May 23rd Is Our Deadline to Protect Homeopathy

We must oppose the FDA’s actions against homeopathic medicines now. Action Alert!
For months now, we’ve been telling you about the FDA’s latest actions with regard to homeopathic medicines. These actions upend decades of successful regulation of these important products that have been used safely for centuries. The wording of the FDA’s draft guidance threatens all homeopathic medicines and gives the FDA the ability to go after any homeopathic drug it wants to. The comment period for this guidance closes on May 23rd. Concerned citizens can go here to leave their own comment on the guidance, or take action below using ANH’s automated system.
As we’ve reported previously, the FDA’s guidance says:

  1. Any homeopathic drug that has not been considered “generally recognized as safe and effective” (GRAS/E) is considered a new drug;
  2. FDA has not determined that any homeopathic drugs are GRAS/E;
  3. A new drug cannot be marketed unless it goes through the FDA’s approval process;
  4. No homeopathic drugs have gone through FDA approval nor can any producer afford to take them through the approval process since homeopathic medicines have been in use for centuries and generally cannot be patented.

This means, according to the FDA, all homeopathic medicines are being marketed illegally. The FDA explains that it will focus enforcement actions against specific categories of medicines with safety concerns: products with dangerous ingredients, products intended for vulnerable populations, etc. However, the FDA does reserve the right to take action against any homeopathic product: “This guidance is intended to provide notice that any homeopathic drug product that is being marketed illegally is subject to FDA enforcement action at any time.”
There is not much new in the revised guidance. The FDA does provide a definition of “homeopathic drug,” which was notably absent from the initial guidance, much to the confusion of the homeopathic industry and other stakeholders.
It is somewhat encouraging that the agency did not issue a final guidance, but rather another draft. This is an indication that our voices are being heard and the FDA is worried about political push back from voters who are members of the natural health community.
There seems to be a lot of confusion about homeopathy. While opponents often say that there is not any evidence that homeopathy works, several major meta-analyses have found homeopathic medicines to have an effect greater than placebo. We address these and some other common misconceptions here.
Unfortunately, it’s likely that the FDA’s antipathy towards homeopathy is fueled more by a desire to protect drug industry profits than ignorance about the data. The FDA continues to cite homeopathic teething tablets with belladonna as one of the concerns that prompted the agency to tighten control over homeopathic medicines. Specifically, the agency states that 99 adverse events were “possibly related” to homeopathic teething products. Yet, while the agency did find variable amounts of belladonna in some products, these amounts were well within safe limits, even if an infant swallowed an entire bottle.
Homeopathic medicines compete on the same unlevel playing field as supplements against pharmaceutical drugs. Because homeopathic medicines generally cannot be patented, no company can afford the astronomical expense of FDA-approval, meaning that homeopathic drugs cannot make disease claims. This deprives consumers of information about medicines that could help them stay healthy.
The FDA will not stop this attack on homeopathy unless it is forced to do so by engaged citizens. We must issue a strong response to the FDA and Congress, telling the government that these actions threaten the future of homeopathic medicine.
Action Alert! Go to and leave a comment telling the FDA to protect homeopathy! You can also hit the button below to send a message to Congress and the FDA. Please send your message immediately.


  1. I have used homeopathic medicine for myself and my family for over 30 years. Homeopathy is safe, effective, and affordable.

    1. i was born September of 1951. We didn’t go to the doctor for every fever, cold, ear ache, stomach ache, hang nail. My mother would use homeopathy medicine. Yes, you are right, safe, effective and affordable. Does not call for a visit to the Doctor’s office. I learned from my Mother and she from her Mother and Aunts, so on and so on. More important now that we have learned that most of our medication is made in China and other countries. i’m not OK with that, more reason to see that our Pharmaceutical Companies move back to the United States and begin making our medication here again.I just don’t trust these countries to have our best interests at heart! But we still need our Homeopathy medicine available for those who want touse them!

    2. Stop being like Nazi Germany and leave ALL Natural Medicines alone. The Pharmaceutical Companies make plenty of money killing Millions each year isn’t that enough??!

  2. Homeopathy has helped me and my family many times. It is time tested and proven. Let people decide over their health and bodies. You cannot prove it is toxic, leave it alone!
    Peter W

  3. Homeopathics have given me my life back. Do not take away access to these important and safe products!

  4. Homepathic and Holistic for over 40 years. It works which is why I stayed around.

  5. We need homeopathy to address the upsurge in mental health and addiction worldwide. Homeopathic options are much safer than all traditional anti-depressants, and anti-psychotic drugs typically prescribed, with zero side effects.

