Dark Times for Herbal Medicine in Europe

Thmpd(Revised March 3, 2011)
Our European Office, is preparing for a legal challenge against EU herb laws.
As we reported to you last November, thousands of products associated with traditional medicine will soon become illegal throughout the European Union (EU). And more and more, EU legislation influences US domestic policy, especially where health-related laws are concerned. The EU threat to herbal medicine is real, and we urge you to take stock of what’s going on so we can collectively jump in the minute anything similar emerges from US regulators. After all, it was that joint action from consumers and health organizations back in 1994 that has kept US regulations over dietary supplements relatively sane. But let’s not forget that this kind of freedom needs to be fought for every step of the way.
Here’s what our colleagues in the ANH Europe office are able to relay to you.
The EU has passed a stunning 139,338 directives, regulations and decisions since 1980. While it previously allowed European countries (now referred to as EU “member states”) to make up their own rules controlling natural healthcare products, there has been a push since around 2000 to control this area by rules formulated primarily by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.
One of the laws that is set to devastate herbal medicines and products EU-wide, the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD, also known as Directive 2004/24/EC) successfully passed into European law back in 2004. The law will be implemented fully on May 1 this year, and ANH-Intl has exhausted all options other than legal challenge in its efforts to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of European citizens.
Under this Directive, Napoleonic law rules. Napoleonic law forms the basis of most EU laws and in effect means you’re guilty until proven innocent. Apply this to products, it means a product is banned, unless it is specifically allowed. The drama for so many herbal products is that they are incapable of getting through the obstacle course set by the Directive. Many are locked out because they don’t meet the narrow eligibility criteria. Others, particularly complex herbal combinations, are knocked out because they can’t be made to meet the technical requirements better suited to single ingredients. A further major obstacle is the cost, prohibitive for most of the smaller players and traditional medicine manufacturers or suppliers. If it wasn’t so difficult to get a license, there of course wouldn’t be a problem.
The prime beneficiaries are the large European phytopharmaceutical companies who are getting a relatively small number of licenses, primarily for their alcohol extracts. Only a very small proportion of the around 200 products licensed so far across all twenty-seven EU member states contain whole plant material, and many are stuffed full of synthetic excipients that most of us would choose not to put in our bodies! These include additives as unpleasant as benzoate preservatives, sweeteners like sodium cyclamate (banned in the US) and aspartame, detergents like sodium lauryl sulphate, and polymers like polyvinyl pyrrolidone and polyvinyl alcohol, the latter having question marks over its potential carcinogenicity.
Only a tiny fraction of the total number of medicinal herbs have so far managed to get through the EU door. Currently, fewer than 50 species of medicinal plants are included in registered products, and that’s out of considerably more than 1000 that are regularly used by humans medicinally! Since the rules appear to have been set up to benefit the European phytopharmaceutical companies, it’s no surprise—but nonetheless a travesty— that not a single authentic herbal product from any of the non-European traditions has yet been registered. That equates to zero products from Ayurveda (India), Tibetan, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Amazonian, or southern African traditions, these being among the most well established in the world.
ANH-Intl is preparing to challenge these herb laws in court. It has nearly raised the money it needs for the first stage of its challenge in the UK courts, where the objective is to have the case referred to the European Court of Justice. We passionately believe that, as citizens and advocates of natural health, we must use all the means we have at our disposal to ensure justice is brought to bear.
This European law has a host of problems. Among these, it doesn’t do what it originally set out to do, which was to provide a suitable framework for all herbal traditions. To axe the most important, non-Europeans ones by setting an obstacle course that can’t be negotiated except by a few, is not justice. It is also in breach of a whole gamut of European laws that aim to promote fairness, proportionality, and transparency while also preventing discrimination.
If any readers are interested in this case and want to offer any support, be it financial or moral, ANH-Intl would be very glad to hear from you. You can find out more or you can email [email protected] and put “Herb law” in the subject line.
You can also donate online, and any amount would be gratefully received. All funds are being used exclusively to fund legal costs and not the running expenses of ANH Europe’s ten concurrent campaigns.


  1. ater living in Europe for several years and using herbal extract with the utmost efficacy I find this most disheartning and typical of modern medicine…all for the greed

    1. Agree with you. Conventional medicine in France does not want to share. TERRIBLE

  2. If I recollect correctly, herbal products may be prescribed and provided by or reimbursed by the taxpayer-funded medical systems of the EU countries. This goes beyond the issue of personal preference or belief. The taxpayer deserves some proof of safety and efficacy.
    Perhaps EU herbal product manufacturers need to relinquish the health claims that make them phytopharmaceutical manufacturers and simultaneously relinquish the public subsidy. They would then become ordinary food producers.
    People generally have free choice with regard to foods. Dietary supplements whether herbal or not are protected in the U.S. exactly because they are marketed as foods. If you market a supplement as a drug, you play by drug rules which cost up to a billion dollars per product to satisfy.
    You may market a drug that is unsafe when used as directed because everyone expects side effects and those are documented during the billion-dollar approval cycle. In contrast, you may not market a food which is toxic when consumed as directed (although homeopathic products occasionally test that barrier). Insurance, including Medicare, pays for drugs but not for foods.
    Does it appear to you that the EU herbal manufacturers want the advantages of being drug producers without the disadvantages?

