you simply went quiet so as to stop making a fool of yourself. Stop trying to manipulate the situation, politicians are criminal scum and they will keep poisoning all life until their life is taken from them. There is no fixing this system, it is systemically corrupt and the only way to fix it is to completely get rid of it and all its facilitators.

    1. They are pushing way too much crap on us daily and taking away any freedoms we once had all in the name of “public safety” which is a total load of crap!! We are very slow and complacent in this country but people are starting to wake up to the facts. Getting the Liberatarian, Independent, Green parties, etc. into the media and being able to debate would be a good start.

  6. Our government is so bloody corrupt. It is totally beyond disgusting. I am so sick and tired of the government forcing poisonous vaccines injected into our systems and GMO poisoned foods down our throats. I truly believe they want us to be compliant zombies without a mind of our own.

    1. We the People of America, Need to Stand Together and Demand That All Of America is ORGANIC. Healthy Food Begets, Healthy People, Healthy Environment and Healthy Animals. Anything Less is Unacceptable Period !

        1. Thanks John, Spread the Word, My American Brethren. We all should expect Nothing But 100% Healthy food for Our Families.

      1. This sounds very democratic(pun intended)…We the people should all Demand we only have one color of cars and trucks too… Sorry, but as I’ve said before if “ORGANIC” farming was feasible and I were 30 years younger I might consider it…That said if everyone went Organic we wouldn’t have enough food to feed the world nor our own nation so we’d end up importing “unlabeled” food even more… WE FARMERS (before Organic even was a label or a way of life) have been used as pawns since our country was founded…Embargoes. imports if prices get to high to cut the price the producer gets are a fact of life…Just ask anyone who is buying beef right now at the stores…They just changed laws to make consumers as a whole happier but not healthier once again with the abolishment of the “Country of Origin” ruling… Yeop, Keep hating on these farmers..

        1. If everyone went organic, there would be more than enough food to feed the population. Too much food is currently produced and at least 1/3 is wasted due to it not being got to market. Distribution systems need to be improved so that much of the waste, that lost due to inadequate transport availability, is saleable. Of course if you think that GE foods are the way to go then there will be less demand for food from those that die because of the toxicity of GE Food which 90 day trials will never show up. 900 day trials would show up a lot of the toxicity of GE foods but 5 to 10 year trials would be better still.

          1. I’m sure that if organic was what we all wanted, you would see better products and higher production. We’re being steered towards GMO products so that the industry can make money that they can’t make from truck farms and family gardens.

          2. That is true. If we were eating nutrient-dense, naturally grown food, we would not need to eat that much. We need very little food to survive and thrive. We’re just programmed to believe we need to eat things like dairy and meat when it is simply false. Part of the deception being sold to people is to make them believe there is lack in the world and that is just BS. They want us to feel helpless and dependent upon THEM.

          3. If you haven’t yet, you might read Steve Farney, he’s a few comments down.

          4. Actually, I was listening to a report the other week…and it said that 40% of the food is wasted before it ever reaches the market…Some of the fruits/veggies may have had a little bruising or have a deformed shape so they consider it as not okay to sell…I know a lot of people who would buy that food if it was cheaper…

          5. Thanks for deleting all of my posts so you can spew lies to people, it really gives me something to do. I don’t treat you the same way, so why do you do this? You want people to read lies? You want to confuse people? You want to hide the truth? You must be another industry servant who WANTS people to get cancer and WANTS children to have autism, I’d tell you that you should be ashamed but you probably don’t have the capacity for feelings, let alone empathy.
            Yeah go ahead folks, read steve’s comments if you want a good laugh.

          6. Honestly, I am not concerned about the wasted food because it is all
            conventional which isn’t healthy to ingest. It is just an example of the
            failed industrial farming system that produces toxic food that just gets
            thrown away. If given a choice between GMO feed and anything else, the animals will always choose something else because they can smell how toxic the GMO feed is.

        2. Sorry Steve Fortney, Dem. or Rep. or Ind., I am a American Firstly, to the Core and Lastly. I Don’t Go for Petty Mamma Drama, Created by Politicians, States or the Ignorant. You Can Have any Color car your heart desires. As for me, I am and have been Farming and also Animal Husbandry too. I am 100 % Organic, This land has not been farmed in over 35 years, just mowed. The land is Clean and UN-poisoned, it has a year round Spring fed creek. Which by the way was just checked by GA. State College and has received a 3 to 5 Star rating Nationally. Steve, it is and Always has been Big Business and Corporations, Attacking the Little People, (Bullies). If your Farming,? you sure sound Like a Monsanto (Yes) man.

          1. I hate monsanto Bear Will…. I also hate Syngenta as they’ve forced us to use their products… Good for you for having a ‘Gold star”.. I hope you can hang it on your wall and your land stays healthy…So the 35 years it sat idle you weren’t farming it, Why? It’s not an “if” when it comes to me farming as I’ve been helping out of the farm before I was 10 since I grew up on a dairy, pork, chicken, tobacco, and anything else we could raise to make a living… You’re comment about the corporations being the only ones attacking the “Little people” is a joke…I am considered little in my area with only 150 acres of corn and beans together plus around 50 acres of hay, 30 beef cows ect…. Comercial farming is attacked more by those who are 100% Organic are much more likely to happen then attacks from those companies….

          2. Steve, Sorry your getting forced to capitulate, I wish you could draw down on them and tell them all to stay off your property or risk lead poisoning by lethal injection. I came here 6 years ago, an ended up helping care take the land. The land was farmed by their father up to 35 years ago. It is also less then a 10th of what you have to deal with. 2 years ago, I thought I was dying, all joints hurt to move,IBS,brain fog, lymphoma and bone cancer in my blood work, Tendon problems for years, in my arms. Toxic drugs from the VA, bought from China, took my eye sight, lungs, teeth and hair. I told the Immunologist to shove his drugs. I went Gluten Free, less joint pain within 3 days, 3 months later I was logging on a mountain top cutting hardwood for heat. Wheat, Barley and Rye has the Gluten that attacks us slowly through our small intestines and opens us up to over 50 different diseases. I’m trying to grow Emmer Wheat, 8 to 12 thousand yr. old stock. They say Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac’s can consume it without any problems. I guess we shall see. I also read they are trying to perfect a Gluten Free Wheat now.

