Why Are We Allowing People to Die to Protect Profits?

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The recent death of Herman Cain from COVID illustrates what is happening. A successful businessman who ran for president as a Republican, his entry into politics and his death after attending a Trump rally provoked a lot of internet political comment.  We aren’t concerned with that. But we do wonder: Did this 74-year-old man have to die? The answer seems to us to be a resounding no.
The US medical system is ignoring any treatment that is not patentable and therefore cannot provide a multi-billion profit for some giant healthcare company. This was bad enough before COVID. It always had the tragic consequence of unnecessary deaths. But now with COVID it is particularly unconscionable. Did anyone even check Cain’s vitamin D level? Was he given potassium in the hospital? Zinc or quercetin? Intravenous C?  It is barely possible he was given a little potassium, but we doubt even that.
Here again is our summary of advice from leading integrative doctors on how best to prevent COVID infection or how best to treat it.

  • Vitamin D can aid in respiratory health. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Experts recommend maintaining blood levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D over 50 ng/mL, with some recommending a level as high as 70 ng/mL. A physician knowledgeable in natural medicine should be consulted to determine the right level for you.
  • Zinc is essential for immunity. It is a potent antioxidant, supporting natural killer cell function. Crucially, many Americans have sub-optimal zinc levels, particularly the elderly, which compromises the immune system. Zinc may improve the chance of avoiding respiratory tract infections in the elderly and those who are zinc deficient. Importantly, zinc may prevent coronavirus entry into cells and appears to reduce coronavirus virulence. Increasing intracellular zinc concentrations has been shown to inhibit viral replication.
  • Quercetin and EGCG enhance the entry of zinc into cells, much like the drug chloroquine. Note too that quercetin itself has anti-viral properties. There have already been animal trials on the zinc/quercetin combination for use against Ebola and SARS-CoV1, and human clinical trials have been approved by the FDA.
  • Intravenous vitamin C (IVC) has been used to great effect in some New York hospitals. There are currently clinical trials underway in China assessing IVC’s ability to treat COVID-19, although we’re told that the dose being used is far too low to have a great effect, which is a shame since a negative result in the trial will give ammunition to skeptics. Clinicaltrials.gov lists a total of ten clinical trials underway around the world looking at vitamin C, often in combination with other supplements, and COVID-19.
  • Oral vitamin C, taken to bowel tolerance, can also be helpful in dealing with the cytokine storm from COVID-19 infection.
  • Potassium appears to be another key nutrient implicated in COVID-19 cases. Preliminary data show that COVID-19 patients exhibit hypokalemia (low potassium in the blood) and that potassium supplementation assisted recovery. Note that a national survey of 16,444 Americans found that 100% were not getting the estimated average requirement (EAR) of potassium (EAR is the intake level for a nutrient at which the needs of 50 percent of the population will be met). This critical nutrient could be saving lives, but the government is too busy searching for pharmaceutical interventions that can make drug companies rich.
  • Astaxanthin, an antioxidant that is derived from microalgae, could also be helpful as an adjunct therapy to relieve the cytokine storm found in COVID-19 cases. Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant, immune booster, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotector and immunomodulatory with antibacterial and anti-apoptotic effects.
  • Oregano and monolaurin are candidates to attack the viral capsule.

More can be found here.
You won’t hear about these things from conventional medical doctors, much less the federal government, which is actively suppressing the dissemination of information about the success of natural remedies like intravenous vitamin C, zinc, quercetin, and others to fight COVID-19.
The FDA approval required to make COVID-19 or any other disease-related claim means conducting RCTs, which for natural products are prohibitively expensive. Drug companies can afford this massive investment because drugs are patentable and enjoy a period of market exclusivity, so companies can recoup the cost of RCTs. Natural products are generally not patentable, so requiring RCTs to make any specific disease claim—no matter how many studies support the claim—is a backhanded way of preventing all disease claims for natural products and thus preserving the monopoly of pharmaceutical drugs to treat illness.
The healthcare system in this country is rigged against inexpensive, safe, and effective natural remedies in favor of expensive pharmaceutical drugs. We need to reform this system that not only bars the use, but even the mention, of natural remedies that have not been, and never can be, put through the multi-billion dollar FDA approval process.
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  1. Everyone should be allow to find a vaccine for this virus, or anything other virus. Government to set away, don’t need a lot of red tape at this time.

