Dying Patients Denied Access

FDA tells Burzynski to seek approval. When he agrees, they use this as an excuse to let his patients die.Action Alert!

Trail-blazing cancer doctor Stanislaw Burzynski’s story really begins with dying patients who are desperate for access to unique, innovative care.
Although his clinic utilizes a broad spectrum of cancer treatments, Dr. Burzynski is perhaps best-known for his discovery and development of antineoplastons, which are peptides and amino acid derivates that activate tumor suppressing-genes. Antineoplastons have also been proven to be an effective cancer treatment via independent research by Japan’s Dr. Hidaeki Tsuda of the Kurume University Hospital. Until the 1990s, Dr. Burzynski used antineoplastons, sometimes in conjunction with traditional oncology agents, to treat and cure cancer patients.
Over the past several decades, the conventional medical establishment, via a succession of relentless attacks, has slowly choked off patient access to antineoplastons. After 1998, and at the insistence of the FDA, treatment with antineoplastons was limited to patients in registered FDA trials. Despite the incredible expense of FDA-registered clinical trials and the small likelihood that—given the FDA’s clear bias towards Big Pharma “cures” and their continued persecution of Dr. Burzynski—antineoplastons would ever win FDA approval, Dr. Burzynski has been able to treat patients with antineoplastons only via FDA clinical trials. This is yet another FDA “Catch-22”: they’ve forced Dr. Burzynski to conduct expensive clinical trials, with the full knowledge and likelihood that even after trials, antineoplastons would not be approved!
In July 2012, after years of failed legal attempts to shutter the Burzynski clinic, the FDA stopped allowing Dr. Burzynski to accept children for treatment with antineoplastons. In January 2013, this ban was extended to adults. This means that under current FDA restrictions, no new patients can be treated with antineoplastons. Terminal cases who could be saved by them will instead die.
Since the FDA has constricted patient access to antineoplastons, the only hope of dying patients is to convince the FDA to grant a “compassionate use” or “single patient protocol” exemption via its expanded access rule. This rule allows for the case-by-case use of an experimental or unapproved drug outside of a clinical trial if a patient has a serious or immediately life-threatening disease or condition, and has no other treatment options left.
With the FDA’s ban, many patients are desperately seeking FDA exemptions for access to antineoplastons. For example, shortly after a series of anti-Burzynski articles were published by USA Today, leading natural health pioneer Dr. Julian Whitaker’s Health and Healing newsletter revealed the stories of two young brain cancer patients and their desperate and so far unsuccessful battle to win access to antineoplastons:

  • McKenzie Lowe, 12 years old, suffers from diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), an aggressive cancer of the brainstem. Because DIPG grows amidst healthy nerves, it is inoperable, and traditional radiation and chemotherapy is rarely effective. As detailed in McKenzie’s Change.org petition—which currently has over 50,000 signatures—begging the FDA to grant a compassionate use exemption, antineoplastons are “the first and only medical cure for the type of tumor McKenzie has.” As noted in a Huffington Post article about McKenzie’s struggle for access, the FDA has already permitted 471 “compassion use” exemptions for other treatments. As she has no other options left to her, why won’t the FDA grant her request?
  • Liza Cozad Lauser, 46 years old, was also diagnosed with DIPG (DIPG is rare in children, but seldom heard of in adults). She was told that her cancer was inoperable, and that radiation would only buy her a year or two more with her family and friends. Undaunted, Liza searched for a cure—and discovered antineoplastons. Like McKenzie, Liza is now petitioning the FDA to grant her a compassionate use exemption. And, with no other options and nothing left to lose, why shouldn’t Liza be granted the chance to save her life? In the words of Liza’s husband, “Why would you withhold something that would give her a chance?” (Read Liza’s impassioned letter to the FDA pleading for access to Dr. Burzynski’s treatment here).

