The Pandemic Cause No One Wants to Talk About

The underlying cause of our vulnerability to viral infection, from the coronavirus and beyond. 

“The response of governments worldwide to COVID-19 has been virology-based, disregarding toxicological issues.” This is a key pullout from a new paper that should change the narrative around the COVID-19 pandemic. It argues that if we want to find the real culprit behind the pandemic, we must look beyond the coronavirus to the various factors that degrade our immune systems, which greatly increases the risk of dying or having serious complications from the virus. Strategies that target the virus—quarantine, repurposing old drugs, vaccines, etc.—address the most visible outcomes of the pandemic, but not the underlying causes that make many of us vulnerable to infection in the first place.

We know that the vast majority of deaths from COVID-19 are among the elderly with comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, immune compromised status, cancer and obesity. According to the CDC, there were comorbidities or other conditions listed on the death certificates of as many as 95 percent of all COVID-19 deaths. These chronic diseases have been linked to what the study authors call “toxic stressor exposures” (chemical, physical, biological, or psychological stressors) that inhibit the immune system’s ability to deal with viruses.

In short, it is the pervasive, constant exposure to toxic stressors in our environment, in combination with genetic factors, that cause us to develop diseases that impair our immune systems and make us susceptible to serious COVID-19 infection. These factors include:

  • Lifestyle: lack of exercise, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet of processed foods, sugar, and refined grains, and sleep deprivation;
  • Pharmaceutical drugs: More than half of adults 65 and older (54%) report taking four or more prescription drugs;
  • Biotoxins like mold, viruses, and bacteria;
  • Environmental exposures to things like endocrine disruptors, radiation and Wi-Fi, heavy metals, PFAS, fine particulate matter, and many others;
  • Psychosocial factors like depression and stress.

For each of us, the combination of these factors, in addition to our genetic makeup, helps determine our susceptibility to a virus like COVID-19. Yet our response to the pandemic has been to focus on a single factor, that is, the virus itself: fighting it with drugs and vaccines or avoiding it with quarantines and isolation.

This thinking ignores those companies who profit off of our poor health. It’s the chemical companies pumping out endocrine disruptors, PFAS chemicals, and pesticides; it’s Big Food creating the processed, sugar-laden junk; it’s Big Pharma peddling ever more dangerous, often ineffective prescription drugs. It’s these mega-corporations that are making us sick and susceptible to COVID-19. Consider the extent of the damage. The US is one of the least healthy nations in the world. Almost 43% of Americans over age 20 are obese, which is among the highest in the world. The US leads developed nations in type 2 diabetes; has the third highest mortality rate for circulatory diseases like high blood pressure; and is second highest in mortality rate for heart attacks.

The chart below shows a correlation between the development and use of pollutants and the rise in chronic diseases:

Image Source

We’ve pointed out previously that the response to the pandemic has almost completely ignored prevention and building immune resilience. The $1.9 trillion COVID relief package, for example, lacked any acknowledgement or attempt to address COVID using nutritional strategies that are well supported by the science. According to the government’s own figures, millions of Americans are deficient in a variety of key nutrients. Research shows that micronutrient inadequacies may impact long-term health, increasing risk for diseases like cancercardiovascular diseasetype 2 diabetes, and yes, COVID.

This is not to say that we should ignore the virus itself, or that vaccines and drugs to prevent and treat COVID-19 are useless. But these are short term solutions. As the authors note, “To be fully protected in the present pandemic and against future pandemics, both tactical/reactive responses to survive the immediate threat and strategic/proactive responses to prevent the problem and damage from re-occurring are required.”  The fact that there are an estimated 1.67 million viral species yet to be discovered, with 631,000-827,0000 of them having zoonotic potential (a disease transmitted from animals to humans), underscores the pressing need to address the underlying causes of our vulnerability to these diseases.

This is what natural medicine is all about: addressing root causes rather than surface manifestations. We must keep this in mind and fight for our ability to use natural therapies to stay healthy, naturally.


