American Diabetes Association’s Guidelines Are Killing Diabetics!

diabetesThe CDC says 1 in 3 US adults will be diabetic by 2050. But the ADA—the supposed authority on diabetes—is providing seriously misguided information on how to manage and reverse the disease.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there will be nearly 140 million diabetics in this country within the next 40 years. But the true number of diabetics will be much higher, because the conventional test for diabetes does not detect the disease until it’s in its advanced stages, and most doctors don’t perform more sensitive diagnostic tests necessary for early diagnosis. According to research done by Bill Faloon at the Life Extension Foundation, more than 75% of people over the age of 40 suffer some degree of pre-diabetes.
The good news is that diabetes and pre-diabetes can be controlled and even reversed, preventing kidney failure, limb amputation, and blindness. The risk of cardiovascular diseases could also be greatly reduced by better management of diabetes. And of course, the earlier it’s caught, the easier it is to get it under control.
The standard American diet tends to create insulin resistance, leaving higher levels of blood sugar to circulate in the system for longer and longer periods of time, wreaking havoc in the body and leading to organ damage. (Here is a brief animation showing how insulin regulates the amount of blood sugar is allowed in to our cells.)
While a poor diet and lack of exercise are the chief causes of most US cases of diabetes, anything that interferes with the complex mechanisms that the body uses to regulate blood sugar may also contribute —including heavy metal or mercury toxicity, prescription drug interactions, mineral deficiency (especially magnesium and chromium), Candida overgrowth, and low stomach acid, all of which are common.
A number of other factors may increase insulin resistance as well, including vitamin D deficiency, infections, celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, increased weight gain, stress, and puberty, as well as environmental contaminants like air pollutantsBPA, dioxinPCBs, nitrates and nitrites, phthalates, and some pesticides.
In other words, it can happen to any of us—even if we think we’re following a sterling diet. Because so many of these causes can be “silent,” and because diabetes itself is generally “silent” until much damage has been done, everyone should be tested for diabetes.
Here’s where the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is completely dropping the ball. They want us to test. But their test recommendations are all wrong. To understand why, we need to provide a bit of background on the tests.
The main screening for diabetes is one’s fasting blood sugar levels, that is, glucose levels upon awakening, before breakfast. An optimally functioning metabolism will have fasting glucose levels of no more than 85 mg/dl, though the standard laboratory references call a reading of up to 99 “normal,” which is really too high. Also, blood sugar levels after meals should never spike more than 35 or 40 points above one’s fasting level, and should return to near-fasting level within two hours of eating.
The problem is, as one’s blood sugar starts to go awry, after-meal blood sugars can swing into the diabetic range at the two-hour mark. But because doctors typically only measure the fasting glucose, they don’t see this and miss the opportunity for early diagnosis and a higher likelihood of reversal. Blood sugars can swing this way for years before the fasting levels rise to the diabetic range, and at that point, the person usually has some diabetes-related complications.
A better test is a glucose tolerance test, where you are given a sugar drink and then have your glucose levels measured at one and two hours. Or you can purchase an inexpensive glucose meter at the drugstore and check your own levels two hours after meals, especially meals high in sugars or carbohydrates. It’s a quick and easy pinprick to the finger. Friends and families might even pitch in for a meter to share so everyone can test. (Each person uses a new, sterile lancet).
A third, more extensive test is the hemoglobin A1c test, which measures blood glucose average levels over the previous three-month period. This test is helpful for monitoring but is not the gold standard for diagnosis, because those with normal fasting blood sugar but raised after-meal blood sugars will fall through the cracks. Because their blood sugars fall back down to normal most of the time, the “average” can be normal even where one is in the early stages of diabetes.
So what does the ADA, the supposed authority on diabetes, tell us about testing? According to the ADA, one should strive for tight control of diabetes—as defined by the ADA, that is, “getting as close to a normal (nondiabetic) blood glucose level as you safely can. Ideally, this means levels between 70 and 130 mg/dl before meals, and less than 180 two hours after starting a meal.” The ADA doesn’t have any of it right!
The following chart makes it simple:

Normal, balanced metabolisms Pre-diabetic,
insulin-resistant, or
Syndrome X
Diabetic ADA
Fasting glucose <85 mg/dl
Standard lab reference upper limit for “normal” is <99
100–124 125+ 70–130
1 hour after a meal <120 125+
2 hours after a meal <100 <180
Hemoglobin A1c (HA1c) test 4.3%–5.4% <7.0%

In a nutshell, the ADA’s standards, guidelines, and recommended diets are sure to turn a pre-diabetic into a full-blown diabetic, and a diabetic into one who is chronically ill with multiple complications.

Even worse, most of the studies on diabetes and related complications are using ADA guidelines. They assume that an HA1c under 7.0 is “tightly controlled,” which dramatically skews any findings they might produce. Most diabetes-related disease is actually the result of years of uncontrolled blood sugar. Most related organ damage such as retinopathy (damage to the retina that results in loss of vision), peripheral neuropathy (damage to nerves in the feet or hands), and kidney damage actually begins to occur when blood sugars exceed 140 for more than a couple hours per day. This is probably why the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists recommends that people with diabetes keep their blood sugars below 140 as much as possible. Of course, the ADA still thinks up to 180 is acceptable.