Dr. Jonathan Wright, another natural health pioneer, also wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Tacoma News Tribune about the FDA’s refusal to grant compassionate access.
In the course of its decades-long vendetta against Dr. Burzynski, the FDA has become deaf to the suffering of those patients for whom antineoplastons are their last shot at living a full, normal life. The FDA’s refusal to grant McKenzie and Liza access to Dr. Burzynski’s treatment is particularly egregious, considering the extremely limited treatment options for DIPG. As Dr. Wright told ANH-USA, “Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has cured DIPG in some individuals with his 100% harmless antineoplastons, and FDA is denying this woman and this girl antineoplaston treatment!”
When other doctors refuse to help, and death is imminent, shouldn’t patients have the option to try any treatment that could save their life?
Action Alert! Contact your senators and representative immediately and call for a full congressional investigation into the FDA’s violation of patient rights, particularly its refusal to grant compassionate exemptions to dying patients. Send your message today!


  1. The FDA is denying patients the right of life, they are playing God over the people, This is not about protecting people, it never is, it is always about the money. Dr. B’s treatment would cut into millions and millions of dollars worth of chemo and radiation treatments, that they know will never work but it will give big Pharmas profits. It is all about losing profits from the big guys. In the documentary about Burzynski it showed how the head of the FDA stated no one, no new treatment would ever gain approval unless it was from a big Pharma company. That says it all, he will never gain approval.
    If you really wants to continue his work and complete his mission, move across the border. I am sure the Mexicans would gladly love to have his clinic and people could just cross over the border and get the treatment with no government saying they cannot. At Jesicha’s Hope we have heard of cases that have been denied, they tell us they go and pay for a consultation and then get denied. We love his work and believe he has so much to offer humanity. If he would just move, it is not giving up it is showing the FDA who is stronger and more determined to save lives.

  2. The FDA is NOT interested in any “cure” for cancer or any other disease. They are heavily invested in maintaining chronic conditions and the status quo. The trolls at the FDA will have earned themselves a special place in hell for their misdeeds and suffering they have allowed to prolong. I would not want to own their karma for any amount of money……

  3. There is no excuse for the actions of the FDA in refusing a compassionate trial of Dr.Burzynski’s drug. These FDA people are morally corrupt and criminals. They are following a very carefully planned and long standing policy to crush cancer therapies they don’t control and that those whom they secretly serve can’t profit from. Their hidden agenda is there for all honest people to see in the full light of day. I am telling you that the days of the FDA are numbered. Their purpose has never been to protect the health and safety interest of the American people and the number of people that have died as a result of poisoning by drugs the FDA approved is in the millions. The FDA is just another arm of an octopus of a secret society that has woven its way into every part of the American and world governments. The main power you have for now is public embarrassment through a deluge of letters to the FDA and your elected representatives.

  4. Scams that deprive people of their money are bad enough.
    The FDA is part of a scam that deprives people of their lives.
    I would like to see evidence that
    Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Senator Charles ‘Chuck’ E. Schumer, and Representative Tom W. Reed II are not part of that scam.

  5. The FDA has had a long and selfish relationship with the medical establishment and has assisted the medical industry to ostracize any relevant competing healing modalities again and again (google/bing “Tougher Supplement Regulation: A Necessity Or Politics? by Rolf Hefti”). Both the FDA and orthodox medicine are primarily a racket.

  6. Hi, Even if he can’t do the antineoplastons treatment… cancer may be helped by eating no gluten/dairy/soy/sugar…taking vitamins/good oils, LDN, Vit D3, Vit C, zinc, fish oil and more that may help the immune system. Detoxing people may also be needed. May he continue to heal people in many Alternative ways…showing that Alternative medicine is awesome!

