Toxic Chemical Being Sold as a Health-Conscious Sweetener

splendaessentialsSplenda Essentials pretend to be health-supporting, when in fact they seem to have more in common with pesticides than with sugar.

Sucralose, sold under the brand name Splenda, is simply chlorinated sugar; in chemical terms, it is a chlorocarbon. The idea behind this is that the body would no longer recognize it as sugar. But, as Johns Hopkins-trained physician and biochemist James Bowen, MD, points out, chlorine is “nature’s Doberman attack dog—a highly excitable, ferocious atomic element employed as a biocide in bleach, disinfectants, insecticide, WWI poison gas and hydrochloric acid.” Common chlorocarbons include chlordane and DDT, a product so harmful that it is now banned for agricultural use the world over.
Now Splenda is selling a product called Splenda Essentials. Different formulations contain B vitamins, antioxidants (vitamins C and E), or fiber. The marketing and advertising appear to be targeting health-conscious people who are interested in vitamins and nutrition—despite the fact that Splenda is highly toxic and has no place in a healthy diet.
Splenda’s advertising says the addition of B1, B5, and B6 “help support a healthy metabolism.” The antioxidant product “contains vitamin C and E, like those found in fruits and vegetables,” while the fiber product is touted as containing “one gram of healthy fiber.” It is worth noting that the regular Splenda product already contains fiber—the powdery dextrose and/or maltodextrin that forms the carrier for the sweetener—but only between 0.5 and 1.0 grams of it. For the fiber product, they bumped it up an even 1.0 grams. Whoopee.
For the vitamins, Splenda has added 20% of the recommended daily allowance; for the fiber, they’ve added 0.03% of the RDA. But let’s compare those amounts with the recommendations from the late scientist, researcher, and physician Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin of the International Academy of Science:








1.2 mg

5 mg

15 mg

85 mg

15 mg (22.35 IU)

32 mg

Amount per packet

0.24 mg

1 mg

3 mg

17 mg

4.5 IU

1 mg


25 mg

100–200 mg

25 mg

1,000 mg

450 IU

With the minute amounts of nutrients per packet, one would need to be consuming unconscionable numbers of packets to make any impact at all on one’s health—that is, provided one weren’t also consuming the sucralose itself! As we noted last year, Splenda alters the microflora in the intestine and “exerts numerous adverse effects,” according to a Duke University study, including an increase in body weight (not quite what a “diet aid” is supposed to do!) and an elevation of liver enzymes, which hurts the bioavailability of nutrients.
In “The Lethal Science of Splenda, a Poisonous Chlorocarbon,” Dr. Bowen says that “any chlorocarbons not directly excreted from the body intact can cause immense damage to the processes of human metabolism and, eventually, our internal organs. The liver is a detoxification organ which deals with ingested poisons. Chlorocarbons damage the hepatocytes, the liver’s metabolic cells, and destroy them.”
Dr. Bowen notes that the high solvency of chlorocarbons like Splenda attacks the human nervous system and can produce cancer, birth defects, and immune system destruction. In test animals, Splenda produced swollen livers (as do all chlorocarbon poisons), calcified their kidneys, shrunk their thymus glands (the biological seat of immunity) and produced liver inflammation.
Our colleagues at ANH-Europe  point out other adverse effects in animals as a result of sucralose ingestion: DNA damage in gastrointestinal organs, increase in the number of normal cells in the surface tissue of the kidney, hemorrhagic degeneration of the adrenal cortex (which regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism, salt, and water balance), incidence of cataracts, marked gastrointestinal disturbance, and deaths in pregnant rabbits and aborted rabbit fetuses. Splenda’s adverse effects in humans include headaches and migraines and a long list of consumer-reported side effects including skin rashes/flushing, panic-like agitation, dizziness and numbness, diarrhea, swelling, muscle aches, intestinal cramping, bladder issues, and stomach pain.
Splenda has replaced aspartame as the number one artificial sweetener in foods and beverages; aspartame’s popularity declined after the public learned that that it is both a neurotoxin and an underlying cause of chronic illness. As Dr. Bowen warns, “We should not be fooled again into accepting the safety of a toxic chemical on the blessing of the FDA and saturation advertising. In terms of potential long-term human toxicity we should regard sucralose with its chemical cousin DDT, the insecticide now outlawed because of its horrendous long term toxicities at even minute trace levels in human, avian, and mammalian tissues.”
Splenda’s online marketing includes a series of YouTube videos called Splenda Essential Choices for Healthy Living, which features an ADA-certified Registered Dietitian giving people health advice—though we might call it “natural health lite”—including prominent endorsements of Splenda Essentials.
ANH-USA is filing a citizen petition with the Federal Trade Commission regarding Splenda’s deceptive advertising. Their marketing clearly targets health-conscious people interested in nutrition, while trying to pass off a toxic chemical as healthy.


  1. Joe Mercola wrote in his Sweet Deception that both Aspartame and Splenda were cancer causing! Nuff said! If people would just stop buying it, there would be no issue.

    1. Don’t buy the lousy stuff that is presently called food & educate yourself. This country is presently owned and run by Corporations (politicians are bought and groomed to do the Corporations bidding). We, the people need to put sanity back into the running of this country. So don’t give up hope – get mad, educate yourself and then take action. Every little bit in the RIGHT direction helps.

  2. What is your solution? Stevia is just unpalatable and some of us can’t take sugar or honey. I appreciate you pointing out the problem buy how about a solution? I use Splenda in coffee, when baking and sometimes on fresh fruit. I wish there was a non chemical alternative for my family but so far, I have not found one.

  3. I advise all of my patients and friends to not buy Splenda because it can dramatically interfere with their health. I have no idea why the FDA has allowed this artificial sweetener to be sold.
    Dr. Edlich

  4. How can these products reach our market? Where is the safety that is supposed to be provided to us by the food and drug administration? Have they been bought off by big corporations like most everything else. We Need To Take Back The Safety Of Our Country!!!!

  5. Shame on our industries and government to allow such appauling tactics against the people that have no say until it’s too late. Splenda is total garbage and all agencies were aware of this ,but as we know money is the name of the game and that is what our government works for, not the people whom vote for them. So corrupt it’s sickening.

