Homeopathy Under Attack in California

Homeopathic medicationBecause homeopathic medicines are protected at the federal level, the attempt to eliminate them is coming at the state level.

Homeopathic medicines are protected as legal drugs under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C)—which means homeopathic manufacturers can make disease claims. We can thank a brave legislator for insisting on this when the Act was enacted many decades ago. However, unlike conventional drugs, homeopathic medicines do not have to undergo the FDA new drug approval process. Pre-market approval for homeopathic drugs comes from the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) monograph, which involves clinical verification of the efficacy of the substance.
Despite federal law, the presence of an HPUS monograph has not protected homeopathic products from a lawsuit under California’s consumer protection law. This is creating an uncertain and expensive business environment for the homeopathic industry and could threaten the marketing of these products in California and other states.
In the 2012 lawsuit of Delarosa v. Boiron, Inc., the plaintiffs alleged that Boiron, the world’s leading homeopathic manufacturer, falsely claimed that its Children’s Coldcalm product would provide relief from cold symptoms, in violation of California consumer protection laws. Boiron argued that the case should not go to trial because the plaintiff’s claims are precluded by federal preemption: the federal definition of a drug, as defined by the FD&C, includes homeopathic remedies like Coldcalm, which are recognized in the HPUS.
The judge denied the preemption. He ruled that Boiron was not protected because the FD&C also contains a preemption exemption for products that aren’t marketed pursuant to FDA approval or final FDA regulation. Trial is set for later this month.
The ruling is significant in that these two sections of the FD&C seem to be contradicting one another. As a result, it creates an opening to claim that the presence of a homeopathic drug in the HPUS is not sufficient under California consumer protection law to prove that the drug is effective.
This isn’t the only California lawsuit attacking homeopathy. Here are some others.
In Galluci v. Boiron, the plaintiffs alleged that Boiron made false claims regarding over twenty-four homeopathic products, that they could effectively treat ailments such as flu, arthritis, sore joints, joint pain, aches, fever, coughs, insomnia, or sleeplessness—again, in alleged violation of California consumer protection laws. Ignoring the principles of homeopathy, the plaintiffs also argued that Boiron’s products are so diluted that they are “effectively nonexistent” and are thus akin to placebo or sugar pills. This is akin to saying that because homeopathic preparations are not like standard drugs, they are fraudulent, exactly the kind of claim that federal protection under the FD&C Act was designed to prevent.
Boiron settled the case for $5 million. It also agreed to place a warning on all its products that “Uses have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration,” and to provide additional data on homeopathic dilution to consumers on their website.
In Allen v. Hyland’s, the plaintiffs alleged that the defendants (Hyland’s and Standard Homeopathy) marketed their homeopathic products as having health benefits while knowing the products had no active ingredients in amounts sufficient enough to cause any beneficial actions, in alleged violation of consumer protection laws. The defendants were unsuccessful in getting the case dismissed, though they did manage to limit the suit to the seven products which plaintiffs actually purchased. The case is still pending.
A couple of things to note here. In none of the cases did the plaintiffs say they were physically harmed. They merely claim that the products did not treat them as they stated they would, and that they suffered minor economic loss by purchasing the product. (So apparently if your cough medicine doesn’t work well enough for you, you get to sue the company!)
Also, the plaintiff in two of these lawsuits is represented by the same attorneys, the Newport Trial Group. The law firm involved in the third case, Marron and Associates, has been accused by the Newport Trial Group of tracking their homeopathic class action suits and plagiarizing them, in an effort to attract clients to their own potential class actions against homeopathic companies.
Did these law firms recruit the plaintiffs? Are they doing this in hopes of getting multi-million dollar settlements, much of which will go to lawyers? Is this just another chapter in the predatory California lawsuits linked to Proposition 65 that we have written about before? Those lawsuits are about supplements, and these lawsuits are about homeopathic medicines, but the pattern seems similar.
The basic premise of the suits—that in the successive dilutions that homeopathic medicines go through to achieve their final potency, there may be no molecules of the original substance left at those concentrations— is not just an attack on these companies. It is an attack on homeopathy itself. Homeopathic researchers have always struggled to explain why their preparations seem to work, even though clinical evidence says it does.
New scientific research may help. Using a laboratory technique called spectroscopy, researchers have found that different homeopathic medicines and different dilutions of the same medicine can be distinguished from each other, even though all should logically contain nothing but water. One explanation for this is that the repeated dilution and succussion (the forceful agitation of the liquid) during classical remedy preparation may break the substance into immeasurably small nanoparticles, that is, “top-down” nanostructures. A novel model for how homeopathic medicines work on living systems has been proposed by researchers Iris Bell, MD, PhD, and Mary Koithan, PhD, RN, CNS. The traditional theory, that some presence remains without actual particles, is of course more controversial. We will return to the scientific questions underlying homeopathy in another article soon.
While homeopathic medicines do not go through the FDA drug approval process, they are absolutely reviewed for safety and effectiveness. The FDA recognizes the monograph published in the HPUS and administered by the Homeopathic Pharmacopia Convention of the United States, a nonprofit standard-setting organization. Currently, 1,286 official homeopathic drug products are recognized by the HPUS. Moreover, homeopathic drugs are subject to FD&C misbranding provisions, and must comply with Good Manufacturing Practice requirements. If homeopathic substance is “new” (that is, used after 1962), manufacturers most commonly gather evidence for safety and effectiveness through a method specifically designed for homeopathics called “proving.”
What is happening in California is a real threat to homeopathy. As these cases proceed, we’ll keep you informed and also work to develop strategies to protect it from predatory lawyers and a hostile court environment.


  1. TYPICAL! It is the Americn Way. To libel, to lawsuit, -the immorality is rife-Break my heart to see a country I love lose every last freedom.

  2. The drug and medical complex’s will never quit trying to get all those dollars that are being spent on vitimins and other safe preventitive cures.

  3. This appears to be action by political right wing conservatives and corporation investment to monopolize the medical industry. FDA is not apolitical. Actions like this to eradicate alternatives that answer to the core of disease by those who wish to take advantage of the disease by treating symptoms is mean spirited, ill intended and undemocratic.

  4. These nonsensical lawsuits only prove that there was total lack of understanding of Hoemopathic principles. We treat the whole person, not just one isolated symptom. There needs to be education regarding Homeopathy.
    These people probably took the entire tube of remedies, thus proving the remedy.

  5. This is a time in America like no other. If the masses of people care about something the politicians in the pockets of the wealthy attempt to stop, harm, or eliminate that which the people think is good.
    Fighting issue after issue is wearisome and expensive. But we are winning over and over. So we will fight again and again and again.

  6. I wish there’s no monsanto messing around our food by feeding animals with the wrong foods.

  7. What we need to remind ourselves of is that this nation and Great Britain are God’s unconditional promise to Abraham. This nation has never been a Christian nation as defined by the truth of God. Time is running out. We are losing our afluence in the world. We are rejecting the one true God in an effort to not offend false religions. In the last days, mankind will come close to annihilating all life from this planet. Jesus will return with power and with glory to rid this world of corrupt governments and false religions. He will rule with the saints in the soon coming Kingdom of God. Of course, God will let us believe a lie if we choose to do so.

  8. I am writing to you concerning the possibilities of scrutinizing homeopathic therapies; I have used them safely for decades and I do not believe it is in the interest of the public to put any further burden on this area of life. I can cite case after case of deleterious effects from mainstream drugs and therapies. It is an undue and unjust expenditure to try to lessen competition and we do not want it. Please consider leaving this alone and as with most other drugs, it has to be proven to be unsafe. I can drink too much water and make myself sick, but that doesn’t make water dangerous.

