Exclusive: Inside USA Today’s Smear Campaign Against Dr. Burzynski

cancerstory049First they malign the cancer pioneer, then they refuse him the ability to rebut the allegations. Action Alert!

In recent months, USA Today has released a spate of anti-natural health articles:

What is behind the mainstream media’s outright hostility to supplements and natural medicine? We can’t be sure. But we do know that the mainstream media as a whole would likely be bankrupt today without drug company advertising.
Of these three USA Today articles, the personal attack on Dr. Burzynski, who has helped so many people survive incurable cancers, seemed to us particularly offensive.
In an exclusive interview with the doctor and renowned healthcare lawyer Rick Jaffe, ANH-USA learned how USA Today’s “reporting” manipulated its readers, and then further obscured the truth by denying Dr. Burzynski his right to respond.
We’ve told you before about cancer pioneer Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD, a Texas-based physician and biochemist. Dr. Burzynski developed (with his own money) a nontoxic gene-targeted cancer therapy called antineoplastons, which has been shown to control or cure some of the most “incurable” forms of brain cancer. At his clinic in Texas, Dr. Burzynski and his team of skilled doctors provided individualized multi-agent gene-targeted therapies to patients, most of whom have failed mainstream, “one-size-fits-all” cancer treatments.
Given the USA Today reporter’s previously over-the-top review of Paul Offit’s book (which contained a long and highly biased chapter on Dr. Burzynski), the doctor was not surprised to find that two new articles, “Doctor Accused of Selling False Hope to Families” and “Experts Dismiss Doctor’s Cancer Claims,” both published on November 18, were distorted and deeply unfair. According to Rick Jaffe,

Both these articles were riddled with inaccuracies and promoted outrageous far-fetched speculations. For example, they stated that all terminally ill patients cured by the Burzynski clinic were either previously cured by non-curative treatments, or perhaps that the patients never had cancer. Dr. Burzynski does not diagnose cancer; he only treats people with confirmed cancer, and most of his patients have already failed one or more forms of conventional therapy.

Jaffe also gave the reporter and the quoted “experts” a left-handed compliment by conceding, “These folks had to get very creative to dismiss the fact that so many terminally ill brain cancer patients are still alive. But that’s the nature of bias: facts don’t matter—nor do live patients who are supposed to be dead. Instead, just focus on some unfortunate terminal patients who succumbed to their disease while being treated at the Burzynski clinic.” And that’s exactly what the USA Today story did.
Independently, ANH-USA has evaluated these articles, and agrees with Mr. Jaffe’s assessment. To give just a few examples, the “Doctor Accused” article:

  • Cites the lack of published random-controlled trials (RCTs) as evidence of antineoplastons’ uselessness, while omitting the fact that the efficacy of the treatment has recently been confirmed by a randomized, clinical trial by Japanese researchers. And of course ANH-USA has repeatedly had to point out that RCT’s are enormously expensive. Nobody but drug companies can afford them, and they will usually only undertake them if the treatment is under patent and therefore a government enforced monopoly. In addition, there is growing evidence that RCTs, particularly in the context of individualized treatments, should no longer be considered the “gold standard” for drug efficacy.
  • Claims there is no evidence that Dr. Burzynski has cured “a single patient,” despite the fact that none of the article’s quoted experts who have reviewed even one case among the several hundreds of clinical trial patients with documented responses to the treatment or the seventy-seven patients in the brain tumor trials who are long-term survivors.
  • Touts the number of cancer drugs approved by the FDA (108) since Burzynski began his trials, discrediting Dr. Burzynski’s statement that proper approval of treatments takes time. Again, Dr. Burzynski does not have the backing of a big drug company. Moreover, the speed at which drugs are approved is no indication of quality: a recent study found that in the past thirty years, 90% of all new drugs approved by the FDA were barely more effective than existing drugs, if at all. Many of these new cancer drugs show only a very small survival benefit, while antineoplastons have dozens and dozens of long-term survivors from some of the most virulent forms of brain cancer. In reality, then, the article is more an indictment of the FDA cancer drug approval process than of Dr. Burzynski!