          3. Sorry to hear of all you’ve been through.. Call me an odd duck but I actually defend Organic farmers and when in pain(I’m sure you know how it is) one is a lot more edgy(if you will)..I made a comment earlier when I was hurting one day saying I might as well quite going to Organic markets or coops all together… I typed it but that will never happen.. I try to be a steward of the land also and am doing this on my own. My dad is able to help drive tractor and that’s about it.(which I’m very grateful since he is 87).. My diet consists of basically what his has over the years except for the last 10 or so as the dr.s are thinking gluten might be part of the cause of them..Extra vitamins, ect. to go with it too..
            . This year I decided to try using compost instead of regular fertilizer and the fertilizer I did use had no salt in it… My soil has been built up for many years now but I feel the compost will get the bugs working in it and allow me to use less chemicals down the road a few years from now. As you’ll see I posted above also…There are some concerns of mine about what can be considered organic also. In 2007 & 2008 we had 100 year floods in our areas after many chemicals had already been applies,,,not only that but all the other toxins came down the creeks and many wells too a long time to get the poisons out….Still some Organic farmers were able to qualify their crops they planted in these flooded grounds later and still do…All these poisons are still in those soils too I would think…Potatoes were a big item as well as corn, most soybeans were flattened or died out.. Of these acres I crop there are 85 of them are on River bottom ground that floods every once in awhile..That is 1/2 my total grain acres… To me that’s not suitable land to be considered Organic on a good year. Also there is no way for me alone to cultivate as some years cultivation might only be able to be done only once. I have fall panicom, yellow nutsedge, as well as many other weeds besides quack grass that one cultivation would touch… Again,,,Sorry to blow my top and yes people need to be educated but some of what has been posted early makes no sense and quite frankly will not work for many farms… That said I will still support Organic farmers and those who work for Organic Valley and Mosa or any other Organic org… I’m just not going to stand by and watch a blast fest on those who farm, do a good job the conventional way from the start though and that’s what I’ve been reading to this point… Have a good day and my apologies to start a stir…

          4. Instead of allowing Syngenta to put a ‘Metaphorical’ “gun” against your head and “force” you to use their products, you should put an ACTUAL gun against their head and tell them F YOU! Because you don’t do that, you are apart of the problem and I have no sympathy for you or your problems. In-fact, I’d wipe you from the face of this earth merely for supporting these companies. I would do the same for any and all that do and THAT will solve the problem.

        3. Facts:
          Organic yields match conventional yields.
          Organic outperforms conventional in years of drought.
          Organic farming systems build rather than deplete soil organic matter,
          making it a more sustainable system.
          Organic farming uses 45% less energy and is more efficient.
          Conventional systems produce 40% more greenhouse gases.
          Organic farming systems are more profitable than conventional.

          1. GMO and conventional yields are actually lower than organic yield, only correction.
            The India Situation proves as much; Once the farmers switched their methods, their yields reduced and their lives were terminated.

      2. Too bad people are so easily manipulated to falter to intentional division among perceived barriers between peoples. The Reality is that we are all Humans and should embrace THAT, instead of dividing ourselves over our own fabrications or perceived differences like ethnicity, wealth, rank, or otherwise. I think someone once said something along the lines of ‘A people once divided are certain to fall’. Stop allowing the saboteurs to divide you over petty things and unite against those who poison us with malice intent and poison all of life with cruel neglect. There shall be no salvation and no sanctuary for those that would choose to stand against the All-Bearing ~ Nature. All Glorious ~ All One.

    2. Remember to vote and have your friends vote. Koch’s, among others, can’t buy bad representatives if we put good rep’s in for a maximum of two terms. We need to get rid of a lot of dead wood.

      1. What good does it do to vote when the corporations are allowed to throw their billions at the candidates? When most of the people in the U.S. only vote on what they see on tv and who has the most money wins. When the two party system is the only recognized system when there are other parties with more honest people as candidates. How can we possibly believe anything that is said when it all comes out of highly paid speech writers paid by lobbists for special interest such as Monsanto, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, etc.

    3. Bev, I was just looking back at your comment and it occurred to me that we already have more than our share of zombies. If folks were more concerned with the crap they put up with, we might have a way to shake things up.

      1. Fake Patriotism and believing the system is legitimate is sooo 2005. Get over it, the system you contribute to maliciously poisons you and those in power have no intention to stop unless they are FORCED to stop. Voting another crook in won’t help, they are all in cahoots.

  7. Forcing entire populations to eat GMO’s, unknowingly, is a crime, a big one. Like TBear says, Steven Druker summarized it clearly in his book. Studies on animals/human health conditions since the begin of GMO’s are very clear, genetically modified organisms, with artificially added genes of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, with randomly mutated genes of specific treat proteins, with toxins like Bt, which drill holes in a simple lipid bilayer, can’t be good for both animal and human consumption. Trying to even further limit the access to healthy foods by putting even more restrictions on small producers, is another crime and clearly shows the goal of mr. taylor/Monsanto et. al..

    1. Yes, it is criminal, the only problem is the crooks who are perpetrating this toxic monopoly also have the courts lined. So how do you get corrupt criminals running the system to convict themselves? You don’t, you shoot them dead instead.
      Nobody likes violence but this is what it has come to, either we kill all of these subhuman monsters or they continue to poison and destroy the world.

  8. Then just why is the FDA allow the Pharmaceuticals, for payola of course, produce and sell high profit poison drugs that kill over 100,000 citizens each year? The FDA does not like these local produced health foods because it will cut into the profit of the manufactures of poison toxic laced foods sold in the market. Have you even read the label of the foods that you feed your self and family? Most likely NOT. Just when are the citizen going to wake up to the fact that we now have over 400 ruling Federal Agencies and the off springs, all thanks to your Corrupt Politicians would sell their own into slavery or death which ever comes first just to get the Payola that grease their palms. Face these corrupt Bureaucrats in control now rule and don’t your forget. Have a good day and vote for Obummer again. Oh, I forgot Obummer is just going to become the new ruler of the Republic USA forever and never leave.