  2. Natural medicines help by boosting our own systems and repressing attacks.
    As a cancer survivorz I’ve taken s combination of my prescribed biological meds and natural supplements.
    At almost 60 and after 5 flare ups of the cancer with 3 seperate chemo tteatments, I’m in real good shape.

  3. Of course they do not want anyone to use natural medicine…that is because it works and for a fraction of what pharmaceutical drugs costs. I have nothing against doctors – in the right circumstances – they are a person’s only hope – car accidents, gun shots wounds, appendicitis, and numerous other things. But when it comes to prescription drugs, they are clueless at the damage they are doing by prescribing them. Follow the money people…Big Pharma and the FDA are in bed together – and the threesome involves Bill Gates. It gets more ridiculous by the day – the fake news that comes out of the media.
    I will gladly sign any petition that allows natural medicine to be given first and foremost instead of prescription drugs…and I think chemo and radiation is criminal. Cancer doesn’t kill people – the drugs they give you to stop it do…

  4. Freedom of speech should not cost peoples lives when they’re simply fighting for what is the right thing to do in the modern day world. I honestly believe in a brighter future than what we’re experience right now and the first step to world peace is letting people say, do, or believe whatever they want when they want as long is it is within the laws not just in legal terms but also in religious terms as well.

  5. I even went so far as to send an e-mail to Senator Schumer of NY to discuss natural therapies, three months ago. As should come as no surprise, I still haven’t received a reply about that (but I receive generated replies when I send one thru this site, always skirting other issues).
    It just goes to show that we need more people in power who embrace natural therapies to finally break the chain of putting profits before health!!

  6. Also B vitamins strengthen the nervous system. Most people do not have enough B in their diet as it needs replenished daily. Containing B Vits – dark leafy greens, eggs, beans, whole grains (brown rice, millet, barley), Fruits, (Citrus fruits, avocados,bananas) Unfortunately eating any refined sugars deplete B Vitamins as well as Vitamin C!!! This is a huge problem in America since so many foods contain hidden sugars!!! Eating fresh is the best! Thank you! Adele

  7. The Government owes it to WE THE PEOPLE to give us the medication that will make us well if by chance we do come down with these diseases. Just like with cancer, they keep pushing chemotherapy on the people and it doesn’t do anything but make you sick and the cancer still prevails. I feel that Hyperbaric treatment is a better way to go as cancer cannot live in oxygen. Treat people with what works instead of pushing a part time medication that in the end destroys organs, and still gets you in the end. The Pharmaceudical companies should be ashamed of themselves because they know in the end what they are putting out of people is doing nothing more than killing them while they continue to fill their pockets with money. We the people that have lost loved ones to these diseases should be able to sue these companies for negligence.

  8. Why is hydrochloroquine not in this article? Terrible omission! Used with zinc and azithromycin, it has cured many people.

  9. The TITLE say it all……. Why Are We Allowing People to Die to Protect Profits?….. TO PROTECT PROFITS!
    This is NOT to say I agree with it.

  10. There comes a point that there is NO excuse for “Follow the money”..
    To let people die for lack of information about natural remedies that work, and to censor free speech, write gag orders going against the law to protect mainstream “Medicine”, itself offering “Side effects ” like liver tumors, leukemia, seizures, coma, death….nobody of Any conscience at all, could dish out such “medicine”.
    Then they call the naturopaths the quacks, it’s time to turn the tables!
    I want to see lawsuits against the rogue FDA/CDC, left and right! Thank you ANH!!!
    Doctors of high rank have said that for Any Coronavirus, vaccines will not even work. Yet we, as a globe, are being house arrested—well and sick alike—-and told we can not move around as a “Free” society unless and until we all get a coerced vaccine. The nerve! Deaths, autism, health injuries are swept under the statistical rug, titillated and taunted in public, good lord! This is a crime ring in action, with inflated death statistics and fear ruses every five minutes to scare the people half to….death….and to induce the death of our economy and liberties, suicides, homelessness/joblessness, all based on exaggerations, distortions of “Fact” , manipulation tactics and fear! All for vaccine sales, and profits! This is NOT okay. Not on our tax dollars!
    If the FDA and CDC and Fauci say, no natural medicine, right during a declared world pandemic, their motives are perfectly obvious. Time for a change…of personnel….in public office. Those who deliberately harm for profit, do not belong in public office ,and also do not belong directing the show from behind the scenes. I think you know to whom I am referring, a world dictator without a medical license who masquerades as philanthropist while simultaneously owning stock in BigPharma, the very entity he “sponsors”..and who also, apparently, sponsors him right back. Harm for profit, is violent crime, and needs to be legally treated accordingly.

