Government Ignores Natural Treatment Options

Why are these approaches being ignored? Could it be because there is little profit to be made from them? Action Alert!
With Ebola panic taking hold of the country, we hear very little about the natural ways to guard against the disease.  This becomes even more important when you consider that these natural ways are less expensive and can often be self-administered. Self-administration could be of special importance if there were a widespread pandemic. Doctor’s offices might not be available and hospitals overwhelmed. In addition, hospitals would not allow any natural approaches.
Furthermore, natural approaches often build up the immune system, and people susceptible to Ebola are more likely to have compromised immune systems.
As we discussed last month in our article on Ebola and natural remedies, the “Catch-22” of drug economics—that no one will spend the exorbitant sums needed to run clinical trials if the product can’t be patented and turned into a huge money-maker—practically ensures that natural prevention or treatment will be ignored.
The status quo in which government creates and protects drug company monopolies was always outrageous. Now with the threat of major and deadly pandemic in sight, it is completely unacceptable. It is essential that voters become aware of what is going on behind closed doors in Washington so they can speak up and move the political system—before millions of lives are needlessly lost and our economy also dealt a savage blow.
In our earlier article, we discussed how silver has been used as an antimicrobial for thousands of years and has the ability both to attack viruses and to inhibit their transmission. We also showed how intravenous vitamin C would be a tremendous benefit to patients in hospitals and clinics who have already contracted Ebola.
New research has suggested these natural interventions for Ebola:

  • According to an important study published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, the Ebola virus seems to be selenium-dependent—that is, the virus rapidly drains its host of the mineral selenium, making the patient vulnerable to high levels of oxidative stress, which in turn contributes to hemorrhaging and a breakdown of the immune system. Patients who are already selenium deficient—as people in developing nations often are, due to food and nutrition insufficiencies—are most vulnerable to Ebola.Multiple studies have looked at selenium yeast—the organic form of selenium, which is superior in terms of bioavailability and metabolism when compared with inorganic forms of dietary selenium such as selenite—as having a profound impact on the incidence and progression of a variety of infectious and degenerative diseases. There is no question that selenium yeast is associated with increased ability to counteract oxidative stress.
  • Intravenous vitamin C may be useful in hospitals and clinics, but it isn’t offered there, and many patients won’t get that far or might not even be welcome if they did. Such patients might be given high doses of vitamin C in a liposome version—it is gentler on the body, and can be gotten to patients in rural areas where medical facilities may be lacking. Glutathione—also in a liposome version, if taken orally—helps recirculate vitamin C and helps strengthen the immune system. NAC, a precursor of glutathione, might be also be helpful. Liposomal forms of oral C are not a substitute for IV C, but any form of C could help tremendously if given to bowel tolerance.
  • Vitamin D is a vital necessity for our immune system to fight off viruses. Unfortunately, the darker one’s skin is—that is, the more melanin one has—the more sunlight one needs for the body to make its own vitamin D, so supplementation is critical. Megadoses would be indicated for patients who have already come in contact with the Ebola virus. Of course, at the moment, the dosages the government describes as megadoses barely get a patient into the upper range of “good” on a blood test. The current reference range in conventional medicine for adequate vitamin D in the blood is 30-100 ng/ml. Many people need 10,000 iu a day of supplemented D just to get above 60. Vitamin D in the blood is thought by many experts to be most antiviral around 70 ng/ml.
  • Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, can down-regulate the “cytokine storms” that are often the immediate cause of death from Ebola and other pandemic viruses. A cytokine storm is the potentially fatal immune reaction caused by a positive feedback loop between cytokines (small proteins that affect normal cell behavior) and white blood cells. The primary symptoms of a cytokine storm are high fever, swelling and redness, extreme fatigue, and nausea.In addition to curcumin, omega-3 fatty acids can also down-regulate the cytokine storm.
  • Other natural antivirals being studied include zinc, vitamins A, B12 (the latter as an adjunct to other antiviral therapies), and melatonin. Some of the best integrative doctors consulted by ANH-USA recommend vitamin A at high doses (over 100,000 iu a day) for viral infections in general.

