Free Speech About Natural Health Science—It’s Time to Fight Back!

capitol_hillThe Free Speech about Science Act of 2011 is about to be introduced in Congress. This is an exciting and hugely important bill that you’ll want to support with zeal.

Current FDA regulations prohibit dietary supplement manufacturers and food producers from referring to any scientific studies on the health benefits of a food or natural substance. FDA says that such a reference changes the regulatory category of said food and—as absurd as it sounds—actually makes it an unapproved drug. In the FDA’s view, even providing a link on a website to a study converts a healthy fruit or nut into an unapproved new drug—a bizarre result that effectively censors scientific information and greatly restricts consumer access to scientific research.
As more and more Americans take charge of their personal health, they need accurate, reliable information more than ever. We fervently believe that consumers have a right to access that information, particularly the scientific studies that discuss a food’s health benefits.
The Free Speech about Science (FSAS) Act, which our sources on Capitol Hill tell us could be introduced at any moment, would change FDA regulations so that legitimate, peer-reviewed scientific studies can be referenced without changing the food’s regulatory category to an unapproved drug. This will protect access to scientific information, and will protect your right to know about the healthy benefits of food and food supplements. The bill amends the appropriate sections of current law to allow the flow of legitimate scientific and educational information while still giving FDA and FTC the right to take action against misleading information and against false and unsubstantiated claims.
As we note in our FSAS White Paper, research suggests that changes in diet could reduce both heart disease and cancer by as much as 90%. This is not just a question of eating more fruits and vegetables, although that alone might increase lifespan by an estimated average of 14 years. It is also about specific nutrients. In many cases, there is strong scientific evidence that a specific nutrient may be used to prevent, moderate, reverse, or in therapeutic doses cure disease. Unfortunately the American people do not hear about this research. Food producers would like to tell them about it. But FDA rules prevent it.
Take cherries. Research from Harvard published in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggested that cherries could reduce heart attack risk. A large number of other studies published in prestigious journals have indicated that cherries could do that and also reduce pain and cancer. But the FDA says that cherry producers, sellers, and food manufacturers may not talk about this research: In 2006, the FDA demanded that 29 companies cease making claims about the health benefits of cherries, and draconian requirements were imposed on the growers.
FSAS was originally introduced last year in the House by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT3). But that bill died in committee at the end of the previous Congress with no action being taken on it. This year we have a new committee chairman and prospects are much better.
The government should not be gatekeeper of scientific information. And the last time we looked, the First Amendment prohibits the making of any law infringing on the freedom of speech. When the information being censored is true, scientifically sound, and will only make people healthier, it is particularly galling. Our White Paper says it best:

The FDA’s own mission statement says that the Agency “is responsible for…helping the public get the accurate, science-based information they need to use medicines and foods to improve their health.” Given this mission, it is perverse to allow pharmaceutical companies to spend so many billions on consumer advertising but not to allow food producers to tell the public about legitimate and revolutionary food research. This is all the more true given our heritage of free speech and free science, the opportunity to save or prolong million of American lives, and the need to use every resource at our command to rein in surging and economically destructive healthcare costs.

As soon the Free Speech about Science Act of 2011 is introduced, we will be issuing an Action Alert and asking you to contact your congressional representative immediately and ask him or her to co-sponsor and support this extremely important bill. We’ll be emailing our newsletter subscribers the moment it happens. If you’re not already a subscriber, just click here to sign up. It’s free, and you’ll be among the first to hear the news.


  1. I support the bill allowing free spreech for natural health science.
    Dr. Richad Edlich

    1. I support the bill allowing free spreech for natural health science.
      Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) proves the overwhelming need for this bill. For over 65 years the Medical establishment ( AMA) and supported by the Government (FDA), CDC, has activly blocked, restricted, ignored the research, and the hundreds of thousands of documented cases, of the often astounding effects of this most necessary of nutrients. The FDA’s RDA’s of less than 100 milligrams barely keeps at bay scurvy and leaves open the door to every aflictiction known to man. Even a healthy 140 pound goat makes 4gm+ grams and more (4000+mg) a day in there liver, sick or injured tigers up to 200g (20,0000mgs) a day, (MIT research 2000).