  7. To Whom It May Concern:
    With the promising research currently underway, please do not just cut off this treatment option for patients.
    You, too, may contract cancer at some point, and would want all options available to you. It should be a patient’s choice as to which type of treatment he/she prefers.
    Judy Cox

  8. Seems like if the members of the FDA were to pay a personal price for their treason, the problem would be solved instantly. Psychopathic bureaucrats only listen when it is going to cost them personally, time to make the FDA losers pay personally. Bring law suits against the psychopaths, hire private investigators to follow the government parasites around, shine the light on their constant criminal activities. Cockroaches always crawl under a rock when you shine bright lights on them.
    FDA = Federal Dumb A

  9. I’m concerned with our collective thought and action regarding our government today. We’re so caught up in a state of disconnect as if what we say or do is useless so why bother. All to often I hear this or I read this and I am appalled. We may not all be able to write a letter, or to donate funds, or to make a phone call, but we can each do something. We are each capable and culpable in the responsibility to force our government to act on our behalf or be released from service and even for some to be prosecuted and jailed for their failure and/or neglect to act morally and conscientiously towards us their constituents.
    K. Gordon

  10. And the government says the government has the best interests of the people at heart….bs…..
    Government, get out of the way………

  11. This is really important and ought to have interest to great numbers of people around the US and the world. Can you start a petition to the FDA and the Congressional committee that provides oversight through one of the normal sources for petitions such as sumofus.org, Avaaz.org, Moveon.org, Change.org
    I am not sure which has a larger readership and which is likely to get the attention of the FDA, and perhaps one can do all simultaneously. Getting a million signatures is the only way to have an impact, or getting some health reporters for the NYTimes and the Wash Post involved. Dr B has been harassed for years and years, always prevails (Thank God) and it is poor patients who suffer.

  12. The following message was sent to my CON-gressmen via the take action button:
    In the Declaration of Independence, it states that the purpose of government is to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The FDA is preventing potentially life saving treatment to McKenzie Lowe and to Liza Cozad Lauser by Dr. Burzynski, even though these individuals both consent to the treatment. Please explain to me how the FDA is protecting the individuals mentioned. Also explain to me how the families of these individuals are protected when they are FORCED to pay for the existence of the FDA via taxation.

  13. FDA – Big Pharma corruption goes way back…. as far as I can trace, including thalidamide and DES; so what’s going on here does not surprise me at all, not when billions of Big-Pharma dollars are at stake.
    Although no one from law school would approve of this, I belie that when the law is subverted by those who profit at the suffering and deaths of others, then the law no longer represents what it was written to do, and it is void.
    My suggestion is that these people move out of the jurasdiction of the US FDA, say Canada, where Dr. Burzynski shoud treat them there. If this is not done, and more evidence can be gathered proving the validity of dr. Burzynski’s new therapy, Big Pharma will do what Monsanto has been doing for the last 3 decades.
    I rarely promote violating the law, but when individuals who have no other avenues to travel, and a qualified physician such as dr. Burzynski offers a valid treatment that is fought by systemic corruption within a field that swears an oath to preserve life at all costs…… to hell with the law and those who hold the law above peoples lives.

  14. As I read this article my heart sank once more to see when we need medical care which can save our lives we are held captive by the FDA claiming we cannot find solutions to our future wellness. It grieves me to no end that we are so tactile seeing shutting down new medical solutions because one side of medical practice has the gall to make statements of NO to those who need a cure and they decide to stand in the way and end the life of those who may have lived a full life.
    If I were faced with this dilemma, I know for a fact I would fight tooth and nail to see myself survive and seek every avenue of healing no matter what or whom tells me I am not able! I recently faced that and found healing through other means as my doctor kept telling meet was what he thought it was for months yet I was still sick and I found out otherwise and took other medicines he never prescirbed! This is MY BODY and no one dictates my well being!

  15. this should be a private issue between the doctor and patient i hope this becomes a wake up call to all people running for re-election .

  16. But what about the fact that he didn’t stick to the protocols, took no action to protect patients who were overdosing over decades, and that he submitted 2 different versions of patient records to regulators? (Not to mention that he clearly used the compassionate exemption process irresponsibly?) Sure that has some bearing on this matter.

    1. Gee, those sound like allegations that a prosecutor would make in a court of law…you know, like the courts of law that Burzinski has been cleared in EVERY TIME.
      These are cheap lies and propaganda. Believe me, if they had something on this guy, he’d be gone a long long time ago.