  9. I have used a homeopathic pain relief salve for the arthritis in my hands for many years. It works very well,so i do not need any drugs. Since science can not figure out how,or why, homeopathic drugs work, they have to conclude that they can’t work. I have an IQ of 180+, and have figured out all kinds of things that “science” won’t figure out in a hundred years.

  10. These are frivolous actions and I am somewhat mystified that the old argument that Homeopathic Remedies are placebo when there is a plethora of scientific research that attest to its affects and dilution association. There is research conducted at the North Carolina University that established that high concentrations (low dilutions) affects the cytoplasm and that low concentrations (high dilutions) affects the nucleus. (Stumpf & F. Chapel Hill, North Carolina University, 2005)
    FACTS matter and trump stupid law or its wrongful application…

  11. It is tragic that those making millions of dollars on their dangerous and often ineffective “conventional” medical treatments have been able to suppress truth like the following about the 1918 influenza epidemic. Can’t this information be used in these lawsuits?
    Classical (single remedy) homeopathy.was one of the treatments used during the 1918 influenza pandemic. Few people might realize, that although seeing equally ill patients, homeopathic physicians had much less patient mortality than their allopathic counterpartsviii. For instance, one series of 26,795 cases of influenza treated by homeopathic physicians showed a mortality rate of 1.05%, while that of the average conventional school was ~30%.8 Another collection of 6602 cases treated homeopathically had only 55 deaths, showing a mortality rate of .8%.8
    Also see this for fascinating specific and sometimes personal accounts of how homeopathy battled the flu in 1918: Influenza-1918: Homeopathy to the Rescue, The New England Journal of Homeopathy Spring/Summer 1998, Vol.7 No.1

  12. I use homeopathic compounds for many problems including exzema, menopause, nervousness, sleeplessness and anxiety. I use them because THEY WORK and they do not fight with other prescription medications I must take. They are affordable, effective, and are not “rocket science”.
    Please let us decide what works for us not the drug companies. You cannot stop it (mail order) so leave it alone. We have more than enough “big brother/big crop.)

  13. While I am a big advocate of natural medicine…. I’ve yet to see any double blind scientific tests that prove that homeopathic remedies work. The whole concept of this line of thinking is so, so, so old, that it came about prior to the avenues we now have for rigorous testing.
    Perhaps it doesn’t help that the whole explanation of how they work sounds like hocus pocus.
    I’m open to any information that proves they work. After all, with other “natural” remedy’s and medicines… while the USA doesn’t necessarily do a lot of research on them… other countries, especially in Asia, do.
    So for things like Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, Modified Citrus Pectin, etc., you can find real research and studies that have been done, often by highly prestigious universities, that prove they are effective, and even where their active ingredients have been isolated.
    Plus, since the pharmaceutical industry get’s their drugs from these herbs and plants originally, you know there is science behind most of them.
    I have yet to see that with homeopathy. Please prove me wrong on this… point me to the science I’ve been missing.

  14. This is yet another case of greedy attorneys going for “blood” ($$$) and harming the greater good of the people of California – a 1 dram vial of Boiron is about $6.75 – so where is the economic harm or damage, people pay more for a hamburger that damages their health then this? And knowing homeopathy it was not the appropriate remedy for that person, they should have gone to a homeopath and had a intake performed and gotten the right remedy for them!

  15. The FDA needs to have it’s management/drug-dealer (in the worst sense) arse kicked to hellll.
    They are probably one of the largest causes of health problems in the US, with their drug pusher cronies.
    The irony is that JD Rockefeller Sr was the originator of the AMA, the drug industry, AND had a homeopathic personal physician. Earlier in life he was one of those “snake oil” salesmen that whipped up a batch of “cure all” from local leaves and alcohol and crappp, then sold it.
    After getting into petro, he thought that if he could make “medicines” (still waiting to have one pharamaceutical drug cure ANYTHING as far as i know) then he could get people to pay whatever he asked for his life over death option. It is all a sales/con job. He invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical colleges, BUT they had to abandon other therapeutic pathways and teach drugs. Well, if you get new dorms, the latest labs, etc, you toe the line for more bucks as more students want to come to YOUR college.
    So the originator of the devastating major cause of American unhealth USED homeopathic medicine while fighting it and chiropractic. Irony abounds.
    Calif – no – the medical establishment in Calif is obscene.

  16. I have found these products to be superior and have had excellent resutls for over 33 years
    of using them. They have no side affects and work quickly for me. Compared to drugs they
    are a miracle and do not have dangerous side effects as do most drugs.
    As a result of using homeopathic medicines I rarely ever have problems with any viruses or colds or related sickness. I highly reccommend them to everyone and especially my family members and clients. They are certainly not just sugar pills.
    God Bless Lura Ann

  17. This is absolutely appalling. If you want to get a sense of the hostility out there being mounted against homeopathy, watch the sarcastic TEDtalk of James Randi “Homeopathy, Quackery, and Fraud” where he equates homeopathy with voodoo.
    It’s really quite stunning how many ardent proponents of science actually assume that because ‘the scientist’ or ‘current scientific methods’ don’t detect discernible proof, it doesn’t exist. That’s like saying that before people discovered the world was round, it was actually flat.
    I’ve had tremendous success for myself and my family with homeopathy…in some cases remarkable…with no negative side effects…despite James Randi’s schtick that homeopathy isn’t real. What a faulty assumption.
    There’s plenty in the Universe we don’t understand, and science is most likely in its primitive stage of development. To assume “if you can’t measure something, it’s ‘not there”… is arrogance. It is not the humility of the true scientific method, which I respect.
    In true science, when results show up which don’t match the hypothesis, they are NOT excluded from the data. Today, 1) information is omitted from studies when it impacts corporate revenue, 2) ghost writers control a troubling number of scientific articles, and 3) the scientific field is rife with ‘conflict of interest’ issues between researchers/government agencies and the funding or kickbacks they receive.
    Science today has become its own corrupted religion. And God help you if you question the methods or ideology of the high priests at its top.
    Winners who begin to lose, often attack to regain ground. Given the abysmal track record of drugs, it is no surprise that homeopathy is now under hostile fire by the high priests of standard health care.
    But homeopathy works, whether we completely understand it or not. And it WORKS whether the religion of corrupted science recognizes it or not.

  18. The Allen vs. Hyland case again proves that ignorance is frightfully dangerous. How frighteningly stupid to condemn Homeopathics without fully understanding the subtle yet profound mechanism by which it effectively works. Instead of seeing no evil, it’s blinding oneself to truth which leads to ruin. The question is why the government is attempting to destroy an ancient medicinal practice with scientifically proven results? The greater question is why they are doing it, and whom are they trying to protect. I highly suspect it is themselves.
    As health conscious citizens we must let our protestations be heard in very public ways.
    Deborah Marcus, Certified Nutritionist

  19. For more than 20 years I had been suffering from debilitating migraines, one attack leaving me blind for a week. No Western medicine helped. Knowing nothing about homeopathy it took me a year until I finally went to a homeopath, and only because that man was also a “real” doctor. Withing 3 months the pain was reduced to headaches, another 3 months later it was gone and never came back, and no medicine needs to be taken. – What about the many, many cases where homeopathy does help? Or even better, where it helps – and without side-effects – and where western medicine fails?