    2. Sharing information is a basic American liberty. Acting as though free speech changes a food into an unapproved drug is absurd. In that case, let me be the first to say my study revealed Diet Coke cures diabetes. And hydrogenated oil cures heart disease. Wow, glad I can protect Americans from terrible nutrition with the results of my independent study. Well, I hope Hostess, Coke and the FDA are aware of my claims so they can look into testing those unapproved drugs.

  2. Excellent news! I was fortunate to attend a lecture Attorney Jonathan Emord gave this past weekend. Outstanding. He’s my new hero, with all his dedication and persistence to just causes and his depth of understanding of our unique Constitutional form of government! His website has an easy link to call or write to anyone’s public servants – let’s remember that is who they are – OUR Employees! We pay their salaries, they ought to be listening to us, their taxpaying constituents! I have great hope about the future, thank you so much for all your efforts here and behind the scenes.

  3. This is america, YES! We should have full disclosure on all foods, medicines and supplements we us. Pass the Free Speech about Science Act of 2011. We need this to pass. Stop government from blocking information.

    1. Nature is necessary to save us from profit mongers who would sacrifice anything for the almighty dollar. Investigation and searching and discovery are part of an intelligent community. We must not be sheep and trust what the government, FDA drug companies tell us. They are in this scam together. They may believe the bilge they sre serving but we need to hear the other side.

  4. free speech is what our country is founded upon. a voice for every person, not every corporation!

  5. I’ve been successfully controlling my systemic cancer with a supplement since 2002. I’m terrified to make the supplement public for fear it will be reclassified as being an un-approved drug and forced off the market — I would certainly die a horrible death from this terrible disease. I’ve not had to have a MUTILATING operation, more cancer CAUSING radiation, or POISONOUS chemo. I’m EXTREMELY anxious for this law to pass.

    1. I had a mild heart attack in late 2001 that led to triple bypass. I left the medical center with a bag full of pharmaceuticals and T2Diabetes paraphenalia. I did what the doctor ordered for about a year and a half. Then I started reading about natural nutritional approaches to my health concerns. It changed everything for me. I also had two doctors send me certified letters giving me 30 days to find another doctor because I declined the drug approach. I have not seen that 3rd doctor because of a bad experience with our local hospital during a 24 hour observation I endured at said hospital because my doctor decided they were to be on cardiac alert until 3 blood tests were done. They all came back negative, but by then my system was so messed up, it took me days to recover from the meds they insisted I must have. I should have walked out of the ER after that first test. The doctor there said I should be ok, but my doctor said I must stay the whole 24 hours. My heart goes out to you. I know what you are up against. Take care and be well.

  6. they should completely eliminate FDA, establish non-partisan guidelines that would preclude big-money interests and the mission of the department, and then, re-establish the FDA, which would answer to congressional oversight.

  7. The government should not be gatekeeper of scientific information. The Free Speech about Science (FSAS) Act would change FDA regulations so that legitimate, peer-reviewed scientific studies can be referenced without changing the food’s regulatory category to an unapproved drug. This will protect access to scientific information, and will protect our right to know about the healthy benefits of food and food supplements.

  8. It’s refreshing to see bills being written that don’t lie in their title/name as has been done as a rule in the past.
    The Free Speech about Science Act of 2011 is about to be introduced in Congress.

  9. The FDA practices censorship which will not allow any fruit or natural product site scientific studies in thier ads. This must stop.

  10. Talking about nutrients has been pretty much prohibited in one way or another since the 1950s. Its a crime that people aren’t allowed to know that they have tastier, cheaper, effective solutions available. I hope everyone takes action as soon as you get that email!

  11. This says it all: “The bill amends the appropriate sections of current law to allow the flow of legitimate scientific and educational information while still giving FDA and FTC the right to take action against misleading information and against false and unsubstantiated claims….”
    Amen to that- we need HONESTY and fairness from the FDA as well as from food companies.. The FDA often prefers that the American citizen remain ignorant of nutritional facts. it’s about time a bill like this gets passed– so that the public has no excuse as to how to possibly prevent illness and chronic disease by knowing the nutritional properties in natural foods.

