New Underhanded Tactics from Pharma—Is It Greed, or an Act of Desperation?

corruptionIt wasn’t enough that they raised the price of this critical drug from $10 to $1,500 per dose. Now they are going after pharmacists and hitting pregnant low-income women the hardest.

KV Pharmaceutical Company is trying a new approach to corner the market for their drug Makena, which helps prevent premature births. They are “raising concerns” about the quality of 17P (17-Hydroxyprogesterone), a hormone that forms the active ingredient in the drug that has been used for many years by compounding pharmacies to make a low-cost version of the pregnancy medicine. The FDA has now agreed to investigate.
You may recall from our earlier article that KV took a compounded drug costing $10 per dose, patented 17P, got it approved by the FDA under the Orphan Drug Act, and immediately raised the price to $1,500/dose (or as much as $30,000 over the course of a pregnancy). When the media picked up this story, KV Pharmaceutical eventually lowered its price from $1,500 to $690 per dose—but that’s still an absurd price when the compounded version only costs $10.
KV then sent letters to compounding pharmacists, telling them they must stop selling their versions of the drug or else face FDA enforcement actions! After an outpouring of protests from you and other grassroots supporters, the FDA was forced to officially concede that this was in fact not the case.
Last month, KV Pharmaceutical presented FDA with data that claims there is variability in the purity and potency of the bulk ingredient and compounded forms of 17P. However, KV has refused to make this data publicly available, so it is impossible to verify their information. FDA has agreed to look into KV pharmaceutical claims and will conduct an on-site review of the laboratory that makes the bulk ingredient.
By resorting to such bullying tactics, the drug company seems to be trying every approach it can to stamp out competition. Their questioning the quality of compounded drugs is especially ironic considering their own credibility is on the rubbish heap. This past week, the drug-maker agreed to pay $17 million as a settlement for violating the False Claims Act—the company failed to advise the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that two of its drugs were unapproved and didn’t qualify for coverage. Besides selling unapproved drugs, they also admitted to making false claims and sending out false quarterly reports.
Remember last week’s article about the government receiving settlements in lieu of prosecution, because the government doesn’t want to lose the drug companies’ business? Another week, another example of drug company crony capitalism.
This comes just seven months after Marc Hermelin, the former chairman and CEO of KV, pleaded guilty to presiding over the production and distribution of morphine sulfate tablets that were larger and contained more morphine than they were supposed to; other tablets were of irregular sizes. He himself was ordered to pay a $1.9 million fine.
Compounding pharmacies have been compounding 17P since 2000, with no controversy. So while KV attempts to bolster the price of its stock, now worth 5% of what it was worth four years ago (this year alone it has fallen from over $12 a share to its current $1.75 a share), its latest stratagem appears to us to be a calculated attack on compounding pharmacists and pregnant women—many of them low-income women without insurance who have no way of paying the exorbitant price of Makena.


  1. It’s both and for good reason. Almost NOBODY needs to take drugs for any disease as long as they eat a diet of healthy and organic traditional foods..

    1. You obviously need to have your medication re-evaluated. Modern medicine is why we now have a extended life expectancy. Years ago, people were lucky if they lived past forty. Antibiotics, for example, are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Pharmaceutical companies need to start concerning themselves more about people’s health and less about their bottom line. Their greed is reprehensible.

      1. Actually it was the advent of hygene among the European People. While records of Native people reaching 90 to 100 years well before white culture started picking up on taking baths and cleaning the teeth.
        The Plains peopel used sage to pick their teeth clean and do gum work and sage is an astringent aas well so it helped thghten the gum tissue and stop gingivitis.
        Part of the reason that European life spans was increased soon after the invasion of the Holy Land by the Crusaders was the practice of bathing regularly. Europeans had just filthy health habits. they often spoiled their water supply by allowing their waste to run off into the rivers and streams. That is why drinking water and bathing were considered bad health practices in the early middle ages.
        Pharma Companies are some of the most vile perpetrators of fraud and theft that anyone can imagine. They are on a campaign to eradicate natural medicine and are a large part of the Obama Care scam. Whom do you think will rule the roost when this Frankinstine of legislation takes over. Do you think matural health care providers will be allowed to obtain money through the system to support their patients???? If you do perhaps I could interest you in a beautiful resort property in Somalia. They have beautiful beaches there and there are probably fewer sharks in the waters than in the Federal Government and the Pharma companies.