  17. And they call the U.S.A. a Country of “Freedom for all Americans”?
    The U.S.A. is a country of dictatorship run by the FDA, BiG PHARMA, MONSANTO and many other DEMONIC Organizations, including the U.S. Government.
    What gives this Country the “RIGHT” to PROHIBIT a Person who is Dying to Attempt a Treatment, which may possibly help them and at the same time not harm anyone else?
    The real Terrorists live in America. These Terrorists who are Terrorizing their own Citizens.
    Shame, Shame, Shame!
    Let these Poor, Dying people try WHATEVER they want to Live!!!

  18. I read somewhere once, that cancer is making millions for the drug companies and that they do not want a cure to be found. I do not know if this is true but in light of other actions by the FDA, I really wonder if the drug companies own the FDA. I know for 5 years the orthopedic surgeons have been trying to get a proven back surgery approved and the insurance companies do not want it even though medicare approves it. The FDA does not make any sense at all.

  19. My heart goes to this child, how cruel of FDA? Simply, she can not be worst then what she would be without treatment, so what is the problem. Ofcourse I am aware of Dr. B’s ability. and the fact that after abusing him in 2001? or before and then trying to use his formula was a joke. It is so obvious that FDA is playing a game – sorry about it. The cost is very high.

  20. Who or what is allowing these flagrant abuses by the FDA to continue/ It has been yeas since I first learned of their endless hounding of anyone not a part of their medical dog and pony show. Is it that all of the members of Congress are too ignorant to know better? In the case of Dr. Burzynski they are clearly being deceved as to the legitimacy of his practice, and its successes, – over a long period of years. There is no doubt that the law empowering the FDA is very poorly designed for impartiality. It allows the FDA to be routinely adversarial and punitive. It is financially supported by Big Pharma, a perfect formula for injustice to all others. This law is simiiar to the Forest Service dependence on lumber companies, which exploit the Forest Service as the standard way of doing business. But isn’t it true that both the FDA and Forest Service exist by law to serve the American people? So who wrote these awful laws? Guess.

  21. An alternative treatment almost as effective as the one discussed above is Urine Therapy (practiced for thousands of years in India and China), and is Free, Private, No side effects, and to which can be added 15-20 apricot kernels slowly chewed / day and also3 or 4 glasses of freshly squeezed lemon, distilled water and a Tbs. of baking soda every day… The above is only a sample out of a myriad of natural alternatives used around the world effectively…

  22. I support Dr. Burzynski and find USA Today’s “coverage” reprehensible. Thank God we are not yet completely at the mercy of “Big Pharma”, the FDA and others who make it difficult to stay healthy and get healthy when sick. That USA Today is so shamelessly used for profit’s sake is sad; they certainly do not care about us ordinary citizens.

  23. Folks, I think you are being manipulated here. Look at the facts. Burzynski has been selling this treatment for nearly 4 decades, during which time he has been in constant trouble with regulators because of his failure to provide credible evidence it actually works.
    As part of a consent agreement in the 1990s he agreed ot administer ANPs only as part of an approved clinical trial. He subsequently registered 60 phase II trials, and his lawyer freely admits they were a fiction: they were intended solely to check the box. Only one of the trials completed, none of them have published. No other research group I can trace has such a low hit rate on trials.
    But the real biggie is the reason the trials were put on hold this time: a child died. In investigating this, te FDA found that Burzynski had been failing to report serious adverse events for up to seven years after the event, and as they investigated the child’s case Burzynski supplied different documents purporting to be the same record – in other words he falsified documents submitted to the Federal agency charged with protecting patients. And he’s been doing it under the eyes of an Institutional Review Board whose members have a vested interest in the treatment.
    The only source we have for the claim that Burzynski cures cancer, is Burzynski himself. There are over 50 recorded cases where he has misidentified pseudoprogression, or told people that tumours undergoing ischaemic necrosis (a very bad sign) are “dying from the inside”, so ANPs are “working”. All those patients, and many more, are dead.
    Burzynski is a pharmaceutical manufacturer. He is doing things which are materially worse than what Pfizer and others have been fined large sums for doing. He calls himself “alternative” and that is the *only* difference. By applying the “alternative” label he seeks to mobilise the “health freedom” lobby in order to continue abusing the rules, selling a pharmaceutical with serious side effects and no good clinical evidence, and profiting from the deaths of vulnerable people, mainly children.
    By hitching your wagon to Burzynski’s star, you are simply going to drag your own name through the mud. Read the FDA reports. These are unprecedented as far as any of us can tell.
    If this was any other pharmaceutical manufacturer, you would be (rightly) howling for blood. The problem here is not that Burzynski’s treatment is being shut down, but that it wasn’t done two decades ago.