  12. I’m all for health freedom, but personally I believe that people should do their own research when it comes to supplements and herbs. It would actually scare me if someone simply walked into a healthfood store and bought a supplement just because it cites a study of a benefit for that supplement. It means people aren’t really thinking about their health or about what is needed for good health.

  13. You guys are off to a great start. I look forward to future publications. I’m sure are not naive about what you go up against on the hill but every step is an important one. Who knows, maybe some day the drug companies will even have to tell the truth!

  14. I want to start with a quote. This is from the lips of Herbert Ley, M.D., Former FDA Commissioner. Quote,” THE THING THAT BUGS ME IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THE FDA IS PROTECTING THEM.. IT ISN’T. THE FDA IS PROTECTING THE PROFITS OF THE CORPORATIONS THAT PAY US AND THE POLITICIANS!” This statement alone show why their will never be free speech about Natural Health Methods. First there is no Profit from natural cures as they cannot be patented or be set up to rob the people and murder those that take the poison drugs approved by the FDA. This will never come about because yours and my Politician will not allow it as it would cut into the 30 pieces of blood stained Silver that they receive. If anyone is determined by the FDA to cause a loss of profit or make people healthy they will be raided by the FDA Gestapo Team, office destroyed and Jailed by the FDA has been given the Power by your Politician, and has become Accuser, Judge,Jury and Executioner and you rights under the Constitution are suspended. Just check this out. Our Civil rights under the Constitution of this Republic is under attack by your Politician, the Bureaucrats and your own elected official. So, just why do we allow the FDA to approve poison drugs that you must take o go to Jail or death. It is all PROFIT motivated and you be sure to have you grave site paid for.

  15. Very good to see – and I just posted it on the front page of my website.
    Actually, the proposed legislation is the very least that should be done. Personally, I like the past proposals of Ron Paul which would have required the FDA to prove harm or danger before going after a natural supplement or other alternative to mainstream medicines.
    Clearly, what we have seen from the FDA and other agencies is not what our forefathers intended when it comes to freedom regarding our very private health issues and desires or when it comes to freedom of information.
    Noted founding father and Declaration of Independence signee Dr Benjamin Rush proposed that medical freedom rights should be specifically laid out in our constitution:
    “The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic.”
    As Doctor Rush prophetically warned:
    “Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people who wish doctors and treatment of their own choice to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers.”
    The provision never made it into the Constitution or the Bill of Rights – not because other founding fathers did not disagree, but because they wanted to keep the Constitution eloquently simple and did not believe that there would be a need for such a specific provision. No doubt they would be aghast to see that Dr. Rush’s warning has come to pass.
    As far as I am concerned there should be no need for the proposed bill if not for the clearly unconstitutional and beaurocratic way that the FDA and other agencies have chosen to make and enforce rules that protect the Big Pharma and Big Food companies at the expense of the people they should be protecting and informing.
    What sense does it make to spend all the efforts that could be put to better use and the millions of taxpayer dollars going after natural competition to drugs when in any given year mainstream medicines cause well over 100,000 deaths while few or no such deaths are caused by natural supplements and other alternatives?
    Former FDA Commissioner Doctor Herbert Ley put it best:
    “The FDA ‘protects’ the big drug companies and are subsequently rewarded, and using the government’s police powers they attack those who threaten the big drug companies. People think that the FDA is protecting them.
    It isn’t.
    What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it is doing are as different as night and day.”
    Your friend and supporter,
    Tony Isaacs
    Natural health advocate and author
    The Best Years in Life natural health website
    *Quotes from Dr. Rush and Dr. Ley taken from my article “Modern Medicine: How Healing Illness became Managing Illness for Profit”

  16. Praise God.. it’s about time! This has been a terrible situation for many years where the suppliers of natural supplements have had to bite their tongues and keep quiet about the benefits of natural foods and supplements, even when backed by tons of scientific evidence and case studies.
    As an associate of Mannatech, it has been very frustrating for me to have all this information to share with people, only to have it censored by the FDA.
    I’ll be spreading the word about the new Bill.

