1. Interesting. I wonder what is the accuracy (% false negative and false positive) results using this fast test.

  2. Too many people are dying from COVID and it does not have to happen as it is. Our Medical system is inefficient and does not seem to have the patients as their priority (I have listened to far too many retired doctors and other healthcare professionals make this statement.). The profit driven medical and pharmaceutical industries have far too much power with our governmental agencies and our legislators.

  3. If you are aware of the FDA red tape not allowing at home testing and doing nothing to expedite it, which causes needless deaths, have you thought it could get someone you care about and their life was in your hands? Can you live with that?

  4. No virus has been isolated or purified, therefore there is nothing to Test FOR, at home or elsewhere. Nobody on Earth has EVER been tested for the SARS-CoV2 virus.
    The RT-PCR test is a surrogate test, not suitable for any form of diagnosis according to its inventor. Since there is no Gold Standard (a gene-sequenced, isolated and purified organism), surrogate testing is a fraud. There is no way to know the rate of false positives/negatives without a gold standard.
    The existing PCR tests rolled out worldwide for the fake PLANdemic are not standardized for the genetic sequence being amplified or the number of cycles of amplification. The genetic material came from the lung fluid of Chinese patients (not a purified virus) and there are 47 different sequences (each only 200-300 base-pairs in length) that local authorities can choose to use. if they run 40+ cycles of the (non-diagnostic) surrogate PCR test, virtually every life form on the planet will test positive.
    It’s all JUNK SCIENCE folks, we’re being gaslighted on a global scale. 1.5 MILLION people died of Tuberculosis in 2019, where were your masks then?

  5. When the US turned down Covid tests from The WHO and denied the virus was a problem, I wondered if the government wants us to be sick. Now, with the inaccurate tests put out by the CDC, still the inability to get test results back, false information and attacks against natural ways to boost the immune system, I am convinced that either they are either incompetent or want us sick.

  6. How many died from the Spanish Flu?? Ebola?? HIV/AIDS, We did not lock down the country or cause people to wear a face covering then. All the other diseases we have gone through our country was still up and running and we better get back to that and stop this nonsense they are putting us through. NO vaccine will cure it and keep you safe just as no flu shot works and people get the flu even when they take it, and it is a yearly thing. Do you want someone putting an unknown drug into your body every year???

  7. The video is on the same level as a campaign attack add. Give us some details, or don’t expect thinking people to support your position. Something like, “Current fast tests are 15% more likely to produce a false positive, and 5% more likely to produce a false negative than the average 10-day-wait test. We think the trade-off in potential accuracy is worth the potential for quicker and more results. If you agree, then please sign our petition.” Those numbers are made up, but you get the idea.

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