Consumers are receiving false information in two critical ways: the unconscionable ADA misinformation, and conventional physicians telling them they are not diabetic and don’t need to worry, because their fasting glucose is “normal” based solely on fasting glucose tests—when in fact they may be in the beginning stages of diabetes and fully able to reverse it, which is the goal of truly preventive medicine. If diabetes were identified in the early stages, most of the related complications and the enormous expense of managing the chronic nature of the disease would be substantially diminished.

It is possible for many diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels close to a truly normal range with an integrative approach. Here are some natural approaches to controlling or even reversing diabetes (we strongly advise that any significant changes to your diet, supplement regime or lifestyle should be made in conjunction with support from your healthcare professional):

  • Start with diet! A Paleolithic diet is best, loaded with leafy greens and other low-starch veggies, high-quality fats, and clean sources of protein. The ADA’s nutritional advice is not up to date. Be sure to look for a nutritional advisor who is independent. Organizations like the American Dietetic Association and the American Society for Nutrition receive major funding from corporate food interests, including junk food companies. In stark contrast, the American College of Nutrition is not similarly compromised.
  • Botanicals. In a recent issue on diabetes in Dr. Jonathan Wright’s Nutrition and Healing newsletter, he notes that several studies have shown that berberine, an alkaloid found in the herb goldenseal, can lower blood glucose as effectively as the drug metformin at similar doses (500 mg 3x/day). Indian kino (Pterocarpus marsupium) gum resin is the only product ever found to regenerate beta cells that make insulin in the pancreas. This scientific finding validates its long use in Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes. Other herbs or food ingredients known to be of value for managing diabetes include cinnamon, bitter melon and the fruit Garcinia cambogia to enhance insulin sensitivity.
  • Supplement wisely. According to Dr. Julian Whitaker, because the water-soluble antioxidants and other nutrients that protect against damage are lost in the excessive urination that accompanies diabetes, it’s no wonder so many people with diabetes end up developing kidney disease. All vitamin, mineral, and amino acid levels should be checked, monitored, and kept in normal range with supplements if necessary. He particularly recommends supplementing with magnesium and chromium, and alpha lipoic acid and acetyl-L-carnitine for peripheral neuropathy.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes every day. This will also control blood pressure more than drugs.
  • Take care with prescription drugs. The FDA has launched a safety review of the diabetes drug Actos in light of new data suggesting that the drug may increase risk of bladder cancer. And a combination of two common drugs—one an antidepressant, the other used to lower blood cholesterol—may put people at risk of developing diabetes. This finding is especially important because so little is known about how drugs interact with each other, and so many people are prescribed multiple drugs together. Where possible, it’s always best to control diabetes without the use of prescription drugs.

A different kind of Action Alert

Diabetes does not have to be a degenerative disease, but early diagnosis and a strong resolve to manage and even reverse the disease are required. The ADA guidelines are a disincentive to doing so and give the green light to dangerously high glucose levels that result in huge and serious long-term health consequences.

So this week’s Action Alert is a personal request from ANH-USA executive director Gretchen DuBeau: Get to know how your body is processing the sugars and carbohydrates you consume! Have a “real” diabetes test—the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), which records your blood sugar levels at intervals after drinking a measured sugary liquid. The test is performed in a doctor’s office or in a lab. Alternatively, purchase a glucose meter and perform your own test two hours after a sugary or carb-heavy meal. Do not settle for a fasting glucose test.

We are asking all of our to activists pitch in and get tested for your own health’s sake, then use your voices to get others to also take responsibility for their health and in so doing create an important change in the world. We can reverse one of the most tragic (and most easily reversible) health conditions our country faces if we start now and spread the word!
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      1. Dr. Barbara Jennings, a Chiropractor. I think she is in Fort Collins. I’ve heard her lecture on nutrition–very impressive!!!!! Totally natural!!!!!

      2. I go to Dr. Gerard Guillory in Aurora. he’s into natural and nutrition. Don’t really know how effective he is yet, as am fairly new patient. But both he and his PA are totally into doing things with supplements, instead of drugs. He has an acupuncturist, too, at his office, and orders more thorough blood tests.

      3. My daughters live in colorado and there is a doctor by the name of Brenna Hatami , she will work with women and thyroid and natural treatments.. she is a Naturopathic Doctor in Denver or go on google and type in Naturopathic Doctors and ask for someone that specializing in diabetes..look up Dr. Neil Nedley’s book “Proof Positive” on how to live longer by becoming Vegan

      4. Hi CF,
        Saw your post looking for a doctor in Colorado, and my nutrition office is near downtown Denver. I have been a member of the ANH for a while, and regularly disseminate their information to my patient base. It’s a great community!
        I regularly use diet, herbs, supplements, yoga, and lifestyle modifications with my patients with great results. I also use neurologic based chiropractic and bodywork, which is a great adjunct for stress relief and pain management.
        Feel free to look over my website and let me know if I can help in any way.

