“Monsanto Protection Act” Triggers a Firestorm of Protest and Public Outrage

GMOWe now need to keep the pressure up on USDA not to slip more dangerous products through without review. Action Alerts!

It’s being called the straw that broke the camel’s back. Bloomberg, The New York Times, Politico—media of all political persuasions—ran searingly critical articles about the biotech rider that the Senate slipped into the Continuing Resolution despite messages pouring into Congress via our and others’ alerts. The Daily Show mocked Congress, which may have gotten more attention than all the articles. Facebook and Twitter were ablaze with people like you telling their friends and neighbors about the provision, and the outrage was even greater once the legislation was passed.

For a long time no one was stepping forward to claim responsibility for the rider, but we now know that the person behind the Monsanto rider was Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO). In 2010, the year of his Senate run, agribusiness PACs gave him over $243,000. Back in 2005 the Washington Post wrote that Blunt had “converted what had been an informal and ad hoc relationship between congressional leaders and the Washington corporate and trade community into a formal, institutionalized alliance.”

But Sen. Blunt didn’t work alone. The former Senate Appropriations chair, the late Daniel Inouye (D-HI), was “sympathetic” to Monsanto and allowed the rider into the Ag Appropriations bill before he died in December 2012. The biotech industry was not a big funder of Inouye’s campaigns, but there are a lot of biotech jobs in Hawaii, and clearly Monsanto had his ear.

Sen. Barbara Mikulski became chairwoman only this past January, and it was rumored on Capitol Hill that she didn’t want to ruffle any feathers right away—the rider would be difficult to remove, since it was allowed by Sen. Inouye who had died so recently. Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI), who had resisted such riders in the past as chair of the Appropriations subcommittee responsible for the Ag budget, retired from the Senate at the end of last year, so there were no strong voices in the Senate who were willing to protest the Monsanto provision.

Intense public pressure across the political spectrum—not to mention the outpouring of media coverage—finally caused Sen. Mikulski to assert her opposition to the “Monsanto Protection Act” and publically apologize. Here’s what she said:

Senator Mikulski understands the anger over this provision. She didn’t put the language in the bill and doesn’t support it either. It was originally part of the Agriculture Appropriations bill that the House Appropriations Committee reported in June 2012, and it became part of the joint House-Senate agreement completed in the Fall of 2012 before Senator Mikulski became Appropriations Chairwoman.

We appreciate the apology, but it’s “too little, too late,” as they say. The legislation passed, and it will have the force of law for at least the next six months.

The biotech industry has good reason to want that legislation, as there are five very controversial crops being reviewed by the USDA right now—and of course GMO manufactures are requesting that these crops be deregulated.

Action Alert! Please send your comments to USDA and tell the agency that these dangerous crops must not be deregulated. The comment period ends April 29, so please take action today.

GMO Freeze-Resistant Eucalyptus Action Alert

GMO Insect-Resistant Soybeans Action Alert

GMO Herbicide-Resistant Cotton Action Alert

GMO Herbicide- and Insect-Resistant Maize Action Alert

GMO Herbicide-Resistant Soybeans Action Alert


  1. I detest these new rules & laws favorings monsanto, what makes you think they are above the law? we need honest labeling on gmo’s and honest regulations on monsanto & dupont.
    thank you
    larry shaffer

  2. I do not want to consume GMO’s, They should be labeled on all products that they are in. I do not feel they have been researched enough to start putting them into our food system.

  3. I know this our senators here in Nebraska are brainwashed by big ag money and the replies i get especially Mike Johans are to the point of being condescending. Just wont listen to any reasonable dialogue. Unsure about Deb Fisher yet . We all need to work hard if we want to have anything left that makes common sense and is pure and unaltered by man {food}

  4. There is a VERY SIMPLE solution to this problem. BOYCOTT ALL GMO crops asap, as I do. NO corn, no soy, no canola oil, no processed foods with any GMO ingredients in them, all frozen foods, NO MSG products, No aspartame or other fake toxic GMO sugars, etc. If we do not support them, it will not pay them to grow them. Remember, they do not care about our health, ONLY THEIR BOTTOM LINE. WE can force them to quit planting them by refusing to buy them… to make it unprofitable for them, & quit letting GMO crops ruin our health, and the health of our children and their children, and our families. Do not buy any GMO seeds, OR buy or use ANY Monsanto pesticides. Write to corporations that support and grow them, & let them know you will not purchase ANY more of their products. Then you will also see your health improve dramatically. Grow your own crops or buy organic.

