Tunnel Vision on COVID Care Killed

…by focusing almost exclusively on masking, social distancing, and vaccinations and ignoring what sick people could do at home to avoid hospitalization.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in many ways, but in other ways it is just like any other illness. Yet in addressing this illness, public health authorities have inexplicably departed from standard medical norms. The critical error here, as described by Peter McCullough, MD, is that early, at-home treatment for sick patients with COVID-19 was not only completely ignored, but information describing what patients and doctors could do was actively suppressed. This represents a massive failure in the public health establishment that has cost thousands of lives.

It is an astounding truth that no information is provided to patients receiving a positive COVID test about how they can proactively manage their health. The guidelines from the National Institutes of Health are essentially to stay at home, self-isolate, wash your hands, and wait until you need to go to the hospital. But as Dr. McCullough points out, at that point it is already too late. An Italian study shows that patients admitted to the hospital who need oxygen had a 12 percent mortality rate; patients who needed a ventilator had a 24 percent mortality rate.

Why are health authorities waiting for patients to become so sick that 12 to 24 percent are going to die? Can nothing be done to avoid these outcomes? Can we imagine a situation in which a patient given a cancer diagnosis is told to go home and wait until they’re so sick they need to go to the hospital?

The fact is that COVID illness can be managed in the early phases at home in many cases. Dr. McCullough released the first paper of the pandemic describing a multi-drug approach for early, at-home treatment to slow viral replication (using zinc and antimalarial drugs), address the cytokine storm (using immunomodulators like colchicine), and to prevent thrombosis, or clotting events (using antiplatelet and anticoagulant medications). These therapies address the three main stages of COVID-19 disease progression.  Studies that utilized this approach showed an 85 percent reduction in mortality. If a treatment protocol was shown to reduce cancer mortality by 85 percent, it would be national news and the researchers would receive a Nobel Prize.

Why aren’t these results being shouted from the rooftops by every doctor and public health authority in the country? Because none of these drugs are FDA-approved for the treatment of COVID-19. In fact the government agencies in some cases warn patients off of these treatments. Doctors who spoke about them were censored and had their medical licenses threatened. Meanwhile, in other countries, it is standard practice to distribute at-home treatment kits to their populations that include these types of medicines.

That at-home, early treatment of COVID-19 has been downplayed, even silenced, is a travesty. In a pandemic situation, it is lunacy for government agencies to insist that we adhere to the drug approval model, which essentially says that, for a treatment to be recognized, you need two trials on a single drug targeted at a single outcome that demonstrate efficacy. But as Dr. McCullough points out, there aren’t randomized controlled trials (RCTs) for everything doctors do, and in a pandemic situation we can’t wait for those trials, either. If this was the standard, he argues, we wouldn’t be able to treat HIV, which isn’t responsive to just one drug. The same goes for cancer; no doctor would say that one drug can address cancer. Doctors routinely use drugs in combination with each other—not even strep throat is treated with a single drug.

Medicine is a science and an art, requiring doctors to make judgments. Rather than being told to wait for a week at home for COVID disease to hospitalize or kill patients, judgments can be made based on available evidence to use a combination of medicines that can plausibly help patients—as we would do for someone who gets pneumonia, or a child with asthma, or a patient with any other illness.

Similarly, an antimalarial, or a blood thinner, or an anti-inflammatory to address the cytokine storm in COVID-19, may not be efficacious if studied in isolation. But that is what the FDA drug model demands: does one drug, by itself, improve mortality? If not, you better shut up about it or face sanctions from the government and possibly your state medical board.

All of this underlines how broken the healthcare system in this country is. Big Pharma and their government cronies want mandatory vaccines, not cheap, off-patent drugs, as the answer to COVID because vaccines will make the most money. Why spend the exorbitant sums on clinical trials for off-patent medicines for COVID when the patent protection wouldn’t be as strong, the market exclusivity period is shorter than for new drugs, and the potential pool of patients is substantially smaller than for vaccines, since everyone, sick or not, gets the vaccine while only those who are sick would receive a drug for COVID?

We’ve discussed supplement protocols for COVID treatment and prevention previously, including the use of vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, quercetin, and melatonin. The Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, in addition to these aforementioned supplements, also recommends the prophylactic use of ivermectin and mouthwash.

Until this situation is fixed, we will continue to pay exorbitant prices for worse health outcomes. One solution is for Congress to allow the free flow of information about supplements and allow these products to cite peer-reviewed studies describing their benefits.

Action Alert! Write to Congress in support of our legislation to allow the free flow of information about supplements. Please send your message immediately.


  1. You lose all credibility when you start promoting Ivermectin and the phone Frontline Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance.

  2. I’ve said all along that Covid is being used to get the population under control. No doctor wants to recommend any at-home treatments for Covid or preventative. Why? Just stay at home until you are so sick that when you come back we’ll stick you on oxygen or a ventilator until you succumb. People need to stand up and tell doctors, do your job, you aren’t the death police, you are supposed to protect your patients.