A portion of ANH-USA’s research focus has been on how dangerous drugs are approved and prescribed for the benefit of Big Pharma, the government, and the pocketbooks of some individual doctors. However, the average consumer reading a USA Today article wouldn’t have any knowledge of this highly specific topic, because USA Today, by concealing the truth from the average consumer, generates media buzz.
Disappointed and alarmed by the USA Today’s slander, Dr. Burzynski and Mr. Jaffe asked the paper to rescind or amend their article. They refused. Seeking a constructive, balanced dialogue, Dr. Burzynski respectfully asked for an opportunity to rebut USA Today via a short op-ed or opinion piece. USA Today agreed; Dr. Burzynski submitted an approximately 450-word rebuttal that cited hard data about Dr. Burzynski’s treatments—such as the fact that of 401 brain tumor patients with a life expectancy of less than one year, seventy-seven of them survived over five years.
According to Dr. Burzynski and Mr. Jaffe, USA Today claimed that, due to the letter’s length, they were unable to print it in its entirety, and sent back an edited version that was stripped of any specific facts and statistics. To accommodate USA Today, Dr. Burzynski submitted a much shorter letter that still included hard facts. Again, the USA Today refused to publish, this time claiming that they “fact-checked” all of their letters to the editor, and “couldn’t verify” Dr. Burzynski’s statistics—“which is ironic,” Mr. Jaffe told ANH-USA, “because they certainly didn’t fact-check their articles on Dr. Burzynski.”
Action Alert! Ask USA Today to publish Dr. Burzynski’s op-ed rebuttal or at least a letter to the editor! Please write to USA Today immediately and ask them to allow the target of their smear campaign to rebut their article with the hard facts about his treatment. Please take action immediately!



  1. you are totally off base with this – this doctor has proved himself over and over again

  2. USA Today, Pharmaceutical companies, the American Media and the American government are a total disgrace to America! Give the American public a right to chose their own health care and the right to eat healthy non GMO foods and not have mandated vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs shoved down our throats. Why not publish Dr. Burzynski’s rebuttal or a letter to the editor? Why, because Americans do not have health freedom in this country and the main stream media, FDA and USDA are all brought by the pharmaceutical companies. It is disgusting and shameful, what has been going on in this country, land of the free and home of the brave. USA Today, you are all a bunch of cowards, I will never purchase your magazine again, with all it’s trash and lies! Maybe someday you or someone you love will be diagnosed with cancer, and will die because life saving treatments are not allowed in this country unless the pharmaceutical companies are behind it. Truly despicable!

  3. Cannot Take Action on the 3rd ALERT in this series. When you click on the green button “Take Action” nothing happens.

  4. Hi, He is giving hope. Conventional chemo/radiation doesn’t give me hope for people when I hear that someone is doing treatments that may hurt the gut lining in addition to gluten/GMO which may hurt the gut lining. When the gut lining doesn’t absorb well nutrients in food/vitamins….cells may not be made right or work right. It may not matter what Alternative help he gives. The Conventional system wants people to only do their treatment so they can make money. People who attack Alternative medicine may need that kind of help some day themselves or for their family to heal. They should allow both kinds of medicine without attacks. Alternative medicine to me gives hope/help fast and may rebuild the body/brain.

  5. Publish Dr. Burzynski’s op-ed rebuttal or at least a letter to the editor! Please write to USA Today immediately and ask them to allow the target of their smear campaign to rebut their article with the hard facts about his treatment. This whole situation is absurb.

  6. This action is overdoing quite a bit. The Pharmaceutical companies have been trying to deny any health assistance that the Creator provided because they cannot (yet) patent an herb. Therefore they work through the FDA, which they own financially, and direct that organization to carry out procedures that are in favor of Big Pharma’s favor.
    Of course, the Pharmaceutical business would stand to lose money if Dr, Burzynski were allowed to utilize his discovery. But the medical business doesn’t want him around. One would suppose that the government would primarily be interested in the overall good health of its citizens. Sadly this is not the case.
    I am not religious but I know that everything necessary for health is already here and there is no need for synthetic chemicals to maintain good health.
    I am approaching the age of 80 and am in good health because, even though I see a medical doctor, I advise him that I absolutely will not ingest any statins or steroids and I attribute my good specifically to this practice.

