1. I’m not sure why you intelligent people are unaware with the fact that all of this stuff has already been going on. Nurses have never been able to use cannabis, for example, and they are randomly checked. Even though cannabis can help some people. Of course, medical doctors are not drug tested so they can go to surgery coked up. SO the 2nd class citizenship was created long before covid. I’m happy the white guys and the conservative whites are now mad about it because maybe this will change the healthcare system. I am not getting any of these odd shots just like I’ve never had a flu shot. I wonder how many of YOU got flu shots? I have to fight off idiots in pre-schools because I don’t eat meat, take flu shots or try to force vaccinations (of any kind). But anyway, I’m glad you guys have caught up.

  2. Paul Paul Ateberry. Can you tell me if the child resistent caps are made for the 2 dram 17mm -60 vial? says:

    There is no pandemic!

  3. no one should get the jab. its not a vaccine. its full of poisons and has nothing in it that heals.

  4. Thank you for this excellent discussion! I am a health journalist and I’ve said right from the start of covid in early 2020 that something was amiss with the media and the politicians. Right out of the gate we were told that two of the symptoms of covid-19 was loss of taste and smell. Well, those same symptoms are also the result of Zinc deficiency!! So why the “H” were we not told to take zinc??? – especially the elderly who are notoriously low in zinc. We also know Vit. D-3 is essential for immune health. Why were we not told from the get-go to take Vit. D-3. I am 76 years old and have had two very close encounters with people with covid. I never got the disease. I have been taking Vit. D-3 and zinc for years. Hummm….that’s interesting isn’t it? Keep up the great work you all are doing.

  5. Thank you for your work and sharing this very important information. I wish people would not be so blind to what is really going on.

  6. Thank you so much for such a reasoned approach to this terrible situation.and your much-needed advocacy campaign for the maintenance of each individual’s right to informed consent about what goes in the body of each individual..
    As a genteel campaigner from the 60’s and 70’s I am shocked at the rapidity of the decimation of free speech and the rise of wokery. PLEASE keep up your excellent work…..I’m doing the lottery to help augment donations to you!! . .

  7. Great interview! My husband is in a nursing home because of advanced MS. I had to have him vaccinated or they would not allow me to touch him. After months of not being able to go in and see him, it would have been totally inhumane for me not to be able to hug him. I will not get vaccinated. I have never had a flu vaccine and I never get sick. I will not mess with my strong immune system by taking the Covid vaccine.

  8. very interesting I knew there is a reason that I am holding out on getting the vaccine

  9. Good video question I’ve been looking into this mask wearing yes we are supposed to wear them in shops and transit but have any one looked into the long haul of wearing mask 24/7 in the long run and short term we can be harming ourselves before the getting vaccinated I’m really starting to think that’s why We are having these problems. We could have kept a good hygiene washing our hands face gargeling with provodine peroxide and still hanging out out physically distancing ourselves. Stress and mask talking about robbing your self of oxygen while waiting on a wish is playing a big role in these adverse effects of vaccines I know they are. People that’s not vaccinated or worn a mask out or shut themselves in are still standing since this started.

  10. Thank you for speaking out on the COVID vaccine! I have been strong armed into taking the vaccine by family and friends as well as the media. It makes me mad. It makes me sick. I just hope that by succumbing to this pressure, that I haven’t caused irreversible damage to my body.

  11. Thank you.i have so many underlying health conditions..im not taking it because of the spike proteins..i want to see how people react from it..im not opposed to a fda approved vacine thats been tested over time.however the animal studies most died..and my worry is not to add or make my conditons worse. thank you for your information..i have used vitamins d-3 humic fulvic grape seed grapefuit extract/ anitviral the only thing in large amount not toxic as many can be even in the health store..in large amount..mushrooms liquid for super immunity../diet

  12. Please stop the vaccine insanity before more innocent people die! There is NO reason to give it to children, who have almost NO risk from Covid, but great risk from the vaccine. Stop it in the name of God??.

