State Action Alert: New York Says “Stop Exposing Our CAFOs!”

Chickens raised for slaughter
Pending legislation in New York State wants to send investigative journalists to jail for photographing factory farms. A new State Action Alert.

According to the Humane Society, a recent investigation at New York’s largest dairy factory revealed shocking images of animal abuse, and the state’s agribusiness industry is now attempting to shield its inhumane practices from any further public scrutiny and debate.

S5172 aims to curtail free speech by prohibiting whistleblowing at factory farms, though the bill deceptively claims to be fighting “unlawful tampering with farm animals.” Of course, it’s all a matter of how terms are defined. According to the bill, “unlawful tampering” includesunauthorized video, audio recording or photography done without the farm owner’s written consent”!

Rather than stop cruel treatment of animals, this bill will simply ensure that the public never learns about it. Rather than sending perpetrators of animal cruelty to jail, agribusiness wants to send those who expose the cruelty to jail.

Don’t let New York get away with the same censorship tactics other states have tried. If you are a New York resident, please contact your legislators immediately and ask them to oppose S5172!


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  1. Sinclair Lewis brought needed attention to the “industry” that provides food for the majority of Americans. The documentary Food Inc. brings to our attention needed transparency in an open and free arena that is our democratic legacy. What is the outcome of exposing methods that produce the food we eat? Better conditions!!

  2. Read the book “Animal Factory” by investigative journalist David Kirby. Big Ag has become a dirty business – for the confined animals, for family farmers, and for food consumers. Contact your legislators to ensure that reporters can continue to watchdog our food supply.

  3. When people use animal products, they have a right to know how those products were produced. The production process should be public.

      1. I was under the impression that CAFO: CONFINED Animal Feeding Operations. Similar to ‘concentrated’, ‘confined’ is more descriptive.

  4. I underscore the statement above: Freedom of the Press is key to a so-called Democracy.
    It’s time to replace our current Congress with those who have not been bought off, and to reiterate the need for ethics and concern for others as we raise our children.

  5. This is NOT a democracy. It IS a capitalist society. The use of the word “Democracy” is the smoke and mirrors.

    1. This country was set up as a free republic, not a democracy. With all the career polipatricians nowadays, we are far from that since the 18th century.

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