  5. We are becoming a country more concerned with big business than the health of American people. Monsanto is ruining vast farmlands around the world putting many people at risk. There are cancer clusters developing in South American because of Monsanto. We need to protect children. Children are the future of our country, of the world.
    There have been devastating lab reports on the effects of GMO products. It is appalling that Congress passed this bill.
    Monsanto has people working there way into government for their own power. I think anyone with Monsanto connection must be dismissed. They have created a monopoly on their tainted seeds, that has devastated farmers around the globe.
    This company must be stopped because it will so costly to clean up farmlands and environments where their deadly products are currently being used.

  6. We do not need to keep the pressure up on USDA not to slip more dangerous products through without review. What we need is for the USDA to DO ITS JOB and protect the public. There is enough information to stop this insane direction you are moving us to and stop the use of all GMO’s until a full long term peer reviewed study is done!!!

  7. No corporation or persons should have a right to control our food supplies. The health safety is at risk no long term studies to determine what illnesses woulh be caused by combining animal, insect, fish, a plant genes. Example how kosher would be if a gene from a pig is inserted in fish or a plant. Do not mess with nature! !! Do not go against God.

  8. The person behind the Monsanto rider for the Ag Appropriations bill was Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO). In 2010, the year of his Senate run, agribusiness PACs gave him over $243,000. Back in 2005 the Washington Post wrote that Blunt had “converted what had been an informal and ad hoc relationship between congressional leaders and the Washington corporate and trade community into a formal, institutionalized alliance.”
    The biotech industry has good reason to want that legislation, as there are five very controversial crops being reviewed by the USDA right now—and of course GMO manufactures are requesting that these crops be deregulated. These dangerous crops must not be deregulated.
    With Best Regards
    Marvin Kistler

  9. Monsanto is God’s curse on a lawless world. Repent and begin believing what God says instead of what humans say about Him. Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments. No other gods, no graven images or likenesses of any kind, no taking His name in vain, remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. If we reject that, we are taking on God’s wrath willingly.

  10. Monsanto is know around the world to be “The Most Evil Company on Earth” so why would anyone want to eat or buy their deadly products ? The federal government doesn’t care about any of us, Obama signed this bill into law ! We must fight back ! Anyone who voted for this bill must be voted out of office, just remember in 2014 !

  11. Destroying the crops of the earth is not the way!!!!!! Please use some sense outside of greed..,,,

  12. Countries are starting to ban monsanto from their premises. USA gets a deserving bad rep. for this. Why is the USA protecting a company designed for genocide; more than proof is available even in the web, from brave reliable sourses. See Dr. Rima, The Health Ranger, search the web.

  13. Monsanto does NOT need protection. WE need protection for our food chain. What happened to “Let the Markets decide” principle of free-market Capitalism? Everyone must label, disclose, play fairly with the public. Let the market decide.
    The USDA exists to represent the taxpayer, not Monsanto. This is disgraceful and the result of money in politics and can not be allowed to stand.

  14. We don’t seem to have a country anymore it appears that we have a company who owns our government and has more power then the citizens. We are now up a creek without a paddle, good luck.
    Doc Blake

  15. Monsanto lawyers have been proliferating Monsanto’s attitude which is apparently, ” A dollar bill is more important than a human life” since the early 1970’s. Boycott is the only way to stop them.

  16. After an in depth study of Monsanto’s business and agriculture practices in India I’ve concluded that this company is very much like the U.S. oil, coal and natural gas industries. They have absolutely no concern for anything but power-grabbing and profits, in this case through the food supply by any means necessary. Greed and power is their only concern. I would not purchase anything made by Monsanto and will work in every way possible to inform the public about this companies methods. this is Fascism any way you look at it.

  17. I urge all of the readers of this web site to flood the office of Roy Blunt with letters of shame for his apparent actions of greed and the allowing of his position of power to be persuaded by the cash gifts he has apparently received in exchange for attaching the Monsanto Rider to this piece of legislation. Perhaps snail mail would be better than e-mail, too. A daily flood of actual letters vs. a flood of e-mails which can be easily deleted, might be more impressive. Besides, the huge flow of letters would keep our postal workers busy at a time when they too are being sold out in the name of greed and profit. Come on America, let’s let our voices be heard. If you’ve never been part of an Occupy March, consider it.

  18. Just how full do our senator’s pockets have to get as they poison the rest of us with monsantos chemicals
    Do they read any reviews on the dangers

  19. Please!!!! do not deregulate the dangerous crops for monsanto. They are causing a lot of health problems already. My family will boycot everything that monsanto has anything to do with.