  13. I agree with all you do !
    I’m am tired of the control and BS of big pharma .
    We have to take a stand to protect ourselves.
    I will not get the shot .Its not a vaccine .
    I’m healthy on no drugs just vitamins supplements and bio identical hormone cream which has been under attack as well .
    Stay strong and dont let them control us !

  14. Get on a platform that won’t shut you down. Vimeo has been like youtube.

  15. Regarding obesity and diabetes, have any of you reviewed want original daily recommendations of healthy sugar intakes were for the 2000 calorie diet levels? I’ve heard but not personally uncovered that it was astronomically lower then what ended up getting pushed through, because they were developing recommendations during the exact same timeframe of plans of launching the beginning initial promotional launching of the freezer foods throw in the oven and/or microwaveable ease for quick to table dinners for the women with children entering into the workforce. Which resulted in the FDA for profiteering of a new ready to launch above astronomically unending profiteering industry that has destroyed healthy foods intake now having ultimately resulted in widespread lack of knowledge on how to even cook fresh foods at all. I myself am 38, still to this day struggling with the tasks involved with meal planning and purchasing of foods that I have no real skills to know how to cook to appetizing tasty results at all. I would have been further along in this healthy habits timetable of daily meal schedules had I not had to deal with domestic violence cycles I had never even known of tv sitcom black eye equals domestic violence views or base knowledge of at all. Now domestic violence has some 60% or more increased as we’ve literally been emotionally, mentally, psychologically, economically, and financially geopolitically been abused in the hardest to recover from cycles of domestic violence from all government operations over all nations.
    As too the “vaccination” issue I know and can hear in your voices the same sense of urgency to put and bullhorn in front of your faces desires to scream out the horrific effects of the gene modification organisms and the dangerous risks they pose to all forms of life on earth risks of total annihilating events over flora, fauna, the sea and its food resources, and all animal life forms of the earth that humans are in need of for basic needs of survival to live, not just to live, but need for a healthy life that isn’t plagued with widespread illnesses disabilities in severity levels disabling enough to eliminate or exponentially cause loss of any quality of life to be had. The shacking of your voices here and there thoughts of real truths igniting or causing widespread fear and panic among the % of worldwide populations that blindly trusted others care for their safety. Especially when mentioning women I’m surprised by positioning stance to censor yourselves on the amount of scientific evidence coming out from nations that are 6-8 months ahead of USA astronomically high instantly aborted miscarriage of damn bear 100% of all pregnant women that were vaccinated, the building evidence of that also compounded infertility issues arising, deadly spike mRNA proteins of vaccinated mommy’s of nursing newborns and the pretty much 100% passing into baby resulting in death, permanent disability, and female infertility causing event of that newborn?! This passing through milk also suggests a self spreading effect danger to the public health for initial shredding period upon receiving injections and I’ve yet to hear whether anyone has even bothered to assume based on those occupying our national capital push to campaign injections through dating apps that suggests it will most was also known ahead of time to be passed like a STD amount the sexually activate?! Many will be angry at being deceived, coerced, incentivized from 5 million dollar lotteries down to freakin free donuts and 10% off of groceries pharmacies still have signs up for, motivated by fear porn and stock market number manipulation tactics globalists/tyrannically controlled Chinese peoples owned operated and funded by media and technologies monopolies that all governing top leaderships failed to enforce laws of corporations/businesses practices that were operating illegally in regards to monopolies laws probably still in place to prevent such a level of control over others to develop unelected powers over all through profiteering and the immense manipulations/corruptions that have occurred through the combined efforts of the tyrannical hostile take over Amy of the nation of China and their decades long unconventional warfare acts of war through their systematical influencing/infiltration of all level of scientific/educational institutions, and literally in my local district has convinced a small genuinely concerned assembly board over energy infrastructures to finance and pay out of our own districts pockets to do widespread audits in the name of conservation to also make whatever suggestion for the conversions needed and where we need to put said conversions to see our districts eventually 15 year, questioned, no maybe as soon as 5 fantastical amounts of money saved returns, but first hand over a map to occupying enemies giving them access and influence to weaken and disable total area’s energy infrastructure systems!! My local district is literally paying out their own pockets and handing over a map and paying out of pocket to make conversions most likely meant to weaken infrastructure since it’s coming from geopolitical enemies. Institutions of higher learning and every construct of federally funded organizations through grants or into local districts annually budgeting funded areas are money hungry greedy for gains to exponentially improve communities or make up shit in the community that needs fixing exaggerated costs and up to code needed to address or not have a building anymore. Title IX compliance of idiot-acrocy school district to fall into compliance with investigative authority parts of sexual harassment policies changes of which the cost of non compliance is literally $600,000,000 millions of dollars greedy forkin idiots all these incentives with promises of exorbitant amounts of money…!!