  7. Please publish Dr. Burzynski’s op-ed rebuttal. Only in a democracy can both sides be heard. USA Today should print all the documents otherwise, it is biased journalism.

  8. In the interest of fairness and telling the whole story, I would think you would welcome Dr. Burzynski’s side of the story and I urge you to publish an op-ed piece by him. You wouldn’t want it to look like you have something to fear, would you? Or something to hide?

  9. First of all, the FDA is in the pockets of our government, and its money grubbiing politicians.
    completely shut down the FDA and let the American People help thenselves to GOOD doctors and all that goes with that. The FDA KILLS MORE PEOPLE with its drugs that helps. Here we
    have a doctor who know how to cure and help peole witih cancer, and we don’t listen to him but try to short him down and out.
    SHAME on our FDA and our government.
    Yes I have soomething constructive to say…SHUT DOWN THE FDA..KEEP more people alive this way.

  10. Please, give the ‘people’ a chance … remember “For The People, By The People” ??? Big Government is the ‘devil’ in the American society. I am surprised that we have not yet had a revolution – how can ‘we’ / America be pushing values of America on other nations, when America has, for the most part, lost its values – and not allowing people to decide what is best for themselves and their family/children – and that refers to both life and death. I am forever signing petitions, voicing my humble opinions and worrying about the many dilemmas surrounding us on a daily basis – it is so overwhelming that its not surprising that people don’t even ‘speak up’ because of the High, Mighty, Powerful Wealthy people rule us (the world for that matter) I am appalled at the treatment Dr.Burzynski has received – and he has the strength not to give up – perhaps, one day – perhaps the truth will be ‘set free’ and millions may benefit from all his dedication and work. I, for one, am tired of the ‘Pink Ribbon’ marches, and the millions they make in the name of “The Cure” – well, they have proved no better than any of the other ‘things’ they promote relative to cancer, in general …. to me (perhaps only me) the Pink Thing is promoted by the individuals who love the giant pharmaceutical companies / producing the chemo-therapy drugs and paying off the clinics and the well known physicians who use the drugs and ‘help’ the cancer patient “overcome” their disease(s) – the percentage rate of life after cancer (depending on the stage) has really not risen much at all over the past several decades. We have two cancer survivors in my own family (one my daughter) and we took another route — luck? I think not – we made a decision that wasn’t ‘suggested’ by a very well known oncologist (his final statement after the five year marker was … “well, you are just one in a million, you were lucky” my daughter and aunt and came thru with flying colors and have been ‘cancer free’ for well over a decade – and now healthier than they’ve ever been. Give others, like Dr. Burzynski a space in the annuals of medicine – or do they think this man can as an individual can ‘take down’ the Big Guys? Something is wrong here – and I don’t think it’s r. Burzynski. Thank you for the opportunity to ‘speak’ .

  11. In 1992 I found a malignant breast cancer. I was led to NOT do conventional treatment. Instead I took the Canadian Indian Formula to cleans my blood of toxins and I changed my style of eating and living to the macrobiotic plan. The founder of Macrobiotics in the USA has been honored by our Congress, and the Smithsonian has opened a wing dedicated to explaining it. I have 20 years remission WITHOUT chemo or radiation. I heard of Dr. Burzynski 20 years ago, and would have gone to TX to do his treatments but could not afford the trip. But I believe in his work, and I decry the media, the FDA and anyone else condemning him and his work. Those of us who have used and believe in alternative methods of fighting cancer must make it known and bring justice for the doctors and health food pioneers who have made it possible for us to have the FREEDOM OF CHOICE in our own body’s treatment from disease.

