NIH’s Failing COVID Study Strategy

Cronyism is standing in the way of natural COVID-19 prevention. Action Alert!
There are no drugs for preventing COVID-19, so the government says almost nothing about prevention except for social distancing while our economy suffers. There are many indications, however, that nutrients and lifestyle approaches can help protect us from this virus. The “problem” is that these approaches don’t make billions for the drug companies, so the government doesn’t care. We must demand research into nutritional strategies to prevent COVID-19 infection.
We know that as many as 50% of COVID-19 cases have no symptoms. The question is, why? Why do these people have no symptoms, while others get very sick and die?
There are some clues:

  • Data show that dietary selenium is linked with COVID-19 outcomes: a study found that patients in areas with high levels of selenium were more likely to recover from the virus, while places with lower selenium intake had a death rate five times higher.
  • Research has also shown that low vitamin D is linked with worse COVID-19 outcomes. Places where the mean serum vitamin D level was below 30 nmol/L, which is considered severe deficiency, had more COVID-19 cases.
  • Multivitamins also have been shown to protect against devastating viruses. One study compared supplementation consisting of multivitamins alone, vitamin A alone, or both with placebo in women in Tanzania, Africa who had HIV infection. The study found that women who received the multivitamin were less likely to progress to advanced stages of HIV disease.
  • A third of patients with confirmed COVID-19 infection have at least one underlying condition; a study of hospitalized COVID patients in New York found that 60% had high blood pressure, 40% were obese, and a third had diabetes. All of these conditions are amenable to nutritional and lifestyle prevention and interventions.
  • We also know that research has tied micronutrient inadequacies to long-term health consequences, increasing our risk for chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes—which are comorbidities for COVID-19.
  • Drugs like proton pump inhibitors can increase the likelihood of serious infection with COVID-19.

Research into these various areas could be used to develop a “COVID-19 fitness exam” that tells us how at risk we are. This is what a well-functioning health system would do: help Americans protect themselves and reduce COVID casualties by conducting research into prevention.
But we do not have such a system; we have a crony capitalist system. Preventive strategies that include nutrients will make no one rich, so the government, which works closely with Big Pharma, doesn’t study them.
As we’ll see in further coverage this week, remdesivir, a new drug with patent protection and drug exclusivity, is now being pushed as the new standard of care. We’re also seeing drug pricing for COVID treatments skyrocket.
The point is that there is a lot of money to be made by the drug companies during this pandemic, and natural options that can prevent infection and thus reduce the need for expensive drugs are a direct threat to Big Pharma’s bottom line. Without a strong consumer voice calling for government health agencies like the National Institutes of Health to collect data and fund studies on prevention strategies, it will not happen.
Visit our COVID-411 page for other information on natural prevention and treatment of COVID-19.
Action Alert! Write to NIH, with a copy to Congress, telling them to study nutritional prevention strategies to protect us from COVID-19. Please send your message immediately.


  1. Please study nutritional prevention strategies to protect us from COVID-19.

  2. Much still needs to be done and one thing I’m not happy about is shipping meat to China to process. Hell no to that!

  3. I smell so many rats — we all know this was engineered, and that we’re being played by crony bullies (Gates, et al). Too many signs/proofs to deny this — unless you live under a rock &/or prefer lockdown of your life. But let’s not forget that there are way more of us than of them, and they’re desperate to keep up their destructively false narrative (see A Bug’s Life). Time to pull down their masks, and hold them to task for destroying millions of livelihoods.

  4. Yes, but there is not money in simple things like Vitamins D, C, A, zinc, selenium, etc.

  5. Please don’t call this thing COVID 19. That’s the label the World Health Organization put on it so it wouldn’t be associated with the place it originated. That would be CHINA … or more specifically to Wuhan and the BSL4 lab whence this engineered “novel” virus was relased.
    I call it “da Wuhan.”

  6. the reason for all this is diabolical. i am a veganic earthfirster. the government is doing something completly evil. we are here to love mother earth. not poison her. loads of chem trails this morning, second wave of the virus. these people should be in jail. instead we all just twidle our thumbs waiting for the other shoe to drop. peace

  7. Nutritional means of preventing Covid 19 need to be studied by NIH. For example high enough levels of Vitamin D may help with prevention.

  8. Study nutritional prevention strategies to protect us from COVID-19.

  9. The ENTIRE medical community is in cahoots. The corruption will not stop until enough people, especially in the medical community, insist on their own morality and stand up for what’s right.