      2. Not so sure. Drugs are no longer necessary 99.9% of the time because we now know how to use and can manufacture in pill and tincture form so many forms of natural medicines and herbs. But I think that it should be said that the earlier pharmaceutical culture is responsible for giving us that capability.
        If drug companies were not in competition with supplements and homeopathy, there would be room for both. Unfortunately, the drug companies refuse to accept that they have grown from something good and useful in to greedy, profit-driven bullies that only see market share and nothing else. They run themselves like any other business, seeking at all costs to enlist more customers and stamp out perceived competition to capture market share – which is, of course, completely insane.

    2. Drug companies do the same thing to Niaspan. Niaspan is EXACTLY the same as the cheap long acting over the counter Niacin,(a B vitamin). Can’t be the flush free kind though. I changed Dr.s not liking the too cozy relationship with big pharma.

    3. I think I know what you mean, but without several drugs (Epogen, Sensipar, Renvela), it would be impossible to manage my End Stage Renal Disease (kidney failure requiring dialysis).

    4. While I agree that a healthy diet and lifestyle can diminish or eliminate the need for many pharmaceuticals, there are a vast array of conditions and diseases that require lifelong medication, such as auto immune, neurological, and genetic. No one chooses to contend with health issues, and to be taken advantage of when coping with challenges beyond your control is reprehensible.

      1. The point may be that IF one had lived a life of good uncontaminated food and natural medicines, that you woudl not be finding yourself in a situation where you kidneys or other body systems were failing. That being said, I believe that there will always be a place for pharmaceuticals, just not the large one they have carved out for themselves and are always looking to enlarge further.

    5. Ever so slowly people are waking up to this fact. The general population is so sick that they will become despirate and the pharmaceuticals will be too costly so they will come around to letting food be their medicine like our bodies were designed.

    6. Do you really think that’s all it takes to ward off the crushing effects of all the toxins to which we are exposed, not excluding radiation? Have we already forgotten Fukushima? and that is just one source. Toxins affect sperm counts, conception and pregnancies. Have you noticed how much harder it is getting to actually carry a healthy baby to term? I think we need all the help we can get to counter the negative influences to which we are all exposed — especially pregnant women and their babes!

    7. I agree. There are other ways of insuring a full-term pregnancy. Maybe doctors who are prescribing this medication are on the take as well. Everyone seems to have their hands in the Big Pharma pot.
      Hey, maybe “pot” is the key! Maybe if they legalized pot, we could discover POT prevents premature birth! But, until the powers that be can figure out how to obscenely profit from the lovely green plant, we will never know what it can do for us outside of make us able to put up with the hypocrisy that lurks in every corner of our daily existence.

    8. suzanne, I beg to differ with you about this drug. I am an RN and have worked in L and D, and 18 yrs in the operating room This drug is progesterone which enables the placenta to stay attached to the uterine wall for the helath of the fetus. some women have bleeding their entire preganancies, some having similar to a period really; others have bleeding which is quite heavy. thsoe with heavy bleeding risk the health of the pregnancy. Most women who have this in their first pregnancy will have it in subsequent pregnancies. Some women can take vaginal suppositories for it, others must take injections. So saying just eating organic foods (which most cannot afford)there are conditions that have to have medication or medical intervention. The reason they are charging so much for this medication; is that it is a medicine that is cheap to make but it is used in pregnancy so women are not looked at as being important. Also, this company can make this cheaper than what they do now Medications that are not as fancy as lipitor or a corornary stent get less money so they just charge more for it. The other form of this medicine they said was not safe. It cost women around ten bucks. Women used this progesteroen medicine for years, now all of a sudden it is not good anymore. IT IS CALLED GREED OF BIG PHARMA.