  6. Dr Bowen provided this information to me for my website (Splenda) it was published there many, many years ago. He wrote some other things I have published there regarding tagatose. Without a doubt he is one of the best experts we have had on aspartame et al. I am pleased to be a colleague and friend.

  7. That this product is on shelves called food products is just very wrong. Are there no preventatives in place to avoid this from happening ? Can we trust nothing in our markets ?

    1. 75 % of our grocery stores are filled with crap labeled as “food”….. is it really? or just a a mix of preservatives, addes colors and flavors etc….

  8. Just cut back on natural sugar and get more exercise. Stop looking for shortcuts and easy buttons. Too much sugar is a poison, but sustituting a worse poison isn’t the answer.

  9. Splenda, Aspartame/Nutrasweet, Sweet & Low, ANY (artificial) sweetner is poison, PERIOD! If you can’t consume raw, natural sugar due to yeast or diabetic issues (like myself), then use Xylitol which is from Birch trees or Stevia from the plant source. In my opinion, all the artificial sweetners should be outlawed!!!

  10. We must be informed consumers in an attempt to experience optimal health. Profit and greed dominate our food supply decisions.

  11. Just a thought… I can understand there is some serious concern here. But one of the most abundant and necessary compounds in our bodies – salt – contains both chlorine, and another volatile, toxic element, sodium. When elements are compounded, they will behave differently in biological systems. Is this fact being considered in these studies?

  12. So then what would be the best sugar alternative for those who’d like to slightly sweeten their tea? I’m really disappointed in this news about splenda. I have been using it since 2003 when it was all the rave for south beach diet.

    1. May I suggest that we all tweet and post wherever other people can read this article and suggest that we who are concerned demand from our representatives that they bring some kind of legal action against the FDA who seems to be oblivious to all these health concerns that affect us in real life.

  13. It’s so hard to even comment, just so disgusted. Big business will not be happy until they have killed every last human being, until they have sucked up every last blue green electric greedy dollar, and until they have destroyed every last grain of soil on the Earth. I guess whoever is left after all of that, will attempt to start over and not make the same mistakes, but it seems humans continue to self destruct. I feel so small in such a grand fight for a decent life.

  14. We take in more chlorine in our daily shakes of table salt than in a packet of Splenda. It is the second most abundant halogen and 21st most abundant chemical element in Earth’s crust. We are exposed to it in our cleaning solutions, water, swimming pools, meat and vegetables. Breathe in that sweet ocean air and you are inhaling chlorine along with everything else. Chlorine is an important chemical for water purification (such as water treatment plants), in disinfectants, and in bleach. Chlorine in water is more than three times as effective as a disinfectant against Escherichia coli than an equivalent concentration of bromine, and is more than six times more effective than an equivalent concentration of iodine. It is also used in making about 85% of all medicines. . But is it neccesary for human health? Absolutely. Sodium chloride literally keeps our bodies from drying up, moves our muscles, makes our meals matter, and attacks germs to keep us healthy.
    Our body’s cells exist in a sea of fluid. This extracellular body fluid is mostly water, along with the charged atoms (ions) of sodium and chloride. Chloride plays an essential role in a delicate balancing act: providing for the electrical neutrality and the correct pressure of body fluids, and keeping the acid-base balance of the body.

  15. Little by little I am finding the causes of my self-diagnosis of Leaky Gut Syndrome. This is a devious illness that is responsible for eroding the lining of the small intestine, allowing bacteria and undigested particles to enter the blood stream. This causes an autoimmune response in the body manifested by muscle soreness, headaches, Arthritis, high blood pressure; Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Candida and a whole host of other maladies. Splenda and many other chemicals in our are partially responsible for causing LGS along with certain foods. Many doctors are not familiar with LGS so getting information on the internet will help greatly for an individual to educate themselves and become interactive with their healthcare.
    Through eating the proper diet I was able to overcome LGS and now feel at least 90% better. Good luck and good health, Ben

  16. Sounds terrifying! Stevia is a natural and safe sweetener that is in more foods all the time. Adding vitamins , fiber, etc to Splenda seems like skullduggery to suck in the unwary public.

  17. What is Truth? Msg, splenda, aspartame all bad for the body.
    Herbal Doctors selling combinations of herbs and vitaqmins that perform miracles.
    Money and profit seems to drive it all.
    It will take a supernatural being to wade through all the hype to the truth.

  18. When are common sense, self-preservation, and truthfulness going to guide us instead of the almighty drive for the dollar? We must protect our food from toxic additives and false claims.

  19. I have been telling everyone I see that uses splinda that it is almost agent orange. regular sugar has a glysimic index of 60 splinda has a glysimic index of 70, if it is not adding calories why dose it increase insulin with the higher glysimic index?

  20. There is no healthy substitute for real food — that should be a no-brainer. If that’s too hard for some people to comprehend, they should be sat down and told the truth — including the fact that Splenda is a petroleum product.

  21. Splenda has raised red flags for me for a long time. It is too toxic to be considered and the general public is suckered into using it. NOT!

    1. We use Stevia and or Xylitol in our household as they are natural sweetners and as far as I know not toxic.

  22. Well, this is news. I’m beginning to wonder why we have an FDA since this is not the only product being shown not to be what it claims, but is still allowed on the market. I’m beginning to lose hope for this country, since all Big Business cares about is the robber barons bottom line.

  23. When are we going to quit being duped by the chemical industry? I can’t help but wonder exactly why they would want to keep poisoning people…and misleading them and making them gain weight.
    Please, please, please let’s start thinking of our health and that of our children and grandchildren and get these toxins out of our foods.

  24. It really gets tiring hearing all the things our goverment lets us eat anything they dont care about us only making money thats what the united States is all about. we cant trust anyone. I have used splenda and i never will again.

  25. Putting this poison in food is insane — please use your authority as it is intended — TO PROTECT CONSUMERS, NOT PANDER TO CORPORATE GREED.

