Toxic Baby: 2 Bombshell Reports

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  1. Since companies that make food for babies lack the interest in producing safe, healthy food then the government is going to have to make sure they do. Profits are not more important than babies.
    This country needs healthy children to have healthy adults. Healthy people are more productive. We need to invest in our people for the security of our nation. The USA needs all of the creative, innovative people we can produce.

  2. The best solution to the trend of profit over children’s health, is to stop buying their products. Nothing they produce is needed. Breastfeed your baby, feed real organic food, and make toys or buy organic and natural material toys of which there are plenty. Avoid commercial shampoos, soaps, lotions. Get organic linen and make your home environmentally safe. There are organic products for everything, and nature’s many foods are good for cleaning too. Coconut oil is the best lotion for example. It is futile to get our government to support children’s wellbeing. They are tied to profit money. Take care not to use any of these (if we all do, they will go out of business or have to change their ways.)
    With care,
    – Naomi Aldort, Parenting speaker, guide, columnist; author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves.

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