  1. I tend to focus on the fact,at least in the US, that we live in a disease maintenance society. In this system it doesn’t pay to heal a patient, we put them on a pharmaceutical intervention that doesn’t cure but masks the symptoms so one is able to function. Often times, another drug is used to counteract the guest’s side affects. The system is the main cause of the pandemic and it isn’t surprising that the no gene therapies don’t actually stop covid, only lesson the effects,maybe but no studies are being down to make sure of that.

  2. I am not following individuals with RADICAL PHILOSOPHY !
    ONE of the Big facts of these pandemic is the mix of thoughts and PARANOIA, preventing fight the REALITY OF A PANDEMIC, where the Big Enemy of the human beings is INVISIBLE!
    We are loosing these War. My question is so the previous Pandemic in the human history was created, and manipulated by the industry and the worldwide Nations!
    Give me a break!

  3. If you wrote this article from the Terrain Theory perspective I’d give it a 100% super rating.
    But coming from the Germ Theory perspective, it’s only about half right.
    Better than nothing I guess. But so misleading.

    1. This IS terrain theory. ” When exposed to pathogens, we become ill if our defenses are weakened by deficiencies or toxicities.” That’s exactly what the article is arguing.

    2. I can understand where you’re coming. Maybe this is an attempt to meet people half way so to speak. Can’t wake up the normies if you go straight to terrain theory in my opinion .

  4. I like what you say about using more natural medicines, instead of the doctors pushing more drugs on people they may not really need. Remember, doctors may get a kick back from drug companies for pushing their drugs to their patients. Myself, I’m taking 6 different drug prescriptions my doctors prescribed for me. It makes you think do I really need all these prescription drugs to survive, and get healthy.

  5. Big factory farms and big agriculture is killing us. Are the think tanks and corporations behind this? I do think so.

  6. Multiple studies have shown that we are poisoning our environment, including our food chain. We use toxins banned in Europe on our crops and livestock, we dump tons of plastics annually into our lands and waterways, and yet we wonder why Americans are so unhealthy.

  7. Agreed! Another major (related) factor is lack of nutrients. For example, with all the toxin exposures these days, as mentioned in the article, our vitamin and mineral levels get depleted and we need much more of certain nutrients like Vitamin C, B vitamins, etc. than we can get from even a very good diet. For example: Vitamin C, in high enough quantities is a great anti-toxin/anti-viral/immune system enhancer, etc. and the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine has much information on these topics.

  8. I truly resonated with this article, I’ve been coming across individuals on YouTube, the media, influential people who are being silenced when sharing this information! It makes so much sense.
    Thank you!

  9. I totally agree. We have been taught to put our health in the hands of others. It is time to take responsibility for our own physical mental and emotional well being.

  10. I totally agree. We have been taught to put our health in the hands of others. It is time to take responsibility for our own physical mental and emotional well being. How to we fight big pharma? Big food?

  11. This article is a breath of fresh air. I have tried to reason with people I know about healthy eating, keeping immunity strong but most will not have it . They are sold lock stock and barrel on the ‘only the vaccine can save us’ narrative. So frustrating! I will post this on fb and I will be ready for the mud slinging.

    1. be ready for fb restrictions as well . decent is not welcome and is termed hate among other things . As the propaganda minister for the Nazi explained “control the narrative ,you control the people !”

  12. Excellent and well documented perspective. Sadly, the government starting w Dr Fauci and many academic institutions that receive tons of research money from Pharma, only listen to Pharma and selectively look at data that fits their point of view.

  13. “In My Opinion”, Long on facts, short on solutions although this piece points fingers at Big pharma’s highly profitable drug culture and junk food marketing to children and more dangerous vices to young adults, combined with all that OT American’s work to make ends meet and the cheap processed foods that those who don’t work eat, making America the obese capital of the world and America is THE CONSUMER of the majority of the worlds Opium by the way.
    African, Asian and Latin American countries have more than 40% of their populations under age 15 and some with median ages approaching puberty so Europe and North America are not contributing to the perception of overpopulation. These Countries stress out their populations in different ways as pointed out in the article.
    It’s all very fascinating isn’t it? In the end, there is no smoking gun linking environmental, social and psychological stressors to lowered immunity to viruses whose numbers out weigh Human populations and replication cycles by many orders of magnitude, IMO increasing populations of less healthy people compared to global viral populations takes overpopulation off the table for correlation. What DOES perhaps contribute is the CONCENTRATION of more an more people in the globes cities, especially those with large underclasses of less healthy people. Globalization and the Great Reset are at odds with our overall health and Green initiatives IMO. And isn’t it the medical community itself that’s responsible for super bugs from decades of over prescribing antibiotics for viral infections which should have never been done? No mention of that here either.
    After all of it, we’re living longer than ever aren’t we? Just a thought.

