1. I am already on your email list, so there is no need to add my contact information. I don’t need multiple messages. Thanks!

  2. It’s time to dismantle the FDA and the FTC and any other agency that is looking out for the interests of the pharmaceutical industry’s profits, against the best interests of American citizens!
    The last petition I sent, I received a form letter from Senator Schumer, saying, “I agree that the FDA should carefully regulate dietary supplements in order to protect consumers.”
    What?! He/they either took my comments out of context, or they didn’t even bother reading it and are going to do what ever they want anyway.

  3. Natural Medicine has been here since the beginning of humanity- that’s how we got here today!!!

  4. Why are there only links to facebook and twitter for sharing? Parler and instagram are available and have more in tuned audiences that the aforementioned.

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