  6. Having used homeopathic remedies on both my family and other animals for over 40 years, it has proven to be a safe and supportive modality. It has already gone through years of clinical support and was once the largest medical system in the world. Why would we not want something safe and helpful in this day and age? Read the history of homeopathy and you will realize the benefits we want to maintain available to the public.

  7. Homeopathy helped me when I was so sick in 1993 – 2011 and continues to help me today. Homeopathy is the safest thing you could take. I even have my animals on some remedies.

  8. Homeopathic medicine is a essential for health. I have used them my whole life and I’m 75 with no health issues. Please let us keep our choices.

  9. I have safely used homeopathic remedies for myself & my family for well over 20 years. None of us has ever suffered an adverse reaction from any natural medicine. Homeopathic remedies are not only safer than prescription drugs, any rare side effects are insignificant, unlike pharmaceuticals.

  10. Herbal and natural medicines are much better for consumption. They don’t hurt our bodies like so many FDA meds do!!! Just because the government and corporations aren’t making tons of money on homeopathy doesn’t warrant the halt of such. Medicines have so many horrible side effects! More and more people are becoming intolerant to so many things including food, medications and injections because of all the “fake junk” in these items.
    Our country needs to better focus on prevention and look at the body as a whole and not just piece parts!!!

  11. I am using homeopathic treatment presently and have for years. It has helped my health greatly. It is much safer than drugs.

  12. Please protect homeopathy and keep it available. It is effective and important especially for people hare sensitive to conventional drugs. Thank you.

  13. Homeopathic medicine is effective and safe. Many, many people including myself and family have used Homeopathy for 67 years. We have been without any problems, unlike some drugs.

  14. My family has used homeopathic (and natural) medicines for generations, as have other families for hundreds of years. It has proven safe, reliable, and very effective. Do not let big Pharma’s money and lobbying shut out perfectly safe and natural solutions!

  15. I have been using homeopathic medicine for myself and loved ones and have found it to be more effective that pharmaceutical medicines. In addition it is safer with fewer reactions and side effects. It is also much less expensive.

  16. I’ve used homeopathic remedies for myself and my animals all of my life. I don’t trust the FDA any more. I trust the sources I purchase from and those that are recommended by people I respect and/or trust.

  17. I have used homeopathic medicine as an alternative to using prescription drugs for myself as well as my son for many years now. It has worked for us without any side effects like what prescription and OTC drugs frequently have.

  18. I have used homeopathic medicines and practitioners for nearly three decades and have found it to be safe, unobtrusive and very effective .

  19. Leave homeopathic medicines alone! I’ve used the, to great benefit, for many years

  20. I have used Homeopathy for my family and my animals for over 30 years. Homeopathy has been an effective, safe and affordable healing modality used all over the world for over 200 years! It has saved millions of lives.

  21. We have used homeopathic medicine for ourselves and family for a long long time. It has never let us down.

  22. There was no “send” button visible on my mobile screen. There was also no confirmation on the screen after I pressed “done.” Let me know soon if I need to re-enter the homeopathy Action.

    1. Hi David,
      If you didn’t get a confirmation notice then it’s possible that the Action Alert wasn’t sent. I would recommend trying again, or maybe trying on a different device. Stay safe!

  23. Without supplements Id be dead! No joke! I have used them over 50 years and encouraged by numerous Md’s

  24. Before the “Gold Standard” of medicine homeopathic medicine was taught along with herbal treatments. Where else did Big Pharma get their ideas for prescription/chemical drugs. Other countries use a combination of treatments that don’t break an ill person financially! We need all this valuable information to remain avialable.

  25. Ive used homeopathy since 1984, on three continents.ZERO SIDE EFFECTS. Safe. Inexpensive. The USA was a world leader in homeopathy for over 100 years. Please give it the respect and care it deserves and has earned through its efficacy for 130 years,all around the world. In times like this one might look to history. In 1918 conventional treatments had a mortality of 30%, homeopathic treatment?just 1.5% mortality. Shameful to have shunted safe, effective treatments to the sidelines or underground when iatrogenic ( drug induced) mortality and illness is exploding.

  26. Homeopathic medicine is a partner with traditional medicine. There is no reason to attack it. I use homeopathic remedies and it would be great loss to me to lose this resource. Natural is better whenever possible.

