More is Not Necessarily Better When Treating Cancer

Cancer care in the U.S. has increasingly become the perfect example that confounds the American mind-set. After all, we have been culturally conditioned that if a little is good, a lot is better, and a whole lot is best of all. Our current American medical system is a great example that more medicine is not necessarily better medicine and often does not translate to a better outcome. And, lest we forget, more expensive care does not always translate into better care. It is becoming increasingly clear that working smarter is very important to navigate the medical system and to insure a better outcome.

Allow me to state my bias up front. In the last year, a dear friend, a close acquaintance, and my husband have all faced cancer. Facing cancer is scary. It completely overwhelms your life. Every day is a new challenge, another doctor with whom to deal, another blood test, another injection, another challenge in nutrition, and every single person who faces cancer is a true hero. You may be scared to death but you are a hero to go through facing cancer in the American medical system. There is no guide; finding your way is a maze. Taking steps to optimize your diet and nutrition, use supplements wisely, address your emotional and spiritual health along with researching and considering treatment options is dizzyingly complex. There are wonderful doctors out there and caring nurses but you are sadly mistaken to think anyone looks at you, your diagnosis, and your lifestyle as a whole. The medical system is much too fragmented for that to occur.
In December a routine PET scan (part of a follow up program) revealed positive findings and a diagnosis of stage III Lymphoma for my husband. We wondered out loud with his radiation oncologist (who was totally supportive of an integrative approach to a bout of stage I non-aggressive lymphoma 3 years previously) what else could have been done in the subsequent 3 years. We had addressed diet, inflammation, supplementation, hormonal balance, exercise, emotional and spiritual health issues. Was there something we had missed to be facing a serious stage III aggressive form of lymphoma? All the experts we consulted were unanimous that treating the original cancer more aggressively was not an effective way to prevent another bout of cancer. After reading and re-reading “The Emperor of All Maladies, a biography of cancer” by Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, I became educated that the cancer profession grudgingly came to agreement that more chemo does not necessarily produce a better outcome after years of patient trials and clinical experience. The side effects of additional aggressive chemo invariably outweigh the benefits. Much progress has been made to manage the side effects of chemotherapy. While multiple powerful chemotherapy agents are now the standard of care for many cancer diagnoses, the oncologist was clear “We’ll consider 6-8 rounds of chemotherapy, testing you after the initial 4. After 8 treatments, the side effects outweigh any potential benefit.”
Even the newer, more expensive drugs are not necessarily better to treat cancer. Gleevec, a new and expensive cancer drug, was acclaimed as a break through for certain leukemia diagnoses yet it is now appreciated that many patients become resistant to its effects. Avastin engendered controversy when federal regulators questioned its price and its success in certain cancer diagnoses. The use of Taxol and Herceptin while once acclaimed is now questioned in many because of the little life gained, their side effects, and their expense.
The same has become true of surgery to address cancer. The initial work of German surgeon Dr. Richard von Volkmann inspired the work of John Hopkins professor of surgery, Dr. Richard Halsted. Dr. Halsted and his protégés pioneered and established radical surgery when the patient faced breast cancer as the standard of care. It took many years and many disfigured patients before it was determined that radical, disfiguring surgery did not produce the best outcome for breast cancer. Pioneers like British Dr. Keynes, Dr. Criles, Jr. in the U.S. and Philadelphia surgeon Dr. Fisher along with the subtle shift of the doctor-patient relationship were instrumental for medicine to replace radical disfiguring mastectomies with removal of pectoral muscles and all area lymph glands with lumpectomies and other treatments. The February 8, 2011 issue of Journal of the American Medical Association again turned the conventional wisdom of breast cancer surgery inside out. For many patients facing breast cancer at an early stage (estimated to be up to 40,000 per year) the removal of area lymph modes with all of the accompanying side effects is now known to be unnecessary. And, thanks to the Internet (the ultimate lay home medical journal) nearly every woman facing this situation will put this game changer to her surgeon.
Gilbert Welch, MD, professor of medicine at Dartmouth University and author of “Should I be Tested for Cancer: Maybe Not and Here’s Why” stumped the morning TV talk show hosts with analysis of the medical literature. Mass screening of cancer often does not cause people to live longer or live better. Only those who have a genetic predisposition to cancer or whose environment/lifestyle puts them at risk of cancer are well served by routine cancer screening. The catch it in time mentality sold to all Americans thanks to public service announcements from drug companies and medical device companies has no science to back it up. Screening often identifies abnormalities that are not malignant. Screening can also set the stage for little attention to be paid to one’s lifestyle. That alone can be problematic as we now learn that we can turn off and turn on genes with lifestyle choices even innocuous things like laughter. Certainly, environmental factors can be powerful and sea of chemicals in which we now live and raise our children has been linked to an increased incidence of cancer.