    1. Unfortunately, there are still way too many people who believe what they read, hear and see what the totally bought media is allowed to let us know. There are thousands of people in California opposing a bill forcing all and any future vaccines on our children. It truly is dismaying and amazing how many people believe the pharmaceutical propaganda that comes out of their mouths. I just find it so very hard to believe that people will give up their freedom as to what poisons are injected into their child. Their arguments: The FDA and the CDC are protecting us and wouldn’t let anything bad pass on to us.
      I totally trust my (pharmaceutical educated) doctor. He knows better than I do what is best for my child.
      The science is there that vaccines are safe for all children except for one in a million.
      I do not want my child in school with healthy children that have opted out of even one vaccine because those children are going to pass a disease onto my fully vaccinated child.
      Measles kill children
      This bill is for “public safety”
      These are just some of the ignorant answers the opposition are getting.
      Talking to the Senators and Assemblmen: We get thousands of bills to vote on and we can’t read them all. We will vote with what our “buddies” tell us. Oh, I didn’t know that any and all future vaccines are in the bill. Oh, I didn’t know that if a parent opts out of even one vaccine or misses even one of the 49 doses before the age of 6, they are considered “unvaccinated” and will not be allowed in public, private or charter school. But it was amended that you can still home school if you keep your child at home and away from the other schools.

      1. Yeah, California is also stupid enough to restrict resident water usage but allow the Fracking industry and Water Bottling companies to utilize the water source unregulated. (Fracking alone wastes 70 million gallons a year, talk about retarded).
        Corporate crooks will lie to the people while pandering to the corporations. Easiest solution is to execute them all for crimes against life. You certainly aren’t going to talk sense into any of these brain-dead financial crooks in the fake U.S. “government” and it is almost just as hard to talk to the masses who believe in this fake society.

    2. It’s OK to think well of yourself, but you should think better of others. Remember, you vote the same as everyone else, and if you don’t like President Obama you undoubtedly voted for representatives who are taking billions from the Kochs for their support in favorable decisions for Kochs and their subsidiaries. We all need to do more, better.

      1. Just what is you point? Your reply has nothing to do with what I wrote. Maybe it because you were trained under the common core non-educational system.

        1. I guess my point was, if intelligence is too much of a stretch, you can always be offensive.

    It’s no longer safe to breathe the air, eat the food, or drink the
    water. The people of this Planet are being deliberately poisoned by a
    Criminal Cabal, whose goal it is to own the World, everything, and
    everyone in it. They know that the majority of the population is
    arrogant, ignorant, & apathetic – or don’t give a damn. The people
    have become like puppets & pawns. They will be sacrificed when
    necessary. This Evilarchy makes nothing but Death, Debt & Disease.
    They create our Currency & our Commerce through the privately
    owned Federal Reserve, the IMF & the World Bank. They are
    ideologically evil, have no conscience, and retain no remorse. They are
    Illuminists. They are Luciferian. These Manthusian-Minded Men are
    cold-blooded killers. They seek a Global Government, through the United
    Nations & the establishment of a New World Order. They are
    “out-Hitler-ing” Hitler & out-murdering Mao

    1. I often wonder what their motive for doing this is for? Do they all think they have eternal life? I truly do not understand why.

      1. Blame the unmeasurable levels of human stupidity and the pathetic desire of the masses to be coddled in luxury without hardship or effort. Gotta fight for your rights and make the hard choices if you really want your health, prosperity, happiness and freedom. Hard choices like executing this “criminal cabal” for High Treason.

          1. Never getting a job, never having my own family, never having a life in this toxic society because it would mean that I would contribute federal taxes that subsidize Fossil Fuel, Big Banks, Insurance Companies, and the creation of toxic GMO’s. You know, petty crooks and anti-life chemicals. Taxpayer funds are also used to purchase weapons and ammunition that murder other taxpayers and are shipped to “terrorist groups” that the crooks in our fake government want us to be afraid of so they can steal more of our rights under the guise of protection.
            What hard choices have I made? I’ve made the hard choice that I never get to live a life, while being alive.

          2. Oh, so, you walk everywhere? And I suppose you require no food? How do you pay for your internet? Housing? Electricity? Whatever contraption you are sending these comments on? And, if you think it is as bad as you say, why aren’t you out there trying to change it? Oh, you are waiting for someone else to do it? And then kill people who use Monsanto? Wow. I think you have bigger issues than Monsanto. Society is only toxic if that’s what you allow. There are lots of nice people out there in the world. Maybe you should get off the computer and go see for yourself.

  10. We really need a common sense law that would cover our entire legal system to not evade the essence of a law.

    1. Unhappily, we have more than a century of tradition of the bribing of our representatives for favors in guiding laws that favor the industries and corporations. That’s the dirtiest aspect of our political system currently. We need to weed out the crooks before we can expect to get a cleansing law that might help encourage our Reps to vote for our welfare.

          1. Worrying about smoke from a fire as “pollution”, instead of all of the factory farms and toxic fossil fuel refineries, is like worrying about a skinned knee while you have a sucking chest wound with no limbs.
            Kek, Jokes. Seriously though, you industry shills may well call it quits.
            The enemy you have made in me is all mighty and I am not speaking of some human fabricated religion either. You are messing with Life Itself, The Universe and Mother Nature/Earth.

    2. Make lobbying, also known as bribery, against the law. What a disgusting “career”

  11. Get a plow, buy some seed, plant the back yard. You don’t need to feed the world but if you just feed your families you’ll make a dent in the system. It’s more effective than complaining or pointing fingers.

    1. No! it is not more effective than complaining! But you should grow your own.

      1. If most people grew a garden, there would be many fewer customers for Big Ag, thereby putting them out of business since it wouldn’t be profitable enough. Problem solved. So, yeah, everyone should grow their own food; if you have a large backyard or live on a farm, grow enough to help your neighbor out. That’s what I’m doing.

        1. amazing what happens when you pass zucchini and tomatoes amongst friends and neighbors. You get a pot luck party!

        2. I truly wish everyone would have their own garden, It isn’t that difficult and can also be done in a small space. Tons of info on how on the internet. That would surely “cook their goose” for sure.