    1. I am concerned that you are claiming that these supplements and changes can reverse ALL diabetics when infact only type 2 has a chance of being reversed. Please specify in your article the difference. It would be dangerous for people with type 1 to think there is a cure and stop their insulin regime.

      1. I think you are wrong. I know 2 type 1 diabetics who through rigorous discipline in diet and exercise and supplementation, never took insulin and were healthier than non diabetics. Insulin is not necessarily the answer; most on insulin get sicker and develop hear disease, blindness, and suffer amputations and kidney failure. I know 5 in my own family that would have been better off without insulin. Balancing and promoting the natural functions of the pancreas through supplementation is better than insulin alone and in many cases, will obviate the need for insulin and its very real side effects that may be worse than the disease itself.

      2. None of this information gives recommendations for stoping their insulin, Sue; however, those who choose to “convert” to the natural approach will find that their sugar levels will tell them (and once confronted, their doctors should as well) that the time has come when they can change (if not stop) the amount of insulin they need. I know an ND, PhD in Australia who did a 2-3 month test with all natural products and not only lessened/totally resolved the diabetes problems, but also resolved other issues, i.e. high cholesterol, high BP, as well as weight problems, just to name a few. If you would like more information on this procedure, let me know. A couple/three of these people were, to say the least, reluctant and definite skeptics; but came out total believers!! Natural is the safest way to resolution in my book. Now, if this were a discussion on cancer, chemo and radiation, I would/could REALLY get on my high horse.

      3. In fact, you are not quite correct. The Tree of Life Center in Arizona has documented reversing even type-1 diabetes through raw food diets. Check out the website: and order the documentary “Simply Raw” for proof and help. At the least, high fiber and raw food diets have drastically reduced insulin requirements in type-1 diabetics in those that couldn’t stop insulin completely. You are correct that this requires proper supervision as Dr. Gabriel Cousens of the Tree of Life Center has done. Check it out and spread the word as it is amazing!

    2. As a Nurse Practitioner and Diabetes Specialist, I have been teaching my patients this for YEARS! We need to look beyond treating NUMBERS abd start treating the underlying problem. When my patients take charge of their health by taking personal responsibility for their lifestyle decisions, most can REVERSE their Type 2 Diabetes within 90 days. Stop waiting for a CURE…it is here and it is US!

      1. AMEN and AMEN! Read Dr. Esselstyn’s book on Reversing Heart Disease. DIABETES is more than well controlled with his vegan, no oil lifestyle. Our food and the food industry (as well as the government with their money lined pockets) is KILLING US . . .and we are allowing it. Take back your own control. You and I have the power to be healthy!

  1. You fail to mention another extremely important fact. All the tests which you describe can be normal or close to normal and yet many will still be developing “insulin resistance”. No one I know who has had fasting glucose and HA1c has had a concurrently administered fasting insulin test! Had the done so, they would have the two tools necessary to see if they are becoming insulin resistant. HOMAIR is a calculation used by researchers to identify the level of “insulin resistance.”
    HOMAIR= fasting insulin X fasting glucose / 22.5
    This number using the current top ranges of 99 for glucose and 5 for insulin give you an upper limit of HOMAIR of 22.00! This is the best way to chart a diabetics control when added to the other parameters.
    Ken, a type II diaabetic since 2004 Life Extension Foundation was where I first learned of this back in May of 2004.

  2. Dear Alliance for Natural Health ;
    I suspect that a poison, capsaicin in chili pepper, is one of the causes of diabetes, especially in combination with a copper deficiency. I have published this in the 2008 Medical Hypotheses 71 p 323-324, entitled “Does capsaicin in chili cause diabetes?”. You may also see some discussion of this in . So it would be a good idea not to recommend chili in diets until such time as the matter is established on animal experiments, or to use capsaicin as a medicine.
    You may see how to increase copper in the diet in (chili probably operates synergistically with a copper deficiency)..
    Sincerely, Charles Weber

  3. I have lived the ADA nightmare. They nearly killed my wife. They are killing my brother-in-law and my sister is right behind him. I found Doctor Richard Bernstein and listening to him has my wife’s diabetes and my diabetes well under control. The first thing he said was do not believe the ADA, because he BELIEVES that making money from diabetes is their goal. The more diabetes, the more money. My wife and I believe it now.

  4. I strongly disagree with the number for proper readings of blood sugar levels. A reading of 80 is most usually too low. I have type 2 diabetes have had for 25 years and have experienced many low readings along with the symptoms that go along with low blood sugar. Many members of my family are also affliced with this illness and experience the same thing. While the number may be off by a couple of points almost everyone I know is too low at 80.

    1. Last check I had I was at 70 and that was after having a light toast with jam on it an hour or two earlier. The doctor wanted to test anyway.

  5. What you say is probbly true but this article is highly frustrating and VAGUE! WHICH tests? Drinking glucola will make a diabetic person pass out and they hardly use that anymore for that reason.
    WHICH 2 MEDICINES???? why not name them? and are there other meds or combos which cause diabetes.?
    Luckily there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

    1. Hi Sue, if you click the link you will be taken to the article which further discusses the two drugs that cause diabetes in combination. For this article our staff did not research all possible drug combinations that might produce diabetes. We cited the article about one known dangerous combination as an example of the importance of minimizing reliance on prescription drugs.