    1. Herbs are not pharmaceutical drugs, they are naturally occurring substances that remain in their natural form. Pharmaceutical drugs are either entirely synthetic or have taken one natural active component out of the context in which it naturally occurs. The pharmaceutical companies saw an opportunity to limit the wide use of herbs in Europe through the Codex Alimentarius, and give medical doctors control over prescribing them, even though physicians know virtually nothing about herbal medicines. Most of them only know the barest information about the pharmaceuticals they prescribe!
      The whole thing is designed to funnel more billions (trillions, really) to the Big Pharma companies and to give control to physicians. Western medicine sees natural medicine as the competition, and want to make people entirely dependent on them for health services. They are medical fascists who care nothing for the wellbeing of their patients, driven only by greed, and yet more greed.

      1. I totally agree KL Bauer! This is the modern day witch hunt that has started in the dark ages, and it IS about making people dependent to physicians and synthetic medicine of which we now know that the side effects make people sicker then they should be. I refer to the documentary The Marketing of Madness which exposes the toxic effect western medicine is having on many patients. This is not about people care, it is about domination and greed indeed!

    2. This would be a solution, except that then the food corporations will in Europe, as they have already done with the Food Safety Act in the US, start raising fees and inspections on food. By buying up all the seed companies and now making saving heirloom seeds “Illegal for Safety Reasons”, the Corporate Agribusinesses expect to close that opening by putting organic food farmers out of business. So you see, the damned if you do and damned if you don’t rules apply here, and its a damn shame that we have to eat. Listen to the Progressive Radio Network on the internet at 12 noon, and in a few weeks Gary Null said he is going to start a move to take the S 510 Food Safety Act DOWN!!!! EVERYONE SHOULD PUT THEIR SHOULDERS INTO THIS AND UNITE OVER CORPORATIONS TRYING TO FORCE US TO EAT THEIR CHEMICAL, GMO, IRRADIATED FOODS, WHICH ARE UNSAFE.
      Basically, their logic of divide and conquer, without logic, except for their bottom line, is something that can’t be argued with them. If they see they are going to lose on one move, they will just change direction. This should be taken to the court of public opinion and done legally through the Courts in the US. We want food that is clean of chemicals, not bioengineered, irradiated, or otherwise different than it was 1,000 years ago.
      Where is the religious right when it comes to corporations polluting God’s beautiful bounty of food? I think we should hear them weigh in on God’s Green Earth side.
      Oh Well, One Can Only Hope for Logic.

      1. well said, Marguerite and all. I choose to keep myself healthy through choices that I feel are right that work to keep my body in balance and/or work to rebalance my body, thereby treating “cause” rather than “symptom”. I personally believe in Chinese 5-element theory and hope that the qi in naturally-occurring foods and plants will help keep me healthy. I believe in the art of attraction and the art of allowing and not mandating my preferences upon others but letting them also choose. I am confident in my choices. In the US, our federal government was established for three purposes: (1) negotiate with indian tribes and foreign powers; (2) reduce/settle negotiations between the individual states; (3) establish a common currency. I suspect lots of governments were established for very basic reasons like that, so it is amazing how far they have gone wrong. Come on, people, please learn to take responsibility for your own personal health and sustenance and well-being and reduce all of these government mandates and laws and rules that really only add to our overhead expense (taxes) .

      2. There is always the rule of unintended consequences. What is now happening in Europe with the Codex is worth scrutiny. The use of these “UNAUTHORIZED” methods must now be done in secret. Guess who is already accustomed to secrecy … The Pagan community. This will become the base for the Secret Heath Societies that will form.
        There are a number of computer programs available that do a decent job of recommending the right herbs and combination’s, but aren’t always good about about predicting what will happen when mixed with synthetic medicine. Its one thing to know what herbs or extracts you need, but another one to get them. (herbs gathered in the wild have twice the efficacy of those cultured) I gather for NO ONE that I don’t know personally. I think that the European politicians may run into this block.

    3. It’s a complicated issue. As a lover of teas and many herbal products, there are still many dangerous herbs that bypass scrutiny by the general public because of the’re supposed healing properties. I’m not denying that certain hebs have a benificial effect (a cup of chamomile for a tummy ache, for instance) but meanwhile because of laxed governmental policies (and funds to police the industry) people have been sicken and even die from these “cures” Mr. Cruder makes some good points here.

      1. LOL! She just might be. It’s obvious we cannot trust and have confidence in our own FDA, FTC and others (since they’re all in bed with the pharmaceutical industry). We need professionals we CAN trust to determine what is and is not safe and leave our rights to take those supplements alone.

    4. As someone who has been using herbal medicine for over 30 years and on no medications whatsoever I do appreciate and value your comments. I will say that herbs are foods provided by God to feed, nourish, heal, cleanse and renew His creation, our bodies.
      Through experience, I find this to hold great truth. and studying to show myself approved has made and incredible positive impact on the quality of life for me and my family.
      Herbal medicine is essential for targeting root causes of disease. As I know full well this science puts no gold in traditional doctors pockets, is it not to the patients benefit and well being for the doctor to explore unfamiliar territory in alligning with the Hippocratic oath? I believe that if traditional doctors of the 21st century opened their hearts and minds to work alongside those who still believe in the science behind “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” we could together address the whole person. What is the science behind an apple a day? Does anyone remember what effect pectin has on the body? The answers to these important questions will relieve those searching for root answers.
      God bless all of you who read and partipate in this interesting dialog.