ANH-USA staff know a patient who had ultraviolet blood irradiation in conjunction with intravenous peroxide (among other things) for Lyme and viral co-infections several years ago, and it was very effective. The treatment was used in the 1940s and ’50s, though it is very difficult to find information on it as the FDA considers it illegal! Given its mechanism of action, this treatment might be effective for Ebola. Ozone taken intravenously or rectally also might work, but faces similar government hostility since it would threaten existing drug monopolies. In a related article, we discuss the use of ultraviolet therapy in a medical device to disinfect hospitals of Ebola.
Action Alert! Write to both FDA and Congress. Ask them to review natural treatments for Ebola without the lengthy drug approval process. Send your message today!
* Editor’s note:  This article was amended on October 23, 2014.


  1. You mention UV light to disinfect hospital spaces. Another method uses ozone and hydrogen peroxide mist which has the added advantage of treating hard-to-reach spaces. Information can be found here:
    Ebola is lipid-enveloped as are MERS and SARS and therefore more susceptible to ozone inactivation. An article about the use of ozone can be found in this article:

  2. It never has been about treating people and saving lives, all diseases have been about making money.

  3. The Vitamin C is the most critical of all, it up regulates the formation of Hydrogen Peroxide inside the white blood cell when it has engulfed the virus. The prime cause of failure to resist a virus is insufficient vitamin C available to sufficiently empower the white blood cell. Glucose down regulates the formation of peroxide, making diabetics and persons (which are most all) to have poorly functioning immune systems. In my opinion a liter of water with 20 gram of C dissolved and drank quickly, and the process repeated every 4 hours, until symptoms cease and or bowl tolerance occurs will come close to intravenous.

  4. This is really offensive.
    Physicians who have dedicated their entire lives fighting disease are accused of ignoring treatments in order to enrich pharmaceutical companies. It is implausible that not even one researcher out of the thousands would have broken ranks.
    Cure for or prevention of ebola would earn a Nobel prize. Apparently every one of those researchers already plans to make more than the Million-plus prize money by investing in pharma,
    Those who are unwilling or unable to read the research as I have should at least watch the PBS special that is available on its web site.
    The proper response to such arrogance is to invite the author to fill up on supplements and then to be intentionally exposed to ebola. I’m willing to watch and report.
    This won’t correct the problem since there are so many equally-educated replacements but would ensure variety.

  5. I failed to properly elaborate that most everybody has poorly functioning immune systems due to unnecessary high sugar and high fructose corn syrup intake, and that the problem is caused by high blood glucose down-regulating the white blood cell peroxide production.

  6. Please allow natural treatments for Ebola and other illnesses to be tested without lengthy drug approval processes.
    Marilyn L Sears, PhD
    October 21, 2014

  7. I have been considering volunteering as a test Ebola case for some time, using the methods of Drs. John R. Christopher and Richard Schulze. But I have few resources, as my life savings were
    extorted away awhile back, and my mortgage is underwater. If I could find some organization
    (natural, NOT Big Pharma) who could sponsor the effort, by providing the organic fresh squeezed juices, herbal formulae, etc., and who would guarantee that my pets and wife would be taken care of if I should die in the process. Of course I found no such organization, but if you can find one which might be interested, I will still volunteer.

    1. Good for you Stan, but since I am not on social media, I cannot “like” you that way, but as a friend, I suppose that is a given. Me, I keep taking my zinc and Vit C as you suggested and I stay out of airports. Jay

  8. Ionic or collodial silver, according to some doctors, has worked in defeating the ebola virus.

  9. Well Gents, if it is so curable by natural means, why don’t you fly over to the hot zone and prove it. What you say makes sense, but the real proof is in the curing, not the talking.

  10. Also nobody has mentioned real colloidal silver ( not the fake stuff) and ultra violet blood irradiation.

  11. As a consultant holding Bachelors and Masters degrees in Holistic Nutrition, I firmly stand with this information as being too valuable to overlook and dismiss. The majority of ailments the human body can contract are rooted in compromised nutrition, or can be improved by boosting nutrients. Our bodies are made of these nutrients…not vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Certainly we should continue searching for a formula that treats and cures this terrible condition…but we must first restore the levels of depleted nutrients to optimum levels.