There is one mention in the 550 page + “The Emperor of All Maladies” of diet, nutrition, and lifestyle. It is a brilliantly written and well documented book. The lack of nutritional and lifestyle focus, research, education of physicians and their medical staff, and what happens in medical offices clearly bears this situation out. Every cancer expert we visited had a bowl of candy in their waiting room. Several offices were selling cancer to finance their foundations to help with patients’ needs. Nearly every oncologist acknowledged to us they knew nothing about diet and cancer. This situation is outrageously insulting to patients. Every parent knows unlimited candy/processed sugar is not good for growing children. Why would candy be acceptable in the office of every cancer treatment facility in the area?
I researched every site, journal, book I could find for my husband’s specific diagnosis.
None of these resources mentioned the nuggets we gleamed from phone consultations we scheduled with leading experts in integrative cancer care including:
• Spiritual health and your piece of mind are more important than any cancer treatment, conventional, alternative, or integrative, any diet, or any supplement you may use. The support of your respective faith community is amazing and does make a difference.
• Exercise is the one thing you can do to reduce your chance of cancer returning by up to 50%. There is no pill with that rate of efficacy.
• Diet does matter. Your immune system is 100% protein. It is important to get sufficient amounts (generally 1 g of protein for every 2 pounds of body weight) of high quality protein along with a nutrient dense diet focusing on fruits and vegetables. When your appetite fails and your GI tract is queasy, it is important to focus on foods that pack a nutritional punch. Good fats with their ability to modulate inflammation make a big difference, too. Take the bad fats out of your diet; if you eat a grain make it a whole grain; eat up to 11 servings of fruits and vegetables a day; eat some good fats each day; and get adequate protein. Sugar with its ability to stun the infection fighting white blood cells is not recommended for any cancer patient.
• There are some amazing foods/nutrients specific for certain cancers and certain chemo agents that our experts shared with us. I found none of these even with research skills honed from 26 years on air. Consider astragalus using cisplatin. Increase coenzyme Q10 when using doxorubicin/adriamycin. Sun Soup (mushrooms, Chinese herbs, certain vegetables) has an amazing ability to prolong the life of certain lung cancer patients. Cinnamon and Lemon Grass are worth considering for lymphoma. A blend of Ayurvedic/Indian herbs, Amrit Kalash, has good science about its benefits when used by those taking chemotherapy. Curry has amazing science for patients facing chemotherapy (contraindicated if cytoxan is used) and radiation. The use of plantain extract has been studied in a major cancer center and can be used topically to diminish the side effects of radiation. Intravenous vitamin C has been studied at NIH, University of KS, and other centers with positive results.
There is so much more that no one tells you but is in the scientific literature if you know the places to look or who to ask.
• Homeopathy may well be an unsung remedy of choice for many. The National Cancer Institute, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and others are looking seriously at the work of doctors using homeopathic remedies in foundations in India. The success rate can be impressive. At the least, there are ways to deal with the side effects of conventional cancer care (chemotherapy and radiation) using homeopathic remedies that are very successful. For example, there are various drug injections or blood transfusions used when chemotherapy invariably suppresses the bone marrows production of blood cells. These can adversely affect how long you live and can cause other side effects including all your bones aching. There is a homeopathic remedy, Ferrum phos, along with acupuncture that work quite well without these downsides and side effects. Who knew??
• There are therapies widely used in Europe and other countries that are never mentioned to most U.S, patients. The use of sound and light (photo and sonodynamic therapy) for certain cancer diagnoses is very real in other countries but not the U.S. Most European oncologists offer Coley’s fluid, once used routinely in the U.S., to harness the body’s power of fever and immune response to treat cancer. European cancer clinics use heat (hyperthermia) to treat cancer much more gently than chemotherapy and radiation and while it is being study at a major U.S. university, most oncologists never mention it to their patients. Worse yet, in the year 2011 patients continue to be pressured using tactics that are not professional when they choose to go a route outside surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.
• Medicine has no explanation for patients who beat the odds, exceptional patients or spontaneous remissions. There is no medical certainty with regards to who survives, who does not, and for how long. Every patient is an individual with a personal genetic map in a unique environment affected by physical, emotional, and spiritual factors exclusive to them. Statistics are just numbers on a piece of paper. Hope conquers all is not a cliché. Faith sustains you can be as real as anything injected into you or given to you orally.
Patients have forever changed the practice of cancer medicine. It appears to be up to patients to educate themselves about the fact that lifestyle does matter. Lifestyle choices may actually affect how genes express themselves and whether cancer ever develops. Lifestyle choices undoubtedly affect how well those do when faced with cancer.
Deborah A. Ray, MT (ASCP)