  20. Awww, Roy did it?
    Here i was leaning toward Divine Intervention! You know because obviously God wants these toxins in our planetary systems, AND to make these people obscenely wealthy so they can damage us some more!
    i am hoping to hear from some farmer that went over the edge by losing his farm to Monsaanto and kidnapping a Monsanto Exec or Shareholder (majority) and waterboarding them to find out what they are planning so we can be pre-emptive.
    Hey!, When psychotropic drugs are linked to EVERY public shooting in the last 20+ years, why wouldn’t they push a depressed ex-farmer to some extreme (heroic?) actions? These drugs don’t ONLY use guns, there are cases where the anti-depressant REALLY worked – as the woman laughed while running three people over in the school parking lot. There is no predicting what bizarre behaviors these drugs could induce in a distraught farmer, and IF that farmer placed the blame on the psychopaths running the GMO corpse-orations, then let the chips fall where they may.

  21. I call my Senator from the great state of Mississippi, Roger “Monsanto” Wicker since his office sent me the response that Senator Wicker had been assured by the FDA that GMO’s were superior to original seed. Why don’t these guys use their God given brains to figure out what is going on instead of relying on Monsanto’s guys in the FDA?

  22. I am many American women who had no risk factors and yet developed breast cancer. It is my absolute belief that it was as a direct result of GMO foods, pesticides in our food and toxins that are created by companies like Monsanto.
    We must stop this machine before it kills more people. The statistics on our children’s health as a nation, including obesity are appalling and it all goes back to one source; Monsanto and the government as a symbiotic money making machine.

  23. Why are Sen Blunt and USDA allowing Monsanto to put GMO in our food and hide the fact, so we do not know when we are buying GMO products. You do not hide GMO if it is health for us and you do not hide the test results of GMO. Now monsanto want to put more of their products in our foiod and I suppose they would be allowed to hide it also because the botton line is the deep pockets of Monsanto. So if some Americans get sick and die from these products, it do not matter as long as the coffers are full and other benefits are available.

  24. The proliferation of GMO crops in this country has already gone way too far. Already, herbicide-resistant crops have brought about super-weeds. Pesticide resistant crops have resulted in insects that are becoming resistant to current pesticides, prompting the biotech companies to push for the approval of even more dangerous and toxic chemicals. It is time to put the concerns of the public over corporate interests. It is time to return to growing crops the way nature intended.

  25. The Monsanto Protection Act must not be allowed to continue! These dangerous crops should not be deregulated, nor do the American people want them to be!! This act will strip federal courts of the authority to halt the sale and planting of illegal, potentially hazardous genetically engineered crops while USDA is performing an environmental impact statement . If this provision becomes law, it will be a huge blow to the justice system, completely overriding judicial safeguards that protect both farmers and the public, and rendering judges’ rulings irrelevant.
    So-called ‘Monsanto riders,’ quietly slipped into the multi-billion dollar FY 2013 Agricultural Appropriations bill, would require – not just allow, but require – the Secretary of Agriculture to grant a temporary permit for the planting or cultivation of a genetically engineered crop, even if a federal court has ordered the planting be halted until an Environmental Impact Statement is completed. All the farmer or the biotech producer has to do is ask.
    It is inappropriate for a corporation to have this much power above and beyond our government. Please, please, for the safety and health of the American people and our precious soil be placed below the profits of a multimillion dollar corporation. These crops should not be deregulated!
    Thank you for your time.

  26. I cannot believe my country has allowed the Monsanto Protection Act to proceed.
    I am incredibly disgusted and ashamed of our leaders.

  27. These dangerous crops must not be deregulated, stop letting big business determine what’s best for the american people.

  28. As an American and a veteran, I feel I have the right to choose the food I eat. Monsanto is poisoning us and taking away our rights to a pure, unadulterated food supply. Please do not let this happen in our great nation.

  29. We do not need GMO crops in our diet. Big Ag has manipulated and manipulated their position to the point that the common consumer no longer has a say in what they can eat anymore. This is a disgrace! It is time to get back to basics and give the consumer back their freedom of choice.

  30. When will Monsanto ever give up their poisoning of humans and animals. I can tell you that thousands
    if not millions of people will avoid any product containing the products they seem to be putting in nearly everything. Please stop the poisoning asap. You may think you have all the marbles but think again.

  31. Some of us actually want to know what we are eating!!! Truth, transparency, the American Way!! Please act like there are more important values than the value of money… Mark

  32. All genetically modified products must be labeled as such. Consumers have aright to know what their food contains!!!!

