Durbin and Waxman Strike Again!

free-passTheir latest move targets supplements while giving drugs and vaccines a free pass. New Action Alert!

Senator Dick Durbin and Congressman Henry Waxman are trying a new tactic in their attack on supplements after previous legislative failures. They have asked the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to review adverse event report data—but only for supplements. The GAO operates at the call of Congress, so some action on this request is inevitable. Here is their letter.
In a statement, Sen. Durbin said, “The FDA has the tools necessary to determine which supplements can cause and have caused severe health problems—they should use them effectively.”
This is nonsense. There is no evidence that legitimate supplements, those that comply with existing law, have caused severe health problems. What the FDA needs to do is not evaluate and approve each supplement, but rather enforce existing law.
Durbin’s idea that the FDA has the expertise to evaluate all supplements is pure fantasy. They aren’t set up for it and would fail even if they were. The agency is biased against supplements to boot, because it wants them to go through the drug approval process and thereby contribute to the agency’s budget. Supplements, not being patented, cannot afford all these costs, as the FDA and Durbin and Waxman know well. The end result of this mindset will simply be to clear the shelves of supplements.
If consumer safety is really Sen. Durbin’s motivation, we have to ask—why aren’t he and Rep. Waxman also asking the GAO to review adverse event report (AER) data for vaccines and drugs, which are far more dangerous and have far more reported adverse events? Just look at the number of adverse events reported for 2008 alone:

Note that the above figures should be used with caution. Although a serious adverse event is defined by statute, other adverse events are not.  What may be considered an adverse event for one category may not be for another. If an FDA-approved drug has listed in the product labeling that it can cause fainting or nausea, or chest pains or seizures, then it is considered to be within the range of expected outcomes! In this case, the adverse event should be reported, but the report is not considered “urgent” and may be delayed for up to a year.  At the same time, USA Today noted, when it comes to supplements, what the FDA considers an adverse event can be “anything from a concern that a supplement isn’t working to a serious illness that follows consumption.”
Please note also that while the vaccine data we reported above comes from a separate Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, the prescription drugs figures may or may not include vaccines, since vaccines are technically therapeutic biologics. The government doesn’t say.
What is clear, however is that there are over 487 times more AERs for FDA-approved prescription drugs than there are for supplements, and 409 times more serious events for drugs than supplements. And Durbin thinks it’s supplements that are endangering the public? The following graph makes the difference obvious:


Ultimately, these latest tactics are meant to move us closer to a pre-approval regulatory system for supplements, which will remove many—or perhaps most—supplements from the market, giving even greater power to the pharmaceutical industry.
We believe that Congress shouldn’t look into supplement AERs unless they actually pay attention to major vaccine and drug AERs. The lack of attention to vaccine AERs is a particular scandal, as we pointed out in an earlier story about the cover-up of HPV vaccine adverse events. As you may recall, the Institute of Medicine says it will only look at peer-reviewed research on vaccine AERs, but won’t sponsor any. They then conclude that vaccines like the dangerous HPV shots are “safe” because there is no “evidence” otherwise. If we lived in a sane world, this kind of Orwellian logic wouldn’t be allowed for a moment.
We are in discussion with several Capitol Hill legislators to get GAO to investigate and review drug and vaccine AERs if they do supplements—and we’re asking you to write your senators and your congressional representative and make the same request. Please take action today!


Click THIS LINK to go to the Action Alert page. Once there, fill out the form with your name and address, etc., and customize your letter. We have a suggested message for you, but please feel free to add your own comments to the letter.
We’d also love to hear your comments about this article—just add your thoughts below—but remember that the messages below are only seen by our ANH-USA readers and not Congress.


  1. Please leave supplements alone. Compared to drugs, the risk they present is infinitesimal. Yet dangerous drugs with umpteen side effects are constantly being promoted to the public. It would be better to focus on the lax standards of the FDA with regard to big pharma.

  2. One would assume they are being “paid” by the drug industry to even think supplements are dangerous. Doctors, yes. Big Pharma drugs, yes. Vaccines, definitely yes. There are great supplements and there are poor ones. Poor ones need to be kicked out of the business; good ones should be lauded because supplements help us in so many ways to get and maintain health.