  20. Please create a petition that can be linked to all the social media to stop this craziness. California must not take away our right to CHOOSE natural medicine. Just like they haven’t taken away a woman’s right to abortion. It is our body and we need to be allowed to heal it in the manner of homeopathic medicines.
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October and did not go with traditional standard of care, instead I used a plant based diet and homeopathic medicines and am completely cancer free. I will promote the petition.
    It is working now with the Monsanto ruling it will work for homeopathy.

  21. GO enjoy your Obamacare and HOP OFF, for those of us who do not subscribe to your poisonous “modern medicine” sham.

  22. Rustum Roy PHD, who headed the physics department at Penn State published a wonderful paper on this about 7 years ago. He compared FTIR to RAMAN spectroscopy and clearly showed the monographs of homeoapthyic remedies nat mur and nux vom as compared to a vial of water. He also showed the differences between the different potencies.
    I was honored to present his work at U of Chicago/Mayo clinic conference on integrative medicine in 2005.

  23. These lawyers are shame less.Of all the deaths associated with prescription drugs you would think some buddy might start telling the truth about long term effects related to prescription drugs.I guess money talks. Ron Dorn

  24. BigPharm complain about supplements but big drug companies are adding natural things to their drugs to get those of us who want natural to buy them. Big drug companies want 100% of the market. Addictive drugs are continuously being prescribed by doctors; hence, more and more people on the street wanting those drugs.Drug companies can do the crime without doing the time.

  25. I remember reading something in my studies a few years back about these OTC homeopathic brands being bought out by large pharmaceutical companies with the intention of making the formulas less effective and thereby forcing them off the shelves in favor of prescription drugs. The OTC brands are such minutel dosage that for many they would be ineffective anyway. Many people are not versed properly in taking homeopathic remedies causing them to be even less effective when used with coffee,hot items, at meals, or with strong odors such as mint, menthols, etc. Are you aware of this as fact? If that is true, then this would fall into that theory. Losing a few million over a lawsuit in order to make billions in drug sales would be a strategy I could see big pharma taking.

  26. I have been a practicing homeopath since 1997. In my opinion, companies like Boiron who allow the sale of their homeopathic remedies over-the-counter at retail sites help to create the problem. It is also seems odd that the same company who will not sell from their site directly to an unlicensed, non-M.D. practitioner, will stock the shelves of retail settings, including Amazon. I think that the availability of remedies in retail settings supports a false assumption that homeopathic remedies are harmless, and can be self-prescribed with success. Health food store employees generally lack the training and skill to be able to help customers choose remedies, and how to take them for successful treatment.
    Boiron and others leave themselves wide open for cases like the ones cited here. And the cases do seem to be opportunistic – as it’s easy to find a class of consumers who are uninformed and willing to blame others for their lack of information.
    Prescription of remedies should be left in the hands of trained professional homeopaths. With rare exception, it is extremely difficult and complicated to find the right remedy on one’s own, using available reference guides that cannot account for the individual case.
    Not incidentally, California is one of only a few states with liberal laws allowing the practice of homeopathy, including the lay practitioners like myself, with extensive training but without a recognized medical degree.

  27. These attacks come from people looking for a buck from a big company. And these attacks prove that the people who used the remedies, and their lawyers, do not understand how homeopathy works. Unlike traditional Western Pharmaceuticals, Homeopathy needs to be customized to the patient in order for the remedy to “work.”
    Some newer pharmaceuticals are also similar to this, in that the person has to have a particular version of the disease (e.g., breast cancer with a certain genetic profile, or Hyper IgE with a certain specific gene mutation) in order for the drug to work for the patient. But drug companies are not sued if a person without the mutation takes the drug…so why aren’t homeopathy companies also protected from this?
    Furthermore, homeopathy has a far, far greater safety record compared to pharmaceuticals…

  28. As all of us wish to have our beliefs respected, those who believe so firmly in homeopathy so so not just because they believe but because they know by experience that they work well in their own way and people who choose to use them should not be hampered in any way in this gentle and effective approach to true health. I do not know what I would do without homeopathy. I was definitely beyond any doubt “cured” of a very deadly disease in 1991. I have become a practitioner myself and this wold threaten my livelihood.. Whether these claims are truly brought to court by individuals acting on their own or under the guidance of big pharma I do not know but it will result in a real battle between those who do know by actual experience. It would be good for California legislators to consider that we have moved forward with the Health Freedom Act and that California has long broke ground in the Health food industry with juicing, and exercise programs and has led much of the world. This would definitely be a step backward. Approximately 50% of the world’s doctors are homeopaths. To fight against homeopathy and those who use it is ignorant, backward and most likely done with ulterior motives.

  29. I am approaching 90 and as a child I visited my grandfather’s clinic and saw a cabinet w/little bottles and was told they were homeopathic medicine…they have been helping folks for a long time ….thank you ANH for keeping on top of these attacks against naturopathic medicine.

  30. How can the laws make Nature Illegal? They do and it’s ridiculous! But make pharma drugs that kill people legal!

  31. I find it odd that homeopathy practitioners cannot make any medical claims while big pharma plasters the airwaves with all their lousy drugs which are worse than the disease (see Vyoxx, gardesil).

  32. This is a very frustrating situation that seems to have greed at the base of it all. Opportunist looking for a way to make a quick million. I can’t believe a judge allowed this, but other times they look the other way when pharmaceuticals hurt and even kill people.
    Some of the vaccine companies even have laws to protect them from being sued even if they harm or kill someone. How many times do we read about pharmaceuticals being recalled because “they did not work”?
    Usually it’s because they hurt someone or yes again, killed some. I raised my children on Homeopathy and then chose to become a homeopath due to it’s gentle and effective results. I have to say I have never read or heard of anyone having a side effect that hurt or killed anyone using Homeopathy in all it’s 200 year history.
    I’ve never seen as ad for a remedy in a magazine that required 2or more plus pages to describe possible side effects either.
    Please think before you attack this wonderful resource that might someday help you.

  33. Homeopathic treatment is quantum and does not need a molecule that the body recognizes as it recognizes the quantum loading belonging to an electromagnetic signature that stimulates the immune system without danger.
    Doctors dont understand but the process creates a coil of water and all coils generate EM while polarity is given at succussion.

  34. As a practicing medical physician, I have ofter seen homeopathy help people. I have also used remedies on myself and occasionally on patients.
    UNLIKE THE MEDICATIONS I PRESCRIBE, HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES ARE TOTALLY SAFE. Nobody needs protection against homeopathy!!! If it doesn’t work a person can try a less safe method of getting well!
    Please back off!