    5. Western pharmaceutical corporations have to test for efficacy, safety etc quite correctly as they are man made. As a result those that make it to market are deemed safe. More usually they make it to market as unsafe as in the case for statins and any number of other drugs the majority of which have unwanted side effects. While it is true that some traditional herbal medicines can cause unwanted side effects this is usually down to uneducated use, historically herbals have a far greater safety factor than that of man made drugs. As for approval – they are natural products! and have non of the development costs. To quantify them in the same category as man made drugs is absurd and delusional mindfulness.
      Educated use and quality control are required however, not removal from market by the so called establishment and as you kindly suggest re-labelling herbs as foods would be advantagous – thankyou knidly!

    6. thats what you think mate the u,s is gonna suffer the same fate as europe and for the record no ones ever died from taking a herb/vitamin/mineral supplements where as supposed safe f.d.a approved drugs are killing about 100,000 people a year but because big pharma pays for so called safety tests and partially fund the fd.a (check the vioxx scandal and many others) its ok for them to poison tens of thousands of people and get away with it,the codex alimentarius plan is nothing mors than an assault on the worlds health and must be resisted and hopefully its not for people to learn of this evil plan and fight against it worldwide.

      1. Well said Digger! I totally agree. Toxic drugs are killing people and the producers are getting away with it and raking in the profits. It’s an evil law and we do need to fight it!

    7. You must be working for the Federal Disease Association.
      Drugs are toxic, unnatural man-made substances so of course they need to be proven safe before unleashing them on the public. Herbs are natural occurring substances that work synergistically to affect the body without blocking certain receptors like drugs do. You can grow herbs in your backyard and use them however you want but drugs need limitations.
      I’m not trying to get political here, but this is why Healthcare reform needs to be repealed. I do not want to see alternative medicine being put under government control like in Europe because then it will be banned. I do not want to have to go to some quack MD thats paid by Big Pharma to push only fraudulent drugs and doesn’t give a damn about anything natural. Drug companies exist to control and manipulate people through their toxic, magical connotations. Only nature can truly heal.
      I’m growing me a herb garden.

  3. Big Pharm everywhere is trying to control EVERYTHING!!!!! I am so sick of it and so sick of having to fight for our rights to use alternative remedies. Yes, you are right…what happens in EU lately seems to trickle down to us in the USA. Look at Darvacet/Darvon…good example. Britain outlawed it first and it didn’t take the USA to follow suit. It’s disgusting the way we are becoming so controlled in our every walk in life. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!!!!!!! OWO!

  4. This is an out right attack, on ALL Citizens, by the Big Pharma. Here in the United States, there has been a long standing government policies to destory herbal supplements, and organic farming as a federal policy. The economic climate is, the U.S. is bankrupt, the EU monetary system is bankrupt, every State in the US union is Bankrupt. Our president has czars, that dictate policy as law. The global corporations of the EU are interested in killings thousand of people to reduce population. The same policies are being forced on the US population. The only way to stop, this momentum is to pass the Glass-Seagel Act of President FDR of 1933. The law separates the banking system into commercial and investment banks. The commercial would be the physical economy, to protect the trade between sovereign states, but would not protect global corporations. Go to larouchepac.com and educate yourselves. It is a power plan!!! To Kill.

  5. Why is it in the world of natural healing the truth cannot be spoken. VITAMIN C cures SCURVY. everyone knows this but you cannot state on a bottle of vit c that it cures SCURVY. Even though it is TRUE. Cayenne has been shown to heal or CURE cancer but you cannot state that even though it does. The present main stream medical offers drugs for cancer that are most times worse than the cancer. In NATURAL HEALING there is nothing that has not been cured by natural means – HEART DISEASE – CANCER – you name it. But only the BIG PHARMA can give you CURES that can kill you or maim you or cause a stroke. The latest rate of CANCER cures for big PHARMA is 2% – you get a higher cure rate with the PLACEBO effect.

    1. Why is it……. the truth cannot be spoken? LISTEN CAREFULLY. I quote, “The FDA has the power to make “laws” and enforce them… WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL OR DEBATE! In order to protect the profits of the drug industry, the FDA passed the most incredibly insane “law” of all time. The FDA has now made as “law” the following statement, “Only a drug can cure, treat or prevent a disease.” ” While that statement is entirely untrue, it is the “law” and is why any company selling vitamins/herbals, etc have the following disclaimer on every product they sell: [“These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”] If they DID claim to do so, that would be saying their products are drugs (since “only a drug can cure, treat or prevent a disease”). They could (and some have) be sent to jail for selling a “drug” unapproved by the FDA, without a license… a criminal offense.
      This is also why “they”, not too long ago, decided to classify so many conditions as “diseases”. Once a condition is a disease, the drug industry can make money on the approved drugs they’ve developed for it. HOW CONVENIENT IS THAT? The first statement I quoted was from Kevin Trudeau’s book “Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About.” READ IT from the beginning! Your jaw will drop with nearly every page. His book is only one amongst others by different authors on the same subject. ANOTHER NOTABLE QUOTE by Herbert Lay,M.D., Former FDA Commissioner: “The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the people think it’s doing are like night and day.”

