Big Pharma Meds Turned Her into a “Walking Zombie,” Unable to Have a Child

But natural medicine transformed her into a happy, energetic mother.
This is a story about one couple who were given one of the greatest gifts of all: the child they wanted but were told they could not have. (Note: names have been changed to protect the privacy of the family involved.)
This month, Tom and Jessica will have been married for twelve years. Since her late twenties, Jessica had bouts with psoriatic arthritis, an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks the joints, resulting in inflammation that triggers pain, stiffness, and swelling.
Jessica believes that her autoimmune issues were triggered by a vaccine she received. She had cut her finger badly and went to the hospital. Having reacted poorly to vaccines in previous years, Jessica was apprehensive when the doctor wanted to give her a tetanus shot. The doctor dismissed her misgivings and strong-armed her into getting the vaccine despite her concerns. A week later, her symptoms began.
Conventional medicine treats psoriatic arthritis with two kinds of drugs: immunosuppressants and anti-inflammatories. The underlying thinking is simple: the body’s immune system is attacking healthy tissue, so conventional medicine’s answer is to dial down—i.e., suppress—the immune system itself and then treat the painful symptoms, while doing nothing to address the source of the disease.
Jessica’s doctor put her on Enbrel, an anti-inflammatory, and methotrexate, an immunosuppressant. Some of Enbrel’s side effects include dizziness, extreme fatigue, hair loss, severe headache, mood changes, unsteadiness, and vision changes. Methotrexate is used in chemotherapy and is a commonly used drug in medical abortions. Side effects include mouth sores, diarrhea, signs of liver failure, easy bruising or bleeding, enlarged glands or lymph nodes, and bone pain. As an immunosuppressant, the drug also leaves patients extremely susceptible to infection.
While taking these medications, Jessica described herself as a “walking zombie.” She could use her joints, but her life was “completely shot,” consisting of little more than waking up, going to work, coming home, and going to bed. The drugs completely sapped her of energy. Looking back, Jessica remembered being sick and on antibiotics for almost the entire time she was on these drugs, dealing with upper respiratory infection after upper respiratory infection since the drugs had basically shut down her immune system. She was constantly going to the doctor so he could monitor her progress, since the long-term side effects of the drugs she was on were cancer and liver failure. The doctor, she said, was checking to see if her organs had failed yet.
To make matters even worse, Tom and Jessica wanted to have a child, a desire made impossible by the fact that Jessica was regularly ingesting an abortifacient drug.
At this point, Tom made a suggestion to Jessica. Tom is an employee of Parker Hannifin, a Fortune 500 company that specializes in motion control technologies like aerospace, climate control, hydraulics, and more. Parker Hannifin distinguishes itself by offering its employees access to natural medicine through the company’s health insurance. The benefit program covers 80% of the costs of various integrative health remedies.
Tom encouraged Jessica to take advantage of the program and see the Parker Medical Director, Dr. Todd Pesek.
Dr. Pesek ordered a full workup including blood, urine, and hair tests to see if Jessica’s nutrient levels were where they should be. He gave her vitamin D and B12 injections, recommended food-based supplements like curcumin, and in addition put her on a complete multivitamin, DHA, iodine, probiotics, boswellia, maca, matcha, and a daily green smoothie. Dr. Pesek’s health coaches at the VitalHealth Partners clinic advised Jessica on which foods she should eat and which she should avoid. They recommended a plant-based diet of whole vegetables and fruits, fermented foods to bolster gut health, lots of sun, and plenty of exercise.
At first, Jessica was skeptical. With conventional medicine, doctors tell us to take this pill and that one, and wait to get better. But Dr. Pesek is instead telling her to revamp her diet and get plenty of sun and exercise. How was that going to cure a disease?
One of the first things Jessica noticed was the responsibility that this treatment placed on her. No longer was treatment a passive procedure of taking a pill and waiting—it was making a complete change in lifestyle. She remembers complaining as she went through the exercise regimen and forced herself to go outside despite her fatigue. After a while, she undertook a twenty-one-day cleanse to clear her blood of toxins, where she ate little else but smoothies and plants.
But it paid off. She didn’t experience immediate results, and the recovery was slow—but it eventually worked. And it was a complete cure.
After adhering to the recommended treatments, Jessica fully recovered and no longer had symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. She was healthy and full of energy. Now her and her husband’s attention could turn to having a child. Even though Jessica was no longer taking methotrexate, she was still worried—women in her family had a history of fertility issues. But one month after her last visit to Dr. Pesek, Jessica was pregnant with a baby girl, who is now just about a year old.
Where conventional medicine prescribed Jessica drugs that relieved the pain in her joints but destroyed her quality of life and prevented her from having a child, natural medicine led to a full recovery and helped her get healthy enough to have a baby.
In our Pulse of Natural Health newsletter, we often cover pressing issues related to natural health, whether it’s pending federal legislation, the latest FDA malfeasance, or the scientific evidence in support of natural health alternatives to conventional remedies. But as crucial as facts and figures are, they can also be abstract and impersonal. To experience firsthand the transformative power of natural medicine is something else entirely.
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  1. I am a firm believer in the benefits of natural medicine for many things, but it is to expensive and inaccessible for many people.