  33. The passage of this rider into law shows just how powerful Monsanto has become. The free exchange between bureaucrats in the government and autocrats in the corporation, back and forth as administrations change, has ensured the power of this mega-corporation.
    This is not the only industry with such practices, but it is most outrageous, in number and power. That Monsanto can pass a law saying no judge or jury can question their practices or products is just plain wrong. And the U.S. Senate has just gone along with it!
    How despicable. This is what pure greed looks like.

  34. Please stop the poisioning of the people. Trying to stay healthy is difficult without the industrealized additions

  35. A few dollars sprinkled here, a few dollars sprinkled there, and pretty soon you have compliance from government. The government WE elected to serve us.

  36. The betrayal of all Americans by the the Congress of the United States is well documented. And yet very little can be done to stop them in acting against the American people and for Big Business. This Monsanto rider in the continuing Resolution passed by the Senate is the latest outrage. Please remember that the health of the planet and the people in the United States rests in your hands as you review products that are presented to you. History will judge you as will the people of the United States.

  37. Nothing is being “reviewed” by the usduh. That department has no intention, whatsoever, of reviewing, must less removing, anything promoted, sold, grown or produced by monsanto or bayer or any of the other current biotech companies. Those companies have so much money they can buy whatever or whomever they want to do their bidding. This is not even an uphill battle, it’s a battle we’ve lost. And is it any wonder? There are several good articles about this issue over at cornucopia.org Check them out.

  38. It is an outrage that a legislator can accept big bribes to sneak riders into bills at the last minute without public support or approval. This must stop, and the Monsanto GMO rider is the worst thing that has happened to America in this century, next to fracking our lands. We ask the USDA to review and abolish this last-minute deal that passed by underhanded means and is dangerous to our food chain and our health.


  40. These dangerous crops must not be deregulated. I demand you stop allowing dangerous products to slip through without review.

  41. I am very concerned about the possibility of these crops being deregulated. I don’t want my family or friends to be used as guinea pigs just so big corporations can get richer. The mutations that are used by the giant ag companies have not been safely put under the same stringent requirements that new drugs and other ingested products have to go through. These gmo products are banned in the rest of the industrialized world-why because they are unsafe. Please do not deregulate these crops. The risk is too great to frivolously pass over this because of greed.

  42. To the USDA: If you deregulate biotech crops you will be screaming to the people you are here to serve, the united states public, that you are not interested in their will and you are purchased by GMO producers. This controversy has punctured the depths of american senses, they have no choice but to wake up and they have done so. It is your job to not only protect the people but to abide by their will. Huge corporations can and do fall, when they become so out of touch with those that sustain them that they destroy their host. Please do not let those corporations taint your good judgement.

  43. I find there is very little I can say in the face of such callous ignorance and greed. This is nothing short of slow murder.

  44. Where at the USDA would it be effective to send comments, I want to share this with others. Thanks,

  45. I am disappointed bout the “Monsanto Protection Bill” passing.
    Of course, the biotech industry has good reason to want that legislation, as there are five very controversial crops being reviewed by the USDA right now—and of course GMO manufactures are requesting that these crops be deregulated.
    Please, USDA, do not slip more dangerous products through without review.

  46. Why can’t we know what is in our food – GMO is dangerous and causing a lot of health problems. Our countries don’t want Monsanto or their chemically treated foods to be imported or sold in their markets. Why are they so informed and allowed to make informed choices and we are not. I thought this was a free country with free choice. This law is allowing the fox to guard the hen house. Food is not safe in the U. S.

    1) It’s insane that the congressional system allows last second riders in the first place. That should warranty tabeling of the bill and red flag volumes of queries about the validity of the rider.
    2) When policies (and politicians) can be bought, the legislative ‘system’ stinks from the head down.

  48. The heads of Monsanto should be taken out and shot. They are the scum of humanity!!!!!

  49. I was appalled by the passing of Monsanto Protection Act and concerned about the health and welfare of our citizens and particularly children. I wrote an email to Senator Mikulski and also one to our President at their web-sites. I signed numerous petitions; I am so disappointed in our legislators.
    Once again, the health and health freedoms of the American people are being given away to Monsanto and other corporations without allowing our voice to be heard!
    Thank you ANH-USA for all the work you do!

  50. GMO presents many troubling issues that are not being properly addressed such as: 1) labeling of food so consumers can choose; 2) long term effect of consuming GMO crops; 3) lack of clinical trial data to support the introduction of GMO crops into the food supply for either humans or animals.
    Some lab animals consuming GMO food have developed hideous tumors!!! This is not a game of monopoly. It is a gamble on the future of humanity. STOP PLAYING WITH LIFE.