  26. Splenda (Sucralose) is indeed a chlorocarbon. The liver expends tremendous amounts of energy in attempting to eliminate the chlorine, making one sick in the process. Splenda, Aspartame, Neotame, and ANY other artificial sweetener is inherently toxic to humans. As a matter of fact, our entire food supply is threaten by chemicals and manufactured flavors, not intended by nature to be consumed by humans. This is to turn the population into cash cows. Those that make these chemical flavors and food enhancers and dyes, also make chemicals for the pharmaceutical companies…due the math !!

  27. It is an insult to the american people’s intelligence to try to sneak splenda under a blanket of health. However some just dont know of the dangers ahead. Hope they stumble on your website soon!

    1. i agree wholeheartedl, a family member is diabetic, out of respect for her, I have Splenda in packets, I used it periodically….but I can tell you where those packets are going right now!! In the trash! So many people are conscious about antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and fiber that the body needs to work like a well oiled machine……they are the ones who will flock to buy this new product, it has “everything they need to be healthy”…what a sham ! Yet, our government supports using this kind of product, and will stop at nothing to regulate vitamin supplements…..where is the common sense here??

  28. I knew vaguely that Splenda was dangerous, but I didn’t know HOW dangerous it is. I’m going to forward this article to all my friends, some of whom I know are using it, and I hope many others will do the same.
    It seems that the FDA must be having under the table auctions for their approval stamps on drugs and food products.
    I suspect that the FDA ought to be investigated for many failures to protect the public. Are there any rumblings in Congress about such actions to clean up this obviously dirty agency of the government?

  29. i think that you need to do some research yourself . DDD was never ahasardest product at all . check it out yourself . if your going to tell the trueth . than print the trueth , otherwise dont say something thats not the facts . forrest otherwise your right on target in what you have said . except for the comment about the product DDD .

  30. Thank you so much for publicizing this! I’ll be sharing it with all my family and friends.

  31. I have switched from all artificial sweeteeners to ” STEVIA ” a natural sweetener with no or few calories . Some have complained of a bitter aftertaste but I use it sparingly and have no problem with any aftertaste . It is a little expensive but how much is your health worth ?

  32. Tobacco once thought to be harmless even endorsed by medicine is now a known carcinogen.
    Science is showing us that many of our current so called harmless food additives are toxic.
    Don’t wait for more people to die because of looking the other way on matters like this.
    Ban Splenda, Limit sugar content. Reduce obesity, Tooth decay and watch health care costs slowly fall.
    Thank You
    Richard M Nemish

  33. It’s very disheartening that harmful chemicals disguised as healthy by artificially injecting vitamins are still allowed to be on the market. The FDA needs to be better informed and pro-active in protecting people from these toxins, not promoting them.

    1. If you think the FDA has our health as their TOP priority, you are sorely mistaken. You don’t have to research very far to find that money drives their inforcements! or lack of…… Wake up Americsa! If you care about you and your family’s health and the quality of food you are ingesting, you better start reading and standing up for it! Gov’t and their disgraceful regulatory agencies won’t!

  34. i was able to get my fasting blood glucose level down to the mid 80’s using splenda. as good as that was it wasn’t worth the adverse intestinal problems caused by splenda. you are right that splenda is probably closer to ddt than sugar. i have an old saying that “money trumps everything, absolutely everything.”

    1. agave nectar, stevia and xylitol do NOT affect blood glucose levels and are wonderful natural
      sweetners available at good quality health food stores. do the online research of each of the above.

  35. So what is your recommendation for use as sweetener? Regular sugar? Splenda is now preferred because aspertame has been widely criticized. If sugar isn’t the best sweetener, what is?

    1. birch sugar is totally safe, stevia is also natural and safe although I would not buy it in the truvia form becasue big business got their hands on it.

    2. Organic Agave Nectar, Xylitol, and/or Stevia. These are low glycemic naturally occurring sweeteners, NOT synthetic NOR harmful to our bodies.

    3. go to the health food store and check out the following: stevia, agave nectar, the best is
      xylitol. xylitol is the only sweetner that i am aware of that does NOT feed cancer. do the research on each of the above – the info is on the net.

    4. Use Stevia available at Walmart
      or Xylitol only problem I’m aware of with this , is that it is poisonous to dogs.

    5. You can use Stevia, Xylitol, Agave, brown rice syrup, beet sugar, or Sugar in the Raw (if you must use sugar). These are healthy alternatives to Splenda and other artificial sweeteners.

    6. Try Stevia which is a natural sweetener OR Organic Blue Agave which is also from nature. They are both much healthier for you & you don’t need to use a lot.

    7. stevia. all natural, helps strengthen bones. very sweet, unpleasant after taste most can get past that

    8. check out for some sugar alternatives that are natural and not chemically altered…also, search for just like sugar on the internet…it is in various stores…I personally use honey with enzymes still in tact, but never heated, like is would be in coffee, just a touch in salad dressing every once in a while. Never use these ridiculous sweeteners…the govt knows how dangerous they are. Follow the money trail to see why they allow this type of deceit.

    9. What is funny about all this “artificial sweetner” crap, is that if you use only 1 teaspoon of sugar in your coffee… that is only 16 calories!!! It’s the sodas, etc that are overloaded with sugar… which is still bad but at least it’s not a chemical.

    10. How about raw honey or nothing. I recently made the switch to “no sweetener” and now I find myself only having one or two cups of coffee each morning, which is far better than drinking it all morning or day. Just man up and deal with it. Find myself drinking much more water since eliminating all calorie drinks…

    11. Try using coconut sugar. You can find it at any whole foods or other health food store. It is expensive, about $9.00 for 12 oz or so.However, it tastes wonderful and is a low-glycemic alternative to sugar. I went on the HCG diet about a year and a half ago, which you aren’t supposed to have any sugar for. I tried Stevia (tastes like chemicals), tried Splenda (tastes overly sweet), and finally settled on coconut sugar. It doesn’t trick your body into thinking its not sugar like Splenda does. But, if you aren’t using huge quantities of it, it is one of the healthiest sweeteners available.

