Groundbreaking Federal Study Proves Chelation Therapy Helps Cardiac Patients

chelationChelation has long been favored by many integrative doctors. Now conventional cardiologists with vested interests in surgery and drugs are trying (and failing) to trash the study. What a surprise.

TACT, the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy, is a seven-year study funded by the NIH and carried out by university cardiologists and experienced chelation physicians from around the United States. This randomized, double-blind study compared patients who were treated with medication and intravenous chelation therapy to those receiving medication but no chelation.
The results of the study, announced Saturday at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association, shows important improvement in patients who had previous heart attacks and were already under cardiology treatment—especially patients with diabetes. The group treated with chelation had fewer subsequent surgeries than those who received a placebo. The findings were unexpected by the conventional medical establishment which long fought the funding and implementation of the study and which tried to undermine it over the years. Not surprisingly, the study authors noted that additional research will needed to explain the precise mechanisms at work.
How does chelation therapy work? As we reported in February, one method involves injecting into the patient’s bloodstream organic chemicals, which can bind and remove the heavy metals in the bloodstream (metals which are toxic to humans and interfere with various physiological functions). There are also oral or suppository supplements for chelation, and some foods are natural chelators (e.g., cilantro and chlorella). In the TACT trial, patients were given an organic molecule, EDTA (disodium ethylene diaminetetraacetic acid), which binds to (or “chelates”) the toxic minerals. Chelation therapy for heart and vascular disease has long been shown to be safe and statistically effective, and now the TACT trial has validated its promise.
Immediately after the results were presented, five cardiologists were shown the study data on PowerPoint slides, and all agreed that a second clinical trial would be needed before making chelation for heart patients standard practice. Forbes called the study “highly controversial” and said that “most physicians and scientists have dismissed chelation therapy as lacking any evidence or rationale.” The Associated Press, in one of the most slanted, sneering, CAM-bashing pieces of “reporting” we’ve ever seen, called it “fringe medicine” despite the positive results of this government run-study.
The study found that chelation reduced deaths from heart attacks by 18% (by over 39% for diabetics). Despite this, the New York Times stated that the study’s benefits “barely reached statistical significance” and claimed, without evidence, that “there were questions about the reliability of the study.”
So mainstream medicine did all it could to sink this study but couldn’t do it. The study’s results speak for themselves.



  1. Well, I don’t look for medicare to pay for chelation therapy anytime soon. As a diabetic, it would be great if it were available for me, though.

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  2. Oh yea! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. My wife and I have had chelation treatments for over 15 years. Of course this not the only thing we do for cardiovascular health. A cardiologist originally from Moscow was the first doctor to give us chelation. He stated that he had never seen a chelation patient get cancer. There is a relation to heavy metals and cancer.
    There were MD’s getting chelation at the time but they kept a very low profile and usually sat in a private room. One of them was an endocrinologist. He had diabetes and was having trouble with his feet before several rounds of EDTA. After a few months his feet were fine. After some pressure from some of us other patients he admitted that he could not tell his patients about chelation!
    What is wrong with the press? Who’s paying them off? It is disgusting how the giant drug companies can control the world. EDTA is cheap, no billion dollar drug there.

  3. I did 180 IV chelations with great success. Then I was part of a trial group where I used a 1000 mg. edta suppository coupled with tetracycline. By the end of the first 30 days, I could do work I had been unable to do for many years. The improvement was unbeliveable. I do a maintenance routine of 3 days per month and have managed to go for 15 years with no further complications. The head of cardiology, when telling him my success, explained that a physician does not want to trade a few chelation treatments for a bypass or solution because of the comparative expense of a few hundred dollars vs. $100,000. Go figure!

  4. When will the medical community get on board with how beneficial this treatment is for the elimination of Heavy Metals from the body?
    When will we learn that we can’t continue to pollute our environment, our food and water that then intoxicate our bodies with HEAVY METALS?
    Stop hiding the truth about this therapy for HEAVY METALS!

