BPA: It’s Time for the Federal Government to Catch Up!

BPA babybottlesThe world knows how dangerous BPA is. Even China, following the lead of Europe and Canada, has now banned BPA in baby bottles. In the absence of leadership from the federal government, many states have also started to take action.

The endocrine-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) is a common ingredient in polycarbonate plastics; as we have reported numerous times, BPA has been linked with serious health problems, including cancer, birth defects, and heart disease. In China, the Ministry of Health, in conjunction with five other government bodies, has banned the manufacture of infant bottles that contain BPA as of June 1; the ban on all imports and sales of BPA-laced bottles begins September 1. China joins the European Union, which announced at the end of last year that it was banning the manufacture of BPA in baby bottles as of March 1 and importation and sales as of June 1, and Canada, which last October formally declared BPA to be a toxic substance.

In May we told you about SB 210, a bill before the Connecticut legislature to ban BPA in thermal cash register receipts and require the Chemical Innovations Institute to develop an annual list of chemicals of high toxic concern. On June 8, the bill passed in both the House and the Senate of Connecticut, and is on its way to be signed by the governor!

We had similar success in Maryland. HB4, a bill to prohibit more than 0.5 parts per billion of BPA in containers of infant formula, passed and was signed into law by the governor.

There are new bills in California, Delaware, and New York that seek to ban BPA in various products. If you are a citizen of these states, please contact your legislators immediately and ask them to support these important bills!

Click here for the California Action Alert

Click here for the Delaware Action Alert

Click here for the New York Action Alert

By contrast, the Federal government still doesn’t get the message. Last August, ANH-USA filed a Citizen Petition with the Consumer Products Safety Commission to have BPA banned from cash register receipts, the little-known but most common pathway of BPA into your body. We re-filed this past March, demanding that the agency fully consider our petition and assess it on the legal grounds and evidence that we presented to them, but the CPSC refused to consider our petition for a second time, citing OSHA as the appropriate venue.

However, CSPC let us know that the agency is in the process of working through an approach on BPA with the Environmental Protection Agency, to move toward alternatives to BPA that could be used in thermal paper for cash register receipts. EPA intends to post a “draft evaluation of ecological and human health hazards and environmental fate of BPA and alternate developers“ for public review and comment in September. We plan to wait and see the result before we consider litigation.


  1. The FDA (Federal Death Administration) is doing everything it possibly can to erode the health of Americans, and yes…even kill them!! It helps Big Pharma when we are sich, and buying their drugs, They even approved an 80 MG Statin!! Guaranteed to kill!! bMany of their drugs, still on the market have easily killed over 13,000 young people!!

  2. Stop BPA now!
    The endocrine-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) is a common ingredient in polycarbonate plastics; as we have reported numerous times, BPA has been linked with serious health problems, including cancer, birth defects, and heart disease.

  3. What possible reason could there be not to protect the health of the American people…corporate greed again…and the American government being in there pocket?!

  4. Federal Death Adminstration? I thought it was the Fraud and Deception Association, but hey, both work. I would never consider a statin of any mg. I brought my cholesteral down 66 points with N.O.W. 20 mg polycosonal in three weeks. No side effects for me . In fact, I just read an article that stated your cholesterol isn’t even high until it hits 300. The article said cholesterol should be between 200 and 300 hundred, and even went on to say that when it’s too low, it can’t preform it’s duties to keep your body healthy. Also what about the fact that the statins strip your Q10? If anyone is taking Q10, it should always be the absorable Ubiquinol Q10 in my opinion.
    The BPA worries me. Our water and plenty of other things are packaged in plastics. How can you tell what’s in your packaging? You just don’t know what to buy and what to eat. Those who are short on money even have a tougher time diciding what to buy. It’s a sad state of affairs this country is in with health care, food, and the economy. Yikes, we need to start over!

  5. How about getting the stinking BPA off of my lids for home canning? They are poisoning us any which way they can (no pun intended).

  6. I can’t tell you how many people I hear of everyday getting cancer. We need to wake up to get rid of the known cancer causing substances. Do the right thing Federal Government, do right by yourselves, your families, your people!

  7. Why am I not surprised? Well it may have something to do with the revolving door policy they have in our federal government. Monsanto is a good example they have cycled at least 14 of their employees through just the FDA in the last 20 years alone. Michael Taylor is an excellent example of this corrupt policy. The president picked this man to be the food Czar in America so he could protect us from our own foods like raw milk. I wonder what the president was thinking when he picked Mr. Taylor since he has no educational background in nutrition? Oh well so much for protecting the citizens and their children from chemicals like BPA.
    Here is Mr. Taylor playing Yoyo between Monsanto and the FDA pllus:
    1976 staff attorney FDA, assistant to the Commissioner.
    1981 law firm representing Monsanto
    1991 returned to FDA as Deputy Commissioner for Policy
    1994 USDA, as Administrator of Food Safety & Inspection Service.
    1996 returned to Monsanto Vice President for Public Policy
    2009, senior advisor to FDA Commissioner
    2010 appointed to FDA, Deputy Commissioner for Foods
    The federal government will not get the message until companies like Monsanto start to feel pressure at the profit end of their industry.
    Doc Blake

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