    12. I use a combination of xylitol (I like XyloSweet) and Whey Low and it’s delicious with a very low glycemic index. Both are available online. I mix the two as too much xylitol can cause diarrhea but mixing it 1/2 and 1/2 with the Whey Low works well. Both are safe, non-toxic products.

    13. Xylitol. It is a natural sweetner derived from all things – American hardwood – birch trees I believe. I use it to cook with and tastes just like sugar. Also Palm sugar is a good substitute for brown sugar, of course Agave nectar is delicious, though I haven’t tried it in many applications. Stevia is very sweet and a good sugar replacement since it is completely natural – though it has an aftertaste. Xylitol can be purchased by the pound. I “googled” Xylitol and found a company that produces it and sells by the pound I deal with a diabetic and I am on the search for a sweetenthat will not add insult to injury with blood sugar spikes. Xylitol has a lower than sugar glycemic index – i think the number is 7. I hope this gives you some alternatives. I personally am stopping the Splenda today! I fact what I have unused is going in the trash!

  36. I was furiated to learn about the side effects of Splenda. I used to use aspertame until I found out that it was bad for you. Now I learn that Splenda is bad also. I drink coffee most of the day and, of course, now I find out that it is nothing but poison. Shame on the makers of Splenda. I guess that I will have to learn to drink my coffee black for now on.
    Thank you for this article. It has greatly enlightened me.

    1. I love coconut sugar. Oddly enough, not coconut itself! But I have tried many of the zero calorie alternatives to artificial sugar and never liked any of them. Honey, agave nectar are my second choices, but cocunut sugar is my go to now. Its 5 calories per serving (tsp) and it takes less to sweeten my coffee, pancakes, or whatever else I make than raw or refined cane sugar.

    2. check out the following 100% natural sweetners: stevia, agave nectar, the best is xylitol from birch tree bark. also organic maple syrup is good. xylitol is the only one that does NOT feed cancer. it can be used in almost all aspects of cooking and baking. all the above
      are available at good quality health food stores. research the above sweetners on the net.

    3. A wonderful alternative to the toxic chemical they try to pass of as healthy, is Stevia. It is a plant based non-caloric sweetener. Don’t be fooled by Truvia which is made by coke or Pepsi. If it is made by either of them you can be pretty sure that you can’t trust Truvia. Try Stevia. You only need a tiny, tiny bit to sweeten something. You can find it at a health food store or at

    4. Why don’t you use just plain old sugar? Or raw sugar? Honestly, sugar is far, far safer than all the substitutes. It seems people have forgotten about plain old sugar so they are at a loss what to use when they realize all the substitutes are poisonous. Xylitol is safe also.

    5. NO, you don’t have to drink your coffee without a sweetner.
      Have you tryied stevia or Truvia? These are completely
      plant based and NO chemicals.

    6. I assume you mean “unsweetened?” Use xylitol if you need the sweet taste. It is a sugar made from birch bark and is not only non-toxic, but also actively inhibits the bacteria ( strep. Mutans ) that cause tooth decay. Alternatively, stevia is also a natural sweetener.

    7. Hi Charlene,
      Try using coconut sugar. You can find it at any whole foods or other health food store. It is expensive, about $9.00 for 12 oz or so.However, it tastes wonderful and is a low-glycemic alternative to sugar.

  37. I have POEMS Syndrome. I used to use Splenda, and it probably didn’t cause it, but I’m sure it made it worse. This is not a very common disease, but it is difficult to get rid of. They don’t know what caused it in me, as I don’t have the two things they know cause Castleman’s Disease, which I also have. The “O” stands for Organomegaly, which in my case is Castleman’s Disease. Swollen lymph nodes and spleen.

    1. have you tried talking to any of the old, well trained homeopathic doctors? has anyone talked to you read any books by max gerson, linus pauling, michael t. murray, et al? The answers you seek might be found there, or at the very least, these authors will point you towards the answers. (michael t. murray and anthony cichoke are still alive and well. both are extremely knowledgeable and published authors – there are others out there, too, who may be able to help you.) don’t give up and never give in no matter how bleak the situation may appear. I wish you well.

    2. Make an appointment with a Nutrition Response Testing doc. I am sure they would be able to get you fixed up. 🙂 We have good success with that.

  38. It all goes to the same sources. The megawealthy want everybody else and the whole planet to suffer. The powers that be, corporate/Government collusion want to enslave everybody else to the destruction of the planet. It goes from the throw-away consumerist economy to secret toxins in the food and water to torture of animals then people.

  39. Stop the Insanity! We have too many toxic chemicals in our food already and too much obesity, cancer and other ailments as a result. Let’s stop filling the coffers of companies that produce toxic substances and call them “food.” People must be educated about these dangers, not lulled into thinking anything on the grocer’s shelf is fit to eat.

  40. Dear nice ANH-USA ! Why do people want a sweet taste ? Is a sweet taste necessary for nutrition , or do we learn to want a sweet taste , from our adults and from advertising , when we are children ? I can eat salad without dressing , and drink tea without sweetener . Maybe the best , and maybe the only , way to eat sweetener , is to eat vegetables and fruits , drink vegetable juice , and drink a little sweet fruit juice . Also , unsweetened lemon , lime , cranberry , or tart cherry juice can be tasty , mixed with water . Thank you !

  41. What I want is Splenda in ANY form or being sold by ANY other name to be BANNED for sale in America as it has too many toxic downsides. Stevia is a natural and wholesome sugar substitute.

  42. I knew Splenda makes you gain weight. I did not know how harmful it is. thanks for this information. My friend uses it all the time. I will e mail this to her. Hopefully, now she will stop using it.