  6. I cannot believe that herbal remedies are under such restrictions!! That’s all I can say!

  7. Nonsense. Herbal products have been used as long as there have been human beings on earth. Expertise in using and preparing them , and safety awareness concerning them have developed accordingly, first on the basis of longtime experience, and later later through the help of science.
    Safe, effective use of natural products, evolves as all other steps forward in human progress, when intelligent people apply knowledge and expertise – carefully. Progress of this kind does not depend on drug testing, nor do people need to be protected against it, as a miniscule faction within the EU has empowered itself to do.
    Concerning what the taxpayer pays for, if taxpayers decide to put aside money to help people meet their health care needs, well and good. But if they also want to tell people which kinds of care they must use, or not use, they immediately infringe on the rights of those people. If taxpayers insist on that, they go beyond the fair scope of government, and should get out of the health care arena.

  8. I am horrified! And my heart goes out to the people of Europe. I hope we always fight hard enough to keep this from happening here in the US. God knows, we have enough dumb ass politicians who would like to see it happen here. Meanwhile, I hope there is a way for the people of Europe to make themselves heard loud enough to turn things around. It’s down right scary. You can count on me to raise my voice, and my mighty opinionated pen.

    1. We are already losing the battle with GMO foods being approved for planting and herbal remedies in question. The FDA is not our friend and the sooner we rise up against these systems the sooner we may be able to live a healthy life! It’s pretty crazy when as a consumer I do not have the right to use herbal remedies, find out what is really in that package of food I am buying because there are no labels to verify FULL content. The last place I want to be is in a Dr’s office. At best they guess!! If we don’t take action, political and with our wallets soon we will not have any rights left! I am a Canadian but what happens in the US happens here for the most part. Check out sunscreens, another joke, 41% of them contain vitamin A which when applied to the skin and you go outside in the sun, causes lesion and tumors but the FDA approves these for our children and grandkids. The FDA should be abolished. There is an Environmental Working Group in the US in Washington who is a non-profit watchdog for products used by consumers, support them! It is amazing to me that the FDA has as much authority as it does. A very good read is Jeffery Smith, Seeds of Deception! We live in a very corrupt society and only we can change that. Keep up the good fight!

  9. If anything has beenlearned so far this year, it is that large,absolutely committed and persistentdemonstratins of popuilar will can overturn eventhe most entrenched tyrant. Ithink most of us agree that the stranglehold of Big Pharma represents another tyranny. Instead of focussing on “regulation reform” etc.,gigantic angry demos at the sites ofthese tyrants seems to be in order.

  10. It is shocking that Europe a leader in herbal medicine would take such a drastic step. I have found that heral preparations are safer and often more effective than many pharmaceuticals. Thsi is just another example of the tendrils of “Big Pfarm.”

  11. I AGREE! This issue is of utmost importance! Here in the US the pharmaceutical industry has already introduced one product, (and I think there’s another) gotten by prescription only of course, that combines Omega-3 fatty acids with something ‘scientific’, a combination according to the TV commercial…”you can’t get that in a Health Food store”. I forget the name of it but it’s designed to help them get control of the natural/ herbal/ holistic supplement market….get their slimy feet in the door.
    It scares the life out of me to think we could end up relying on the same industries and associations for alternative health treatments as we do for the prescriptions that are making us and keeping us ill, that some of us have no other recourse but to take!
    I ask you sincerely and earnestly, is it unrealistic to hope we will in the future have access to affordable alternative health care and treatments that those in other countries do? I have MS and I’m nearly as far away from rich as a US citizen can get and it discusts me that MY only treatmant options are what my country says I can have.
    I will be sharing this article and emailing everyone I know, high-lighting certain facts, to make it more easy to read. BUT I HAVE A COGNITIVE FUNCTIONING ISSUE, due to my MS and possible ADHD that makes it more difficult for me to remember and retrieve the words I need to convey my message, and formulate the info in this article into more concise, understandable and laymans terms. I’m hoping I understand it correctly myself. I don’t want to give out false info.
    If you have anything written that will quickly get the basic facts across I’d appreciate any assistance you can offer. Not everyone is proactive, and so many are just used to not doing anything about anything. If an article is full of details and references they don’t understand, they’ll skip it and do nothing. They need to understand the urgency of the issue, the ‘gist’ of it, and what affect it may have on them and the ones they love. They need to wake up to this issue. I’ll do my best….
    Sign me,
    I’m Not Sleeping in CT

    1. Dear I’m Not Sleeping in CT,
      Take Chlorella for MS. Swansons sells a good product for reasonable price.

      1. Thank You! I’ve never heard of it. Do you know how it works or what symptoms it relieves?

    2. Thank you Betty Kain for that post. I was inspired by your passion and emotion I picked up in reading your post. And by the way you articulated that perfectly. I can tell you are very passionate. I feel the same way as you about this. It is very disheartening to hear of this sort of news. I really wish I could do more somehow to stop and prevent this type of stuff from happening, but I also wish there were more people like you with your sort of intellect and logic. The good people of this world deserve more people like you who care enough to take the time to try and understand things and not just give up or move on and be ignorant as to whats really going on because an article is too long or goes into “too much” detail that they are unfamiliar with, etc…
      And by the way, just so I dont come across as seeming to imply everyone else on here is not smart or realistic let me just say this… I have been impressed with everyones comments I’ve seen. I’m actually surprised by the level of intelligence and outrage so many people have expressed on this forum. This is the first time in a while I have come across a forum where so many people are dead on and focused on the real issue.
      I pray that we can get these laws reveresed, because if not, things are about to get a whole lot worse.