    1. Suck it up .. it’s better then dying ..! Most grocery stores have a small organic section if you can’t get to one of the specialty organic stores .. what you spend on medical will now be spent on real food not the GMO garbage the government would have you eating

      1. I wasn’t talking about myself. I was talking about people who can’t afford what I can afford.

    2. Alternative medicine to me is cheap…basically Asian diet which poor people eat. LDN may help…about $1 a day to help block hidden gluten..sunlight/walk…Fish oil is cheap…own garden…etc . See above…is not expensive. Best wishes.

        1. The Alternative doctor is about $125 for a 1/2 hour appointment. Chiropractors may also help since they have nutrition training. Supplements are cheaper than medicine and help the body. Hair tests help more than blood tests to tell mineral levels/heavy metals. Far Infra red Sauna may help detox. People may heal fast. Two weeks of no gluten and I had 1000X more energy and felt 20 years younger. Best wishes.

          1. I’ve been seeing a naturopathic doctor and a really good chiropractor for years, so I know what the costs are. Again, the concern wasn’t so much for myself as for people of lesser means, so to speak.

          2. My Hmong friends are starting to eat American food due to free food and kids getting free lunches at school. It is destroying them. Eating Hmong food only…they would heal, but don’t do it since they are addicted to gluten now. Gluten may be like Heroin to the brain and sugar like cocaine to the brain. Simple changes may heal them fast, but they continue to eat pizza/beer/soda/birthday cake etc. They said I don’t do it often, but it took me 1/ 1/2 months to heal from microscopic gluten. People can heal…don’t eat by taste but for health only.

        1. Most people may get getting hurt by gluten. The Asian diet helps brain/body. People may not be used to it, but they brain/body may thrive with it. Eating only what you enjoy may destroy the body. Any food in a box/bag/label may hurt. Certified gluten free may have 20ppm…eating only pure foods is awesome. Asian diet is awesome…has fruit/veg. Healthy people are just discovering mushrooms/coconut/fermented food/tea/soup etc which they eat. I have seen Asian babies far ahead of American babies. It is not worth eating food that hurts. Eating organic etc is awesome.

      1. Sunlight is not a treatment for infection, virus, or pain. The vitamin D is beneficial, but that’s really all you get out of it. Hidden gluten?? Give me a break.

        1. Vit D made in the skin helps the immune system. Sunlight also helps the pineal gland and more. Celiac is due to low sunlight heritage or new to these foods. Hidden gluten…microscopic gluten can hurt people. Gluten maybe on nuts not sold in the shell/meat basting/some spices/boxed/labeled food/restaurants/air/cutting boards/pan/lotions/make up/soft serve ice cream/candy/certified gluten free may have 20ppm of gluten and more.

    3. Do you mean it is more expensive than medical procedures, or that the insurance will not pay for natural means?

      1. Medical appointments are rather expensive, though I’d have to do a one to one comparison with a medical doctor (before insurance). But yes, I do mean that insurance generally does not cover it.