  1. Answers to cancers have been around for many years but conventional medicine has a more rewarding business model; drugs. All disease is the result of inappropriate nutrition, environmental toxins and emotional stress. Reverse those negatives, alkalize, improve cell charge and raise oxygen penetration and healing happens. I outlined the simple solutions in Forbidden Healing.
    A short entry;
    Disease = Oxidative Stress
    Looking at natural health ideas presents an endless and confusing list of dos and don’ts. Foods, herbs, waters, detoxification and even magnets and meditations seemingly have little in common. How could a vitamin or a sauna both work? It turns out there is a common denominator in biological function; electrical charge.
    * Our efforts to choose live healthy foods, vitamins and minerals simply supply the electrochemically correct molecules to construct our cells,…so they hold and conduct charge.
    * In a proper charge environment, clean cell membranes constructed of healthy fats, proteins and simple sugars allow quick transport of oxygen and other essential materials that facilitate,…charge.
    * Appropriate mineral levels optimize membrane transport by creating ,…charge.
    * pH buffers enhance oxygen penetration that powers mitochondria to build,…charge.
    * Toxic metals, organic compounds, electrolyte imbalance and fake fat and sugar molecules drain cell membrane,….charge.
    * Water itself is the charge matrix, the battery that provides,…charge.
    * Ultimately the Sun is the energy source of,…charge.
    Electron abundance opposes oxidative damage to cell components and oxygen boosts energy levels to help insure that abundance. Truly healing protocols stem from a concerted effort to raise cell charge. The erosion of our health and disruption of the biosphere is simply due to man’s burning (oxidation), acidification, “food’ technologies and careless contamination of air, land and water. Mystery solved!

  2. I had a double mastectomy for the type of cancer that had not just one tumor but multiple tumors which appear throughout both breasts. Through stealth and deceit I was able to avoid radiation and chemotherapy. (I knew I was unable to confront the doctors directly and refuse chemo/radiation). That was 15+ years ago and I have remained strong and healthy.

  3. Thank you for this article! I went thru 3 years of chemo for NH Lymphoma and am now out of chemo for over a year with no active cancer. While taking the chemo treatments I made an effort to educate myself not only on what the doctor was giving me but what alternative natural supplements I could take to help contain or repair the damage I knew chemo would create.
    My emphasis on finding natural supplements, exercising and turning to a healthier diet have, I believe, helped me to recover from my cancer. I have informed my oncologist that I am done with the treatments and I believe that it is up to me now to help my body to a full recovery!
    Thanks for your article, I hope it helps others.

  4. Dear Deborah,
    How did you come to the conclusion that your husband was deficient in the poisonous chemicals put in his precious fragile body? God didn’t necessarily or actually provide the concoction with which malicious and greedy drug companies and crafty soft brained MDs abused him. God, in Genesis, told us that He provided the basics for a healthy body. It’s up to us to use what He has provided – herbs and spices are included among the many possibilities. Not that I come close to having all the answers I need for my own health – but I keep praying and God provides me with the strength to endure a long list of difficulties. I had Melanoma surgery on my left ear. I am completely at peace with my situation. At almost 90 God still keeps me going for His reasons – why should I question Him?
    May God richly bless you and your endeavors, F. C. Hunter