  12. The roots of secret societies are probably already in place (the people you talk to about herbs, give advice, take advice, teach you how to grow, extract, etc.) and it will be a small jump to completely closing the door on the uninitiated. When the politicos are told that the herbs they seek for their child’s cancer can’t be sold to them anymore, they will change the law.
    Then there is the web. I was surprised to find that even the best water/alcohol ratio for extracting resveritrol was there, and you can even buy the equipment for safe recovery of the alcohol. The copyright has run out on some of the best texts for this so directions will be available word for word. (in the 1800’s the equipment was very crude and hard to get… today you can find most of it in a hobby shop or online)

  13. So you’re saying that natural medicinal substances such as herbs that have been used to great effect by millions of people for thousands of years need proof of efficacy that can cost $1,000,000,000 for each specific product? And you find this perfectly reasonable?
    How ironic that the synthetic drugs that do pass through the drug approval process are generally much more dangerous than virtually any natural herb. Our bodies literally were designed to consume the natural plant life around us. Every synthetic drug from a laboratory is a substance foreign to nature and to our bodies. Such drugs absolutely should undergo extensive testing.
    When such pharmaceuticals do get approved, I still don’t use them because they do not actually heal. I rely on the true and time-tested healing remedies studied by countless generations of medical practitioners and natural scientists around the world.
    It is incredible that in this day of freedom movements and global sharing, megacorporations and their purchased (or naively acquiescent) governmental functionaries (often not even leaders) can dictate to the masses what their choices are as consumers of the most basic necessities of life: food and medicine. And the favored choices being crammed down our throats are the chemical poisons that many of us spend our lives trying to avoid.

  14. This is extremely distressing, and is particularly unfair, in some cases devastatingly so, to anyone in the EU who has ever benefited — or wishes to do so — from using herbal- and related natural- health-supplements and who has either found no workable, affordable, safe, and equally effective, alternative in the panoply of what the bureaucracy offers as “official medicine”.
    Bottom line: This, much like what’s happening to how our personal financial underpinnings are being engineered away, is being done all for corporate profit; it is NOT being done for the benefit of “the people”. It must be fought. Our health, our freedom of choice (such as it is), and even, for some, our lives, are at stake.

    This is extremely distressing, and is particularly unfair, in some cases devastatingly so, to anyone in the EU who has ever benefited — or wishes to do so — from using herbal- and related natural- health-supplements and who has either found no workable, affordable, safe, and equally effective, alternative in the panoply of what the bureaucracy offers as “official medicine”, or simply wishes — as should be everyone’s right — to opt for the herbal or otherwise natural health-supplement.
    Bottom line: In my view, this upcoming restriction, much like what’s happening to how our personal financial underpinnings are being engineered away, is being done all for corporate profit; it is NOT being done for the benefit of “the people”. It must be fought. Our health, our freedom of choice (such as it is), and even, for some, our lives, are at stake.

  16. How can they do this and not ban cigarettes or any tobacco products. It is an herb that no bug will eat. They have to consider this too then.

    1. Not to mention how addictive it is! Oh yeah–the FDA don’t care about that. Well, not as long as they are getting their kickback anyway.

  17. @Robert Cruder: Who is marketing their supplements as drugs? Or is the drug companies coercing the FDA, et al. to require the supplements as drugs therefore getting a piece of the $12+ billion a year market. I believe it is more about control rather than caring about one’s health. Food for thought: more people die from prescription drugs than from all illicit drugs combined. So just follow the money.

  18. This appears to be along the same lines as codex alimentarius. It apparently achieves the same goal of limiting the health options people have so that they must turn to pharmaceuticals only. I hope Europeans fight this vigorously because it is a shameless, disgraceful agenda. I know it will be fought tooth and nail when it comes to the US.

    1. Chuck, I live in the US, and I wish you were right. Trust me, things of oppression are NEVER fought tooth and nail… The deregulation of GMO’s… majority of people here dont know what they are, and many times when I educate people, they say they dont want to hear it or say something like “oh thats bad”, but the never make the lifestyle change to avoid them. The “food” “safety” modernization act… many MANY organic anti-gmo people sent letters, but thats all. No prtests after the fact. nothing. TSA, same thing. Oh Im against it Im against it, but no protests. The people of America for the most part are compacent, all they do here is complain because they cant pull themselves off the couch away from their latest reality tv show. Its really pathetic. You guys over there still protest, probably because yall dont have your entire food supply contaminated with GMO’s. We do over here and most people dont know it, they consume it on a daily basis and thing its the least of their worries. Oh how foolish the majority of Americans are…

  19. Why should we settle for DEADLY side effects from drugs that are FDA approved, when most herbs, while undocumented, have thousands of years of use………BECAUSE THEY WORK! The proof is in their recommendation……..for thousands of years. Besides, how many people did you know that have died from taking quality herbs? It’s ludicrous to accept, statistics don’t lie, the THOUSANDS of people who die every month from taking meds that were meant to help them. WHATS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!?