    4. Dawn, healing can be absurdly simple. As Wendy said, just maintain a simple, natural, plant-based diet and get outside and exercise – gently. These days you don’t really need an ‘expert’ to tell you what to do. There is a plethora of information on the internet and “simple works”!
      Ethnic foods have stood the test of time. Whether Chinese, Japanese, Italian, South American, Hawaiian islands, native diets work. People have been eating fresh fruits, rice and vegetables for eons and have done very well. It’s the manufactured foods that make modern people sick… white sugar, white flour, white salt, GMOs, fried foods, sodas, artificial sweeteners, etc. The most important thing is to eat foods made by nature, not big corporations. Organic food is inexpensive when you compare it to the fallout of packaged “convenience” foods.
      Best wishes to your friends who can’t afford to go to an expert who will tell them (hopefully) to eat real food. When you search the web, you find there are many very inexpensive natural remedies for each and every ailment.

      1. Sorry, Asian diet is mostly rice unless it is some kind of nouveau designer Asian diet.

    5. Yes, because insurance will pay for harmful pharmaceuticals but not alternative treatment. That needs to be changed.

      1. I have a good friend with liver problems. The VA pays for his drugs but of course will not touch anything “alternative”. I told him about Dr. Burt Berkson and his alpha lipoic acid IV’s so he tried a few and they helped him but he quit because it was all out of pocket. He said I get “free medicine” from the VA, I just can’t afford alternative medicine even if it works. Insurance companies need to pay up, they’ll save money in the long run. I knew a lady that threatened her insurance company into paying for her chelation IV’s. I wish I could have.

        1. People need to take responsibility for their own health. If they are unwilling to do that, they will suffer the consequences.

          1. True but he can only take off so many days from work and spend so much money. There will be NO help from mainstream medicine.

          2. I agree with you, but people can’t take these medications and become sicker or die while waiting for reform. They have to educate themselves and find out what to do. And they had better either find experts they can trust or learn to think critically so they can evaluate information they read. It isn’t easy. I’ve had to spend a lot of leisure time over the last 40+ years doing it and it has paid off for me. But the insurance companies have made a boatload of cash off me as well, because I no longer get sick, so I pay for insurance and I pay for supplements. To me it is worth it, though, because I stay healthy enough to work. Oh, and i can give your friend a hint. The secret to good health is not eating a ton rice.

    6. Vit C 4 grams, Vit D3 5000 IU, CoQ10 200 mg each day. 3 hrs walking/bicycle, 1 hr stretching, 3 hours muscle machines, divided into 3 sessions per week. Good eating. Well resting sleep. A good disposition (smile). Now that is not very expensive, nor inaccessible. Try it, you’ll love it, and your body will too! Mine does.

        1. YES INDEED!! May I ask, which type of magnesium are you using? I’m using the malate form ( malic acid).

    7. BigPharma drugs are WAY more expensive, and not everyone has health insurance that will cover them. And along with their outrageous expense, you get all their nasty – and sometimes deadly – side effects.
      No thanks. I’ll choose natural over that nonsense every time.

      1. So will I. My point is that if you need to see a natural practitioner, it may end up being unaffordable.

    8. Dawn, I don’t know where you live but natural medicine isn’t always expensive. Frankly, I think conventional allopathic medicine ( even with insurance) is more expensive. For example: My doctor abandoned the conventional medical paradigm and focused his practice on preventive medicine. When I see him, I pay about 200 dollars a year for a 1.5 hour appt with him that includes blood work, urinalysis, nutrient alnalysis ( vitC & D3) discussions about lifestyle and work, etc… and then he makes his recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes. He also makes recommendations regarding dental care which most doctors don’t do. What I love most about my doctor is that he has a very open mind and encourages his patients to do their own research and contact him with any questions. He’s not an arrogant bully that believes that the current ‘ evidence-based’ science behind medicine is the gospel. He knows better than that! He doesn’t want patients that don’t want to be proactive about their own health and just rely on medications. I’ve seen him turn patients away in his waiting room who walked in with prescriptions that needed filling.
      When I first began working with my doctor, it was a bit expensive because at that time ( 15 years ago) organic foods were outrageously expensive and very limited in my area, I had to stock up on supplements all at once which was expensive. But, in reality, I was saving money by not eating the cheaper processed foods that made me hungry all the time and I wasn’t eating in restaurants. The healthier you eat, the less you need or want to eat. All the expenses balance out and you will actually save money.
      There are probably doctors in your community that practice like my doctor does but don’t advertise as such. The best way to find a good doctor is through privately owned health food stores or health groups like the vegetarian/raw/vegan groups on Meetup. Keep looking. I hope you can find a good doctor that you can afford.