    For God’s sakes who the frick is in our capital and whose dumping that pile of leprechaun gold promises to you ?!! Occupied DC globalists, China’s Amy (far surpassed Nazi levels of crimes and human experimentation and harvesting of organ harvesting unwilling victims that all the hospitals across the globe are buying their organ transplants needs from CHINA!!! Wake the F**** up people combined with that an the exponential atrocities of serial killing murders among the globalists and evil scheming “scientists” loophole EUA documented expressively specifying urgency necessitated total animal trial skip of decades long failed animal trials!!to inflict gene editing and manipulation to see what they can do if they do this or that, manipulation to IPO companies in place to cure every illnesses genetic autoimmune terminal and born with defective mutations that apparently like coding for computers can change this there to resemble what the health functioning records indicate everything should look like for healthy outcomes all the problems their long running vaccinations profiteering campaign has been causing in our communities which nation is the most unhealthy that’s right the one with the highest levels and numbers of scheduled needed childhood vaccinations oh and don’t forget the boosters!!!
    Children defense dot org Robert Kennedy Jr is and has never been an anti vax individual (equivalent of labeling him a racist) to stop people from even looking into his immensely large and extremely long history of documented evidence of way more harm and literally no benefits other than shifting measles protection to the least at risk of death age demographics and now as a result the unprotected age demographics are the ones at most risk of dying from measles newborns and adults/elderly because vaccinations eliminated the natural immunity from moms to babies as well as the booster immunity to elders and adults from the children that were getting sick immunity updates through exposure to the older at risk demographics, he’s literally been litigating actual widespread adverse effects of all vaccinations and has the statistics of data that even shows vaccines stopped anything at all has always been a farce because they introduced them after herd immunity and numbers were bottom levels not an issue giving the appearance of safety and effective. I have a video of a woman who was a sales rep for these serial murderers before any of these things were an issue widespread censorship blocked the woman is believed by close family and friends to have been murdered for the things she spoke of the entities manipulation of the scientific data because the profiteering beneficiaries were also the ones that controlled all the studies to prove safety misconduct of factually even doing a properly conducted scientific anything!! I still have video and before vaccination hesitating manipulations with no prior offense against their censorship’s beginning of elections comments was literally shut off from all abilities to even interact with others on Facebook FaceTime messenger comments anything and everything for full 30days in less than two minutes of launching info rapid paced to make sure people got it before they started to block the message. At that time I had not even heard of people getting blocked to anything close to the everyone was still referring to events as Facebook jail. At this point in time after all the real evidentiary scientific databases I’ve looked into I’m pretty sure the polio dog race to save Alaskan children of the frozen wastelands of the last frontier was an epic total indoctrination of unquestionable trust that vaccines actually did save lives media ad campaign of a lifetime ushering in complete and total public trust, but I’d have to dig to look up the data to see if the records show the same as they do for all “epidemics!” I plan too follow up on. The minute the television said the words epidemic and pandemic I literally dove into an extremely long historical document I found with records worldwide into documented ancient civilizations records going back even before Christ. I binged it for days and days. Which told me well crap someone is trying to change the ways in which we operate during all flu seasons! Expressing it’s just the damn flu if maybe only more passable which it wasn’t because it was the stock market number manipulators that shifted the game to public health and safety attacks watching numbers they manipulated from the real accounting system a flu season of 10,000 less deaths than the previous years after elimination of all the funding greedy health organizations misrepresented causes of death for payoffs and would have been less if they hadn’t immediately done the worst possible ventilation treatments for all approach that was likely what caused many more deaths because it was literally the utmost worse possible thing for the type of illness that was actually presented.