  14. Curious as to how “crude oil” is supposed to contribute to chronic disease, unless of course it’s ingurgitated. I would guess that 99.9% of the population do not come into direct contact with crude oil but only enjoy its benefits indirectly in their cars or plane travel. Perhaps you are referring to people who live in vehicle congested cities and suffer side effects from breathing in the fumes of heavy traffic, although due to catalytic converters, this would apply more to developing countries.
    I hope ANH hasn’t swallowed the climate alarmists’ mantra that C02 is a health risk.

  15. Here is what we know for sure: When the world’s population reaches a point where it is not sustainable by normal means yet keeps increasing, there will be pandemic illnesses. This is not new; it has happened dating back to the middle ages. Here is also what we know: as with all terrible viruses dating back to smallpox and the black plague in the middle ages, VACCINES WORK!! It is the one thing guaranteed to save us from Covid-19 and any other widespread virus. All the rest is background noise. We will not be able to address the “root causes” in time to save the millions of additional lives waiting to be lost to this virus, PARTICULARLY the overpopulation problem. Vaccines give us the power to wipe out these viruses, as we did with polio, measles, smallpox, and others. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t address the root causes, but in a world overpopulated with homosapiens, THERE WILL BE OTHER PANDEMICS; it is INEVITABLE!! We don’t have to die needlessly by the millions while we wait for the “root causes” to be addressed. The biggest root cause of all is that there are simply too many of us humans that are over-stressing the resources of this planet and that is not going to be “addressed” any time soon. GET VACCINATED, PEOPLE. Do it for you, or do it for your families, do it for your fellow humans. “Thinning the herd” is only a good idea until YOUR family or MY family become casualties.

    1. Even Pasteur admitted on his deathbed that “Bernard was right: the pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything.” If you look at history, especially in the 20th century, infections are ALREADY on a downslope by the time a vaccine is introduced, much less has time to affect infection rates, but the vaccine gets the credit. Then you have the 20th century concept of what a vaccine is: they add “adjuvants” to get an “immune response,” with no evidence that we’re developing a response to the pathogen and not the adjuvant itself. And now we have the 21rst century definition of “vaccine” (applied to the covid jabs) that says you can call it a vaccine if it reduces mild symptoms–which, in the real world, means you can get infected and, because the symptoms have been supressed, unknowingly pass it on to others more readily than an unvaxxed person that gets real symptoms when they’re infected.

    2. So, so wrong. The very problem is the vaccines. Proof? 300,000+ years on the planet without them. You don’t solve illnesses caused by man-made chemicals with man-made chemicals!!! We don’t have mercury, aluminum or formaldehyde deficiencies. We have mineral and vitamin deficiencies.
      Its high time people start making changes to better their health. Simple. If your body isn’t operating at peak performance it’s because you aren’t giving it what it needs. We should be locking up the obese, disease-ridden, pill-popping, junk-food inhaling lumps. The unhealthy who get sick and make others sick. We should be mandating exercise, fruits and vegetables, fresh air, and encouraging people to get outside and eat whole foods. Open the farmers markets and shut down the fast food joints. The unhealthy are the burden on the healthcare system. The unhealthy occupy the overwhelming majority of beds in any hospital. The unhealthy are the ones who caused this! All because they’d rather pop a tablet or take a needle than make any kind of meaningful change, yet expect the rest of us to cater to them. NO. Vaccines are poison. Tell me one ingredient in vaccines that makes us healthy. I’ll wait. Stop injecting and start exercising!

  16. The answer is not complicated. Capitalism – a failed socioeconomic and sociopolitical system controlled by the cult of the individual and gluttony at the hands a of a few – has decimated not only Earth’s natural resources – but has also deleted and irreversibly contaminated human instincts of love, sharing, community, compassion resulting in our current demise.

