FDA Ensures Pharma Profits on COVID

The agency trashes a cheap, off-patent drug for COVID-19, clearing the way for a new blockbuster drug. Action Alert!

The FDA recently issued a statement warning patients not to use the drug ivermectin, an off-patent drug for river blindness, to treat COVID-19, despite substantial evidence of its efficacy. The very next day, Merck announced positive results from a clinical trial on a new drug called molnupiravir in eliminating the virus in infected patients. Yet again, the FDA is working as Big Pharma’s partner in crime, attempting to deprive Americans of affordable and effective medications to protect drug companies’ bottom line.

Earlier this year we reported on the evidence supporting ivermectin’s use for COVID-19. A group of frontline doctors, the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), wrote a paper summarizing the evidence recommending the drug:

  • All 8 available controlled trial results show statistically significant reductions in transmission;
  • 3 RCT’s demonstrate large statistically significant reductions in transmission rates;
  • 5 RCT’s show statistically significant impacts in time to recovery or hospital length of stay;
  • 1 RCT showed a large, statistically significant reduction in the rate of deterioration or hospitalization;
  • 3 RCT’s showed large, statistically significant reductions in mortality.

Further, some researchers have noticed that African countries that had previously distributed ivermectin in mass campaigns to fight river blindness are experiencing lower infection and mortality rates from COVID-19.

In its statement, the FDA does not assess or comment on this impressive array of data. Rather, the agency simply states that there is a danger of overdosing on ivermectin, given it is also used on animals at higher doses which can be dangerous to humans. FLCC, on the other hand, report that ivermectin has a low rate of adverse events, with the majority being mild and transient. Serious adverse events were found in one study to occur in less than 1 percent of patients.

This, to us, seems like a rather transparent attempt to discredit a cheap drug that drug companies can’t make any money off of to clear the market for the introduction of a new blockbuster drug that will cost thousands of dollars and likely be dangerous. We believe the FDA did something similar in attacking brain health supplements like vinpocetine and picamilon, clearing the way for new blockbuster Alzheimer’s drugs that mostly flopped.

Ivermectin could be saving lives. We cannot let the FDA’s blatant cronyism go unchecked.

All of this underlines how broken the healthcare system in this country is. The government pushes expensive, often dangerous medicines for COVID (remember remdesivir?) and other illnesses while ignoring low-cost alternatives that either cannot be strongly patented or are off-patent. Who will fund clinical trials on these alternatives when the exorbitant cost of the trials cannot be recouped? And without the trials, they can’t go through FDA approval and thus cannot make disease claims for treating COVID or any other disease.  

Action Alert! Send a message to Congress, alerting them to the benefits of ivermectin and the FDA’s inexcusable and misleading warning about this drug. Please send your message immediately.


  1. To the FDA:
    PLEASE permit LESS EXPENSIVE drugs to be used to combat our COVID 19 epidemic! As a Registered Pharmacist and a duly licensed attorney in three states, I feel qualified to comment. BIG PHARMA does NOT have the best interest of American citizens as its paramount interest. PROFITS rule!
    Alternative medicine DOES work and is efficacious in many situations. The COVID 19 issue is one of them!

  2. I have heard of this practice for several years now, and it appears to be increasing ever year. If you read the formation of the FDA, the actual qualifications of the personal and investigate the personal claiming there a large difference. Also investigate their financial history. They are supposed to be government employees working for the people and their health not what they are doing. Maybe we really need to have a major house cleaning.
    Thank you

  3. There’s no money in wellness! Learned that in the 80s working at a major pharmaceutical firm.

  4. To Whom It May Concern,
    I am appalled at the FDA’s lack of conscious in ignoring simple, effective, affordable, proven remedies for use in the COVID 19 pandemic.
    How many lives could have been saved if you had acted appropriately and approved ivermectin back in summer of 2020? You carry shame and quilt in each of those deaths.
    You are motivated by the greed of Pharmaceutical and that is all.

  5. Please allow off use of other cheaper drugs for Covid and other diseases. Big PHARMA should not get rich!

  6. Ivermectin has been proven to work in clinical trials. Big Media and JAMA have trotted out ONE trial (from Columbia) which says otherwise and ignored the many countries’ trials that have shown its success. Yet another coverup in this deadly roll-out of deadly vaccines while ignoring cheap and highly effective treatments.

  7. Doesn’t Big Pharma and all of their executives have enough money yet? The greed of drug manufacturers and executives to hide or do away with alternative drugs that are less expensive, and work better that the high priced drugs that leave side effects. Enough is enough stop the control and greed.

  8. This is disgraceful. It sends a message to the world how corrupt and broken the FDA and the medical system in America are.
    Ivermectin saves lives. Get over it. Would you prevent your loved ones from getting a medication that would actually help them?

  9. I am alerting Congress to the benefits of ivermectin and the FDA’s inexcusable and misleading warning about this drug.

  10. Other much less expensive drugs are effective and successful in treating co-vid19, such as Ivermectin, and without side-effects. Big Pharma only cares about profits, not taking care of the American people. Greed has certainly contributed to the continuing downfall of this nation. Do what is right for all, not just your bank account.

  11. The “Fraud and Deception Agency’ has been doing this for years. In my thirty thirty four years in health care, they have always been a shill for Big pharma. I am not surprised at all with this latest drug development.
    The only way for this to change is for more Americans to take control of their own health so we don’t have to take these medications. Covid drugs within reason. If Americans got healthier ,they would definitely be taking less of all types of meds. And how do you think big pharma would feel about that.
    The big drug companies are connected to all the health organizations including the CDC, FDA,USDA, and the big food companies. It is and always has been about stuffing money in their pockets.
    Other countries don’t do this because they don’t have greedy politicians fronting for them. In my opinion, they care more about their citizens.
    Blessings, Dr. Richard Yurick

  12. not just ivermectin…but there are a variety of early treatments available. Nasal sprays like Xlear that are natural and have a number of studies showing how xylitol blocks adhesions of the sars-cov-2 virus and also studies that show that the nasal spray that has been on the market for over 2 decades deactivates the virus in minutes. Knowing that the virus enters through the nose, replicates in the nose for days before it spreads further…why isnt the FDA and the CDC even mentioning the idea of nasal hygiene. There are a variety of companies like Xlear that are trying to get the government and the media to talk about nasal hygiene…Xlear, SaNOtize, Halodine, Taffix, the list goes on. destroy the viral load in the nose(where 90% of it is located) and you will lessen the severity of symptoms and stop the spread.

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