      1. Don’t be ridiculous. I corresponded with the parents of one of his victims, I have seen the effects of this charlatan’s lies.
        When the little girl died, Burzynski blamed the parents for getting a competent oncologist to review the MRI scans and putting her on hospice care. That’s how much of a prince this guy is. Can you imagine how heartless that is? Giving a misleading prognosis, charging a fortune for medicine that makes the kid sick and has no obvious hope of doing anything else, and then blame the parents when the MRI films you can’t read turn out to be, on inspection by someone who (unlike Burzynski) is an actual specialist in paediatric oncology, showing serious progression, you blame the grieving parents?
        Forget the conspiracist thinking, if this was any other pharmaceutical manufacturer, the people who are signing these petitions would be baying for blood. And indeed would have it, as the FDA would have shut the fraud down. Burzynski survives only by lying to people like you, telling you and his victims that he can cure cancer, giving vastly inflated estimates of success, and then moving on to the next victim as each one dies.
        He has been almost literally getting away with murder. Ask the people who pick up the pieces and fly his destitute victims home. There is absolutely nothing good about what he’s doing: he started out with an idea, refused to collaborate because he wanted all the money and all the glory, and when the idea turned out to be wrong, he kept selling it anyway. What about this picture is admirable in any way?
        He’s manipulating you. You should be very, very angry: he is labelling his treatment natural purely in order to get naive people to support his unethical business as the house of cards collapses around him, and when the dust settles every natural cancer cure claim will have yet another millstone round its neck because yet another money-hungry fraud will have claimed to have a natural cure when he didn’t.

    1. We should have the FREEDOM to choose. I know many people who died from the FDA approved CHEMO and RADIATION or who’s cancer has come back in a more deadly cancer because of the RADIATION they received and died after their second time around. If you watched the Burzynski movie, then you will see how many his treatment has “cured”. The FDA protects Big Pharma. If there is a cure, we would no longer need their treatment. Anyone with common sense can see this clearly.
      Look at all the deadly drugs on the market approved by the FDA… How many have those drugs killed?

      1. You don’t have the freedom to choose whether Burzynski’s toxic chemotherapy works on you or not. It doesn’t work, whatever you choose. Oh, and yes, it is chemotherapy and it is toxic.
        Why is unlicensed toxic chemotherapy run by a clinic that can’t even spell “ethical” better than licensed toxic chemotherapy?

    2. Yeah, I’ll use the FDA’s own reports to determine if the FDA is lying.
      And won’t I be surprised when the answer is no?
      Nice try.

    3. 106,000 persons die every year from properly prescribed and taken drugs every year.
      That is based on 1992 stats… it has increased every year.
      (read Gary Null’s book, “Death by Medicine”.
      Sir you have been drinking the Kool Aid. The FDA has tried for 3 decades to stop Dr. Burzynski
      each time there was a trial the jury found no evidence and he was cleared. So now the jury is the problem?
      Somewhat similarly this happened in the 1940’s with Dr. Gerson. He got as far a subcommittee hearing, and The Pepper-Neely Bill, nothing since 1945, Big Pharma and the AMA saw to that.
      He showed proof but never got any money for further trials.
      Charlotte his daughter is carrying on his work.
      Read, “Censured for Curing Cancer, The American Experience of Dr. Max Gerson” by S.J. Haught
      it is out of print but you can get it at Amazon or Alibris.com
      Since the 1940’s pharmaceuticals and doctors have been fighting cancer. Billions have been spent and people today die just a much as they did 70 years ago.
      You can tell me that we should keep up this murderous insanity!
      How many more, must suffer and die??? The only thing that has changed is the profits to our medical establishment, big pharma, and insurance providers…
      We the People are still dying.