      1. Research internet: Dr F R Klenner (1907 – 1984), in over 40 years brought to term over 300 perfect babies using vitamin C therapy with no drugs, comparatively short easy delivery, no health problems. Side effects, few if any stretch marks. Babies so distinctive the nurses called them the ‘vitamin C babies’.

    9. You are so right. If the low-income women could just spend the little money they have on healthy food choices and llifestyles, they will not need to buy this so call Makena. The only way to silence these greedy people who do not care about our health and only care about making money. I

  2. Big pharmaceutical company raised the price of a critical drug from $10 to $1,500 per dose. Tyranny should be called what it is and stopped immediately. No company no multi nationals no government should be even allowed to think they can rule the lives of the citizens of the United States of America

    1. Yes, in a perfect world, powerful, monied entities would not take advantage but since this is not a perfect world, it is up to each and every one of us to speak up to our Congressional Leaders at the Federal, State and Local level to effect change.
      Perhaps we should create an Occupy Big Pharma movement to get their attention.

  3. The FDA must immediately send a list of the patient’s involved in the trial of this drug so that all injured people can file medical malpractice suites against the pharmaceutical company.

  4. They will just go down the list until, in the end, they have everyone of us right wherere they want us.
    If they haven’t gotten to you yet, trust that they will. They are!
    FDA is essentially worthless, just a money hog of a government department who lies, cheats & steals the publics, money, trust and livlihoods.

    1. I am quite sure there are people at the FDA on the take from Big Pharma and you can bet Big Pharma makes it worth their while to take money from the Big Pharma Lobby! Change the lobbying rules, the climate will change. Unfortunately, our legislators are on the take too! It’s a Catch 22. So, change the entire structure of the Federal Government to have CAREER SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES WHO ARE HIRED ON BACKGROUND/EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE, just like the rest of us, where they will never have to RUN FOR ELECTED OFFICE! They are then bound by the laws in place to protect those they represent. There should be a strong government oversight agency strictly in place to oversee the activities of those career Senators and Representatives to insure adherence to impeccable ethics and laws. Just a thought.

      1. Very good thought, BUT is it ever going to happen? I do not think so. Possible solution, while waiting for that to happen, individuals should learn about making healthy food choices and lifestyles so they do not even have to buy those medications and use their wallent to teach the big pharmacopany a good lesson.
        Look for certifed holistic health caoches to support you as you make those healthy foods and lifestyle choices who would not only focus on secondary foods but also on primary foods: emotions, cravings etc. If you are looking for a holistic healt coach, contact me via my e-mail address. Thank you

      2. That won’t work since it will increase corruption. We are a republic and that means the elected officials making the decision for us need to be elected and then called up on a referendum quite often. We’d be much better off adding another check-and-balance between the house and senate – a referendum stage where citizens vote. Therefore, the house would functionally have the purpose of creating bills, advising citizens on what’s in the bill, but citizens would have another check and balance (themselves). I think the 225 year old argument for making our government a republic – that the masses are not trustworthy and intelligent – is an outdated and elitist one. It may have been true then, but isn’t now. Yes, there would need to be some education, however there would be a necessity to inform the public and due to the nature of our polarity-based political system, they would hear both polarities on every issue.
        That’s another thing to be addressed. Our polar political system can control people (in the favor of big pharma) by making a bill attractive to one side or the other and then slipping in laws that only help big pharma.