  35. Homeopathy works on the cellular, electromagnetic field frequencies of the body. One has to be AWAKE and aware to realize there is an entity bigger than us who gives everything life in order to understand and appreciate what and how homeopathic medications work.
    It’s like the asyra and the zyto machines (as well as others)–they are fascinating and wonderful machines that get down to the cellular level and the electromagnetic level of the body’s bio frequencies. They can tell us way more stuff of what’s wrong or off in our bodies than allopathic doctors and their expensive labs can only dream about (and can never do). And yet, because of how they work, people are wary and distrustful. Mostly because they’ve been sold a bill of goods by the allopathic community and the pharma industries that depending on “God” or whatever you want to call the entity to help heal yourself is stupid (because we all know that science and medicine claim that God doesn’t exist).
    These law suits are another attempt by all those people who live in fear and don’t want to see the fact that we need to open our eyes and realize that spirituality–God–is very much involved in our lives as well as the fact that there is much in the universe that we are only beginning to tap into. They also need to open their eyes to the fact that the body can heal itself if its but given the right tools–good, honest, natural means–of doing so.
    Due to a genetic liver mutation that doesn’t allow me to use pharma drugs or OTCs or much of modern day chemicals and pesticides, etc., etc.(discovered 5 years ago), due to the fact that my liver cannot detox and metabolize those things, I have been “forced” over to using alternative healthcare and all the wonderful healing modalities it has to offer. I am in awe of what can be accomplished by using what we’re been given in nature.
    As a user of homeopathy, I have had great success. I don’t doubt or question; I just use. Being in a right frame of mind–positive and nondoubting–helps enormously in getting any type of healing modality to help. My daughter uses homeopathic to help take care of her awful reaction to mosquito and other bug bites. We use homeopathic remedies to stave off or cut down on days sick from flus and colds all the time. No one said they were instant cures; they are to be used to help the body help heal itself.
    It’s sad that a few people–and law firms–have found a way to enrich their pocketbooks.

  36. Homeopathy has saved my life several times. I am allergic to all allopathic medicines. I never have a reaction to homeopathic medicines and it’s important to my life that they remain available. I also need them to be covered by Medicare and in many states, they are not. This is not fair. If I am drained of $100 dollars a month from a very limited social security, I deserve to be served by the medicine that heals me.
    Peace and Love,
    Sarah Preston Tiers

  37. We need to start passing out cards and flyers to people we know and run into on a day to day basis on how they can benefit from natural health care. The insane cost of “medical care ” is destroying every pension plan in the country , and choking the entire economy.
    Things like the Metabolic Typing Diet can give people somthing they can feel and understand.

  38. i like herbal no side effects like that of other man made meds! its all about the drug companies and them MAKING MONEY!!

  39. So a state which believes that homeopathic remedies are worthless and contain nothing and do nothing will try to outlaw them as possibly being harmful. When will there ever be a state or government which, if they act in a STUPID manner, their action is not allowed to proceed.

  40. I do not take antibiotics, and I am educated about humans and the way they function. Newport Trial are made of a couple of unimeginative, old school brains that are stuck in a retile emotional level. I sorry for them and encourage all others to keep dealing with them, until they evolve or not. They might just extinct like the raptors millions of years ago.
    The young generation is better and nicer to creat a better life for all of us. Let them lead and trust them, that is how we humans grow.
    Ps. Newport Trial are angry who knows why, must be an ego thing, it is not about money. How can they enjoy tha margaritas when they purposely tried to alter other peoples choices?
    The power comes not from oppression but liberation. Just like the Universe expanding and black holes contracting. All so called remedies and medicines work the same way, they do not work but the body does the job. No science ever will prove that for the public. But anyhow as human population grows we are forced to live together, deal with each other and accept each other egos.
    Education is the key for health. Personal responsibility is the solution.

  41. These attempts to limit people’s access to homeopathics are attacks on our freedom. Big government does not know what people need. Big government is not all knowing!!! Please stop these efforts to control people’s choices.
    Thank you.


  43. Great, Monsanto gets to endanger all living things on the planet with impunity, but homeopathics which do NO harm are sued. The world is screwed up!!!

  44. Every so often there seems to be a concerted effort in the US and UK to lambaste homeopathy. Only today, in The Daily Telegraph, their “science” correspondent has produced yet another article in this vein, aimed at ridicule, quoting the government’s former chief scientific adviser’s “frustration” that homeopathic treatment could still be funded by the NHS. Despite previous government attempts to exclude it, the current Health Minister happens, surprisingly, to have favorable views about homeopathy though he is not held in much regard generally.
    This article was followed by the usual torrent of abuse on this topic by commenters who appeared not to have any personal knowledge or experience but were keen to demonize it anyway, confirming in my mind what little progress has actually been made in our two countries away from “mob mentality”. The degree of vitriole against such a “harmless substance” arouses the suspicion of a concerted effort by the pharmaceutical and orthodox medical establishments – but the question is what do they fear by allowing the co-existence of homeopathy?

  45. Please let me know if you decide to submit signatures to California Legislators and/or the governor. I will gladly sign with a good number of others I know! This is a huge concern and these homeopathic a help so many people. These are on-going battles and I thank you for being on top of these issues!!!
    Much gratitude,

  46. Homeopathy under attack in CA….this really really angers me.
    I use homeopathics along with other protocols and find them very
    beneficial to my health….
    Why are alternatives forever being attacked in the U.S.???? Wonder??

  47. Homeopathy has been used for many many years with NO SIDE Effects! Can we say this about other medicines? Do other medicines always work? Nothing is EVER fail-proof. Please let us keep our freedom of choices, in which way we choose to treat our illnesses. Please stop the attack on these “safe” medicines.

  48. I have been using Homeopathic remedies for 30 years. They work. This is just lawyers out to make some easy money with frivolous lawsuits.

  49. we so arrogant that we think we understand nature. we do not have a unified field theory. we do not think we are a part of nature, that is why we think we can eat anything we want. western civilization wants to control nature. in a few hundred years ,we have been marching to destroy the environment

  50. It is just one more way for frivolous lawsuits to take away our freedom of taking care of ourselves using more beneficial and less toxic means. I would not doubt that perhaps the drug companies are backing this…that way they can keep their highly toxic means to healthcare in the limelight with no competition.

  51. I cannot take drugs and homeopathic and alternative medicine works very well for me also.. It seems if there is a “medicine” dollar that does not go in the pocket of big pharma and modern medicine they are working to get that dollar. However alternative medicine welcomes all modalities and believes there is room for all. That seems a much fairer and more healthy approach. Thank you.

  52. Hi, I use homeopathic drops and pet also use them…they do help and are needed. Autistic kids may also use them and it may help over come the damage vaccines may have done to them. I pray homeopathic medicine will always be available.

  53. This is crazy. Homeopathy has always been a safe and effective treatment. It already falls under excessive regulation, and should be left alone.

  54. I haven’t had an antibiotic in over 30 years. I have used Boiron products for those many years and have found them very effective following the directions explicitly. Upon early intervention I have found them to stop the colds, flu or my sour throat, allergy attack etc. It is especially effective if you are further working to boost your immune system by eating correctly and getting enough rest. As my homeopathic chiropractor told me at least 20 years ago. The government will take away anything that works or through regulations changes it’s effectiveness because it worked too well. The government doesn’t like people helping themselves to stay well they much rather push the drug industry.

  55. The FDA has been out of touch for a long time. It’s time to put a stop to their power plays. Legalize hemp and stop GMO’s.

  56. OK, so if these crazy people claiming to call homeopathy “sugar pills” think they need to be illegal, it’s only because they are terrified and are liars because they know that homeopathy works. If I didn’t have homeopathy I would be DEAD. And that’s all they want. How do they expect to get that when all they are doing is outwardly blatantly saying to the public that they are murderers in the 1st degree, they should be tried for MURDER, not trying to create laws.

  57. Used for thousands of years successfully The royal family of England used Homeopathy for most of their health concerns.


  59. Today we are fortunate to live in a world where “everything” is measurable right down to the constituent parts of individual atoms. Magic, mysticism, and “mysterious forces” as explanations for cause and effect medical outcomes are unacceptable. Until randomized controlled trials conclusively show Homeopathic treatment results beyond placebo, skepticism and scrutiny will certainly continue at an increasing pace.