  43. As bad as this stuff is – and it is really bad – fluorine in combination is far far worse than chlorine in combination. All the bad things listed here are exceeded greatly by fluorine – it is smaller, stronger and more reactive – highly corrosive, too.
    Fluorine is a toxic Genie out of the lamp of Earth, where it is tightly held by calcium. Let loose of its calcium constraints, it is a little devil. Scavenging electrons from whatever source it cares to dine from, nothing can match the concentrated strength of fluorine – which is why it most always exists in a bonded form – known as a fluoride.
    But while there is tremendous use for fluorine in industry, there is no role for fluoride in biology. It is too much for biological parameters. It causes too much distortion in cellular structural genetic proteins, it’s strength in bond formation causes three-dimensional distortions of important molecular interactions that depend on spatial characteristics as much if not more do than chemical effects alone. This has been largely overlooked in a system that is rewarded for only one indicator – drug and vaccine sales. Never is health a consideration by the American medical association of modern medicine men. It can not be too soon for the barbaric blood spoiling practice of vaccination to fall the way of blood-letting as another bad medical idea that could not stand the light of objective verification and analysis.
    Why are chlorine and fluorine in the public water supply? What are the effects of clhorine and fluorine on the pineal gland, the thyroid, gland, the stomach, the pancreas, the small intestine, the large intestine, ovaries, prostate, adrenals, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, brain synapse, and mitochondria? The effects of these two rogue halogens – the worst bad boys on the periodic playground of elemental behaviors. Nothing can match these two halogen brothers for destruction, mayhem, impairment, derailment, rusting, pitting, etching, burning, explosive, did I mention corrosive? Look at the photos on the website posted here called ‘sick without fever’ I posted photos I took of the pipes they were removing from the area of the city where I live. I thought it might be helpful for us to see what the pipes look like that carry the fluorine and chlorine water to us all. Take a look. Fluoride is killing everyone and everything – for the sake of what? Why is it used? What is the purpose of the publice expenditure of funds? There is no math anywhere that makes…

    1. WoW! That was AmaZing, to say the least…. A Wealth of Necessary Information Posted! I found your post to be very educational, and hopefully more will read it, and learn from it… if they don’t already “get it”. I would also like to mention for those who don’t know it, “XYLITOL ALL NATURAL SWEETENER IS DEADLY TO ANIMALS”! If ingested by a Canine, will shut down Liver and Kidney Function in 30 to 60 Minutes! Please be aware, and not keep Xylitol All Natural Sweetener Anywhere any Pet can get it in your or around your home 😉

  44. This was most educational and THANK YOU for having the guts to put this out there to the public. I have two relatives who use nothing but Splenda since the aspartame “scare.” But now they know it’s hurting them. They both have gastrointestinal problems and one also has horrible gastro pain that doctors and tests have not been able to figure out for years! The other has unexplained bladder problems, has a cath bag and near constant blood in her urine, but no cancer or typically known diseases of bladder or kidneys. She’s recently developed diarrhea as well. She drinks two 2-liter artificially flavored sodas daily. Her bones are also in terrbile shape and I haven’t been able to convince her that sodas are horrible for her. Now, maybe she’ll swtich to unsweetened jiuice or anything else! Thanks again. I plan to share this with my physician and all of my friends and family. If you don’t mind. This can really help people – tons of people!

  45. STEVIA is the only SAFE sugar replacement. Unfortunately, the *Masses* simply aren’t informed, and also a large percentage just don’t care. These are *Sheeple* going right to the slaughter. Our corrupt government is in collusion with ALL entities…the Food & Death Administration, Big Pharma, the USDA, Big Agri, the EPA… is ALL about $$$$$$$$$…..and part of the depopulation agenda. People need to do their own research and educate themselves about what is going on in our government and the blatant corruption that exists.If you think your government officials care anything about the people of America……THINK again!!!

  46. Long ago I wanted to lose weight and couldn’t. They came out with Crystal Light with Aspartame and I got REALLY sick, tried EQUAL same thing, found out I was allergic to Citric Acid (Lemons, Limes Oranges, Grapefruits), now I react to EVERY artificial sweetener.
    I have so many illnesses and I firmly believe most are due to the toxic’s in our environment, and I do tend to be more susceptible than others around me. But we need to convince FDA and EPA, and every other agency to quit allowing companies to genetically engineer our food and allow products such as these artificial sweeteners which are known toxins especially in certain conditions.

    1. Most chronically sick people need to limit their nutrition sources to fresh and raw, single-ingredient products, and what they can pronounce. We should all. Everyone has a toxin load, no one knows what their tipping point is. When we all quit buying quick, cheap food and overeating, we’ll make some progress. Regulation won’t stop the guys making the big bucks and pushing sweet junk. We have to stop funding them. . .

    2. Mary,
      At home we use, and I recommend, PROBIOTICS to improve your immune system and, take CHLORELLA and SPIRULINA for overall nutrition and detoxification, specially of the heavy metals in the body. Even the traditional medicine -not the natural medicine, which of course does!- has recognized, at least CHLORELLA, to be very helpful to patients on cancer treatments. I also recommend reading a free downloadable book by Mike Adams, on these two superfoods. As far as probiotics, I recommend Kyo-Dophilus which is from human strains and has done wonders to my family and lots of friends. Take action, get healthy! -I am not going to talk about FDA, Government, and BIG PHARMA, it would take me hours to help experts expose their dirty tactics.
      Good luck!

  47. @Laraine Winn says: February 21, 2012 at 8:10 pm
    ” . . . why we have an FDA since this is not the only product being shown not to be what it claims, but is still allowed on the market. I’m beginning to lose hope for this country, since all Big Business cares about is the robber barons bottom line.”
    FDA only inspects/reviews *a small percentage* of the products marketed. They have nowhere near enough people to review everything.
    Even so, the current Congress in Washington (mostly the more extreme Republicans) want to cut-cut-cu spending, not only jobs but entire agencies that they seem to think are not necessary.
    The REAL COSTS of less regulation of toxics, food supplies, etc are already not considered adequately (safety, health, environmental factors).
    Tell your Representatives and Senators.

    1. We know soda in all its forms is a poison to the body – full of chemicals we can’t pronounce or buy on the store shelves, sugars, artificial sweeteners – and has no nutritional value. The caffeine in colas negates any hydration value, and colas can be stand-ins for toilet and battery-post cleaner. Yet are we done with this junk? Regulation isn’t changing anything, even the threat that intelligent people are wanting sugar to be labeled as a drug. . . not much help to us addicts.