  51. HELP – you don’t give a link to take action in this article!
    Your last paragraph: Action Alert! Please send your comments to USDA and tell the agency that these dangerous crops must not be deregulated. The comment period ends April 29, so please take action today.
    NO LINK!!! AND – you should always put a link at the very top since a lot of people won’t read all the way down.

  52. As you are aware, the Monsanto Protection Act is in place regardless of the attempt to halt it by the constituents of this country. Myself and many others are extremely alarmed by this deceitful move. The biotech industry has good reason to want that legislation, as there are five very controversial crops being reviewed by the USDA right now—and of course GMO manufactures are requesting that these crops be deregulated. These dangerous crops must NOT be deregulated!!! Please halt the insanity!!!!

  53. We need a site online where people in the various states can send a message to their senators and representatives. It is disgraceful and unconstitional to have a law that forbids proper redress in court (ref: the “Monsanto Protection Act”).

  54. It is really sad that because this dangerous corporation has a lot of money they have the right to pioson our food supply,please we need someone conscious in charge to stop this devil corp

  55. Politics aside, we all have a voice in protecting the integrity of all living things. We must protect our food source from the likes of Monsanto and the other biotech companies. All plants, animals and minerals are sacred to the balance of the earth and all living things upon it. To disrupt or destroy this balance means to disrupt and destroy living things, this includes ourselves and our children and our children’s children. We need to build healthy soils, plant healthy crops and bring back healthy agricultural practies. Restore the balance and restore our health and that of future generations.

  56. The collaboration between congressional leaders and the Washington corporate and trade community, to the detriment of those congress presumes to serve, is foul and unconscionable. Deregulating GMO crops will prove detrimental to the future of agriculture and society as a whole. While I fully appreciate the corporate drive for success to the point of domination, I and others like me are powerful as well and we have our own drive – to protect our children, our loved ones, and future generations from the short-sighted, dysfunctional, destructive corporate powers currently ruling our Congress.

  57. Please do not allow the GMO or any other dangerous products to be put in our food and please, please, please make all manufacturers to disclose all ingredients on the labels. We need full discloser – no hinden products or amounts. There is way too much illness in this country from all of the additives in foods, pesticides used on them and modifying done to our food. I am a hard working, tax paying citizen and I have the right to have top quality food to put in my body and that doesn’t include “the extras” that you’ve been allowing. Also, please start putting higher restrictions on food products brought into America from other countries. Thank you.

  58. How dare you force Monsanto down our throats. If this is the free market it is suppose to be then you should not back a company that is poisoning the land and our food supply. I should be based on demand and supply and since it looks like the green machine is gaining ground your organization is trying to dismantle it. We have a right to food that is not contaminated by chemicals that you have no idea what will happen after it is consumed. We have a right to an alternative food source from the poison food from Monsanto. If anything you should be protecting farmers who are trying to raise both crops and animals in a more humane and less contaminated manner.

  59. How can these things be allowed..can anyone see what is being set up to happen???

  60. Regulate the crap out of GMO’s. They should be thoroughly researched before being used in any form of consumption, especially in our food chain.

  61. This communication is to inform you that I am adamently in favor of supporting the regulation of dangerous GMO crops. These altered seeeds for these crops are dangerous to the public as they are no loinger natural and have been genetically contaminated with poisions.
    We need to put a stop to this type of contamination of the food supply for the USA and the entire world.
    Thank you for listening, you thoughtful and steadfast support for the good of all people. Lstes work together to make the world a safe, harmful chemical free, and most importantly healthful place to live with out the contriol of big money.

  62. I am asking you to please make sure that these dangerous crops are not allowed to be deregulated. I think it is our right to choose what we put into our bodies. Not only should all GMOs be regulated, they should also be labeled.
    Thank you
    Shary Bozied

  63. It is unconscionable that decision makers would allow money to be more important than the health and well being of American citizens. Shame on everyone involved for passing the Monsanto Protection. Now that the terrible law is in effect, please do not deregulate the crops under review. That would be a risky and dangerous thing to do. We do not want GMO.

  64. Sen. Inouye was the worst of the worst, Harono is right behind him, two peas in a pod. I’m glad to see pressure being put on the USDA to stop GMO’s. I think it all started here on Maui with their secret corn farm in Keihi back in the 70″s. We could never find out what Monsanto was doing. The only rumor was they were growing pink corn.

  65. The American public and your constituents deserve to have untainted and wholesome food to consume. All GMO products need to be labeled so we can decide what we consume. All GMO products foods must be labeled! Let the consumer decide.