  6. Let’s face it – the American Diabetes Association is sitting on a goldmine. When more people die of diabetes than cancer, the ADA will be at the height of its power. Right now the ADA is following the American Cancer Society’s buisness plan to actually promote the disease they are supposedly fighting.
    Remember if there was a cure for diabetes, there would be no need for the ADA. The treatment and screening plan stated in this article should be screemed from the rooftops. Any ethical organization would promote the plan in this article and then quietly go out of business.

  7. Celiac…dairy/gluten/soy/sugar can cause diabetes…Millions are Celiac…tests may not work to diagnose it. The Diabetic diet should be the Celiac diet… They should not be given a carb allowance that has gluten or have to count amounts etc…too detailed….makes a person fail. EDTA/DMPS IV chelation helps to unclog blood vessels in the eyes/toes/fingers…whole body etc..Alternative medicine can help them…but Conventional help…alllows them to get worse.

  8. Interesting article. No wonder my mother still had complications despite having very good HA1c levels of around 6. Their recommendations only sustain a diabetes condition, and no wonder, they stand to benefit!
    I knew that before, but couldn’t figure out the connection. Now I do!

  9. what about the dawn effect,when blood glucose spikes at night or early in the am. have read that the release of hormones creates this and there is no natural treatment !! . i am a cyclist and triathlete and get plenty of exercise and watch my carbs as much as possible. my fasting glucose is always high in the am.

  10. In the scientific book “The China Study” T. Colin Campbell reports definitive tests where with the proper food most Type 2 diabetics tested were off their meds in 42 days, and Type 1 diabetics at half their meds. Why isn’t this well known? The Drug companies won’t make a killing with no drugs needed. Doctors won’t make money by not writing prescriptions. And yes, many people will not change their life style example even when they get sicker from continuing to smoke. But at least most people should be well informed by the medical community that they could avoid diabetes if they want to. Oh, yes, I’m 76, my wife is 72, and we’re on no meds at all, feel good, skied a 10,000 foot mountain this winter even though we live near sea level.. We do go to the doctors regularly to keep a check on things.

  11. Thanks for passing on such useful knowledge. It seems all of the mainstream “normal levels” are so misleading, coming from the fact that they measure all of the population, then use an average to find their so called normal levels. Why not use only healthy people with no illnesses to find the levels? Healthy levels. Hmmm, is it so hard to see?
    I had to fight to finally get Metformin, I consider it a life saver, but after years of fasting blood sugar levels of 105, 115, 119, my doctor said no, I didn’t meet the criteria for treatment, until it hit 125. Soon as I got Metformin, I lost 40lbs. and now my levels are within the safer normal levels, but who knows how much damage was done in the mean time.

  12. Another danger is taking antibiotics of the flouroquinolone class (for example, ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, and avelox) because they cause dysglycemia and this is a class effect. Gatifloxacin was removed from the market because of this. The literature has found this damage in all fluoroquinolones examined. The favored model is that the FQs damage the potassium Beta cells of the pancreas which leads to hyperinsulinemia and eventually diabetes. The vast majority of MDs are clueless about this and yet they prescribe FQs like candy. I am happy to give you some of the publications that support this damage. Imagine getting diabetes from taking an antibiotic for a minor infection (or worse for a virus).

  13. Another danger is taking antibiotics of the flouroquinolone (FQ) class (for example, ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, and avelox) because they cause dysglycemia and this is a class effect. Gatifloxacin was removed from the market because of this. The literature has found this damage in all fluoroquinolones examined. The favored model is that the FQs damage the potassium Beta cells of the pancreas which leads to hyperinsulinemia and eventually diabetes. The vast majority of MDs are clueless about this and they prescribe FQs like candy. I am happy to give you some of the publications that support this damage. Imagine getting diabetes from taking an antibiotic for a minor bacterial infection (or worse for a virus).

  14. Gentlemen/Ladies
    You forgot to mention genetics as a cause of diabetes. I have always ate healthy, watched my weight (12% body fat), and exercized regularly. I am muscular and fit. I am very active. I have never smoked. And yet I developed type 2 diabetes 10 years ago at age 52. So did my father and grandmother. It was easy to manage for 9 years, but is getting more stubborn now. Along with my medicines, I have tried herbals; bitter melon, cinnamon, etc., as well as chromium, with no measurable effect. I am in the top few percent of men my age physically. I am a Chemist and always aware of environmental factors. Genetics is the primary cause here. In the days of our early ancestors, type 2 diabetes was an advantage in periods of famine. So, it has stayed in the population. Now that we have plenty to eat and don’t have to work as hard, and live longer also, type 2 is very apparent.

    1. Wayne – is your diet high in carbohydrate? If so, adopt a very low carb, high fat diet and watch your T2D lessen or vanish.