  27. Ive used Homeopathic medicine for 45 years. A very very safe supplement.
    My take is that the FDA has no right whatsoever to regulate Homeopathy any more than
    regulate Herbs or Honey or Bluberries or Great Grandmas Cold remedy. The FDA needs to work on doing their original job correctly rather than get involved with trying to regulate everything they can that may compete with the Pharmaceutical Industry.

  28. This is clear government over-reach!! In the US alone over 100.000 people die every year from medication errors- not to mention the over 67,000 that die from drug overdoes (many because of prescription drugs). That is where the focus should be- not on a safe & effective treatment that has been around since 1776. Stop protecting the profits of Big Pharma (they make more then enough) and protect the freedom of Americans.

  29. I have used homeopathy for myself and my children when they were younger and had great results in several fields.

  30. Homeopathic medicines have worked well for me, my family and even my pets. Do NOT fix what’s not broken! Please protect homeopathic medicine as viable, safe, effective and affordable!

  31. I have been using homeopahic medicine for years ,Im 65 ,not on any prescriptions ,I am in good health,

  32. We have used homeopathy for our family and our pets. Homeopathy is safe and effective.

  33. I have been using bioidentical hormones for 17 years
    Without side effects and great results

  34. My family and grandkids have all used homeopathic medicine~~and it works without all the side affects! So why would the FDA want to take away our choices? Isn’t this America, Land of the FREE? Or is Big Pharma just not raking in enough money? I know that’s not true! Leave our Homeopathic treatments alone! Start taking a hard, realistic look at the pharmaceutical drugs & vaccine that have lists of side affect…including death!! How about all the mercury, aluminum & other toxins in the vaccines that you force on tiny children?? How can you allow that? Time to make it about health instead of how much money you can make!

  35. Homeopathy has been used in my family for over 30 years as well. We have always looked at alternatives along with Western Medicine. It has helped us many times over thru the years. Eastern Medicine as well as homeopathy.

  36. I am a bowel cancer survivor o over 20 years now and in that 20 years have never taken a prescription drug. Just went all natural with a wide range of supplement to support a strong immune system. I was told by my surgeon and oncologist that i would kill myself.
    At 85 years of age I walk 5k 5 morning per week don’t eat any toxic foods and have never felt better in my life.
    Many friends in my age group are almost at their doctors weekly with some drug caused side effects.
    I see a doctor once a year to have a full blood test just to check I have all corners covered.
    I learned very early in my life to not take notice of certificats on walls but totake notice of people who get results. Thank You John S.

  37. I am astonished at how shamelessly the American FDA is strangling our access to substances like homeopathy that have worked for CENTURIES. We all know that along with being obscenely expensive, your Big Pharma bed partner drugs have insane and often deadly side effects and synergies. In homeopathic standards, which are much higher than ANY Big Pharma controlled market, those ludicrous side effects NEVER OCCUR. If they did, they could not be considered homeopathic medicine. The same is true of all other proven healthcare like Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and remedies. Even if they did occur, the risk of a nonworking herbal substance is astronomically LESS harmful — never DEADLY like Big Pharma’s are — and so you have no right to withhold them from the public.
    And of course note that all US presidents and foreign leaders constantly use homeopathy and we see a clear and indefensible pattern of corruption and profiteering that is truly criminal. Your duty and mission is to SAFEGUARD health, NOT PREVENT it.
    The truth is that YOU should ask US in national public hearings years in advance of a proposed action whether you can steal our open and fair market for access to fair and workable, affordable immune building and health building products, processes and healings. YOU should be asking OUR permission to exert what are clearly fascist controls on the simple daily human act of caring for our health and body; In no way do you have the right to constantly steal away, erode and corrupt substances the human body responds to to BUILD its strength, vitality and immunity.
    I and everyone I know in the US, New Zealand, Australia, several European countries have SAFELY used Homeopathic substances, alongside health providers, for decades. It is painfully obvious that your true motivation is to remove an affordable, biologically intelligent, superior product and overcharge for poisonous ones. Morality. Ethics. Compassion. Improving Human Health. Prevent Suffering. Pretend like those things are you REAL mission. They are SUPPOSED to be.

  38. Homeopathic remedies have been around and safely used long before the FDA came into being!! I dont need the FDA protecting me from homeopathy! I need the FDA protecting me from drugs that are unsafe and have many side effects even including death!! Concern yourself with THAT!

  39. Americans are overburdened by the prices of pharmaceuticals. Please allow us to continue to use these safe, effective, and affordable treatments which have been in use safely for hundreds of years.
    There is so little freedom left in any aspect of health care now. Surely people deserve the freedom to choose. Thank you.

