1. There are naural approaches we need to explore more. Genetics and food are harmful and I will take a stand against them.To leave us out of the choices of what we eat is a costly mistake. It should be criminal.

    1. I think you are correct! What diseases will genetically engineered Salmon cause? Industry is only concerned with profit!!!

  2. This video sends a very wrong message. The fish are the victims. Don’t blame them!
    Science has shown that fish can suffer fear and pain, and genetically engineered fishes have been made to suffer greatly.
    Please put the blame where it belongs: on the people promoting genetic engineering of fishes (and other animals).
    Please remove the video, it’s a real disservice.

  3. GMO SALMON is dangerous – It must be labeled GMO in bold, so everyone can see it.
    GMO Salmon is the last thing we need. Don’t release any into the wild to ruin all our food supply. It is shameful to be so arrogant and take away from us what mother nature had made perfect.
    We don’t need fake salmon in the stores or restaurants. Why does the government allow that to make us sick on purpose? To sell more drugs? It must be labeled GMO in bold, so everyone can see it.
    I am on a very restricted diet and untainted salmon is the only fish I am allowed to eat. Now – there is nothing for me to eat. Don’t let the salmon go into the ocean, to breed with our wild good salmon. Keep them in a pool where they can’t escape, so you can eat them. Better yet, destroy them all before it is too late.
    You have already ruined all the vegetables and fruit and seeds and poisoned the soil with Monsantoe’s glyphosite +++. This is outrages, beyond stupid. Don’t you think of all the people who need and want to eat clean salmon, vegetables, grains etc. Where is your conscious?

  4. Good video on the Frankenfish. Unfortunately, if I were to put it on Facebook, I’m sure the fact checkers would be all over it! If the uneducated out there insist on eating stuff like this, maybe the government will get their wish of killing off the population early so they don’t have to pay SS or other aid. My request is that it be labeled correctly and that my health food store has the sense not to fall for it.

  5. What happens when those fish get loose and breed with native populations? Genetic pollution and an experiment that could decimate native populations. And farmed salmon are raised in stressful, pesticide showered, punishingly small pens. You don’t want to eat that sort of fish. No!

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