Big Farma Once Again Walking All Over Your Safety—and the Constitution

Ag GagThe agriculture industry is trying to make it a crime to be an undercover investigator at a factory farm. Goodbye, whistleblowers! Farewell, freedom of speech!

Last year, “ag gag” bills were introduced in a number of states. Happily, most were defeated due to overwhelming opposition from our grassroots activists, concerned citizens, and organizations of all political stripes. Unfortunately, many of these bills are back this year, and the dangers are even greater.
The bills introduced last year would have made it illegal to videotape or take a picture on a factory farm—even when an an illegal act was occurring. This is obviously unconstitutional; Iowa’s attorney general even told their legislature so.
This year’s bills would make it a crime to be an undercover investigator. A bill in Nebraska, for example, intends “to create the offense of obtaining employment at an animal facility with intent to disrupt  operations.” Imagine if such bills were passed—think of all the industries that would line up with similar bills to protect their illegal or unethical operations from your prying eyes!
The conditions in these facilities breed disease. Animals are preemptively fed a constant stream of antibiotics to prevent disease, which creates “super bugs”—bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Moreover, the antibiotics then get into the water table, which we also use and consume.
Both the animals and the people that work there are subjected to what can only be described as atrocities. Moreover, confining so many animals in one place produces much more waste than the surrounding land can handle. As a result, factory farms are associated with various environmental hazards, such as water, land and air pollution, and people who live in close proximity to factory farms often complain of high incidents of illness.
For years, undercover investigations have revealed conditions on some factory farms that result in extreme animal suffering, and the few safety mechanisms that exist for CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) were created when conditions in these places were exposed and people took action. People have the right—and the responsibility—to know where their food comes from and under what conditions it was produced.
Though the language has changed somewhat in this year’s bills, they have the same intent: to shield agribusiness from public scrutiny by punishing whistleblowers.
In Iowa, SF431, referred to as the “Whistleblower Suppression Bill,” might be brought up for a vote at any time in the Iowa Senate. SF431 is an attempt by the factory farm industry to criminalize basic watchdog functions at factory farms: the bill would make it illegal to produce or possess a video or audio recording of the facility without prior consent of the facility owner. In addition, the bill defines a broad range of already illegal activities—such as trespassing, theft, and fraud—as “animal/crop facility tampering” and would place harsher penalties on these crimes than if they are committed anywhere else in the state. If you are an Iowa resident, take action now!
Nebraska’s LB915 is a new bill that forces CAFO employees to make a report within twelve hours of witnessing animal abuse, and tightens other requirements to make the reporting process more difficult—and ensures that only legitimate employees (who perhaps can ill-afford to lose their job) can make such a report by banning whistleblowers: “Any person who obtains employment at an animal facility with the intent to disrupt the normal operations of the animal facility is guilty of a Class IV felony.” If you are a Nebraska resident, take action now!
In Utah, HB187 would make an investigator “guilty of agricultural operation interference if the person, without the consent of the owner of the operation, records an image of, or sound from, an agricultural operation.” If you are a Utah resident, take action now!


  1. It is amazing to me that these proposed laws are even considered. The fact that the lobbyist are pursuing these laws for the operations, should tell our representatives that these offenses are occuring and the operators are trying to cover up thier behavior. They know they ar wrong in what they are doing yet are trying to protect themselves from the inevitable law suits that will ensue should they only get caught. Instead those that are trying to get this passed should be investigated immediately.

  2. Rules are made to be broken. Can’t they do it anonymously by mail and without a name and a address or a phony one?

  3. Our country has become dangerous when you cannot take photographs or inspect commercially made properties. It’s a frightening time to be living in our country!

  4. I pray and promote the idea that people will read and realize that the more man tampers with our food we create more discord and unhealthy habits. Please realize what our planet needs is more change for true medical research not just another example of corporate duping and greed in our foodstuffs.