  66. To give Montsano and the other biotech corporations a “get-out-of-jail-free” pass is unconsionable! The research Montsano claims is thorough lasted no longer than 90 days, hardly “science”. To limit scientific research bodies from conducting research on the effects of GMOs and of RoundUP means only insider ‘research’ has been done. Even before this, for Montsano to have received a patent on a life form is stunning! A corporation owns Life? What next? Fooling with Mother Nature leads to very harmful results and doing so must cease. As for Roundup, Montsano is really in the business of selling Roundup and the increase in sales shows this clearlly. Finally, there are no walls that prevent GM alfalfa spores from pollinating similar plant life, thus killing milkweed that butterflies rely on to survive their long migration. And ordinarily butterfiies pollinate a variety of fruits and vegetables, but the pollen in the GM plants kills the butterflies thus leaving many crops infertile and worthless.

  67. I cannot believe there are so many people who are lined up to support so many bad ideas. What did you learn while growing up? Was it something that made you feel good, or did you just want to “go along”.
    To all those “well meaning” persons who side with causes: Do your own homework!

  68. They do whatever they want, this officials suppose to work for us we pay the bills but everything has change in this country we are the slaves of the masters in Washington

  69. I am not shocked and not surprised. It seems nothing is sacred anymore. The sneaking through
    of this law is stupid and highly suspect. Everyone that had anything to do with it should not
    act as if they were uninformed. That is their job. There is a huge movement against Monsanto
    and Dow and their practices. We are not and will not give up. SO STOP IT NOW! We are sick
    and tired of them trying to push their GMO drugs. We will support stores that sell non GMO even
    if we have to pay more.

  70. We must repel the legal protection Monsanto now enjoys they must face the wrath of the marketplace like we do.

  71. We must repel the legal protection Monsanto now enjoys they must face the wrath of the marketplace like we do.

  72. We must repel the legal protection Monsanto now enjoys they must face the wrath of the marketplace like we do.

  73. We must repel the legal protection Monsanto now enjoys they must face the wrath of the marketplace like we do.

  74. We must repel the legal protection Monsanto now enjoys they must face the wrath of the marketplace like we do.

  75. Seems like it is too late. I sent plenty of emails to congressmen/others. Now, I’m supposed to send more? We can do better. Or maybe we can just wait (sickly) and Monsanto will collapse in its own corruption. Nothing–not us, not Mansanto–is immortal. I think Mansanto’s arrogance and stupidity and immediacy will be its only doom. And that’ll happen whenever.

  76. It is appalling that people’s representatives don’t actually represent the interests of those who vote them into office and just rubber stamp things that are potentially dangerous to the citizens they represent AND those of the rest of America. It’s nice for Sen. Blunt to be helped into office and nice for Sen. Inouye for something his former constituents undoubtedly will be against as Hawai’ians are notoriously ecology-minded, which these GMO seeds and crops disregard.
    As if getting this travesty passed as a rider wasn’t bad enough, it seems to have raised no eyebrows enough to protest it when Monsanto sought and got a legal carte blanche against any retribution against their products. If their products were safe, such legislation would not even have been sought.
    What remains is that US citizens will, whether they want to or not, consume genetically-altered products that need not be identified as such on packaging and Monsanto now attempting to coerce organic and other farmers to use their products. That will give the American consumer no recourse but Monsanto’s products.

  77. Monsanto can not “rule the world” Their procucta are destroying lives, and ruining the health of many people. It must be stopped.

  78. I have lived my life as natural as possible. I have pride knowing I have such good health because I know what go’s into my body.Now I fell like I have been betrayed by the government. I can not believe that our congress have sold the health of the nation for their own profits. Don’t they have children and grandchildren. Well 2014 is just around the corner. You can bet I’m not voting for any politician who allows this to continue . I don’t know how these heartless people sleep at night.

  79. If this law is implemented ,it will be as damaging as the halliburton loophole. These big corporations are laying waste to America.

  80. I am appalled that this horrific legislation went thru. What has happened to our freedom to be able to grow what we are to eat when our foods can be invaded by these poisonous strains of GMO seeds? This is eugenics in action. All those directly and intentionally involved in poisoning our food will answer to a higher authority, because there is are universal laws at work here and karma is a fact.

  81. We don’t need to protect the rights of corporations but instead the rights of the citizen. We should be allowed to know if the food we are buying is GMO b/c of research that shows it grows tumors in rats.