  15. I believe that diabetes is closely related to overweight and obesity. Overweight and obesity, however, are perhaps most frequently a result of disruption of the satiety response (interaction of leptin with the hypothalamus). Is diisruption of the satiety response a result of certain behaviors? I have heard that overweight and obesity are correlated with (1) lack of sleep and (2) frequent eating out (as opposed to preparing one’s own food); and that eating while watching television disrupts the satiety response. (I don’t have citations for these studies at hand.) People watch television until late hours and consequently lose sleep. If they eat while watching television, they are liable to overeat because their appetite is disturbed by the television. It is often more convenient to buy fast food than prepare one’s own food. I expect that these behaviors have more to do with overweight and obesity than the factors you mention.

    1. I grew up in a family where my father and mother were both big people, tall and fat, which was true of both sides of the family, good old midwestern stock. We not only cooked our own food but raised our own as well. When I was a teenager, we had a half acre garden raising enough to last us the whole year. We planted, hoed, harvested, canned, cooked…whatever! And we all stayed fat regardless of our activity levels. No television until after dinner then it was only for about two hours. We are all still fat people and none of us have diabetes! Because there may be a coorelation between body size and diabetes does not mean that fat causes diabetes! Coorelation does not equal causation! Oh, and by the way, I’m now 63 and not on any medications.

  16. Thank you for this information; it comes at a much eeded time, as I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.In my case I’m particularly anxious , because I am on numerous medications.

  17. I believe that I was diagnosed more than a year too late as high sugar levels were mentioned to me in passing during annual medical checkups, but nothing more said. It was only after I was diagnosed that I learned about the effects of carbohydrates. I worked in a rehabilitation hospital and, as I learned more, I took exception to their pushing the food pyramid with carbs at the bottom and fats at the top; but their nutritionists insisted that with their training the FDA food pyramid was correct. Now 6 years later, the food pyramid has been revised twice and now thrown out!!! Even now, my doctor relies on my 4 month A1C tests, full blood panel, to monitor how I am doing and rarely looks at my blood sugar testing logs. This article has raised my alert level again as I thought early morning readings of less than 100 to 120 was OK, and high blood sugar levels after meals ‘natural’. I take medications and insulin. I am 71 years old and have been ‘managing’ my condition since 2004. I am now experiencing ankle and foot pain.
    Thank you for this article,
    Maureen D. Page

  18. When I get time, I’m going to purchase a glucose meter. I had a recent fasting test, but I would be interested to see my levels after a meal.

  19. Many “atypical” anti-“psychotics” have been linked with diabetes. These drugs often cause extreme weight gains, which increase the risk of diabetes. These drugs are used to control people in institutional environments. By sedating people, these drugs slow the metabolism and this is connected with weight gain and diabetes. These drugs are often used for behavioral control of children, especially in the foster “care” system. They are also used to control elderly people in nursing “homes”. However, they also have black box warnings that they can increase the risks of death in elderly people considered as having dementia, which makes this form of nursing “home” abuse even more problematic. You could find out more about these drugs by going to www dot antipsychiatry dot org or www dot breggin dot com.

    1. You are so right! There was a 40 fold increase in bipolar diagnosis (from 25 to 1003 per 100,000 population) in our youth between 1995 and 2003 and 90.6% received a psychotropic medication during bipolar disorder visits, with mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, and antidepressants prescribed. (Moreno, Gaje, Blanco, et al, 2007) I haven’t seen anything newer to update these figures, but we’ve now had 8 years to see the impact of these drugs that ALL have a side affect of weight gain. We doctor our foods with hormones and pestisides, we fill our population with drugs that cause weight gain then we blame the consumer/patient??? Follow the money and you’ll see why we’re in the shape we’re in today!

  20. I’m a NIDDM and it’s good the above matters are brought up for laymen to know. NIDDM is definitely not a disease caused by blood sugar. It’s abnormal insulin & leptin as kept informed by Dr Mercola”s website.
    Yes, to all pre & diabetics, do Take Control of Your health with NF4L (Nutritional Food for Life) and please, without ever consuming any of the so-called ‘miracle’ drugs.
    : ) : ) : )
    Alan CK Hooi & Family, Malaysia.

  21. The ADA is doing what they are designed to do. The ADA keeps Americans ignorant of the real knowledge of proper diet, nutrition-supplemets, herbs, all the hidden junk in food like HFCS, diet foods increase appiitite for sugar-like aspertame, and most of all keep them on drugs to support the pharmaceutical industry. There are acupuncture and acupressure points that anyone can learn, supplements like L-Carnosine that prevent advanced glycated end products.How many diabetics hear that intravenous vit-C and the herb dwarf elder can reverse endstage kidney failure. Reaserch has demonstrated reversal in 10 days for 100% of Type II, and 50% reversal of Type I. Ofcourse there are supplements that increase insulin sensitivity, I am writing my second book and have over 90 pages of what diabetics can do – it is endless, it is a disease that does not need to exist. It can certainly be prevented. Like Gary Null says, you create an official organization that people go to for infomation and have them keep pumping out propaganda. All the media goes to these organizations and that is what all everyone hears that listens to the mainstream media. The good news is for those who seek – the self healing information is available.