  3. The drug industry has a;ways been threatened by supplements, vitamins and their effectiveness. Our medical system has to be ensured cerain privileges in order to continue the propoganda. The propoganda of peoples dependency on drugs and other medical modalities.
    Yes, we cannot live without medicine and some of there employed modalities, but all people always have a choice regardless of what the prognosis may be. Supplements, Homeopathy, and all other alternatives have been in existence for centuries. Hippocrates did not have Duane Reade to fill a prescription for his patients. Why can’t the drug companies work in unison with the available alternatives that have been created.
    Senator Durbin and Senator Waxman, stop taking kickbacks from the drug companies and allow others to freely choose what they want to ingest in their bodies.

  4. The general public has been taking supplements {a food product} for many years now to assist them in maintaining proper nutrition and better health. Many of our foods today are devoid of proper nutrients due to transportation and processing. After all these years of using these products we do not wish to be deprived of something we have found beneficial and have been using in our daily lives………. A large number of our manufacturing companies would be threatened by your proposed needless legislation, we don’t need that. I’m sure in consideration of the present crises there are so many other pressing issues begging for resolution. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    1. The multiple crises that we face take our attention away from these proposed Bills that the FDA tries to “sneak” by us. They hope that enough of us aren’t looking. Thanks to ANH, other newsletters and citizens who are aware and sound the alarm, we can multi task to try and keep Big Govt. from spreading into every aspect of our Lives!! Yet another reason that the Internet should remain FREE. Thank you, ANH for a very informative article.

  5. Durbin and Waxman,
    You’re wasting MY tax dollars and being shills for the pharmaceutical industry–both reasons I’d vote your sorry asses right out of Congress…if I only had a vote (alas, I live in DC and am essentially disenfranchised).
    What a SICK country this is: people like you don’t even try to hide your iniquity any more!

    1. I would encourage Durbin and Waxman to focus on the use of mecury in vaccines. In three countries in Europe they have banned the use of mercury perservatives in vaccines. The vaccine compensation program has paid out 2.1 million dollars to those that have been injured. However, the time limit for filing a complaint is three years. There is considerable scientifica evidence that the mercury in vaccines can cause autism in children more than the trhree year vaccination. Consequently, I would extend the three years to ten years. Supplements are safe and not near the issue! I would focus on a medical crisis!

      1. Thank You Doctor. We certainly need medical professionals to raise red flags when warranted.
        However “vaccination” has so many problems I am afraid only a serious study can save our children and us. Clearly HHS and its siblings will not allow such a study of their sacred “population reducing” cow.
        Consider only three ingredients found in “vaccinations” and drinking water; note there are hundreds of toxic ingredients in vaccines and thousands in our “food and drink” supply, fluoride, aluminum and mercury. Aluminum found in many “vaccines” has a hard time making it into your brain UNLESS it is combined with the fluoride which is added to 70% of the municipal drinking water. Aluminum once in the brain combines to POTENTATE the proven neuro toxic effects of the mercury found in ALL “Seasonal Flu Vaccines”. The CDC recommends the WORTHLESS “Flu Shot” for virtually everyone fetus to death bed. Society is in the process of MANDATING the worthless “Flu Shot”.
        The harder you look at “vaccination” the more deadly it becomes.

  6. Great informative article-thanks. Will forward to friends, whose addr’s. i can find easier via ‘forward’.

  7. Who are Sen. Durbin and Sen. Waxman’s constituents and why do they keep voting these jokers back in the office? They both must have nice cushy jobs waiting for them at the pharmaceuticals once they’re done with so-called service to our nation and people of the United States.

    1. These two imbeciles (I would call them men, but they’re not worthy of that title) need to be deported from our country. When and where did they learn all there is about supplements? They should be thoroughly investigated for profiting from the Big Pharmas. They should be placed in a secure area and forced to take every drug (poison) that is doled out everyday. by some of the most stupid doctors that we have ever had in this country. These uninformed and even less knowledgeable two idiots and the doctors should be arrested for manslaughter. They are the perpetrators of thousands of deaths (probably millions) by supporting the Big Pharmas and buying into the scam that is foisted upon the citizens of America. I guess they are experts on all the thousands of drugs that are handed out so freely to our citizens. And of course, we know the meaning of “expert”? EX is a has-been. And a SPURT is a drip under pressure.
      We need to stop these non-essential pieces of garbage before they become a stinking, rotten mass of slime.