  5. All kinds of screwy situations happen with re: to big pharma. It’s bad enough that people have to deal with side effects and fear about drug interactions toward their health, along with the possibility of losing their lives at times which is stated in the commercials of some of the drugs, but they over charge for the drugs, aren’t satisfied with all the humongous profits they make; and want to be instrumental in the U.S. government taking the freedom of choosing vitamin supplements away from us who need and use them. All of us aren’t meant to take drugs and drugs are not the be all and end all, of healing every health challenge; a human being encounters! It’s wrong in our society, that alternative treatments aren’t utilized more than they are, but thank goodness for those of us who research and aren’t satisfied or have terrible drug reactions, so we seek out alternative treatments over pharmaceuticals; which work better for us. They usually do not have side effects as do drugs, and what comes from the earth and what comes from going to the root of the problem with ones homeopathic/holistic/ naturopath professional; instead of treating just the symptoms! I know from experience, because the drugs almost never work for me; but alternatives work really well.

    1. I totally agree with what Linda J says. We need to be more in charge of our own health and be able to find cures other than the big Drug Companies and Doctors who don’t know too much either! I will also stand up for alternative healing and other supplements not made by the drug companies who are only interested in filling their pockets with the “love of money” which is the root of all evil.

  6. I would much more readily trust the quality and purity of a medication which has been compounded by a retail compounding pharmacy, staffed by professional pharmacists who know that the public is relying upon them to provide correct dosages of their needed medications, than one produced by a manufacturing company whose honesty, commitment to quality, public accountability, and fair and truthful dealings have already been questioned, and indeed, found guilty of betraying the public trust.
    The pharmaceutical manufacturer who has employed desperate and wholly unethical behavior to create and preserve criminally high and grossly inflated prices should be permanently sanctioned by the licensing authorities. Their behavior must be thoroughly investigated, and if found in violation of the confidence placed in it solely due to its possession of a license, should have said license permanently revoked. The profession of pharmacy must have no tolerance for such shameful behavior.

  7. I don’t believe compounded drugs can be truly treated as sterile and/or standardized, since there will be variability in different batches, different doses with differing amounts of the active ingredient represented in differing batches — Big Pharma tries to take advantage of their compounding capabilities and “closet” claims of resepctability to make more money on the backs of consumers, and using the DEA and FDA to back them and give their claims respectability. Bah humbug, as they’re finally getting caught up with in their “business as usual” approach.

  8. Wish me luck…I am taking on big pharma. They killed my husband just as sure as they held a gun to this head. I am so pissed, there was no reason for him to die at age 59. Big Pharma and their pill pushing minions ripped my family apart. I will not rest until his story is told.

    1. Deb, make sure to utilize the media to get the story out, especially so long as you have no gag order against you.

  9. The pharmacutical companies are nothing more than legitimized Mofia because they pay off people in high places to get “cover”.

  10. I don’t understand how “Big Pharma” can be so insensitive and uncaring to the needs of the people.
    I had purchased a drug for $75 (which is too much) and the next time it went up to $141. Of course,I could not take it because it was way too expensive. What’s going on here? What’s wrong with the FDA? Why are they not protecting us?

  11. Just cut out all wheat products and go easy on refined carbohydrates. Avoid all vegetable oils except olive oil. Use the latter only for salad dressing and dips. Bake and fry with butter or lard. Make sure you get enough Vitamin D and C all through the winter (D at least 2000IU per day). No lard and butter wont clog your arteries. Lead a moderately physically active life. Nothing out of the ordinary and you will never have any need for any pharmaceutical crutch. If you worry about osteoporosis, don’t drink milk and go easy on calcium but take magnesium and manganese.
    If you were overweight I guarantee you will need new clothes or have the present ones adjusted. Our so called diseases of western civilization are all manufactured by big the big corporate world.