    2. I agree, when it comes to public health & safety, we need oversight, but not by a rouge FDA who choose who to go after depending on politics & cronyism. We need Congressional oversight OF the FDA, and this has been weakened by the current administration. As for other unnessesary agencies & ‘duplication & redundancies, all of which Obama promised to get rid of. (The CBO came out last year a month after Obama promised this for the third time since elected & said they found at least $200 billion A YEAR in duplication & redundancies that could be cut from various agencies) Just another broken promise or lie by this administration. You say all Republicans want to do is cut, well no, just anything not useful to the country. Ever since we began the department of education, we have gone from #1 in the world to now #17. Throwing money at the problem (we have increased spending in this area every year for the last 30 years) has done zip. Charter schools have shown to do a MUCH better job educating then the unionized public schools at only half the cost per student, and parents consistantly line up to get their kids in. But Obama couldn’t come up with the $400 million out of his $3.2 TRILLION budget to pay for the D.C charter school program that the parents wanted 5 to 1 over the public schools. Cut? yea, our federal government is now spending (borrowing) $1.3 Trillion more then we are taking in, every year. Obama called Bush unpatriotic for adding $4.2 trillion to the national debt over 8 years & leaving office with a $360 billion dollar budget deficit, but now Obama has added over $5 trillion to the debt in only 3 years & we now have a $1.3 Trillion dollar budget deficit!!! What would he call himself for that monstrosity?

  48. The de-evolution of evident. After reading some of these comments I have come to the conclusion that the chemically doped up ‘sheople’ will believe anything they hear or read about something a company or the the FDA deems “good for you”. Everyone wants the easy way out yet whines when that easy road is paved with difficulty. They cry and blame someone else for their own shortcomings. If the FDA told people that mercury was no longer toxic, I swear this unintelligent populous would run to consume it. Sheople, no “food” mankind creates will ever be as wholesome as that which nature has made perfect. But keep eating the manmade toxic junk and keep being sick – but no playing the blame and victim game, for we alone are responsible for our own health. Now, do some research into that beef they are selling so you don’t cry when you finally find out the procesing facilities are filthy, the meat is loaded with synthetic hormones and nasty antibiotics, and the milk is full of pus. But you’ve already taken your meds and had your vaccine needle right? 100% Certified Organic food is the only road to health – and intelligence.

  49. Please look at a natural sugar known since 1890 rediscovered by the Scandinavians in WWII. Looks and tastes like normal sugar but has very positive properties. Its name is Xylitol, made of birch trees. Very healthy!

  50. Many posters have asked about alternative sweeteners. There are many. Agave, stevia, xylitol come easily to mind. Artificial sweeteners are poison and sugar, fructose, corn syrup et. al are not much better. Do some research to find out which alternative sweetener will work best for you. I also use honey but realize it does not work for diabetics among others. There ARE good alternatives.

  51. I recently started using stevia and have found that certain brands have less to no aftertaste such as KAL pure stevia extract with no alcohol. I bought it at Whole Foods. I also like the flavored stevias in my coffee and on fruit and Greek yogurt such as French Vanilla or Hazelnut. I didn’t think I would like it but if you find a good brand, you never know its in there.

    1. I used splenda for a month or so when it first came out. I had severe dizzy spells and hallucinations and it took me two weeks to figure out what the heck was going on.
      I switched to stevia and never looked back.
      Splenda and all other types of sweeteners that are chemically oriented need to be removed from the shelves and from production.

    2. I have terrible reactions to fake sugars. I usually do not eat them, but every now and then I used to say yes, to a piece of gum offered. Not any more, Now that I know that all of them contain posionous chemicals, Almost all of these contain fake sugars like aspartame or sucralose. My face and neck later will begin to swell I will feel sweaty and dizzy. I will have heart palpitations ect. When i reported it to the FDA, they told me that extensive studies have been done and that I was most def. safe and that they had never heard of this before. BS!!. Studies done by who I asked! By the companies? This is ridiculous, how long are they going to poison our food our land our children.

    3. It makes me happy to see that some Americans are actively involved in educating themselves on the precautions of overindulgence of any substance that does not come from Mother Nature naturally.

  52. Since chlorine is found naturally in our environment, and food stuffs, I suspect the problem is using excessive amounts of Splenda, not chlorine per se. If one eats a lot of processed foods and beverages, especially “diet foods”, one can overdose on Splenda unless care is taken.
    That being said, I think Americans need to wean themselves off their sugary cravings. My husband and I rarely add sugar or sweeteners to foods like cereal, yogurt, coffee and tea. We use cut up fruit or juices for flavor. We use small amounts of natural sugar or honey in cooking when necessary. If we really crave “sweet tea” [we live in the south.. what can I say?] we add a little packet of stevia. I prefer Truvia brand, as it’s less bitter.
    Bottom line, as always, is moderation.

    1. Mercury and hydrochloric acid are also found naturally in the environment. Go eat a little of each and tell me how good they were for you.

    2. Chlorine is a dangerous and toxic chemical. See the following:
      Chlorine is a component of various compounds, including table salt. It is the second most abundant halogen and 21st most abundant chemical element in Earth’s crust. The great oxidizing potential of chlorine led it to its bleaching and disinfectant uses, as well as uses of an essential reagent in the chemical industry. As a common disinfectant, chlorine compounds are used in swimming pools to keep them clean and sanitary. In the upper atmosphere, chlorine-containing molecules such as chlorofluorocarbons have been implicated in ozone depletion. Elemental chlorine is extremely dangerous and poisonous for all lifeforms; however, chlorine is necessary to most forms of life, including humans, in form of chloride ions.