  60. Homeopathic medicine along with other valid means of natural cures are always coming under attack by strong “Drug companies” who have the financial clout to legislate even more greed and get everyone physically dependant on their addictive “meds”. I have family memnbers who are one step away from becoming living “zombies” with distorted attitudes and ways of a normal life. Only those who are mentally strong can help overcome the “dependancy trait” that is fast becoming an “in thing” not just in Califo9rnia ,but the rest of the country as well. As with elections, it’s up to us to decide the right approach and help those who may be undecided because of clouded judgements. If we don’t at least try then “shame on us”.

  61. The motivation behind these attacks is not just money. . . . Ultimately it must be the “cut, burn, and poison” establishment. While wealth is certainly a motive for them, social control is another. Remember what Orwell said: “The object of power is power.” An interesting sidenote on the efficacy of homeopathics (in which I firmly believe): tubes of the discontinued HeadOn are selling for $25 on Ebay. I can testify the stuff works.

  62. Homeopathy is the only thing that helped me through menopause; I use it to fend off the effects of arthritis rather than use prescription meds–no side effects. Most prescription meds give me bad side effects, even one that aren’t supposed to have side effects. My pets do well on homeopathics, too; they live a lot longer without drugs.

  63. I wouldn’t be surprised if, when one follows the money, it’s found that Big Pharma is involved in bringing these lawsuits. Ironically, they don’t have to prove efficacy or even safety of their products and they want to eliminate homeopathic and natural treatments, even supplements, from the market.

  64. Stop this nonsense. We have been using homeopathy products for years and have never had a
    problem yet. As with all remedies one MUST follow instructions and use their head. Overdose or
    misuse by remedies or drugs are harmful. This is a definite attack by Big Pharma to cut into the
    profits of Homeopathic Companies. We are watching and will do whatever it takes to support
    Homeopathic Medicine.

  65. This is my worst nightmare coming true in my own state. I am beyond appalled. Thank you for keeping us informed so that we can speak out while we still have a voice.

  66. The People’s Republic of California again demonstrates the falsety of over-reaching government, and of the scavengers and parasites that benefit from its misdirected “people friendly” governmental controls.
    Governments shoulod do their best to stay out of the way, rather than trying to find better and more coercive means of control.

  67. Because homeopathic medicines are protected at the federal level, the attempt to eliminate them at the state level is not appropriate.

  68. Homeopathic medication has a well establish reputation of aiding the body’s defense system to fight disease and to improve health. It’s also true that these medications if not efective in a particular case it will not harm the body conversely convetional medication have killed more people than all the wars in the history of human kind. It sounds to me like behind this big Attorney’s firms are the pharmaseutical companys trying to ruin the well establish reputation that homeopathic medication have.

  69. I hope that they are never eliminated. What people in power who want everything pharmaceutical don’t get is that there ARE people out that that can’t take their medicines due to complications but need SOMETHING. I am one of those people so I rely on homeopathic medicines.

  70. This is absolutely appalling. If you want to get a sense of the hostility out there being mounted against homeopathy, watch the sarcastic ted talk of James Randi “Homeopathy, Quackery, and Fraud” where he equates homeopathy with voodoo.
    It’s really quite stunning how many ardent proponents of science actually assume that because ‘the scientist’ or ‘current scientific methods’ don’t detect discernible proof, it doesn’t exist. That’s like saying that before people discovered the world was round, it was actually flat.
    I’ve had tremendous success for myself and my family with homeopathy…in some cases remarkable…with no negative side effects…despite James Randi’s schtick that homeopathy isn’t real. What a faulty assumption.
    There’s plenty in the Universe we don’t understand, and science is most likely in its primitive stage of development. To assume “if you can’t measure something, it’s ‘not there”… is arrogance. It is not the humility of the true scientific method, which I respect.
    In true science, when results show up which don’t match the hypothesis, they are not excluded from the data. Today, 1) information is omitted from studies when it impacts corporate revenue, 2) ghost writers control a troubling number of scientific articles, and 3) the scientific field is rife with ‘conflict of interest’ issues between researchers/government agencies and the funding or kickbacks they receive.
    Science today has become its own corrupted religion. And God help you if you question the methods or ideology of the high priests at its top.
    Winners who begin to lose, often attack to regain ground. Given the abysmal track record of drugs, it is no surprise that homeopathy is now under hostile fire by the high priests of standard health care.
    But homeopathy works, whether we completely understand it or not. And it works whether the religion of corrupted science recognizes it or not.

  71. Homeopathy is steeped in tradition. I personally have done it for over 30 yrs. It is like to like.Those that attack do so because they don’t understand. No state should be interfering with s person’s right as to what type medical therapy they choose. I choose alternative medicine, and always will. The FDA needs to back off, for they don’t understand either.

  72. Homeopathy has a longer and more effective history than any of the modern medications.

  73. All the frustration and outraged feelings I have at this moment I choose to re channel NOW to the benefit, protection and support of Borion, Hylands…..the remedies that truly work……and all the people they have healed. Are we experiencing the darkest of night before the dawn…..? This is my prayer.
    Thank You Borion, Hylands and all….for years and years of impeccable service to me, my family…..and countless others. Bless You.

  74. Again when something can’t legally be done in other states, the lawyers go to faithful CA>Where they usually have free rein.

  75. One study recommending homeopathic consultation (see Rheumatology. 2011;50(6):1070-1082) found no difference when substituting placebo for homeopathic remedy. Benefits came from the personal attention.
    An article (Arch Dis Child. 2012;97(2):135-138) recommended that the UK National Health Service retain homeopathy despite lack of evidence. “Efficacy is the ability to produce a therapeutic effect in clinical trials, while effectiveness is the ability to produce an effect in practice.” Patients felt better with no objective physical change.
    “How Healthy are Chronically Ill Patients after Eight Years of Homeopathic Treatment? — Results from a Long Term Observational Study by Claudia M. Witt, Rainer Lüdtke, Nils Mengler, and Stefan N. Willich published in BMC Public Health said “Patients who seek homeopathic treatment are likely to improve considerably. These effects persist for as long as 8 years.” The study measured QOL (quality of life) and not objective physical improvement. It included adults with headache (tension type and migraine), allergic diseases, or skin diseases and children from atopic eczema or multiple infections. With the possible exception of the last, those are relapsing and remitting conditions with an attitudinal component. It had no placebo arm because “The aim of this study, however, was not to test the effectiveness of homeopathic drug treatment.” Homeopathic patients also received allopathic treatment and patients from both arms used anthroposophic medicine, acupuncture, other TCM therapies, phytotherapy, osteopathy, other manual therapies, yoga, other exercise therapies, relaxation therapies and naturopathy. Any benefit came from attention not medicine.
    Homeopaths label naturopathic remedies as homeopathic without applying “like cures like” or the dilution model. In vitro, two homeopathic remedies, Carcinosin and Phytolacca, were similar to the activity of paclitaxel (Taxol). Sublingual feverfew and ginger (LipiGesic™M) was effective against migraine. Credit the naturopaths who discovered them and not the homeopaths who relabeled them.
    No true homeopathic remedy has passed a double-blind study with enough patients to preclude confirmation by statistical accident. Reporting a weak or poorly blinded study in a “monograph” (meaning only one author) corrects nothing nor do buzzwords with no agreed meaning like ““top-down nanostructures”.
    Kudos to California.

  76. Cease the attacks this is ridiculous! I do homeopathic drugs and have no problems. Much healthier then the doctors poisons!