  12. It might also be noted that Colloidal silver is PROVEN to stop Ebola (and over 650 other infectious diseases – including viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. etc.)
    I make my own for pennies–have for years.
    Colloidal silver was being heavily investigated as a curative/preventative agent prior to antibiotic research in the 1920s. It was suppressed/discredited by the pharmaceutical industry and their “minions” beginning in the 1930s. Naturally, for as you mention in this article–it could not be patented and was commonly available/producable.
    See Dr. Rima Laibow’s site as she is currently helping to supply Sierra Leone with “Nano Silver (10 ppm) and it is working dramatically to stop the disease. Nano Silver is the latest version of colloidal silver and the Defense Research Agency did a study of it specifically in 2009–citing it’s complete effectiveness in stopping Ebola–even the “weaponized strain” developed by our military (copy of this at her site). She has since come under threats from the government for her work in publicizing her knowledge to the punlic

  13. we all know natural health cures are being sensed by the medical mafia, big pharmac , big business, and the universities of the world because of creed and run buy phsycopathic people. mike collins. nz.

  14. If it is possible to use natural remedies for Ebola , I think we should check out the vitamins mentioned in the above article. Particularly the cur cumin that can regulate the cytosine storms caused by the reaction between our own immune system response and the Ebola virus. We need to look at all aspects of this disease and possible treatment.

  15. Saw yesterday (20 Oct) that Nigeria now Ebola -free because of massive hydration with sugar-salt solution (a gallon of water, a cup of sugar and a cup of salt) drink the entire concoction daily in cupful doses – about 10 cups per day – until fever abates ? Report was on MSNBC News?

  16. Dear Sir, I strongly believe in natural remedies; Please allow alternative M.D.’s to show you their information for curing Ebola. You would save lives and even save money. The drug companies seem to have a closed mind to these many ways of healing diseases and at present especially Ebola. I am a retired RN and have been studying alternative medicine for the past 10 years. When used correctly and under the supervision of gifted doctors, who have often faced ridicule and derision, these natural methods are indeed superior to some of our traditional methods. We need to get these two ways of treating patients to speak and work with one another instead of allowing ignorance and prejudice to rule. Thank you! Lillian shank

  17. There is a documented way to stop the transcription and replication of the Ebola virus in Pubmed. click here. Next question is how do you increase your heme oxygenate? You breathe 100% Oxygen under pressure. Click here in Pubmed. Virus Stopped!
    This technique could treatment could at the same time treat so many other issues with Ebola, anemia, acidosis, inflammation, reduction of sepsis like conditions which hyperbaric as been used off-label in pancreatitis. Here is the big one. Severe anemia is an approved indication that is reimbursable by medicare which all the insurance companies would likely follow. And the big big one is more than likely this would give your immune system more time to respond and you would then have more people around to from which you could get serum if you wanted.
    Please share with others. Locate and off-label chamber close to you and at the first sign of viral illness get yourself treated.

  18. Ebola virus is no different than hundreds of other virus.
    All curable!!! Over 50 years ago Dr F R Kenner cured every virus He treated, including 60 of 60 polio patients he saw 1949-50. With 50 to a 160 grams of vitamin ’C’ in 72 hours or less. I have stated on the internet and willing to back it up, to go into any room full ebola virus victims ‘naked’ armed only with a large bottle of vitamin ‘C’. Would Obama have the guts to do the same??? Any body. Just buy me a ticket and feed my cat! …dez…

  19. This is a great article! I hope all readers of other news sites that allow the posting of comments by readers will include the mention of Alliance for Natural Health in their comments.
    Come on folks let’s get this info out!

  20. Thanks for your great article on natural treatments for Ebola. It’s worth noting that Vitamin C expert Thomas Levy MD believes that liposomal vitamin C may be even more effective than IV C because it’s better able to get into the cells. The dosage I remember is 6,000mg/day in divided doses of 1,000mg.
    This is possibly a great opportunity to bring alternative medicine into the public eye –
    Sam Case

  21. Thank you for this article.
    I knew Vitamin C would be instrumental in fighting Ebola but not the other remedies mentioned. I have said, “Why doesn’t someone sprinkle a little ascorbic acid on the Ebola and watch it shrivel up and die?” We should all start building up our immune system now to prevent sickness.
    Did you know that the US Government patented the Ebola virus back in 2009? Check out that link below.

