1. vaccinations are not experimental
    All those you discussed with autoimmune disease are at risk for death from COVID
    so- they will be eliminated by nature means- infection
    Not sure your implications are supported

    1. Perhaps vaccines are not experimental but what is being called a vaccine for covid is not even a vaccine. It is experimental gene therapy injecting mRNA and and other chemicals created in a lab to prevent degradation. This has not been done before and long term side effects are unknown. So no one should be coerced to take this treatment they should have the right to decide.

    2. Covid19 vaccines are, in fact, 100% experimental and untested. YOU are the experiment! I’m sure you also didn’t know the FDA has not approved any of them (shock!). Check out the FDA website. It states the Covid19 vaccines are (EUA) EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION. I really hope you were not referring to human beings when you used the word “eliminated”. So cold.

    3. How can you say vaccinations are not experimental? Have the developers tested human reactions over several years? Have they tested human response when commingling each & every possible combination of other medicines with said vaccine? Have they followed test subjects over a significant amount of time to determine the long range effects? Of course not! Of the number of people who have been exposed to/contracted COVID, what percentage became seriously ill &/or died? All factors considered lead me to believe my chances of long term good health are significantly better without the vaccine.

    4. Carolyn , THIS vaccine IS experimental! We all are at risk regardless of dying from something whether it be COVID or something else. Those with autoimmune diseases are at greater risk of developing adverse reactions to THIS vaccine because of what it is designed to do by the NATURE of what is in it! Please open your mind and do critical thinking and deductive reasoning through thorough research before saying someone is going to die from COVID because they did not take a VACCINE THAT IS EXPERIMENTAL and will have a higher chance of triggering a flareup or AUTOIMMUNE RESPONSE by the BODY ATTACKING ITSELF! Would you pull the trigger on a loaded gun that was given to you by some rando person who told you to hold it to your head?!!!

    5. Cold,but bold and probably true.
      You makes your choices and takes your chances.

    6. What a despicable comment. I have hashimoto’s and multiple sclerosis. This covid jab is not a vaccine. I have not been ill in years and I haven’t gotten ill . I refuse to take any experimental genome mRNA that could eliminate me within hours. What a term the autoimmune will be eliminated. Despicable lady despicable.

    7. First. These are NOT vaccines. They neither prevent infection, nor prevent spreading the virus. Second. ALL are absolutely experimental. Moderna, Pfizer & J&J are in trials until Late 2022, April 2023 & June 2023. The animals all died in the earlier trials, and so they decided to forgo any more animal trials, so now we are the ferrets. VAERS reporting is up over 6000% since same time last year, and we know that only 1% of all injuries & deaths related to vaccines actually get reported. None of these products have been approved by the FDA, except for emergency use. Third, the manufacturers of these experimental gene therapy & nano technology pharmaceuticals have zero liability for any harm caused by their products. The CDC & Fauci are benefitting financially to the tune of millions from these jabs, slight conflict of interest there. Fourth, there are much safer/harmless therapeutics with close to 100% success rates in curing this “flu” when started early, regardless of existing health issues, and they are HCQ & Ivermectin to name just two. And, last, but certainly not least, the actual death rate from the very fake “Pandemic” ..now an Endemic, is between 0.03 – 0.1 % …on par with the seasonal flu. And, let’s not forget they counted every possible death as covid: patients on hospice. motorcycle accidents. anything at all, so long as they could get a positive test result. Speaking of which, the pcr tests are not meant to diagnose, nor do they. They set the calibrations so high, the CDC admitted there were close to 90% false positives. This has been a scam since the get go.

    8. Your assumption is incorrect, your basic premise is wrong. These Covid shots ARE EXPERIMENTAL and they have killed hundreds of trusting people. Currently, no coronavirus vaccine is fully approved by the FDA.
      If a person with allergies dies from a Covid shot then too bad for them? How ignorant, callous and cowardly you are.
      If the shot is effective, there is nothing for you, “vaccinated person” to worry about, since you’ve gotten the shot.

