Support Your State’s Bills on Genetically Engineered Foods!

iStock_000013557740XSmallWith the federal government showing nothing but love for all things genetically engineered, some states have introduced legislation to inform and protect their citizens from GE products.

Below is a round-up (no pun intended) of GE bills nationwide. There are separate Action Alerts for each state, since only that state’s citizens should send messages about the legislation in question. Click the Action Alert link after each state’s listing to send a message to your state’s lawmakers in support of these bills.


HB 1261: Prohibiting a food product that contains or consists of ingredients of which more than 1% are genetically engineered ingredients from being sold in Maryland.

Maryland Action Alert

New York

A1367: Provides for the labeling of food or food products that contain a genetically modified material or that are produced with a genetically modified material.
A3716: Requires all seeds that are or include genetically engineered organisms to be labeled.
S3908: Provides for the labeling of food or food products that contain a genetically modified material or that are produced with a genetically modified material.
A2117: Enacts provisions imposing a five-year moratorium on the planting and growing of genetically modified crops in New York State.
New York Action Alert


SB 517: Declares genetically engineered fish and shellfish sold for human consumption to be misbranded if not labeled or otherwise identified as being genetically engineered.
HB 3272: Makes foods that contain or are produced using genetically engineered material subject to labeling requirements.
Oregon Action Alert


HB 1928: “Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Act of 2011”—requires that GE food that is sold or distributed in Tennessee bear a label that is plainly visible which contains the conspicuous words “genetically engineered.”
Tennessee Action Alert


H.123: An Act Relating to Labeling Genetically Engineered Salmon.
H.367: An Act Relating to Labeling Genetically Engineered Food.
H.421: An Act Relating to the Use and Registration of Genetically Engineered Alfalfa Seeds in Vermont.
Vermont Action Alert


  1. We have seen the damage genetically engineered seeds have done. We should have a choice to whether or not we would like to feed these foods to our families. This includes animal products fed genetically engineered foods. Personally, I would like to see them totally removed, as they are destroying our reproduction of all plants and animals on the planet. They are toxic to all species and we are seeing the increased diabetes and illness throughout our country due to processed foods containing these G.M.O. products. Isn’t it time to protect our people and planet? We’ve seen enough destruction on the farm and in our health to know this is not a beneficial practice.
    It’s time to remove/discontinue G.M.O.s NOW!

    1. Senator Webb
      Im not in favor of Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Act 2011″ Why don’t VA impose a
      moratorium on it until it is actual safe for Humans and Animals. This not what we as a nation of
      people expect from FDA to ram anything down our throats an says it’s excepted I think not so lets
      say no to the FDA. Do not sell this product or put it on market as of yet until it’s proven and
      factual for food consumption. FDA has a hidden agenda to smooth over this product to get the
      people to eat this poison. It destroy the human/animal reproduction an plants life so why eat it.
      We see diabetes and other ailments from this product.

      1. Senator Webb
        Im asking you as a leader to vote no to Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Act 2011″ We as VA’s
        do not approved of this product nor have it place in our super markets. Let the poison go do not
        destroy the humans and animals population, plant life. The FDA is trying to ram this product down
        our throat. This poison are dangers to our health and animal and plant life. Destroying humans and
        animals, do we want to continue kill animals /plants tell us its alright to eat this poison. I think not
        so say to FDA no.

    1. The madness of all that is going on now will stop when we ask God to stop it and then listen to him instead of shoving him out the door. I too want it to stop, but I know if we don’t depend on God to help us, it will continue.

      1. I am with you as I hold no hope of humans being able to reverse this madness. There is an enemy, a money god but I know the end of the story. I will stick with God.

    2. It may already be too late since the pollen from these freak plants knows no borders or laws. Insecticides built into certain GMO crops is already being found in the waterways around farms that grow this garbage.
      Bon appetit.

    1. Jessica,
      I’m a decades-long activist and live in California. Would you like to team on this?

    2. Ocean Conservancy is a co-sponsor to California bill AB 88, introduced by Jared Huffman, that would require any GE fish sold in our state to be labeled. The hearing is on April 24… let CA legislators know that Californians want to know!

  2. “With the federal government showing nothing but love for all things genetically engineered,…”
    Again, this is a consequence of voting for the two corporate-funded political parties. They’re thoroughly corrupt. When corporations take over the government, it’s called “fascism”.
    When this happens, the safety and civil rights of consumers and citizens get only lip service. Laws are bent or ignored if they interfere with corporate profits.
    We need to fight back by supporting parties not on the corporate payroll, like the Green Party or the Socialists. A few percentage points of the vote is all that’s needed to send a strong message of defiance.
    If you continue supporting these corrupt parties, it makes YOU part of the problem.

    1. Alan8 – You’ve got to be kidding about voting for the Socialists or Green Party! Socialism (the road to Communism) and environmental extremism is what is wrong with America today, as both are in the service of the Global Elite!
      The United States of America is a Republic that is supposed to be governed by the rule of law which protects both the minority and the majority. Many of those in positions of power right now are morally corrupt and believe they are above the law. We need to vote them out!
      We also need to find good candidates who will llisten to the people, from whom officeholders get their power to rule, and make sure they will act to protect the lives and welfare of the citizens.

    2. A non-political approach is to do what is suggested by Catherine Austin Fitts ( Know your farmer, know your banker, etc.
      Go local.

  3. How would you suggest someone take action in their own state? I would love to know how these states were successful in establishing these bills? Would it be different than getting other bills established and passed?