  5. This Congress has to be one of THE worse we’ve ever had! I find it quite hypocritical that they are always accusing the Obama Administration of violating the Constitution, as well as, attacking BIG government and NOT wanting the Government involved in just about everything, yet these men go after women’s rights and health, unions, make voting harder and now this too! Little by little THE PEOPLE won’t have a say in anything, IF we do NOT stop this, this country will NOT be For the People, nor By the People!!!

    1. Don’t forget those super packs. They put the voting power in Big Companies, Big Agriculture, Big Pharmacy and all their lobbyists. We The People are quickly LOOSING our voice. We are hugely in debt to China, a country with the worst record in human and animal rights. I seriously do not like what I am seeing in our country as of late. I think they should all be fired and replaced by everyday working people.

    2. @Laraine Winn says: February 21, 2012 at 8:10 pm
      ” . . . why we have an FDA since this is not the only product being shown not to be what it claims, but is still allowed on the market. I’m beginning to lose hope for this country, since all Big Business cares about is the robber barons bottom line.”
      FDA only inspects/reviews *a small percentage* of the products marketed. They have nowhere near enough people to review everything.
      Even so, the current Congress in Washington (mostly the more extreme Republicans) want to cut-cut-cu spending, not only jobs but entire agencies that they seem to think are not necessary.
      The REAL COSTS of less regulation of toxics, food supplies, etc are already not considered adequately (safety, health, environmental factors).
      Tell your Representatives and Senators.
      Sadly, voters elected them.
      Way too many representatives are stalling EVERYthing in order to make Pres. Obama look bad. They care more about the singular hateful goal of getting rid of Pres. Obama than doing their jobs for the American people!
      What does THAT tell you? Many good honest intelligent elected people try to work for us, but when loud uninformed folks like many of the “Tea Party” members jump in for the wrong reasons, we all get hurt.
      If you do not like the performance of the people elected last time, VOTE NEXT NOV and help get the vote out. For information about current programs, you can contact

  6. The best solution of course would be if every one would stop eating the meat produced from these factory farms. Eat only humanely raised meat or no meat at all.
    If only people would become more aware and care about what they’re putting into their bodies when they eat factory farmed meat, this problem would be over. On the bright side, there is a growing trend towards a vegetarian lifestyle or a lifestyle incorporating very little meat.
    Then of course, bills would be pushed trying to make vegetarianism illegal.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wish more consumers would care about this issue, and hit them in the pocket. We would then certainly see change taking place very quickly.

    1. Anna, I could not agree more. I think with everything going on in this country, people are left feeling powerless, BUT we are not. We have far more power than we realize. Take away the demand and we take away their power.

    2. Raw milk, proven to be much better for you than pasteurized poison, is already illegal. You cannot legally buy raw milk for human consumption in many states and people who try to bypass this by offering co-op ownership of the livestock to people who WANT raw milk, are being put in jail for it-literally! Is it too late for this real food?

  7. Now Indiana has introduced a bill to require anyone who sues a farm operation to pay all legal fees if the judge deems that the suit was a “nuisance suit.” Given the mood in Indiana (we now have a bill going through the legislature to allow the governor to stop Medicare and Medicaid from operating in the state – On Wednesday, a Senate panel approved House Bill 1269, and sent it to the full Senate for a vote. The bill gives Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels the authority to pull Indiana and all of its senior citizens out of Medicare), there would be a pretty good chance that people would not sue for fear of a rogue judge deeming their suit a “nuisance suit,” and therefore would not sue.
    And by the way, our governor has wooed many factory farms to our state. He hasn’t met one he didn’t love, even a 3,000 cow dairy operation that is being put on land with an 8′ water table. Yup, just what we need, cow urine in the wetlands!!

  8. Thank you for all of your good work getting this information out to the public. FYI, there are many more products being advertized now that have “flavor enhancement” or “flavor enhancers,” which seems to be another way to feed the public chemicals. Undoubtedly more excitotoxins, something to satisfy and feed a growing need for “more” or “better.” Chemicals can eventually take the place of food altogether, while cancer and, obesity rates skyrocket. Look forward to your research and comments. Best regards, Adrienne.

