Treating Persistent Symptoms in COVID Patients


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  1. The Covid tests are really vaccines. They contain nanobots, microchips, and quantum dots in hydrogel. It is a tranhumanist/ genocidal agenda and people are not being warned.

    1. Katheryn. can you be more specific with your comment? Your comment doesn’t make any sense at all to most people.

  2. What a blessing, it must be, to have access to a good holistic practitioner like Dr Brownstein. Such drs do not exist in rural Pennsylvania. We have the type that shame & even threaten patients who use/believe in natural remedies and whom refuse the many pharma drugs and constant invasive tests/procedures. We spend countless time online, studying our health issues and their natural remedies. This also angers the allopathic practitioner’s. Our drs never mention exercise, diet, hydration or non-pharma-supplements. They act like, you’re kooky if you mention these subjects. I bought quality, powdered Amla for my father and he mentioned it, to his dr. She laughed & told him that was a silly waste of $ and time and couldn’t benefit him. She actually told him to stop taking it! Can you imagine, telling your elderly and ill patient that good nutrition is a bad thing? Sadly, far too many blindly ‘follow drs orders’. It is my life, my mind & body and God owns it all. The medical goons can go pound salt.

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