1. That was a bit dry.
    I thought you were going to have 1 news anchor say “You must wear at least 2 masks.” then another say “Masks have never helped anyone, even during surgery!” The South Park-like cartoon style indicated mockery.
    The voiceover started on the government official, making me think that’s who was talking. It took me a moment to realize it was a narrator.
    The message also needed to have more depth than “Sometimes journalists get it wrong.” Who doesn’t know that?
    You also incorrectly stated what is known. We don’t know if SARS COV 2 leaked from a Wuhan lab. We simply know that lab reproduced that virus and that the infection started in Wuhan province. These two facts are not necessarily connected.
    I appreciate the effort of the attempt, but this really needs to be rethought. Start by identifying something fundamentally flawed about journalism. The “Both sides are wrong” angle is catchy, but what exactly is wrong?

  2. The pretense that “all sides” in the media is corrosive and wrong. Right wing media, very well-funded promulgates total untruth 24/7. The rest of main-stream media is caught without having put on their pants while the lies encircle the globe. The 30,000 falsehood stream from Trump is not mentioned while you picture cartoonish Biden and Harris making it clear which side of the aisle you sit on, and I have ABSOLUTELY no respect for you. Yours is just another case of “what-aboutism” in full view, pretending to be unbiased. You hate the left, and reality. That is clear.

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