  9. What an interesting concept, making it illegal to report a crime in progress. Not surprising I suppose, when the criminals own the legislative body. Still a little discouraging in the overall picture.
    Guess it is time to go to plan B: time to call a national boycott of suspected offenders in the animal husbandry business and simply refuse to buy any of their products until they Prove Their Innocence. Must be guilty if they seek to hide their operations.

    1. I agree 100%. This is what myhusband and I have been doing. We do not buy any corporation farm food or any processed food. We even started cooking our own bone broth soup. a bit of work, but weell worth the health improvement. You can look at Nancy Fallon’s book “Nourishing Traditions” , Institute for Chinese Medicnie in spokane Washingotn web site for how to make bone broth. There is also somewhere on the internet a list of a detailed chemical analysis of the ingredients in p0roperly prepared bone broth and it’s health benefits, by a dr. with a phd in nutrition (what a concept-a doctor who knows about nutrition) also look at Mary Enig’s Book ( I forget titel) about helathy fats. Mary Enig is the MD, Phd who has a phd in biochemistry snd whose area of specialiation is fats. she is the dr. who alerted the public to the health haza5rd of trans fats and got them removed from the market. You can only imagine the anger she aroused in commercial interests. when she was in the process of exposing trans fats-she was threatened by scientists receiving money ffom commerciaol concerns—that her research would never be published and that they would make sure her career was ruined.

  10. Egregious! I understand that several years ago Illinois passed a law criminalizing the aerial photographing of CAFO’s. And it isn’t just in agribusiness. It isillegal to photo or video record even criminal activity by police officers without their consent. A felony with up to fifteen years in prison. Unbelievable!
    We are losing our rights as citizens as the security establishment and corporations assumes more repressive powers. Fear and repression are the themes of today.

  11. The money guys have it all figured out. Dangerous food sold to the American public, which then ‘requires’ the use of pharmaceuticals, another dangerous health item. People have to wake up and research for themselves and even if the person has an M.D.,or PhD.and the like beside their name who is encouraging this action on you, think for yourself. It’s been proven time and time again pharmaceuticals are dangerous to your health and unless vegetables and fruit are grown locally and organically, it’s dangerous to your health. If a food is packaged and has more than two or three ingredients, don’t eat it for your heath’s sake. We all have to think for ourselves if we want to be healthy.

  12. How our food is grown and raised should be an open book. If you have to hide your actions about how you grow or raise our food, you need to put out of business or clean up your act. some of you might need to be charged with a crime or 2, convicted and sent to prison for a while.

  13. I call it BIG AG to keep from confusing it with BIG PHARM , the Pharmaceutical industry . . I wll call my very effective congressman and explain that this kind of thing is the WHOLE purpose of the first amendment , to keep people from being deceived . PS: I am not shouting , I am emphasing my points .

  14. Are you kidding me?
    This is oligarchys dream. Who will hold negligent and profit oriented businesses responsible if a product is known to harm health and welfare of humans beings ,especially children!!!!!!!!!!!
    These ag gag bills are a violation of human rights to defend themselves against men and women whose only motive is unchecked profit.
    This has nothing to do with corporate espianage and everything to do with the correct moral choice

    1. Are any of these companies owned by the KOCH Brothers or by supporters of Citizens United? It seems like the Right Wing Wealthy 3% who own everything, also want to take away our rights to know where our food comes from, what condition it is raised in & how humanely it is killed. I bet the owners of the farm where the video was taken of the SICK COW being pushed to slaughter with a backhoe wouldn’t be one of those godless companies would it? If the beef industry has it’s way, they’d be putting cows dying of MAD COW DISEASE into our food supply on a regular basis! And probably shipping it to black & other minority neighborhoods because they almost always vote Democratic! They will not STOP UNTIL “WE” THE REAL PEOPLE, STOP THEM!

