1. Please leave these areas as nature intended. To be healthy, humans must have undisturbed sanctuaries/escapes from the increasingly technocratic system. There are real negative health effects that are well-documented from exposure to 5G. Humans are part of the natural world, and we must have areas to reconnect with a healthy natural environment.

  2. Make it mandatory to install high performance 5G towers within 50 feet of of the residences of each and every member of Congress before the rollout proceeds any further..

  3. PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL 5G in any national park. We go there to be away from the damaging towers that are put in our neighbor hoods and on school playgrounds!!!!!!! They SHOULD NOT BE PUT IN THE LATTER EITHER!!!! Stop destruction of human beings and the planet.

  4. I visit National Parks to get away and be healthy not exposed to health hazards!

  5. The link would not work to notify National parks that We DO NOT want 5 G@!!!
    Feeling frustrated want to to share it but I can’t until it works.

  6. I was not able to submit a reply through your link. I kept receiving errors. I did contact my state representative.

  7. Please stay out of our forests
    It’s not right to attack wildlife and peoples chance for greater solitude from 5G

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