  77. The fundamental belief of homeopathy is that the more you dilute a substance, the more you concentrate the energy of that substance, even if there is not one molecule of that substance left.
    Common sense tells me that dilution is dilution, not concentration.
    For example, my tap water comes from a reservior. Fish live in this reservoir. They piss in this reservoir, and their piss becomes incredibally diluted in the water in this reservoir. If homeopathy is correct, then when I am drinking water out of my tap, I am drinking an incredable concentration of fish piss energy.

  78. Biomed Comm in the mid and late 1990s did provings on non-HPUS hGH and IGF-1, in addition to ‘gold standard’ clinical trails, the results of which were peer-reviewed and published … (1) 4 homeopathic growth factors for HIV and homeopathic hGH in 2 different homochords for healthy aging. The founder Dr Barbara Brewitt and Biomed Comm were attacked by Mary Selecky, the Sec of “Health” for Washington State. As a retired assist atty general told me, it’s not about safety or efficacy (both undeniable) but about shutting the company down, which it did, in addition leading to the premature death of the founder. Remedies for chronic illnesses and conditions are at stake if sue-for-money lawsuits are pursued because sadly many of the arguments from both sides are scientifically without justification. We all need to puruse influencing the politicians before drug-focused pharmaceutical companies present enactment of laws. Thank you.

  79. It is apparent that anything that actually helps people but does not come from Big Pharma or the major chemical manufacturers is, has or will be under attack, targeted for exclusion – unless the big boys can figure out how to obtain all rights to it and own it. And truthfully, even then, if it works well enough to cut into any corner of their billion dollar profit margin they might simply shelf it no matter how healthy. There is little interest in actually enhancing our natural health.
    If the FDA actually did its job to safeguard the public there would not be so many sick people to begin with. But sickness equates to big business. Dependency on drugs and medical procedures is how Big Pharma and mainstream medicine make billions upon billions of dollars and the FDA caters to these industries, bows to their lobbyist$ and continues to tell the public toxins and carcinogens are safe while it tries to strangle alternative and natural medicine.
    FDA approval is responsible for nearly every toxic substance we ingest and use. Take BGH, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup and the ever increasing use of GMOs which are merely a drop in the bucket compared to the total number of unhealthy to outright toxic substances approved as additives in our food, body care and household products not to mention farm and garden supplies. Yet the FDA tells us that various small levels are safe PER PRODUCT while ignoring the cumulative effects from the many different additive filled products the average person consumes/uses daily.

    1. The FDA, in the name of big chemical corporations and big pharmaceutical corporations will completely ignore ‘science.’ Look at the current fight about the morning after pill. The FDA has just been legally ordered to release it on the market without any age restrictions. This has been deemed ‘safe’ by many in the FDA but the powers that be refused to approve its sale. Burzinski has a customized cancer treatment based on a similar idea as bioidentical hormones. Big pharma and FDA were interested in it but wanted to push him out of the moneymaking circuit. He has just won his latest legal battle in Texas. These medical treatments follow the standard biochemical model and are still under attack.
      Homeopathy was very popular in this country and the AMA feared it because of its tremendous success in curing people and safety. Rockefeller was a big proponent of homeopathy. He provided it to his factory workers early in the 20c. His money funded the AMA and he expected it to support homeopathy. But he had become a tired old man who left the business of his chemical industry and the AMA to younger, greedy men. They saw big money in chemistry and not in homeopathy. And thus the history of where we are today.
      While some denialists carry on about science and knowledge of which they have little,
      What people who support homeopathy need to keep upper most in their mind is that 1) homeopathy is not a biochemical prototocol and the denialist keep trying to judge it from that point of view. It is an energy medicine.
      2) Our bodies are energy packages. Everything works by producing and transmitting energy. It is more logical to use an energy based medicine than toxic drugs designed to suppress symptoms. 3) If you study history of science and history of the medical industry, it is not a story of health and healing, but one of nefarious wheelings and dealings in dark corners. It is a story of people seeking to control health as means of controlling life. Hmm, sound familiar? Think Monsanto and food!

  80. There’s a reason there are attempts to get rid of homeopathic treatments. THEY DON’T DO ANYTHING. It’s dangerous to proscribe that kind of treatment to children in cough medicines if they don’t actually do anything. Homeopathy is certainly not a real science and shouldn’t be treated as one. I applaud attempts to have it removed from the list of government-approved treatments. Of course HPUS, a group based on homeopathy, would say that homeopathy works. The idea that the FDA is going to broadly recommend avoiding homeopathy when by the article’s own admission it is illegal for them to do so is also ridiculous. If you sue because your cough medicine doesn’t work for you as well as you’d like it to, that’s one thing, but it’s entirely something else when that cough medicine that you paid for has the effectiveness of water. Clinical trials of homeopathic drugs showed no difference between the drugs and a placebo effect. Homeopathy is dangerous and should disappear as a recognized field of medicine.

  81. “They” are just trying to remove any and all alternatives to the standard care i our country. And these lawyers are just out to make their money at the same time squashing peoples choice!

  82. I feel like everything good or right is under assault, including my safety and privacy as a womin. I grew up using homeopathy, which my Mon & her Mom also used. And I used it for my children, too.
    It works, it’s safer than just about anything out there. As a mature person, I’m free and healthy, and grateful not to be a slave to the drug pushers in the medical establishment. This is not at all how I imagined life would be in this day, in this century.

  83. I have used several Boiron products and have found them helpful. It should be up to the consumer to decide what kind of treatment they want to use.

  84. This attack is unacceptable! As a mother of five I have successfully used Boiron and Hyland’s line of Homeopathics for over 24 years. They work effectively and without side affects. Let me reiterate, without side affects.

  85. I have been a beneficiary of the use of homeopathic compounds many times in my life. When in India I tied our conventional (allopathic) medicines and treatments, but when nothing worked I saw a local homeopothist. After two treatments and two days time, I was without symptoms.
    These are time-tested and proven compounds. Please make sure that they remain available to us all in California,
    ahnk you for your attention,
    Stanley Naftaly

  86. It’s clear to me, from what I just read, that government, both local and federal, does not understand homeopathy, or the science upon which it based. It’s foreign and unfamiliar and based on a very different paradigm when compared to Western allopathic approaches to illness and disease.
    What’s different is frequently suspect, but deserves attention and consideration. My own experience with homeopathic remedies convinces me that it’s a valid and reasonable, and maybe the only route to real healing, as opposed to the amelioration of symptoms so often the focus of allopathic medicine and the pharmaceutical companies.
    Please do not make it difficult or impossible to access the kind of healthcare we choose.
    Thank you. Patricia Conn

  87. You say homeopathic remedies are reviewed for safety and effectiveness. This is not actually true. They are reviewed for effectiveness only in the sense that homeopaths decide to include them in the HPUS, there is no actual evidence of effectiveness, every single clinical observation is fully consistent with the null hypothesis of placebo effects, cognitive errors and natural course of disease / symptoms.
    No study of homeopathy has ever refuted the null hypothesis, nor is it ever likely that any such study will refute it because (a) few if any homeopaths even understand the null hypothesis and the scientific concept of refutation and (b) the burden of proof is pretty strong, since homeopathy conflicts with the laws of thermodynamics, molecular physics, chemistry, biochemistry and so on, and there is no objective evidence to support any of its doctrines.

  88. What a circus! Wake up people! Money would be better spent helping the hungry instead of attacking safe products that many know to be of great help. It’s really hypocrisy that the government claims to protect. In this case they are actually trying to take away freedoms. Time would be better spent going after drugs that truly kill.