  20. I believe that the person recieving the herbs should do research on the herbs and decide whether or not to use the herb. its the persons resonsibility to their body! Don’t ban them! because they really do help alot of people. I am studying Herbal Medicine in school and I love herbs. I have helped my family through so many illnesses. The way to look at herbs and herbal suppliments is they HELP not Cure! They are meant to HELP YOUR BODY heal itself!

  21. How many people die each year from herbal medicines? How many people die each year from pharmaceutical prescriptions? The score is about 1 to 10,000. So why do herbal medications need to be regulated? So, why not continue to appease the pharmaceuticals so we can continue to kill people with their drugs?

  22. when I think the pharmaceutical companies cannot stoop any lower for money I have to face reality that they will stop at no end to limit any access to natural medicine. If we cannot control what goes in our bodies, we are doom as a people.
    The sooner people realize this, the sooner we can stand up and fight, if necessary to put and end to this insanity.

  23. I contribute to an alternative section at YA sometimes. There have been sitting at that site numerous really abusive types that claim medical , scientific affiliations and professions, including some really abusive arrogant self righteous doctors. Some of these people are from the UK, and others from australia and canada. They all regularly ridicule, discount and encourage others to get on their ‘band wagon’ to do away with these herbals, acupuncture, homeopathy, and anything that hasn’t been tested throught the ‘scientific ‘ method.
    Everyone knows the scientific method /double blind, peer reviewed, (their standard not mine), results are refuted within a few years.
    They have been name calling ridiculing and on and on, for years there, and starting groups, recruiting doctors everywhere to join them to set the FDA, doctors, and others of their ilk, as the only ones with access, the knowledge and the authority to determine what is going to be called into the medical profession.
    Any mention of fraud, or the obvious self serving nature of this big pharma, is quickly turned toward the questioner.
    Of course the only ones set to profit are them. In a big way.
    I have been taking this seriously for a long time now.
    I don’t know how to get people to wake up to their BS, even doctor OZ is afraid of them, and walks the line on his show .
    I don’t know what to do, I contribute with refuting their messages and encourage all of you to keep on keeping on , since I have little money to send.
    Did you know that the mortgage fraud was only part of the picture, and that many people are going poor trying to pay these freaks for their ‘services’
    It is called ‘Medical Mafia ‘ for a reason.
    I could go on , but won’t.
    The medical and related fields are 50% of our failing economy.
    People can’t seem to know what to do about the people who insist on their egos calling this ‘healing’. It has nothing to do with healing.
    I am one to promote the medical profession as a non profit. That would get rid of most of the bad doctors ,and maybe we would get around to healing something then. idk.
    Or they would just find a way to coorupt that too.
    I am tired.
    Any profession that would authorize the nonconsensual, practice of vaginal , obgyn, exams while the person is unconscious from surgery, line up the medicial students , sometimes half a dozen or more to feel around in someones vagina while unconscious, ……. which is rape to me… yet it has gone on since the beginning and still does even after being exposed….
    well, what else is there to say about this profession? Are you healed from anything?
    I KNOW herbal healing is real, when done right.

    1. I know exactly what people you speak of and I will help you and anyone else fight against them. But honestly don’t let them scare you. Oz is a celebrity so of course he’s owned by the corporations. Really you need to simply see right through them and realize their nothing but reductionary, narrow-minded scumbags who know nothing about real science.
      Nonsense About Science, Quackbusters, Big Pharma, and any other organized profiteering racket that holds the absurd belief that “only a chemical can cure.” In truth, only nature can cure.

  24. Robert Cruder makes some interesting points……..more justifications for killing ObamaCare. Remember that our President wants to emulate European health care.

  25. Boycott the drug companies and stop taking their drugs! Find an alternative if you can and if you can’t chances are that you can live without all of it. That is what it is coming to if the drug companies get their hands on herbs. They want to poison our health foods and there will be absolutely nothing left that is fit for consumption.

  26. I am writing in response to the statement in your opening paragraph that we must stand ready to collectively “jump in” if anything like this happened in the US. And then a whole article on this subject and no mention of Codex Alimentarius which is at the root of this issue: from the UN, the WHO, and the globalist agenda. And it HAS happened in the US…it is embedded in the Food “Safety” Bill passed by Congress the week before Christmas in a sneaky parliamentary move and signed into law by our president…I direct those interested to these resources as a way to get up to speed on the issue:
    I work with a lot of people in the alternative health field who don’t know anything about this imminent threat…as you so clearly see, it’s happening in Europe. It’s already happening here. Within a week of passage of the Food Safety Bill, we were hearing in the “news” about Vitamin D (and how it’s benefits are overblown and ‘dangerous’) and the outlaw of intravenous Vitamin C.
    Perhaps now IS the time to “jump in!”
    What does that mean? If you go to the first link listed above, there are some good action ideas there.

  27. This totally blows. I hope they win against the EU. I am a US citizen and I can’t take pharmaceutics and rely on herbal remedies. If the EU outlaws them and they affect US legislation, that could affect me.