    9. The three Covid-19 jabs available in the United States are being given under Emergency Use Authorization. None of them are approved by the FDA at this time. They ARE experimental.

    10. Technically the current “vaccines” are not vaccines at all. What they are, precisely, is classified within the industry as “experimental gene therapy”. The failed approach for developing this “therapy” has been in devolpment for over a decade with ONLY disastrous results for the lab animals, i.e. one hundred percent death rate in the experimental group when exposed to a wild coronavirus (common cold or flu) after innoculation. Obviously, this so called therapy does the exact opposite of protecting from infection: it makes one hyper susceptible… it KILLS… death by the common cold ! Thus, it could not be approved. In fact, it will never be approved as safe and effective under existing guidelines. The EXCUSE to unleash a deadly “therapy” has been under the bogus aegis of a state emergency… which has never been clearly, demonstrably and unequivocally proven to have existed; in fact, the opposite is factually true… and well documented.

    11. Carolyn, evidently you didn’t realize what the video was informing people about. Yes, people with autoimmune diseases are at risk of getting Covid19, but they are more likely to suffer catastrophic results than the average person. People with autoimmune diseases are usually more careful than the average person about exposing themselves to any virus. Please don’t just take the government’s viewpoint without looking further into the problems with the shots they can now call vaccinations.

  2. I have severe auto immune disease and I will not get the vaccination. I get bombarded from everyone that the vaccines are safe now! Audrey Darrow

  3. Oh Ms Ruef
    You would be totally wrong. These mRNA vaccines are experimental. In fact on Moderna s website they say they are as well as putting a gene therapy that works just like a computer operating system into your cells. You’re not informed no doubt because of the vaccine pusher news talking heads marketing the wonderful ness of these gene altering injections. And the ironic thing is msny esteemed scientists and physicians around the world have given evidence that these injections will cause autoimmune disease as well as the greater potential for cancer too since they have substances in them that suppress our bodies’ natural tumor stoppage so they can deactivate the body’s defense against cancer. Wow sounds like the drug manufacturers have some explaining to do. Never get that jab

  4. I watched this video, because I was curious. Right off the bat your narrator claimed that the vaccine was EXPERIMENTAL. Yes, that was the very word used. Nice freaking way to scare people. Well your slanted video pissed me off and I shut it down. Nice try, but really, really big fail. I already have arthritis from contracting Lyme Disease three times between 2000 and 2005. I got a MRSA type infection, where I almost lost my left leg, around 2014. The treatment for this lasted from February through August, that included about 10 to 12 doses of different antibiotics, including a stint in hospital with an IV drip of Vancomycin. I was told that this triggered Type II Diabetes. So I suppose you could say that I fall within that AUTOIMMUNE GROUP. I have lived with Arthritis since 2001. I was 50 at the time. I got Diabetes at 65. I’m 71 now and they are both a daily reminder to me.
    I didn’t appreciate your slanted video, or at least the start of your seemingly slanted video. On May 11, I got the J&J one shot vaccine. Was I aware that there might be issues with my conditions. Yes I WAS FREAKING AWARE OF THIS. But I made the decision that I’d rather continue to live with my wife of 45 years, than possibly DIE FROM COVID-19. NIce try, but really, really big freaking fail. This wasn’t my only version of this message. I was pissed off that I really wrote what I felt. I reread it and cleaned up all the not so nice language. I’m still pissed at your video.
    FYI, I am a University Graduate with a degree in Science. Science has been one of my biggest interests, so I tend to read anything that deals with science today. Next time if you want to share information drop the use of scare words at the beginning. I certainly didn’t appreciate being pandered to. Maybe at some point, I may watch the whole video, but not now, maybe not ever. Big fail on your part. Go scare someone else, who doesn’t really listen to words being used.

  5. These Covid-19 vaccines are definitely experimental ,given that designation by FDA.
    Long term studies have not been completed!

  6. This video is nothing short of misinformation attempt to steer unvaccinated individuals away from saving their own lives and their families. We all need to be vaccinated to get back to our day to day routines and Stop listening to stooges
    misinformed propaganda speeches across our Nation. No Science base, Personal Physicians or Covid Response Team will deter you from getting your shots. Stay educated to the fullest, please.