  22. In 2009 an in vivo study (animal) was conducted at the Utah State University, using nano-catalytic silver hydrosols against the H5N1 Virus (Bird Flu). It was observed in this peer reviewed and published study that the 10 ppm nanosilver had the ability to act as a powerful prophylactic to H5N1 (and sub variants) infection. The 10 ppm sol was more effective in this role than were more concentrated strengths (22 ppm and 32 ppm). That study can be read here.
    More recent work was performed by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), a government agency, using nano silver specifically against the Ebola virus. It was conducted by Janice Speshock, Ph.D. and Saber Hussain, Ph.D. at the Applied Biotechnology Branch, 711th Human Performance Wing, Air Force Research Laboratory. Those findings, now unclassified, were consistent with the Utah State Universtiy study. The 10 ppm sol was more effective than the stronger silver concentrations as a powerful prophylaxis to Ebola infection. It was discovered in both studies, in vivo and in vitro, that the nano silver halted the ability of the virus to replicate.
    Intravenous vitamin C, as sodium ascorbate, has already clinically shown powerful anti-viral activity and I personally would seek out this therapy if infected. I have not researched the IV effectiveness of C as a liposome, but it would be an attractive alternative for those who cannot tolerate C in any other form.
    It is obviously preferable to prevent infection than to need to cure it. The suggestions contained within this article are probably the most rational common sense immune boosting methods for combating an established Ebola infection. It would seem likely that this regimen, when combined with a nano silver adjunct, would be most effective. For other independent clinical studies with nano-silver against bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens, see here :

  23. Thank you for this very topical and correct article. I am the owner of a support website for people with MRSA and also the owner of a small health business (the name of which will not be disclosed here). I use and sell a professional strength version of the most popular retail silver hyrdrosol. It is wonderful but I want to share with you that there is something better. In my many years helping people with immune issues, I have found that stable allicin (from garlic) is stronger than the best silver. Of course, as long as we are careful not to do too much at once (over-detoxify), then we can certainly use Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, silver hydrosol and stable allicin at the same time. That lineup is challenging for anyone with a somewhat busy lifestyle, so I always recommend stable allicin as the first line of immune defense. Also, there is no upper-end dose for stable allicin like there is for silver (too much stable allicin is better than not enough). Thank you for the info about using selenium for anyone vulnerable to Ebola. Considering that the majority of us are low on D due to malabsorption via the Standard American Diet (SAD), this information is particularly valuable. Great job and thanks again!

  24. Just feel that when there is a natural alternative I’d rather they use it. I don’t trust the modern medicine approach.

  25. GcMAF, a human protein all healthy people make, removes viruses from the body and rebuilds the immune system (which doesn’t function without it).
    GcMAF has 20 beneficial actions in the body, and a number of these would appear to help the fight against Ebola.
    When administered externally it has no side effects, but excellent results against viruses.
    Coupled with the above approaches, there would almost certainly be an effective treatment for ebola.
    Chances of any health authority paying attention are zero.

  26. Just wanted to thank you for this article on natural Ebola prevention! I knew there had to be a way other than the drug route to fight this disease and I really appreciate the tips provided!

  27. I have read, in book called “Flood Your Body With Oxygen,” that OZONE THERAPY has, in the past, been 100% effective against EBOLA, and that the main doctor who practiced these cures effectively, had to flee to an un-named Asian country:in order to continue practicing, as he was being persecuted by those with power.

  28. Freedom of knowing and living true principles based on the original healing powers of the sacred herbs the Great Creator Ordained as was created in the beginning to govern this planet in an upright way will not only hive heal to us and the planet but will also ensure true life and sacred living for the next seven generations of time. the truth will set us the people and all living life forms free to live more in harmony with the laws of health and bring more abundant life to every other living thing. It is time to get back to the ancient ways of living in balance with all life and reverence the waters, the air we breath, the seeds we plant, the kind of food we eat, what chemicals we choose to by. Hopefully the natural healthy way will ensure life for the next seven generations.