  17. Hip Hip Hoooooray for Free Speech ABOUT Science Act of 2111. THANK YOU Rep Jason Chaffetz of UT!!! Now maybe the commericialization of drugs and gred will have healthy & wholesome & trusted & truly tested & reasonable priced competition. Grandpa George

  18. The FDA are the last people to be keeping anybody safe. They can’t tell an unsafe pill,food, whatever from a shining krinkling green dollar. It all looks good to them, as long as that green shows up with it. It’s in their interest to take our freedom of speech away. That way the big pharma can have more sick people, and make more money that they can share with the FDA for their so called research, and rulings. Wahoo! The government has finally gone $^&#@*#$#*&^ NUTS! Why would we need a ruling on this at all?
    God’s food is natural medicine. God didn’t make synthetic crap with side affects! He made good food for us to heal ourselves with. The food grows, we eat it. If scientists want to study it, and tell us what they found, so why should anyone at all have the right to say they can’t? The First amendment is being stomped on here. What’s the matter with our leaders that they haven’t just said “NO! You can’t do that!”
    Why would any of us have to write a letter for such a rediculous notion? OMG!
    So. Eat , pray, and Love, and kick the FDA to the curb. I’m sick of them, and the rediculous leadership in Washington.

  19. Actions speak lounder about the FDA than any mission statement. For years they’ve been allowing big pharma and big agri to “slide”. I call it “Genocide-American Style”. Think about it.
    Vioxx alone killed over 60,000 people yet FDA didn’t pull it from the shelves until 2004, five years after they knew it had serious problems. There’s a half dozen or more drugs with the same scenario allowing deaths to mount. Then this thing with Monsanto infiltrating our food supply with GMO’s, not tested by outside sources (obviously). That stuff is effecting everything that has a heartbeat. Yes, other countries have “rulers” of mass destruction and America has theirs – it’s called the FDA. They are after the organic farmers, the laser people vs the high radiation diagnostic equipment like CT scans, MRIs, mammorgrams. Themography is a safer alternative but try to find one in your neighborhood, or even your state. The FDA stands for nothings and falls for everything, just another government agency run amuck!

  20. I am a believer in the benefits of healthy foods and the research that supports this for our bodies.

  21. Good idea. And include not only food, but climate science should be required of all laws having a potential impact on our climate!
    I can wish!

  22. We have the right to make informed choices by the experts; people that grow the very foods, distribute and care about the healthy benefits of diet with the constitution to back this right. Stop the take-over of American food and nutrition information to keep lining the pockets of the Pharmacuetical companies. The jig is up…we are on to you.

  23. Understanding what the FDA has and is trying to do, protect the public- I think, but obviously anyone can tell that a healthy choice is always best. Leave the medicine for emergency and the situations that require it. Let the rest be by food. Food is everybody’s medicine it is known and ignored.

  24. This is really bad because there now is a botanical being introduced in the western civilization that can help people with almost all there health issues. The Moringa Oleifera, which has an abundance of scientific documentation done by the NIH, John Hopkins, WHO, and so many more organizations and the thousands of testimonies from the users of the products being produced by Zija International in an all natural, bioavailable enzymatically alive state, from all health issues are amazing, and with this absurd law many people will die without being able to fight for their own life. This is Political genocide because the foods they are producing for everyone are poisonous to the human body and thus procreation is being defected and children are being born in awful conditions. This has to stop, so please don’t stop what you’re doing. Cry loud and spare not. I’m with you.
    Cynthia Williams

  25. Please notify me when:…
    As soon the Free Speech about Science Act of 2011 is introduced, we will be issuing an Action Alert and asking you to contact your congressional representative immediately and ask him or her to co-sponsor and support this extremely important bill.
    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  26. Thanks for your time. In response to your article….Free Speech About Natural Health Science—It’s Time to Fight Back! I’ll say…: Where do I sign?” Keep up the good work. Sincerely,Wilson

  27. Getting information to the public on scientific studies on the health benefits of foods is extremely valuable for its potential to improve general health and health costs, especially at a time when costs have exceeded our society’s ability to cover them.
    It is important that the sound bites of information be somehow imbedded in a context of information such that the public can follow the whole impact of the substance on their health. Issues of quantity, interactions, specificity of effect, and even who can help them evaluate that information need to be somehow accessible. Otherwise, we may be bombarded with health claims that are confusing and not necessarily relevant to the individual hearing the claim. So access to the full science and perspective of those who know the field is essential.
    So translation of this information into advertising slogans, without reference to a good open scientific commentary, would not be a great service to America.