    2. I would prefer “Soylent Green” algae based meal replacement bars–and hope I could get mine as imitation chocolate flavored with a texture combining crunchy with chewy. Algae are green plants at the very bottom of the food chain, making them much more efficient than anything higher on the food chair–even higher plants with some wasted inedible parts. And I prefer a good imitation of chocolate flavor to meat flavor.

      1. If you remember the movie, Soylent Green, you should note that, in the end, they found out that it was actually HUMANS that were being made into the “food”. The rest was propaganda.

  15. This year’s bills would make it a crime to be an undercover investigator. A bill in Nebraska, for example, intends “to create the offense of obtaining employment at an animal facility with intent to disrupt operations.” Imagine if such bills were passed—think of all the industries that would line up with similar bills to protect their illegal or unethical operations from your prying eyes!
    The conditions in these facilities breed disease. Animals are preemptively fed a constant stream of antibiotics to prevent disease, which creates “super bugs”—bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Moreover, the antibiotics then get into the water table, which we also use and consume.
    Do I have to say anymore? This is truly an atrocity and we need to have oversight at these animal operations….for the health of the people, as well as the treatment of the animals…thank you.
    Both the animals and the people that work there are subjected to what can only be described as atrocities. Moreover, confining so many animals in one place produces much more waste than the surrounding land can handle. As a result, factory farms are associated with various environmental hazards, such as water, land and air pollution, and people who live in close proximity to factory farms often complain of high incidents of illness.

    1. Hello Julie,
      I very much liked your comments regarding big FARMA.. Yes, and they did/do it again to us. Their never care about people, animals, MOTHER EARTH, continues unabated. They are truly MONSTERS OF PLANET EARTH.
      Best to you also,

    2. to everyone
      do not buy any factory farm meat. grassssfed meat is not necessarioy more expensive. you can pay 3—5 dollars per pound by gettting a larger amoutn sometimes—or get a side of beef–split amonf 5-6 people–or form your own food coop among some freinds or neighbors—have tghe farmer deliver the meat to you when they come to whatever store they drive to when delivering the meat or eggs they sell at some supernarket–then you avoid delivery charges, for those farms that do not deliver by ups—delivery fees are very hgih for a side of beef, for ex.— you can eat healthier for less money–it just takes a bit of research and planning. One of the farms we usually drive to (65 miles each way–they are small and do not ship uos etc.)— delivers meat to a small food coop in the neighborhood where they must deliver the eggs they sell in an organic supermarket, We meet tham twice a month when they deliver to the food coop–and we get our meat delivered free that way. A grasfed grass finished farm in Pennsylvania that we have used sells 50 pounds of meat (various cuts–some expensive-some not) for $250—that’s $5 per pouns plus a deliver fee of $40–coming to $5.80 per pound. that is very inexpensive–especially considering thtqa the mix includes sirloin steaks and filet mingon.

  16. WE THE PEOPLE will NOT be silenced. The majority of the American People have woke up and will NOT tolerate the abuse of animals and the destruction of our Farmland.
    We expect clean healthy food and a clean environment !!!

    1. Hi to all, My name is Emanuele Raffi, I must share as an ethic, moral and spiritual obligation what I learned trough over 25 years of nourishing myself with 100% organic food with no mistakes. I learned the negative effect of even small traces of pesticides in all food that all people intake daily,
      first and for most the nervous system is effected in a very orriffic way: short temper, nervousness, stress, negative and aggressive attitude that create only problems that we all know our society is afflicted whit. The second orrific effect is incredible fast aging I share in my web site: my personal and complete experience please click on Aura Mazda. I conclude by sayng ” Our first human right is a good and protected health ” 0 ” tolerance pesticides
      in our food and in the food of our babies ” Thank you all. Sincerely

