1. The wide range benefits related to the hemp and marijuana plants keeps unfolding. It is time for our viewpoints to also be wide ranged instead of narrow minded, biased or influenced by big business.

  2. I am fully aware of and support the application of CBD oil as a benefit to the human health and welfare. I fully OBJECT to such a beneficial item be badmouthed by pharmaceutical powers that be and blocked from public use by intelligently researched scientific peer reviewed standards

  3. Combine CBD with vitamin D-3, advised by Dr. Joseph Mercola, average person needs 8000 IU of vitamin D-3, which is the vitamin that your body needs to absorb nutrition from the food you eat!, as well as helps your new cells divide and rejuvenate your body, and the list goes on and on…. also B Complex can stop panic attacks in minutes!!! I gave liquid B-Complex to my daughter under her tongue, during a panic attack, in under 5 minutes her breathing returned to normal. I recently caught the Covid in Florida, returned home to imprison myself for 10 days. I have taken 8400 IU of vitamin D-3 and several other supplements for years. My Covid was nothing more than a massive sinus attack with a slight headache and my loss of smell and taste, 3 weeks later without any prescription drugs, I’m much better, taste and smell slowly coming back. I volunteer for the Elks, at our local Veteran’s Homeless Center, helping them with all their basic needs for transition to independant living, also advising 8000 IU vitamin D-3 and CBD for PTSD.

  4. I am a retired RN who has been into natural health remedies for years. I love CBD for sleep/anxiety!

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