    1. agreed . sadly the narrative being promoted is a fraud . None of these “experts” are concerned about saving one life . As the article points out correctly . We are conned that everything corporate America does is for our benefit . Both corporate America and government have replaced mom and dad . We sadly believe there is no money motive in their actions .

  17. Agree with all of this and Dr. Zach Bush has been telling us this for nearly two years now especially around destroying ourselves/the planet/the future with glyphosate used in factory farming…also, the one you left out here are the grotesque AUTISM figures that have skyrocketed in recent years and are projected to be almost incomprehensible.

  18. There are companies that are hiring that are requiring a Covid 19 Vaccine shot or shots depending on the Vaccine in order to be hired. I am interested in filing descrimination lawsuits against these companies. I am looking for a attorney that is an evironmental attorney that thinks that I would have a chance to win such a lawsuit. If know of such an attorney have him Call me. You could work wih us to use environmental polutions as causing the immune system being compromised as allowing the Covid 19 .incresingly hard to treat because of this pollution. Dennis Hoppe Cell # 6027432276

  19. The problem was brought about by the action of Big-pharma buying their way into the Medical schools & Universities & removing any reference to anything Natural from the Courses the DRs. undertake, & now , all the Med schools & Universities produce is Drs. who are only highly paid, legalised drug-pushers who know zilch about Nutrition, & in most cases, how the Body works, especially the immune-system.

    1. agreed . once again follow the money . There is absolutely no motivation to cure or eliminate anything . “treatment ” is very profitable . Incidentally all those pushing the covid19 TREATMENT benefit money wise . And have the governments agree to NOT hold them liable for results . Which should in itself raise red flags . It is proof that they really are concerned of adverse effects of “TREATMENT “

  20. The media is as dishonest as Joe Biden Obama The Clinton’s & George Soros Nancy Pelosi , who have all used the White House to get rich for their own personal Gains , & they are not embarrassed to get on National Television they have no shame class actors with a lot of bad Karma who will all get it back by the hand of God I watching all those who are class actors.

  21. Obesity and prescription drugs weaken the body so much
    any sort of infection or ailment can cause death.

  22. Good article, highlighting the most basic truths about disease, pre-existing medical conditions and Big Pharma pushing out prescriptions and now these vaccines that are being served up like a One Size Fits All garment. One size does NOT fit all. No testing was done to see the reaction of those with cancer, diabetes or other immune-related types.
    In fact, YOU ARE THE TEST. I believe in combatting disease! I question the rushed response to Covid. Second dose needed, may wear off in 6 months. NOW a Booster is recommended while vaccinated people are still dying or developing life threatening after effects. Doctors who are telling a different story are being silenced. WHY? Negative reactions are downplayed or under-reported. Number of deaths from the vaccines are not fully reported – that was revealed by all news networks in the NY/Gov. Cuomo fiasco.. Remember? Do you REALLY think that was the only case?

  23. You might have addressed how we can build our immunity in this article; what kind of supplemental regimen would help build a strong immune system, what kinds of diet, etc.