      1. Again, the issue isn’t that I can’t afford it, or that I need to find a doctor, it’s that many people wouldn’t be able to. There are very few naturopathic doctors in Sacramento, and they are over $200 for an initial consultation, office visits not cheap either. The chiro I go to, who actually fixed my herniated disk has gone up to $108 per visit from the $78 they were when I first saw him in 2008. None of this was covered by insurance, although I was able to put it on my spending account, so at least it was tax free. But I know quite a few people who could benefit from treatments from one or the other of them, but just cannot even begin to afford it. My medical doctors are open to alternate treatments, so that really isn’t the issue.

        1. I understood what you meant but just thought I should share my experience for others as well. Yes, there are a great many opportunistic fancy schmancy naturopath doctors out there who gouge their patients. It’s a shame that happens but there are also ‘ closet naturopath’ family doctors that are affordable. My doctor doesn’t have a fancy office with TV’s and leather sofas and fruit baskets. The first time I went to him, I was a bit concerned that he was a quack running a back alley practice but that was not the case at all. I dropped my insurance when I began going to my current doctor and changed my lifestyle. I put the money I would normally send to the insurance into a money market savings instead. It’s truly amazing how much I saved in 13 years. Now that I’m being forced to purchase insurance, I can’t always afford the same quality of foods and supplements that I could before and I’ve had to make some compromises. In truth, Even if I wanted to see the doctor, I can’t even afford to visit one because of the high deductible.
          The other issue is that I don’t feel comfortable allowing anyone to treat me who accepts insurance, complies with its dictates and who is contracted with a for-profit managed care corporation and so I resent being forced to buy insurance that only pays for conventional care. I know there are good doctors out there but they are only as good as they are allowed to be and most become corporate zombies. It just sounds counter-intuitive to trust a doctor that puts profit before patients.

          1. I agree with you there, but I do have to say that both the naturopath and the chiropractor helped me a lot.

  2. Celiac may cause low nutrients absorbed. Suppressing the immune system may have hurt the gut lining more. Drugs with bad side effects may cover symptoms, but not heal a person’s root cause and may make it worse than the initial problem. I am glad she healed.
    Below is what healed me…(short version):
    No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO and vitamins/good oils, LDN and detoxing help me. Vit D3 5000IU, zinc 50mg if detoxing, fish oil 2000mg, 20000mg of evening primrose oil. 2000 mg of lecithin, Phosphatidylserine/DMAE or krill oil, Coenzyme Q10, Rhodiola, Mg citrate 400mg, Vit C, 5000mcg of biotin, Nature’s Plus- Source of life multiple, HCl and enzymes with meals, dairy free probiotic, Vit B12 methylcobalamin shot/spray/under the tongue kind/intrinsic factor kind, MTHF folate, coenyzme Q10, rhodiola, may help brain/body/thyroid/ and more health issues. Gluten is wheat/barley/rye..oats may act like gluten with avenin. GMO corn/soy/canola oil may hurt. Amour thyroid maybe needed since gluten may made antibodies to the thyroid.
    Sunlight (helps the immune system and helps to heal the gut lining),exercise, organic food, good water..not tap water, cooking by scratch pure food, no food in a box/bag/premade/label/restaurant which may help avoid hidden gluten. Nuts not sold in the shell/meat basting/some spices may have hidden gluten and lotion/make up etc. One restaurant cooks special for me…rice/veg/tea/extra mushrooms (no meat since the woks may have MSG/gluten in them).
    EDTA/DMPS IV chelations from an Alternative doctor, 600mg of cilantro, zeolites, organic sulfur, Now brand- Detox support and more may help detox. Hair tests show good minerals and heavy metals. Heavy metals can block thyroid and other chemical reactions in the body/brain.
    LDN may help block hidden gluten, but the Celiac diet is still needed. 100% no hidden or microscopic gluten may help. Cutting back on gluten or cheating by eating gluten hurts the immune system. It may take 1 1/2 months to heal the gut lining after getting hidden gluten.
    Amour thyroid has some T3 and calcitonin. Synthroid is only T4..may not convert to T3. Zn/Se/enough iron/strong probiotic may help convert T4 to T3 for thyroid.