  12. Dear Sir,
    I insist you give Dr. Burzinsky equal, fair, opportunities to dispute the allegations you have so blatantly made against him.
    Allow him to publish his article with statistics in your paper now.

  13. Another example of the allopathic medical-industrial complex, with the help of its propaganda tool, the mainstream media, ruthlessly going after its competition. When will the populace wake up to the fact that this indu$try does not want the public healthy and, therefore, not a customer. Bless Dr. Burzynski for representing the way physicians should behave. Too bad their wallets are waaay bigger than their hearts.

  14. The media already has in the minds of people that they aren’t to be trusted with the truth.. The media should be open to report all stories honestly truthfully and be fair about it.

  15. I saw the USA today article and was offended, and I wrote to USA Today, and they refused to publish my response. Also, the National Institute of Health also tested Dr. Burzynky’s anti-neoplatins, and found them to be effective in treating certain types of cancer, and they even attempted to steal his patent. It is sad to say, but our own government is not only corrupt, but is also despotic. Our founding fathers would be greatly disappointed by how corrupt and despotic it has became, and we are foolish to continue to support it.

  16. Given the ever higher rates at which Americans are diagnosed with cancer, one wonders if that doctor and the USA Today reporter will quietly approach Dr. Burzynski for help if they or a loved one discovers they are challenged with an “incurable” brain cancer like Astrocytoma. In the end, I feel certain that the truth will prevail, in spite of the liars at USA Today, the FDA and the American Medical Association. Not to mention the scum suckers in the pharmaceutical industry.

  17. Burzyski is just another victim of the drug industry that goes after anyone who has a better method of treating illness and curing sickness.

  18. I think at the very least, you owe Dr. Burzynski the right to make a rebuttal, or are you people so low you won’t even do that. Ray

  19. This is not surprising. Once again Federal Corruption based on Greed, Power, and Money.

  20. Dr. Burzynski’s treatments WORK and there IS documented evidence GALORE! His non-toxic, non-invasive treatment scares big pharma and beyond!
    It is beyond shameful and painfully obvious that USA Today is just a huge part of mainstream media’s attempt to chop out the TRUTH in order to help big pharma. This is ridiculous and ongoing by multiple entities and must be stopped.
    USA Today needs to let the full rebuttal and FACTS, documented facts and evidence that his treatments SAVES LIVES!
    USA Today has published a story WITHOUT FACTS which is irresponsible, obvious and ABSURD! Shame on USA Today for not being truthful and FAIR like the media is SUPPOSED to be but hasn’t been in years. People are waking up and I can’t wait to see the benefits back to the people!
    Shame on you, USA Today. Shame on you!

  21. This just proves to the public what they are beginning to see for themselves that there are cures out there, but the public is not being allowed access to them.

  22. This is proof to the public that there are real cures out there and that we are not allowed access to them. Just the same old same old treatments that are invasive kill the good cells along with the bad and shorten a person life that is what we are allowed access to.

  23. I support Dr. Burzynski and find USA Today’s “coverage” reprehensible. Thank God we are not yet completely at the mercy of “Big Pharma”, the FDA and others who make it difficult to stay healthy and get healthy when sick. That USA Today is so shamelessly used for profit’s sake is sad; they certainly do not care about us ordinary citizens.

  24. What about the part of the aforementioned article with interviews from two patient families detailing the extremely high cost of Burzynski’s treatments (tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars) and lack of training of families in medication administration? I am a Burzinski supporter, but I would like to see a rebuttal to those particular aspects.

  25. Dear Editor,
    Congressional testimony of parents and adults verified Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD, the efficacy of this Texas-based physician and biochemist’s nontoxic gene-targeted cancer therapy called antineoplastons. Children whose cancers were controlled with this approach had siblings who died of the same cancerous condition when treated conventionally. That your publication continues to disallow supporters of Dr. Burzynski and Dr. Burznski a rebuttal of USA Today’s fear mongering denigrating cover-ups indicates to this reader that USA Today is not serving the public’s wider interest. Peter Zenger, whose 18th century trial established the principle and practice of truth in journalism, would be appalled at the manipulation of “news” by USA today.
    Sharon E. Cregier

  26. The link to take action does not work for the article – “Exclusive: Inside USA Today’s Smear Campaign Against Dr. Burzynski” – please fix!