      1. emanuele
        I have read in the book “excitotoxins” by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, that aspartame ( artificial sweetener in diet coke and many foods), can stimulate the amygdala (brain area) and actualy cause rage, panic and anxiety. Also,theer is a problem with quinolone antibiotics for some people. ex. -Larium ( a travelers’ drug for malaria prevention on vacation or military deployment) can have psychiatric side effects. Look at the Peace Corp e – news letter from 1998 through 2006—Many Peace Corps volunteers ahd seroious problems with Larium. Also soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have had prblems with this durg. It is the one given to our miolitary. The CDC has known about this problem since the late 90″s. They should be using mellarone/provaquone instead. Trekking companies in Nepal who are Nepalese -not based in the USA- recommend–at the end of their trip info. where they tell you what rx. drugs to bring with you on the altitude trek–they tell you NOT to use Larium , because it can have serious adverse side effects—who wants to be at 14,000 feet , leading trekkers, some of whom start to freak out due to theri malaria prevfention meds.?? Some people who take larium become depressed, or violent, or scuicidal. Also the porpellant in asthma sparys can worsen asthma symptoms—so these are 2 -3 small exqamples-but they have large consequences.

  17. What country are we living in? Is this really america? People need to get informed stop watching the pandering mainstream media. We all need to ban together and fight to keep our freedoms and maybe get some back that we already lost. I never realized how bad things are getting til I had kids and I started looking at where or food comes from and it makes me sick to think that they could just change some laws and make I virtually impossible for people to find out how their “food” treated.

    1. mike
      if you have kids you might want to read thee 2 books: Chemical free kids by dr. magaziner and excitotoxins:the taste that kills by the neuroo surgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock. excitotoxins is an oolder book available in the library or on amazon.
      Dr. Magaziner has a practice in cherry Hill New Jerey–he treats many children with learning disabilitiesw, allergies, adhd and other problems—when he removed all the toxins. drugs, chemicals etc form their diets–the problems improvged tremendously–some disappeared completely
      I have been to Dr. Magaziner’s office for prolotherapy treat ment for a sports injury by his associate, Dr. Scott Greenberg. Their allergist was the one who was able to diagnose my severe wheat and cow milk allergies—this led to a suspicion of gluten intolerance—which led to it’s avoidance–and a tremndous reduction in health problems. The office does not prescribe drugs.

  18. I just thought I’d mention that a number of states (it may be around 18) have already passed laws effectively making it illegal to document police misconduct(!). Call them anti-Rodney King laws. There are two types: One makes it a crime (involving jail time) to tape or film a police officer “on duty.” The other requires BOTH PARTIES to agree to use of video or audio tape in legal proceedings. These laws ALSO need to be fought, and I am mentioning them since they are related. Thanks.

    1. I’ve also heard them called “cop culling laws.” Some people out there say if the only defense against crooked cops and stacked laws is to shoot the cops, they intend to start piling them up “like cordwood.” Not a country I wish to live in!

  19. And then the FTC can come into our homes and confiscate pc and bank records and raw milk or cherry trees….and Censorship continues on!

    1. sandi
      Some politicians have tried to introduce bills to limit citizens’ use of computers–or at least what information is available on the internet.
      This is supported of course by corporate agriculture and pharmaceutical companies. I am not sure if it was also supposed to limit availability of scientific research. These bills have not passed—but it is horrifying that large commerciaol interests are trying to make citizens of the usa ignorant, and unable to obtain information, so that we cannot decide in an informed way, what to buy and what to eliminate for our own safety.

  20. Obviously Big Agriculture feels they have something to hide or they would not be going to such lengths to shut people up. This should be a huge Red Flag to any and all politicians. It’s as good as saying Hellooooo We are Guilty!!! . I have signed petitions in the past, but was told in a few cases that I could not submit because it did not pertain to my state. Is this the case with these 3? If not, I will gladly sign them. I think we All have a right to express ourselves on this subject as it pertains to the entire population.