      1. This is cheap. The average drug is $200 a month and may only cover symptoms. LDN is about $1 day and is like a miracle. Some people can just change their diet and be ok. Other people may need supplements. Each person is different. Zinc gave me 5X more energy and helps thyroid convert T4 to T3 and helps many chemical reactions in the body and the immune system. Mg may help 350 chemical reactions in the body. Green plants have Mg, but some people may need the supplement. When I got gluten contamination…microscopic amounts…I didn’t absorb from food/supplements for 1 1/2 months until my intestines healed. Some people juice vegetables which may help absorption. Cook cruciferous family. Each person can see what they need to heal. Younger people may need less help.
        People pay out of pocket for cars/houses/food….the best help is natural help. I don’t mind paying. It is keeping me alive/well on this earth. Without it I would not be here right now. Mercola site/ great..many people who helped their health. They know it is worth it to heal. When you lose your health you lose all. Fish oil, zinc etc are cheap. Some heal just by no Wheat..See Wheat Belly book and on Facebook.
        You can use insurance to pay for what doesn’t work…but that may give a short life with much suffering. Best wishes.

        1. Wendy, I agree but am upset with my insurance company that I have been out so much money over the years staying healthy and saving them money! My favorite doctor lost his license over all this “alternative” medicine that has kept me very healthy and I paid for all on my own. Zero prescription drugs at 65.

          1. It is almost better to not have insurance and just pay out of pocket for what you need from the Alternative doctor. Once people figure out what they need to be well…then cheaper. There maybe trial and error at first, but protocol may stay the same after awhile with diet/vitamins/good oils etc.
            Yes…They harass/attack Alternative doctors for the fun of it sometimes…just to do mean. Miracles have come out of Alternative doctor offices. Mercola site/blog is excellent. That is great you are doing well. Pray for all Alternative help. What they do may work well…so they try to get rid of the competition and knowledge of this. I am glad Dr. Oz/Suzanne Somers etc promote Alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is awesome. i pray people learn to take care of their health. Prevention is easier than cure. I ask God to bless people who help in the natural way. I pray supplements/compounding pharmacies will always be protected/available. God bless.

  3. I am glad we have some “common sense” in the world where it is rarely known. I learned about this most of my life. My father refused vaccinations, but had a doctor who agreed and signed the paper to make it appear it was done. Yes, I got measles, mumps, and chicken pox, but those is class with the vaccinations had much worse conditions than mine.
    I understand the medical profession means well, but the top priority is to make money. If I believed doctors I would have been dead already four times. The last was prostate cancer from refusing surgery or radiation. Instead two herbs, graviola and turmeric, my symptoms more than a year were gone in three weeks. But with a lot of three time tests to confirm, if I ate any dairy products or half as much sugar as most Americans do, the herbs would fail, and I would have been dead by the end of last year as the doctors expected.

    1. What exactly was your diet that cured your cancer? How did you use the herbs, how much, how often, what was NOT in your diet that contributed? And exactly how long did it take? My mother has cancer and needed to stop her chemo treatments bc her body couldn’t handle it. If she can get rid of it with plants, why on earth haven’t the docs mentioned it?

  4. Everyone claiming that these things aren’t expensive must be coming from a place of privilege that I am not familiar with. (and this is coming from someone who sees a chiropractor, eats fresh, etc)
    Supplements can be VERY expensive – especially if you are fighting a specific disease, like this woman is. Is Natural health care expensive, too? Of course. But it’s disingenuous to completely dismiss the cost and burden of natural health care and supplements. Remember, this lady in question had means and access.
    There’s no real solution to the problem, but for a lot of people a solution like this simply isn’t viable. It’s time to leave the judgment at home and learn to use the heart and instead.

    1. Frances, I don’t think anyone is dismissing the cost of natural health care. But, prescription drugs are over the top expensive and in most cases actually produce side effects that require additional costly medications and office visits. The medical system is rigged to keep patients dependent on it. Patients are commodities and therefore, cures are not provided. Healthy foods, exercise and whole food supplements don’t cause other diseases that need to be treated. I don’t know what disease you’re fighting and I am sorry you are. I know how that can be- my father had ALS, my stepfather had MS and they both died poor even though they had insurance and were very successful professionals. What really angers me is that my father’s ALS was caused by the statin drug given to him after his heart attack.