  24. Hi, I agree with your stance on this and other campaigns, and would like to support you. I live in Australia, and am appalled at the actions of the FDA, as it impacts on OUR drug availability here to some extent. Unfortunately your Action Alerts do not permit anyone from outside the USA to provide a comment on these issues (believe me, I have tried!) So until you fix this glitch in your website, those of us overseas, but still affected by some of these issues, are unable to provide feedback to your money-grubbing Congressmen and Senators. They should all be ashamed of themselves in allowing the FDA to get away with murder – literally.

  25. Have you considered getting this issue televised on the Mike Huckabee show? He seems to have a heart (and the microphone) for this type of political issue as he has had guests on his show on more than one occasion regarding the right to life or the right to die. He would likely be a strong advocate for any issue that involves government interference in all types of medical issues and the families rights to make their own health decisions.

  26. Dear Sirs
    There are many alternitive cures that are being with held by the actions of the FDA. This surely is a case of the big Pharma and some sort of corruption. I personally have used other means to help stop cancer dead in its tracks. The FDA needs to be knocked down a notch and our only hope to save your children and the employees of the FDAs children and loved ones is to allow all proven methods even if only proven once. You cant imagine the hopelessness fear and anger you feel when your loved one is limited certain treatments by an Organization that is money motivated
    Germany has used these types of alternative cures for years with great success all due to the fact they dont have a corrupt BIG PHAMA and FDA calling the shots.
    Thank You
    Capt Asher G Basford

  27. It is obvious that the medical field be allowed to utilize all avenues of proven medications to improve the health of the people of our nation.

  28. Please dont let these folks lose this chance to live. If it was your loved one you wouldn’t be so selfish. What have these people got to lose? God is watching you! Remember what goes around comes around.

  29. “As she has no other options left to her, why won’t the FDA grant her request?”
    Because they’re murderers who are happy to kill little girls … anything to serve the interests of Big Pharma and the medical combine.
    Does that clear it up for you?

  30. If Americans would demand our rights to the health care providers and treatments of our choice, then even Big Pharma would fall. The majority of us recognize that all treatments from drugs are failing. No amount of money for research will cure cancer with drugs. People are driven to use the current medical system with fear. Fear of dying if they don’t use the accepted treatment and drugs by our government and the fear of being a “bad” parent if they deny their children treatment. When the laws are past requiring all children to be vacinated, my husband and I plan to leave the US with our grandchildren. We teach natural health and medicines at homeschool conventions across the US. We have seen more than enough evidence that vaccinations are killing and maiming children. Our own daughter got spinal meningitis nine months after receiving the meningitis vaccination. The doctor laughed at us when we told him that she got bacterial meningitis from the shot. He said, “Now I know she doesn’t have meningitis.” He wouldn’t consider testing her after learning she had the vaccination before she attended college. Only 2 of our grandchildren were fully vaccinated. They used to be sick all the time. 2 received 1/2 to 1 vaccination and they also used to get a cold or flu regularly. The last grandchild never received a vaccination and has never been sick with a cold or flu. It is amazing how well our own immune system will work if it hasn’t been interfered with by man’s drugs. More people need to speak so that Americans can make their own choices about health care.

    1. I completely concur, Karen…..
      “if Americans would demand their rights……” The problem is, we talk about it and write posts and do not put up a fight! There are more and more people realizing and coming to the fore front to get the “word” out but until we start to put up a fight, nothing will change.
      I cannot stand conventional medicine in this country as I had an unnecessary surgery due to “greed” and ‘our system”. This Dr. should not have even accepted me as a patient as it was his job to determine whether I had a cancer situation and he did not even do the basics to determine that and insisted on removing organs. You think you are in good hands because you are at a world wide reputable hospital!!!!
      The Dr. was head of the Dept at MD Anderson and after giving a presentation to the CEO, he was gone within 5 months. The crime is not only what he did, but that he is still practicing and victimizing others. I have contemplated writing a book and getting my story out there as I believe the public want to hear the stories that get swept under the carpet. Don’t you think I should blow the whistle?