    I myself was down almost three weeks with panic filled episodes of breathing with no air effectively making it through. I just thought it was pneumonia from congestion being forced deeper than I naturally breathe by a CPAP machine. I literally was the first test patient for PCR testing in doctors office 3plus hours because as a recently educated CNA graduate I found it immensely entertaining watching longtime nurse and medical facilities staff attempting to figure out how to use infectious barrier protections without actually spreading with improper on off of it all in the right order. ? I would point out as they repeatedly in and out forgot to remove shoe booties and hair net barriers as they walked out of the room a multitude of times in their attempts to familiarize themselves with all the required safety protections from above. Alaska actually on the peninsula where I’m at was exposed and herd immunity protected before injections came out and passing patented for profitability flu virus before the first confirmed announcement of a United States positive infection. I’m sure if you wanted to look into it you’d could probably dig up the record of the dates of an immense disposal of a pre hit USA confirmed date donated blood banks massive disposal of “Covid” positive infectious blood for blood bank. I have never had pneumonia ever in all my life, but at the beginning of the oh my God I don’t remember how to not spread contagious illnesses panic was diagnosed with A typical pneumonia infection that normally first issued drug treatments improved it for day and a half before I had to panic call them that treatment helped little bit, but then everything got exponentially worse I think I may have ended up cycling through three different pneumonia treatments before one worked into successful totally gone outcome. Excruciatingly debilitating event I could not even care for myself let alone my children, but no one not even my dad seemed to have been effected in the least either he being born 1960, children at puberty age and twin 3 yr olds. In all my years of flu vaccination declined pushes for pregnant nursing targeted mothers and women have I ever come close to even a week down. I had at one point in my life asked how many strains of the flu vaccination was supposed to protect me from was Tod around 4ish definitely less than ten, followed up with inquiring how many different strains flew around during flu season and was told I fell tens of thousands is to high but it was definitely well above a thousand. I was like thanks but no thanks from then on from a solid belief in the necessity for my body to get whatever yearly thing might hit me as my bodies year computer update of my immune system being a much better statistical choice. Only negative vaccination talk I ever heard after that was the person that faithfully got flu vaccination lapse to follow through putting them in the hospital for three months one year telephone answering office chattering. Solidifying my position and decided to never let my children receive one. I also maternally intuitively had preconceived notions that when my kiddo went into daycare never worried about the year and a half literal unending constant sick statuses as the best way for them to have a super strong immune system for life. I guess working in two year old rooms for four years may have had an impact on my views of illnesses and the fact that Private school education still taught basic biological and virus and bacterial healthy view of realistic knowledge of everywhere all the time and many just naturally apart of our bodies.
    since day one go mask up for safety of the fragile people’s benefits which families naturally always avoid when sick anyways! Voiced often and loudly to the embarrassment of my children that it was just a flipping flu typical of every season with many constant loudly exclamations of where the hell is OSHA! In all this they have always been the authority on masks in the workplace and knew that surgery nurse assistants had to be trained to not automatically turn heads during procedures because it literally blow all the germs directly onto an open wound patient and with basic CNA course knowledge also knew what they were telling people to use should be only for use in sterile environments at around two hours wear or time in surgical procedures!!!
    elitists w/ finances necessary to gain leaps and bounds control over all social welfare construct systems ie health and public safety authority of advocacy to even advocate at all is literally dead geopolitically across all nations that excepted this illegally obtained experimental/investigative biological agent injection (the specific vocabulary psychologically indoctrinated trust of “vaccinations” was an intentional abusing manipulation to test the abuser’s level of control over their victims), the international change in the way international health and safety organizational multiple entities all suddenly decided to change the mathematical equations that have been extremely accurate in establishing realistic estimates projections and statistically likely numbers of all potential public illness danger levels of Black Plague like deadly outcomes, in use accurately projecting numbers possibilities for the past 17 years decide to implement an obvious fear porn score card climbing sports event billboard of the also manipulated PCR cycle numbers to literally find a fart in the wind Covid positive lie. That’s the real epidemic greedy, world domination in power forever dreams, addiction to the power levels of stock markets number manipulations and the profitability successes of using psychological fear abuse tactics our people’s dreams of hitting a jackpot pick from the scrap eating Angel investors advised constant assist with getting elitists stocks to rise and fall at their will and profitability whims of corrupt business practices. Nuremberg laws are already preparing soft win PCR epidemic crimes against humanity evidence to criminally hold accountable all organizations still providing testing. Over one hundred legal representations of over one hundred different countries all petitioning and providing proof, that any citizens can obtain of photograph or any concerned oath keeping doctors want to report those that failed to honor their oaths accountable especially if they knowingly continue on with the farce continually to even now cause intentional harm we have done audit ninja techies probably able to pull that evidentiary proof way easier than what they’ve been currently chosen to prove!