    3. as for the splenda with B vitamins added , when you add this to hot beverages it will losee almost all nutritional value do to the heat destroying the vitamins . have all ready tested this so don’t buy into there scam

    4. Chlorine as chlorcarbon compounds is toxic like any pesticide, in any amount, Clorine as chloride is essential, as salt and hydotchloride compounds. We need cloride, but not pesticides. I never use Splenda.
      Ira Edwards author of HONEST NUTRTION

    5. Moderation is the key. We appear to be designed on a fine balance of element combinations; messing with the balance can be hazardous to your health. Chlorine is a nasty attack dog, but without hydrochloric acid in your digestive system your stomach is just a parking space; the stomach is carefully lined to contain the acidic digestive juices so you don’t digest yourself from the inside out. Your body needs sodium. I don’t know which is more likely to prove fatal: 50% over optimal or 50% under – perhaps someone knows offhand. I was one of the little boys chasing behind the mosquito fogger in the evenings to play in the cloud years ago – mosquitos seem to stay away from me, but I haven’t noticed any other effects after all these years. I suspect DDT is the less dangerous of the two – I read that the scientific review panel could find no firm evidence of harm to humans or animals, but it was banned anyway; we continue to consume tons of the other and suffer slowly over the long term for lack of moderation.

  53. Always Great information Here. I try in my Seminars to inform people what we are up against daily, beside the Food chain is Toxic, the Air we breath is pretty bad also, and there thousands of chemicals in the aire we take in every single day.A lifestyle is full of stress, and grabbing foods for emotional reasons and comfort! America is one of the sickest societys and becoming more so!
    Being the greatest country in the free world, and running on sick,diseases, big corporations and Big Pharma attached to The FDA “The Fear & Denial Association” Suma G Nathan,certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Certified Chinese Herbologist/Holistic Health Practitioner/Journalist/Seminars 32 yrs professionally My Next Seminar “Why Are You Sick” avoidance of Degenerate Dideases! [email protected]

  54. Please sign the petition to further inform the public and stop this deceptive advertising.
    Years ago, when I worked with home daycare providers on a Federal Nutrition Program, I did the research and advised them to stop feeding Splenda to kids, and Aspartame as well. But the Gov’t did not restrict use of these by those participating in the Child Food Program.
    This information needs to be made widespread and deceptive promotion of toxins like sucralose as healthy should be stopped!
    Found on the Care2 Petitionsite – Search: FTC: Stop Deceptive Splenda Ads
    Susan V

  55. Really? This article represents the worst of health advice. A singular study, determined to be severely flawed in design is put forward as “evidence”.
    Chlorine is present pervasively in our environment and is more likely to be encountered in drinking water and swimming pools tha in sucralose. Individuals with poor understanding of science are easily swayed by fear.
    There are legitimate reasons to manage your diet, but panicking about sucralose is not one of them.
    Rat Study Critique –
    Sucralose Sicence Review –
    PS – I am clealry a shill for “big sucralose”.

  56. “Splenda has replaced aspartame as the number one artificial sweetener in foods and beverages; aspartame’s popularity declined after the public learned that that it is both a neurotoxin and an underlying cause of chronic illness” is revisionist history. Splenda gained ascendancy because it tastes better, is sweeter (very little required) and because Dr. Atkins recommended it. Whatever is wrong with it will never be known as long as it is subject to these kinds of unreasonable attacks. “chlorine is “nature’s Doberman attack dog—a highly excitable, ferocious atomic element employed as a biocide in bleach, disinfectants, insecticide, WWI poison gas and hydrochloric acid.” Common chlorocarbons include chlordane and DDT, a product so harmful that it is now banned for agricultural use the world over.” is remarkably ignorant. You might as well say that water is flammable because it contains hydrogen. If we give up on science, we give up on reason and we give up on everything.

    1. Please, give me a break and what company you are working for the corporation and the stuff is just as poison as crap. All my friends taking splenda and they gain weight, sugar increase, etc. Do not give me the BS nonsense and all smoke and mirrors….. Get you fact because they crap is chemicals and not even sugar and made from chemicals to be like sugar. Next time, just start to make poison.for everyone… Maybe you need a few education lessons on good health nutrition….. We do not need any artificial sugars in our bodies.

    1. To Anne, definitely yes.
      To Richard, To compare Splenda chemical formula with pesticides, while not proof of an;ything, is reason for suspicion and further study. That is science. Your comparison with hydrogen in water is not.

    2. My view; it’s time for the FDA to dismantle and for natural medicine/food doctors to take over. We need decent leadership who will care if a medicine actually heals, rather than how much money they can make and whether or not they can get a patent.
      People die everyday because it is more important to get a patent than to put a natural healing medicine out there to save their lives. Can you imagine if you were on a board of a big company that decided it would be OK if a hospital ward full of little children just suffered along with some chemical treatment that doesn’t really work more than 2% of the time, rather than to decide to give them the good natural healing stuff that will actually make these children. well?
      Try and think what kind of people these board members are? Who are they that could be so cruel? Big business, that who!!!! The money mongers. Yes Ann, the FDA needs to go. Far into oblivion.

  57. Having a chronic illness that already puts my immune system at risk, I’m taking back the 1500 packet box of Costco’s version of Splenda.
    I was told in the past that Splenda was the “safest” of all the sweetners. I should have known better. My infectious disease doctor said “why bother putting additional strain on your immune system. Stick with sugar in it’s raw form, not processed and/or use honey.”

    1. I was told by a urologist that all artificial sweeteners give you a risk for bladder cancer. I am inclined to believe her. Eat natural. Man made chemical based products are not really food and are not digested properly, or at all by your very important digestive system. It’s very important to take care and nurture your digestive system. It is the core of all good health in your body for years to come. It supplies you nutrients to make you healthy. It’s a very simple, yet complex concept. Keep it clean, keep it natural.
      Health Hugs from Sue

    2. Stevia and xylitol are natural, no-calorie sweeteners used in a lot of products including natural soda. Check them out!

      1. If its ‘no-calorie’, then its ‘not-healthy’. The only thing in nature, that can be consumed, with ‘no-calories’ is Water…
        Please research artificial and substitute sweeteners more and more.
        I have seen this quote posted everywhere: If it is a plant, eat it. If it was made IN a plant, don’t!
        Put’s a lot into perspective. 🙂

  58. Stevia is the only safe one to use.
    I use Truvia brand which tastes just like sugar with no aftertaste and no calories and no issues with the glycemic index.
    The rest are hazardous chemicals which is why we are all dying and getting cancer.
    Look up who the board members of the FDA are. It will surprise you 🙂

    1. To Dsvespa;
      Stevia is the only safe non caloric sweetner ONLY when it’s in it’s raw form.. Research Truvia. It’s been bleached and treated to look like sugar, as is Pruvia.
      Truvia was delveloped by Coke and Pruvia was delveloped by Pepsi. You can read about it here.
      I have low blood sugar and can never eat sugar or honey. In a pinch (public place and I forgot my raw Stevia) i’ll use Sweet and Low because believe it or not it is the safest of the “fake” sugars.