  11. I see greed in many areas of the country besides medical. Greed is going to tear this country apart. The root of all evil is money. When man cares more about money than mankind, I’d have to say, man is in dire trouble with God and one day soon they are going to know it. There is nothing wrong with earning and having money so long as its done honestly. The other thing that God will look at, is how man does not pay attention to the very healing elements that were created by God to help man in healing. Right now [ by man’s own actions ] many think there is no God and nothing is coming, but God is giving man every chance to repent and change, but if things keep going the way they are, more terrible things are on the horizon. Quit the greed and get on doing good, because it can mean your own salvation.

  12. this is absurd, if it was a gun, people would be up in arms over this but because it’s financial it goes under noticed…

  13. The comments here are ‘right on.’ Big Pharma appears to be an unelected, silent arm of Congress, having the largest number of lobbyists… out numbering even the oil cartel lobbyists. Reportedly the drug industry alone has multiple lobbyists for EACH member of Congress and contributes to (buys) Congress for over $100,000,000 above all other contributing lobbies! Guess who contributes large sums of money to EVERY politician (both sides of the aisle – except those few against Big Pharma)? Guess who buys huge blocks of advertising time on the mainstream media tv stations? Guess who mainstream media doesn’t do negative reporting about? Guess who doesn’t make a profit on anything natural and has fought to close down the natural supplement industry for DECADES? Guess who attempts to bypass any drug that is now generic (no longer under profit-making patents)? Guess who plans to have a government-mandated (forced) vaccine for the human race with a personal information & tracking chip in it through the digital identification program ID2020? Guess on which TEDTalk Bill Gates said (direct quote): “If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%. Only genocide can save the world.” [“Genocide?!”] Guess why Bill Gates, the Gates Foundation, and the WHO are banned from India and multiple African countries? Guess who is idolized as being a remarkable humanitarian/philanthropist – but isn’t recognized for the enormous amounts of money his foundation makes due to his “philanthropy?” Guess why Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s years-long challenge to debate ANYONE has NO responders with regard to the dangerous ingredients in all known vaccines (including those forced into infants)? Video entitled: Robt. F. Kennedy, Jr. Explains How Big Pharma Completely Owns Congress 2:31 mins. Guess who is behind the take-down of videos and websites in social media that are attempting to spotlight what is happening with COVID, WHO, CDC, masks, social distancing, medical doctors who have cured thousands of patients and are called “liars” by mainstream media and Fauci … as well as who is working toward global economic collapse? When did censorship become legal and why are we losing our Constitutional rights without due process of law (example: freedom of speech)? Guess who Congress has voted NOT FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for (legally exempt from) ANY negative effects from ANY vaccine and, therefore, has carte blanche to use any ingredient in vaccines they choose, regardless of how many people are harmed? Guess why Americans do not hear these things via mainstream media, from whom the vast majority get all their information? Guess why. Hint: Follow the money … up, up, up to trickle down power. Is there a tug-of-war for the soul of America (and the world)?

  14. This is but one element of a whole strategy to increase $ and minimize risk in the medical industries. Congress made Big Pharma not liable for vaccine-induced injuries. We basically ignore the 100,000+ people a year who are killed by legal use of Rx – that’s the equivalent of a full jet liner crashing every few days. We allow drug testing in foreign countries where protections are minimal. FDA/USDA, with Congress’ blessing, allows chemicals to be used in our foods and personal care products which are banned in other countries We don’t practice the precautionary principle, the best standard for what’s allowed in/on our bodies. We don’t test industrial chemicals for impacts in combination or on sensitive elements of the population, and (wrongly) assume a linear dose-response relationship. USDA allows agrichemicals labeling to keep as trade secrets all the “inert” ingredients (could be any combo of >300 chemicals). Even though we know what goes on the skin goes into the body, which is widely acknowledged in products’ marketing, there’s very little regulation of what substances are allowed in products. Heck, we can’t even manage to get good country of origin & GMO labeling, and Congress won’t provide adequate funding for inspections of imported drugs & foods!
    Bottom line is crystal clear here: revenue, profits and corporations above people’s welfare and corporate social responsibility…. It’s been like this at least since WWII, thru many administrations and iterations of Congress. THAT is how WE govern ourselves!

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