  31. what possible right do the FDA have to deny any patient from trying something new and potentially life-saving 0 they are NOT what the public wants – they have no public support for the

    1. The FDA is just another bureaucracy where the head mucky-mucks think they’re special. I am so weary of having a government that thinks it has to take care of us. They are happy to allow GMO’s, which are causing many unknown problems. But a cure for cancer that doesn’t try to kill us? Never….

    2. Anything is “potentially life-saving”. Injecting lighter fluid into your veins could be potentially life saving for all anybody knows. What if a clinic opened up which did precisely that, claiming it could cure cancer? Maybe the clinic exploits a loophole to sell this treatment providing it is part of a clinical trial? What if they operated clinical trials for 20 years but never released results to say what the patient outcome was? What if they charged a fortune for this treatment? What if they hired PR agencies to produce slick videos filled with swelling music and teary testimonials from survivors of their treatment.
      You see, it’s all well and good to claim something is “potentially life saving”, and quite another to actually demonstrate it. The FDA may be toothless and dysfunctional but it still has a purpose to protect people from hucksters and quacks. That it should be seen to act now (20 years too late though) should be seen as a good sign.

  32. We just have to remember that the FDA does not work for us, it works for the corporations and big pharma. They are afraid of a cancer cure. It is not in their best interest to promote anything that has that possibility. They don’t care about the people, only the money.

    1. You are completely right!!! They do NOT care about people, only money. Are you also aware of GMO crops, and all the chemicals in our foods . Not to mention the chemicals in our everyday toiletries. These are the very things that are causing disease. Please go to https://www.beautycounter.com/Our-Mission/Health…/The-Never-List. Just copy and paste if you will. You will be shocked at all the junk we use everyday, thinking its good for us, because these corporations have brainwashed us into believing their lies!

  33. Fda has a long history of corruption and trying to discredit alternatives. A dying person should be allowed the freedom to choose any therapy they want. They allow unknown GMOs to contaminate the world but are so worried about a potentially lifesaving therapy.

  34. Sounds like to me, only this time it’s under the cloak of food, that is actually a poisoned food supply and drugs (chemotherapy, etc) which are nothing but poisons. Add to that, sheer neglect..
    Yeah, there is a cure for cancer and colds, but they sure as shinola don’t want you to find out

  35. How about letting independent science see what works not controlled by the FDA which means we need independent unbiased regulators.

  36. So you think we do not have a “Big Brother” in America?
    Think again. No it isn’t government it’s those who control the government… Big Pharma, Big business.
    To think in America when a person wants to try a method to cure a terminal illness… an agency of Big Pharma can say NO!
    You think we are free in America? Not so much.
    I wonder how those at the FDA can sleep at night? Even big pharma… the medical associations, how do they live with themselves? And if you defy the establishment, in the case of a minor, they can and will take away your child.
    It isn’t that all patients would be saved… BUT, not to have a chance… no chance at life…
    they decide… The FDA, and Big Pharma have no trouble signing their death warrants.
    I wonder what all those persons will say when they meet their maker and are asked…
    Why did you allow so many souls to die, why profits over people, why?

    1. You rigt, they cannot live with themselves but they live with a devil. I don’t thinks you have to worry about them to see God unless they change their attitude.

  37. Burzynski has had 30 years and multiple clinical trials to demonstrate his treatment is actually life saving. And he can’t or won’t publish results. And yet he sells an unproven treatment, with serious sideeffects to the most desperately sick people for vast sums of money. That’s is the reason the FDA is on his back.
    Ask yourself some simple questions. If his treatment is “potentially life saving” where is the data to back up that claim? Any other doctor or research facility would be falling over themselves to release positive trial data but he isn’t. More plainly how many people have gone through his doors and how many have survived the experience? How many didn’t? How does mortality compare to conventional treatment, or to placebo? Why is he reduced to anecdotes and testimonials? Why is he fighting a proxy war through the web?
    The answers to these questions should be obvious without any conspiracy think.