  16. i asked my doctors and they told me to get it, i didn’t want to get it and didn’t. but then they opened the world and i was less able to protect my self, but being alone, and having to go to doctors appts, groc. stores, friends, family, take out food no longer wearing masks, so no take out. i have an illness some of these things are necessary for me to be able to do. I also care for my 89 year old mother and need to be with her she isnt as safe for me to be around because she forgets to wear her mask and her neighbors dont and then i am expose to them. I wrote to my congressman, my senators and got the generic email back. I finally gave in and my functional medicine doctor muscle tested me and gave me supplements to help me through the vaccination. If i die im ok with that, if i struggle well i already am.
    What you don’t get is that we the sick, are usual poor. We cant afford alternative medicine remedies. they arent covered by medicare, medicaid and our government does’nt care that we need them. so were screwed either way.

  17. Thank you! As a registered nurse in Nova Scotia, Canada I have been struggling incredibly with issues related to this. I am amazed and disgusted at what is happening in healthcare globally. It is helpful to hear you articulate so clearly so many of my concerns. This will be helpful for my own decision making and in helping others.

  18. I had been mandated to take the vaccine or I will be fired I have to leave this is not fair I has been working for 14 year a like what I do and they want me to put something that I don’t want, what to do ????

  19. Deepest gratitude to each of you for applying your knowledge, wisdom and love for the benefit of humanity.
    May truth prevail.

  20. Thank you for this! This interview is exactly what I needed, I have an appointment with my naturopath this week, and I do feel like I am being ostracized for NOT jumping in and falling the herd. I have an autoimmune disorder, and have wondered how it could affect me over time. There is just something so off about the propaganda attached to pro-vaccination and the censorship being enforced.
    Kind Regards

  21. [email protected], I am so happy about the conversation concerning the vaccine. I have felt and received indifferent looks, and people have been in all out support of the vaccine. i have shared with many people about how reading is fundamental when issues such as this arises. Some hear and still continue to get the vaccine, but I see that all of the people that I have talked to are running on fear instead of getting more information about the vaccine. I am advocating against the vaccine because it is unapproved by the FDA but was ok to take because of an emergency. Does the comment really make since. Deception is taking the world by storm and people are not doing a thing about it, but accepting and being controlled by what they hear. Where is rationality? Most people are not today. Prayer is the only thing that can change the world.

  22. Well it appears somebody held back salient details to get these drugs approved thru FDA agency! I myself have gained all the details from DR. mark sircus essays. His mosr recent esaay confirmed your speaker i.e. rob verkerk comments. P.s. if you want the simple truth to protectimg oneself just chan ge your gut biodome from acidid to alkaline which helps detoxs the gut as well as helps boost the immune system.

  23. Great interview with experts who know what they’re talking about! Thank you for sharing the truth about these “vaccines”.

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