      1. Wait, how do you know that caused his ALS?? My father has it and we’ve been told by everyone (doctors, scientists, advocates who aren’t “paid to keep us sick”) that the cause is unknown.
        I read an article last year that a gene defect has been identified in dna but again, the cause of the defect isn’t yet known.
        If there’s even one case of ALS with a known cause, like yours, please give me more info! That’s such exciting news!

        1. Deb,
          So sorry to hear about your father. How is he getting along? My father suffered the worst for a relatively short time compared to many…then again, his symptoms began 9 years before he died ( those mild annoying symptoms that are mistaken as just quirks). I remember him complaining that his shoulder wasn’t working properly. My father’s doctor told me after my father passed that he believed there was a link between the statins and the onset of my father’s ALS and he was concerned about me ever needing to take statins since heart disease runs in my family. He told me that it would be best if I could avold them. Like everything else, I’m sure there is a genetic basis for ALS whether it’s drug induced or not. The cause is unknown because there is no single test that diagnoses ALS. Not yet anyway. My father, brother and I cannot take any of the fluoroquinolone antibiotics without severe neuro damage and possible death which leads me to believe we have a gene that makes us vulnerable to neuro-toxic medications. I was given a few doses of Tequin and suffered hearing, vision and muscle damage that has only slightly improved. After reviewing mounds of research, I agree with the doctor’s concerns about the statins. I also find it rather ironic that ALS awareness has become trendy in recent years – coinciding with excessive statin drug sales.. Remember how MS awareness coincided with aspartame use? I knew so many folks who were diagnosed with MS but their symptoms never increased and once they quit drinking the diet drinks, their symptoms disappeared within a year.…Montel Williams???
          Do more research. As you know so much of our research is confounded by special interest groups so, proceed with caution. 🙁
          There is never going to be any one size fits all cure for anything for everyone until medicine becomes pharmacogenomic.

      2. Yes this is very true. What people don’t understand or realize is that the only reason they can afford prescription drugs is because the taxpayers are footing the bill along with the insurance companies. Patients with Insurance only pay a fraction of the cost of their prescription drugs. We need to have nutritional supplements and the like covered by our insurance like prescription drugs so people can afford them. We also have to make priority the research studies that the biochemists/nutritionists are reporting. What doctors are relying on are clinical trials that are highly unregulated meaning that the people in them can do all sorts of things like be on drugs and I mean medications that have side effects, and who smoke, etc. A good trial would be where all the people were not on any sort of drug and were like each other just taking the supplements. So many times clinical trials disprove the effects of supplements because they use very low quality ones or don’t reach therapeutic doses so of course they won’t work which is just what Big Pharma wants. They are in direct competition with the nutritional companies. It’s the proven biochemical functionings and pathways of nutrients that are the most important to report to the clunicians.

        1. I agree Suzanne and those are good points about those evidence based clinical trials that are often so subjective and inconclusive. yes, the drug companies are threatened by nutriceutical companies. More and more people are realizing that the new drugs they give them are not safe. Anyone who listens to those drug advertisements and the side effects and STILL takes the drug is an idiot! ” May cause cancer”?????????????
          At one time I too thought that doctors should be able to prescribe supplements as medicines but my doctor explained to me that it’s probably best if we keep their value a secret. Here’s the problem with regulating supplements as drugs:
          Are you familiar with DSHEA ( Dietary Supplement health and Education Act)? if not, do a google search on it and you will learn about why it was so important to pass. You see, it’s difficult for scientists and doctors and of course drug companies to claim that food (nutrients) is medicine and IF there ever comes a time when oranges are regulated as medicines, we are in serious trouble! There are many opponents of DSHEA that want to limit our access to supplements and they want to limit how much nutrient we can consume. This is so utterly ridiculous since it presumes that someone might “overdose” on oranges or watermelons and then what? We criminalize them? Will the gov’t want to tell us how many oranges we can buy if they regulate how much Vitamin C we can consume? I don’t take the same amount of Vitamin C every day. There are times when I need to double my intake and if the gov’t is regulating it and making it only available as a prescription, we’ll be paying even more to visit a doctor to get a prescription for synthetic vitamin C that lacks all the necessary cofactors that make it effective. Oh joy. So, let’s just shut up and pretend that vitamins are bad for us.
          We really don’t want our supplements regulated as medicines. We do however, want them regulated for potency and accurate labeling.