    1. “Time would be better spent going after drugs that truly kill.”
      Sorry pharmaceuticals that kill are protected by all the influence the 3 TRILLION/year Medical Industrial Complex can buy.
      Too bad Rockefeller did not take over the homeopathic branch of medicine in circa 1900. We would then be paying ten times more for our homeopathic treatment which would be the DOMINANT form of “Health Care” and is killing no one and pharmaceuticals which are killing EVERYONE would be little used and under attack.
      That shrew fox Rockefeller went for the money and the death. Did Rockefeller somehow know, in 1900, about the UN Agenda 21 Depopulation Mandate? Nah to believe that you must be a conspiracy nut.

  89. Homeopathic practices are entirely safe and effective. I have used them for years with no side effects, as compared to regular Western medicine, which always comes with side effects. No one has the right to take away something that works for me and my body, just as no one is forced to use one system over the other. Free choice is something that I as an American value.

  90. In Henry Gonzales v. Boiron, Inc. a man named Henry Gonzalez filed a class action lawsuit in California against Boiron, Inc., the worldwide homeopathic pharmacy. The suit alleges that Boiron’s flu remedy, Oscillococcinum, “is nothing more than a sugar pill.” Gonzalez claims he didn’t get the results promised in the advertisement. Of course, he could simply have returned the remedy for a refund. Instead, he wants us to believe, he decided to spend thousands of dollars to file a legal action for all the people in California who bought the remedy. It doesn’t take much imagination to see the hand of Pharma in all this, since the remedy Oscillococcinum competes in the market with Pharma’s lucrative antiviral drugs, Tamiflu and Relenza ( sales reached 1 billion/ year).
    Oscillococcinum has had three double-blind, randomized clinical trials, showing that it shortens the severity and duration of flu-like symptoms. When taken within 24 hours of symptom onset, 62.9% showed “clear improvement” or “complete resolution” within 48 hours (versus 48.5% for the placebo). Two of the studies received the highest rating by the Cochrane Review.
    In spite of all this evidence in their favor, Boiron set a precedent by settling instead of fighting it.
    This may explain the proliferation of other such law suits.

  91. If you have ever been told by the medical community that they cannot help you or your symptoms, then you know how apathetic and frightening that can be. Be forewarned! I have been there. If it were not for homeopathic therapy, I may not be alive today to tell you this. No one is exempt. Please do everything you can to inform people and negate this dangerous precedent-setting action. People need access to all options on the table to protect their health. The Constitution supposedly protects our rights to treat ourselves medically. But lately, in case you haven’t noticed, our Constitutional rights have been systematically dismantled (privacy rights, habeas corpus, etc. to name a few). Now, is not the time to be complacent regarding our health choices.

    1. I agree with the woman above. I had migraines for 35 years, rating an 8 or 9 out of 10. Had one headache that had rated a 25 relative to the 1 to 10 scale. By the time I began homeopathic treatment I was incapacitated 9 days a month minimum. Prior to that I tried a list of treatments as long as both your arms, and the drugs did not work (take one when the pain starts and one an hour until it goes away–I gave up once after 8 another time after 12 pills doing nothing. Once it stopped the headache after 8 pills, for 4 hours. But the pain was usually gone by 4 pm on the 3rd day. That time the pain stopped at 8 pm instead. It gave me a mediocre pause to the pain). On the right chronic remedy for me, gradually the migraines became milder and eventually stopped completely. The last one was about 4 years ago.

    2. You are 1000% right Beverly: America needs to wake up and fight for our rights, before they are all gone.
      I maintain my right to my own medical care, and it is infuriating, when natural medicine is attacked and pharmacuetical medicine gets a free pass.
      Natural, medicine is the way of the future, and it has been practiced for thousands of years.
      We can’t afford to let our guard down!

  92. Placebo, coincidence, power of suggestion, self-limiting conditions and anecdotal testimony provide the “proof” that Homeopathic compounds are effective until double-blind RCTs say otherwise.

  93. Ok, so give us something to DO about it, link to register a protest with some gobment official or something!

  94. The problem rises from the companies themselves and the claims they make…. Many of the old respected homeopaths, including Hahneman himself, warned about the tendency to treat homeopathic remedies in a way similar to conventional medicine… The way i see it people did not suit individual practitioners, or the homeopathic remedies in general. Just companies that misuse and pervert homeopathy to make a profit.
    Homeopathy is for the treatment of the individual and companies that produce products over the counter making specific healing claims are doing more damage to homeopathy than all the negativity coming from it’s opponents….

  95. IS Homeopathy that much of a threat to Pharm companies? yes because they actually work with no side effects.It is our right to have a say concerning our choice about medication. We should be allowed to use what we feel is right for us not what is profitable for you.

  96. I have used homeopathic remedies with astonishingly effective results for over 35 years. I have enjoyed these results without any side effects. However, when I have used pharmaceutical products, I almost always end up not using them because of an unpleasant side effect. Not everyone has as much success as I with homeopathy but I have never heard of anyone suffering any side effects from it.

  97. I have used homeopathic remedies for years. When I was first prescribed a remedy I was skeptical, but was incredibly impressed at how successfully the remedy worked. I have learned that homeopathy was the main medical treatment before the AMA came into being, which was a PR entity formed because people were suspicious of the “new medicine”. We have fallen hook, line and sinker for this PR. There are other healing methods and one should be able to use the one that works best for you. Whether homeopathic, ayurvedic, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, osteopathic, or whatever you have found helps you most, you should be able to use it without worrying about the finances of allopathic doctors. If you are drug sensitve, as many people are, alternatives should be readily available. These other methods certainly should not be considered Alternative Medicines. If this effort suceeds, other methods will be in the sigits of greedy lawyers too.

  98. Homeopathic medicines provide a very low cost and very safe natural alternative to synthetic drugs.

    1. Not really, no. Oscillococcinum, for example, costs as much as other proprietary cold and flu medications but contains no active ingredient and has never had to pass a clinical trial (nor could it: it’s based on a non-existent bacterium).

  99. Homeopathic medicines provide a very low cost and very safe natural alternative to synthetic drugs.

  100. Homeopathic medicines provide a very low cost and very safe natural alternative to synthetic drugs.

  101. Homeopathic medicines provide a very low cost and very safe natural alternative to synthetic drugs.

  102. Homeopathic medicines provide a very low cost and very safe natural alternative to synthetic drugs.

  103. I have an auto immune illness and cannot take most medications. If it were not for homeopathic preparations I don’t know what I would have done while experiencing severe pain from extensive dental work. Homeopathics were the only thing that helped me with the pain while not causing the problems that regular medications cause me.
    Please do not restrict the use and distribution of homeopathic remedies in any way.
    Malissa McCain

  104. Homeopathy has NOTHING to do with molecules. It is all about “Life Energy”. I agree with Athanasios that the manufacturers of these wonderful remedies are to blame for misrepresenting their products in a conventional medicall paradigm. There are numerous books and other information sources lauding the value of matching these plant-derived remedies with the human body micro-voltage disruptions due to lifestyle, nutrition and other incongrueties with the homeostasis of the body, human or animal. It is also about PHOTONS as part of the creation of these microvoltages. Photons carry the Universal messages of an optimum health environment.
    Dr, Hanneman is likely turning over in his grave about the abuse of his wonderful discovery of how the living body functions. These companies have dug their own grave and cause us users of remedies to carry the burden of higher costs for their useage.