  82. Monsanto Protection Act is a prime example of the corruption in our government by lobby money and pay offs to congressmen and senators. This is nothing short of bribery and a crime in all other business relations. GMO are an experiment and I will not subject my grandchildren to these health risks. The Monsanto hold on our government is an outrage. Our government will fail eventually and maybe sooner as consumers and business that choose to do the right ethical behavior will prevail. Put “We the people back into our Laws”.

  83. We need food which is not harmful to our health, it is a matter of health spending for our country, and GMO foods not only are not as nutritious,but actually harmful to our bodies and to the environment upon which increasing amounts of harmful glyphosate and even Agent Orange type chemicals are spread into our lands , bodies, and waters. How can people stay healthy, how can our environment withstand this chemical and biological assault ? We need statesmen in politics,not paid off pawns.

  84. Is it so hard to argue facts before attacking someone’s character, motives or credibility?
    Much of law involves relative claims of harm.
    A farmer who has planted a crop has invested real dollars in seed, fuel, chemicals, overhead costs such as leased land and equipment and possibly purchased water. He expects a payback at harvest time. If the crop must be plowed under, his actual loss is that expected payback.
    A non-farmer who has not yet demonstrated legal standing to sue can claim theoretical future harm but demonstrate no current harm.
    Should that mere claim, not yet proved by a party who has not yet demonstrated standing be sufficient to force that farmer to plow his crop under?
    As proposed by Sen. Roy Blunt, the primary effect of this rider is to allow the farmer to continue to grow his crop and possibly to harvest and sell it as long as no party with standing to sue has demonstrated a high probability of near-term harm in a court of law.
    I disagree with Sen. Roy Blunt on many things and am no longer a citizen of the state of Missouri but know that he is defending his constituents, many of whom farm corn and soybeans. Given that not one of the hysterical claims against genetically modified organisms has ever been legally or scientifically proved, he does not want them summarily punished based on a mere expression of fear.
    He surely remembers the hysteria regarding ALAR which almost bankrupted many orchards and which was eventually shown to be fabricated to manipulate the stock price of the company that manufactured it. Those who jumped on the bandwagon to demonize ALAR differ little from those who demonize GMO today with no greater basis of fact to support them.
    Put yourself in the position of Senator Blunt or the farmers whom he represents. How would you feel if the claims against GMO turned out to be false and you had been forced to plow under a crop with $100k or more invested and a loan payment due?
    I could not live with the degree of financial risk that every farmer assumes every day just to keep our sorry asses from starving. Watch RFD TV for a while and be humbled.

  85. The poison purveyors, Monsanto and its ilk, do not need protection. WE THE PEOPLE need protection from them. Permanently strike down the Monsanto Rider, and remove the Monsanto lackey Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO), from office.

  86. This is disgusting! Can you please explain why 60 other countries have a “just label it” program and we don’t? Whu are we still allowing that company to poison us?! Did you know that they are the company responsiblei for such lovely things as agent orange and aspartame? Everything they make is poisonous! Look back through all their products since the 50’s. Did you also know that their crops are killing the very bees we rely on to pollenate our crops? Tell me you would want your kids and grandkids eating that.

  87. As part of the Food and Drug Administration, I believe we recognize food and drugs are linked. I have a difficult time understanding how you can genetically modify our food without understanding the consequences of it’s affect on our body. To allow this to become deregulated is not only dangerous to our societies health, but also devalues the FDA. How can we allow this, when we have such strict laws for bringing new medicines to the people for cancer, high blood pressure, MS, or any other type of medicine. Please do the right thing and stop this deregulation

  88. The issue of GMO contamination has not been long – term tested. There is an unseemly chumminess between Monsanto and the FDA and the Dept. of Agriculture, which is a long established pattern between corporations and the government regulatory agencies assigned to monitor them.

  89. To the USDA. The five crops that you are reviewing now must NOT be deregulated. This is
    Important to the health of all.

  90. I wish we had public hangings for these politicians who sell out America in order to pay back a big corporate interest for contributing to their campaign. They are killing their OWN CHILDREN by supporting Monsanto, yet they do it without a second thought.

  91. Please do not approve any more GMO crops or seeds without full open long term scientific health safety studies.

  92. Can we please have our government begin to take care and protect the people, men, women and children from these uncaring, agressive short sighted companies that continue to put their interests ahead of the health and welfare of the people of this country. The FDA can begin by following other saner countries and out law GMO’s. Think of the future generations!

  93. All legislation should be reviewable by our courts. It is wrong to pass legislation that exempts itself, as it is wrong to be able to pass legislation which no one knows who introduced.

