1. i am so with you on this discrimination that is potential to hurt us. this vaccine has been designated experimenta by the us federal govt. it has no history of real testing. the blood clots and affected menstual cycles in women are cettainly concerning. we all need to make sure these vaccines are never made mandatory. how awful that ct letislature and ny legislature and ca legislature voted tor this horror. to hurt people

  2. Thank-you for this support. I didn’t know that 10% of the population has an auto immune disease, but once you started listing them, I do know at least 1 person with almost every autoimmune disease you listed. Absolutely there should be medical exemptions. Moreover there are other concerns that can make a person hold back, and should not be punished for it. Using the PCR test as a measure, when it gives so many false positives, counting every person who died who tested positive, though they died of something else, rushing and squeezing the human trials into 8 months for the preclinical and 3 phases of clinical trials, instead of the standard 5-11 years. The safety trials won’t be completed until 2023. The CDC not bothering to check post mortems after vaccines to verify cause of death, nor admitting any injuries, except the J&J blood clots. I personally have a lot of questions about all of it. In the meantime, I’m very careful to wear the mask, and limit outings to the grocery store, etc.

  3. Thank you for speaking out and supporting the truth about these vaccines

  4. Thank you! I am trying to make my way through the mess of raising my children and taking care of myself in this mess. It is difficult to navigate an autoimmune let alone with the mess that is going on now.

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