  28. At least one of the countries in the EU – Italy – has correctly recognized the intent of the directive on herbal medicines, and has provided a space (as food supplements) for herbal products that do not claim to be medicines.
    The European herbal medicines directive goes back to a controversy between two of the member states: Germany and the UK.
    Germany used to have a simple registration procedure for products called “Naturheilmittel” or natural medicines. They were predominantly herbal products sold without prescription in Germany before the turn of the century. The Germans, smart business people they were, sold those natural medicines in the rest of the EU as supplements, but German authorities did not reciprocate to accept supplements from other countries to be sold in Germany. The UK started complaining and demanding that the Germans take their natural medicines off the market as they were not in compliance with (EU) medicines registration laws. The German products were granted some years before having to go off the market.
    Before the deadline passed, the Germans proposed a new European law, which would allow them to continue registering and selling their natural medicines – the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive or THMPD was born. Its intention was to permit the (simplified) registration of herbal medicines all over the EU. Only, the pharmaceutical lobby made sure that registration was everything BUT simple. Combination herbal medicines were all but impossible to register, Chines and Indian and any other non-EU herbal medicines were excluded because of a requirement of allowing only traditionally used (IN EUROPE) medicines access to the registration. A real dog’s breakfast, in other words.
    Still, the intention of the law never was to remove from the market all those herbal products that did not claim to be medicines. The intention was to put a high barrier for herbal medicine registration and to make sure they would be no threat to conventional, pharmaceutical medicines. This was achieved, and herbal medicines in Europe are in disarray.
    There IS however the possibility of having supplements with herbal ingredients, as shown in Italy, and they may be sold if no medicinal claims are made for them.
    It is a pity that the European legislative process has been hijacked by pharmaceutical interests and has been allowed to wreak havoc with the (competing) field of herbal medicine. Actually, the directive should be condemned as anti-competitive.

  29. Could be mentioned that this isn’t pure corporate greed. If it was pure greed on the part of..isolated corporations, they would have been checked sooner. There is an agenda here from top levels. Above gov and constitutions. But it is nice when we’re able to hold them off for a bit. But what do you do with a multi generational agenda – as that’s what it is and won’t go away? Perhaps the Sun will settle this shortly.

  30. It is about time the EU does something about the quack and unproven herbal market. I wish the U.S. would do the same.

  31. Herbs used in supplement form are not drugs. They are naturally occurring plant products with recognized potential effects. If the intent were truly about safety of product, there should be much more restriction on the chemicals put into our drugs and food for any means other than health. Shelf life extending, color enhancing, artificial flavor boosting compounds are much more damaging that naturally occurring herbs and their extracts.
    How obsurd to state that “everyone expects side effects”. Side effects are rammed down our throats (literally) and the risks seem to be increasing.
    It is one policy to ensure safe product. It is another mask altogether to artificially destroy a long established market. The latter is what the THMPD seems aimed at in reality.

  32. It is not correct that herbal products are refunded by Social Security (at least not in France). To the contrary. Herbs are over the counter just as in the USA. In France (I do not know for other European countries), drugs can only be sold in pharmacies. Herbs can be sold both in pharmacies (OTC) and in health stores, which shows that they do not fall under the category of “drugs”.The only “herbal extracts” that are under prescription are the homeopathic ones (“tinctures”), and these are already regulated in the sense that :
    – you can only get them if a doctor prescribes them
    – they can only be sold in pharmacies, on prescription.
    Moreover it is ilegal for them to claim health benefits, so they don’t. When you buy herbs, you must know what you want to use them for.
    It is a pity to see what’s happening. Thanks for ANH to sue in the name of all the people that try to remain healthy in an alternative way.

  33. This is unfortunate. No reason for it except the desire for higher profits by these companies. What does the EU think it is-America? This sounds like a typically American move. Brussells-yeah. Everybody loves Brussells.

  34. I think that is the most terrible new I have ever gotten. I was raised on Herbs and homemade medications. I am allergic to everything synthetic. I do not use doctors because all they do is subscribe poisons. I this happens here also, I will be lost and so will a lot of other people.

  35. Big Pharma made up the Codex law simply to further its profiteering agenda, which cares nothing about real health. They know that herbs/supplements are far superior to their toxic useless drugs that only make people sicker. But of course thats what they want. And as for taxpayer dollars, I don’t want some ignorant cretin whos to stupid to find out the truth for themselves and relies on the cult of scientism for their “health” information to control my health choices. You’d have to be an ignorant nembicile to not know that alternative med. is superior to the Church of “Modern” Medicine.
    I’ll write up a post about this in my blog to spread the word. “Modern” medicine is a 150-year long hoax perpetuated on humanity for the sole purpose of profit. Doctors care nothing or know nothing of real health. Down the tyrants.