      2. “Doing” is almost always more effective than complaining, unless you think someone is listening. Complain, but take care of your family first.

        1. I live a block away from newly purchased, by Dole, large strawberry fields and very unhappy that another corporation has moved in.

      1. They have already started trying to do this very thing. They have also tried coming down hard on the natural way of medicine.

  12. Need a link to the proposed rule, please. Can’t convince people this is a problem unless you can tell them what the problem is. Thanks!

  13. Stop paying taxes to these creeps . Quit your job and organic garden . Put your small acerage into ag status to lower property tax . Trade and barter . Reduced tax proceeds = reduced government burden on us. Small gov i like . Big Gov i cannot live with.

  14. How much longer America? 535 and their minions are leaching away American Freedoms like the parasites they are. Understand the meaning of WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.

    1. Read Steven Druker’s book “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth” . This explains the rules and explains why the FDA and other Government Agencies have broken the law.

  15. It doesn’t really matter how they choose to apply it does it, it is still there and gives these people legal recourse to fight this over bloated government agency.

  16. If you really want to reach people, the way to do it and say what you want is in a book, it is not regulated by the FDA or the FTC. The websites can be regulated, This is what I am doing, and it is the way to get your point across without any restrictions, what so ever, if you have the info to back it up, than you can say whatever you want, and should be okay.

  17. Nothing will change unless you tell all of your main stream food friends and family of these things and they take on their own action. Too many people still buy cheap, unhealthy middle of the grocery food and don’t care to pay 2x 3x or 4x for healthier options. Oh and stop growing grass in your backyard and have a large organic farm 🙂

    1. Any friends I could of gained over the past couple of years I had lost when I tried to explain to them that the food is toxic. Oh well, can only help those who will help themselves.

  18. The hippy era taught a lot that we seem to have forgotten. You can coop a farm for personal use. I don’t think they can regulate trade of goods between coop farms. Find a small piece of land, share the work, a few hours a week, trade product with other local coops. It takes a little more work than complaining but it solves some problems.

    1. More reason to use open pollinating heirloom seeds. Save some each year for the next. Avoid dead end hybrids and anything GE.

  19. Any food producers who are unfairly burdened by this legislation can use that as a justifiable means to IGNORE the request to “comply” to their burdensome rule. Simple as that.

  20. Steve, if you want to eat Ready Roundup Herbicide, Dicamba, Agent Orange and the other toxic chemicals that these awful corporations utilize, by all means you can. But you will never convince anyone else of what you say because you are flat out wrong.

      1. He is wrong in saying that if he goes to Non-GMO farming, he will use more chemicals. That is Flat out Wrong. He clearly hasn’t even done any studying on the matter, it is as if he didn’t even search up any alternate methods and is just making claims to appease the industry he buys products from. I cannot trust ANY farmer that purchases Monsanto’s products and then claims to not like it but “have to deal with it anyway”. You are shilling for an industry that is harming all of life, you better find another way or this planet will MAKE you one day.

        1. I like to hear his response to this, but my bet is that there is more to it than reports. It would seem unlikely that a farm could of any size, could sequester more than what it produces. Considering that we are now over 400ppm in CO2, the highest in the last 6 million years, I think it’s a pipe dream.

          1. Yet another disregarding statement from the industry protecting shill.
            Instead of doing any actual studying on the matter, you just call it a pipedream and disregard it. Typical.
            The reality is that if we used those methods it would indeed sequester all of our emissions because the practices used do not dump chemical nitrogen fertilizers into the ground among other such practical concepts like LOCAL farming so you aren’t using all those stupid fossil fuels trucking food around just so it can be thrown away because of how toxic it is! The U.S. system is a broken joke and those that want to defend it are merely apart of the problem, prolonging the suffering of life on this planet and I will not hear of it or accept it from ANYONE.

          2. You have no choice as to what you will or will not hear of. Or are you walking around with your fingers in your ears like Dubya, yelling, “I’m not listening!”?

          3. No; But if you are going to lie, I am not going to waste my effort in listening to your empty words. Comparing me to Bush is like comparing a monk to a coke addict, it doesn’t work. Clearly you are just attempting to troll my posts and I give your efforts a big Zero out of Ten.

    1. I have to disagree with you on this one. I can’t imagine a better voice for moderation. What I said was far to simplistic, and needed to consider what has happened to the US farmers. GMO foods are not Roundup, Dicamba, certainly not agent orange. Thankfully it’s not the corporations but the farmer that grow the crops, and it’s their hard work that’s fed us.
      Oddly, I need to look back a couple of weeks the the changes in the patriot act. The ‘People’ got what they wanted but not one person in 100,000 had any idea what had been going on, or how important it was. The population gets to set the rules without known what the game is. I wish it were more clear or consistent than that but you should understand that the intelligence community telling you their reason for doing what they are, is like a quarterback yelling out the play to the other side before it’s run. You’ll hear a lot of pure crap from other people who know nothing about it, but this is a job I worked since the cold war. Not collecting that intelligence leaves us more exposed to the possibility of another 9/11, Pearl Harbor or much worse.
      My point is that you need to hear from people who know, Steve is one of those.

      1. Unfortunately, GMO Crops are indeed using Agent Orange, Primarily use Ready Roundup Herbicide and are even attempting to use Dicamba. The fake “reform” of the NSA’s program is just another white-washing attempt by the corporate controlled “government”. They re-branded it with another nice sounding name and essentially restarted the program. The fact that you got the GMO point wrong and that you think white-washing is a legitimate attempt at the people controlling the system proves that you have no idea what you are talking about. I read steve loud and clear, he thinks that poisoning all life isn’t a problem and he doesn’t care enough to find alternate methods and you seem just as content to defend this toxic malicious system that is LITERALLY destroying all life on the planet. No matter how many of you industry shills come out I can point you out by your fake lies. You will always defend the system or attempt to discredit those who point out how corrupt the system is, it is your job.

    2. “Rolling eyes” And if I said the sky was blue today you’d day they were purple and everyone else who disagreed with you were idiot…. btw, Believe what you will…. You’ve never farmed and if you did you’d understand a little more… Geesh… I know better then to debate with idiots too..