    2. Stevia is Wonderful, I’ve used it for years instead of others and choose the liquid over the packets for multiple reasons. I have tried many brands and personally prefer KAL or NOW Foods Better Stevia (which if purchased on Amazon in 8oz is much less and I pour some in an empty 2oz bottle for convenience).
      Also there is wonderful evidence and reports on using Coconut Crystals which is also available at some health food stores (Vitamin Shoppe) and on line. It’s Just Sugar is another all natural substitute and has very good reviews, though it may not be as sweet at regular sugar depending on which of the 3 kinds of taste buds you have, it’s also available at Whole Foods or on line at this time. and
      If you choose a Whey Protein shake mix, look at the label…some are now making them with Stevia and I personally would choose it or one with fructose (which is NOT high fructose corn syrup – much ignorance and false statements on the web w/regard to this issue).
      Maple Syrup and Honey are God made and healthy for us (and delicious) …..all in moderation. 🙂

  59. I wrote a nasty sentiment here for the big business people who produce this chemical garbage, but it was unacceptable to this publication. So I ‘d like to say to the Alliance : “sorry for the inconvenience”, and to big business: ” What are you going to do when you have killed all of the people who are willing to buy these poisons? You are ruining our planet with your idiocy, lies, and greed! It’s a shame money is always the bottom line for big business, and the welfare of the people is rarely even on the list. The only recourse we all have is to educate, educate, educate. Eat good, live well, is my wish to all.

    1. I buy Grade “B” Maple Syrup from Trader Joe’s (the only place I’ve been able to find a decent supply for the money). It is imported from Canada. The flavor is better than the grade “A” Maple Syrup. This is great on cereals and super in coffee…and better tasting than any of the other sweetener products around, in my opinion. Plus, better for you!

      1. sugar is sugar…maple syrup is sugar. there are better sugar subsitutes around with low glycemic index value.

    2. Does the American Diabetes Foundation still support Splenda? That’s who told me about it.

      1. Cheryl, The ADF still recommends this. I just watched my mother in law die and she was diabetic! And I believed them and cared for her! She consumed quite a bit of splenda daily over the years! Diet soda’s, 2-3 packets of splenda in coffee etc. The problem is this is a man made chemical it is not natural period! They say the body does not absorb it that it excretes! The doses to the animals where high! Well I can tell you that my mother in law did not die in a nice comfortable way! She consumed this stuff for more than 20 years! Plain and simple it’s toxic to the liver because of the composition! So don’t you think after years and years of consuming this you will be cutting down your lifespan! It makes sense!
        Are you hungry all the time? Are you consuming multiple drinks with this in it daily especially so you don’t eat all the time? She did! It’s got to make you wonder! I’m reading all my packaging now and will no longer be putting this in my body!

  60. The article, Toxic Chemical Being Sold as a Health-Conscious Sweetener posted on the Alliance for Natural Health USA website makes several false claims regarding the adverse health effects that sucralose (known as Splenda in the market) has on humans and animals. The author supports his arguments by making gross exaggerations of the truth and inaccurately uses scientific evidence from otherwise scientifically-accurate research.
    Firstly, the author states that since sucralose is categorized as a chlorocarbon based on its chemical structure, it is as harmful as other chlorine-containing compounds that have been banned from commercial use, such as the insecticide, DDT. The problem with this logic is that based on this characterization, the author misleads the readers by making the incorrect assumption that these chemicals all have the same metabolic fates and would therefore have the same harmful effects. However, chlorine-containing compounds that exert adverse effects are known to be readily absorbed and metabolized in the body in such a way that harmful breakdown products are produced, thus even small doses of these compounds can be harmful. In contrast, sucralose is mostly unabsorbed and is excreted in the feces. The small portion that is absorbed is not dechlorinated or hydrolyzed to yield any toxic breakdown products, and is rapidly excreted into the urine, either in an unchanged form (majority) or as a metabolized byproduct of the liver. These findings have been confirmed by the renowned global food authority Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JEFCA), which based their conclusions on studies that tested for the elimination of sucralose in both animals and humans and found that sucralose does not accumulate in the body.
    Next, the author states that sucralose consumption by animals is associated with detrimental effects, but one must consider whether the test conditions are relevant to human exposures before making these claims. For example, when addressing the author’s argument that sucralose has been shown to cause mortality in pregnant rabbits, the author fails to take into consideration the doses used in this study and the underlying cause of the mortality. The cited study specifically states that the mortality was caused by secondary effects of extremely high intakes of sucralose (over 700mg/kg/day), which resulted in poor absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. This effect would likely occur with any poorly absorbed…

    1. I do not know why there are no long-term studies on this product.
      Regardless of who is right or wrong, I can not take this product. It causes migraines that last for hours. If ‘sucralose’ is listed near the beginning of a product, I have a migraine, get extremely dizzy, and want to throw up. When its listed near the end of a product, I have a migraine. I probably would have NEVER discovered it was ‘sucralose/splenda’ had I not practiced the process of elimination. I removed all artificial/substitute sweeteners from my diet. I then added ‘Equal’ for a week, nothing. I then added ‘Splenda’ and within the hour of drinking it in my coffee I was laying down, severely nauseous, and irritated. I decided to not only remove everything made of sucralose, but to also remove artificial/substitute sweeteners for good. My body does not know what to do with sucralose, but it knows what to do with ‘Sugar’.

  61. i cant believe this. i have been using these products since they came out thinking that they have been healthier for me and know i find out that there are lawsuits against them. I havent been able to find them in the stores so I started ordering them on line for the past year. Now I cant even find them on line. I was looking for a new place to order them when I saw this website. how can I get more info about the harmfulness of these splenda products and law suits. jennie h

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