Run (or Walk, or Hike, or Ride a Bike) for Integrative Health on December 4!

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Join ANH-USA and the Natural Health Alliance Foundation in a nationwide event to raise money for integrative medicine research—and to find real cures for breast cancer and other devastating diseases!
When the cure for breast cancer is often worse than the disease, continued access to important alternative treatments for breast cancer is more important than ever. We are asking YOU to help make that happen on Sunday, December 4.
It’s easy. Just go to the “Promote Integrative Medicine” event page and click the black button on the right that says, “Fundraise for this Event.” Choose whether you want to sign up as an individual, start a new team, or join an existing team. If you start a new team, you’ll be able to invite friends to join your team as well. If you wish, you can set a monetary goal for your fundraising event!
The main event page has a leaderboard showing which teams and individuals have raised the most money so far, so you can compete with others! Also check out ANH-USA staff’s team page, where you’ll find details of our own 10-mile hike in Washington, DC.
Washington metro area members and readers are welcome to join us on our hike! Just email [email protected] with the subject “Integrative Medicine Hike,” and we’ll send you details (including the hiking route) closer to the day of the event.


    1. Why not look at all of the amazing results that XANGO has provided us with through the use of their suppliments. Why compete, join them in their efforts….common. “Why use a drug…when real food will do”?

  1. I am writing you today about an issue that knows no political party, race, creed or income bracket. That issue is the disease of cancer—and a Houston, Texas physician who has been successfully treating it with an innovative personalized gene-targeted regimen—a method of cancer treatment not currently practiced anywhere in the world except for his Houston clinic. This physician’s name is Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D. From 1986 to 1996 the Texas Medical Board launched an unsuccessful ten-year campaign to halt Dr. Burzynski’s practice related to his scientific discovery of Antineoplastons and their relationship to cancer treatment. This trial had nothing to do with the safety or efficacy of his discovery—the FDA has long confirmed the medicine’s safety and efficacy. In 1996, The Texas Medical Board is quoted in it’s court documents as stating “The efficacy of Antineoplastons in the treatment of human cancers is not of issue in these proceedings.” Today, the Texas Medical Board is making another attempt at shutting this practice down, a practice that has cured countless terminal cancer patients—and given those who could not be saved, a longer healthier quality of life to enjoy with their families. This is unacceptable, and the citizens of both Texas and the world need to be able to have the choice of this new approach to personalized gene-targeted cancer treatment Dr. Burzynski has devised—if they chose to. As you know very well, our country is ripe with corporate interests acting in financial self-preservation by utilizing government offices to wipe out their competition. This might be acceptable to some when it comes to some technologies, but it is unacceptable when it comes to the technologies related to the physical health of our people. If the Texas Medical Board has it’s way, it will set the “War On Cancer” back another 10+ years in important research and progress. Governor Rick Perry personally appointed the heads of the Texas Medical Board, and We The People hereby request that you urge him to investigate this irresponsibly constructed upcoming trial involving Dr. Burzynski in 2012, and request you also personally to urge the Texas Medical Board to end their witch hunt now. Once your office reviews this case for yourselves, we have confidence that you will find that the Texas Medical Board does not have a legitimate case, and is abusing its power. Between Dr. Burzynski’s original Antineoplaston discovery, which by the way are the first medicines in history to ever cure certain types of pediatric brain tumors, and Dr. Burzynski’s ingenious personalized gene-targeted regimen, he threatens the financial welfare of the cancer industry as a whole. Frankly, all the profits in the world are not worth more than anyone’s life. If this is what freedom and capitalism looks like, it should be upheld if it is something that you hold dear to your heart as a representative of the American people. If an innovative physician is not allowed to work within the law and become an innovator in cancer treatment without being wiped out by his competition, then we do not live in a country of free market, but rather—a dictatorial power dangerously out of control, one that is dictated by money wiping out it’s more successful competition—in the name of putting to death countless cancer patients who could benefit from this new cancer treatment technology. Prove us wrong, prove to the American people that our society is genuinely one that operates within a free market, and not one of monetary dictatorship. Prove us all wrong by reviewing this case and stopping this trial from happening. We, the American voting public, will be watching very closely. Most sincerely,

    1. Please go to the We need to fight for this doctor who has cured people of cancer. The website will give you the information to email the governor of Texas and all those involved. The above letter is what we email those in charge.

      1. The website you mention takes people to a false website that doesn’t get them to Burzynski clinic. Please post the proper website.

    1. but eventho I know cures for cancer I wish I could do this, Im trying to help with things like this ANYWAY I can, things are about truth & the better of humanity 🙂 I live in south va tho an no car to get to dc 🙁

  2. Hi! Please give us more information about where the money raised will go and what it will be used for. I am very interested in supporting this once I have more information.

    1. We are raising money for the Natural Health Alliance Foundation (previously known as the Health Freedom Foundation), a 501c3 charity with whom we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship for a number of years. Their board of directors is headed by Holly Han, RN and Dr. Jonathan Wright. The organization works to promote natural health and health freedom through non-lobbying activities such as public education and litigation. In the past, NHAF has made grants to ANH-USA to support our educational and legal projects.

  3. Hi Folks,
    Guess what? Two great scientist, Dr. Linus Pauling Ph.D and John R, Lee MD, solved the problem more than 15 years ago.
    Read “Cancer and Vitamin C” by Cameron and Pauling, and “What your doctor may not tell you about Lee
    Lee tells you to use Natural progesterone cream to prevent the cancer
    Pauling tells you what to take in case you already have it.
    Believe me, It works.

  4. The cure for cancer has been found many years ago and many times by different researchers, I would like to add tne names of Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. Gerson and Quantum Touch. Find the info in their web sites. The first two have a common basis, the toxicity of the body and the third one works with the energy. There are also emotional cancers that respond better to the energy approach. I hope you find this info useful.

  5. The issue is simply about freedom. Or the total lack of it in a police state, which is what the USA has been sliding towards at an increasingly dizzying speed since Dec 1913. When the “Federal” ( aka Rothschild ) Reserve Act was passed. Wthin 20 years, America had been bankrupted, and now operates via Executive Orders issued by the Receiver. These orders involve the invasion of non-belligerent countries in order to steal their wealth and murder their citizens. Kissinger has said that the American military are dumb stupid animals who are only useful in so far as they advance Amerika’s foreign policy.Their death and mutilation is irrelevant to him.
    The agenda also involves the suppression of the US’s own citizens; barefacedly lying to them as a matter of principle, and their exploitation for financial gain. If this means the death of those citizens through the denial of access to practical cancer treatments or anything else, so be it.
    You are at the abyssal edge.There will be no return to sanity or any semblance of humanity. The agenda involves population reduction of 90%. That means you. Vaccination policy is designed to weaken and ultimately to kill you. Ditto GM ” food”.
    You have one precious advantage. His name is Ron Paul.
    Have a wonderful walk, cold or not.
    Greetings to you all from England., and God Speed.

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