  5. Good article! You missed a significant ‘alternative’. Let me preface with a personal story. My niece, a Dentist, was, a few years ago, diagnosed with breast cancer. They said it wasn’t critical and didn’t need any immediate attention. A bit later, another diagnosis found that she needed immediated mastectomy and chemo. Well, she freaked .. as others similarly diagnosed do. She’s a very brilliant girl and researched the entire ‘cancer treatment’ field. Then, after a thorough investigation, she borrowed about $20k and went to Mexico … to the cancer clinics there. There are several and the one she chose is called ‘The Oasis of Hope’. They treated her well. Today, many years later, she has never needed chemo, has not needed a mastectomy and is living a healthy and happy life. She is, however, due to the treatment, required almost a complete lifestyle change …. diet, sleep, exercise etc. … all very important according to the ‘Mexico’ cancer clinics. Incidentally, these clinics have NEVER, not even ONCE, lost a patient or had a remission for their ‘CANCER CURES’. Total and complete success with treating cancer. Pause for a moment and reflect on what I just said and, if necessary, verify it for yourself!!! And, finally, my question is …Why is this success story unheard of here in the USA Media? My answer – the ACS. They do not acknowledge ‘anyone else’ and enjoy media support. You can read details about ACS salaries here:
    Further personal research reveals that only a very small amount of the money donated to them goes to treating cancer and/or cancer patients. More than half is absorbed by salaries and overhead. I appreciate your concern over the ‘cancer failure treatment’ of the US of A … my homeland. I hope you are able to make this information public! Best regards, Todd
    P.S. The cancer clinics in Mexico are mostly staffed by USA professionals, resident in the USA, that are unable to practice the techniques, etc. of these Mexico clinics in the USA. Also, most of the patients are resident USA citizens. Think about that next time somebody asks you to contribute to the ACS.

  6. This article mentions sound and light machine. I own a rather sophisticated one. Who could I contact for the proper use of this machine. A good friend of mine is being operated for a huge mass on her thyroid gland. The biopsy shows no cancer, but the mass was 3000+ and in three months, since the last test it grew an additional one centimeter.
    Please respond.
    Thank you.

  7. I thank you for this thoughtful post. Especially true are your concluding statements. I would say that patients ARE changing the practice of cancer medicine as we become better informed, thanks largely to the internet. Please look at Ty Bollinger’s book “Cancer – Step Out of the Box” for what I consider to be exceptionally useful information, not only for recovering from cancer, but for avoiding some deadly mistakes in treating it. The most recent 5th edition is available at

  8. Debbie, I recently heard some excellent interviews from alternative doctors who say that a central consideratoin is the body’s VOLTAGE, which is impacted by pH. Please go to (via Dr. Jerry Tenannt) to follow up. Jon

  9. Deborah, I just took a friend to an oncologist’s office, the first one I have been in for about 15 years. I found individually plastic-packaged donuts and danish with clearly labeled hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial color/flavors, more sugar, etc.
    I complained by writing a note at the reception desk. Got a response saying the would consult a nutritionist (as I suggested – it turned out I knew the oncologist through my work as a patient advocate/lay educator). But it is now more than a month later and nothing has changed. Even though I am sure this office is raking it in (probably over $8million a year), they are using up their old supply of horrible, horrible snacks.
    People in the waiting room assured me it was ‘comfort’ food!

  10. This is excellent information.
    I have had breast cancer three times and 6 basal cell events. I have endured surgery, radiation and chemotherapy in 2 different states and at 3 different hospitals. No oncologist or radiologist ever mentioned any of this to me.
    Knowing that I could probably not endure more of these treatments, I have done a huge amount of research on alternative treatments and know that I would go that direction of I had it to do over.
    This is wonderfully educational and I am sending it on to others who might like to think for themselves!

  11. What a great article, I will be forward to all my friends. Thanks you for taking the time to tell it like it is

  12. Thanks for sharing this information with the rest of us. Hope ur husband is doing well ! Photo and sonodynamic therapy sounds unreal and amazing. Would be great to see more about this in the future.