  40. Homeopathic medicines compete on the same unlevel playing field as supplements against pharmaceutical drugs. Because homeopathic medicines generally cannot be patented, no company can afford the astronomical expense of FDA-approval, meaning that homeopathic drugs cannot make disease claims. This deprives consumers of information about medicines that could help them stay healthy.
    The FDA will not stop this attack on homeopathy unless it is forced to do so by engaged citizens. We must issue a strong response to the FDA and Congress, telling the government that these actions threaten the future of homeopathic medicine.

  41. I use homeopathy often. I do not want my access to it to be limitted in any way.

  42. We use homeopathic medicines in our family to enhance wellness. We have found them safe and helpful over the decades.

  43. I have used a variety of homeopathy remedies on my family and myself for over 25 years and have never had any adverse effects. In fact, I have seen many benefits to using them. These remedies have been used for centuries with no permanent adverse effects. However, many pharmaceuticals used today have harmful side effects including fatalities. I would request the focus be on those drugs that are made in a lab rather than trying to ban helpmates that come from nature.

  44. I am not going to allow Big Pharma to decide my own health care and effectively deprive me of TRUSTED supplements because they want to increase their profits.
    The saddest day in America’s Healthcare history was in 1974 when we became for profit health care. Nixon’s PAL Kaiser saw to that and along came Kaiser Permanente and a host of others.
    Those of us who are KNOWLEDGEABLE about alternative health care, which was the norm of my grandparents and grandparents, have the right to persue our OWN HEALTH AND LIFE.
    IF this virus has not woken Americans up to the inherent dangers of our failed ALAPATHIC HEALTH CARE FOR PROFIT SYSTEM, we are doomed as a society
    Leave my decisions about my health up to Me and the Heaklh Care professionals I TRUST.

  45. Homeopathy has been a go to for 30 years. Homeopathy was a safe and effective way to help my child through lyme disease, asthma and eczema. We continue to carry arnica and calendula in our first aid kits. And, if you ever have a loved one die – use ignatia amara. Protect homeopathics!

  46. Please allow freedom of choice for alternative , complimentary health treatments!

  47. I have been using homeopathy successfully for over 50 years. It is safe and usually effective; for some conditions, it is the only therapy that seems to work. When it is not effective, at least it does no harm and has no side effects.

  48. This is very concerning for everyone, on so many levels. This sickens me to the core.

  49. Why does the FDA need to meddle in homeopathy? Unbelievable, why not put some work into the horrible pesticides in our Food?

  50. Homeopathy has helped me navigate illnesses and diseases in animals for 27 years and during that time I have spent hundreds of hours studying science. We need this gentle and effective way to increase the body’s own healing to help the patients.
    It should be not regulated by the FDA as there will be so many more restrictions on its use and will probably cause it to not be used and that would be a loss for all

  51. I suffer from a rare GI disease and have used homeopathic medicine for 20 years without any ill side effects. I went to numerous gastroenterologist who could not help me. I have chronic inflammation in my stomach and no longer have the mucosal lining. This has caused many complications. I use several homeopathic remedies which relieve the unbearable pain the disease causes. Some of the medicines were developed in Germany where homeopathy is even taught in medical schools. As a result of this disease, I also have a very bad case of the Epstein Barr Virus, which causes one to sleep. Without these medicines, I would not beable to get out of bed. I also have chronic overgrowth of bacteria and yeast because the disease caused me to lose production of HCL, or stomach acid. I would have died many years ago if I didn’t have homeopathic remedies.

  52. Homeopathy is safe and has been a real blessing to me and my family and friends. It is both safe and effective and a great alternative to standard medical care. In fact it has worked for me when other conventional care did not – in many instances.

  53. I find great benefit in using homeopathic medicines. I have used them well over 20 years. Safe effective and affordable.

  54. I have used homeopathic remedies for many years. I am very susceptible to RX side effects and auto immune issues.
    Homeopathic remedies are safe and they cure/ heal the matter.
    It is my right to choose among treatments, and all homeopathic remedies are recognized as safe.

  55. I have used homeopathic remedies for myself and my husband for more than 10 years to great effect. I GREATLY VALUE being able to take care of ourselves safely and effectively. It’s important to maintain this freedom in this free country.

  56. Homeopathy has been such a benefit to me personally to help me heal from a mold and mycotoxin illness. It has helped me with Lyme Disease as well. It is safe and effective. I cannot imagine where my health would be without it. I’ve been using homeopathy for over 15 years. Please keep homeopathy an effective tool for American citizens!