  10. I do believe I using vitamin d because as you know it not really a vitamin. Having good eating habits and exercise does help with your overall health and ability to fight off disease and infection. However, it is not a standoff between the two as exacerbated by the tribal my side/ your side stances. To make your campaign meaningful you will have to help destroy food deserts help opportunities in minority communities or your platform falls within the structural racism paradigm. Get donations a d go to community;kites to educate and dispense vitamin d which is cheap. Help people reach the goals, don’t just preach because you then keep preaching to the choir. Second of all, speak more integrative lo which acknowledges the toxic air and water which impacts lower income communities. It’s a needed shift in the platforms of many groups. Finally, your attitude, appears to foster conspiracy theories. Although I u;derogando well about corruption, greed and quick profiteering, your dispensing of information is damaging. Some medicine is good and life saving. A more integrative approach rather than the antagonistic approach just divides and keeps us from looking rationally and logically at medicine. If your approach was so 100% we would have solved death and we could all live forever. P,ease consider a more inclusive, thoughtful and integrated approach to very important issues. Thank you

  11. Enough with drugs that are not only ineffective but potentially harmful! Study nutritional prevention strategies to protect us from COVID-19. The human body has the capability to maintain and repair itself providing it has the right nutrients. Make these available to all.

  12. hydroxychloroquine saves lives. !!!
    Please approve its use immediately .
    Thank you

  13. To NIH and Congress
    It is time to study nutritional prevention strategies to protect us from covid-19..In addition to all the billboards telling people to be safe and stay home states and federal authorities should be advertising that people to improve their immune systems..

  14. I am all about prevention. It’s worth a pound of cure. A natural substance from nature is always safer than the chemical concoctions they invent in a lab. This does not take rocker science to figure out. Man-made drugs are the result of man’s greed.

  15. There are no drugs for preventing COVID-19, so our government says almost nothing about prevention except for social distancing while our economy suffers. There are many indications, however, that nutrients and lifestyle approaches can help protect us from this virus. The “problem” is that these approaches don’t make billions for the drug companies, so the government doesn’t care. Please do research into nutritional strategies to prevent COVID-19 infection.

  16. I know that I feel much safer using NATURAL, not drug solutions for any health problems my family or I have. (It isn’t always easy to convince my husband, though!) I have personally had serious and long lasting reactions to chemical DRUGS!

  17. Please research nutritional supplements, especially Chinese medicine.

  18. Please study Different strategies for COVID-19 protection. Include nutritional prevention strategies!!
    Thanks for your help.

  19. Now would be a good time to study nutritional prevention strategies to protect us from COVID-19.

  20. Study nutritional prevention strategies to protect us from Covid-19. I prefer Homeopathics and vitamins and antioxidants to big phara drugs to keep healthy,

  21. You missed zinc def. Zinc is known to be important for immune health and function and a common symptom of zinc def is loss of taste and smell. It shocks me that these so called infectious disease experts (?) kept describing loss of taste and smell as unusual symptoms of the virus. Patients who report these symptoms immune function are being compromised by a zinc def. and should be treated for it as it will improve their ability to combat the COVID infection.

  22. Cronyism and Magical Thinking are the Hallmarks if Trump/Deplorable’s FUAX Coronavirus SHAM..!

  23. Please help people get well and keep from getting sick by teaching what to take and eat to stay healthy. Natural herbs and vitamins keep us from getting sick and eating the right foods too is essential. Avoiding alcohol, sugar and salt also keeps weight off and keeps us healthy. But I have read nothing in all the Covid advise about any of this. Must be because it doesn’t make drug companies lots of money. If you people really care about saving lives then do the right thing and tell people this information.

  24. Since I’m not allowed to add a link here, please search for this article in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine
    “The Origin of the 42-Year Stonewall of Vitamin C” – Robert Landwehr
    The following search term works on some search engines:
    [ “landwehr-r-j_orthomol_med-1991-v6-n2-p99” via seanet com ]

  25. I didn’t find any buttons to share articles and petitions on Facebook or Twitter. I’d like to help spread the word.

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thank you for your engagement! We’re still in the process of adding social media buttons to our newsletter and action alerts. In the meantime the fastest way to share our articles and petitions is to copy and paste the links directly into a post or tweet. We hope to have the buttons ready soon, and we thank you for your patience!

  26. Time to wake up the public to prevention strategies aimed at healthy lifestyle rather than relying on the old outdated medical model of post disease therapy that force the public to take expensive side affect producing drugs lining the pockets of the drug companies!! Research in basic health prevention targeting better overall health is being overlooked and it’s taxing the people and the healthcare system at large.
    WAKE UP!!!!!

  27. I was extremely disappointed that no one was talking about natural ways to help our immune systems against covid 19. Please encourage Vit D³K², Vitamin C, Zinc, and others. It’s also a very personal choice to when and how much a person can take of supplements.
    Leave us alone when it comes to our bodies.
    Our bodies, our choice isn’t just about abortions.

  28. My wive of 53 years and I are both 80 years old and have both beaten cancer. Our vitamin D levels are 97 and 59 respectively. We both eat only organic for ten years and grow our own garden most years. Neither of us expects to be a candidate for the Corona virus. We never get the flu vaccines. Of course we use the masks and sanitizers. We really want to encourage youall to start educating Americans that there are better and less expensive ways to stay healthy and disease free.

  29. Here in Texas, we are suppose to reopen on May 18th. I do not have any flu, or Cronavirus/Covid 19 virus. Just hope we can stay open and hope our customer base will return.

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