  13. It also pays to have a second opinion at another institution ex. one hospital a for profit and the second a non-profit. You may find the for profit will rate your cancer higher so they can give you the works and charge insurance. Another institution may use more conservative measures, therefore, being less costly and the outcome may be better for your overall health, less stressful to the body. I say this from my own personal experience with cancer this past summer. One hospital rated me a 2 ( weeks of chemo and radiation) and the non-profit 0-1 with an overnight stay with their therapy.
    Considering how many people have cancer a learning for profit hospital may be charging insurance companies millions for care that is unnecessary, thereby, making health insurance more costly. And you are right the medical profession has little knowledge and concern for diet, drugs are their lifeline.

  14. Well, in this case, the elephant in the room you didn’t mention in this amazing article is that we have to ban all cigarettes. Tabacco has killed more people by causing lung and broad spectrum cancers than all of our wars put together.

  15. My heart goes out to you, your husband, and your family and friends. I am a cancer survivor, one who believes that the life of one’s spirit, diet, exercise, “faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love”, are all critical to healthful living and well being of our body, mind, feelings, soul, and spirit,
    I am currently fighting Pre Diabetes, and I have lost twenty pounds and gotten better following the diet and exercise advice of Doctors who have a phenomenological history of curing Diabetes, and who are ethically sensitive to the fact that many institutions, big pharmacy, drug companies, the AMA, the ADA, our entire food supply chain industries, many Doctors profit from the System as is, and are not about to change what they economically profit from. “Wisdom cries in the streets, and no man listens.” “Dogma is the fear of freedom,” and” there is no freedom, without the encounter of destiny.” I simply wanted to ask if you have read Healing The Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases and its emphasis “that the increasingly denatured, nutitionally empty, toxic modern diet is the main cause of today’s worsening health crisis”?

  16. Why no mention of Vitamin D and cancer treatment given that this was just online a couple of days ago: “Dr. Jones also sits on the scientific advisory board of a drug company called Receptor Therapeutics. These guys also made a synthetic vitamin D treatment for cancer…in fact THREE synthetic vitamin D treatments for cancer. (Drug companies use synthetic vitamin D because they can patent it and make a huge profit. You can’t patent natural vitamin D.”
    Vitamin D Conspiracy Leads Straight to Big Pharma
    Submitted by Lois Rain on February 24, 2011 – 12:33 pm

  17. It is interesting to note that cancer was (and still is) virtually unheard-of in populations that stayed away from Western diets and continued to eat traditional indigenous foods. While it is not popular in these days of manic vegetarianism, it would benefit us to understand that all healthy traditional diets (as well as ancient human diets – cancer only came about after the agricultural revolution) are high fat and high protein. Most of these diets are/were comprised mostly of animal fat and meat – all of the necessary vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc are provided there. We should be asking ourselves: in what ways have we strayed from those times (or ways of life) where cancer was not known?
    These same exact observations are also made about diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, auto-immune disorders, multiple sclerosis, gout, and depression – what are known as the Diseases of Civilization.

  18. Please take a look at the German New Medicine site: This is by far the best teaching on the biological cause of cancer. It has been so helpful to me in preventing cancer in my life and others. My sister, mother and all her siblings died of cancer and GNM has helped me understand the mind/emotional connection, which is powerful. Shalom

  19. hey Todd, is that the Hoxley clinic in mexico?….i believe thats how he spelled his name.
    Hoxley was originally a horse farmer in the 30’s or so, who figured out how to cure, with diet and combination of herbs, the tumor in one of his horses…He later went to MD school, treated and cured here in the US, many americans’ lung and pancreas cancer, was persecuted by the AMA, taken to the supreme court by the AMA where he won TWICE! vWhen THAT failed to stop him from his work curing americans of cancer, he was finally chased down to mexico by the IRS over bogus tax evasion charges (the IRS is apparently one of the AMA’s buddies, surprise huh?)
    Folks remember all that the next time they come around asking for “money for the cure”
    Peace all

  20. Good article, b ut I can hardly believe my eyes as I read it, there is no mention of the first two things I’d try if it’s my turn to fight any nasty disease, which are Vitamin D-3, and Fasting. I’ve seen fasting put bone Cancer into remission, and I have read recently that there are now 16 Cancers proven (proven, meaning large, expensive, years-long studies) to be Vitamin D deficiency related. It’s no secret that Vitamin D prevents and helps treat Cancer. Hard to overlook, I should think… Certainly worth a try!

