FDA Violates Free Speech to Limit Supplement Access. Take Action!

The FDA is trampling free speech to limit
your access to supplements. But ANH-USA
has a bold new legal strategy. Will you join
us in this historic battle?

Dear Readers,
Did you know that if a supplement company “Likes” a customer’s Facebook post, it magically transforms nutritional supplements into drugs? The same thing happens if a supplement’s website links to a scientific article!
As recently as this week, the FDA has made attacks like these to expand the agency’s definition of “disease claim.” Why? By saying a supplement makes a disease claim, the FDA can call it a “drug”—and then remove it from the market!
This also has scary implications for the government regulation of Internet searches and speech. If supplement companies start deleting customer comments out of fear of FDA action, then the FDA has effectively limited consumer speech by using the company as a censorship puppet.

The FDA is pushing your First Amendment rights
closer and closer to the edge. Will you push back,
before it’s too late?

It doesn’t stop there: the FDA has something called its Evidence-Based Review System. It’s just a backdoor tactic to require prohibitively expensive studies—as in hundreds of millions of dollars—if companies want to make any claim about the science behind their supplements. Because natural products can’t be patented, supplement companies can never recoup these astronomical costs. Only Big Pharma and their blockbuster drugs can afford to “pay-to-play:”

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We’ve had enough. How about you?
Here’s our plan: ANH-USA will submit multiple petitions—strategically supported by our ongoing legal activities—to address, from various angles, FDA’s egregious First Amendment violations. If we win, we ALL win. If the petitions are denied, we’re ready to pursue further litigation.
Immediate action is critical. Unfortunately, this is an expensive project. This is why we need your help!

Our goal is to raise $40,000 by June 14, so we can
kick off our FDA petitions to defend free speech
and supplement access.

Please make a tax-deductible gift today!
Any amount—even just a few dollars—
makes a huge difference.

The FDA’s actions leave consumers in the dark about the dietary supplements they are buying for themselves and their families. This can be a matter of safety—for you and the ones you love.
The FDA is halfway down the slippery slope of taking away consumer access to supplements. Will you join us in saying, “Enough is enough!”?
Yours in the fight,
Liz Ardagna
Membership Director, ANH-USA
P.S.: As an extra bonus, through June 14, your qualifying donation earns you a reusable tote bag, BPA-free water bottle, picnic blanket, or yoga mat that lets you proudly show off your support for ANH-USA. Please make your gift today!


  1. This is more pervasive than just freedom of speech. The FDA is deciding who the winners and losers are, on a commercial/ business level. The FDA is backing Monsanto’s GMO’s and do not want them labeled or be able to have laws that protect us against them? But when someone, knowing takes an otc/supplement then the FDA wan’st to step in? While these supplements are fully labeled as are the otc’s(over the counter)? This is bigger than freedom of speech. Why does the FDA protect the likes of Monsanto, when we are paying their wages and expenses and they are suppose to be protecting us?

    1. Employment at the FDA is later rewarded by being given really lucrative jobs with big pharma companies. It is basically a system of corruption and delayed rewards–or bribes. You can research how many former FDA employees later become employed at pharma companies and receive seemingly bizare high salaries. That is why the FDA is not protecting the public interest.

      1. And vice-versa – many former pharma’s are appointed to positions of power at the FDA – all one big loveliest with only their self interest and the almighty dollar the goal. Seriously, how can anyone after listening to the litany of side effects required to be stated agree voluntarily to put any of that poison into their bodies?? Amazing – yet they ar e SO threatened by the many who are waking p to natural, safe, effective therapies that they try to legislate away our basic right to choose. Wake up people – wake up!!!

          1. There is so much evidence as to the harm that many drugs do. With many side effects that cause more drugs to be taken. So many innocent people die at the hands of a doctor not really listening and only hearing the symptoms and say here I will write this prescription and it will make you all better. I can testify to this truth. I took the prescription and only got worse. So, I took my health into my own hands. I used supplements to accomplish my health. It appears that a country that was able to have the ability to help itself is deliberately being undermined. It is like Cancer, it kills its host and what has that served. With what is being staged is power over and control. If everyone dies who will there be to control. Our food is being brought to us with so many pesticides and GMO is destroying our digestive systems, and how can we stay away from plastic containers that are unhealthy. I could on and on. With the help of God may all this madness come to an end and we all work together for all of our greater good.

  2. Since prescription drugs usually have several pages of side effects per 1 page of so-called benefits, and they are approved by you, I would appreciate it if you refrained from limiting my access to the only thing I trust, vitamins and natural supplements. When the time comes that you only approve completely safe drugs my trust rests only on my judgment of what is best for me. My free speech rights are not yours to limit.

  3. This action of the FDA in bed w/ big; pharmacy is infringing upon my rights. Someone is getting paid off big time to curtail my rights not to take dangerous drugs pharmaceutical push.

    1. Remember your history? The AMA has had this goal of total chemical control over our health for at least 100 yrs.
      Banning doctors from this trade organization for even referring people to homeopaths or naturopaths. The money has always been in the chemical corporations. The pay-to-play system was one encouraged by the drug corporations. It immediately solidified their control over the FDA. Then along comes the Codex alimentarius. Remember this one as Bush slipped it into the CAFTA treaty, 2006, in a very late nite vote. So the Senate passed it without knowing about it. And Obama then specifically signed it into law. Now the US is on record internationally supporting a trade agreement that attacks all natural supplements, organics, supports GMOs, hormones and antibiotics. They also support using electronic chips on every animal including pets. Not too far from the movement to chip all humans. Big brother is over inflated and needs the air removed from his head.

  4. FDA – Wouldn’t you like to have clear consciences? If so, then try practicing the Golden Rule.

  5. Maybe if we all IGNORE these government agencies—they will go away–karma will bring
    this nightmare to a dramatic end. I’m seeing it everyday.

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