  22. I have done just as you suggested and requested a blood glucose meter from my doctor which I have been using since 2008 to track my blood sugars-I noticed exactly what you said-though my A1c was in the normal range, my blood glucose would rise after a high carb meal to 180-200, which was scary. I learned that exercise can bring that # down and started using exercise to help control my blood glucose -going on a raw food diet brought my sugars down too. I have staved off diabetes and lowered my blood sugar #’s through using the meter to make myself aware and raw food and exercise.
    However I have been under extreme stress for the past year and at times have totally lost track of my meter-this lack of awareness, combined with slipping around with my food has caused my A1c to rise from 5.6-6.0. A wake up call for me as my mother has lost a good deal of her sight due to becoming diabetic and losing control. I am beginning to use the meter again, which is helping me see how I need to alter my food intake in order to control blood sugar highs. Thanks for the article.

  23. My recent book, SELLING SICKNESS!, under caption ‘Diabetes – Diagnosis and treatment is unacceptable’, sets out very very much which is wrong in the way diabetes is being used as a further method of simply selling sickness. Healthy people are being diagnosed as being with the ailment, then being put on medication for life, when in over 75% of cases all that is necessary is a complete change of lifestyle. I know, I was one of these people. I decided to go down the road of treating myself by way of following my slogans ‘WE ARE AS WE EAT, DRINK, SLEEP AND EXERCISE’ and ‘A CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE WORKS WONDERS’. I have helped hundreds to reverse Diabetes —if they ever had it in the first instance. At 83 years young, having practised for almost 50 years as a naturopath, with boundless energy, I am convinced that the sickness industry we now have is selling sickness indiscriminately, with no proper constraint over what is being diagnosed or prescribed. My book sets out much more which backs up my claims.

  24. This is NOT our friend and have been purchased by Big Pharma. and the health living of the standard citizen is not there #1 goal, money is. Cancer has been curable and I use that word loosly, since 1900 and controlable for much longer than that, however there are 93 billion reasons why not many know this and the billions are all dollars going to the National Cancer Society which would all go away if cancer was concured. The #1 killer of peopel in the USA is Heart disease and this also is reversable and the government allows this devistating disease genocide Americans by the million. The food and water in this country is the major cause of ill health, the real disease is fork in mouth disease. We are the most Obese country in the world and the unhealth as well. Get real people; without health we have nothing.

    1. Please don’t dangle cancer cures without more information. Can you at least give a web site or information. I am thinking alkalizing?

  25. I truely appreciate this article, because it could not have come at a better time for me. I am up in age with no diabetic history in my family, yet symptoms tindicating reason for caution prompted my doctor to order the morning test regiment. Reluctant to taking any form of pharmacutical medication, I am fortunate to be under the care of a very open minded, progressive physician who tends to agree my using herbal substitutes instead.

  26. I told this information to the diabetes education staff right during and after their regular presentation to diabetics, and they haven’t changed a thing.
    I also think you could include the FACT that the often pushed drugs like the STATINS , INCREASE blood sugar. ask her suzie cohen
    She is the only phamacist telling it like it is. Check her out.

  27. My aunt had ‘high ‘ cholesterol, and nothing wrong with her. It wasn’t attaching to her arteries or causing harm, It runs in the family.
    They put her on Statins, and her blood sugar spiked. They put her on avandia or the other diabetes drugs, and she had a heart attack.
    Now she is really sick. And they still have her on the statins, etc.
    Now they are trying to do that same thing to me.
    Thanks doc.

  28. Well said. Keeping FBS around or below 85 mg% is ideal but not necessary. However, the blood glucose level should stay around 100 mg% at all times, or at least not over 120 mg%. A blood glucose reading at or above 150 mg% should be a red flag.

  29. Wow. Thank you for this comprehensive and profoundly important information! It’s really disappointing that many doctors our most trusted institutions seem to be inept at getting us the appropriate facts. Or perhaps they assume we’re too dumb to comprehend it?

  30. To : You all should ask for your own tv show, and get this information out to everyone.
    It would be very popular, not the crap they have on now.

  31. Hi what I would like to see is a simple list of eating and lifestyle suggestiions which we can all follow to assist in control of type2 diabetis. Great aurguments prevail but what the layman, or man in the street is looking for is simple instruction on how to control the situation he is in, not professional aurgument…so come on what are the tihings we should include in our daily diet, and what are the things to be avoided or taken in moderation…..I am keen to learn these facts so I can modify and hopefully improve my lifestrle before it is too late. Thank you. GESpeller