  28. Could we possibly get people with fully functional brains and some common sense to run the FDA?? They sound like a bunch of morons with absolutely no common sense at all. The idiots seem to stream upwards in this country.

  29. So long as this bill is rooted in Truth & doesn’t contain obfuscations & mandates to teach flat-earth & blind faith evolutionary unobserved philosophy & origins speculation ———alongside the true and observed ‘science’ of the adaptation of genetic information by observable natural laws —- then it is just & right. Otherwise it’s just more folly & hypocritical legalism seeking to obtain arbitrary ‘right’ by arbitrary means —and whether received or rejected, is utterly futile.

    1. Why in the world would a bill promoting truth about nutritional supports and food have anything to do with magical thinking or mythos?

  30. Our government and its agencies derive its powers from the consent of the governed. Politicians and bureaucrats need to be reminded that they work for the American people, not corporate executives. Only a tyrannical government has to censor information. Maybe it is time we demanded all bureaucrats and politicians attend a class on the constitution as a pre-requisite for public service.

  31. I agree with most of the things that you report. However, I am afraid that you will lose the battle if people are not informed about CODEX and start working to get us removed from that treaty. That W.H.O. document has power over our Constitution and must be enforced in this country. It has already started in other countries. They are just slowing it here so as not to produce an uproar. We must start that UPROAR NOW.

  32. Dear Friends,
    Yes, it is time that freedom loving people who want and cherish a clean wholesome environment, and who believe in a true democracy, must assert themselves.
    Our site once “on” will link with others such as yours to swell our ranks politically,socially,culturally speaking, – harness the people power that we already have “unharnessed” and make our intensions know politically.
    Hopefully our site will be ready sometime this year – at which time one of our purposes will be organizing sites like yours- under the banner of “health freedom”
    What good is “freedom” if the forces “against freedom” prevail?
    Nine whatsoever,
    Maurice Rothman, PHd, ND Herbalist

  33. This Latin proverb describes the inherent conflict of interest in the Big Pharma-dominated FDA: “Who guards the guards?”

  34. I support the Free Speech About Science Act of 2011. It is important to have this legislation passed as soon as possible.

  35. All these replies have good sense in regard to the issue in hand. I am a medical editor, and if scientists can reference previous work in building a case for their theories and studies, why should regular people be censored for doing the same thing?

  36. Pharmaceutical industry bears great resemblance to the old British Opium Trade, originally instituted to cause massive withdrawal of silver currency from China. Uncoincidentally, Pharma is well represented in the world’s most important financial consortium–The Pilgrims Society of London & New York, the Crown’s financiers from the worldwide British Empire and the “Robber Barons” of 19th century America. “Hic Et Ubique” (Here And Everywhere) is their motto, a reference to their holdings and influence. View evidence at link before rolling eyes in head! I used citric acid content in fresh lemons to solufy calcium accretions in my subclavian arteries. Absolute remission without drugs or surgery. Furthermore, the bioflavonoid content in lemons imparts strength to artery walls, protecting against aneurysm. Will FDA and UN/CODEX now demand an Rx for citrus?

  37. The desire to censor studies about healthy foods and supplements begins with the lobby from Big Pharma companies. Its time the FDA ask “what will lower overall mortality and morbidity in the US, more drugs with multiple bad effects, or educating the public about healthy choices and alternatives to patent medicines?” That education, one might argue, begins with a free exchange of ideas and information.

  38. Finally our government has a chance to do something FOR THE PEOPLE instead of the drug companies. Where does the FDA come across with the gaul to say that food is a drug. I STILL say the head of the FDA needs fired!
    I AM ALL FOR THIS BILL! Legislators, do something worthwhile for the people for a change.

  39. I support the Free Speech about Science Act of 2011.
    Questions concerning the benefits or hazards of health products and foods should be decided by each individual, because he or she has to live with the consequences. The argument of the FDA that individuals cannot be trusted to make good choices is groundless: people make difficult and complex decisions, with help they enlist from experts, all the time. Using the power of the State to forcibly wthhold expert findings from people who want to make informed decisions is destructive and tyrannical.