  12. Come on people. People used to use red raspberry leaf tea and other herbs for that condition.
    If we actually think a tiny bit the concept may occur to us that there have been people throughout the length of time in which humans have lived, and NONE of these people used drugs. Yes, some were sick as when in the Middle Ages the land lords took every bit of the raised food possible, making the nutrition of the serfs very sketchy. Then one is obviously susceptible to diseases. They did still know that the chances of dieing of the Bubonic Plague vastly decreased with a silver spoon in one’s mouth. (forms an antibacterial compound of ionized silver and saved many rich kids.)
    Modern medicine points out how everyone before drugs was sick and weakly, or sure seems to. They tout increased lifespans, but if you actually go into an old graveyard, those that survived seemed to do so for a very long time on average.
    Why does the average doctor die about 7 years earlier than his patients? Why are they the profession most addicted to drug abuse? Why are all their drugs being pulled after X number of years? Maybe because every single one is toxic and only cover up symptoms instead of correcting the problem. Maybe because only about 5% of the MDs in the country have training in biochemistry or nutrition and that is what the human body needs. Natural ingredients for the natural body. Get that fake garbage and it ALWAYS causes trouble.

    1. In those times, we also didn’t have factories spewing waste into the air, extremely dense populations (at least without pandemics) and other factors adding toxins and weakening our immune systems. If you can continue to make people sick, you can make them continue to need meds. The problem is a lot more systemic than just big pharma even – it’s our entire lifestyle. Lack of green energy, etc.

  13. Like Robert said……….it just doesn’t surprise me – after being an Alternative Practitioner for 25+ years…….I think I’ve seen it all. People are totally CLUELESS and are afraid to think for themselves anymore. However, I would kindly disagree with Suzanne……it’s no longer about staying Healthy with foods —–but Nipping “Pathogens” in the bud……before they affect the body. Very few Alternative Practitioners do this. Funguses, Bacterias, Viruses & Parasites cannot be controlled thru diet alone……….but a Natural Diet certainly HELPS. Too many mutated BUGS have invaded our bodies. The Drug Companies are “Collecting” big $$$$$$$ on these factors…….so are Doctors & Hospitals. Let’s all keep trying to Educating people!!!!

  14. Competition makes the world go round. As soon as an entity corners the market growth and progress for mankind stops.

  15. Such is not free enterprise. Government was formed to protect the public (rich or poor or in between) from abuses like this. Pharmaceutical companies need to be regulated as utility companies are. Their profits being regulated in exchange for a captive market. As such a business, in a capitalistic democracy, one can not expect, to reign free. Above the entrance to our local courthouse reads the following : Liberty Without License Is Anarchy. We would all do well to understand why people are camping out on the Town Commons and in the Public Parks across this Nation. The insurance companies should protect their stockholders and refuse to pay unreasonable prices for drugs which can be manufactured and marketed at reasonable costs. Profit is OK, but not gouging, not usury. Let the Federal government lead the way with the setting of a reasonable cost to the insurance companies and (medicaid / medicare) and a fair profit for the pharmaceuticals.

  16. As a practicing registered nurse for the past 38 years, I have witnessed the ongoing abuses by pharmaceutical companies! What is deplorable is all the wining and dining of physicians and physician practices to entice doctors to order all their dangerous drugs for their patients. They in turn utilize the public as their “guinea pigs” to trial these medications! The FDA IS nothing more than a veiled attempt by a government agency to funnel these dangerous, untested poisons into the public for corporate pharmaceutical profits. Remember folks….pharmaceutical companies have the largest number of lobbyists in Washington!! Do we stand a chance wih either political party?! The days of vitamins and supplements are numbered. Look at how the FDA is attempting to allow Monsanto Corporation to “police itself” regarding their movement toward genetically modified crops!! Good ole Senator Tom Vilsack has been lobbied to death and has succumbed to such tactics. And HE is a DEMOCRAT!!! God help us all!!!

  17. I am 86 years of age. I am in good health. I refuse flu shots. I take no pharmaceuticals. I eat over 90% organics. I supplement my diet with natural vitamins, minerals and herbals. I have not had flu or any other illness for well over 30 years since I came to my senses and realized what the “sickness industries” were doing to us to make gazillions of dollars.
    Think about it. You can take charge of your life and live healthily without expensive and usually ineffective medical care and products.