  94. This letter to the USDA is sent to urge the agency to carefully study and analyze the crops being produced by Monsanto as they pose many public health and environmental dangers and must not be

  95. Please do not allow these crops to be deregulated. Monsanto thinks they can buy what they want BUT the American people are smarter than that!! We have every right to know exactly what we are ingesting! Monsanto should be above the law! Please don’t let that happen!! Thank you.

  96. Underhanded political action solely for the purpose of creating a powerful business model is behind this attack on the health of the US. Europeans are too smart to allow the GMOs into their food supply while Americans are dished out poison without knowing they are eating it and now without Monsanto even willing to take the responsibility for its actions. NO. This is not ok! Monsanto can not be allowed to ruin so many facets of our food supply and our lives. Stop This Now!

  97. S.T.O.P. Monsanto from stealing food. N.O., N. O., and N.O. Free our food. Dark ages cut of hands and fingers for rotten loaf of bread, Now cut-off Monsanto head of hydra.

  98. A terrible piece of legislation passed in the AG Appropriations bill –known as the Monsanto Rider –why should biotech companies get a free pass against any GMO crop that may prove deadly or dangerous to human heallth or the environment? Take IT OUT

  99. to the Dept. of USDA please understand that your very own health and your loved ones too will be affected if these dangerous crops are deregulated. I repeat: These dangerous crops must not be deregulated!!

  100. Get rid of GMO foods entirely. There will be severe health consequences for the future generations.

  101. Here are a few reasons why the Monsanto Protection Act is dangerous:
    Gene manipulation produces unpredictable results. Genetic manipulation can create a food to be toxic by design, intentionally or unintentionally. The body does not recognize the DNA of the altered “food” and attempts to reject it, causing allergic reaction. Many GM “foods” are created to be pesticides so that the insect will die upon eating the product. Anyone who understands how the food chain works can understand the implications of eating a food created to be a pesticide!
    Cross contamination is inevitable and destructive to healthy, non-manipulated plants. GM crops create serious problems for farmers, including herbicide-tolerant ‘super weeds’, diminished soil quality, and increased disease susceptibility. As a result ecosystems are disrupted and biodiversity is compromised.
    No long term testing has been done to disprove the dangers of GM food consumption. Independent studies and farmer claims have indicated that GM foods have contributed to reproduction problems, disease, and death to lab and farm animals.
    Because they are not labeled and adequately regulated, there is really no way to monitor the results and safety of these products in our food supply.
    None of the claims of GM crops such as economic benefits, high yields, better nutrition, reduced pesticide usage, and drought and disease resistance, have been proven to be true. In fact, these claims have proven just the opposite.
    The real agenda of the genetic modification of foods is not to solve ongoing global agricultural problems. The agenda of bio-engineering food is to monopolize the food industry and own patents on crop and seed material, and promote agricultural chemicals which actually creates more poverty and hunger through lack of access to foods and the lands they grow on, and an introduction to a plethora of other formerly known and unknown agricultural problems.

  102. Monsanto and anything they choose to do is CLEARLY above all law.
    This only affirms this long known truth.

  103. You can be sure that Monsanto is a member of ALEC, and ALL companies in this “Secret organization” focus on changing Federal and State laws to benefit their Profits.
    Monsanto only cares about what they are able to control…the World Food Supply!
    They MUST be stopped !!!

  104. We should have a choice to say what goes into our own body. Therefore, we have the right to know what is in the food we are eating. If you don’t believe that, please just respect our belief by not deregulating our food. Thank you.

  105. The people of the U.S. have to be proactive and insist on non-gmo products. We cannot rely on our government to protect us. They are too corrupt. Speak out and ask questions about what you are eating. Insist on non-gmo ingredients and don’t buy products that contain the known gmo foods. Call manufacturers and suggest they start labeling. If they contain foods with gmo’s, tell them you are going to stop buying. It all comes down to the buck. Money talks. Poor profits will force them to change. In the long run, it will be about the Power of the People. Tap into your power people and don’t underestimate yourselves. There is power in numbers. Go to it! Be strong.

  106. I want any and everything label GMO. I have right to make choices. I deserve fresh fruits and vegetables free from GMO’s. That is my right. I have a right to know if anything I consume has GMOs. I have a right to good health.

  107. Thx to the publishers and commentators at this website! I’m new to it and look forward to more.

  108. “The illegal we can do right away–it’s the unconstitutional that takes a little longer-“–Henry Kissinger

  109. Monsanto is a global terrorist organization..and should be treated as such. Anyone who works for Monsanto is automatically implicated in horriific crimes and should be considered a criminal.

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