  57. My family and I have utilized homeopathic remedies since 1981. This is a model of health care that is often quite effective with little to no side effects. The remedies have helped my wife and I, and our three children navigate a variety of health issues over the years including fevers, colds flues, ankle sprains, prenatal needs, birth, post birth issues, eye infections or irritations, and a host of other health problems. We have found that a balance of homeopathy and allopathic medicine works best for our family; each model has it’s strengths and weaknesses. I
    would urge those that would like to limit, disparage, or find a way to deny homeopathic treatments, remember that homeopathic medicine has been with us for hundreds of years–much longer than allopathic medicine. I would suggest that the levels of iatrogenic related outcomes between both models is not even close. Allopathic medicine is fraught with medically caused illness and/or complications, and homeopathy is virtually free of such problems if used within it’s scope of utility. There is no viable reason to interfere with homeopathy and the remedies. Please leave a good thing alone.
    Thank you,
    Dan Olsen

  58. I have used homeopathic remedies for 25 years and I’ve never had any negative reactions. They are very safe effective and affordable. My body doesn’t do well with drugs. I tend to have reactions like hives and breathing problems. When I take homeopathic remedies I never have to worry about it because I never have a negative reaction.

  59. Leave homeopathic meds alone. And get your hands out of the pocketbook of the Patent Drug Lords.

  60. Homeopathic medicine is safe and effective. It has been used in my home for many years.

  61. My family and I have used homeopathic remedies for many years, and in some cases it’s the only treatment that has worked.. I’ve had numerous adverse reactions to FDA approved drugs but never a bad reaction to a homeopathic remedy. If you take away our access to these safe and effective remedies you are not working to protect American citizens, you are working against them. We cannot tolerate an infringement on our rights or freedom to pursue good health, which is critical to life, liberty and happiness.

  62. Homeopathy is a safe, effective , and cost effective alternative to conventional medical treatment, with a 200 year proven track record. It must remain available to the citizens of this great country, and to the physicians who are trained in its use. There is no need to change the regulatory mechanisms that are currently in place. The proposed FDA guidance would only threaten the availability of homeopathy and must not be allowed to go forward.

  63. I have used homeopathy and have found it to be incredibly effective and without side effects. I do not see any reason to alter something which does not need to be fixed. In other words, please abstain from the proposed regulation.

  64. I have used Homeopathic medicines over the years with good effectiveness. I have never had any issues that would have me question their safety. I am asking you to drop the new regulations that would put Homeopathic remedies in the same category as Pharmaceutical drugs. I will be watching the outcome of my comments to you.

  65. Big Pharma should not be dictating the actions of a regulatory government agency. Homeopathic remedies/medications are based on century-old use of natural plants. They are not drugs like the big pharmacy companies make which are full of chemicals and other non-natural ingredients. If the FDA says that these types of remedies need to be regulated just like man-made chemicals, then you are saying that Mother Nature is also a drug! Greed has no business in the world of medicine.

  66. My family and I have used homeopathic medicine for the past 3 years dealing with various illnesses: flu, bronchitis, migraines, sinus issues, swelling feet, high blood pressure and so on and so on. We turned to the homeopathic medicines because of the medicines you(FDA)approve has side effects, many and extremely harmful side effects. How do you approve those harmful and deadly medicines, but are wanting to get rid of the ones that are good and natural for our bodies. The homeopathic medicines are ones that God put on earth for us WAY before you guys stepped in and enforcing what YOU think is best. Everything you allow us to take has a list of bad side effects BUT you claim for it to be OK for us to take how do you deem this to be true. WE NEED homeopathic medicine because it is safer and it works better.


  68. I have used homeopathic medicine for over 50 years and it has been safe, helpful for various problems, injuries, and general health and affordable. There is no danger or side effects with homeopathic. Please protect Homeopathy!

  69. From the available data, BHRT may prove to be cardioprotective and not increase the risk for breast cancer

  70. Drugs cure and homeopathy simply changes some symptoms. It is harmless so should not even be a concern. there is no way a homeopathic remedy comes close to a drug.

  71. I have been using homeopathic remedies since the early ’70’s on animals and advising sportsmen for treatment for injuries. All with great success.

  72. I have been treating myself homeopathically for the last twelve years. I am allergic to most Pharmaceuticals. This has saved my life. This is a God given right. Genesis 1:29

  73. People should have the right to choose. Those who don’t believe in and don’t want to use homeopathy don’t have to but don’t take away the choice to use it for those who do. Homeopathy doesn’t cause any harm like pharmaceutical drugs do, and it is accessible to everyone. Do not take away our right to make our own choices.