  3. Hi I’m just telling you my story I called the American Frontline doctors got a prescription for ivermectin and it made me so sick I could not eat for two weeks lost a lot of weight still dehydrated having severe diarrhea now for 3 weeks and it has screwed up my life where I can’t even do anyting been in emergency room spent money on doctors I don’t have insurance American Frontline doctors who gave me the prescription won’t refund my $90 I’ve spent five thousand at the emergency room and another 500.00 on just a family doctor because I don’t have insurance I’m trying to keep alive by trying to eat after two weeks of not being able to eat and having severe diarrhea and having severe other symptoms that came from the poison of ivermectin so I was on the side of using ivermectin but not anymore it should not be approved for covid whatsoever, this poison ivermectin makes you not be able to stop diarrheaing for 15 days go ahead and do the research on that it makes you partly blind it causes nausea causes restless leg syndrome it causes anxiety it causes you to be nauseous and to basically not sure if you will live through it !!!? anybody that reads this pray that I get better soon, thank you

  4. Great article but it was Dr. Zelenko who made this protocol and not the above mentioned doctor and all credit is due to him! If the government would have followed his lead, millions of lives would have been saved but they chose the profits of the drug companies over lives….

  5. If this is true, it’s yet again even more proof that oft-lauded, even sanctioned greed is a killer to Americans on many levels.

  6. I am in full support of the free flow of information concerning natural supplements and legislation to allow for such. Please let me know what your position is on this issue.

  7. Is there any scientific research or evidence regarding this “treatment”? If so, why has this NOT made headlines? Since Covid is worldwide, I’m sure all countries would like to know about this.

  8. PLEASE let the FREE practitioners of medicine use the PROVEN non-legend (no prescription required) drugs and be able to use drugs/vitamins such as Ivermectin, vitamin D, C, etc., in their efficacious treatment of COVID 19!!!
    Say NO the BIG PHARM. The drug industry cares about PROFIT before human life.
    I speak from personal and professional experience!
    David B. Stevens, B.S., R.Ph., J.D,

  9. Could you please supply the names of the medications and the dosages I should stock at home? If I cant get these from my doctor, is there an alternative source?

  10. Outstanding and please continue the good work. I wish this had been avakilable long before now. There is more than one way to do lots of things! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am as healthy today at 83 as I have evere bneen thanks to natural means of care and have not had covid at all.

  11. The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in many ways, but in other ways it is just like any other illness. 

  12. I agree wholeheartedly. I worked for FOH over 20 years as an RN with a MEd degree and BA in psych. We tried to emphasize PREVENTION along with treatment of disease. What happened to that approach NOW. I think the answer is clear–POLITICS got in the way!!!!!

  13. With respect, I must be candid. Both this drug-based protocol and the vaccine protocol are extremely short-sighted.
    Both protocols are based on a competition for revenue, not for human health. Neither respects honest science which, ideally, searches for objective facts.
    Both you and Big Pharma primarily rely on the targeted drug concept, whether it is their vaccines or your chemicals (drugs, individual nutrients). Both protocols are intended to generate wealth of the few at the expense of the many.
    Why don’t you consider the amazing ability of food-borne nutrient intake to prevent and even to reverse (treat) a breadth of chronic degenerative diseases, now also viral diseases as well, according to recent evidence? We must move beyond the present medical model, lest we lose all. Your version of science fails to consider this possibility.

  14. Congress do support the legislation to allow the free flow of information about supplements.

  15. Free health care for all and safety testing that is independent of corporate interests in both industry and government will solve most of our health care issues. Meanwhile, at the very least, the public requires the free flow of info. Thank you.

  16. The email message body when trying to send says the message body is too long. Just wanted to let you know since it cannot be sent that way

  17. So much corruption, so little time. Every one of these people involved should face VERY HIGH fines and JAIL TIME. The ones at the top should face Capital Punishment, ie Execution! To knowingly allow anyone to be injured, disabled or killed due to their Greed and/or Cowardice is unconscionable. If you don’t want these things to happen again, the punishment must be swift and commensurate with the crime ! !
    Not acting or saying anything is the same as actually pulling the trigger yourself.

  18. Perhaps it is time for more people to speak up for these remedies. True, those who do tend to be mocked, while the unvaccinated tend to be persecuted. What happened to open discussion of differences of opinion? Where only one official opinion is allowed and the rest are censored or persecuted, what does that say about the government/system (not a political party – both main ones are involved)? Is this notmore like a totalitarian system, such as in, say, China?