  41. These people are our employees who are suppose to work for the good of the people or its citizens.
    The FDA is compromisied because former and future employees have worked or will work for the drug manufacturers. I am for this bill and the end of corruption!

  42. I am for this bill! The FDA has been in the pockets of big pharma long enough!

  43. The FDA should be charged with crimes against humanity and all of the agency heads over the past 30 to 40 years should be put in jail (for life!). However, what is more disturbing to me is why there aren’t a plethora of whistleblowers who work for the FDA; those below management level? How can you sacrifice the health of your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and yourself just to keep a job? They should all walk out en-mass and do one of the most heroic acts for the American people that has ever been done. There are many out here that would support you and honor your act.

  44. I agree with what the bill proposes. But, a catch 22 exists when the information provided is biased. Not all scientific studies are sound or prove to have clinical significance despite having seemingly statistical significance. This bill has the potential to open up the food and drug act to the charlatanism that existed before it was created. To elaborate, some studies could be funded by the people who will ultimately benefit from what the studies’ conclusions are and yet be masked by some group name that is not ususally connected with said producer of product. Statistical formulae as well as the respective data can also be skewed by not using the proper statistical procedure. These are things that most health professionals (pharmacist, physicians, nurse practioners) are well versed in and are taught to

    1. Dr. Gonzalez, From what I have read on cancer cures, GMO foods and products that contain harmful ingredients, that are all being passed and ignored by the FDA I would rather bet on my intelligence that I could decipher the truth from the research available. I am sure that there would be several research references available and they should all relate the same information or close to and the source should be a recognized reliable one.

    2. Dr. Jordan,
      Thank you for your concern. I believe most of us are fully capable of taking responsibility for ourselves, and are intelligent enough to research something before taking someone’s word for it blindly. This is something we have all had to do more of since our ability to find information has been challenged due to our lack of access to the studies we need to see. I think most of us are almost expert at that by now, and if this law passes, we will have important information readily at our fingertips in order to make our own educated decisions about our health care. I can appreciate your alternate view on the subject matter, but ultimately, this is the only “American” thing to do.

    3. Dr. Gonzalez, you are right. However, big pharma has been doing just that for way too long now. They have created studies, falsified the data and sold it to the FDA who in turn approved drugs that KILLED people or seriously harmed them. I trust food producers over the FDA, as long as the food has not been Genetically Modified. For many years, people healed themselves with food and natural herbs and they should be allowed to continue to do just that. In todays medical society, it is Buyer Beware so it will be the same as far as dietary supplements and food.

    4. This is certainly a valid issue. I believe it’s an example of what’s called the Agency-Principal Problem: do the agents’ (conductors of the study) interests coincide with mine? This problem, I think, is at the root of the majority of the problems we’re having right now in politics, business, and yes, in medicine. Does my congress persons’ interests coincide with mine? My presidents’? My bosses’? The FDAs’?? And yes, my Doctors’?
      The answer in this case is simple: let us follow the money. Make it very plain and unambiguous WHO FUNDED THE STUDY, and if the money came from a source where there exists a potential conflict of interest, then the study should be suspect. Maybe a group like SOURCE WATCH could take on this kind of thing, or a similar project put together specifically for this purpose. As for badly constructed research studies, I think spotting them would be a good skill for everyone to develop. The time of the (perceived) all-knowing, oracular expert is over. You experts need to work WITH us instead of being gatekeepers of information. I think that the general public, on the whole, is becoming much better informed, and getting more into the habit of questioning the experts (not a bad thing IMO). Discerning useful information from junk is ALREADY a vital skill for the society that’s now forming around information technologies, and people without this skill MUST develop it. We don’t need babysitters, we need ACCESS.