    1. It’s true that homeopathy has nothing to do with molecules. It has nothing to do with anything that can be objectively shown to exist, other than the placebo effect.
      “Life energy” has never been observed by any scientific measurement, however sensitive, and there are no anatomical structures associated with it. It also appears to violate the law of conservation of energy and the laws of thermodynamics. Whatever it is, it is a remarkable thing that has such profound effects but cannot be detected by any scientific instrument or quantified in equations or found within even the deepest mysteries of atomic physics.

  105. “Homeopathy Under Attack in California”, I wonder why? Could it be that homeopathy is scientifically implausible or that any high quality double blinded, placebo controlled study has shown it to be no better than placebo? Nah, couldn’t be that.

    1. science is based on facts, not assumptions and images in one’s head. Always check out assumptions with facts.

    2. Science is based on facts, not assumptions and images in one’s head. Always check out your assumptions with facts, especially if you claim to be science-based.

  106. Some years ago, I tried CLARITIN at my doctor’s recommendation. It did NOT work on my allergies. I guess I should have sued the manufacturer! Since then, I have learned to use several homeopathic and natural allergy medications and they work fine. I have used many of the HYLAND products for various reasons, all to my satisfaction. My point is, different remedies work on different people as we are all different. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else. I, personally, will always opt for the natural remedy as first choice!

  107. There are only three problems with homeopathy: there’s no reason to think it should work, no way it can work, and no proof it does work, beyond placebo.
    Homeopaths need to drop the pretence that it’s a system of medicine and be honest about the reality: it’s a religion. It’s authority is drawn from holy writ, the books of Hahnemann and his prophets (people like Kent and Vithoulkas). Life energy has no objectively provable physical existence, but fits nicely with religious mysticism.
    Drop the pretence, admit it’s faith healing, and get the protection that religions routinely claim. You know it makes sense.

    1. Mr. Chapman you seem to be ‘mistraknowitall’ and thank you for being the perfect eample of the ultimate Ignorance that tries to rule the world through the big pharma .
      Truth will protect itself if not in courts then in the real world.
      Keep Calm and Use Homeopathy , Guy.

  108. Homeopathic medicines are highly diluted, and so are immunizations. Sometimes it takes trace or minute amount of inactivated virus, inactivated viral element or of other micro-element to do the job. Homeopathic products and immunizations thus look very similar in this aspect. What one has to pay attention is safety. The statistics from 27 European Union countries that were compiled recently indicated one death from natural product, 21 or so from being hit by lightning, and over 200,000 from prescription drugs. I hope that our agencies that protect us from bad drugs and bad things know this.

  109. If there was credible evidence, there would be no threat.
    There is no credible evidence.
    The solution is not to fight the threat, but to work on getting some credible evidence.
    Sadly (for you)this is unlikely as it would violate multiple laws of physics.
    In short, you are busted. Bad luck.

  110. Dear readers, what worries me the most is that we as poeple who know that homeopathy works wan’t be able to use it for our grandchildren only because we dont’t have the power and the money that the big industries have to influence politics. Why can’t Ihave the possibility to do with my health what I want??? Why want other poeple take my choice from me???? Here in Holland a new law is coming and in that law is prescribed what seeds we have to use in our garden. Montsana and the bose from Windows are taken over the world and our freedom. We have to join all over the world to stop this.

  111. The Medical “industry” is a scam and treats and cures nothing. In fact most of it makes people sick. These meidical quacks and con artists including the criminal pharm industry want to protect their right to profit from making people sick. It’s illegal for these quacks to say they cure anything, that should give you a clue.

  112. I keep reading about clinical tests and double blind study, but here is one overlooked fact: Studies are often funded by special interests, and tweaked to the desired outcome. Why is this considered the credible way to go? In fact, hundreds or thousands of years of anecdotal evidence speak much louder than studies or words. Even decades are very reliable measures by which one can see whether or not a therapy is working.
    All this talk about placebo and double blind studies are based on imaginery ideas that these are valid proof. When patients that are tested on BigPharma’s drugs and have side effects, are thereafter lumped into the pre-existing conditions category and therefore the side effects are dismissed, is that a reliable study with a trustworthy outcome?
    As the offspring of a pharmaceutical salesman—that’s right, people with no medical degree peddle drugs to doctors, and the docs get their information from those with gains to be made—I will tell you that my parent quit the field based on ethical concerns, that the studies were often so faked that to get behind such legalized drug-peddling, would not be to society’s best interest. Whence then, the trust in such “studies” as are being demanded all across this forum? Why the doubt in “mere anecdotes” ? In fact, these may be the most reliable indicator of all. Something to think about.

    1. I have even heard and read that they don’t bother to give all the facts on some drugs that would be very beneficial for the Dr.’s to know. I’ve always had a problem with pharmaceutical reps, they are just well dressed glorified drug pushers. Too much money changing hands and too many scripts being written for perks instead of the best interest of the patient. It’s like the flavor of the month club. I’m glad to hear that your Dad had the integrity to pull himself out.

  113. Hundreds of studies have been done including double blind to prove homeopathic medicines work. Two have even been published in Pediatrics, one about diahrea and another about ear aches. With the ear ache study, the day after the homeopathic medicines had been given, the objective observations were the same but the subjective symptoms were different. The patients said they felt fine, no more pain.
    I, a layman can divise studies to prove homeopatic medicines work. I would use Arnica to prove it can prevent bruising and Rhus tox as an immunization against poison ivy. Each would only take about three days. I hope the judge will allow such things in the court room. I would also challenge the attorneys bringing this suit to do a proving of Glynonin. This would only take 8 hours. I also challenge Guy Chapman to do this. If he can take ten doses spread out over 8 hours, I will give him $1000.

    1. It is easy to contact me, if you wish to offer challenges you should do that. I am happy to try a “proving” as long as the substance under proof is independently assayed and proven to be not lower than 12C potency. In practice this means sending the product to a UK laboratory and having a sample tested and shown to be chemically indistinguishable from pure lactose (as per assays of commercially available homeopathic remedies in Canada when tested by CBC Marketplace), then forwarded directly to me not via any intermediary. I don’t think that should be an issue for you other than the cost of the assay.
      It is going to cost you some money to establish confidence that the product is homeopathic, since unlike most users of “natural woo” I tend to be a bit careful what I put in my mouth and have this odd thing about wanting to ensure that any drugs (or even non-drugs) I consume are provably safe or at least have a known and quantifiable risk which I find acceptable.

  114. All people should be entitled to choose their own medical care, do their own research and
    take responsibility for their own bodies. I just don’t get the big threat posed to the pharmaceutical companies. All people should be responsible for deciding on their own course of healing and have at their disposal everything that is currently available.

  115. It is obvious to me that there are people out to get an easy buck by these fake law suits. I am a lay practitioner of homeopathy and have been for many years. If you do not follow the exact treatment it will not work. Many things counteract the remedies and people do not listen to the instructions. I have personally observed many successful results on my self from using this science. Big business is doing their thing again and again and we know who they are. AMA, FDA, pharmaceuticals, drug companies, lawyers, and people who live off of law suits ete.,etc.,etc.

  116. I would like to mention Semyon Kirlian who tested his own hand in his machine and was unable to get his usual pattern of emanations no matter how hard he tried. He shortly after became ill and soon realized that he had seen the change in his electrodynamic field prior to the onset of the illness.His work has shown that as a leaf dies its self emissions decrease until there is none. The self emission of living things seems to be a measure of the life force occurring within their system. Here is your proof of life force.

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