  18. Both: Desperation leads to greed, and greed is another name for fear. Not quite sure what these people are afraid of, surely it’s not about money, they have that already—but perhaps more about an insatiable fear-based obsession for total control. So much for that. The other issue here is about protection against miscarriages. This is not simple. Sometimes it can’t be done with a just a pill. At our healing center we check for toxins that may be preventing conception, or causing miscarriages. Some vaccines have been deliberately designed to produce infertility. Exposures to GMO herbicides also can, and both can be detoxified. The other things we look at are emotional, like difficult experiences with mother, relationship problems, fear of childbirth from a past life, and that can be handled by balancing the meridians. Then we check the cholesterol. If it is too low, you can’t make the hormones you need to conceive and/or sustain a pregnancy. Talk to your liver, and ask it to make the right amount, and oddly enough, it will! Your liver is listening! Your cholesterol level needs to be 185 or higher, 200 to 210 is optimal. Do not do a low-fat diet. That is the recipe for fast-aging and big hormone problems, and A,D,E, K vitamin shortages. Progesterone can be synthesized optimally if your cholesterol is high enough, because cholesterol is what creates all your sex hormones and adrenal hormones. It’s good stuff! If husband is doing a statin drug and thinks cholesterol is “bad” he might not have enough testosterone. Tell him that high cholesterol, by itself, doesn’t hurt the heart, it is the oxidated cholesterol that does. You can both share a good antioxidant, and then let your cholesterol rip! If you need extra progesterone, after all that, you can use natural progesterone cream. That works. Take lots of folic acid. Eat delicious fresh organic food, drink water without fluoride or chloramine, and have a happy pregnancy!

  19. Whatever happened to prior art? I thought things that had been in practice by others over a year before a patent on said practice was applied for was grounds for invalidating said patent. Or does that not apply for patents on drugs? Nor the other rules for patentability like novelty and non-obviousness?
    Looks like some legal chicanery going on somewhere in this deal.

    1. wvhillbilly: Who’s going to sue the company over prior art? The individual pharmacy’s won’t. The patent system favors the big guys.

  20. This should be one of the agencies that should be abolished by a new president, or at least cut it’s budget down to size where it can’t try to use abusive power on WE THE PEOPLE. Ron Paul, 2012

  21. It’s both desperation and greed. Recently, I called my vet because one of my pets has Cushing’s Disease. I’ve been getting it compounded for several years. When I went to renew the script for her the vet told me that the FDA is no longer approving Pergolide for $25 a month and the only alternative now is Prascend at $68 a month. They state that the compounding is not consistent.
    It just so happens that I possibly found a natural way to treat it. It’s called Chasteberry. I’ve only had her on it for about a month but she seems just as perky as she did before starting it.

  22. Instead of taking hydroxyprogesterone to prevent miscarriages why don’t expectant mothers take natural(bioidentical)progesterone. It can’t be patented(because God created it)and it is therefore very inexpensive and has no side effects when given in the proper dosages. Estrogen provides the bloody lining for conception and development of the fetus and progesterone holds it in place. Without an adequate amount of progesterone there is a high likelyhood of having a miscarriage. The proper way to determine progesterone levels is using saliva testing as opposed to testing the blood. Saliva testing shows bioidentical hormone levels whereas blood testing does not. Refer to the work of Dr. John Lee(

  23. Drug companies’ greed is out of control. Unfortunately, our government representatives are in their pockets rather than representing the people of this country as they should. Too many doctors overuse drugs. Many are oblivious to their potential side effects. Over this past summer, I have seen my 92 year old father nearly killed with drug overuse. Guess who paid for all this overuse? Of course, Medicare. Overpriced and overuse of drugs is the primary reason Medicare and Medicaid are in so much financial trouble. Yet, our government is not doing much to halt the greed. Other countries limit profits; not ours. We’re the big cash cow for pharmaceuticals. The KV ruse is just another example of unrestrained greed.