  74. I have used homeopathy numerous times and was thrilled with the results . It is safe with no side effects .

  75. My family and I have been using homeopathic medicines for more than a dozen years with no adverse reactions. Instead, we have benefited greatly. We rely on these products for our health and well-being.

  76. Plants and herbs from the Bible promote homeopathic healing and that is fact. People should have the right to choose the safest course of healing that has been around since Biblical times.

  77. Homeopathy works and is a front line in medicine, please don’t let big pharma take this away. People over profits!

  78. I have always used homeopathic medicine since living in Europe in my youth and have been so glad as the years passed in the UUSA that things have become more available. I am very allergic and therefore many FDA approved drugs are bad for me.I also use compounded bio-identical thyroid and HRT and will refuse Synthroid if these vital meds vanish because Synthroid gave my parents heart conditions. The FDA knows the truth but because it bows to BIGPHARMA and the Republicans greed, we all have to suffer. I will move out of the country once again if the FDA has its way.

  79. Homeopathy has been an essential part of my wellness for the last 40 years. Restrictions on this simple, utterly safe and sometimes powerful medicine would be a great loss to us all. And surely create a black market. Homeopathic remedies do not carry the often extreme risks of pharmaceutical medicines, and it seems clear that lobbyists for interest groups are behind the efforts to quash them.

  80. I cannot say that I’ve used what most call homeopathic medicine, but I have used many herbs, spices, foods, and behavioral modifications to stay healthy most of my life. My mother grew up on a farm during some hard times, and was well-versed in home remedies, including soup. She made it into her mid-nineties before she passed, and was healthy up until the last year. I’m nearly seventy, and am on no maintenance medications at all, as the doctors determined I do not need them. That being said, I have seen several homeopathic products making claims that I might dispute. If the companies would be fine with not making untested and unverified claims (i,e,; getting FDA approval, for a hefty fee), and the FDA would be OK with them publishing anecdotal testimonies, an equitable compromise could be found. The FDA would not have to get involved unless there was a product causing deaths and/or serious health problems. In that case, the FDA should get involved, in case there was a production violation. The agency has a responsibility to do a similar scrutiny of our food industry, and none of them have to license products or prove efficacy, and everyone knows carrots are good for your eyesight.

  81. I have used a number of homeopathic remedies during my life–arnica for bruising, rhus tax to prevent blistering after coming in contact with poison ivy, among others–and have never had any side effects or anything other than positive, successful results.
    Please do not let the FDA use the issue of belladonna in teething tablets to destroy a popular, safe array of homeopathic remedies that people have used successfully for almost two hundred years.
    Please also compare the 100,000 plus adverse reactions that occur every year with FDA-approved OTC and prescription medicines to the relatively few allegedly linked to homeopathic remedies. Why aren’t we restricting the sale of Tylenol, for example?
    Thank you.

  82. Every time a doctor said take this pills for 2 weeks, if it doesn’t work and come back and we need to do surgery, It didn’t work and I went with sbhimeopathic doctor and cured me quickly and effectively
    Every time I went with an allopathic doctor it was either useless or they gave me more symptoms making me worse. I’ve been using homeopathy for 38 years and wouldn’t never use pills maybe teas food or herbal extracts even acupuncture. Never pills. Please don’t take this away from me.

  83. After living in Germany and working with doctors who use homeopathy as the first tier of healing, I can’t imagine being robbed of this freedom. There is no possible reason for this than manipulation for profit gains. Please don’t exert this control!

  84. Leave homeopathic medicines alone!!! They can be life saving & if people want to use them it is their right. They can be ideal to use in place of a man made drug w bad side effects. I have personally replaced a few “ Doctor prescribed” drugs w a homeopathic & it worked out great. You do have to do your research but it is well worth the effort.

  85. I am writing this comment to emphatically ask the FDA to protect homeopathic medicine.It is unfortunate that homeopathic medicines have historically been sidelined by the FDA. Homeopathic medicines can’t compete with pharmaceutical drug companies (who, by the way, mostly source from China) because the smaller companies producing homeopathic medicines can’t afford the astronomical costs of FDA testing and patenting.
    I am 76 years old and have been using homeopathic medicines for the past 50 years. I have never had an adverse reaction (as I have had with two prescribed pharmaceutical drugs) and have benefited from their use. Homeopathic medicines have been around for centuries. They have passed the test of time. And they are safe and affordable.

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