  21. The major cancer centers of the USA are SO BOUGHT OUT by pharma, that there is no rationailty but pharma rationality in their decisions, recommendations, protocols, etc. Dr Ralph Moss tells about how Memorial Sloan Kettering squashed positive results in a study with Laetrile when pressure was brought to bear by one of their Pharma Board members. When you consider that ~85% of modern chemo drugs are plant derived, who are we kidding that Pharma can trump nature! Dr Weisenthal describes well how small-minded the oncology fraternity is and the usual oncologist is more concerned about him/herself than the patient in selecting the right chemo, if it’s appropriate at all. Hopkins has now invented “individualized oncology”, something Weisnthal has been championing for years. Our culture is not about good science and good care. It’s “political” science – who has the power and who has the money. God help us all! As always, common sense is the best medicine … and don’t trust big anything!

  22. At 75 , having lived for 60 years on a wholefood vegetarian diet, I remain fit and active with no aches and pains.As a result of a severe cold over a year ago, I had a PSA test, and was advised to visit a cancer specialist. However, so far, I have resisted ‘biopsies, having read the potential damage that taking 10 lumps out of an organ surrounded by nerves might do. I am pretty certain that, if the medical experts decided to operate, castrate, radiate or give me chemical treatment even further damage would be done. Who would want to survive in that situation.
    Meanwhile I continue to investigate alternative advice and am carrying out various natural treatments. It seems that the dangerous medical treatments are unlikely to help me survive any longer anyway. It is such a pity that the medical establishment shuts out most treatments for cancer, which does make it difficult for patients.

  23. I have several patients undergoing traditional medical care for cancer. I treat them for musculosketal complaints giving them some pain relief. In questioning them, none of their doctors tell them to eat a better diet, make any lifestyle changes, or try any natural approach. I try to advise them to at least do things to enhance their immune system. Generally they show little interest and seem to be under total control of the medical community. In 29 years I have not seem a successful long term outcomefrom medical care for cancer.

  24. Thank you for all your comments on this important article. I so agree.
    A question: Following an article on on the FDA and the again-resurrected food coloring debate, one of the comments stated that North Carolina would be voting/has voted (April 5 or 6) on a bill to outlaw and criminalize ALL alternative health practitioners and practices in the state, including naturopaths, herbalists, acupuncturists, etc. Does anyone know anything factual about this?
    I have the same question about herbals recently being outlawed in the European Union. Does anyone out there know if that is true? what that law looks like?
    Thanks so much.

  25. Patients not only have to educate themselves about lifestyle and alternative therapies but also join forces to influence or petition our legislators to more strictly regulate the toxic substances in our environment which may trigger cancer. My deceased companion, diagnosed with mesothelioma, was told by his oncologist that he could eat anything – including sugary foods! When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, the first advice a friend gave was to eat organic food. This has had a very positive influence on my overall health. The surgeon of a friend, diagnosed with breast cancer, removed two-thirds of her lymph nodes, leaving her with an arm that is always swollen and difficult to use – this, after over a year of physcial therapy and lymph drainage. She refused chemotherapy, which has been found to be ineffective in some 37% of women with a certain type of breast cancer. Her Swiss oncologist respected her wishes and had an analysis done in the United States – at her personal expense (US$4,000) which placed her just on the borderline of showing chemo would not very effective or necessary in her case.

  26. So much wisdom and experience in these posts. It’s heartening to see people take notice of the pitfalls of the currently recognized and in many cases mandatory treatment of cancer. The AMA in cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry and aided by lobbyists have done all they can to prevent individuals from seeking out alternative cancer cures. Successful clinics have been raided by an arm of our federal government and the attending physicians discredited and often jailed. It’s all about control and [his] ever present companion; greed.
    I have Ty Bollingers book and it is excellent. If you or someone you know and love has been diagnosed with cancer, get the book. Better yet; get it now…before it’s banned.
    In the meantime, check into some alternate therapies; a big one being hydrogen peroxide (that’s 35% Food Grade). Also, there’s AHCC, Graviola (much more potent than Chemo with no side effects). If you care to do the research, it’s all out there and from some completely credible sources. Good luck in your search. Be well and God bless.

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