  27. Here’s a question for you.
    A pharmaceutical manufacturer is selling an unproven drug. They are told to stop doing this and only administer it as part of a trial. They set up an institutional review board with a vested interest in the treatment, register dozens of trials with protocols allowing them to continue as before, they charge a hundred thousand dollars or more to participate in the “trials”, and they throw away key data that would be required in order to publish a real trial. they don’t report adverse events to the review board or the FDA, they never complete or publish the trials, and they end up killing a child. it emerges that their SEC filings have overstated the effect of the unproven drug, and their publicity s found to be using “survivors” who have actually died.
    After nearly four decades the vast majority of patients are dead, there’s no credible evidence the drug works, but the inventor lives in a multi-million dollar mansion with a gatehouse and his initials in gilt letters on the gates.
    Why does your reaction to the above vary according to whether the pharmaceutical manufacturer brands himself “alternative” or not?

  28. I have been following the case of Dr Burzynski for several years now and I watched both of his documentaries which actually show him saving lives.
    I think it is a disgrace to villify this man who is closer to a cancer cure then anything I have ever seen.
    I sent in my petitions for Dr B and I hope he will one day have the opportunity to continue his work which the likes of has never been seen before.
    The FDA , NCI and BIG Pharma should be asshamed for not approving his trials especially when nothing else is out there.
    They have no problem approving poisonous and addicting drugs but they will not approve this ???????
    Dr. William A Gilotti

  29. You are not being at all fair in your policy of not letting Dr. Burzynski send a rebuttal that you will print, with his facts and findings intact. You smear this man any way possible, and in essence you try him in the pages of your magazine.
    You talk about cancer drugs being approved by the FDA, in fact those drugs are sometimes barely better than their predecessors, but if it is shown to prolong life by a few weeks, it will be approved. There is no regard to the quality of that life, which is most times awful, so don’t trumpet drugs to the public because we all know what they can and can’t do. In most cases, nothing at all. We all have evidence of this in our own families.
    My own choice would be to follow a therapy that did not kill my own immune system first of all, and did not kill the patient along with the disease. This is what Dr. Burzynski provides and it is well documented if you only had the guts to look at it fairly. I have no doubt that he cannot cure everyone who comes to him, that makes you think he should be stopped?? but the conventional cancer therapy is far from that itself. Someday people will look back on this time and marvel that we could be so blind.
    There are other alternative doctors doing the same, yet you seem to want to single him out for your punishment. My guess is that because of your article, he will be better known throughout the world and this will in turn bring him more patients who are “hopeless”, so maybe you should stop giving him all this free publicity.

  30. Dear USA Today,
    I believe in fair journalism and request that you publish Dr. Burzynski’s op-ed rebuttal or at least a letter to the editor. As you know there are always 2 sides to a story and this is not good journalism not to print both sides. This way of doing business is more like the governments who control the information which goes out to the public and as an American who lives in a country where things are supposed to be fair and jiust I would like to see the media in my country reflect these values.
    Thank you.
    Geraldine Glassman

  31. It’s a disgrace that Dr. Burzynski’s has been silenced. This physician is saving the lives of cancer patients. I work within the medical community and have felt for years the early is a cure for cancer. Sadl, this country has become so greedy and self-serving, money has become God. It’s an utter disgrace!
    Individuals, physicians, and the average person, have a right to free speech. The notion that USA today has single-handedly decided to sensor and withhold critical information and mislead the American people is inexcusable.
    Put money aside and contemplate this thought; if this were a relative of yours; would you exhaust all means possible to try and save their life? You’ve lost my business USA Today.

