1. I have been taking B-6, B-12, Beta Carrotene, Vitamin C and Zinc. I know Zinc works as anytime I have to have surgery I heal faster and ahead of the doctor’s predictions. Now I have to take prescription Magnesium. My body in one of a kind and uses and flushes so much Sodium I have to take 3 Sodium tabs per day. If my Sodium, even with these, gets to low I pass out. I would rather be upright, thank you!

  2. Let licensed practitioners talk to their patients about natural treatments and supplements that are safe and can be very beneficial to them. They are professionals and have knowledge that can help a tremendous amount of patients to be healthier and happier. Gagging health care practitioners appears to be more about protecting pharmaceutical interests and the health care system profits than people.

  3. I have taken supplements for years. Part of my pre surgery regiment is to stop certain ones. My skin is dryer, my brain if foggy and my mood is depressed. I feel it and my friends keep asking if I’m ok. I have to wait 3 more weeks before the surgeon says I can restart my supplements. I can’t wait!

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