      1. Shut up Steve, go spray some more Ready Roundup on your Baby.
        While you’re at it, get it vaccinated too!
        “You know better” but yet you replied anyway; comments by a fool.

        1. Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.

          1. I’m glad I’m a thousand miles from a cornfield, considering they consist mainly of toxic chemicals such as Agent Orange ingredients, Ready Roundup Herbicide and the Drift-Prone Dicamba. However, those cotton fields nearby, yeah I wish I was further away from them too!
            Look pal, you can try to discredit me because you think you are more important because of your crops, but you aren’t. You are a tool for the industry that is poisoning and destroying all life. I am not the problem, you are.

  21. Eating your own food and not organic?….maybe that’s the reason you’re having health problems. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT! You were lengthy but still most ppl here don’t agree with you I’m glad to see.

    1. I eat my own beef that is not filled wit hormones, When I raised hogs it was the same way… My health problems that you were caused from being hit twice by “Organic Lightning”.:) Nerve damage in my muscles, teeth and ribs broken from being tossed from the lighting strike in 1989 & 1998, constant muscle spasms which cause me to only sleep about 4 hours a night before pain sets in. Migraines. ect…Sure, it’s all because of what I’ve been eating.. Like I said, Keep hating on the farmer…I’m sure you had a grandfather or a grt. grt. grandfather who was an Evil farmer like me and had to use what was made available for seed and chemicals to get by.. Go ahead, admit it your grampa was a bad farmer!
      People just can’t grasp the fact that most people cannot afford to eat a 100% diet of Organics as it won’t fit their budget…. Geesh~ sometimes even though i support Organic farming and as I mentioned would love to be able to switch to organic but it’s not possible for reasons i’ve mentioned they will still say I’m an idiot… Let me ask you… how many years have you farmed, set foot on a farm, produced crops, cattle, ect? I’ve been dong it all my life and started raising cattle and crops to raise them with since I was 12…I’m 55 now…. Call me an idiot with no experience and I’m totally wrong again will you? Apparently this is nothing more than a pro organic and conventional farmer hate site….. I’ll let you all play with your wet dreams… Apparently you know all… 🙂

      1. I admit it, my grandfather was a bad farmer because he killed himself with cancer by using the toxic chemicals and turning his back on Nature and the Natural Way.
        Anyone who does so, deserves at least that much. STOP TURNING YOUR BACK ON NATURE OR DIE!

        1. Now you’re starting to scare me. You do realize there are other people with oppinions and experience beyond reading reports. Your accumulation of information is not the end all, be all of our existence, and won’t be if you study until you die, or are murdered.

          1. You can think or say whatever you want, but it is simple deduction my friend. Spreading a Chelator, Anti-Life chemical across the world is NEGATIVE for EVERYONE. No matter what your opinion or perspective. There will ONLY be CONSEQUENCES for such actions and those that PERPETRATE such atrocities will be deemed the highest priority threat above all else.

        2. You need your head examined. I am not the “you” at whom you are so angry, so don’t write to me as if I were.

      2. I had a grandfather who was a farmer and farmed organic and he didn’t buckle under to big AG…and he had a great life he said bc he loved the land and what it produced and he sold his yield to area stores and a stand in front of his property to locals as well. He’d roll over in his grave seeing where farming is today. Sorry to hear your health issues were nature related and not food. I hope you realize that a lot of the public are very concerned nowadays what’s in our food as well as where it comes from…we’re becoming a sicker nation…not healthier one. Other countries are seeing a trend of this nature and making changes and so do we the people here in the US! God bless you and your family!

        1. Thank you… The thing is it’s different to farm in all areas of the country.. As your grandfather did many did back in the day.. It’s not that easy for those who don’t live close to a town or would have to now days hire illegals to do the extra work as it is much more labor intensive..Also as I mentioned before there are some farms that going Organic will just not work.. Just like No-till will not work on all farms.. A few years ago when milk prices dropped one couldn’t find an Organic market for their milk if they wanted to switch and I have an idea it’s about to be that way again.. Everyone has a choice to buy Organic now. or if they don’t want to pay the extra they don’t have to. When it comes to govt; subsidizing Organics they do subsidize the crop insurance for these crops as well as commercial.. Of course it still costs more but it goes the same with the regular crop ins.. You pay for your amount of coverage..
          As far as to a comment made by someone else about making chemicals and gmo seed illegal so all farmers grow Organic it’s simply nuts.. We may as well make the use of all petroleum products illegal too.. The govt. has always had a cheap food policy and that’s what’s driven things to where they are…Who would have ever thought we’d have automatic milking machines that put themselves on and take themselves off?

    2. Do you actually know an actual family farmer? You have no idea what they are up against. And ignorance on your part is totally unacceptable in an open forum.

  22. Jeez, one person makes a comment you don’t like so hang ALL organic growers?? Really? People need to be educated, not vilified. If people like you won’t help show the public what they need to know, who will? The politicians who would and are selling out all of us family farmers?

    1. Yes Kathleen, but read what I’m posting to Bear Will… It’s not just one person the is making these type of comments that all commercial family farmers (small as well as large) are basically Evil) My comments are 3 or 4 posts down.. I’m a small farmer… I have defended Organics forever but people also need to be educated that NOT every farmer can make Organic farming work on their farm. On here it’s like “everyone should and can be Organic farmers”..It’s not how it works.. my 55 years of life and farming have taught me this just like not all farm ground is suitable for No-Till in which I use on as much property as I can and have since it came into our area in 1987… Still there are so many think we can all be Organic farmers….. I’ve been to meetings where the speakers have condemned all commercial farmers large and small..Pitting farmer against farmer is not the answer.. I will never stop defending Organic products as I know people who need to eat organic because they have Crones disease and other stomach problems.. Others figure part of their budget and buy a certain percent of their food money towards organic… My argument to all who want to shoot down Organic products all together is if you have a garden and half the ground had been sprayed and the other half not which side would you rather eat from… I’ll never stop going to the food coop or supporting Organic farming but being a farmer all my life people need to be educated there is no way that every farm can be set up for Organics…It’s not practical and it’s no where close to economically feasible..