  21. Well, artificially grown meat is on the horizon and if ti is marketed right, it will put all such operations out of business. It doesn’t need all the hormones and pesticides, will be consistently of superior quality, and doesn’t need nearly the water and grass that regular animals need. These unjust laws should be fought, of course, but by supporting the artificial meat operations more ground will be gained. (And no, I am not in any way affiliated with the industry)

    1. Skip, please tell me you are joking. I despise the factory farms, however, the continued concentration of the food supply into fewer and fewer hands is a nightmare that has no bounds. Custom designed meats for different population/political groups. The old folk’s home – lets put something in their meat to keep them docile, and age them quicker. F e m a camps, lets put something in their meats to reduce their population quickly. Let’s put all of the vaccines in the meats designed for the school lunches. There are no bounds to this horror story.

    2. You’re talking about synthetic, GMO meat. Same techniques, same problems as any other GMO.

  22. Regarding “flavors” be aware that there are companies now producing “flavors” from fungal preparations. No wonder so many people have fungal infections–there is fungus among us.

    1. basically–artificial flavors are never good to consume. unfortunately, to confuse things futher the term “Natural flavors” has been used to actually mean forms of msg.

  23. I am just a person who remembers when food (animal & vegetable) didn’t have all the pesticides and all the health problems that are happening now!!! Big pharma wants control of everything!! So much JUNK is put in our food, and then they want to give you more junk (they call this medicine) to so- call stop the problems they caused in the first place!!! Drugs for this, drugs for that and more drugs!!!!!!! Now they want to make it illegal to question what their doing!!!!! Wake up America!! Let’s just say NO!!! No more legal drug pushers!!!

    1. You’ve heard of Agenda 21 and of the “elites” Depopulation Agenda? It’s no fantasy, not a “conspiracy theory”; it’s real, and in process now. The most favored techniques are poisons and diseases. Chem-trails, vaccines with immune-system destroying “adjuvants”, GMOs that cause massive organ and immune-system damage, alter the intestinal flora and fauna, cause catastrophic allergies, sterility (another favored technique). Big Ag is using pesticides and herbicides that often remain in the plant or the meat, so buyer have no choice but to eat them. The list is very long, and most ordinary folks, and especially the poor, cannot avoid being poisoned. They can’t afford anything else.

      1. We, the People, need to take back control by taking the power of the corporations away. They are not people — yet have some of the most lucrative tax-breaks as if they are.
        What a normal country again? Let’s take away Corporate Rights and let them be a plain business like any old Mom and Pop grocery or hardware store.
        The playing field is so tilted in favor of corporations that little businesses can barely compete.
        Money talks — and as long as we let Money make television ads with no names attached as to who is really behind it — we, the People, are really getting manipulated by any big pot of money from anywhere. The Citizens ruling by the Supreme Court really screwed us non-corporate types.
        This country has been bought and sold — I’m not sure we can get it back anymore. The likes of us are too disorganized and “they” pit one group of us against the other — when in reality — WE have a lot in common and THEY are the real adversary.
        Sad days in our country; sad days in our world.

    2. eating grassfed grassfinished meat, pastured eggs and butter from pastured cows, organic fruit and vegetables, bone broths, cocanut oil and eliminating rx. drugs has removed any health problem I had. I had discovered that most rx. drugs contain either gluten or ingredients thqat cause abnormal heart electrical activity. There are also natural ways to remove, treat and prevent most health problems.
      sometimes an rx drug or medical procedure is necessary, of course— but it is amazing how little these things are needed it a person makes himself extremely healthy by choosing healthy food. Just looking at women’s reproductive health, and cancer diagnosis and treatment alone can give you a huge list of teswts, drugs, treatments etc. that benefit corporations more than individual consumers of health care. If I absolutely need an rx. drug, which has not happened for the last 3 years–I research which ones do not contain any ingredients that are specifically harmful to me and then have the doctor write at the bottom of the prescription “permission to be compounded”, and I then take it to a compounding pharmacy—they give you a clear gel vitamin capsulle containintg only the drug main ingredient—great also for people allergic to dyes and excipients. People have more control thqan they think. Just buy your meat, poultry, eggs, and butter from local organic grass fed grass finished farms, and from organic food markets that buy from these farmers and also sell local organic produce. You can find such markets and farmers ona website called The mass of consumers is the strongest force in our society. When you go to an organic supermarket–if you see something there that you think is harmful complain to the corporqate headquarters–the president of the company (ex. ice cream with high fructose corn syrup or any milk containing vitamin D2, which is toxic, unlike D3.) We have had 2 items eliminated form Whole Foods in Princeton by complaining about this to the president of the company.
      also we had called and asked if they use pink slime or meat glue in any of their meat and were assured they did not. ONe of the frozen reaedy made prepared foods they sell was shown by some other customers to contain some noxious ingredient and they complained–it was removed from their inventory–they did not realize it was there. Burger King–which I do not necessaruily recommend as a source of pure food–has recently succomed to customer pressure to…