    2. Turbin Durbin and Henry (Nortrilitis) Waxman are simply trolling for some campaign cash from big pharma. They care not for the health/well-being of Americans or their constituents. But this is the same things McCain did a while back also They can get away with it because they are in “safe” districts and their sheeple will blindly vote them back in.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly with your statements, and have only one comment that does not reflect your thoughts. Not all doctors are idiots. My doctor is very open to the use of supplements, and in fact, sells some of them in his office to people who resist prescription poison. I have used some of his supplements with great results, and I highly recommend that people switch to these miracles of nature instead of the vitriolic poisons dished out indiscriminately to unsuspecting patients. I’ve heard of many deaths as a result of taking rat poison (Coumadin) and other forms of Hemlock that Big Pharma dishes out. There is one way to squelch this orgnization of executioners, and that is to flatly refuse to take anything that requires a written prescription, and trying instead, the wonderful products of God and nature that heals and promotes good health instead of sounding a death knell. I would say to every patient, “Take this at your own risk”, if a doctor insisted on prescribing Big Pharma’s poisons, and said patient gave in to the threats and nagging.

    3. “They both must have nice cushy jobs waiting for them at the pharmaceuticals”
      Nope these two are gong to die in the saddle as it were. I suppose the jobs must be promised to grand sons and daughters. LOL

  8. I hope we can put a stop to this. For some people it could be detrimental to our health if we were forced to stop using some supplements. However I do agree that the GAO should be reviewing the adverse event report data for vaccines and drugs. There is obvious proof that some are or could be very dangerous for people. Why they are still being distributed is beyond belief. These people are only concerned about what makes money for them. Don’t they even care about their own family and friends or for themselves?

    1. Suzanne Ishikawa, you asked if they don’t care about their families and friends, or about themselves. Sadly, the truth is that they don’t. People are murdered for a measly $50 or less…what would some do for the potential of BILLIONS of dollars?? Because these people are lining their pockets through the control of where and how we spend our money for health care and prevention, they make enough off of us to go to other countries where Alternative care is available…they are not STUCK with the options that are open for us. We are forced to seek the only care that is available for us…that which is FDA approved!! Now, Senator Dick Durbin and Congressman Henry Waxman are attempting to seal that fate for us!! They are obviously only concerned about what makes money for those who are funding their campaigns for election. They need to be removed from their “jobs” that they were “hired” (elected) to do by the voters. Their “non-rescindable pay raises should be terminated and their lifetime retirements for a few years of overpaid work

      1. As far as voters are concerned, we are not powerless, nor are we not without our weapons. Our battlefields are the voting booths, and our weapons, the ballots. Keep this in mind when you go to the polls, a year from now, and keep the names Durbin and Waxman in your memories and leave a huge blank space after their names, and same goes for any other government candidate who shares their views. We may lose some battles, but we can win the war if enough voters will vote those people right out of office.

    2. We KNOW or should know that unvaccinated kids are 5 to 10 healthier is several aspects than their vaccine infected peers.
      We really need NO more studies. What we need is MANY tens of millions of mothers and fathers as mad as HELL and screaming at the sold out pediatricians, sold out HHS, sold out Medical Industry AND protecting their flesh and blood from the toxic “vaccines” with their bodies and lives if need be.

  9. Big Pharma will never give up, especially now when so many of thier drugs do not work or seriously injure people.

    1. They also kill people. I was given a drug that damaged my health, but I am one of the lucky ones as I know of several who died. Doctors can prescribe any amounts they want and with the kick-backs from Big Pharm they suppliment their incomes. I guess they can kill and maime for money. So sad.

  10. Many are without health insurance and cannot afford to go to a dr. This is pure EVIL and GREED STOP THIS… NOW!!!

  11. Supplements are less dangerous than prescription drugs. We, the public, should have the choice to take supplements for health care as an alternative to drugs.