      1. I may not have sounded like it, but I am on your side, and agree totally. What disturbs me is how critical some of these people are. I’m guessing the majority live in a city and maybe have a few plants in their backyard, if that. I don’t know where you are geographically, but here in SW Missouri, in the Ozarks, I know exactly what you mean about growing all acreage in Organics. I grow organic. We are on 80 acres. We have only 10 acres for hay. The rest is so hilly and rocky, you can’t grow much, so that’s where the cows are. Lots of grass, but not that you can bale. We have struggled for 10 years trying to get the soil right to grow organic vegetables. So much clay, and I hear people say to just bring in compost. They obviously have never had to think beyond a bag at a time. Or, make your own. I work my butt off keeping that garden going, mulching, but have to buy the straw. I know you know all of this. THEY don’t. I don’t get how they are so hateful, when they know nothing of struggle, the amount of backbreaking work, the hours, being at the mercy of nature, weather, insects, too much water or not enough, the list is long. And maybe breaking even at the end of the year. Not to mention now, farms all around us are planting GMO corn and soy, and the last 3 years, I’ve lost my bee’s. Are they gone because of the GMO’s? I can’t prove it, but I didn’t have a problem until the massive plantings. I don’t know. It just seems sometimes just too hard. Then listening to the hate filled, holier than thou judgments set me off. And when you came put with the comment about organic growers, it stung. Those people need to be educated on the truth about what the family farmers face. We’re the only ones to do that, if they would just listen. Anyway, like I said, I’m on your side, and all small family farmers who work so hard.

        1. You become just as short-sighted as those you attempt to demonize because you disregard THEIR experiences farming/gardening. I’ll have you know that I also spend my days taking care of my plants and having to deal with insects/etc and the lack of bee’s is heartbreaking. We are on the same side so I don’t know why you have to defend somebody who purchases toxic chemicals. The only difference between us is you are more forgiving and understanding, where as I am younger and more prone to generalization. The problem still stands though, that nobody should ever purchase anything from companies that destroy life, period. I don’t care what the excuses are. What YOU need to do is not lump people like me in with the REAL PROBLEM, you are being divisive just like these corporations want and if you continue to promote such division I will have no choice but to call you an industry shill because only those who have sided with the corporations want to divide We the People. I am done replying to you, you only deserved one and I gave more because I figured I could get through to you but you seem to just drone on just like Steve. Must be all the herbicide in your system.
          BTW, Yes the bee’s are being killed because of Neonicotinoid pesticides. Looks like you have a lot of research you still need to do as well.

          1. Dude, face it as you’re and extremist~! You just don’t get it! My great, grt grandfather came from Norway and founded our farm in 1858 lived into his 90s, his son lived into his 90s, his son(my grandfather ended up bootlegging and was shot once, beat a few times and after prohibition ran a bar to keep the family farm rolling..He had fought emphasize all his life and passed at the age of 67, my Dad is now 87 years old…Yep, all these evil forefathers of mine killed themselves.. I guess I have to repeat myself and tell you one more time my health problems are linked to getting struck by lightning twice… NOT drinking agent orange… BTW, 2-4-D is only a part of agent orange and we don’t use much that now days either unless it’s to kill some broadleaves in the fields or fence rows… Agent Orange was a mixture of equal parts of two herbicides, 2,4,5,T & 2,4,D (the 2,4,5,T was the stuff that was definitely lethal in the mix…(look it up!)… .I’ll leave it like this as it’s like a professional surgeon trying to explain to me how to do heart surgery online or over the phone and me arguing with him even though he has done it for years, knows what he’s doing, maybe grew up around doctors in his family so has some knowledge in it besides books and clinicals(actually rolled his sleeves up and worked the job for the majority of his life)…
            I’m not going to sit here and reply to someone in the same mode as my experiences are real. As I’ve said I’ve farmed my entire life, Raised not only crops but Registered Holsteins that are known world wide by embryo and Bull sales to AI organizations without using growth hormones or BrGH(BST). I have nothing to prove to you and you close your eyes and plug your ears to common sense anyways as your posts show….. All I will say is that I wish I could use less chemicals…As any farmer knows that raises cattle or crops YOU must take care of your Cattle AND your soil or they WILL NOT continue to take care of you~!
            I believe you need to grow up a little and read…. So once again, why am I in such bad shape? Did my EVIL ways cause Lighting to hit me twice? I don’t believe so as if the Good Lord would have wanted me at that time he would have taken ,me. I still have work to do in this world. Part of it is to put food on the plates of people around the world and I do that proudly and I’ve also learned when to quit trying to reason with someone who really has no expertise or experience in a subject and won’t listen to reason.. That said I hope you live to be in your 90s, don’t have any accidents and live a clean lifestyle including electric cars, ethanol and not using and fossil fuels…

          2. Another wall of text from an industry supporting crony that I won’t bother reading. I’m an extremist for not wanting life to be maliciously poisoned for corporate profits? So be it, but at least I am not an anti-life, anti-love heretic like yourself who doesn’t even deserve their lives since you are against life.
            I may be an extremist but at least I am doing what is right, while you are committing atrocity and saying to support them. I don’t care about what you say, I just want you to die for supporting HERESY AGAINST LIFE!

          3. What a load of Crap from an Idiot… Keep spending your trust fund to do what you will… You to freaking scared to use your own name to thrust on with your heritage.. A chicken with a big mouth…Keep up the good work buddy~! Geesh…. It only takes one of your kind to turn many people into very much disliking Organic farming…You’re doing more harm then good… As I said, I’ll support Organic farming to the day I die but if I were on the fence you could have easily made me despise the entire Organic movement…

        2. I hear ya Kathleen…. Farming is tough. Not only that it’s hard to get help with an Organic operation depending on what type you have.. The hate filled, holier than though segment seem to be at least 1 if not 2 generations removed from the farm (if they’ve ever farmed at all) and they really don’t understand stewardship of the land or livestock..Good luck, working hard is what family farming has always been about…. It’s also the best way to raise a family with a good work ethic and common sense(as well as an open mind) 🙂

          1. If you are using toxic chemicals on the land, you don’t understand it either.
            -Points out hypocritical statement #1: “holier than though segment …”
            So what are you doing in that very post, Hmm?