  45. Who is over seeing the FDA? Their actions are absurd!
    Albert Einstein
    Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds.
    Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.
    Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

  46. The FDA and the FTC’s power to self regulate needs to end…..especially since they change at will an all natural food supplement and suddenly make it a drug with ramifications for the manufacturer and person taking the drug. Medical students need to be exposed to the benefits of all natual (from carbon sources) before they graduate……and Drug Companies should not be allowed to give or finance practises for students or graduate students…..the body knows the difference between natural and synthetic micronutrients…..Linus Pauling and other biochemists…..all medical choices need to be represented and especially the life threatening diseases of the autoimmune system.
    Why does the FTC have the power to come at gun point and distroy, rob pc, and equiptment and proescute and then lool the other way from Doctor’s passing out perscriptions mismade in other countries and killing and maiming humans and over dosing patients in the name of curing the disease without taking any punishment?

  47. No, my health improve many times over, after I gave up traditional treatment and made the committment to take better care of myself. I did not have time to cook whole foods in my busy work week of 90 hours, so I used all natural food supplements shipped to my doors and took worthwhile classes and workshops to educate myself for optimal health and paid fabulous one on one therapists……and had money left over for the price on the monthly perscription costs to not get well. People look at me and cannot believe my age……..I am 70 and look 35. Vitamin C at 10,0000 mg’s a day. To end vitamin C to protect our cells is mass stupidity and un American. The greatest sources of Vitamin C are cheeries. Cheeries are banned by the FTC. Why take Vitamin C away from sick children in burn wards. Why close a door to healing Cancer because of the lack of understanding by the people who make the laws and the rules? The fault is not with natural medicine….it is Doctors and drug companies who keep the lie going.

  48. Cherries. Acerola Cherries have been around for Centuries. Other varities are coming from Africa and Austraila, New Zealand, and Mexico and combintions that lift up the antioxidant power and boost the immune system and maybe in time to save us from this toxic world we created. The Presisent’s Panel on Cancer In May 2010…..reported to the President that millions of more Americans are going to have Cancer because of increased accumulation of toxins in our system.
    Why would we let the Doctors, Researchers, Drug companies and any Governing Company take away our freedom of choice….if Vitamin C is the answer to Cancer or fish oil, or Grandma’s chicken soup, along with herbal tea. Why should be close any door? Leave it open.

  49. I was left on a guerny in the hallway of a hospital for three days….left for dead.
    I am alive today because of me taking responsibility for my own health care. My costs went down from $2000. a month to $500. Because I am off medication by more than half. Eating foods for their specific micronutrients and phytochemicals and teas without refined sugar lowered my food bill. I pass up the potato chips and french fries. My body worked better on all natural food supplement vs one a day and expensive half synthetic fish oil. Drs. don’t get to just have me, now!
    I don’t visit very often and not for long.

  50. Any Self Legislating Government Agency should not have the right to govern…….period the end!
    Nazi Action’s by the FTC should be stopped.
    Big Governement needs to end.
    I am capable of deciding for myself what to put in my body. I don’t need Government Regulations.

  51. If the bill isnt accepted.Theres only one reason and its the same reason it has always been.Very simply..the money.Cant have people gettin well or knowing anything.

  52. The FDA is not and never has been for the safty of people when it come to drugs.The FDA accepted false information and reports on Floudide. There were more reports stating how dangerous this posion was and is, yet the FDA accepted the only bias positive report.It is still in our water and many produts. When will people step up and boycott Flouride? It is used to control the population and keep everyone at bay. The first time it was used in dring water was for the NAZI Concentration camps, does anyone believe the Germans were concerned with the health of the inmates teeth? Follow the MONEY. Flouride is TOXIC!

  53. I would want to see the text of the bill and an analysis of it.
    It’s good that the ANH (thank you, friends) are plugging for the free speech in naturopathic science, and we appreciate and applaud you for it.
    But if it’s written into the bill that the FDA still has the right to crack down on “false and misleading claims” then they will go ahead and find ways to do that .Legitimately, or illegitimately.
    The profiteering motives involved are obvious, please let us not be innocent about this or call such an assertion paranoid. It is time to open up our eyes.
    What are the safeguards and legal definitions in the bill, and in other bodies of law, which would put a parameter around such abusive action from the FDA? How do we know what we are signing here? It would be important for us to know the details about this.
    It seems to me that the Government Of the Corporations, By the Corporations, and For the Corporations:
    a) was never signed into law by our founding fathers b) is swallowing up American freedom c) this is unconstitutional, and not just illegal d) is a blockade against the free exchange of information, cultural thought, and choice of medical care modalities e) many people are made sick by mainstream medicine and others die from its side effects. People have a life-and-death right to free choice in medical information, and this includes nutrition and preventive care as much as anything else. f) the Government Of the Corporations, By the Corporations and For the Corporations has no right to control our health care and nutrition, and our freedom of choice therein. g) All of this while we are paying them.
    Thank you for plugging for free speech , and for the free exchange of cultural and intellectual thought. And for the free choice in medical modalities. Again this is heartily and warmly appreciated. Please show us the text and analysis of the bill and I will be more than happy to sign the petition.