  24. It’s the unholy alliance between Big Pharma and D.C. politicians who greatly benefit from insider trading.

  25. I wonder if this PROGESTERONE type drug/hormone is needed to COMBAT all the estrogen effects of: PCBs, rBGH milk, GMO foods, and other crap made by big agribiz/chem cos and big pharma… hm…

  26. They should never have been able to patent it as it was used in public for many years a.k.a. public domain. Or, at the very least, pharmacists should be able to continue mixing it from scratch.
    The patent office should be investigated…corporate fascism at work again!

    1. Patenting things that are in the public domain? 150 fold price increases? Just business as usual for the pharmaceutical industry. You want to get the whole story? Look up the documentary on the drug industry, “Prescription for Disaster” on Google. It’s an eye opener.
      Sadly the pharmaceutical industry along with the FDA is a 5,000 pound canary that can do just about anything it wants and get by with it. 150 fold markups are small potatoes for the drug industry. When you get into psychoactive drugs, the markups get really obscene. Hundreds of dollars for pills that cost only pennies to produce. And all that money leads to corruption in the endless lust for more. I say it’s all about greed, and always has been.

  27. Kudos to all of you who are taking charge of your own health. Thank you for the good reading above. I’m 67 and in great condition. I do vitamens and herbs and prescriptions rarely. Compounded progesterone cream helped me through menopause heat and sweats. I admit there are times when prescription are life savers and needed on a tempory basis (penicillen saved me from death at 16 from pneumonia and scarlett fever at 8). I had cancer a few yrs. ago and got hooked up with Life Extension ( This group of doctors, scientists tell you the latest and greatest medical news from around the world (all backed up with multiple footnotes) and offer natural supplements for solutions or additions. Ie: there are 300 uses in your body for magnesium. You can now repair and replace brain cells, and alzheimer’s disease has “natural” things to offset or prevent it. Big Pharma won’t tell you this. You have to find it for yourself… I did, and I’m still here and WELL. Good luck, folks. Take care of yourselves with education. It takes time to sort through it all but you can find what you need. Also check out Dr. Richard Schulze (homeopath) and his botanical formulas. They are 100% of what he says they are: Terrific. It took the FDA/AMA 20 yrs to shut down his clinic in San Diego because he was too successful at healing “the dead”. His tinctures are great and really work.

  28. The so called average life span for different decades is a bogus statistic. It averages together all the life spans of everyone born during that decade, century whatever. We must remember that infant mortality was extremely high in the past due to the the poor hygiene of doctors who did not know to wash their hands after treating sick patients. They would go straight from a sick patient to a delivery without washing hands or instruments, this is one reason why so many many women and babes died soon after childbirth. What I would like to know is rather than an average what percentage of the population people lived to old age.
    There were people who lived to be very old. In high school I did a term paper on the famous Renaisance painter Titian. He lived to be 99 and was finally felled by the plague because he did not leave Venice to retreat to the cleaner countryside as he had done in the past.
    If we live longer now we should thank our plumbers, sewer workers and sanitation workers for giving us the basics of sanitation. The medical profession takes too much of the credit and now they have fallen down on the job by allowing antibiotics to be undermined by the meat industry and becoming pawns of big pharma.

  29. Actually the reason for the increased cost is much more insidious then people realize. If you make a medication so outrageously expensive so that lower income pregnant women can’t afford it, then they will experience higher rates of miscarriages, and thus a decrease in population. Conspiracy theorists claim this is ‘genocide’. There may be some truth to this. Everything that Big Pharma and other big corporation do seems to indicate a motive to control the population of the masses. One has to put it together to see what kind of future they are directing (brainwashing, culling, profit) people to suit their needs. Lets face it, only big corporations and government officials profit from the citizens regardless.

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