  5. I’m the generation before MMR and chicken pox. I had them all as everyone did who was born in thr 50s. The result was a natural immunity to those illnesses

    1. Hi Judy,
      I read your comment and need to speak to one of your statements, the one about being born before the MMR vaccines and also how you don’t have autism. Your words almost indicate that you think the two are related, as if you aren’t autistic bc you didn’t have that vaccine. While I do hope that was just unintentional unclear wording, in case you did make that incorrect correlation, it’s important that you know that vaccines do not cause autism. Do not. The highly-cited report that the misinformed use as evidence was long ago proven false. As in, made up. Please don’t continue to spread the dangerous story that Jenny McCarthy unfortunately started spreading last decade.

  6. Numerous stories like these are more prevalent then many of us realize. It is time to turn to natural foods and combat the GMOs Monsanto would contaminate it all with! Big Pharma wants us to forget about these not so isolated cases, instead conduct an investigation against these pharmaceutical poisons used to control patients…

  7. Wish I knew doctors that had any nutritional knowledge whatsoever.
    I will never forget the look on my doctor’s face when I mentioned eating kamut..

  8. This is exactly why i love the biochemistry/nutrition approach to health. Compare this article and it’s functionality on every level (hmm take responsibility for yourself?) vs the way that 95% of MDs have no biochemistry or nutrition in their training – know of one MD who says he has a short afternoon of nutrition in 12 years of med school – he ran a world famous heart cliinic until he switched away from the dark side.
    i know of people that stopped MS, got rid of cancers, and had so many “impossible” healings and cures from using biochemistry and nutrition (and other weird stuff, lol) but drugs seem to NEVER cure a thing – AND always cause damage as they hide symptoms. Hmm.

    1. You are very right about this. I married a medical student years ago and helped him become a sub specialist in critical care. It was with my coaching that he became interested in nutrition as there were no classes on the subject in this training. He was able to use some nutrition in his critically ill pediatric patients and admitted that his children had a four-month advantage in healing when he used hyperalimentation which is nutritional feeding with IV.

      1. Man, they are reversing alzheimers, parkinson’s, ALS, and MS with ketogenic diets with added medium chain triglycerides added to rebuild the myelin sheathing and synapses. In the 90s i knew of a substance that was shown to repair myelin sheathing in double blind studies – calcium EAP – did any doctor recommend this to their MS patients?
        Dutch Scientist used “fecal transplant” technique to restore intestinal flora to balance – and cured 250 out of 250 Type II Diabetes patients.
        Similar work is now finding the intestinal flora can repair mental illnesses and so much more.
        We are no longer really able to state that we have these stand alone systems – nerve, vascular, etc – there is an integration, a hologrammatic nature to the entirety and increasing levels of interdependence and interaction are constantly being discovered. It is GREAT!!!!
        One thing i have recently thought about is the Masaru Emoto book’s HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER implications. If one’s consciousness, directed at water, can vary the crystal structure when that water is frozen it implies a change in the liquid water, but more than that – can we similarly change our solid food in the same way? Perhaps the only reason we cannot tell the food has changed is because nobody has studied it, and how would one? Crystallization is quick, easy, very visual. How would you measure a “typical” dinner’s changes?
        i still believe i need to learn to love the food before i eat it – WITH INTENT, not like a rote religious prayer, but with depth and sincerity. There is no way it could hurt.

        1. Folate and B12 make and maintain myelin sheath. That’s why they’re needed to make the brain and the spinal cord during embryonic and fetal development. They also maintain them in adult life as well as mental health. Folates are destroyed by heat such as cooking so we’re always running in a deficit. Plus most medications deplete folate.

          1. Cholesterol and fats are necessary for neural repairs. Every cell in the body has a membrane (been slammed for generalizing it as cell wall) made up of phoshpolipids. Bad fats like the hydrogenated poisons, form bad membranes – they look……………skanky. Don’t open well to let in O2 and nutrients, tend to leak, are more susceptible to viral invasion, etc.
            Lipid in phospholipid of course means FATS – and this is one of the wonderful aspects of cholesterol. It not only makes our hormones (precursors) acts as antioxidants against oxidation and pathogens, the LDL cholesterol is needed in our skin to form Vitamin D3 – which has innumerable good aspects and effects, and the list goes on and on.
            Truthfully, cutting edge stuff is showing an overlap of all systems – people getting brain and myelin sheathing repair from gut dysbiosis being repaired and recolonized, “foreign” gut bacteria influencing our human DNA in positive ways usually, and so much more. No system stands alone, and i suspect that complex and interwoven integration of multiple systems affecting each other in surprising and amazing ways – i’m going to guess that sort of holographic aspect is reflected on the level of nutrients, basic biochemical functions (proteins, enzymes, fats, hormones, etc) and toxic impediments cascading in surprising manner also.