  24. Now, this article really hit the nail on the head for me. I was only commenting on all of this around a year or more ago on different sites. This basically goes back, in my opinion, to Pasteur, and his lesser-known contemporary at the time Béchamp. Pasteur thought it was microbes that caused our poor health, whereas Béchamp had already looked at this, and moved on to the conclusion that it was the “terrain” of the body that was more important. I suspect that the ONLY reason Pasteur was the one who became famous, and had his theory obliterate the other, was due to the fact that the ‘germ theory of disease’ was the one which allowed the developing synthetic medicine (today’s Big Pharma) to produce a ‘product’, such as a vaccine that they could sell and profit from. The “terrain” theory, of course, automatically points to using lifestyle, nutrition, and natural medicine more generally.
    There were 2 aspects of this (and I’m aware there are MANY more) I was mentioning early on in the ‘covid’ story. One was where I wondered what effect EMF pollution, particularly the advent of 5G might be having. So, I located maps of 2 countries that happened to have easy-to-find maps of BOTH covid ‘hotspots’ and 5G rollouts – the countries were the UK and the USA. You literally could lay each 5G map over each covid hotspot map (in both cases) and the similarities were striking. The other aspect that occurred to me was air pollution (which is also linked to many of the concurrent conditions you mention in the article). Some of the worst outbreaks also seemed to match areas of severe air pollution (particularly the large outbreak early on in Italy).
    I am convinced that the whole advent of the synthetic chemical industry has been of HUGE detriment – not only to the human race, but to all life on earth. Just look at plastic pollution, as yet another example. And don’t even get me started on GM foods and pesticides!
    Thank you so much for this thoughtful and EXCELLENT article, which has nicely expressed the way I have felt about this whole covid scenario from the beginning. I personally gave up doctors and hospitals over 25 years ago, and decided to take responsibility for my own health, and I have never looked back. I haven’t had a vaccine for many, many years, and since I took the reins, I have never been healthier. I simply don’t get sick in the first place. I personally think we will look back at this phase of synthetic chemical medicine (and more) in the future and we’ll say: “What on earth were we thinking”!
    I only found your website today, but have bookmarked it. I’m also planning to purchase Stephanie Seneff’s new book ‘Toxic Legacy.’ Thank you again for stating the contents of my mind for me so eloquently.

  25. An excellent presentation, and point made. Essentially, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ No more merely suppressing symptoms. Back to Nature. And to the Hippocratic recommendation: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

  26. I agree! We can’t allow the drug industry to solve everything with toxic drugs. Exercise and diet must be promoted .

  27. Los felicito por este articulo, ya que tocan temas de actualidad y una manera muy distinta y efectiva para defenderse de esta enfermedad me gusto hablar de la resilencia inmunologica, saludos.

  28. You are absolutely right about the “big” issues: a toxic environment and poor lifestyles.
    On the other hand, it is my experience that many of your advocates will simply ignore a critical sentence in your story: “This is not to say that we should ignore the virus itself, or that vaccines and drugs to prevent and treat COVID-19 are useless.”
    In fact, in the short-term, these are the only frontline weapons that will protect us against the disease.
    Anyone who advocates what should be, but may never be achieved as “the solution” without stressing the need for the immediate sensible response (in short, the taking of the vaccine) is demonstrably injuring its readers.

  29. I would be classed as obese (+ I’m 70}; having strengthened my immune system with loads of vit c , anti-oxidants, garlic, ginseng, echinacea &c I’ve been flu + cold free for at least 2 decades [+ i’ve not succumbed to co-vi D19] Also not had anything that comes out of the end of hypodermic since back end of 1980s [apart from local anaesthetic at dentist] & no antibiotics except for the 100% natural ones

  30. I have no idea why this is not common sense. COVID is a disease that is showing up for our collective. Instead of looking at the source, we are targeting a spike protein with a vaccine, and making everything worse with isolation. It has been a confusing year to say the least. Thank you for sending this out. It is sad that this is not common sense, and we have to write articles about it. But I have to say, I have not seen this anywhere else. That is just astounding.

  31. Excellent article and information. The study is powerful for changing the perspective of those who have been living in fear of the virus.
    Thank you.

  32. 03SEP21. Why is Vitamin D not mentioned in the artcle?
    Most specialists agree that approx. 75% are deficient and Vitamin D is the most important hormone to give us a healthy immune system.
    100-150 nmol/L is today regarded as sufficient.
    100 is absolute minimum and at least women should have 150 nmol/L as then they reduce 82% risk of getting breast cancer.

  33. I attempted to send this email, containing this important information, to my husband at [email protected] without success. A message came up stating it was not forwardable because of spam content. Can you please forward him a copy of this email.
    Thank you.

  34. Thank you very much for your information that I get from you all the time. If I did know it before, it’s a reminder for me that I appreciate.

  35. Thank you, finally some truth to the cause of the world wide ill health pandemic. People need to take personal response for their health.

  36. This article is so important. Brilliant. It validates my own observations and intuitions. Thank you so much!!

  37. Thank you for this article. It gives me the evidence and opinion articulated so that I may articulate my view point for a positive discussion regarding my choice as to receive a vaccine or a test, including why there should NOt be a mandate for a vaccine or invasive test.