  32. To ANH-
    I am trying to “Take Action” on your Burzynski piece but the link seems not to be working. I have reloaded the article a couple of times……..
    As a Neuroscientist I would LOVE to comment but can’t seem to get your link to work.

  33. The “Take Action” button for the above exclusive, Inside USA Today’s Smear Campaign Against Dr. Burzynski is not working.

  34. I would love to sign this petition but there seems to be something wrong with your “Take Action!” link.
    Please check this. I will return later and try again.
    As long as I am here, I want to thank you ANH-USA for courageously taking on all the difficult issues that you do. I am proud to be a small part of your organisation and determined to stay at it with you for as long as needed.

  35. Would like to “Take Action” but the GREEN BUTTON doesn’t work. Is it my computer gliching or is it a problem on your end. I support all of the work you do.

  36. It appears that there is bias in USA’s reporting. It also appears that all serious and credible attempts at treating cancer should be objectively evaluated. The Japanese example should be buttressed and confirmed. Otherwise, there should be an oversight to find and confirm any bias by the industry with appropriate consequences.

  37. I read the USA Today article, and frankly I thought it was a good, accurate portrayal of Dr. Burzynski’s unproven, dangerous and ineffective cancer treatment. There’s lots of things wrong with health care in this country, God knows, but Dr. Burzynski’s useless therapy won’t help. If his treatment had any efficacy, he would have published by now.

    1. If you knew the facts your take on the USA Today story would be the opposite…..You have to do your homework ….Two documentary DVD’s are out on Burzynski….watch them if you want to know what’s going on here….

      1. “…do your homework”? If you were to REALLY research and evaluate the veracity of the documentation used by the author of the USA Today article versus any documentation (ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE) cited to support what’s in those Burzynski DVDs, you would see the absurdity of Dr. B’s scam. But I’m sure you won’t (can’t) do that.

    2. You obviously haven’t read the details. I happen to be very closely related to someone whose cancer was cured (or if you’re not comfortable with that word, then at the very least the word “remission that has far outlasted the prognosis would be 100% accurate). Such a shame that others are being denied access. Nothing in life is ever 100% but this therapy helps a large percentage of people who are willing to try it.

    1. Let the truth BE HEARD! Past cancer survivor of a DIPG 16-17 and counting! Dr. Burzynki’s is the truth!

  38. They also silenced Rick Simpson. His cancer treatment worked but was totally shut down from all sides. Didn’t fit the agenda and made too many people think about alternative treatments. Too much money to be made from cancer drugs and hospital visits. And deaths.

  39. Hi, could you check one of those links? I think it might be pointing to the wrong page.
    You say “efficacy of the treatment has recently been confirmed by a randomized, clinical trial by Japanese researchers”, but the link doesn’t go to a randomised clinical trial, it goes to a cell-culture study.
    Could you fix the link please? I’d be really interested to read the results of the randomised clinical trial.

  40. USA Today wants everyone to believe it’s America’s Newspaper when in reality it’s the voice of the Banker/Corporate Elite that owns and controls nearly everything.
    This isn’t just about immediate profits for chemical industries making chemo but is part of the poisoning of the public by these corrupt western bankers to not only control population but also to chemically disable their health in order to keep their scams like the US Federal Reserve a secret and remain undetected by healthy critical minded citizens.
    Chemo is just another poison like fluoride, GMOs, Aspertame, MSG and other toxins that support their big money scams that require secrecy and a weak, sick and distracted public. Follow the bigger money in this case. Welcome to the United States of Deception.

  41. It’s weird the way Burzynski is sucking you all in.
    Why are his unproven pharmaceuticals and unpublished trials any better than those of any other pharmaceutical manufacturer? Why are Burzynski’s documented ethical failings less bad than those of Pfizer? Would you be silent if Aventis had a director with a stake in the outcome of trials on their institutional review board? Would you be happy to see Wyeth failing to report serious adverse events for up to seven years? In children? How supportive are you of other toxic chemotherapies? A child died due to the toxicity of Burzynski’s patented but unproven chemotherapy. Why is this a cause for you to get behind?

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