  36. Doctors care nothing or know nothing of real health.It is true, what about Hippocrate, Greeks, Aurvedic medicine-what about thousands of book written about properties and benefits of thousands of herbs. We just discuss, but they are act. No herbal, more disease, more disease more drug sold, more death, no herbal medicine nowhere to go for help rather than synthetic drugs.Modern population became as if sheep; us 97% them ruling as and forcing us just as little as 3% and we cannot do anything. When I go to Russia, or ex part of Russia there is every single pharmaceutical shop sells ordinary herb from the fiield-collected, dried and packed, on the box instructions written how to use and what ailments can be treated. Doctor, when you visit them will check your tonque, throat, question a lot then send you for urine and blood test and then only he can say what is wrong and prescribe the drug or advice you to go for particular home remedy treatment.. But medical students in the US, UK and EU funded by pharmaceutical companies and therefore only disease recognition and drug prescription but food packed with hundred of chemical additives through geneation creat more and more new diseases I wonder where from the name taken to name them. And therefore as a result of such medical education(I would not advice to my enemy to see such doctors, and therefore when foreiners go abroad on holiday they are always get all neccesary checks and treatments (wisdom teeth to pull out is just $ 20. But in the UK, highest payd GP doctors would treat you with the same paracetamol or antibiotic.whatever your concern about; knee pain, fainting, stomach discomfort etc, My nefew had a cut on his hand and it got inflammed the doctor prescribed antibiotics. But brainy doctor or if in Russia they will reffer you to see a nurse and treat the wound to make sure there is no bacteria left. In Russia health system is not corrupted and hope Putin will never let it happen, and seem that what is not allowed in US and in the EU from the help of US pharma would not happen to Russia, because Putin would say do guys whatever helps you, go to the forest top find poisoneous herbto treat your cancer, ask your granny to help with recipe if you like and try to look after yourself. Probably therefore in the eye of the US media particularly Putin is the bad guy. And the biggest problem is we will be gone one day and new generation will not understand anything about what is what I feel so sorry for them, very sorry. PARENTS IF YOU HAVE SOME HEART SCEAM OUT TO YOUR GOVERNMET TO BE SOOOOOOO CORRUPTED WITH PHARMA AND GLOBALISATION under the name of democracy but anyone listen to you, hear your voice? When Putin was taken an intervie by French journalists one have asked him “Why is so bad with democracy in the Russia Mr Putin? Putin asked him back “Can you explain to me what is the democray in your understanding? and continue “When I asked my colleaque in the White house how is it happened that your people vote for one candidate and have been ellected another one, the answer was it is our business. So guys I am after justice wherever I live doesnt matter, but US, UK, EU government speak sweet but doing complete opposite. If fast food is so bad it should be restricted as a health damaging veapon, but not because the agenda is DEPOPULATION

  37. Plantele medicinale si produsele Plafar sunt abso;ut necesare. Luate ca antidot pentru unele afectiuni au dat rezultate uimitoare la multi utilizatori. Personal le intrebuintez si am rezultate foarte bune. Sunt revoltata de intentia de a scoate de pe piata acest gen de produse si de suplimente alimentare. Ele au stat la originea farmaciei la care au apelat stramosii nostrii incepind cu dacii, precum si medicina traditionala chineza renumita in intreaga lume.
    Un vot impotriva intentiei de a nu se mai produce si comercializa produsele din plante.

  38. De ce oare trebuie sa luam de la Uniunea Europeana numai lucrurile rele? De ce oare guvernantii nostri nu se gandesc macar o clipa si la binele oamenilor? Plantele medicinale sunt folosite in foarte multe maladii si fac de mii de ori mai mult bine decat medicamentele care ni le baga pe gat toate companiile farmaceutice.
    Sunt total impotriva intentiei de a nu se mai produce si comercializa produsele din plante.

  39. There is something more sinister going on here. A much bigger picture if you will. Codex Alementatius(food code) is intended to control the production methods and content of all food, medicine and health care on the planet. These are the folks who control the processes not just in the UK but in other parts of the world as well to the exclusive benefit of the psycopathic “evil doers” better known as the elite. I don’t see anything elite about them myself. They are garden variety psycopaths with way too much time, money and power….courtesy of a terminally asleep species we call human. Given little hope of this changing it would seem prudent and smart for all the organic,planet saving,pure sustainable agriculture movements,integrative medicine movements worldwide to join hands and limited $ resources to fight the big monster Codex . I have written about this and has received some interest…but frankly only action and lawsuits can possibly change the tide. In the US our government does not hear us any more since the money thrown at it speaks louder than we do..totally corrupt to the core. As a possible solution and countervailing power to the “evil doers” I propose a huge multi-national lobby comprised of the members and joint finances of many populist groups of like mind world wide. Groups like Alliance for Natural Health need money and the power of significan numbers. The only way these world order types will take note is if the threat is big enough and enough homo-sapiens are charging at them.

  40. Corporations in the USA can patent NATURE so they want to PATENT NATURE. First they have to get rid of the competition, then they will go in a act like they discovered Vitamin C molecules, patent it, and basically charge you extra for an orange with vitamin C in it. I know this sound absurd, but this is how screwed up these corporate sociopaths really are. Check it out here at Who Owns Your Genes: http://healthfreedoms.org/2011/08/06/who-owns-your-genes-the-case-continues/

  41. Ifthey think they can push 423 down our throats we need to rub their noses in it. This calls for putting together a growers and patients bill, with no interferance from the antis, and place it on the ballot so the initiative spells out the law and bypass the political hacks completly. This is to important to too many people to be a political football and be shot down to reach a budget compromise.

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