  38. I am so glad that you are drawing these conclusions regarding factors that impair our immune response as playing a major role in the Covid epidemic. One major one I would like to add are vaccines that are now being pushed in greater and greater numbers on our children as young as 6 months old! This is insanity, as the vaccines actually reduce the immune response, and can cause additional diseases, or increase the prevalence of existing diseases, such as the chicken pox vaccine, which has now caused an epidemic rise in shingles cases. Chemicals in our environment, water, and additives in food also play a part, as does our sedentary, obesity causing lifestyle with high sugar content, or worse yet, artificial sugar substitutes. We need to educate the public on how to protect their immune health rather than push unproven and dangerous vaccines.

  39. Thank you so much for this article. It’s so important for this information to be shared.
    Thank you again, Eileen

  40. Great article. Many of these issues are only talked to each other and is not in the mainstream media. The article is well done and easy to pass onto others. Maybe there is hope.

  41. As a Tai Chi practitioner and a Touch For Health schooled health person, balance of Yin/yang is vital for good health. At 88 (I count womb time), norm April 1934. I have built a great immune system, although I have some problems. From a hip break a muscle in the flute that does not respond so I walk with a cane, but cycle row and Tai Chi/Qi Kong. Numbness in left arm caused by an operation before I woke up about doctors. Flat feet and a shorter leg from mild polio at age 3.

  42. its all about the money and control of all of us. and they want to reduce population by half or more. the globalists all need to be “taken care of” they need to go away and leave us all alone. it is disgusting what they are doing to the world. Humans have lost all rights.

  43. Wholeheartedly agree, with one finer point. When you refer to procesed foods, you mention sugar and refined grains, but never pinpoint probably the major culprit in these phony foods: cheap seed oils loaded with linoleic acid, far beyond our body’s needs or ability to process them. The metabolites of these oils a known to be highly toxic, while the easily oxidised linoleic acid itself causes the degradation of LDL and mitochondrial membranes. Big food loves cheap oils and big pharma loves the result.

  44. Good people, please check this out episode 233. Del Bigtree does an interview with a dedicated nurse about the VAERS reporting system. It is a real eye opener in many ways. This is an extremely highly respected nurse who was totally on board with vaccines until she saw in real time what it was doing to her patients and how extremely difficult it is to report any of this. Just one example if you get a side effect from the Covid vaccine and want to report it to VAERS, you have to have the batch number of the vaccine!
    All of us know what it is like just trying to educate others so that they can have real informed consent. Here is what you get back, you may be right but it is too hard to fight the system, You are not an “expert” so what do you know, you are a crazy (fill in the blank), ekk get a way from me, even though I’m vaccinated you are death waiting to happen, and then that very rare person who will take the information you have carefully research over a year and actually study it.

  45. I agree that the medical establishment has largely given up on bringing people back to health. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take charge of your own health and seek out supportive medical practitioners. With that determination, the time of the pandemic became for me a time of transformation. I was obese, then overweight, then just this week at age 71 have officially joined the minority of adults with “normal” weight. During this time I have reduced my “Covid Age” by about 30 years. My food is simple, whole, plant-based and healthy. I now walk 2 or 3 miles most days. I’ve brought my Vitamin D status to a higher level. But I also got vaccinated and have observed masking and social distancing, because even young, healthy and active people have died or struggle with longterm or possibly lifetime health impacts. In the end, ideology doesn’t care about your individual body — don’t let it stand in the way of taking care of yourself.

  46. La alimentación es fundamental para tener una buena salud, pero con eso no evitamos contraer alguna enfermedad en un momento dado. Para éstos casos se supone que están los médicos que son los que en teoría deberían de solucionar el problema. La cuestión está cuando llegado el momento, éstos médicos que deberían mirar por nuestra salud son controlados y pagados por las grandes farmacéuticas. En éste punto ya dejan de mirar por el paciente que pasa a un segundo plano primando los intereses de las grandes farmacéuticas. Que estamos sobre medicados es seguro, y cada vez las enfermedades se hacen mas resistentes a los medicamentos porque se van adaptando al medio conforme se van tratando. Esto interesa a las farmacéuticas, “es su negocio “, a ellas no les interesa curarte; interesa que mejores hasta cierto punto, pero nada mas.

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