Medical Bureaucracy (and FDA Regulations) Also Stymie Efforts to Halt Ebola

The current dearth of treatment options for Ebola is not from a lack of options, but from a zealous protection of current medical monopolies together with an overabundance of red tape.
In a related article, we discussed government hostility to natural remedies that are both cheap, effective, and more readily available. In this article, we’ll look at the FDA roadblocks to more conventional treatments.
The FDA is paid by drug companies and is generally friendly to them. Even so, getting a new drug or device approved is a torturous and insanely expensive process. The minimum cost these days is several hundred million dollars spent over many years. The average cost is in the billions.
Technology like Nanobiosym’s “iPhone-sized device,” which can be used to detect Ebola and other diseases in less than an hour, is being delayed by needless FDA red tape. The Dallas hospital that treated three patients with Ebola had a similar device, one that could detect Ebola with high degree of confidence within a few minutes, but were prevented from using it because of FDA regulations.
The FDA’s intransigence is deterring other companies (especially smaller ones) from even trying to create new technology. The timeline to develop new drugs and medical devices has increased 70% in the past decade.
The Ebola outbreak, soon to be exacerbated in North America by cold weather and its conflation with flu symptoms, has been overwhelming hospitals’ ability to quarantine all suspected infections, and the situation will only intensify in the near future. Being able to actually use these new and promising Ebola treatments—which have already been shown to be safe after initial testing in real world conditions—instead of waiting endlessly for approval via the FDA’s outdated double-RCT model, is essential. Patients would then be followed closely to see how well the new products are working in the longer term.
The Life Extension Foundation has detailed the systemic problems of FDA’s approval process, which prevents patient access to other effective treatments for other serious illness as well.
Other promising tools for preventing the spread of Ebola include a robot that blasts ultraviolet light (25,000 times more powerful than sunlight) to kill the virus. The light touches and cleans all surfaces, including under the bed and between the folds of curtains, rendering rooms 99.9% sterile, versus 85% using conventional methods. The technology uses xenon light, which is more environmentally friendly, instead of bulbs with mercury, which are toxic. Investing in such machines is urgently needed, given the chronic problem hospitals have with infections: the CDC estimates that 1.7 million people contract hospital infections each year—and that’s not including any infections that might have hospitalized them in the first place!
It’s important to note that the FDA’s profoundly broken approval process does not even guarantee safe drugs. In 2008 alone, the government recorded 526,527 adverse events from FDA-approved drugs and “therapeutic biologics,” of which 275,421 “had serious outcomes.” For the sake of comparison, there were only 672 serious adverse events from nutritional supplements that year—even though supplements were taken by about 152 million Americans.
As broken as the FDA is at the moment, it is little different over at the National Institutes of Health, where most of the Ebola drug trials should be happening. NIH director Francis Collins cites budget cuts, but NIH funding for infectious diseases has in fact doubled since 2001, with little to show for it.
Be sure to read our other article on Ebola in the current issue of this newsletter, where we discuss groundbreaking natural treatments for the virus.


  1. Spend a great night watching the following movie on Ebola: VIDEO: Expose EbolaGate, Arrest the Perps, Stay healthy with Vitamin C. It’s mind-blowing.

  2. How have FDA regulations interfered with research in other countries including those most affected by the disease?
    How does the proposed technology translate for countries with one physician for 10,000 people where most transmission occurs in villages that are hours or days away from the nearest hospital, where even the current protective gear is too expensive and where the patients have been living on $1 a day?
    Using the misfortune of others to grind one’s own axe takes energy away from actually fixing anything.

  3. In my not so humble opinion, it’s past time to resurrect the wholesale production and use of an old and time tested natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral totally safe remedy that can be produced for pennies per gallon. It was in widespread use until the advent of penicillin. This product is totally non toxic and can be easily stored for long periods of time. Viruses and bacteria cannot become resistant to this natural remedy. In case you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about, it’s Colloidal Silver.
    I have produced my own supply of highly potent colloidal silver by the use of a small, inexpensive generator and distilled water. You may have read anecdotes about people’s skin turning blue from prolonged use. Bullshit! I have used, PRN, doses as high as 50-100 PPM with no ill effects.Colloidal silver has served me well in all infectious situations for over 20 years.
    It is time to demand that CDC test colloidal silver vs. Ebola NOW!!!!

    1. Have you seen what has happened to “Dr Rima” actually Rima Laibow, MD for promoting nano silver to African nations? It is beyond criminal and her organization is, so far, going to try to fight back with legal challenges. Link may not work, as they are constantly attacking her websites.but try typing it in. The site includes a citizens petition to sign.
      She was a psychiatrist who practiced natural, drug free, medicine. She quit her practice to, along with her retired Army general husband, challenge Big Ag and Big Pharma.
      If the link doesn’t work, try searching “Dr Rima truth reports”. Also, I signed up for her protocol but haven’t gotten it.

      1. I heard Dr. Rima speak on Eliezer Ben Joseph’s (Traditional Naturopath) radio show a few weeks ago. She said the her nano-silver 10 parts per million was tested on 300 Ebola patients by some kind doctor in Sierra Leone. Those patients in the first two stages got better, while those who were in the final stages didn’t. Silver was stopped by WHO and the other related powers that be. This is really a crime against humanity for the sake of $$$Big Pharma.

  4. This information is so scandalous that it is akin for me to treason. How can remedies of any kind be halted if they have a track record for helping. Where have these remedies been used if they have been halted by the FDA? Is it perhaps not worth it for doctors to use the motto “better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” Used in conjunction with the prescribed haz mat suits, surely the things mentioned in the article would do no harm.

  5. May I suggest that those who visit news sites that allow readers to comment on the articles they print to post this site as a source for information and action.
    I love this site and appreciate the alerts sent. Their information is always factual.
    Thank you Alliance for Natural Health for all that you do!

  6. When I talk to people about the FDA, I find that maybe one in 50 has any misgivings about the FDA. Most people are unaware of the real situation. They think the FDA is protecting consumers and is, in fact, too slow to approve cutting edge drugs that might help some patient who hasn’t been successfully treated otherwise. They have no idea that they may be consuming life threatening substances. I know a man in his eighties who was treated for cancer with intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide in 2013 and has been cancer free ever since. I also know several people with cancer who have undergone Chemo and Radiation treatments. They are all as sick as ever and rarely leave home except to go for their treatments. That is, the ones that haven’t passed away yet. We know who’s getting the FDA approved treatments. It isn’t the man in his eighties.

  7. I feel sorry for the medical profession. The Dr.’s have been forced to sell their soul to the drug industries. They no longer practice medicine.
    What ever happened to the Dr.’s oath regarding patient care? They are not in alignment with medicine. They are being used as the drug companies align their pockets as well as the FDA? What would be their purpose in prolonging suffering in a patient & preventing proper care? The almighty dollar seems to do the same work in these people as it does in the corrupt pollution oops, politician.

  8. The FDA needs to be replaced with an unbiased, non-contributing, non-political entity.
    And the same goes for the CDC.

  9. we need a civilian review board to advocate for citizens and patients, ask the tough questions in public hearings, and hold FDA accountable for immoral acts, that in a just society, would be criminal acts.

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