ANH-International Feature: Is the USA setting itself up to squeeze out dietary supplements like in Europe?

One of the benefits of being part of an international organization is the invaluable insights we’re able to gain from having colleagues overseas at ANH-Europe.

In many areas of health practice and education, the European model is greatly restricted when compared to the US model. This means we can often look to what has already happened in Europe if we want to understand the consequences of many of the laws and regulations proposed here in the United States, as the laws and regulations often mimic those already in place in in the European Union.
This week, a special feature from ANH-International takes a look at what’s happening with supplements in the USA, how it mirrors the European model, and why that spells bad news for American supplement consumers. We think our readers will find this piece informative and illuminating, and help you to better understand the challenges we face here in the USA:
ANH Feature: Is the USA setting itself up to squeeze out dietary supplements like in Europe?
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  1. This is exactly what is going to happen if The National Health Care Plan continues. Significant Europeans have all ready joined committees in Congress to explain how their National Health Care Plan is put together and vitamins and minerals are regulated and only synthetic are prescribed. The difference about the European Countries is that every body has a garden and fresh cruciferous foods are within reach all year round.

  2. I thought the U.S. Constitution protected us against government meddling in our dietary and medical preferences. What kind of tyranny are we developing into when powerful drug and “mainstream” medical interests are allowed to restict our freedom?

  3. The government needs to get out of our lives, and quit taking away the safe and effective products to treat ourselves. They all have their hands in Big Pharma’s pockets. What a bunch of mean spirited Looser’s !!!!

  4. They are doing this so it figures into their desire to destroy the US. If people are sick and they only have drugs to fall back on then Big Pharma will thrive. So we have to keep fighting this takeover. It can be a little hard to understand because it’s not spoken about on mainstream media. Watch the movie Thrive and see what’s really going on and offers some real solutions.

  5. supliments will be helpfull more than drug
    and for my health i sometime use Yoga
    food is important and supliment sould help it
    because human is born in the earth , he must live in natural environments,,,woods,seashore,river,,
    and doctor shold help man concidering his occupation,his family,job,relesion
    vitamin ,mineral ,,,,thats good

  6. Please continue to let us choose the natural medications of choice. I used two different products from a health food store when I was going through my radiation treatments for breast cancer. Because of it I did not miss an hour of work and 4 days before my last treatment I walked 4 miles.

  7. Where is our president? what does the government do to help to keep our people healthy? It needs to get out of our lives. Stop this BIG FARMA PROFITS! dON’T TAKE away the SAFE products to treat ourselves. STOP THREATENING doctors who WANT TO CURE not make BIG BUCKS, Let the real researches take place, stop killing us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP US!!!! sO MANY OF US ARE SICK, AND SPENDING HUGE MONEY ON DOCTORS AND FARMA, AND THE DOCTORS WON’T EVEN TREAT US… Shame that this is America in the 21st century

  8. Many of those in the medical field (doctors and pharmaceutical companies) are fixed on making as much money as possible. That is why they are trying to restrict our access to vitamins and supp;imentsb

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