    1. We the people should start rebelling. Enough already with new legislation, we all know full well how drugs kill and disrupt our entire bodies. The drug companies are heartless and want everybody to get sick with no other option but to take their so called wonder drugs. Sometimes i feel like we are living in a fascist society. The United States is a free country. At least it used to be.
      We need to infultrate the phone lines of Congress and tell them enough is enough. When the people talk they listen.

  12. It’s all about control and money. The goal of the elitists (Bilderburgs, Illumanati, etc, including much of our government forces) is to rid the earth of over 80% of population. This is just one of several programs working to reduce population. I could go on for pages but it probably would be deleted. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, people! Do some research on your own! Wake up!!!

    1. Brenda, if EVERY Citizen “got” what you just said, THEIR plan would be over!! You just hit the ‘nail on the head’. Well, it is more than US Citizens…this is a Global plot!! We are ALL being manipulated through FEAR. Fear of Global Warming, Fear of lack of resources (when actually, there is abundance everywhere you look) The oil spill in the Gulf showed that the oil is there and in immeasurable quantities!! THEY quickly capped that one off, not to save the environment, but to keep us from realizing how much oil there actually is!! We are kept in bondage through regulations and taxes. Our minds are being manipulated with the “dirty” drugs that dumb our minds down…from cradle to grave!! Our precious children are inoculated with substances from the time they are born. This continues throughout their school years through the “immunization program”. They are put on “medication” to control their “behaviors” because the injection of mercury into their bodies through the immunization shots is working too well. Psychotropic drugs for children!!! The shots to “control” different diseases also carry with them hormones that leave females unable to carry their pregnancies to full term. If you think that these different programs are put into effect and ENFORCED by governments are there for our good, you are sadly mistaken. Their one goal has always been to reduce and control further human population growth. EVERY attendee to these elitists (Bilderburgs, Illumanati, etc,) meetings have bought into this ideal. They “believe” that they are saving the planet and they are “fanatical” about it…just like any so called “terrorist” who plots to bomb buildings or world leaders.

  13. Is there no end to the attack on vitamins and other supplements? Where is the justification in allowing vaccines and drugs that knowingly kill or otherwise cause adverse reactions in humans but restrict freedom of choice for something naturally available in nature? Is there not enough to keep Durbin or Wasman busy beyond shutting down the supplement industy? Is the FDA so caught up on their legitimate work that they have the time to go after food or supplements? I don’t get it. Well, I do; it is all about power and greed. Please vote against the current attack on vitamins and dietary supplements. Help retain our freedom of choice on how we nuture out bodies.

  14. Supplements are less dangerous than prescription drugs. We, the public, should have the choice to take supplements for health care as an alternative to drugs.

  15. To Senators Durbin and Waxman,
    I am very disappointed to read about your negativity toward vitamin supplements, for living with MS, an alternative protocol I’ve been following now for over a year and a half has worked better for me, than the shots I took for several years. They didn’t do anything good for me, and actually they hindered me in my life. Since you are against vitamin supplements, I am against the two of you as well. Are you siding with big pharma because you receive kickbacks from them? If you do, shame of you. I thought that the two of you were more open minded that I’m reading about you. Not everyone is meant to take an endless chain of drugs that can be more dangerous to their health and well being; than the illness they are treating with the drugs. I am not meant to take a bunch of drugs and do not like them. I do not like your stance on supplements either, so I do not support you. Sincerely, Linda Haslett, MI

  16. how come this is still going on and no one has mad a point of contacting major news media about this bill and how pushing it thru all the websites i get medical info from have been talking about this for months but i have not 1 word on this on any news media or paper this senator and congressman need to be ask about this bill every day until this bill is voted down all the doctors and nurses who are against this bill need to get together and speak up please tell the truth about whats going on every day on the dr oz show he recomends a dietary supplement to help with some health issue people like him dr mercola dr sinatra dr weil dr blaylock dr douglass dr rowen dr whitaker these doctors need to speak out and contact there senators and congressman along with everyone else who uses dietary supplements time is running out help the public keep the right to choose to use what we think might help us to stay healthy

  17. The FDA does not test drugs. The drug companies do their own testing and submit it to the FDA. So the assumption that the FDA would test supplements and vitamins is wrong. Also, I have read several places that their is no credible evidence that supplements or vitamins have caused any major problems. In fact FDA approved drugs have caused several deaths. In fact I take a prescription drug that states it can cause congestive heart failure.
    Right now the Congress should be working to find ways to reduce costs not increase them. Getting the FDA involved would only increase costs directly i.e. FDA increase staff and indirectly by making us the consumer pay more for products.
    I want less government not more.