    1. Indeed you do live in a police state. The food police demand that you fear your food and despise the farmer who grows or raises your food too.
      Two generations ago, nearly everyone knew someone who worked in farming and would even visit a producing farm. Now nearly all of you are completely isolated from farming. Just how many of you have ever visited a producing farm? As such you are vulnerable to any theme or meme presented to you.
      The short of it; if you fear your food and hate the farmer, you are a victim and you had bettered dummy-up to it.
      Just so you know; I work in a producing hoghouse.

  24. This is just another tentacle of the one world order control freaks. They operate under many different guises and don’t like any of the titles. I’ll not list them. The problem is with the politicians who have sold their soul for whatever trinkets they have received. Don’t waste time crying at the grocers, just don’t buy the crap. Go to the poles and vote the slobs out that pass these stupid laws. Remember the primary goal of the one worlders is population reduction, this is not conspiracy it is fact in broad open daylight AND THEY DON’T WANT IT RECORDED.

  25. Where big money is involved you will find big corruption.
    The USDA is part of the US GOVERNMENT. Do you really think the government gives a damn about what is in your food and how it will effect your health? It is all about money and power.

  26. You guys don’t understand what this is all about. Most of those videos and photos were deliberate lies, staged by people who are not interested in a transition to healthier meat – they are interested in preventing anyone from eating any meat, period. They are “animal rights” extremists. The central purpose of the HSUS and the other animal rights organizations is to take all our pets and livestock away from us and prevent us from eating meat. They believe in Animal Rights, a vegan political philosophy that says that any human interference whatsoever in any animal’s life, whether humane or not, is “exploitation.” They literally believe that animals are better off dead than owned or taken care of by any humans whatsoever, for any purpose, ever. The videotapers got those farm jobs specifically for the purpose of staging fake videos of things that don’t usually happen at the farms, so they took carefully edited videos, or while the boss was away for a few hours or days they set up ugly scenes or paid people to beat animals, to dupe the public into agreeing to new laws. And when one-size-fits-all laws proposed by these organizations turn out to have disastrous “unanticipated consequences” (as they ALWAYS do) and wipe out whole industries, the public thinks they were “well-meaning but poorly researched.” But, in fact, they were not poorly researched or even “unanticipated,” and the only “well-meaning” people were the ignorant legislators and voters who didn’t know enough about animal husbandry to see through the lies or to predict what would happen when the new rules were applied in the real world. These laws are carefully planned to SOUND humane but not actually BE humane, because the organizations that write them are trying to force their ideology on the rest of us. They don’t want to keep pets or eat meat, and they want to make it impossible for us to, also.
    This is not about whether grassfed meat is healthier than that of overcrowded, giant farms – of course it is, but not everyone can afford it, and those who can’t should be allowed to eat, too.
    Customers have ALWAYS been able to vote with their pocketbooks. No new laws risking disastrous side consequences are needed – you can do it today. Don’t be a dupe of stealth animal rights laws, don’t wait for ponderous, ineffective government regulations to do your work for you – just go out and buy the good stuff right now.

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