1. In California, the state and Dr Pan, a senator, are targeting doctors who signed medical waivers for children and prohibits the signing of medical waivers to any doctor on the list who has ever had disciplinary action taken against them regardless of the reason. The state originally said that they would not take away medical waivers. Now the state has sent to schools a LIST of doctors who are being investigated for signing medical waivers, as well as, other issues. The state notified the schools with a letter stating that if the doctor was on the LIST, that the medical waivers were now null and void and school officials had to notify parents of children having vaccine medical waivers. The list is 9 pages long. Parents are scrambling to find another doctor willing to sign the waiver. The state has targeted doctors and many are afraid. Most of the doctors are still practicing medicine but the state is still placing restrictions on their right to practice medicine.
    Parents were advised that they could go to the state website, fill out forms and provide the child’s medical records in order to challenge ask the state for approval. The process entails becoming part of a database and being tracked. The school incidentally provided parents with forms to fill out. The state has no right to access of private medical records.
    The state took away religious, conscientious, and philosophical waivers, and now they are taking working diligently to take away medical waivers, as well, with the help of the public school system employees.
    Is this a head start leading to the forced mandatory vaccination of all school-age children with the Covid-19 vax? This entire fiasco is medical tyranny.

  2. I chose the J&J one and done
    because I believe Big Pharma was
    the one who got them banned in
    the first place.

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