  18. Is it just my computer or what??? This is the only website that the page keeps jumping around making it almost impossible to read.

  19. Supplements are needed now more then ever because most of the corn, soy, cotton-seed, canola, sugar beet, alfalfa, papaya now grown in the United States are “RoundUp-Ready” meaning that they have been genetically engineered to grow without metal nutrients. Gylphosate has been applied to the ground to lock up metal nutrients so that weeds, trees, and non-GMO crops will die, but RoundUp-Ready crops, not needing the metal nutrients, will survive.
    With the organic revolution, their has been a retaliation against organic and non-GMO with the high altitude aerial spraying of aluminum and barium that will poison every plant that absorbs metal nutrients. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7C5TFTkblKQ The problem is, we require metal nutrients for a healthy immune system. i.e. We need metal nutrients to survive.

  20. I am a Durbin constituent in Illinois – the land of crooked politicians. I’m waiting for the day when we find out who is really paying Durbin. I hope he can join his degenerate buddies in the pen real soon.

  21. I cannot stand Waxman! The guy is literally a babbling idiot who wasnt even sure if the drinking and smioking ages were 21 and 18..He wasnt even sure if testosterone needed a prescription from an M.D. or not…(all from the movie,” Bigger, Faster, Stronger”. This guy is clearly just a big pharm puppet and clearly represents a major reason why Americans distrust their government..How much money is enough Waxman!? Christ, your older than dirt and been in office since 72!!! Reform the time Congress should be allowed to serve and watch most of our problems disappear in ten years! PFFF Pathetic Garbage from to pathetic men..

  22. Pharmaceutical companies, medical establishments and drug-pushing doctors are PUBLIC HEALTH HAZARDS! They killed my father, mother and younger brother. i avoid them like the plague and if you were smart, you would too..Go natural! Take supplements and natural treatments and see how much better you look and feel. Guaranteed, the filthy-rich global elites running the planet are all using cutting-edge alternative health options when they or their family gets sick..none of them are using the outdated, compromised system you are being bribed to support, so why should you or anyone else be forced to use it by malicious laws created to spread only death and suffering? Please just STOP being their puppets and do your duty to God and your country. Thank you

  23. Disgusting, corrupt little men. All of these people and others like them have done more than try to ruin our country and also want to take it over and have us rely only on the government ,should be prosecuted and thrown in prison.

  24. I say just follow the money—Durbin is a shill for BIG PHARMA–he’s corrupt. How much $$$$
    is BIG PHARMA paying him. I say Durbin and Waxman should be injected with BIG PHARMA
    vaccines/drugs–let them test it out on themselves and their families and let’s see how BIG
    PHARMA drugs really work. BIG PHARMA can’t stand losing money to supplements. EXPOSE