  4. It is not going to stop until it is to late. Because it is all about the money. That is what America stands for all about the money no matter what

  5. Anyone with auto immune conditions that they don’t know that they even have yet, like Hepatitis B & C, HIV, Aids are subjected to food that could do harm to their liver. This is inexcusable and shouldn’t be tolerated.

    1. You speak the truth as I suffer from HCV and feel the poisons from the fruits, vegatables and grains that are available. My only relief is during the months that I can use sprouts and grasses.

  6. The EU bans GM foods. Since our government wants to be come like the EU we should ban GM foods too.

  7. Friends, the CABAL running the US government for many years does not want us citizens to have choices. You are only a number to them, liek a nazi experimnet, something to be manipulated. The less of us there are the
    easier it is for them to control. The GMO’s, VACCINATIONS, and CHEMTRAILS (dispensing aluminum and barium) in the air are designed to disintegrate the population. Build up your immune system, eat as much raw as possible to remain healthy and viable…namaste’, rachel

  8. Genetically engineered foods would never have made it this far if our populace and our government representatives were educated in this regard. How could it be that anyone would not want to know if the food that was going into their mouth to nurture their body contained living crab and lobster genes. beetle genes, caterpillar genes and so forth. Plants and animals are different and of different orders of life. Inserting the genes of an animal into a plant for our consumption prevents the plant from protecting us against pathogens such as bacteria, yeast overgrowth and parasites. Plants have compounds in them to do the protection job if they are not genetically modified. The genetic modification opens our order of life up to the pathogens. Futher, our complement immune system works on a blood level and the wrong genes going into our blood wreaks havoc with this. Chitin is a common factor between insects and parasites and is supposed to stay in those orders of life. We produce chitinase to take care of small amounts that we ingest but we are not meant to produce large amounts of this substance and our bodies are compromised producing large amounts of it. We are taking the chance that our bodies will begin to produce substances that help the parasite and insect/arthropod world survive but are an anaethama to human beings.
    I am so gratified that the states are taking things into their own hands and making rulings against genetically modified foods. Labelling is a must, but the powers that be are against it as they hoped to slip this all through before the people got educated about it. We are a country of individual states. Let us all make our state voices heard!

  9. We’ve asked our Minnesota state legislator district 31B to sponsor a bill requiring labeling of all GMO foods and ingredients in foods sold in Minnesota. Waiting to hear back from him. This happily coincides with the nationwide Right to Know rallies at state and federal capitols this Saturday March 26th. Hope you all can make it to yours. Food manufacturers have already almost completely eliminated GMO ingredients from foods sold to their European markets, and they’re watching us Americans to see when the turning point comes here. Thanks for the information, which I’ll pass on to our representative.

  10. Remember Alar!
    Wikipedia says “Alar scare” is shorthand among news media and food industry professionals for an irrational, emotional public scare based on propaganda rather than facts.
    The above statement “They are toxic to all species and we are seeing the increased diabetes and illness throughout our country due to processed foods containing these G.M.O. products.” fails to present any supporting science and satisfies Wikipedia’s definition of “Alar scare”.
    It is fortunate that state governments politely ignore such comments.

  11. 2,4-D, a main ingredient in Agent Orange, should not be used on food crops. Currently, it is sometimes used when weeds become tolerant to glyphosate. Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Round-Up, kills weeds by making soil nutrients unavailable to plants. GM crops designed to grow without these nutrients, survive. [corn, soy, cotton-seed, canola, papaya, sugar-beet & alfalfa]

  12. Not a moment too soon as the University of Iowa was studying how to put the swine vaccine in cornflakes! It appears that our education institutions had more poison in mind and instead of making foods more wholesome, mad scientists, agriculture and education has a plan to make it poisonous. GMO seeds will destroy all natural foods and you would think the conservative-religious groups would be up in arms against this, after all who can put a patent on seeds except God. This is the work of men who’s greed knows no boundary and who’s obsession with power to dominate the world’s food supply will not stop. GMO all has to stop now, and revert back to organic farm growing that actually provides sustenance not an early death. Now not only will consumers have a choice -they can demand better from their food producers who are lobbying government to hide the truth. Russia has just banned US pork, chicken and beef due to high levels of antibiotics and genetic material. They are smarter than Americans who swallow every bite of tainted fake foods. Therefore the economic impact on US exports is already taking a financial loss, no foreign countries want US foods anymore and I do not blame them.

  13. The FDA is supposed to regulate food and drug safety. Instead, they jump in bed with Big Pharma and companies like Monsanto and justify what they are doing by basically claiming that the American public is too dumb to understand genetically modified foods. Therefore we don’t even need to be informed when something we consume has been genetically modified. The problem is that many people although they may not be dumb, have no knowledge of what goes on in this country. It is good to see that some states are taking action. I think this is what is going to be the most effective step in stopping the FDA. Maine just passed a bill allowing raw milk to be sold in that state. Each state needs to take back the control that the federal government has stolen from them. Big government will dictate everything in our lives if we remain complacent.

  14. This needs to be turned into an “Action Alert” for the other 45 states not mentioned here.

  15. Write to your state legislators asking they follow suit. A simple web search for their names will lead you to their sites. Be polite, tell them you are concerned about their citizens health and the environment. I cut and pasted the above information in the body of the email to my state reps, so they have less excuse not to act on it.

  16. Our federal government is in the process of pressuring the EU and Canada to accept genetically modified food products from the USA so we can increase our exports and they are winning. The only way forward is to get this down to a state level like Vermont and others are doing. Ohio (the heart of it all) needs to get a bill for labelling of GMO foods going as do all the states. Let’s get the control of our tax money out of federal hands and closer to home so we aren’t paying for things we do not want.

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