  29. I am familiar with most of the mentioned above and agreed on all of them. However, the Ultraviolet blood irradiation can be replaced by much simple device called Godzilla applying both sides of above your ankle with 12 to 30 DVC for 30 to 60 min time.( Since blood is circulated every 20-30 min). I do my lazy way by putting my feet on 2 plastic shoe boxes with 1 inch of warm water, and run a wire of 33.5 DCV (24.5 DCV + 9 DVC in series) into water for 1 to 4 hr at a time, 2-3 time a week. Or an X run by left foot and right hand, or right foot left hand. When I do each hand on each shoe box. I did it with only 24.5 DVC just for safety reason. Since I’ve been doing this, I haven’t have any cold or flu at all, which I used to have twice almost yearly. When my wife caught cold or flu, I run it on her neck (12 DVC) to rid her sore throat, and then on her chest (24.5 DVC) and her back for 30-40 min to kill off what ever illegally occupied in her lungs. You have to put lotion on where the sponges are, since skin here sensitively thin, and move them as you felt a little irritating. She usually felt much better the next day and back to normal in 2 days. I built a station that I can treat up to 12 people at same time, it can switch polarity with a switch. It shows voltage and current on 2 meters as time we use. Electric is my most favorite method to kill bacteria and viruses.

    1. Hung Pham,
      I am interested in the idiosyncrasies of your procedures.
      Ishan Vest

  30. Take a look at U.S. Patent 5,188,738. It describes an electrical treatment for blood said to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi while leaving the human cells intact. Although not mentioned in the patent, I’ve heard it claimed this device could be connected to electrodes in a blood vessel in an arm to clear pathogens from the bloodstream. The device itself would be trivial to manufacture, cheaper than a blood glucose monitor.

  31. I wish the powers in charge would look at natural remedies in a more serious effort to control diseases.

  32. What about ionic silver? I sent this info to you weeks ago and you didn’t even comment. It is proving the only effective treatment in Sierra Leon and even the country’s president is behind it. Yet our press – even alternatives like you – remain silent. Pitiful.

  33. I am very thankful for these kind of articles … because people need information to know what to do in case they get ill …. and better prevent it before ………. and don’t need to go into fear because they are well informed.

  34. This is something that really needs to be looked at and used. I have been touting silver and taking garlic capsules as a precautionary for all the people I know who work in a medical setting with patient contact. The healthier we are, the healthier we stay and are better able to help those who are experiencing illness.
    Sheryl Billman

  35. Dear Mr. Mike, as a clinical nutritionist and author of 10 books about natural and alternative medicine in Greece, I have to say that from your comment I realize that you are a big fascist. Is it possible to write ”Just take your site down, you’re responsible for human lives.”? Not this site, but the medical establishment is responsible for human lives. Thousands people die from cancer or heart disease or they suffer from chronic degenerative, because they don’t have approach and knowledge to the safe natural and alternative ways for prevention or treating diseases. The monopoly of classical doctors and chemical drugs is responsible for the bad quality of the health of western people!
    *Ed note: The original post was taken down due to violations of our commenting policy. Thank you for your reasoned and well qualified response.

  36. Have you seen the report on flu vaccines in the British Medical Journal by John Hopkins Scientist or should we ignore the BMJ? Are they irresponsible too? Please reply when you have read it, if you remember and you havn’t started getting Altzheimers from all the vaccines you must have eagerly queued up for! A closed mind is a dangerous thing! Isn’t danger to the public the concern? I think your attitude is the dangerous attitude, Advocating unproven claims by drug companies that sack their scientists if they don’t prove what they want to be proved should be criminalised ! Think of the poor young girls convinced to have vaccines for feminine cancers that died! Do you remember the scientist with a conscience. She said she felt guilty about keeping quiet about the large no of deaths that arose from the vaccine, she had been trying to protect her job! I wonder how many scientists feel they can’t afford to be honest! For your own sake, and every body who listens to you, please research before damming drug company contradictions!