  25. A friend said to me “Won’t it be wonderful when they come up with a ‘cure’ for Cancer and Diabetes?” I looked at her and said “Are you nuts? Those are their 2 cash cows!! They get BILLIONS for research…and they are no closer to a cure than they have ever been!!” The FDA approved drugs and medical approaches that are used merely provide a bandage for a hemorrhaging wound. They mostly don’t “cure” anything. They just treat symptoms…with more side effects that require more medications. It’s an ongoing, lifetime profit machine for the FDA, pharmaceutical companies and the AMA THEY won’t open up alternative approaches here in America, because those measures are too inexpensive, compared to the FDA “approved” ones. There are clinics with Oncologist/Dr’s in Mexico and Europe who treat patients with Alternative Therapies. Those Therapies work!! Not always, but, with a higher success rate than the abysmal ” statistics that the FDA approved methods offer!! I know personally of 2 individuals who were told by their Dr’s to go home and die. They went to Mexico and now, years later, they are both alive and told by those same Dr’s that they don’t have any more Cancer in their bodies!! Why this INSANITY to continue using something that they KNOW won’t work?? Why use the Chemo on a Cancer that they KNOW won’t respond, only giving days or a week more of Life, at best, to the final outcome?? Government programs, VA, Medicaid etc will pay hundreds of thousands on therapies that they know won’t work!! The Government is telling us that we NEED the health care pkg that was recently shoved down our throats…the one that will leave our Country totally bankrupt. Why??? Because it will ensure that the FDA, Big Pharma and the Government Agencies that are being set into place, will have income into perpetuity!! We will, if not already HAVE, lost all control of Freedom of Choice!!

  26. David Engel, does living in DC keep you from contributing to someone who is campaigning against these Big Pharma “shills”?? We have to support those who are running against them. THEIR supporters have deep pockets. Those who CAN vote need to know that Senator Dick Durbin and Congressman Henry Waxman are working for Big Pharma and not for the voters who put them in office. I’m sure that many of those voters enjoy the freedom of taking supplements without a Dr’s prescription and a watered down, ineffective versions at that!!

    1. I’m sorry am I missing something here? I think that there is a need to BALANCE THE BUDGET, and make some cuts in the 17 Trillion dollar deficit. This BS needs to stop and right now! What a waste of time sidestepping the real issues at hand. We can vote Durbin and Waxman out of office just as well as anybody else.

  27. What really bothers me is not so much the two scounderals durbin and waxman , who naturally will do what scounderal’s do , cause it is thier nature to do so! Its the people who they represent from those states that keep voting these two disasters in time after time. They need to be fired promptly or recalled

  28. Thank you for all the work you do on these important fronts. And for keeping me informed. I agree that whoever keeps putting these people into office need to be informed about what havoc they are wreaking. Any way you can think to do that would be greatly appreciated!

  29. yes, it’s MONEY.
    It’s he pharmaceutical COSA-NOSTRA families are doing show-n-tell thru their two muppets.
    Information is Power.
    So, the faster we spread the truth about about pharmaceutical companies and their true faces, the better.
    If everyone starts a blog on it, then it’s a matter of time till these companies will go down to downtown.
    Imagine when just 10% of those who buy their “medications”, stop buying… yes, they will go bankrupt overnight.

  30. Politicians don’t believe that the American people are smart enough to choose their own supplements. That is wrong. Some people take too many supplements, but most people take just what they need. Big Pharma is behind these efforts to kill the nutritional supplement industry, as they want to eliminate their competition.

    1. Most people who take supplements are probably more informed about nutrition than most Dr.s as the pharmaceutical industry keeps Dr.s busy just keeping up with the drugs they produce. If someone takes too many nutritional supplements, they have “expensive urine” in most situations. If you overdose on FDA “approved “, prescribed medications by your Dr., It’s possibly going to kill you, or you will end up with a serious addiction problem plus multiple side effects!!

    2. Americans are too stupid to be able to sort out the truth about vitamins and supplements, so “we” have to save the public from vitamins and supplements they are buying because of “inaccurate assumptions based on advertizing”.
      Americans are so smart we can market pharmaceuticals to them directly. They know what they need based on our advertizing claims and will demand the drugs from their doctors. Oh, and we’ll only show happy healthy people so they miss the required statements about side effects…

  31. This article plays on peoples frustration that pharmaceutical companies have too much power. Sure we can all get behind more regulations on prescription drugs. So, the article spins Durbin and Waxman’s proposal, too monitor and regulate supplements, as supporting pharmaceutical companies. I don’t actually know if Durbin and Waxman are making deals with drug companies (it’s the responsibility of the author of this article to prove to me that they are). I’m sure they are heavily lobbied. Which would make me and everyone else that is skeptical of the government believe that there is validity in this article, though the article never once shows evidence to support that claim. Actually, Waxman co-created the “Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act,” or “Hatch-Waxman Act” which greatly increased the availability of generic drugs and increased the availability of cheaper drugs to people. I’m sure the large pharmaceutical companies did not like this. So, is Waxman really on the side of the big drug companies? Lets see some facts before we start laying blame.