          2. At least I do research, study, grew up on a farm knowing what works and what doesn’t and what will bury you if you over extend your credit and have done this for 55 years now.. I’m not like you and have your mindset that
            “Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.
            I have to question if you have ever seen a corn plant, soybean plant, ect. and watched them grow…As far a the “holier than though” comment I don’t know where you get that but when it comes to experience it’s easy to see most conventional family farmers would have more knowledge in their pinky then you have all together…

          3. Just sounds to me like you feel entitled because of your experience and would rather make it about me and my “lack of your experience”.
            When the Reality is clear, chump, if you support the toxic industry, it will destroy you a long with the rest of life on this planet and that makes you a problem that I am here to solve, whether you like it, accept it, or believe it or not. I don’t care what you say, I don’t care about your experiences, if you don’t switch to non-toxic practices, you will be destroyed no matter what you say or do you cretin.

        3. Factory farms are the problem and no evidence as far as GMO seeds produce more yield…however, the health of our consumers I’d think would be tantamount over profits! Being in the farming industry the GOVERNMENT should subsidize the non-factory farms instead. People are waking up to the fact that the ppl want “healthy ” food and labeling as well as country of origin. …this should be our right as consumers!

    2. Kathleen, I am not hanging ALL organic growers… People need to be educated for sure.. From what I’ve followed I’ve been attacked by most Organic followers here… Now I’m being told to “shut up”… The lack of knowledge is not their fault but it’s okay to attack conventional family farmers.. I don’t know how many times one needs to repeat themselves but I hate Monsanto and Syngenta too… This year and years in the past I have leaned towards more of an Organic way of producing my crops and will continue to do so.. Remove a person from farming even one generation they will lose some of what real farming is about.. The comment of “my grampa never broke under the pressure of big corporations while growing his crops is a joke.(how old was “grampa and how young was the person who posted that at the time he watched his grampa?.. Sure it may have happened here or there but not often.. When I was just a kid my grandfather who was born in 1888 was still helping out with my Dad and they didn’t use GMO corn but did have to use chemicals to kill off weeds in their corn fields..They also used what was called “Crow Kill” as if they didn’t the crows would follow their rows of corn as they planted it and nothing would be left to grow after the job was done.. I would love to go totally Organic but it isn’t in the cards for me as I’m not going to let my field grow up into weeds and buy regular corn to feed my cows from a nieghbor(and it’s been done many times) On a wet year you can NOT get through with a cultivator in muddy ground or land that is on river bottoms that stays on the wet side.. One out of 10 years a person might be able to cultivate some of these fields in the lower lands, 5 out of 10 years some of the hillsides it’s the same situation…You and the ROT have no idea on what real farming is about and how much work it is…I raise my own beef and am not using growth hormones on them so they will grow faster even when the ROI is 10 to 1. When I sell my feeder calves I have no control on what the farmers do with them when they are finished out.. This year I went with turkey and dairy compost for my fertilizers instead of regular commercial fertilizer..(I paid extra for my fertilizer as it was Organic approved fertilizer) The nitrogen was a brand that had less salt in it as I try to take care of my land rather than destroy it… This is the quote I posted to the ROT…”
      Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field.””
      I have been a major supporter of Organic farming in our area since it started out and I dare you say different!! Again, it won’t work on the farm I own, grew up on and was founded in 1858… If you want to jump on the band wagon with the ROT and call all my ancestors EVIL go for it but don’t think I’m going to take it lying on my back.. Idiotic comments such as “all chemicals should be banned” shows just how bright a burnt out light bulb can be… As far as the facts posted somewhere here they are bullcrap as again they are posted by a pencil pusher and someone who has never farmed… Some of you just don’t get it! YOU already have the choice and can buy Organic produce at the stores so what is your problem as far as choosing what type of food you can buy? Organic Valley was started by people who live only a few miles from me and their headquarters are about 25 miles from me.. Guess what? Right now they are not accepting any more Dairy farmers for their Organic products as there is a surplus over all… Thus if I would be milking cows for 3 years and finally able to meet the qualifications i’d be left out in the cold.. YOU do NOT get as much production from growing Organic crops thus they have to get more money for their produce..(economics 101)…
      Brass tax comes down to the fact that when we have people claiming Organic farmers (dairy, grain, beef) can equal yields of conventional farmers it’s a joke… I’d rather eat Organic any day if I could afford it but like most Americans I can’t afford it..
      So as far as Organics, yes I am pro Organic, as far as those who promote it with intelligence and common sense I support it..
      But when it comes to some of these wild claims of equal production levels and everyone should be forced to do it they may as well be Zealots of one type of another(especially if they do not or never have lived on a farm and know how to balance a ration or treat their land properly;; The lack of common sense and lack of farming has left such a void in reality it’s sad… Since I’m and “EVIL FARMER” can I ask what you folks who look at me that way use to package your products in when shipping it? Is it bubble wrap, Styrofoam, Walmart plastic bags or any other oil based on non degradable products in your operations? Do you use gasoline or are you using electric cars that are supplies with electricity that comes from plants that use coal? Don’t forget, many of us live in areas where we can get to a town or a store in a 1’/2 hr or less… In many areas farmers have to travel 3 hours to get to the store or run for parts….

  23. And, the Monsanto, Bayer Crop Science, Syngenta and all the others are NOT your friend. Farmers in this country were sold out to the big chemical companies and I’m sure you have been told for years how safe the pesticides, herbicides and genetically engineered seed. It is a lie, and we all lose in the end.

  24. This government is not for the people anymore they are so corrupt and greedy and think they know what they are doing is the best for this country and thats why other nations are turn away our grown fruits and vegetables and they also are banning GMO AND ROUNDUP from their nations but our government wont open there eyes and see that we need to change or we will end up a split nation again and the people will end up revolting against the goverment and their police milatary state that they our trying to push on us as a whole.