    1. To G. Speller:
      I will try my best to share with you my experience with my type 2 diabetes.
      I have been a type 2 diabetic since July 1991. My diagnosis fasting sugar was 468 mg/dl. People who have been diagnosed as type 2s based on numbers similar to mine were required to take multiple diabetes pills. I begged our family physician to give me the chance to use ‘my way.’
      Luckily, I got our doctor’s permission. In 10 days, my sugar readings were already in the 130 mg/dl range.
      Long story short, I have been depending on exercise as my only t2d medication.
      I have been eating only 3x/day with a heavy breakfast which can last me the whole day if I have to miss my lunch and dinner. I eat only heart-healthy foods which are natural, fresh (eaten raw or cooked), and unprocessed. I eat mostly carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, roots, seaweeds. I also eat skinless chicken, lean beef, lean pork, fish, shrimps. Strictly no soft or hard drinks. I avoid sugary, salty, fatty, and artificial foods and foods with artificial ingredients.
      I exercise a lot like 2 hours during my first 3.5 years as a diabetic. For 16.5 years, I ran the stairs. To avoid having any knee problems, I now do modified push ups, running indoor, squatting, shadow boxing, and some stair running for a total of no less than 90 minutes/day.
      Since most of my foods are carbohydrates, my 2-hour after-meal sugars and fasting sugars have been consistently unacceptably high. But my past A1c’s have been from 5.2% to 6.3%, the last one done in November 2010 was 5.7%. I have never had any hypoglycemia episode and I don’t have any diabetes complications yet..
      When you find time, please google the words Midlander lives with type 2 diabetes ‘his way’
      If you find some more time to read about me and my t2d, please google the words, Erika Gebel, The Science of Exercise. On the first page of the article you will see my name. Please click on it.
      Good luck!!!
      Bonny Damocles

  32. I wish that the article had mentioned that they are talking about Type 2 diabetics. My son has been a type 1 diabetic since the age of 26 months. His diet is different that that of Type2 diabetics. Over the years, we have gone through many advances in the field which have allowed him to keep more and more precise track of his blood sugar levels and his health in general. He is now 40 years old and quite healthy! The other factor, whether you are talking about a Type2 or aType 1, is that each person has individual idiosyncracies in their response to diet, exercise, medication and insulin. It is very important to track one’s responses in each situation to know how you personally respond and adjust diet, exercise, medication and insulin to meet your personal requirements. As an aside, after doing research 3 generations back on both sides of the family, there was no diabetes in our family. We figure that “something” caused damage to the insuilin producing cells in his pancreas in his infancy, with the environment or a virus being the most like cause. I can’t stress enough the importance of being informed, keeping up with the latest advances (information wise), and charting one’s own individual responses. The doctor is not in your body, so he can only give you generalized advise. The best thing my son’s doctor ever told him was, “In the long run, you will have learn to know more about your diabetes and your personal responses than I do.” The diabetic is the one who is the most responsible to controlling his diabetes — accepting that responsibility and educating one’s self is basis for a good and long life.

    1. This is very insightfull and I believe very precise.
      What we need more than anything else right now is specialized software for the individual diabetic to track ALL the pertinent data. I mean really good interactive software with online file database access for food nutrient insertion, such as carb, fat, potassium, sodium, calories, protine, processed vs organic fresh etc. With quick conversions for any serving size automatically done for you. Extremely user friendly (no ads)
      A comprehensive graphical display that shows many relational graphs. An evolving continuously improving software that is designed FOR diabetics unfettered by special interest groups. There are more than enough diabetic patients that could support this capital investment in a way that would allow the dibetic patients to exclusively own the software. I believe we could raise millions each month just for starters. I would love to be part of the management in such an effort. Patients could elect to sign up for allowing their data to be analysed for optimization for their personal case. there is no limit to what could be achieved. I believe this would qualify as a non profit corporation for the exclusive purpose of diabetics. Please let me know if anyone is interested in starting this?

  33. “But the ADA—the supposed authority on diabetes—is providing seriously misguided information on how to manage and reverse the disease.”
    Here is more Disinformation
    o The AHA – the supposed authority on CVD – is providing seriously misguided information on how to manage and reverse CVD. Ant that is putting it in the best possible light.
    o The ACS – the supposed authority on Cancer – is providing seriously misguided information on how to manage and reverse Cancer. Ant that is putting it in the best possible light.
    o The APS – the supposed authority on Children’s health – is providing seriously misguided information on how to manage and reverse childhood maladies. Ant that is putting it in the best possible light.
    See a pattern here?
    ALL the LARGE “Medical Societies” do not exist for your health nor the health of your children. They exist to PUSH Industrial Medicine and the MONEY making power of their Industrial Medicine members. Doubt this at your peril!i
    What to do? REJECT Industrial Medicine. LEARN the facts; it is not too difficult. There are good medical people out there BUT you must approach them as an equal. This can only be done with knowledge.

  34. Diabetes is almost trivial to completely OBVIATE. The fact that SUGAR diabetes is growing by around 14%/year is a testimony that the average person CANNOT protect himself from the anti-health propaganda put out by HHS, Industrial Medicine and Industrial “food” producers.
    Of course the more you know the better but here is a simple start to totally obviating SUGAR diabetes from your life
    o NO sugar or simple carbs
    o NO Industrial “food”
    o LOTS of good fat with each meal and snack
    o LOTS of raw food
    o Learn how your insulin works
    As an aside the average person drinks about 700 eight ounce servings of soda/year. What effect do you think this has on SUGAR diabetes?

  35. Fascinating to read responses averring that the ADA is in cahoots with Big Pharma – principle goal? Satisfy the Shareholders. As a 10-year-gone Rheumatoid Arthritic, I can so relate to keeping the drug companies’ bottom line stoked. Remember this the next time a Tea-Party Republican gets in your face to “keep the Gov’t’s hands off my Medicare”.

