1. keep medical lies and toxic so called medicine aka pharmakia TRICKERY away from us as we who know how and can and will do what we need to do to take care of ourselves without your toxic Medicine propaganda money mongering leaching untruths.
    ANH for you concerted efforts to let All know of the theft of lives for the all mighty dollar, how pathetic they are…med field. is corrupt they are..all lies

  2. I believe in natural food supplements as well as food products. Alot of crops have less nutrients in them then from years before , due to the land is depleted. Gardening with rich healthy soil produces healthier fruits and vegetables. That is why composting is so important. I also can and freeze a lot of fruits and vegetables every year. I also have been on natural supplements for over 50 years, and use pollution free products in my house.
    I am now 77 and I do not take any prescriptions. I think taking care of house pets is also beneficial in your well being. Staying active is important. I bowl on two leagues, due all house chores. Take care of my lawn and flowers. Plus gardening and canning and cooking from scratch. I thank God for this knowledge and way of life and good health.

  3. Censorship denies our basic freedom of speech and is un-American. W need to favor the truth, not the dollar.

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