    1. The FDA and the AMA and the Cancer Institute have a long history of b. I think you think you are some kind of voice of reason. BUT YOU’RE NOT!
      I’m very suspiscious. Stop trying to cast doubt. Nobody’s buying it.

    2. Caution – I strongly suspect “Adam” of being a troll. Either that or a person who has not done his homework.
      The cures are there. The published results are in the respected journals (those that are willing to publish them, anyhow). The people Dr. Burzynski has cured are walking around today as living testimony to the fact that his antineoplastons have cured them. Watch both films about Dr. Burzynski and then open your mouth.Meanwhile spare us your contributions, please.

    3. I still remember the picture of Dr. Bruzinsky with a olimpic torcher carrier whom he cured from cancer. Beside if you don’t like his treatment don’t worry about it. Take care of your problem and we should have the same right.

  38. Burzynski has never been in the right “club”. He offers an alternative to mainstream oncology, and since it is of low toxicity, it is too competitive with conventional care to be allowed.
    These people are all of the same stripe. The Obama administration demanding the US military be willing to fire on “rebellious” citizens. A disaster of a healthcare bill that will create so much dysfunction, citizens may become agitated enough to march in the streets. Crony capitalism that threatens to further impoverish the middle class while regulators bumble things so the effect is to limit jobs and hiring. The FDA and the USDA acting as watchdogs, not for the people, but as protectors for the profits of industry. They all just flip us the finger and proceed to rob us of our future.

  39. Wow, two posts which I made were removed. So much for “We never censor comments based on political or ideological point of view. We only remove those comments that are abusive, off-topic, use foul language, include personal attacks, or are otherwise discourteous and uncivil. ”
    To be absolutely clear here, neither post was any of those things. My only crime was to go against the FDA conspiracy narrative and to question Burzynski’s extremely expensive, unproven treatment and wonder why after 20 years he has yet to produce any evidence that it is “potentially lifesaving” in the slightest.
    I wonder how long this post will last. This post that is not abusive, off-topic, contains no foul language, or personal attacks or is otherwise discourteous or uncivil.

  40. Be nice if someone outed Big Pharma’s enormous profits from cancer drugs and chemotherapy. Chemo drugs are raking in about $6 Billion USD per year. Whereas only about 5% of all cancer patients are helped (that is not a literal word) by these expensive medical procedures.
    And the other 95%???
    Most are driven even faster to their demise by this invasive, often-counter productive intervention.
    Dr B. may be at the forefront, and there may be 12 to 15 alternative methods being suppressed. Everyone reading this blog needs to realize they want to bleed us to death financially, then die. That is the biggest win that Big Pharma and Big Insurance can possibly hope for. The FDA only acts as a Patsy for these highly profitable corporations.

  41. I believe Ronald Reagan had cancer while he was in office and I think he left the United States to seek treatment. When asked about it he said it was a personal choice.
    I agree with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where in the h is my personal choice????????????

  42. I agree. It will be 5 years this coming March that they found colon cancer. I was operated on and the doctor did one hell of a job. When I left the hospital he gave me the great news that I wouldn’t have to have any treatments like Chemo or Radiation. My body was clear of cancer. But the Oncologist wanted me to take chemo treatments. He didn’t want me to explain that I would not need these treatments. It just shows that they are only out to make money. I never went back to him, but did contact a different doctor who let me explain what my surgeon mentioned, he agreed it was up to me. I glad I stuck to my guns and went on a health kick. By eating better and taking vitamins and supplements. So far the cancer hasn’t come back. Thanks to God and family and friends. Don’t let these greedy doctors make you do something you don’t have to have.

  43. By the way – GOOD luck to this child, we will being saying a lot prayers. Hopefully he will be listening. Love to her and may she be blessed.

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