  25. We want government to stop subsidising huge corps and start subsidising and supporting small business. Small business is important economically and it is proven that more and more Americans everyday are becoming more interested in local whether it’s organic or not. Organic certification doesn’t mean didley any more anyway. Please stop supporting these huge companies they will do fine without you!
    Thank you

  26. I make my own cheeses at home from organic raw milk and I buy cultures on line. It’s a lot of work but we all love how homemade cheese taste compare to the commercial which is nothing more than GARBAGE and leads to MANY health issues. Honestly, after I started to make my own artisian cheeses and I don’t even know what kind of crap is it in store ? I am disgusted with the goverment that they take away the rights from people to do what they love to do and help their community to have fresh and real stuff. I am from Europe and people over there have more rights to eat healthy local food than Americans who call themself free.

    1. Yeah, Patriotism in the U.S. is a sham to keep the masses as un-knowledgeable slaves and ingest and slather poison onto themselves. Everyone always makes fun of U.S. citizens but now the world knows the only reason they are so fat and dumb is because of their society that wants them to be that way and intentionally does it to them against their will.

  27. If all GE Seeds were banned, together with all the chemical Pesticides and Herbicides, every farmer would have to go organic. This would level the price and playing field. The average American wants cheap, cheap, cheap, and never mind the quality. If they accepted that better quality, richer in Nutrient food was the way to go, the nation would be healthier and less reliant on the products of the pharmaceutical companies that have killed at least 106,000 residents of the USA on average for many years.

    1. If they understood the issue, that they are paying for food that isn’t nutritious and subsidizing it with their taxes, they would realize that we are living in a toxic society. Everything that you are told is safe is, once researched, is actually an untested chemical released into the public by the so-called “regulatory agencies” and THEY are the cause of a majority of health issues. Once you accept that this is really happening everything fits into place, why so many people are sick, why the industry keeps getting richer and more powerful.

  28. I buy almost all my produce and, actually, most of my food from small local farmers, and dairies. They are struggling too hard to stay alive against corporate and corrupt industry and government. This is impossible.

  29. “This interpretation leaves out artisanal food producers who make bread, cheese, oils, or other prepared foods to be sold locally.”
    How do consumers know these products to be safe unless they meet certain guidelines?

    1. Because all the products that are in the stores are not safe but yet are being sold.
      If you think the regulatory agencies are fulfilling their purpose, think again.
      All they are now are strong-arming the competitive markets so the corporations can take over. U.S. has Anti-Monopoly laws, but since the crooks in power don’t follow the law none of that matters.

  30. After 30 years of side-by-side research in the Farming Systems Trial (FST)®, Rodale
    Institute has demonstrated that organic farming is better equipped to feed us now and
    well into the ever changing future.
    Organic yields match conventional yields.
    Organic outperforms conventional in years of drought.
    Organic farming systems build rather than deplete soil organic matter,
    making it a more sustainable system.
    Organic farming uses 45% less energy and is more efficient.
    Conventional systems produce 40% more greenhouse gases.
    Organic farming systems are more profitable than conventional.

  31. oddly, “…These producers will now be responsible for complying with the complicated and burdensome FSMA rules.” is a silly argument, unless the rules are cited. I like to know if my food is handled by people who observe certain sanitation guidelines. This article stirs the pot while avoiding any substantive arguments.

    1. Check out any of the secret investigations into poultry farms or any of the other CAFOs, then.
      You will find that there is absolutely nothing “sanitary” about this industry at all, which is exactly why the system fights so hard against whistle-blowers and wants to criminalize them. They don’t want the public to know just how cheap and disgusting their industries are, but they want you to pay the same price if not more!

      1. Is this an argument against small producers having to abide by sanitation guidelines?

        1. This is an argument in support of the small producers, because the larger producers who get a free pass are ten times dirtier, abusive, and criminal than the smaller producers.
          Industrial Farming is the problem.

  32. We need more organic food not less. The average American has too many strange chemicals in their bodies as a result of industrial farming.

    1. Agree’d, and because these chemicals are man-made there is no natural way for our body to process, digest, or excrete them so they linger forever; Which is exactly how cells divide incorrectly and create cancerous legions/etc.

  33. Once upon a time all food was grown organically/sustainably. Your ancestor’s homesteaded farm probably was doing just that in 1858.

    1. Yes, and his son probably did too as my grandfathers did in the 30s and 40s… What does that have to do with any of this discussion? … But remember 98% of the population were farmers back in those days… We also didn’t have as many people to feed in the world.. Once the balance of people left the farm the farmers who were left to feed the country actually had to go with progress and use steel plows, discs, tractors and had to pay for them by increasing production…We’re comparing apples to oranges now i guess…Once upon a time our consumers who want organic crops didn’t use quite as much bubble wrap or or Styrofoam to package things in(like the styro peanuts).. So why don’t all the people who are hating on the farmer drive electric cars or get horses? Now that our Secretary of AG has allowed the import of food and meat from Venezuela and Brazil(where they have Mad Cow disease as well and contagious “hoof and mouth disease) are none of you complaining about that? The farmers are being used as pawn again waiting for lower prices to cripple us again and it comes with the risk of people getting very sick… NONE of these countries will have their products inspect like we do, NONE of these countries will have to label their foods as coming from their countries as the AG Secretary has dropped that rule so people can eat cheap food once again… And some here think we should be “forced” to raise all Organic crops and animals…. It’s about as stupid of an idea as trying to stop mother nature or control mother nature… It’s easy to see ROT is blind and maybe has been on a real farm a couple times as small kid… I really do not believe some people have any common sense… I would like to see more Organic farms as time goes on but as for me it’s not feasible, not physically possible nor practical… The politicians are hanging us all out to dry right now again. The farmer and the consumer… One has to remember not everyone can afford to eat 100% Organically either.. Long story short I know my grandfather who came here in 1853, founded the farm in 1858 as well as his son, and his son’s sons cleared ground and farmed organic. These people were also born and raised with a work ethic…Today try to find kids that have a work ethic that doesn’t’ include a computer game, cell phone with games and doesn’t say “gimme” and it’s rare… We’ve grown into the age of kids being taught how not to work and feel everything is entitled to them…..

  34. Well excuse some of us who prefer not to eat cancer causing pesticides in our food.

  35. I love it; you people want regulation of everything…except when it inconveniences YOU! Sadly, the small farm/Organic movement does not ever seem to want their products scrutinized and regulated….only the “other guys”.

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