  7. The Virus Code was never isolated.. But the String portion named? Was for a genetic Immune Condition. Which flagged my mind instantly! Why pretend to seek the Virus, with the Test, for THAT Code snippet? To find ones they will kill. .. Death Estimate Projection. Obvious.

  8. Carolyn I would advise that you do some research on the mRNA COVID shots. They were developed with a new technology that has never been used before. Those getting these shots are not given adequate information for informed consent either so don’t really understand the risks vs benefit and in reality are are now part of the experimental trial for this new injection.

  9. It’s kinda like the spin of a wheel if you ask me and its damned if you do and damned if you don’t ,it also tends to be die now or die later and I pick the latter

  10. The vaccines for covid 19 were given Emergency Use authorization(EAU). This makes them available but not approved yet. The clinical trials are still underway and are not completed, Undr the circumstances EAU was given based on the assumption there was no other effective therapy. BUT in rality there are many Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, High dose vitamin D, Ozone therapy, nebulized hydrogrn peroxide, nebulized Budasione.

  11. Thank you, this needs to be publicized far & wide-
    Also, the additives, adjuvicants–formaldehyde & aluminum–both highly carcinogenic..
    I had a double exposure to formaldehyde, & it caused permanent damage to my body—I won’t publicize here..trust me..it ages you, is used for embalming! Anyone ready to be embalmed? This will get you there faster!
    Please add these to your reasons not to take the vaccine, plus the new info about 60% of new Covid patients have already been vaccinated!! So they can get it & spread it, plus harming themselves–what a bargain!

  12. Dear Carolyn,
    Are you living in a cave? All sources-CDC, FDA, WHO, etc admit the current vaccines against Covid are EXPERIMENTAL. The disclosures also mention this in several places, and further say, “…the studies are ongoing”…which means the people who are submitting to these experimental vaccines are guinea pigs. Let that sink in.

  13. As someone with severe Salicylate Intolerance/Poisoning, eating a salad will put me into severe Atrial Fibrillation, my primary response. Putting ONE drop of a glaucoma Rx into ONE eye put me into AFib within 10 minutes and lasted 12 days!
    Vaccines are loaded with chemicals and preservatives, ALL SALICYLATES! So…do my Drs think that my life is more at risk WITH the vaccine versus Not getting it? YES, MY LIFE IS MORE AT RISK WITH THE VACCINE!
    I have to ask: WHAT are vaccinated people worried about by EXCLUDING NON-VACCINATED people? You already are protected with the vaccine, SO WHY ARE NON-VACCINATED EXCLUDED? WE are the ones who should be worried, not you!!!

  14. 1. These are not even vaccines. It is gene therapy.
    2. They are considered experimental until licensed by the FDA. They are under EAU- emergency authorization only. Clinical trials have not been completed. Still in experimental stage despite all the mainstream coercion.
    3. People would not be dying if the off label decades old safe drugs (ivermectin and others) were not suppressed in the service of pharma profits. Check out the FRONTLINE CRITICAL CARE ALLIANCE for the complete story.

  15. What about all the people that just don’t trust what’s going on because of all the misinformation and out right lies from “experts”. The government has conducted experiments on uninformed citizens and soldiers before. And what about Agenda 21? Something’s just not right.

  16. Almost nobody needed to die from covid-19. The flccc.net alliance physicians have made this clear on their website & in their recent publication on the topic. Unfortunately, very powerful international forces want this information maligned and censored in order to protect the COVID19 vaccination program that has nothing to do with health and everything to do with a variety of NWO agendas.

  17. May 10, 2021 CDC: Death Toll Following Experimental COVID Injections Now at 4,434 – More than 21 Years of Recorded Vaccine Deaths from VAERS
    The CDC released the latest death figures following the experimental COVID injections this week, and that death toll now stands at 4,434 people, adults and children, that have been recorded as dying after receiving one of the experimental COVID injections.

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