  36. We are new to testing, my daughter is 3. Are these ranges true even for pediatrics? We eat a very clean diet. She has been gluten/dairy free for 8mo. Saw improvement, but still says she’s tired and doesn’t feel good after anything she eats. We have a meter now and are charting, but the conventional way of interpretting her numbers say, “she’s fine.” In fact, her highest fasting numbers were after a dinner of chicken (thigh meat) and broccoli! We’re greatful for any help.

  37. We have complete reversals in our sphere of influene just be increasing to 45% whole grains and vegetables daily and letting go of processed foods, white sugar, and empty carbohydrates.

  38. I did an oral glucose tolerance test (75g of sugar poison) and here are my glucose numbers:
    100 (first hour)
    70 (second hour)
    38 (third hour)
    67 (fourth hour)
    What do these numbers mean?

    1. Your numbers indicate that you are over-producing insulin in response to a sugar load. That’s why your blood glucose numbers go down instead of up with the glucose tolerance test. This can be called reactive hypoglycemia. You will still need to eat like a diabetic to control your blood sugar and keep it from swinging so low. I’m sure you didn’t feel very good during the test with those low numbers. Eventually, a person who over produces insulin can develop insulin resistance and then diabetes. So the more you eat to keep from pumping out tons of insulin, the better you will be. Stay away from simple sugars, eat only whole grains, and include healthy fats(salmon, nuts, avocados, coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil) and protein in every meal and snack. Don’t eat carbohydrates alone. Eat high fiber carbs like beans, chia seeds, whole grains, and nuts. No sodas, as that is essentially like the glucose tolerance test, and you have seen your results to that. Eat lots of veggies to alkalize your body. Take chromium, magnesium, biotin, and full-spectrum vitamin E (containing the alpha, beta, delta, and gamma tocopherols). Don’t skip meals/snacks or go long periods of time without eating. Eat a meal or snack every 2 to 3 hours. A couple snack ideas are string cheese and half an apple, cottage cheese with some frozen blueberries or raspberries, 1/4 to 1/2 cup nuts with half an orange, or mixed veggies with butter/olive oil and a slice of whole grain toast.

  39. I was given misinformation and in worse health until I decided to take control of my health life.
    It took me unitl my Doctor left me for dead.
    My cousin who is a Holistic Health Practitioner changed my life in two weeks with blue agave, high whole grain with ground flaxseed and 1 tbs flaxseed oil or sunflower oil, cinnamon daily.
    Breakfast of champians is oats, fruit, yogurt, and almonds layered in a parfeit glass.
    If I stay on this diet faithfully everday… insulin is under control. I pass up sugar and white flour and salt and lard.
    Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, whole apples, prunes are my fruits of choice.
    Very simple and life changing. http://[email protected] for consultations.

  40. Having a track record in the diabetes disease state, I’ve seen many changes over the years to various guidelines, good drugs/bad drugs etc. You make some very good points in your story. However, I do believe the ADA and AACE treatment algorithms are formulated for patients that already have a diagnosis of diabetes. They take into consideration peer reviewed studies which for instance have recently shown that diabetics who lower blood glucose too low are prone to what’s termed “hypoglycemia” which is a serious acute condition many times requiring rescue glucose agents and the aid of other people. These studies have also shown that on a longer term basis the subjects who experienced a severe hypoglycemic event are at larger risk of cardiovascular event and death. So I do agree with their guidance for people already in the disease state, yet I absolutely agree that more needs to be done as far as screening younger and healthier individuals before they get to the “pre-diabetic” state. I also totally agree with your assessment of the proper tests. Post prandial glucose is the best marker, as it is typically the first flaw that will show a defect in the glucoregulatory system. Some diabetics aren’t diagnosed until they have had elevated ppg for 10-15 years, and when microvascular damage has already occurred.

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  42. You really make it appear so easy together with your presentation however I to find this topic to be really one thing which I feel I would by no means understand. It seems too complicated and extremely vast for me. I’m having a look forward for your next put up, I will attempt to get the hold of it!

  43. I BELIEVE !
    Can we launch a class action against the ADA?
    I have been helping my wife for years, taking the profeffional advise to heart. Now massive heart problems, and kidney failure. Bypass and dialysis. Amputation… shorter life expectation.
    After managing her glucose around 100 (average per day with approx 7 measurments) she now gets chronic and acute kidney failure and the doctors want her to eat more and let her glucouse float higher 150-200 range (no problem). She went in to the hospital for a week and her weight went up from 176 to 206 pounds. It took her six months since her bypass surgery to loose thirty pounds, and the hospital put it back on in one week.

  44. Thank you VERY much for your article. The American Diabetes Association is intentionally misleading the nation and causing slow motion deaths. This is as frightening as it can get ! Why is the government not taking action ? This is a catastrophic situation. Where is the media ? As I write these lines, millions of diabetics who follow ADA’s guidelines are slowly walking towards their premature death.
    Something must be done immediately. In this context, you are a life saver !

  45. I’m wondering what’s up with my blood sugar. My fasting sugar is normally over 100, but by an hour after I eat it, it can be anywhere from 80-95.

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