  32. Hello everyone,
    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS!!!!!!!! I totally agree with everyone of you what you had commented. We have a God given right in this country to speak our peace and voice our own opinon. Great going everybody. I just have this one favor. With only a very short time to go on this critical issue; I urge all of you to keep signing petitions whenever they come up on the internet, keep calling your congressmen & women and let them know you are against the FDA taking away our supplements, if we just bug them enough, they will listen to us and stop this crazy mess they, the congress wants to create. I still think if enough americans could go to Washington and the house of congress and we could speak up and let them know how we feel about this crazy issue, maybe then they will listen to us and stop this mess. There is a saying that goes like this: THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. So, whatever we do, be it petitions or phone calls, do what you possibly can to stop this measure, WE NEED TO WIN AND BEAT THIS MATTER AT HAND. It is at the utomost importance at this present time. Best of luck everyone and I surely hope, really really hope that we can continue to take our supplements for our good health, I don’t know about you, but I am praying for a true miracle.
    Take care,
    Michelle r. Taylor

  33. These Senators appear to have nothing to do. They come up with these things they should leave alone to show they are doing something, evidently.
    Everyone just has to keep sending fighting messages constantly to keep them in line.
    Eventually they will get voted out of office or get sick of their own diet, and be gone.
    Until then we must just keep on fighting them.

  34. Durbin and Waxman should be exposed for the phony frauds they are–and voted out of congress–they are both as bad as the the republicans they claim to oppose–they are greeeeddyy(greedy) Corporate Pigs— who do not care about the well being of us–constituents–to make us–our children–grandchildren–friends/neighbors–unhealthy–by backing big pharmacy–vaccines and prescription drugs with their adverse events!! While-now- attempting to pass legislation that will limit– or even eliminate– our free choice and use of supplements and foods that can allow us to be healthier. Instead- they want us ill. THAT WAY more medications can be sold to us, as we get sicker. they do not want -we the people to even know the benefits of eating almonds and walnuts–as shown by past actions by the FDA in this area–ANY Senator or House member who backs this kind of Bogus operation are Corporate Piglets produced by Corrupt Corporations all in the Name of–GREED–and they should be–VOTED OUT OF OFFICE—

  35. Of course they want to make it more difficult …with people getting the vitamins and minerals they need due to the lack of nutrients in food due to over farming in a non-sustainable way, people require less medical care and reduced needs for pharmaceuticals. Since only a process can be patented and not an actual vitamin and mineral, it is rediculous to be trying to cause organizations financial distress that help people.
    Vitamins can’t be patented because if they do, then foods would also need a patent like spinach for iron because it contains it. Oh, yes too much iron can cause an upset stomach but we still need it for survival! Vitamins and natural suplements that your body requires or naturally produces to live should be left alone. Like glucosamine, melatonin, vitamins, minerals, and other natural nutrients.
    Although there should be some regulation in the form of requirement of labeling contraints such as saying there’s 400 mg of vitamin B12 and the vitamin actually containing that dose. Absorbability factors should also be noted since most vitamins and minerals are for the most part eliminated and not absorbed when it reaches the intenstines. Therefore, most of what is in the suplements gets flushed out and since it is not absorbed, makes the liver work harder; this results in mega dosing with the individual still not getting the nutrients that they require to live healthy.

  36. Had an astonishing thought. What a novel backdoor approach to saving Social Security from bankruptcy!!! Reduce the average lifespan of seniors by eliminating many, if not most, of our supplements.
    As you’re probably aware, human lifespan has increased steadily over the decades since Social Security was enacted–to the point where incoming funding cannot keep up with outgoing payments–causing the Social Security entitlement to be, perhaps, the largest element of our horrendous deficit problem. There is considerable evidence that nutritional supplements contribute significantly to our lifespan. So to avoid possible “third rail” sentiments directed against any straightforward solution of this deficit problem, ambitious politicians and bureaucrats might be expected to take a sneaky backdoor route, as mentioned above.

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