  37. One of the best documented supplements today are yeast beta glucans. They have up to very recent in human history always been in our food chain until removed by modern food processing and hygiene. Beta glucans are known to activate innate immune cells and ready them for activity, both increasing general immunity and helping to faster identify and navigate to sites of infection. The best researched beta glucan from yeast is called Wellmune, more information including the clinical studies can be found at

    1. They STOPPED it from being used???? We’re screwed. More proof that natural remedies are effective.

  38. I suspect the “proven” natural remedies are being ignored because they don’t work. Would you be kind enough to share the links to medical journal articles that contain the quoted proof?

    1. No they are ignored because people can make more money, even if the remedies are less effective, from prescription drugs than they can from natural remedies. Got it?

  39. I’ve read the article twice, and I see the well-intentioned suggestions and recommendations but using the term natural remedies is irresponsible. Nothing in the article indicates a clear path to being immune to the disease, nor is there any clear path to curing someone diagnosed with ebola. It’s a great idea to build up one’s immune system, and I hope somebody does mix strategies like IV vitamin C with whatever meds are being used successfully. But, articles like this do more damage to alternative medicine and natural supplements than you might realize. I was a nurse for many years caring for cancer patients, then I started a family after which I taught science in middle school and methods courses for teachers in a graduate program. My family and I are vegetarian, taking supplements, too, and we believe in the many benefits of alternative medicine. But, many people with no background in science, medicine, health, or natural supplements will read articles like this and walk away thinking the people actually treating patients with ebola are doing it wrong, have a hidden agenda to support Big Pharm or whatever. 10,000 IU of Vitamin D seems like a good idea in this article — but it’s not without risks to take in such massive doses of a fat soluble vitamin. At this critical moment in time, people should learn about the disease, how to avoid contact, understand that if they are exposed to the virus through body fluids quarantine is not voluntary or optional. Forget about making this a political issue, or a race issue or a smart vs dumb issue or, God forbid, another AIDS-type of general panic. Silver and vitamins will not prevent ebola if you come in direct contact with body fluids of a patient, nor will they cure someone who has contracted the disease. Your recommendations are more apropos to what you are much more likely to catch such as colds or flu. For those who always sing the word “natural” as something indisputably good in and of itself, be more specific and knowledgeable. Cocaine, tobacco, and peanuts are natural, too, but smoking and snorting the first two is bad, and if you’re allergic those natural peanuts will kill you. Be able to furnish actual scientific verification for your assertions and recommendations.

    1. And just what are the risks of taking 10,000 units of D a day for a while because I don’t know of any.

  40. Um, no “new research” is mentioned here. Nor is any evidence given that any of these are effective treatments for Ebola. It’s extremely difficult to take this seriously.

  41. “…using the term natural irresponsible.” I’ve been eating non gmo “natural” food for two years. When any sign of illness pops up, I use “natural” treatments, from non gmo sources. I haven’t been to my MD in almost two years and got off big pharma’s gerd drugs. Natural works. Folks taking the advice of anyone in the medical profession supporting drugs are fools. (See, earth clinic, Moms Across America, Institute for Responsible Technology (watch Genetic Roulette to learn about gmo in our food), Dr. Oz’s show on gmo, GMO Free USA, Stephanie Seneff’s research on gmo food causing environmental autism, David Suzuki, Huber, Seralini.) Keep in mind folks that the big corporations pay the search engines to put their corporate controlled/politician paid off studies in front of studies they don’t want you to see and they can buy any science they want. See, Thom Hartmann’s “Science for Sale. “…share the links to medical journal articles…” See, “Bought,” Tenpenny. Two years of flu vaccine death data was left out of the published medical journals that doctor and nurses rely on to make decisions about our health. The medical profession is avoiding vaccinations for themselves and their own children but poking your kid with it to keep collecting a paycheck. Wake up America. Your country has been sold to corporations who own the politicians.

    1. Nurses all across the country are being forced to take the flu vaccine.They will lose their job if they don’t comply.There’s no legal recourse .

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