  19. Thank you for this very useful information.
    I hope you are making it available to every Senator and Congressman.

  20. Dear elected official:
    I urge you to listen to Dr. Peter McCullough concerning treatment for Covid-19. Some of your constituents realize what’s really happening here. This shot is harmful in that it alters the DNA. The Spike Protein it causes the body to produce can affect 28 organs in the body. It has caused heart attacks, blood clots, penetrated the brain barrier going into the bloodstream in the brain causing permanent neurological damage rendering a person disabled, unable to work, drive a car, usual daily tasks and has caused death. People who’ve taken this shot get Covid anyway and end up in the hospital anyway. I’m asking you to stand up for the American people and put a stop to forcing us into being railroaded into taking this shot. I’M ASKING YOUR SUPPORT TO ALLOW THE FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION ABOUT SUPPLEMENTS AND ALLOW THESE PRODUCTS TO CITE PEER-REVIEWED STUDIES DESCRIBING THEIR BENEFITS. Vitamins D3, C, zinc, quercetin, melatonin, Ivermectin and a few others. It’s wrong for doctors to be censored and their medical licenses threatened for recommending safer, more natural, effective alternatives to this shot. Good doctors have their patients best interest at heart. Big Pharma saw an opportunity to operate out of greed. There wasn’t time to properly test this shot and the public deserves better than to be treated as guinea pigs. Please stand up for doctors, safer alternatives and the American people.

  21. Neither government nor pharmaceutical companies earn our trust when
    their behavior is viewed as rigging the health care system. We want our fellow citizens to be considerate of each other not to have to fight for their “ rights” in contrast to caring for all of us. Both government and “big pharma” bear responsibility for this through their inhumane refusal to support early treatment . The current system of handling disease and treatment must change.

  22. One thing that is never mentioned, but is such common sense, is saline solution or xylitol nasal flushes. The COVID virus builds up in people’s nasal passages. This became particularly clear when the vaccinated were also showing high virus counts in their noses when Delta arrived, sometimes at levels seen only in the unvaccinated/never infected. The group that had the lowest build-up of Delta in their nasal passages were the previously infected because the nose is how the virus entered the body, where the body initially fought it in the mucous linings, and where reinforcements were left. The vaccinated got it in their arm and so when Delta came and entered the nose, the vaccinated weren’t necessarily getting seriously ill from it but were having high viral loads in their nasal passages, thus becoming unknowing spreaders of it.
    Nasal flushes would help with this. I have religiously used a saline flush for two decades and my wife uses a xylitol flush if she feels she’s coming down with something. They work wonders and it’s astounding that you hear almost nothing about doing this, or only that it hasn’t been studied enough. Hmmm… seems kind of like common sense, however, to flush them out a couple times a day if you have a COVID infection. But if it can’t make PHARMA lots of money, why bother mentioning it?!!…

  23. I had at home treatment with all the appropriate protocols. I had a very mild case and now have natural immunity. I had an antibody test. No vaccines for me!!!!

  24. Educating everyone on how to treat themselves in the first stage of COVID — ie when symptoms first appear — is critical to get beyond the pandemic. The most likely thing is that we will be having people infected with COVID variants that will need to be dealt with through treatment to avoid people having to go to the hospital.

  25. yes thank you for helping us stand up against this illegal vaccine mandate!!.. and agree other things can be done to help with this..

  26. I am a person who believes in alternative and natural medicine. My doctor is an Osteopath who’s life’s work is promoting and using natural medications. I use supplements to boost my immune system and to address specific medical conditions. I agree her position that there ARE many preventative and supportive steps people can take to help boost and support their immune systems. What she would NEVER suggest I use is Ivermectin. I am extremely concerned that your site is encouraging people to self medicate with Ivermectin. It is irresponsible and dangerous. I have lost my respect for your alliance and no longer wish to receive emails from you.

  27. There are many ways to increase a person’s immunity against COVID that our government and other governments are not considering. First and foremost is the immunity that comes when the person has been ill with COVID and recovered from it. Secondly, persons who take routinely zinc, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, quercetin, and melatonin. My greatest concern is that the Globalists are bent on killing people off because they want the world to themselves. Yes, these people will suffer the wrath of Almighty God. See Revelation Chapter 7 and so many other chapters. They will stand before Almighty God and be judged. May they experience a major heart change through Jesus Christ.

  28. Please, with all compassion for your fellow human being stop this madness and speak out against this Tierney. Also, speak out about how natural immunity is important and until there are studies done to support the need for the vaccine in natural immunity persons stop this sickening mandate.

  29. Please encourage a safe and sane approach toward saving American lives by ensuring early treatment for covid is supported in our great nation.

  30. More and more it appears you can quit using the word covid and replace it with the flu. From that there is a positive side – we know how to battle the common flu, and it has nothing to do with listening to experts pushing masks, distancing, for profit drugs, or destruction of the economy.

  31. Dear Legislators,
    The United States needs legislation to allow the free flow of information about supplements.

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