  54. Sorry folks! I just found the link and appreciate the information and all the motivated, detailed work you have done. And continue to do. We applaud and appreciate you!

  55. The FDA’s poster should read “Genocide-American Style”. What with the FDA looking the other way while big pharma kills people (Vioxx alone killed over 60,000 people before it was taken off the market), Monsanto getting more adulterated foods into the systems of everything that has a heartbeat, and doctors getting bonuses for promoting chemo and toxic vaccines, we are being murdered by out own government. The supreme court just allowed Pharmaceutical companies immunity against liability caused by vaccines. Interesting? Who do these people work for? We have less to fear from foreign powers, even extraterrestrials than our own government. People we must take a stand. This is genocide!

  56. Count me in – it is not before time that we have the right to know the scientific facts about all nutrients and supplements. Mind you, the FDA does a good job of suppressing scientific facts about a number of pharma meds…..

  57. Count me in – it is not before time that we have the right to know the scientific facts about all nutrients and supplements. Mind you, the FDA does a good job of suppressing scientific facts about a number of pharma meds…..

  58. Count me in – it is not before time that we have the right to know the scientific facts about all nutrients and supplements. Mind you, the FDA does a good job of suppressing scientific facts about a number of pharma meds…..

  59. Count me in – it is not before time that we have the right to know the scientific facts about all nutrients and supplements. Mind you, the FDA does a good job of suppressing scientific facts about a number of pharma meds…..

  60. Count me in – it is not before time that we have the right to know the scientific facts about all nutrients and supplements. Mind you, the FDA does a good job of suppressing scientific facts about a number of pharma meds…..

  61. Count me in – it is not before time that we have the right to know the scientific facts about all nutrients and supplements. Mind you, the FDA does a good job of suppressing scientific facts about a number of pharma meds…..

  62. Count me in – it is not before time that we have the right to know the scientific facts about all nutrients and supplements. Mind you, the FDA does a good job of suppressing scientific facts about a number of pharma meds…..

  63. The biggest problem with our Health Care is the FDA. They quickly push through bad drugs with millions of side effects that costs millions of dollars to correct and ignore natural cures because they cannot make any money from them. Our government needs to take a long hard look at the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA; our healthcare dollars would go much farther if these greedy groups were gotten under control.

  64. A question I have posed for years: What possible motive does any pharmaceutical company have to cure you of anything? Follow the money.

  65. Since the GOP is in the mood to eliminate departments of the government, I suggest the FDA becomes one of the first.

  66. The FDA is a monster created by the pharmaceutical industry. Like everything else in our government, our Corporations decide what the laws should be. The population is slave to the feeding of these corporations . Our rights and lives are not of any concern. Those in positions of power prefer to denigrate our smartest and most dedicated scientists while they push on the American people corporate products that are actually harmful to humanity and the planet. Drugs, genetically modified organisms and the destruction of our environment are killing humanity for MONEY! And the worst part is the population is fed pablum, lies and deceptive marketing by our “infotainment” media. Our news is gossip rather than substantiated fact. No wonder the US Empire’s decline is unknown and un acknowledged by the American public.American exceptionalism is a lie.

  67. I believe that most of you read into my first statement way too deeply without considering the rest of the comment. This in itself proves what I was saying in a way. Like I said in the rest of my comment, things can be skewed in any fashion but it takes a truth seeker to find what they seek. Yes, you can look things up, but where? wikipedia? epocrates? … these are good beginings only. I think that the government should not get involved in the “alternative medicines” regulation, but that doesn’t mean an expert shouldn’t help you in your choices…but hey, what’s a Stevens johnsons allergy/interaction anyway right…

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