          2. Way cool. So unlike the oncologists, you likely know about Dr Otto Warburg’s research and the O2/hemoglobin change from diet deficient in live enzymes and it’s difficulty in getting into the cells and completing the ADP/ATP cycle.
            i am jealous of the depth of knowledge you have in this arena, lol, but i am a dedicated generalist who tends to know more about more than most. This precludes super deep knowledge on every subject, but there is a tendency to know enough about most things to get the general direction.
            At least i know that drugs aren’t the solution, and that biochemistry and nutrition (and related natural cycles and solutions) are the way to go – and at times have been the vehicle to pass on “alternative” knowledge which has allowed people to cure their cancers, stop their MS, reverse their arthritis, and stop their stomach acidity issues, etc.
            From the 90s on – so i know i’m not a turd on real health, but again, to understand the Krebs cycle, and……………

          3. Yes, had I not been bogged down and the rope and tied and slave driven by this MD in training I would have been a naturopath which is where I was headed before I met this man. it was a big mistake. finally divorced.

          4. i love your attitude – it is so refreshing, lol. AND very glad you found the keys to the handcuff.
            i DO think that allopathic medicine is okay if not great for critical and emergency care – for some situations the only viable option. When you finish that – run like hellll!
            Since so many MDs make their $$$ off the drugs and that being their only real training (ongoing training from drug pusher pHARMa reps – keeping the HARM large in medicine) they seldom do any nutritional prescriptions beyond the flawed paradigms of the Heart Association, or the Cancer Society, or other accepted, bought out, psychopathic med authorities.
            When Glaxo-Smith-Kline was fined 3 BILLION this year do you recall why? They had implemented a corporate training program to teach MDs to illegally (criminally?) prescribe their drugs off-label. Known instances like prescribing meds NOT to be taken by anyone under 18 w/black box fatality warnings – to kids as young as 14. They illegally gave kickbacks/bribes etc to MDs to do this damaging, criminal practice AND EIGHTY PERCENT OF THE APPROACHED MDs CHOSE TO PARTICIPATE IN DANGEROUS, ILLEGAL ACTIONS!!!!!!!!
            80%. You have a lot more faith in this med system than i do. Perhaps you will be proven right. Maybe GSK had a list of susceptible moral retards that could be bought and didn’t push their illegal program on the honest MDs – but i kinda doubt it.
            Another huge problem is that they are forced to maintain current understandings in their fields, and thus have no time to re-educate theirselves. They sometimes grab “alternative” treatments – but have you ever noted that the “acceptable” treatments tend to be adjunctive to the current poisoning system? When they USE real therapies that aren’t approved they get sanctioned by their medical board, they lose their license, they have illegal SWAT raids on their offices with the local TV media there to record it and have that practitioner painted as evil in the public eye – even when nothing comes of it and their records are restored in two years or so.
            i was told, face to face, by a Medical University teaching MD that EVERY pharmaceutical drug is a poison. i already knew that, and his question – which was supposed to shock me – shocked him when i knew that already.
            i can think of no drugs (although i know they are likely out there) which are absolutely necessary even for emergency care. Probably pain killers, or putting someone unconscious so that emergency procedures can be performed – but basically – they ALL cause problems and have better natural analogues. No – analogue implies parity, and nature is better when correctly worked with and implemented.
            Must feed goats, chickens, rescue/heritage hogs….

  9. The best way to stay healthy these days is to avoid processed food, grow your own if possible and stay away from the doctors office. Natural treatments can take care of stuff that big pharma can’t no matter how much they try to run then down and call it quackery.

  10. That’s interesting. Thanks, Stan! 🙂
    While I’m skeptical of the role of algae in my father’s development of his disease, the results from this study sound very promising in terms of alzheimers treatment in the future, and hopefully all these terrible neurological diseases we know so little about.

    1. Not sure I’d it was in that article….but they identify L-Serine as potentially counteracting the affects…..

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