  5. Sometimes your articles do more harm than good. IV chelation with DMSA is a very dangerous thing to do. The mercury forums are lfull of people who have harmed themselves with cilantro, and chlorella is not a chelator at all. I suggest to anyone who happens to read this to google and find the work of Dr. Andrew Cutler who is a chemist.

  6. Good validation for what we have known for years mainstream medicine should take the blinders off so they can help their patients with non toxic invasive treatments.

  7. I’m not a doctor or even a health practitioner, but it doesn’t surprise me that Forbes, the New York Times and the Associated Press all came down on this study. Are they all not tools of the medical establishments – pushing their own kind of “medicine”?

  8. Standard medical literature cites thousands of studies implicating the role of lead storage in the body with increased blood pressure. Why is it surprising to find that chelation therapy helps people with heart disease? Could it be that the people who find it surprising are not aware of the role of heavy metals and development of high blood pressure and circulatory problems? Are they not aware that at autopsy cadmium and antimony are found at high levels in the muscle wall of the heart of people with heart disease? Do they not understand the studies done in large cities with high levels of air pollution leading to high levels of heart problems for citizens of those cities? Are they unaware of the role EDTA plays in riding the body of toxic metals including ionic calcium?
    Education is the key to leading a healthy, active life.

  9. We had sold EDTA for years with some of the most astounding testimonials I have seen in the 24 years I have worked in the nutritional industry. Yet this year we HAD to stop selling EDTA. Google shut down our ENTIRE advertising campaign because of EDTA, Hum. Turned it back on but our company now relies on Google and what we started with them over 10 years ago. We were given no notice or cease and desist, just off! So with that going on we stopped entirely. Now we have 40-50 request a week from people who trust in and rely on EDTA, some begging us to sell them EDTA. We have people working here who swear by the results. People telling us they averted legs being taken off, their own doctors astounded at what has happened too their patients. No deaths only life and better quality of life. What an astounding disservice to people. Even if FDA and the “Medical” community do not believe that it will relieve do they have better proven results for the treatment they recommend? Not from where I am standing and the people I have been involved with. So, who is behind all this? His name, Greed and Power.

  10. I have been taking Chelation since 2003. At that time I could do nothing except sit, because of severe chest pain from all the blockages in my heart. My heart doctor told me that I had “bad blood vessels” and that “there was nothing more he could do for me “. He told me to “go home and see how long I can take the pain”. That is when I started taking Chelation. After 125 intravenous treatment I have no chest pain and am back to normal living. Don’t tell me about the power of Chelation! My latest angiogram can back why I feel so great.

  11. This is wonderful news for all doctors who practice chelation therapy. For one thing, the study shows that chelation is safe if properly administered. Also, our members and friends who practice chelation can now show that there is reason for using the treatment. These two things may seem like small victories, but to some it can mean the difference between losing and keeping their license. Cardiologists should welcome “unexpected news.” Sometimes it is good to be wrong if it advances scientific understanding.

    1. Now, I can call the Cardiologists “Quacks” for not doing preventive therapy all these years while calling me a “Quack”!!!!!! Vindication for > 50 years of patient experiences that did not mean anything as there was no study. Now, maybe Medicare and insurance companies will cover this life saving treatment! Don’t hold your breathe on that though, as it would make sense that this cost effective treatment would save lives and hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars. Call your congressman and senators to petition them to have this treatment added to Medicare benefits. A series of 20 to 40 IV treatments (average # of treatments is 30) over 3-12 months costs $3000 – $5000, whereas cardiac cauterization, ballon angioplasty with stent placement costs $25,000 – $50,000 or Cardiac Bypass $100,000 – $150,000. So why would Cardiologists or Cardiovascular Surgeons or Hospitals want to give up there “Cash-Cow”? Figure the math – we can treat 5 to 50 people more effectively for less money and risk of dying during the other procedures.

  12. I’m curious…. I just read up on these articles. What I’m not understanding is that, this chelation therapy take a long time. It’s just not a few months. How long ones it take to be effective. What is a person who has heart stent. Is it safe. My husband has a stent and has been taking meds and to me its, like he is in more pain overall. Pls explain on how this works and how it’s beneficial. Is there a certain doctor who will approve this therapy.
    Please reply..

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